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May Dharma be even more widely adored by humanity on planet Earth ! May this year redefine
success for you as His missionaries of Bhagavata Dharma !! May we appreciate and utilize the
bright side of things we confront as ideal disciples of the ideal Guru !!
With prayers for His Grace and Blessings I wish you a very Happy New Year 2015 !!!
Brotherly yours;
At His Lotus Feet,
Ac. Vimalananda Avt.
SS NY Sector.

A yuga parivarttana [change in age] is taking place. All of you plunge wholeheartedly into making
sadvipra samája [spiritual society]. Do not be indecisive, do not hesitate, and do not under any circumstances feel fear. Your victory is a certainty. Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Published by: Ac. Vimalananda Avt.
Sectorial Secretary - New York Sector

Crimson Dawn
Special Printed Edition
January 2015

Edited by: Ac. Vimaleshananda Avt.
Sectorial Public Relations Secretary

The Microvita theory is a theory that in its general
features was first introduced in 1986 through a series of lectures by the Indian philosopher and social reformer Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar (1921–

Likewise Microvita Theory provides a different context
for the interpretation of life. It is a different cosmology,
a different pair of glasses for seeing “reality”, a reality
that is no longer matter-based but instead microvita
and energy-based. The shift is impressive and it will
revolutionize the foundations of science we have been
taught so far.

These discourses and others given up to 1989 were
compiled in the book Microvitum in a Nutshell.
In this special edition of Crimson Dawn we have comSarkar was perfectly aware of the need to anticipate the
right time. At the time when the original discourses
were given, at a distance of a few months one from one
another, those attending immediately understood the
importance and the responsibility of the task given to

piled several of the original discourses of Shrii Sarkar
together with a few authors who have accepted the
seemingly impossible task to explain Microvita and
Microvita cosmology and make it understandable at
least in some portions or some aspects.

Each author has a different background reflected in
the completely different ways they approach the subWith Microvita Theory we are in the presence of a new ject of Microvita, its context and its relevance. Certain
line of thinking. It is a situation similar to an encounter verifiable clues have been found so far, but it should be
of an alien with planet Earth who is used to seeing the clear that nobody claims to have the complete Truth
world in 16 fundamental colors instead of 7 and maybe and that everybody is trying with utmost sincerity to
32 different fundamental musical notes instead of 7. unveil the mystery behind “The Mysterious emanation
This alien not only will talk a different language, but of the Cosmic Factor”.
his frame of reference for conceptualizing of extremely
This said, it is up to the readers to make their own consubtle creational principles will be different.
siderations and draw whatever is in their capacity out
of this basket full of treasurable ideas.

Editorial 3
The Rule of Rationality by Shrii P.R. Sarkar


Microvitum, the Mysterious Emanation of Cosmic Factor by Shrii P.R. Sarkar
Mobility and Movement of Microvita by Shrii
P.R. Sarkar 6

Microvita and Other Spaces by Marcus Bussey 16
Recent Advances in Microvita Quantum Theory
by Turiiya Deva
The New Concept of Microvita by Richard



The first phase of Evolution - Cosmology and
Microvita by Henk de Weijer


Cult, Inference and Propensity by Shrii P.R.


A New Science of Reality by H.J. Rudolph,
Microvita Research e.V.


The Consciousness of Life by Turiiya Deva


Microvita Models and Metaphors
by Bhaktavirya Towsey


Matter and Abstract by Shrii P.R. Sarkar

Microvita and Cosmology by Shrii P.R. Sarkar 14

Microvita Special Edition - Pag. 3

feed and supply material for existence not only to human beings but to all its living beings. 300 years ago there was no desert in South There may be a shortage of petroleum but elements for creating petroleum are available in the world. These demons destroy forests without planting new ones and thus create new deserts.Pag. Christians. Microvita theory should be properly utilized. new books. We have to utilize this hidden treasure for the maintenance and sustenance of all the living beings of this universe. They have also got a mental world and a spiritual world. Pornography and other depraving tendencies will be complete- http://www. Neohumanism.crimsondawn. they are either of a depraving or an elevating nature. It brooks no delay. nourish. that is. The wind is blowing in our favour. There is folly in their thinking as well as their economics. people think in terms of heterogeneity. our Neohumanistic ideology is to be propagated everywhere. especially on this planet of ours. Innocent human beings are at the mercy of devouring demons. This is the panacea to solve all these problems. We will be able to produce synthetic petroleum. Human society is one and indivisible. That will be our course of action. There is also cultural life. microvita. The solution is of immediate necessity. Microvita may function as positive or negative physico-microvita. We must solve this problem. For instance. 4 . 150 years ago there was no desert in India. literature. Spiritual microvita should also be utilized. Such positive action will create a new stir in the human mind. The animals are also at the mercy of human demons. Jews. You know. For this. 31 August 1987. You should chalk out programmes for its materialization and implementation within a short period. Calcutta Microvita Special Edition . We should encourage the elevating tendencies and discourage the depraving ones. We must solve this problem through PROUT. Due to our folly or undeveloped thinking. Simply protesting will not stop these things: we will have to do something positive to check it. Apparently there is heterogeneity but in essence there is homogeneity. For development and progress in the mental and spiritual worlds. But they all belong to the same supreme race – they are all the progeny of the Supreme Progenitor. We should carry the message to each and every particle of marrow of this living world. Tendencies are of either a degenerating or an exalting nature. In certain parts of this world. Now it is our bounden duty to carry this message to all nooks and corners of this world. depraving tendencies such as pornography exist. quinquelemental science is to be applied to cure certain ailments associated with the physical body. new songs… We have to chalk out a programme and act accordingly. We have to create new literature. This earth of ours is passing through a critical juncture. music and spiritual sádhaná. To remove physico-psychic ailments. we could not give proper solutions to the problems of material existence. art. Semites and Blacks. Only due to dogmas. What we want is the rule of rationality. Spiritual life controls all other arenas of human life. political life and social life are not everything for living beings and human beings. Both the problems and their solutions have been pointed out. ly discouraged and checked. songs. in the Middle East there are Muslims. economic life. Even the plants are at the mercy of human demons. There is only one ideology in the world which is not only all-embracing but also all-pervading.The Rule of Rationality By Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar This solar system is sufficient in its potentiality to maintain. bio-science is to be developed utilizing the new theory of microvita. Innocent human beings are at the mercy of human demons. Now our planet is just like a hidden treasure. That is why our PROUT is to be propagated throughout this universe. The physical body is made of the quinquelemental factors. new music. This is what the spiritual philosophy of Ananda Marga says.

