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Join the World of CT



The difference that makes SOMATOM

Spirit your first choice? New technology,
more performance, less cost.
The SOMATOM Spirit is the accumulated
result of Siemens global network
encompassing well over 400,000
employees in 190 countries. Siemens
Medical Solutions has been a leader in CT
innovations for more than 30 years and
continually introduces highly advanced
CT products adapted for practical clinical
routine. We take pride in possessing
in-depth knowledge of customers
requirements and needs. The motivation
and passion of our employees to exchange
ideas with colleagues around the world
results in the universal expertise to create
unique, cost-effective solutions, which are
then integrated into cutting-edge systems
like the SOMATOM Spirit.
Yesterdays wish is now reality at Siemens.
The SOMATOM Spirit is a Multislice CT
scanner for all who dreamed about an
affordable and reliable system with
the absolute newest, future-oriented

SOMATOM Spirit Join the World of CT

SOMATOM Spirit is a sub-second,

Multislice CT scanner adapted specifically
for economical day-to-day clinical routine.
The system benefits from Siemens latest
developments in CT technology, including
advances that lead to superb image
quality and dose efficiency. Our system
is designed to perform CT examinations
easier than ever before. The simplified
user interface guides the operator and
workflow is automated wherever possible,
inspiring a spirit of confidence from the
beginning. The new, trendsetting design is
not only optically appealing and aesthetic,
it is also ergonomic. The slim gantry and
its wide opening ensure easy access and
high patient comfort.
From the minute you take delivery of your
new SOMATOM Spirit, you will benefit
from its low-cost concept. Minimum space
requirements, installation within one day,
air cooling, and a very impressive cost/
performance ratio assure life cycle
Take a closer look at the SOMATOM Spirit.

SOMATOM Spirit Join the World of CT
New Technology


More Performance


Less Cost


The Underlying Technology


A Modern, Convenient User Interface


Partnership Beyond the Scanner


Configuration Overview


G. Murugan, MD,
Indian Scan, Chennai,

I was using a nonspiral

scanner before, but
after migrating to
multislice technology
I could extend the
clinical portfolio of
my center and get
more referrals for 3D


New Technology

With outstanding imaging, short

examination times, pre-installed scan
protocols, and optimized utilization of
the X-ray tube, this all-rounder meets
and exceeds all demands of daily clinical
The SOMATOM Spirit technology and
design with its small and efficient gantry,
developed and realized in 2005, has many
advantages compared to bulky gantries
that were designed years ago. Our
ongoing development of the SOMATOM
Spirit means that you will constantly
work with and profit from cutting-edge
technologies. You will benefit, not only
from the ease of use and reduced dose,
but also from the excellent image quality
supported by standard and advanced 3D
postprocessing applications that speedily
deliver the information and quality you
need for confident diagnoses.

New Technology

During the engineering phase, one of

the most important considerations was
reliability. Backed by all the know-how
and expertise we have acquired over
30 years at the forefront of clinical CT, you
can expect high level performance and
reliability from your new SOMATOM Spirit.
Our extensive manufacturing experience
supplemented with the feedback from
thousands of enthusiastic users has made
it possible for us to design and develop
an extremely reliable and technically
advanced system with a high uptime.

Excellent image quality providing reliable
Cutting-edge technology and attractive,
patient-friendly design with a small and
highly efficient gantry.
Continuous development of this system
provides frequent new features and
Peace of mind with consistent system
availability with high uptime.

N. Abdala, MD,
Professor of Radiology,
UMDI Diagnsticos,
So Paulo, Brazil

The amazing
combination of quality,
velocity, and advanced
applications, as brain
perfusion, makes
the SOMATOM Spirit
an excellent choice in
entry-level CT.


