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English Written Test

Group A: Comprehension
Read the following text carefully.

Leisure time
My name is Edward but everybody calls me Ed. Im thirteen and _I_ was born in
Lisbon. Thats where I lived until I was three years old and then the whole family
moved to Seattle, in Washington State, USA, because my mother is American. She is
director of Studies at a private American school and Im a student.
My sister Erica is also a student and she is going to college next school year.

My father is Portuguese. Hes an engineer and he was transferred to Seattle to work in

a big factory.
Im busy with classes all week so my only real leisure time is on Saturdays,
Sundays or when Im on holiday. I enjoy spending my free time at my friends houses
or going out with them. I am very sociable and so I go dancing at weekends. I also have parties or go
to a cafe near my house. There I can find my best friends and we talk for a long time. I also like fresh


air and exercise, so I play games or go cycling or walking in the country at weekends.
Once a year I go on holiday with my family. We usually go to California because the weather
is generally fine and we can swim or sunbathe on the beach.
My sister Erica doesnt like sport and she prefers indoor activities. She likes listening to music
and reading fashion magazines. Sometimes she goes to the cinema with her friends. Her favourite
movies are science fiction films and comedy.
I. Identify the paragraphs where you can find information about the following topics.
Paragraph ( number: 1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th / 5th / X )
One of the topics is Ericas free time
not mentioned
Eds hobbies
( mark it with X)
Eds birthplace and age
The fathers job
Eds holidays
Eds favourite subjects
Place where he lives
Fathers job
Mothers job
Sisters occupation
Free time activity
II. Fill in the table according to the information given in the text.


III. Say if the following sentences on the text are True (T) or False (F)
Justify all your answers by quoting () from the text.
1. Edward is Portuguese.
2. Erica is older than Edward.
3. Edwards father is American.
4. Erica likes outdoor activities.
IV. Answer the following questions on the text. Try to use your own words as far as possible.
1. Why doesnt Ed have free time during the week?

2. How often does Ed go on holiday?

3. Does he go alone? Justify your answer.
4. Why do they go to California?

V. Referents: Say who the following words in the text refer to.

I (line 1)
She (line 3)
she (line 5)


VI. Vocabulary
1. In line 2, the whole family means
a) part of the family
b) all the family
c) the relatives
2. In line 3, moved to Seattle means
a) started to live in Seattle
b) visited Seattle
c) stopped in Seattle

4 he (line 6)
5 we (line 11)
6 We (line 13)


3. In line 8, Im busy means

a) Im relaxed
b) Im satisfied
c) I have a lot to do
4. In line 9, enjoy means
a) dislike
b) dont like
c) like
Group B: Grammar

1. Ed is sociable.
4. Erica loves cinema.
Neg:___________________________________ Neg:_______________________________________
Int:___________________________________? Int:________________________________________?
2. Ed has got a sister
5. They love Portugal.
Neg:___________________________________ Neg:_______________________________________
Int:___________________________________? Int:________________________________________?
3. Ed can dance.
6. Ed moved to Seattle.
Neg:___________________________________ Neg:_______________________________________
Int:___________________________________? Int:________________________________________?
I. Put the sentences in the negative and interrogative ( yes / no questions )

II. Ask questions for the following answers ( wh-questions ):

1. ____________________________________?
Eds father likes dancing.
2. ____________________________________?
Ed lived in Portugal.

3. ____________________________________?
Ed went to the USA in 2003.

III. Complete with the S. Present / Present Continuous / S. Past of the verbs in brackets
1. Ed________________________________( to go ) to parties on Saturdays.
2. Erica______________________________( to read ) a book now.
3. Ed__________________________( to do ) a great job last week.
4. They_________________________________(to play) chess at the moment.
5. Ed_____________________________(to email) his friends every day.
6. Ed ________________________( to go ) cycling yesterday.
IV. Complete the sentences with the right reflexive pronoun.
1. Erica looked at _________________________ in the mirror.
2. Ed and Erica went to the cinema and they enjoyed __________________________.
3. Ed fell down and he hurt ___________________________.
4. Ed: I cut ______________________ this morning.
5. Erica: Ed, Im not going to help you! You have to do it by __________________________
6. The dog is washing _________________________.
7. We had great fun in California. We enjoyed _________________________ very much.
8. Father: Ed and Erica, please, behave ________________________________
V. Complete the sentences with a personal pronoun (subject or object)
1. ________ want my book. Give _________ to ________ . ________ is a very nice book
2. Ed and Erica went out. ______went to the cinema. I love cinema too and I want to go with_______
3. Erica: Ed, do _______ go to the party? Can I go with __________?
4. Father: Ed, Erica, ________ must wake up early. I want ___________to go to bed!
5. Erica is a nice girl. ___________is very pretty and I love ______________.
6. Ed is my age. __________are both 13. We are going out. Would you like to come with ________?
7. My father is an engineer. _________is very intelligent and I want to be like ____________.
VI. Write the words in the plural
1. car

2. glass

3. boy

4. city

5. box

6. man

7. foot

8. mouse

9. wife
10. fish
11. child
12. person
13. tomato
14. bush
15. watch
16. woman


Group C: Composition
Choose one of the following topics and write down a text on it (50 to 80 words)
A: My last summer holidays
B: My free time activities