first. in the psychic sphere there may be entities subtler than ectoplasm or its extra-psychic coverage. Hence. galaxies. That -. there may be . and as such they have got little to them the name “virus”.may be felt or realised by persons physicality and psychic expressions which are smaller having highly developed minds. Now. it exists but its characteristics or other particulars are planets and meteors. So far as physicality is concerned.Microvitum. multiplying and dying.everywhere. They are means movement through a medium or media. but by their actional expression or through their actional faculty or as a result of their actional vibrations.crimsondawn. and some of them may not come within the range of a microscope. So regarding physical beings. Such perception -. Like other psychic and psychonot known to us. and hence the question of their protozoic erybody requires some media for movement. when we know that ing through milky-ways. the position of these microvita is just between ectoplasm and Now. or in a more intelligent style. The better term treated as the initial points or initial stage of life in this will be microvitum. psychic realm may be subtler than Microvita Special Edition .” But virus is a vague term. endoplasm. but they are neither ectoplasm nor electron. we say. having spiritually orior subtler than atoms.many objects subtler than electrons or protons. and in the ented minds. For such objects or for such entities I use the term “microvitum”. those not coming within the scope of perception but coming within the scope of perception as a result of their expression.such as existing. They are of subtle order. people give protoplasmic order. in order to conceal our limitations or hide our imperfections. in the phase of extrovert -. crossing the boundaries of nebulae. Some of them come within the range of a highly developed microscope. those not coming within the scope of common perception but coming within the scope of a special type of perception which is actually the reflection of conception within the periphery of perception. They move It is a human characteristic that whatever we know re. satellites. there may be subtler objects in the scope of matter -. as a result of their actional vibration.tions or barometric readings. the Mysterious Emanation of Cosmic Factor. we will say it is abstract. In this universe. They say. that is. of ours.that is.that special There are entities which come within the realm of both type of perception -.but we find no alternative but to say that they are either electron or proton or positron or neutron.” It is one human characteristic that whatever we do not know. In this progress. are not of come within the scope of a microscope. “It is. “This disease is of vido with carbon molecules or carbon atoms. And similarly. How do they move? Evmic order. We know in the realm of cosmic extrovert. these microvita move throughout the entire unielectron. these microvita are not of the same density or the same subtlety. our world functions within the limitations of our senses and perceptions. http://www. the Mysterious Emanation of Cosmic Factor By Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar The discourse is on “Microvitum. universe.” and whatever is beyond the arena of the senses or the jurisdiction of perception. and thirdly. and in the returning phase of introvert.‘subtle’ is transmuted into ‘crude’. electrons or protons. verse. from one celestial body to another.Pag. Mobility structure or metazoic structure does not arise. those coming within the scope of a microscope. we say it is “mysterious”. ‘crude’ is metamorphosed into ‘subtle’. There something mysterious. neutrons or positrons -. without caring for the atmospheric condiemanation of cosmic factor”. which are rus origin. They are not of protoplas. piercgarding any subject or any object. and not virus. the mysterious unbarred. stars. may be more than one medium. Regarding these microvita of crude order which may This microvitum. we cannot say anything. they may come within the scope of our perception. they have also got basic characteristics these microvita. or in plural microvita. in the first phase -. 5 So these microvita may be broadly divided into three categories -. There may be still more subtle forms of microvita which may not come directly within the scope of our perception but may come within the scope of a special type of perception which is actually the reflection of conception within the range of perception in a limited sphere. we may say they are mysterious. we either say that it is non-existent. secondly. They move is why I used the term “microvitum. whatever comes within the scope of our senses or within the periphery of our perception. rather in this semicircular approach.

These living creatures with their mysterious movement create minds and bodies. The so-called virus of a diseased person moves through his or her sound. 6 . As Prama’ (equilibrium and equipoise) is an essentiality in the field of intellectuality or intellectual pursuit. I think. Where it is circular in Samskrta it is called “kalá” and “kástá”. or developed or undeveloped corpor. there is movement wherever there is the existential faculty – both animate and inanimate entities are to move. and in the case of subtler microvita. they may move through ideas. otherwise many problems in modern society will not be solved in a nice way. ing this microvitum or these microvita. the disease spreads through the smell of the disease. impediment or barrier. We are human beings with developed intellect. A particular idea may get accelerated and spread in a particular planet with the help of a few conceptually developed minds.many media at a time in the same movement. rather I hope. Now.crets of these microvita. it is to some extent angular. our minds will develop in all strata. These microvita also move through several media. there should be extensive research work regard. similarly in the higher intellectual realm research work on these microvita is extremely necessary. How do they move? Each and every movement of the universe is of systaltic order. Here we should again remember the fact that these microvita are creations in the internal phase. a great man with a great conceptually developed mind may spread his ideas with the help of these microvita throughout that planet. They move through sound. gandharva. rather in the returning phase of cosmic expression.not carbon atoms or carbon molecules. Calcutta these microvita immediately without any further delay. vidya’dhara. It is not just like a straight line. Microvita also move and they recognize no inter-planetary. kinnara. everything in this universe moves. and the power of conception. the ancient Rs’is or sages said that they are of seven types. the speed is not the dominating factor – it is a bit circular. and gave them the names: yaks’a. http://www. in any corner of this universe. of seven species. Mobility and Movement of Microvita by Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar The topic of today’s discourse is “Mobility and Movement of Microvita. They may move through tactuality. the power of conceiving. the less will be the angle created by it. no celestial hindrance. So the root cause of life is not the unicellular protozoa or unit protoplasmic cell. Our task is gigantic and we are to start our research work regarding Renaissance Universal . will also Microvita Special Edition . of angular nature. and they also destroy minds and physical bodies. that is. Speed is not only the essence of life. In the case of some of the diseases. rather our physico-psycho-spiritual sa’dhana’. no inter-spatial. planets and satellites -. siddha. by dint of our spiritual sa’dhana’. That is. there is speed.31 December 1986. but this unit microvitum. speed represents existence.” As you know.Pag. and where the speed is less – that is. rather I am sure that the day is sure to come when human beings will have proper control over these microvita. we will know all the seNow. In ancient times. what is the root cause of this universe? Which is the starting point of life or vitality? These microvita are the carriers of life in different stars. living bodies in different celestial bodies. Otherwise it is angular. The greater the speed. The position of microvita is just on the silver lining of animate and inanimate. prakrtiliina and videhaliina according to the nature of their subtlety or the nature of their crudeness. and with that developed conceiving power. They move. I think.crimsondawn. They may move through forms or figures. regarding the singular or collective structures of these microvita. or even throughout this universe in different celestial bodies.

AnandanagarI Microvita Special Edition . In the case of positive microvita. or in the case of living the structure. and as a result the static portion also loses its staticity to some extent.Pag. The mutative portion also undergoes certain changes and metamorphoses. and it helps in the thought of Parama Puruśa. As I have clearly told you last year. In their movement they touch all the static items of the physical world. In the case of the movement of negative microvita. That is why one should try to be pure not only in body but in mind also. If the mind remains engaged in elevating thoughts. its density increases. as a result of which the sentienthood of the sentient portions of the physical world is also changed. that circular movement is converted into angular movement. of the sentient world. You should remember that here we are to invite positive microvita for our all-around progress and all-around elevation. and the positive microvita do not touch the static portion of any structure – they create angles in the sentient portion also as a result of which the neighbouring mutative portion is also influenced. what will be the next angle? Certainly it should be in the realm of mutativity. Inanimate objects will become animate. creating angles. and we are to denounce the advancement of negative microvita because it is detrimental to the cause of a sweet and beautiful universe. but in the psychic world it is a bit of circular nature. and these negative microvita maintain a sort of adjustment with the staticity of this physical world and also of the unit physical framework. no barrier. 28 May 1988 RU. they recognize no impediment. that mutative entity is to undergo a certain metamorphosis. not only of the human body but also of any living body. carbon atoms sleeping in an inanimate body will get life. will get the stir of vitality in them. but as their media are of inferential nature. microvita are of both positive and negative character. So we see that in the case of negative microvita. physical or supra-physical. good songs. that is. We should always try to invite positive microvita for our all-around and integrated development.crimsondawn. it helps the Prati-saincara portion of Parama Puruśa’s thought or conation in creating a better world. when negative microvita move. the static portions of the physical body. but they cannot cross the arena. and touch the border of the spiritual world. good books. This is the case with negative microvita. and where the speed is much accelerated. sanctifies the psychic body and helps in spiritual elevation. good literature. 7 . But where one angle is in the realm of staticity. the angles are smaller. less in degrees. and as a result of the angle created by negative microvita in the mutative world or in the mutative portion of any structure. So we find that positive microvitum sanctifies the physical body. so the movement has something to do with the physical world. That is why negative microvita do not get much scope to touch the mutative and sentient portions of http://www. microvita may help one indirectly. but cannot cross the threshold of the spiritual world. and that vitality is slowly to be transmuted into a gigantic living structure like a human being. but for the all-around development of all existences. Its arena decreases. and the realm of the neighbouring staticity increases.Microvita move. Staticity in its own realm increases both in area and density. or rather accelerated movement in the spiritual world. not merely of a particular human body or a particular living body. In the physical world. It tries to maintain a particular type of adjustment with the mutative world. but direct help in the spiritual world comes from the great grace of the Lord. kiirtanas (devotional chanting) elevate the mind and the mind becomes sanctified. but the mutative portion becomes weak and the sentient portion also becomes weak. that is. all existential faculties are to be benefited by this positive microvitum. not only is the static portion strengthened. and as a result it is slowly transmuted into staticity. the threshold. In their movement in the physical structure or in the external physical world. Good company. those which are of negative character move in the range of physicality and touch the arena of the psychic world. you know positive microvita can move freely in the physical world or in any physical structure. the kalá and kástá become angular. Positive microvita move freely in the physical and psychic worlds. because a mind engaged in degenerating thought invites negative microvita. they move in systaltic order. but they cannot cross the threshold of the psychic world. So for elevation or acceleration. the movement is always of systaltic or angular nature and never of circular nature. and they can move freely in psychic structures also. the movement is certainly of angular character.

