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Kotha Vinod Reddy

Computer Science & Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Specialization: None

UG Second Year
DOB: 15/11/1993





CPI / %


IIT Bombay
Andra Pradesh State Board
Andra Pradesh State Board

IIT Bombay
Narayana Junior College
Narayana Olympiad School



Scholastic Achievements


Secured All India 22 rank in IITJEE, an exam which was given by over 520,000 students all over the country.
Selected for OCSC (Orientation Cum Selection Camp) Astronomy and Physics Olympiad (Top 35 of 40,000 students), received a
gold medal in Indian National Physics Olympiad.
Awarded Certificate of merit for being placed in the top 1 percent out of over 40,000 students enrolled for the National
Standard Examination in Physics(NSEP) conducted by Indian Association of Physics Teachers(IAPT)
Awarded Certificate of merit for being placed in the top 1 percent out of over 11,000 students enrolled for the National
Standard Examination in Astronomy (NSEA) conducted by Indian Association of Physics Teachers(IAPT)
Secured All India in top 50 (B.Arch) and 156 rank (B.Tech) out of more than 1,100,000 students appearing for AIEEE.
Secured All India 15 rank in Indian Institute of Space and Technology entrance examination (ISAT).
Selected for Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) Scholarship.
Secured All India 343 rank in 8 National Cyber Olympiad conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation(SOF).
Secured International 64 in 2 international Mathematics Olympiad conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation(SOF). 2009

Academic Projects

Near factorization:
May 12
Prof. Bernard Menezes
IT, IIT Bombay

The project involved factorization of a binary number in the form of p*q +r so that the number of 1s in the original
number is less than the number of 1s in p, q, r put together.

This is important in the field of encryption using Elliptical curves. The above process will decrease the time taken to
encrypt the message.

Proposed the method of multiple factorizations in which r is repeatedly factorized.

Written code in Java to compare between the brute force method and the proposed methods to find p, q and r.
Connect-Four Game:
Apr 12
Prof. Amithaba Sanyal
CSE, HOD, IIT Bombay

Developed a double and single player game in Scheme.

Implemented Artificial Intelligence using Minimax Algorithm.

Design a graphical interface for the game in Scheme.

Written code for validating the moves, displaying the current state of board, deciding the end of the game.
Statistical Analysis of Census Data
March 12-Apr 12
Prof. Milind Sohoni
CSE,IIT Bombay

Analyzed census data of Murbad(rural area in Mumbai) and Ulhasnagar(Urban area in Mumbai).

Done an analysis on general aspects like population, sex ratio, unemployment, literacy and female empowerment.

Correlated these fields and compared different parameters and relations between rural and urban population and
also among different classes of the same population.

Made some important key observations and suggested some remedial measures to improve certain fields and
Crossword Puzzle:
Oct 11-Nov 11
Prof. D.B.Phatak
CSE, IIT Bombay

Developed an application which can store solved crosswords in a database.

Designed a graphical user interface into which a puzzle is loaded for the user to solve.

Developed a method by which the user can enter the values into the graphical interface using mouse.

The answers given by the user are then compared with those in the database and the differences are shown.


Genetic Programming:
May 12-July 12
Institute Technical Summer Project 2012

Investigated the efficiency of Genetic Algorithms in stochastic Optimization.

Developed a Java Library with the Genetic Algorithm in-built in it.

Implemented Genetic Algorithms in Real-Valued Function optimization and in Travelling Salesman Problem.

Applied Genetic Algorithms to Game Theory by optimizing the best Strategy for iterated tournaments.
July 11
Participated in tech one and designed and constructed a remote control bot.

Platforms worked

Operating Systems
Programming skills
Web Designing
Software Skills


Windows, Linux Ubuntu.

C++, Java, Scheme.Basics of Prolog, Python.
Scilab, Latex, Keil, Easy Scope.

Courses Undertaken


Computer Programming and Utilization

Abstractions and Paradigms in Programming
Data Structures and Algorithms
Discrete Structures
Automata Theory and Logic
Logic Design
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Software Systems Lab


Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra

Data Analysis and Interpretation
Numerical Analysis
Modern Physics and Chemistry
Introduction to Electronics and Electronic Circuits
Environmental Studies
Engineering Graphics and Drawing
System and Controls(minor)

- Ongoing courses in Fall 2012 (to be completed by Nov 12)

- Courses will be covered in Spring 2013 (to be completed by Apr 13)

Position of Responsibility

Coordinator, Lecture Series, Techfest 2013

Will lead a group of about 10 organizers to help conducting the lectures.
Organizer, Lecture Series, Techfest-2012.
Organized lectures of several famous people including David J. Grifiths.

Aug '12 - till date

Sep '11 - Jan 12

Extracurricular Activities

Swam straight 9.7 km in 6 hours for the event swimathon.

Can also swim four different strokes.
Proficient in cartoon drawing, paper and thermocol cutting.
Have basic Knowledge in playing drums.
Very good at number theory.

April 12