More Performance

Patient and physician will profit from the

advantages of Multislice CT. Compared to
single slice systems, Multislice CT scanners
represent a technological milestone with
respect to increased volume coverage,
higher resolution, shorter examination
times, and better utilization of the X-ray
tube output while Siemens real-time
CARE Dose4D reduces dose to the absolute
practical minimum. Additionally, even
corpulent patients can be comfortably
scanned due to the 40 kW generator and
3.5 MHU tube.

10 More Performance

The SOMATOM Spirit is an innovative

dual slice CT with a collimated slice width
down to 1 mm and a gantry rotation
speed of up to 0.8 seconds. Therefore,
routine CT examinations, such as
thorax scans, can be easily performed
in a single breath-hold.

Increased volume coverage with gantry
rotation speed of up to 0.8 seconds.
Small diagnostic details with collimated
slice width down to 1 mm.
High power reserves with up to 40 kW
generator and 3.5 MHU tube are especially
useful with corpulent patients.
Wide range of clinical applications tailored
to your needs.
Easy user interface provides simplicity
and a short learning curve, even for less
experienced users.
Fast image reconstruction of up to
5 images/s.
Highest possible image quality while
maintaining low dose with CARE Dose4D
(up to 68 % dose reduction).


Whats more? SOMATOM Spirit offers

a comprehensive spectrum of CT
applications: The standard application
portfolio includes real-time Multi Planar
Reformatting (MPR), 3D SSD (Surface
Shaded Display), Volume measurements,
and CT-Angiography. To customize
SOMATOM Spirit to the individual needs

Clear visualization of bony structures.

12 More Performance

of each facility, there are additional

applications available optionally
supporting, e.g., 3D visualization and
diagnosis of lumen. Dental surgeons and
orthopaedic physicians can also profit
from special applications tailored to their
specific needs.

Excellent imaging of enlarged gallbladder.

The SOMATOM Spirit combines new

innovations with successful and proven
functions, technologies, and components
from other SOMATOM products resulting
in highly automated scanning and data

Sharpness and detail, illustrated

by this knee.

Detailed gray-white matter

Fine visualization of lung emphysema.

N. Okbay, MD,
A. Mertan, MD,
Radyotom & Radyomar
Imaging Center,
Istanbul, Turkey


We have increased our

profitability as well as
patient volume and study
diversity, due to the
SOMATOM Spirits high
image quality and its
remarkable economic

s Cost

Less Cost
3.00 m
(118 inches)




4.224.65 m
(166183 inches)

0.80 m
(31 inches)

1.75 m
(69 inches)

1.24 m
(49 inches)

16 Less Cost

With its modern system design and

efficient supporting processes, the
SOMATOM Spirit establishes a new level
of cost-effectiveness in the market. The
breakeven point of SOMATOM Spirit can
be reached in a short period of time with
only a few patients per day, although,
the SOMATOM Spirit can efficiently
complete 50 patients in an eight hour
workday. This represents one of the best
patient throughput-to-investment ratios
in the market today. The SOMATOM Spirit
is optimized to keep site preparation,
installation, and running costs to an
absolute minimum. The room and
installation requirements are very
modest: installation can be completed
in only one day and the space required
is just 18 m2 (196 ft2) of valuable floor

One of the best patient throughput-toinvestment ratios on the market.
Air-cooled system requires neither a
complex water cooling installation nor
an external chiller.
Low heat dissipation of < 3.6 kW.
Power consumption of only 40 kVA.
Virtually no loss of time or patient
throughput: installation time is only
one day.
Outstanding overall system uptime due
to robust design and innovative service
Small footprint saves valuable and often
expensive space.


G. Mostbeck, MD,
Otto Wagner Spital,
Vienna, Austria


Siemens is a technology
leader in CT, and has
been so for a long time.
The way they integrate
innovations into my
clinical routine is simply


The Underlying Technology

CARE Dose4D, an unparalleled
combination of maximum image quality
at minimum dose, is an example of our
philosophy to provide a wide range of
dose-reduction solutions. Because every
patient is unique in terms of size, weight,

and anatomy, we developed a fully

automated dose management system.
The tube current is adapted in real-time
and according to the anatomy of each
individual patients organ.