motor organs are matter. But the position of energy and microvita is on this silver line of demarcation between matter and abstract. They have got minimum proximity to one another. somewhere maximum dilution. They are interchangeable and inter-transmutable. 8 .conscience is lacking in energy. and these planes of inferences have nothing to do with one another. carried. The favourite fields of positive miating mutations of various nature. It has got no conscience – what is to be done or what should not be done. Subtle microvita also do not come within the range of perception. No.of the expressed and emanated microvita. and no reflection. that is. may be converted into electrical energy. Energy in its subtle form does not come within the range of perception. is psychic and psycho-spiritual strata. magnetic energy and so many energies known and unknown to the Microvita Special Edition . and positive microvita in the separable from each other. The characteristics and different wonts and specialties of energy are quite different from those of matter. in different physical or psycho. pure matter. and these phases of dilutions and solidities vary in huge number. but not always. this much can be said – energy is stronger in the physical planes of inferences than in the physicopsycho-spiritual planes of the unit and collective propensities. in the arena of the cosmos. by sun rays. they are of static nature. And where there is crovita are the psychic and psycho-spiritual strata. What is matter? It is “known I” in the cosmic arena in different planes of inferences. and in the physical planes of inferences. there the reflected energy creates a sort of sentient reaction. energy – it is “known I” in the cosmic arena. that is.crimsondawn. They are in. This is another http://www. they are not blind forces. matter is not bottled-up energy. Chlorophyll and sun rays are not the same thing. the entity or entities coming within the concep. is moved. Sun rays are light energy. these are of mutative character.physico-psychic strata. So matter is not bottled-up energy. Rather. And microvita are stronger in the physicopsycho-spiritual realm of the unit mind. sound energy. But microvita are more active in the physico-psychospiritual strata. So matter is not bottled-up cal and physico-psychic strata.Pag. that is. both microvita and energy are active in different planes of expressions. The mass of matter has got nothing to do with energy. There is also use of negative microvita for Where this movement in the plane of inferences of the all-round and integrated development of this living cosmic nature. You know. It is the Regarding positive and negative microvita – negative inherent wont of energy to create movement. reflection only. creates a world. which as per the rule. in the cosmic arena. both positive ment is of systaltic character. Chlorophyll is helped.” Some intellectuals are of the opinion that matter is bottled-up energy. by sun rays – and not only sun rays. but by the different rays of different celestial bodies. and negative. this sort of Now. the move.Matter and Abstract by Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar The subject of today’s discourse is “Matter and Abstract. Energy generally comes within the range of perception.alities of the expressed and emanated energy as well as ergies does not pass in a straight line. Somewhere there is maximum solidity.of human intuition. but they come within the range of conception. that is.spiritual planes of the unit or collective propensities. only refractions. and energy is more active in the physical planes of inferences. microvita function in a better way in the physical and energy and movement are inseparable. And where there are reflections as Microvita influence human intellect and also a portion well as refractions. of pulsative nature. and those coming like that. Chlorophyll is conveyed. cre. Energy is a blind force. Regarding the strength or influence of energy and microvita. They have within the perceptions or feelings of the sensory or the support of conscience behind them. the favourite fields of negative microvita are the physiThere is staticity in them. But microvita are not tion of the mind are pure abstract. And this So there should be maximum utilization of the potentimovement of different bodies through the media of en. But the position of matter is not such.

In the cosmic arena. The effect of energy on different material bodies comes within the periphery of human knowledge if the wavelength is of medium standard – not extremely long or not extremely short. Now. Similarly. and also regarding the movement of energy passing through the plane of the “known” or the “knowing” world – the world of the “known” counterpart of the cosmos – and also through the world of individual propensities and different planes of individual inferences. And you boys and you girls. a change in hormone secretion. it appears automatically. or passing through both types of planes.Pag. 9 . In the inference of say touch. to attain the goal. It undergoes metamorphosis. regarding other inferences. then it may create something good or something bad in the universe. they decrease the temperature in the external sphere and increase the same in the internal sphere. also in their internal psycho-spiritual laboratories. but matter is not inter-transmutable or interchangeable. or through the “known” world of cosmic inferences. and the “done” portion is the world of physicality. in the cosmic stratum. its movement is towards the crude. one way but not vice versa. metamorphosis once. can not only change the bodily temperature or temperatures of the mass. Microvita. electrical energy and many other enerRenaissance Universal -3 June 1989 RU. In the case of odour. if it passes through the expressed world of “done”. But if it moves towards the cosmic cognitive faculty it is converted into psycho-spiritual movement. by the grace of Parama Puruś Microvita Special Edition .fundamental difference between energy and microvita. the Cosmic “Known” Entity. Anandangies. Microvita. it cannot be shown in the physical level. and metamorphosis and transmutation in the mass and movement of hormones. but not always. pass through various planes of inferences. a change in wavelengths. you are to help them in Energy. if we try to dissociate what we feel or what we conceive or what we perceive into the “knower” and “known” portions. and finally spiritual http://www. such as sound and others. like energy. according to the medium through which those microvita pass. microvita increase the temperature in the external sphere and decreases it in the internal sphere. that is. energy is inter-transmutable and interchangeable. but sometimes. they can also create a radical change in the psychic wave. towards crudification. it deteriorates or depraves the human mind or the standard of human conduct. This should also be carefully remembered and noted. physicality. But generally. You must not try to acquire that occult power. It is the duty of the intellectuals of the world to continue doing research work regarding the movements of energy and of microvita when passing through the “done” world of the cosmic or individual propensities. towards the subtler inferences of cosmic light. And when that very energy functions through the agar cosmic “known” world. And the “knowing” faculty in the cosmic level is the supreme cause or the subtlest form of energy. the cosmos in the physical level is the “doing” entity in the physical level and is microvita. a microvitum. when passing through different planes of inferences and also planes of propensities. is converted into so many energies – magnetic energy. sometimes they may increase externally and sometimes they may decrease externally. if it comes in direct contact with this world of accelerating the speed of their research work. If the movement is from a subtler plane to a cruder plane. movement or into the Spiritual Entity. But the effect of microvita is to be felt – it cannot be expressed through language. and the “known” I would like intellectuals in the future to conduct exportion or the “known” counterpart is the psychic and periments in their external physical laboratories and psycho-spiritual worlds. it helps spiritual aspirants. although it is initially the “doer” portion of the cosmic arena.crimsondawn. And if after passing through the Cosmic “Known” Entity it comes down towards the plane of cosmic or individual propensities. different psychic worlds. then it helps human beings. then it creates different psychic faculties. But if the movement is towards a subtler plane. and also through various planes of propensities.

