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Video Editing and Post Production

The Art Institute of York-Pennsylvania

Bachelor of Science
Media Arts and Animation
March 2014
GPA 3.6

Honors List and Deans List recognition

-Create a fully composited video by using post-production software and adding effects to video footage
-Organize usable footage into folders within a project file
-Remove unnecessary footage using the extract method
-Meet project deadlines with an excellent sense of pace and timing
-Solve problems in order to make film sequences flow well, and work with available footage
-Improve appearance and consistency of shots through use of color correction
-Apply transitions to ensure smoothness and fluidity between shots
-Visualize written or orally communicated ideas and express them via images and sound to achieve the
client or directors vision
-Export video in necessary formats for internet streaming or television broadcasting

Video Production

Premiere Pro
Final Cut Pro
3ds Max
Toon Boom Harmony
Storyboard Pro
MS PowerPoint
MS Word
MS Paint
MS Excel

Field Experience

-Successfully operate digital video equipment

-Concentrate on small detail to ensure there are no distracting elements within a shot
-Assemble equipment such as lights, microphones, tripods, and flags
-Establish lighting set ups that work best within a shot
-Stage sets to portray appealing and dynamic camera shots

-Capture audio using microphones and audio recording devices on set or in a sound booth
-Remove noise from video footage to add music, sound effects, or narration
-Sync high-quality, recorded audio with video footage during post-production
-Mix together and create soundtracks that complement video footage

Motion Graphics
-Create 2D and 3D graphics for animation
-Apply fundamentals of traditional art to aid with the design process
-Convey 2D objects as lifelike through animation
-Demonstrate the principles of animation in motion graphics through exaggeration, ease in-ease out,
and good timing
-Utilize understanding of typography and how to use it to better enhance motion design
-Exercise knowledge of color theory to effectively communicate mood and feeling to the audience

Advantage Business Media

Multimedia Production Specialist

January, 2015-Present
Produced and edited product videos, newscasts, advertisements, and trade show demonstration videos. Consulted with clients. Presented and
posted videos on websites and Youtube pages.

Hair Direct

Video Producer/Editor
July, 2014-November, 2014
Produced training videos through filming and editing. Set up/break down of production sets, and lighting set-ups for filming of product reviews.

GK Visual LLC

Video Editor
May, 2014-August, 2014
Practiced video production and editing skills. Worked with a team to complete projects for clients. Set up/break down of production sets.

Aurora Creative Group

October, 2013-December, 2013
Worked effectively with clients and coworkers on projects. Performed production and post-production tasks on films. Setting up and breaking
down of lighting sets. Completing requested and assigned tasks.

Previous Clients
CoWork 155

August, 2013
Promotional Video

Dallastown High School Boys Volleyball Team

May, 2014
End Of Season Banquet Video

Shaneka McClarty

August, 2014
Promotional Video