X-ray dose

Scan with
constant mA
Reduced dose
level based on
angular dose
CARE Dose4D provides
up to 68 %* dose
reduction compared to
fixed mA examinations.
* Results may vary. Data on file.

20 The Underlying Technology

Slice position

Siemens has a long history of unrivalled
expertise regarding detector technology
from scintillators and photodiodes
to electronics where only a few
thousandths of a millimeter make the

The Ultra Fast Ceramic (UFC) Detector

system is the central part of all Siemens
CT scanners. Due to this component alone,
many clinical innovations have been
achieved. Speed, image quality, and low
dose are what Siemens UFC detectors
make possible.

Image quality
As CT systems become faster, the role of
image quality becomes more important.
Siemens UFC scintillators acquire large
patient volumes quickly and provides high
image resolution.
Low dose
UFC ceramic scintillators allow for the
lowest possible dose. Due to their
luminous efficiency with an optimized
wavelength, the detectors allow for the
applied X-ray dose to be optionally
evaluated according to the patients

Conventional ceramic scintillator material
has a long afterglow effect. Siemens
ceramic UFC scintillators excel in fast
decay behavior and an extremely short
afterglow time.

log l/lo


Siemens UFC

detector material

Siemens UFC





ms time

Comparison of decay time and afterglow

(for different detector materials).


The introduction of Multislice CT has
opened the door to a new era of
clinical applications. However, it also
introduced certain limitations resulting
from the increased complexity in image
acquisition, reconstruction procedures,
and algorithms. But there are innovative
ways to overcome such pitfalls. The
solution Siemens offers is the fast
spiral image reconstruction software
High-quality imaging at low dose
To facilitate consistent image quality at
any pitch even for long scans, Siemens
invented SureView the dedicated spiral
image reconstruction algorithm.
Easy to use
SureView features easy-to-use scan
protocols, where the user only needs
to select the scan range, mAs, scan time,
and slice width. All other parameters
are automatically calculated by the
Excellent lung imaging in one breath-hold.

22 The Underlying Technology

Brilliant images of long ranges.


A Modern, Convenient
User Interface
Its All About You.
syngo, our unique solution
for diagnostic and therapeutic
cycles, knows how you work
and what you need. Whats
most important, fast, easy, and
intuitive syngo brings together
all the solutions critical to you
and to your patients. Uniquely
role-based for your workflow,
syngo completely integrates
your day, your department and
beyond, leading to a whole new
level of clinical excellence. And
a partnership you can grow with.
Its the beginning of a virtual,
always on, anywhere world
of healthcare.
The time to syngo is now.

24 A Modern, Easy-to-Use User Interface

The first priority, of course, is patient

health care, which translates into the
optimum image quality the SOMATOM
Spirit provides at all times. But beyond
this, short exam times, efficient
throughput, and financial factors must
be considered.
syngo, Siemens intuitive and easy-touse interface, is especially valued by
inexperienced users as fewer mouse
clicks are needed from registration to
the completed exam. Additional syngo
workflow features such as the scan
protocol assistant, the e-logbook, and
Auto-Field-of-View (FOV) functionality
speed up the way you work during
routine applications and beyond. They
improve your departments performance
both medically and financially.

syngo functionalities automate workflow

using Auto Tasking, Auto 3D, Auto
Archiving, Auto Filming, Auto Recon, and
Auto Transfer. Its simplified user interface
is intuitive and easy to learn, inspiring
confidence from the beginning. It
accelerates your diagnostic efficiency,
enabling streamlined workflow across
modalities, departments, and staff. Your
daily routine will become easier and
quicker. With SOMATOM Spirit and syngo,
you will enjoy the maximum comfort and
efficiency of modern technology.



J.-C. Steffens, MD,

Israeli Hospital,
Hamburg, Germany

The overall customer care

from Siemens is a reassuring
factor in my clinical routine
that is priceless. In addition to
my scanners high uptime,
I have the comfort of knowing
that someone is always
watching over me. This is why
I choose Siemens.