Even if an ant dies a premature death.” In living beings other than humans.Pag. it is bound to jeopardize the balance of the entire universe.” This spiritual cult is the only cult. also universal. Gaorii. Each and every entity – living and non-living. But while acquiring these occult or so-called “miraculous” powers. moving and non-moving – helps others in maintaining not only their equilibrium. I am Hararme pitá gaorii mátá Svadesha bhuvanatrayam. it is a defective idea. the doer “I” is a bit more expressed or developed than in other creatures. We are to move together with all. they are mistaken. positive or negative. The doer “I” keeps on thinking. This help that we receive by dint of our spiritual practices is composed of eight occult powers. is our Mother. without suppressing those propensities of the mind. that she is a mere burden to society. When the doer “I” of the aspirant is goaded towards the Supreme Entity. If the cult is proper – if it is cult in the true spirit of the term – it creates a sort of subtlety in one’s mental flow. the doer “I” is not properly expressed. Where the goal is something finite. Ours is a universal family. You must think. where the pabulum is something limited. Even if a 110 year old widow thinks that her life has no existential value on this planet. Microvita. She is the causal matrix. I know so many things. Spiritual practice is based on cult: adherence to the doctrine of cult is started and practised in the primordial phase by the doer “I” of all living beings. Under such circumstances. 10 . the wards the supreme desideratum. it uses the vital energy acquired through different quinquelemental factors. “I will personally move tothe help of positive or negative microvita. not with balance. “The Universal Father. but the aspirant cannot utilize the ing in poverty. In fact. Inference and Propensity by Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar The subject of today’s discourse is “Cult. and at the same time vital energy accelerates the speed of spiritual progress. we cannot do anything without the help Microvita Special Edition . they are mere dogma. not only of this small planet Earth. You are simply to maintain equilibrium and equipoise – that is.crimsondawn. and through different propensities of the human mind. The question of suppression. I am eating. In certain animals like dogs and monkeys. And this universe is our homeland.” The path that leads or goads the aspirant unto Parama Puruśa is “cult” in the true spirit of the term. it is bound to jeopardize the balance of the universal society. That is why in the future they may also be in a position to do this practice.” Our family is universal. The Universal Mother. our abode is microvita. is our Father. Shiva. but also the equipoise of the entire universe. repression and oppression does not arise in the realm of spiritual cult. You who are genuine spiritualists should practise spiritual cult thinking that by doing so You should also remember that this doer “I” performs you will become effective in maintaining the universal spiritual practice with the help of vital energy. help the aspirant in his those steeped in blind superstition and those wallowor her movement. It is not proper to think that this movement. No – even the life of such an old widow contributes to maintaining the balance of the universe. you are to move maintaining proper parallelism with the fundamental propensities of the human mind. of so many energies which are converted into vital energy when they pass through the different planes of inferences. These powers are known as “occult” because they are acquired through cult. Inference and Propensity. So spiritual practice is performed by the doer “I” with the help of energy. character. is something purely of individual http://www. I do not know anything. others are not cult. the path and the movement cannot be treated as cult. and that is why they cannot establish their individual identity or do spiritual practice. “I am working. I will try to assist those who are suffering from despair. this spiritual advancement.Cult. If people think that they will make steady progress in the spiritual sphere even if the society goes to the dogs. No entity in this universe exists individually. If such an old person dies prematurely. passing through different planes of inferences. we receive necessary help from positive microvita.

Ańimá means “converting one’s psychic existence into a small point and then transforming it into a minimum entity.crimsondawn. Vashvitva helps a person to bring defective ideas. And above all occult powers is the supreme knowledge – ensconcement in Parama Puruśa. we will contribute to universal progress and prosperity. how many tears well up in their eyes. This carefree mind. subtle or crude. free from the bondages of so many liabilities. if you really want to help people. can understand and think properly. In leading this afflicted humanity to their physical progress and psychic well-being. in the abstract realm. Bhaktih bhagavato sevá. one’s http://www. one may understand any idea. we may feel our oneness with the varied entities of this universe – unity in variety. Laghimá makes the mind light. even if people dash their heads against a wall. bhaktih prema svarúpińii. prápti and antaryámitva. Iishitva enables the spiritual aspirant to guide other minds who suffer from different psychic ailments. By associating our benevolent thoughts with each and every entity. you can acquire this particular power to study others’ minds. It can be achieved through positive microvita which is in turn acquired through the regular practice of cult. and we may have ideas about different subjects even without reading books and literature. mind can be expanded. By sitting idle and crying constantly one cannot achieve this. Devotion is the very life of the devotee.” Devotion means working in the service of the Supreme according to His Microvita Special Edition . These occult powers are ańimá. So many miseries and afflictions have paralysed human beings physically and mentally. they cannot be expected to reach the state of welfare. Through this occult power. freed from the fetters of materialistic bondages. and thereby to know the pains and pleasures. brings light to the entire universe. one cannot move or dance according to the wavelengths of objects or ideas. spiritual aspirants acquire what is needed to serve the entire world.of positive microvita. With the help of positive microvita. And the eighth one is antaryámitva – to be able to enter within the ectoplasmic or endoplasmic structures of others. unto the path of supreme greatness. Regarding this eighth occult power. Of course. the hopes. The radius of the mind may cover the entire universe.” One may understand anything by entering into each and every physical particle and becoming one with the different waves of expression and emanation. iishitva. those who are already endowed with devotion will automatically acquire this power. to be all-knowing. Through laghimá. spiritual cult alone will not suffice – it requires the special grace of Parama Puruśa. Unless and until one’s very psychic existence is converted into a point. Without devotion. This occult power can be achieved through positive microvita. Devotion is bliss incarnate. If such people work haphazardly and do not follow the right path. So by dint of this occult power. This occult power acquired through positive microvita is called “ańimá”. by dancing with the wavelengths of objects or ideas. mahimá. Otherwise. prakámya. Prakámya or the right mode of thinking aimed at promoting universal welfare. vashvitva. The entity who is endowed with all of them is known as “Iishvara”. aspirations and longings of others to guide them properly. people goaded by defective ideas. So. you will have to bring them under control and then direct them along the right path to their goal. And in this way. laghimá.Pag. There is yet another occult power – the power of omniscience. or “Devotion means service unto the Lord. The third one is mahimá or expansion of mind. It is somewhat like the transmigration of souls. Unless you understand how much pain and sorrow is accumulated in others’ minds. So many people in this world are crying in pain and agony. this occult power of iishitva will help you tremendously. unity in diversity. bhaktih bhaktasya jiivanam. they will first have to be brought under one’s control. you cannot alleviate their sorrows and sufferings. too. rather it elevates the aspirant to be one with the supreme cognitive faculty. If people are to be guided towards their definite progress. This power of omniscience cannot be achieved only through the practice of cult. Bhaktiránanda rúpáca. This is not only a sort of omniscience. Prápti means helping oneself and helping the souls of so many people to acquire and be benefited by the grace of the supreme. nor with the help of positive microvita – one must reach the height of devotion and achieve the grace of the supreme. 11 . Devotion is of the nature of selfless love. they still cannot acquire omniscience with the help of positive microvita.

