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Holistic Counselling for People and Parrots

aris is qualified and experienced in the

professional areas of Counselling, Reiki and
Relaxation Massage. In addition to:
Life & Business/Corporate Intuitive
Intuitive Healing
Astrology, Crystal Therapy, Numerology,
Feng Shui, Mediumship
Issues may include: intimate relationships, family
life, personal life challenges, health, work / career
issues, personal & spiritual development.
Her calm, focused energy makes you feel that
she really listens to you as the most important
person - in a non-judgemental manner.
We all need someone to talk to, someone we
can trust and someone we are confident can
listen to us and not criticize our emotions or
our thoughts- someone who will genuinely
empathise and understand what we want to get
off our chest.
Paris has had many life and professional
experiences and feels confident in listening and
understanding you. Her personal exposure to
health issues including chronic fatigue, allergies
and food intolerances helps her understand
how these can mildly or severely affect your
emotional and physical wellbeing.
You are the centre of her attention so that you
feel genuinely worthy and discuss anything that
is on your mind.
Her career, including a business, film and
corporate background of over 20 years has
developed her knowledge and understanding of
most industries. She has worked from the
ground-up level understanding what makes
people tick in the workplace and how people
can co-exist.

Few years ago, she made the decision to leave

Your freewill is to
her corporate life behind to lobby for the
choose your life as
welfare of Companion Birds. Now, she is taking
you know and feel
her campaign to a national level, garnering
support across the country. She runs education
it is right for you
presentations and is in pre-production for a
Appointments are available day and evening,
Companion Bird Welfare and Law
7 days a week. Hourly rates start from $85 for
documentary series.
people. Companion Bird/animal healing/reiki and
Paris has had a lifelong love of animals. When she
counselling is free for the initial consultation and
fell ill eight years ago, she came across a parrot
then $50 per session.
needing to be rehomed a rainbow lorikeet, who
The services are offered in Mt Eliza in a quiet,
she named Agapi.
respectful and private environment, where
He changed my whole life and grounded
calmness is the central focus. Also by skype and
me, she recalls. I began researching the
phone. Animal healing is via on-site visits as well.
holistic approach to caring for Companion
Birds and it just evolved from there. Birds have
emotions and need to be properly cared for.
Campaigning for Companion Birds has become
my life, my journey.
The public isnt aware of the lack ofCOMPANION
Bird welfare laws and what is going on
Australian backyards and businesses, most often
abuse. This is astonishing when you consider
there are more birds owned as pets in Australia
than any other animal.
Paris offers holistic counselling for people and
Paris Yves 0413 530 419 or
birds and says that the counselling techniques for
both are similar. Most people cant understand
My Freewill Journey
or communicate with parrots. This comes easy
and naturally to me. I read their eyes, body and
Parrot Productions
soul and they read mine, she says.
She urges those interested in getting involved in
her journey of campaigning for Companion Bird
welfare and education to contact her on
0413 530 419 or
Paris is truly a unique person full of empathy for
people and the environment.

Because Companion Birds are Born to Fly