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The Shari'ah of Jihad in one convenient package.*W8yLdvIgQUDjaJtNHTh1BG5Tmz20bVZDZmrci6TNPb5lEYS/MashariAlAshwaqilaMasarialUshaaqRevisedEdition.pdf
Here is page 18 including the most infamous fatwa from Imal al-Shafi'i.

Reliance: the authentic handbook of Shafi'i Shari;ah, authenticated by the Sheikhs of Al-Azhar
and used as a text in doctoral programs at major universities. 1251 pages. Buy a copy from Amazon.

Reliance is divided into books, each named with a letter of the alphabet. Book o treats of justice.
Chapter 9 treats of Jihad, defining it, describing the communal obligation to perform offensive
Jihad and the individual obligation of defensive Jihad. o9.8 & 9.9 codify At-Taubah 9.29 & 8.39. #page=617
Hedaya is the fiqh of the Hanafi madhab. It is found in two and four volume sets. The second volume of the
volume set includes the Shari'ah of Jihad. It is not well printed and scanned, in an antique font, dense and
but it fills in many details, confirms most of Reliance and explains differences between madhabs. You can
get it from Amazon.

Page 141 blows the :religion of peace" and "jihad is purely defensive" memes all to Hell.
Risala is the fiqh of the Maliki madhab. Unlike Reliance & Hedaya, it is only available as pdf. Fortunately,
it is a clean print and scan, easy to read and shorter than the other tomes. Unfortunately, in most subjects, it is
comprehensive and detailed.

What does a Muslim do in the oruvy if his hand is missing or his arm is too short? The other books
do not reveal the answer, but Risala does.
Riyad us-Salaheen is a compilation of ahadith plus relevant ayat and commentary. The edition pictured is
actually a series of html
files on the translator's personal web site.
Sahih Bukhari is the most authentic and widely accepted collection of hadith.
The Khan translation contained in the USC-MSA database at CMJE and most
other hadith sites claims to be complete, but is not. It has been bowdlerized.
Bewley translated and posted the whole thing. Unfortunately, her numbering system
is different and there are no named anchors for linking.

Dhapter 61 contains a bowderized hadith which reveals the true character of the Profit.

That link is to a set of html files. The edition at sunni path is missing some chapters.
Sira are biographies of Moe. The oldest extant sira is by Ibn Ishaq, edited by Ibn Hisham and translated by
You can buy hard copy from Amazon. You can find the most significant quotes in the In His Own Words
appendix to
The Prophet Of Doom:

Examine the true character of the Profit. Here are some vital links into the Sira, from my notes. You can get
hard copy from Amazon.

for a prey:
wealthy settlement
Banu Q Massacre:

Wives as prisoners...
Lord of the devils
Third party description, death of his son in battle.
Murder of Umm Qirfa
Murder of Asma bint Marwan
Torture of Kinanna

Assassination of Kab Ashraf pg 368

Jadhima treachery
as a prey169-289
conquer for them
as a prey 289 169 pdf
killing no big deal
Ibn Sa'd wrote a sira which includes a great deal of illuminating detail, including a very extensive collection
of Moe's
extortion letters. You will also find the Satanic verses here.
The Sealed Nectar, while hagiographic, exposes some important concepts and
includes a few of the extortion letters.
During the reign of Zia Ul Haq, Brigadier S.K. Malik wrote a strategy manual
for Pakistan's war college. It shines a brilliant light on Islamic ideology and strategy.
You can not get hard copy and the pdf is locked down tight. But page 60
gives us the key to victory.
Ash-Shifa is another Sira, in which you can discover Moe's miracles. If you drink his body fluids,
you will never get a gut ache.
Abridged version, missing this part:,%20love%20of%20the%20prophet.pdf
There is also a list of the multitude of murders he suborned, starting on pg. 325.
Hayat ul-Qulub is a Shi'ia Sira which reveals the arrogant AssWholliness of the Profit as no other book
can do. To whom is Mary, Mother of Jesus married in Jannah??? The answer is on page 415.
I will show it to you because others won't.
For more book links, visit
You will find many in the main menus and whole libraries in the
External Libraries page.
Ibn Kathir also wrote a Sira, in four volumes. I recently discovered this work, which extensively quotes from

Ishaq and adds other sources.
The Prophet of Doom by Craig Winn is 1000 fact filled pages giving the Koran the chronology and
context it needs by bringing in the Sunnah & Tahrik. The Topical Quotes appendix is extremely useful, but
I do not recommend using the Koran quotes 'cuz Winn melds five different translations to get the effect he
wants. Here is the direct download link:
Lifting the Veil is a transcript of I.Q. Rasooli's excellent videos. He is fluent in both Arabic and English,
so he has the real scoop on the authentic Islamic texts and what they really mean.