the microvita are sure to help them. you will have to depend on the grace of the supreme and and radiant with the deepest love for the Lord. If they practise the spiritual cult regularly. This is the summum bonum of human life. nor in the psychospiritual level. If you have devotion. Mahatkrpayaeva bhagavatkrpáleshádvá. and from the pure psychic plane to the psycho-spiritual plane – this portion of sádhaná is done by the “knower I”. you can call Parama Puruśa to you. that is. One is obliged to declare. In such circumstances.mind cannot rise beyond the pituitary gland – if one wants to take the mind beyond that. ing spiritual cult they may develop. it is said: Sádhaná starts in the plane of physicality and moves towards the physico-psychic plane. the universe preserves its preme are in the best position to render maximum ser. Wise people call this “prema” or “divine love”. nor in the physico-psychic level. To search for any other thing is wrong. whatever you say or think. For this.existence. The sooner Hence the spiritual aspirant must not run after these this fundamental truth is realized.emerged. one attains Parama Puruśa. everything grace of Parama Puruśa – they need not worry about survives and everything ultimately dissolves in and it. This grace need not be Yato vishvam samudhútam huge in quantity – even a wee bit of it will be enough. The attraction for Parama Puruśa is the most valuable object – all else is only the dust of the earth. The goal of spiritual practice is to realize the Supreme Entity. nally dissolve in Him. nor in the psychic. although while practic. http://www. positive through Him. but if you have Microvita Special Edition . everything will fivice to this universe.crimsondawn. Regarding prema or selfless love. In the final stage of sádhaná. It is true not only in the physical level. finally “The attitude which makes the mind smooth and placid. one becomes identified with Him. is called nothing else.scriptures say. the exalted ones. the grace of Parama Puruśa is everyPrema is the attraction for Parama Puruśa overcoming thing. due to His grace. Those who arouse de. as well as a wee bit of Macrocosmic grace. psycho-spiritual level. that all your achievements must maintain adjustment with the main propensities of the mind. Intelligent people will understand this supreme truth and move accordingly. This first phase of sádhaná is performed by the “doer I”. 12 Finally. you have everything. Then from the physico-psychic plane to the pure psychic plane. Occult powers are just like the dust on the roadside. beyond the pituitary gland.for all. So the final word in the realm of spirituality is the supreme grace of Parama Puruśa. rather He must come to you. the better it will be inconsequential occult powers. tive and negative microvita cannot function above the Bháva sá eva sándrátmá budhaeh prema nigadyate. and because of His grace. one needs devotion. the attraction for all other finite objects. He will certainly come to you. So the supreme spiritual progress of microcosms is never possible without devotion. all these eight types of occult powers present themselves to the spiritual aspirant. none of these can help the spiritual aspirant. Regarding this Supreme Entity. everything is finally embedded in the grace of Parama Puruśa. the universe has Only such people endowed with the grace of the su.” “Out of the grace of the supreme. and in the process of adjustment. Anandanagar . even posiSamyaunmasrńito shánto mamatvátishayáunkitah. By dint of that. You must not forget 4 June 1989 DMC.Pag. Yasmin sarváni liiyanta “One can attain the supreme stance by the blessings of Jineyam tadbrama lakśanach. but in all levels. it should be remembered that spiritual aspirants must not practise in order to acquire these occult powers. Brahmakrpáhi “bháva”. the pure spiritual phase. Yena játainca tiśthati. No vibration is of any help. kevalam. you may or may not have anything else. Those who are endowed with such divine love are bound to receive the Everything in this universe is created. votion through action and knowledge are certain to attain the grace of Parama Puruśa.” While practising spiritual cult.

pediment or barrier. Q&AMV. imof self programming algorithm that adapts to the en. He uses the term col(2) Endoplasmic structure has minimum “I” feeling. we must remember that they are just that. We think through a consciousness driven by fears and desires. the four basic desires of all life. environment or even genetic make-up. or Back to the original question. Those microvita. They share everything?” The human body is a combination of many protozoic. They are the cause of what we term organic or biomaintaining the structure (self preservation). (Microvitum the Mysterious est sub-atomic particle.crimsondawn. with the coverage consciousness the only type in the universe?”. Those divisive fissiparous ego centric type mind. 93 a product of the cosmic mind. they recognize vironment. eating (assimilating for growth) and (4). microvita. They have a very different consciousness. This means the ant has no awareness of itself as an individual ant. microvita of a particular type. We have a of size. mind contains a very small portion of aham and mahat relative to the amount of citta.(5) These microvita are the carriers of life in different ate our environment and universe. microvita are utilizing their collective type of mind to cre. (Mobility and Movement of Microvita) body of the human through the holistic universe. This allows its collective type of consciousness to group together for common If we go back to answering why the ant appears to have functions. lective (1) to describe this type of consciousness within It is of collective nature -. In one sense (like the ant) microvita have a very minimum of the aham (ego (4) Microvita also move and they recognise no interforming) mind stuff (2). by this author P. http://www. It has no ego (1) Microvita also move from imperfection towards feeling. ahamtattva (ego-I feeling) rectly and without mental interference with the ubiqand mahatattva (existential-I). a different “personality” than us as humans. physical or supra-physment they find themselves. Shrii of Microvita Special Edition . Is our type of self centered consciousness the only type in the universe? At first glance we could answer “No. All minds are composed of The individual microvitum has collective type of mind three different types of mind matter. Those are sleep (rest). He calls those types citta individuality.YP (Q4) Microvita have a collective consciousness and are (3) Macrogenesis. It’s the quantity of with a different proportion of the basic types of mind each type within each unit that makes the units appear stuff. Collective mental structures are toward “minimum-I “feelings. metazoic. They do not have unit mental tendencies (3).it is a collective structure. planets and satellite. perfection in circumferential style. move in the same style. Having no ego-I aham it can interact di(takes the shape of object). uitous cosmic consciousness. so the movement has something to do with the physical From the environment within the atom to the organic world. collective microvitic structures. no barrier. Microvita are a collective type planetary. This allows it to have almost no ego-I feeling of to have different mind types. no celestial hindrance. Because its relative size is almost point-like. Microvita travel unimpeded throughout the universe reproduction. are all secondary to the basic composition of consciousness within those minds. “Is our type self centered say the collective form of microvita.The Consciousness of Life by Turiiya Deva We humans are egocentric. They react collectively within the environ.stars. ical.MV Shrii Anandamurti explains there is another type of (Q9) consciousness in the universe. ectoplasmic and endoplasmic microvitic collective minds all working together in unison. Within the small. The ants logical life (5). Emanation of Cosmic Factor) group together to form the component sub-structures. no impediment. 13 .Pag. Look at the ant. We as humans have an abunShrii Sarkar explains that consciousness is not a factor dance of aham within our consciousness. Q&APSYCH. but as their media are of inferential nature. microvita move. it is beit has an algorithmic type programming allowing it cause the ant has a very basic unit mind needing only complete its designed functions in a collective manner.