Partnership Beyond the Scanner

You are responsible for your patients,

and we feel that it is our obligation to
help you meet that responsibility
today, tomorrow, and in the future. The
SOMATOM Spirit is the essential step
in this direction today. Its broad and
advanced range of applications enables
you to provide top medical care. Your
patients deserve your full attention and,
therefore, we ensure your peace of mind
in every aspect utilizing the SOMATOM
You are investing in a long lasting
partnership and not just in a short term
investment. We take the word partnership
quite seriously. You will benefit from all
the services Siemens is justifiably famous
for, including Life, our customer care
program. Life focuses on continuous
development of your skills, productivity,
and technology.

28 Partnership Beyond the Scanner

To sharpen your skills, Life offers, for

example, specific education with leading
experts in your clinical specialty at some
of the most advanced medical institutions
in the world.
With the Guardian Program we ensure
the highest possible uptime of your
system by proactively monitoring your
system parameters. On-site service calls
can thus be planned or even avoided.
This proactive service leads to even
higher system availability.
Life allows you to stay at the technological
and clinical cutting edge and to
continuously participate in the latest
Your partnership with Siemens is the
ticket to todays top CT performance as
well as an open door to participate in new
generation technology and developing
medical fields.

Clinical Benefits
Become part of a large network of
Access to Best Practice usage.
Access to latest clinical innovations.
Education services to ensure the
optimal usage of the system.

Economic Benefits
Competitive advantage, increasing
attractiveness of customers facility for
both patients and referring physicians.
Expansion of clinical applications for
increased patient referrals.
Investment protection & security
for total cost of ownership your
investment being always at the
technological and clinical cutting
edge. No unplanned maintenance
Try before you buy trial licenses to
test new software.

Technical Benefits
Various service contracts to ensure
uptime, hardware and software
upgrades, and updates.

Configuration Overview


SOMATOM Spirit Power

2 x 1 mm / 2 x 5 mm
1.0 s / 0.8 s*
5 images/s
2.0 MHU
26 kW
18 m2 (194 ft2)
69 cm (27 in)

2 x 1 mm / 2 x 5 mm
1.0 s / 0.8 s*
5 images/s
3.5 MHU
40 kW
18 m2 (194 ft2)
69 cm (27 in)



Technical specification
High-quality CT at low costs
Number of slices
Rotation time
Reconstruction speed
Generator power
Gantry tilt
Small footprint
Slim gantry
High-end detector material
Software options
Wide application portfolio
Radio Therapy Planning

* Optional
30 Configuration Overview


Contact Addresses

In the event that upgrades require FDA approval,

Siemens cannot predict whether or when the FDA
will issue its approval. Therefore, if regulatory
clearance is obtained and is applicable to this
package, it will be made available according to
the terms of this offer.
On account of certain regional limitations of
sales rights and service availability, we cannot
guarantee that all products included in this
brochure are available through the Siemens sales
organization worldwide. Availability and packaging
may vary by country and are subject to change
without prior notice. Some/All of the features and
products described herein may not be available in
the United States.

In the USA:
Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.
51 Valley Stream Parkway
Malvern, PA 19355
Telephone: +1 888 826 9702
Telephone: +1 610 448 4500
Fax: +1 610 448 2254
Siemens reserves the right to modify the design,
packaging, specifications, and options described
herein without prior notice. Please contact your
local Siemens sales representative for the most
current information.
Note: Any technical data contained in this
document may vary within defined tolerances.
Original images always lose a certain amount
of detail when reproduced.
Please find fitting accessories:

The information in this document contains general

technical descriptions of specifications and options
as well as standard and optional features which do
not always have to be present in individual cases.

09.2007, Siemens AG
Order No. A91CT-00448-01C1-7600
Printed in Germany
CC CT WS 090710.

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