Positive and negative microvita maintain equilibrium psychic and psycho-spiritual realms? in the (B) subjective chamber of the Supreme AttriMicrovita have nothing to do directly with the spiritual butional Principle. some propensity or other is either activated or slowed down by the impact of different inferences at various stages. that is. the sum total of positive microvita equals the sum total of negative microvita. must be studied. New Samskrta terms will have to be created: “Knower ‘I’” is Jinana Puruśa “Doer ‘I’” is Krta Puruśa “Abstract” is Bhávastha “Non-attributional” is Nirvisheśa “Attributional” is Savisheśa Now. through sound and other inferences. touch. This odour encourages certain propensities and discourages others. Sound and other inferences have various planes. Only positive and negative microvita will not do – vital energy is also required. If there is over-utilization of positive microvita during psychic and psycho-spiritual practices. because the sum total of positive and negative microvita must balance each other. Good people should not go to the Himalayan caves. This is a new line of thinking – a new philosophical approach. Sádhaná is not possible without taking proper food because the vital energy one derives from food is a transformed form of other energies. Microvita pass through the different phases of these Microvita Special Edition . stratum. mind receives the odour of a rose flower. matter. “Doer I” or Krta Puruśa is the concentrated form of positive and negative microvita in the universal arena. then there will be a shortage of positive microvita for balancing the negative microvita in the physical and physico-psychic strata. Positive microvita equal negative microvita – that is. but in the microcosmic plane of odour. otherwise the surplus of the negative microvita will become very strong due to accumulation. they should serve the society in the physical and physico-psychic strata with the help of negative microvita. This is so in the entire macrocosm and in individual microcosmic structures. Positive microvita are utilized for physico-psycho-spiritual practice. propensities. aham and citta. (A) subjective is the field of psycho-spiritual laboratory research and (B) objective is the field of external laboratory research. mass. hormones. catastrophes are sure to come. Thus. It is a new school of philosophical thought – it has no connection with mahat. aham or citta of philosophy. Microvita come from outer space. The inferences of sound. In the case of (A) subjective.Pag. http://www. mind. If good people neglect the use of negative microvita in the physical stratum. Energy is “knower I” or Jinana Puruśa. In the physical strata. Matter is clearly associated with inferences – the original planes of inferences or the reflected or refracted planes of inferences. maintaining equilibrium – functioning in the arena of the universe. Everything will be in pell mell order. How do positive and negative microvita maintain both equilibrium and equipoise in the universal strata – in the physical. human beings should utilize their strength in all the strata. 14 . the human mind and human psycho-spirituality. Though this is not an easy subject. stages and phases.crimsondawn. We have to study the impact of inferences on the human body. physico-psychic. For example. but one cannot achieve success by suppressing the propensities because more energy will be consumed in this effort. taste and smell all operate on different planes and their effects are also different. etc. Positive microvita are concerned with energy or the psychic realm and negative microvita are concerned with the physical body because the physical body contains inferences. from the extended universe and the universal planes. the question is. Rather. form. results cannot come within external laboratory tests. (A) subjective relates to and controls (B) objective and (B) subjective relates to and controls (A) objective. One has to divert the propensities by learning the art of pratyáhára. That is why during the bifurcation. plus and minus the microvita passing through the universe.Microvita and Cosmology by Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar In human beings and other animals. the impact that the inferences have at various stages on the body. utilize the immense power of negative microvita. and in the psychic and psycho-spiritual strata with the help of positive microvita. remaining in society. Here “knower I” or “doer I” are not necessarily the mahat. The mind certainly runs towards propensities.

To claim that energy is obtained due to the destruction of matter is theoretical and not physically proven. or in the ocean. This is psycho. Suppose the application of negative microvita in the region just below the Manipur Cakra helps to cure the fear complex in a sádhaka. etc. psycho-physical and psycho-spiritual. in structures and other material objects scattered around.ences. Positive microvita elevate the upgrading propensities. Positive and negative microvita are both necessary for balance. collec. In communist and capitalist countries. there is plenty of unutilized positive microvita because of the excessive use of negative microvita in the physical and physico-psychic strata in the the destruction of the container. Matter needs a shelter. There should not be negative use of negative microvita and there must not be negative use of positive microvita.pra-mundane Objective knowledge. (Planes of inferences which are being tively maintaining the balance of the actional activated. 2) Supreme Attributional Principle (Savisheśa). There must be full utilization of the accumulated excess positive microvita through sádhaná.) conscious.maintaining universal equilibrium and equipoise). interchangeable mic propensities. At the same time it may also provide courage. That is why there is the problem of immorality etc. Due to the excessive use of positive microvita. You must not run after occult powers. If one uses positive microvita in the physical and physico-psychic strata as in the case of Avidyá Tántrikas.and micro-propensities in having their pure physical auxiliary media the unitary strength remains the same – the subjective and objective having equal value in strength during the phase of reduction. 15 . (The Supreme Cognitive Principle and the Supreme Cognitive Creative Faculty +/. Subjective with mass and wonts.1) Supreme Universal Entity (Nirvisheśa).) (A) Knowing principle or su. Finally. But negative microvita can also do harm to others. ready for being (B) Planes of universal Macrocosmic infersprouted. This is the secret. By excessive use of positive microvita. it will become difficult to control and balance the negative microvita in the physical and physico-psychic strata because there will be a shortage of positive microvita. (Microvita of different characters. In fact. to solve this problem. (Expressed energies of different (A) Planes of microcosmic and Macrocoscharacters – indestructible. 10 June 1989.subjective. Energy always requires a material shelter – a container. There are 51 propensities in men. You should always be positive.) oms that help macro. there. accelerated and stimulated by (A) universe creating initial forms of carbon at.crimsondawn. balance will again be lost. they are either reflected or refracted. in some human physical body. physico-psychic. it will create imbalance affecting spiritual growth. the energy comes out from within the store of the atom. subconscious. The unit cannot have the original inference. service. ences and their reflected or refracted infereither of positive or negative nature. When the original inferences come in contact with the plane of the universe. there are immense possibilities for the positive use of negative microvita. Calcutta Microvita Special Edition . After http://www. it finds a way in some country. (Different strata of mind: and inter-transmutable. but the field of activity for negative microvita is the Manipur Cakra and below. This is due to the fact that the energy which is packaged up in matter comes out.Pag. By splitting up the atom immense energy is released. In the physical sciences. the immense released energy moves very fast with tremendous speed in all directions in search of some or other material shelter.spiritual practice in the last phase. etc.) (B) Doing principle or supra-mundane seed of the actional principle. It has to depend upon and surrender to the Cosmic Reflecting Entity. and the shelter of matter is the earth.

chaotic in part. It is however much more than this derivative form and offers an inclusive vision of reality that accounts for individual and collective evolution as an ongoing expression of consciousness in dialogue within its multiple forms (Bussey. the following sections: Definitions. Tantra has been popularly associated in the West with exotic and often sexual practices (Bjonnes. For Sarkar the focus is on transformative possibilities within context as revealed by the ontological trajectory of consciousness across the materialmental-spiritual domains of human existence. p.Christian tradi. sentially the building blocks of the universe.pdf) includes. and still marginal within the dominant within information science: paradigm of scientific orthodoxy which remains res- http://www. His life (1921-1990) brings into clear focus the fascinating dialogue that globalization has initiated between the ‘West and the rest’ as he fuses in his social and philosophical work concepts previously contextualised within discrete civilizational processes. 1998. Towsey. SenseMaking posits reality as ordered in part. Transcendental Empiricism and Transformative Knowledge. In Tantric discourse it is consciousness not humanity that holds centre stage. It has much in com. Nandy. 2002. The evolution of the scientific process and of empiricism (discussed by Bussey in the latter two sections).edu. facts and illusions.1-2). they are the vibrational bridge beEpistemologically Tantra is a pragmatic and process tween the non-physical and matter. So. This dialogue is often fraught with struggle and paradox yet informs both individual and collective expression with a sense of depth and meaning that empowers individuals and collectivities with a sense of purpose and supplies conceptual tools and also physical and spiritual practices to engage more fully with the life-world. Definitions “Sense-Making thrusts itself between chaos and order. 2002.Modern physics is exploring the nature of reality as ropean culture whose geophilosophical understanding vibrational energy fields – here as astrophysicist Eric of reality is heavily shaped by Judeo. This is a conmon with Brenda Dervin’s definition of sense making tested field. 2006). Sarkar exists both in Modernist time as philosopher and social activist and outside time (in eternal time) as guru (2002. It is necessary to contextualise and define microvita as it is a term with emergent but as yet largely untested possibilities (Gautier.jfs. 2010).Microvita and Other Spaces: Deepening Research through Intuitional Practice By Marcus Bussey University of the Sunshine Coast . 16 . Information. The original paper (http://www. universals and particulars. which are a creative exploration into the nature of the microvita phenomena and its implications.Chaisson (2006) points out. are quintessential in the context of microvita. p. Microvita as Patterned Information. evolving in part” (1999b. 1999. Sarkar brings to a discussion of information the interpretive Microvita is one such tool.crimsondawn.matter at work in quite mysterious ways. An enigmatic figure Sarkar straddles East and West as a polymath and controversial visionary. external worlds and inner. as Inayatullah observes.730) Tantra largely agrees with this reading. Marcus Bussey for Journal of Futures Studies.Australia Editor’s note: Below article is an extract from a journal paper by Dr. It was proposed as a theory of consciousness in the late 1980s by the Indian mystic and philosopher Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar (1991).Pag.8).tw/16-1/ S02.tku. besides the introduction and conclusion. The term means micro = lens of Tantra. Much smaller then atoms. For Sarkar (1991) microvita are esunderstanding microvita. structure and person. oriented position that situates sense making in the between that is so often overlooked in our dualistic Eu. 1995a). It is Tantra that supplies the context for small + vita = life. mental and spiritual” (Inayatullah. p. however because of limited space we have selected the first two sections. thus Sarkar approaches reality as multiple: “the real is Microvita Special Edition . 2007). we find quarks and dark tions (Guha. from this perspective moves across a spectrum that includes everything from passive data to transformative memes.

we can say that microvita are: p. Thus microvita can be understood as fluid. as mediators of cosmic intelligence.Perceived inferentially. Sarkar saw microvita as patterns in energy – physiSarkar’s (1991) overview of microvita is couched in cal or mental or spiritual. the agent within the . They attract consciousness and on each encounter become something new. Microvita move across these levels and become more complex and more subtle. Microvita move unbarred through the physical universe. thus they follow the standard life cycle between individual and collective. 2011 Forthcoming). he did describe features of microvita that more of a physical. The complexity – the relative density or subtlety – of the microvita determine whether they are However. 1991).169). and the formation of the chemical elements as well.557) in which relationships between physical. Talbot. positive or neutral in effect human perceptual significance. principles. .Either negative. “Microvita. This implies the ever present possibility of consciousness in all matter and suggests a theoretical basis for microvita within the physical sciences (1995a. 17 . permanently in flux infos.Sub atomic but varies greatly in size phere (Floridi.343). Yet scientists such as Towsey and Ghista challenge this paradigm and argue that mind and consciousness are much more than epiphenomenon of the physical world (1995a.olutely materialist. . As Gautier notes: viral in nature (and behave so).info Microvita Special Edition . 2003. by their effects context of an ever flowing. In this way they are analogous to Floridi’s ‘fully tessellated infosphere’ (cited in Herold.and from complex to simple (1991) following lines of pen in order for any clarity to be reached. Hence Towsey and Ghista argue the dynamic of instability within order (entropy) is such that evolution from matter to consciousness relates to increasingly complex systems in which we move from self-organisation to self-realisation with its concomitant self-awareness. perhaps even fractal. tinuous fields.Found along a continuum. Similarly Sarkar argued that microvita could only be recognised by highly developed intuitional minds who account for such subtle phenomena via their effects (Sarkar. Randall. p. the subtlest are ideas (and act as such) .Pag. 1995b). To begin with. and some can travel through the Microvita as Patterned Information medium of mind as well” (1999. they can move from simple to complex be clarified. 1996). mental or spiritual nature. In the scientific arena much needs to hap. or would be so in the effect is to arrange perceptual fields around organising near future. are responsible for the creation and evolution of other living beings in the universe. 2004). Thus we find scientists acknowledging that much of this work requires intuitive reasoning based not on direct material evidence but on the effects of these propositions (Kaku.e. 1993). 2006. hybrid. with the crudest being http://www.Vibrational not concrete (perhaps like crystals or fractals) Now this last point indicates that microvita are self organizing. He argued that replicate or die out over time.A new way of understanding consciousness Microvita theory allows us to rethink the relationship . The vibrational quality of matter points towards nascent consciousness that require of the observer subtler modes of consciousness in order to perceive it. Thus he suggests microvita as a form of cosmic intelligence at work throughout the entire universe. they can hybridize and the concept was emergent and would take centuries to metamorphose. mental and spiritual are fluid. p. The infosphere is the domain of .crimsondawn. Yet their were already intelligible to us.335. They seek order amidst disequilibrium but order is always relative rather than absolute (Bussey. He argued that these can Sanskrit terms and highly speculative. or less complex and less subtle according to context.Living entities. 2005. He advocated meditation to develop intuitive power and the sensibility required to observe consciousness at work in matter. i. as such it flight that are not bounded but open ended in the way should be considered a weak signal flagging a possible Deleuze and Guattari (1994) construct planes of imdevelopment inherent to epistemological encounters manence as a multiplicity of continuous and disconacross civilizational and temporal space. morphing across domains. p. Consciousness in Tantra is understood as pattern that oscillates at a frequency and reflects levels of complexity (Sarkar.

The mind simply filters. whom Sarkar identified as Sadvip. is able to ness that incorporates the relational nature of meaning observe and interact with the collective consciousness generation.crimsondawn.(raw existence or litany). Yet it acknowledges the physical grounding for all such considerations and demands of us that we engage in deepened critique – what Giri (2006. 2010. p. All signals within the infosphere are microvital in nature. determines the reading but the use of the word – the intent links up and releases specific vibrational responses that emerge out of the microvital field. a nation is organized around laws and customs and its citizens draw meaning and identity from Microvita Special Edition . the field of knowledge (worldview and paradigm) and the field of http://www. is intentional) to the individual developing collective self. Sarkar. 1992). Spirituality is a way of understanding Being that reaches beyond the forms of the material expression of the Universe to incorporate atemporal. The question of intent indicates that consciousness is always implicit in information and its uses and abuses. hydrosphere. No longer is it neutral or passive. infosphere. 18 . and the challenge the spiritual poses to normative assumptions about the real and how information might function in it. proposes that microvita exist along this continuum and Such an individual. p. ideative and immutable conditions. The purpose of any inquiry into information at a spiritual level suggests that we need to turn our attention to the deeper issue of consciousness as interlocutor with context (Rowley. The context. 2006). Yet it can be understood by its effects. 2002. Sarkar (1991) and connection to the collective process is not lost. calls a relational data base from ty that has critical force calls for a reading of consciouswhich the ‘collective individual’. This generates what Herold (2003.Pag. of course.43) points out that at some point in the future we will be able to read microvita in such a way that it can be measured. the questions and concerns shift towards holistic and metaphysical issues pertaining to order. 1998).184) called habitus in order to practically the individual developing autonomous Self (upper case shoulder our collective responsibility to context. The standard representation of data-inforof any social structure in such a way that their inde.that the human being can engage in a range of spiritual ra (Bussey. chaos. Because microvita theory accounts for both the ‘white noise’ of background context. as well as the role of consciousness in the development and maintenance of context. p. fol.5) calls ‘spiritual criticism’. the data from which information emerges.stand critique as a way of moving beyond what Bourlogical levels microvita theory shifts the emphasis from dieu (1971. p.Microvita allows for a dynamic relationship with meaning making and the way information is understood within context. hybridity. Thus a unit of information may be charged in some way we are yet unable to read.To transcend habitus and engage a grounded spiritualilowing von Foerster. In such contexts information can be highly influential in bringing about change as the phenomena of wikileaks illustrates.mation-knowledge-wisdom (DIKW) as a hierarchy pendence and power is maintained. 1991. yet their sensitivity only partly suggests this (Rowley. As a form of practical spirituality we then can underThus we can see that at the existential and phenomeno. Inayatullah. The theory suggests that parts only exist because of their relationship to wholes.557). has practices and disciplines that enable access to and enwithin their power the ability to act upon the dominant gagement with these fields of activity: the field of data microvita of an institution in order to bring about con. the field of information (sysstructive change. our planet is constituted by a range of spheres (biosphere. Context itself and the dynamic interactivity of the minds in situ bring a range of readings to bear. etc) and these all apply rules and meaning to the constituent parts. Now there are contexts in which parts and wholes behave according to specific rules: the universe is governed by the rules of physics and these rules are played out via its constituent parts. an institution too is a composite of functions and a mores or ethos and meaning and purpose are drawn from these. In all this habit and conditioning are not to be underestimated. For example the name Allah might bring anxiety to a resident of New York and elation to a resident of Mecca. Sarkar (Sarkar. Part of this shift is in the reconceptualization of the individual – or more specifically the reconceptualization of parts in relation to wholes. tem/structure and the domain of habitus). if self aware. selects and privileges according to a mix of shared cultural and unique subjective criteria. This is because it is no longer simply an epiphenomenon of context but a charged and vibrationally alive unit of energy consciousness.

Neohumanist Educational Futures: Liberating ality with a commitment to the grounded and unique the Pedagogical Intellect (pp. the research approach developed by Inayatullah (2004). nature of context. This might fall under the banner of a transcendental empiricism in which transperception becomes a tool for deepened inquiry into the nature of consciousness Consciousness when cast as a spiritual engagement and our dialogical relationship with the full spectrum with context becomes a medium for engaging with the of our Being. in opening the habituated consciousness of a group up to innovation and the reimagining of the world of ‘business as usual’.).Pag. ly ideational in nature and is realised as a political and Bjonnes. as modes of conscious organisation. 30(7). Such tools will become even more effective when we better understand microvita’s relationship to engaged consciousness.crimsondawn. It calls forth a specific kind http://www. reality. (2010). It allows intuition to become part of inquiry.161-189).” In M. critical role information has in the broader libratory Bussey.80-95). Life. This ‘play’ is essential.(Ed. Again we need to look to the effects of this form of research on the context of the research and the forging of a reliable epistemic domain. (1998). how we make sense of ative project. Such work is a form of social and transformative pedagogy that involves microvita. Sarkar Macmillan.” In Microvita theory brings to information science the Sohail Inayatullah. & Ivana Milojevic. about reality and 3. tuality. 2011. As we develop the field of microvita research and its terms of reference we are creating a set of tools that allow for peer review and a subtle rigor. Deleuze (1994) establishes the philosophical foundations for such an epistemological shift by proposing a transcendental Microvita Special Edition . Pierre. So it can be argued that Microvita. Marcus Bussey. 19 Conclusion Microvita offers researchers wider access to information about our world. “Tantra as Episteme: A pedatransformation (1982).integralworld. “Neohumanism: Critical spiriagenda of spiritual activism. memes and intuitive inquiry. Taiwan: . Young (Ed. Tantra and Veda: The untold ethical project across the domains Floridi identifies story. London: Collier the other in a service to the self (2009b. paradoxical mixture of a transcendental reading of re. Marcus. the Universe and Everyand agent play with one another. p. 705-716. F. London: Pan Macmillan. also promoted this ethical dimension to consciousness Bussey. http://www. (1982). 2010).511). Introducing spirituality and spiritual practice into this work is a major step forward yet it is problematic because of course it is hard to assess. This requires new categories and terms of reference. opening up new spaces for us to explore the role of consciousness in our world thus expanding our thinking about what might constitute a valid research method. to use Sarkar’s (1993) term. Roar. Spiritual science. p.html of consciousness that interacts with reality for the all Bourdieu. Marcus.thing. to also include a dialectical relationship in which both ‘reality’ Adams. respond to consciousness and the reverse also holds. needs to be validated according to the rules of empirical inquiry. The role of mind. 2. Taipei. Such learning contexts can be described as forms of Causal Layered Pedagogy (CLP) and again demonstrate the possibilities from thinking about the patterning of consciousness as it flows through a group (Bussey. 2009a). Tantra and education. and suggests that tools are already emerging for thinking about the relationship between consciousness and context.References tion 1.560) three domains of informa. Such a project highlights the gogy of the future. Such a break down correlates well with Causal Layered Analysis (CLA). Those of us who have worked as facilitators are aware of how important it is to channel the collective energy of a group toward creative. (1971). inclusive and open ended explorations of consciousness. consciousness and the facilitator as the one who holds the space cannot be underestimated. Integral World. world in such a way that information expands to incorporate Floridi’s (2004. (2006). from and the DIKW describes. for reality.wisdom (integrative Being that works with metaphor and causal mythic process).” Futures.). Douglas. “Intellectual field and creround development of its possibilities (Bussey. as engaged consciousness. retrieved May 17. D. This calls forth what Giri calls an aesthetic ethics of self Knowledge and Control: New Directions for the Sotransformation in which the subject grounds service to ciology of Education (pp.

(2006). Dervin. (1999). “Education for liberation. (1982). Marcus. “On studying information seeking methodologically: The implications of connecting metatheory to method”. 33(2). “Chaos.). Macroshift: Navigating the Transformation to a Sustainable World. Michio. New York: Columbia University Press. New York: Columbia University Press. Giri. and the Rising Culture. Jacques. Understanding Prout: Essays on Sustainability and Transformation. Deleuze. (2010). 13(3).” Journal of Futures Studies. Transcending Boundaries: Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar’s Theories of Individual and Social Transformation (pp. (1999b). Gautier. (2008). (2004). & Felix Guattari. US: State University of New York Press. Fritjof. 35(4). (2007). Bussey.” Minds and Machines. History at the Limit of World-History. 4-21. 18(4).” Foresight.77-104. Basarab. Lisa. Society. (2009a). The Great Adventure: Toward a Fully Human Theory of Evolution. Inayatullah. 29-42. Deleuze. London: Sage. & Felix Guattari. (2003). (2009b).” In Ananta Kumar Giri (Ed. Eric. (2011). New Horizons of Social The- ory: Conversations. 163-180. Sohail. “What is information?” Information Services & Use. & Michael Towsey (Ed. Marcus. (2006). (2001). Manifesto of Transdisciplinarity (Karen Clair Voss. “The wisdom hierarchy: Representations of the DIKW hierarchy. Stanford. 10(1). Trans. Macrohistory and Transformative Knowledge.Pag.” Metaphilosophy. Calcutta. Prabhat Ranjan. (1999a). “Six pillars: Futures thinking for transforming. 727-750. The Modern Prince and the Modern Sage. “Causal layered pedagogy: Rethinking curricula practice. Ashis. Tamsui. Warped Passages: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe’s Hidden Dimensions. London & New York: Continuum. “Forms to dream by: New histories. A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia (B. (2009b). Giri.). Bussey. (1984). order and sensemaking: A proposed theory for information design. London & New York: Routledge. Gilles. New York: Bantam. Bussey. Taiwan: Tamkang University Press. 243-254. Massumi.167-176). Dervin. Albany.). (2006). (1999).” Journal of Information Science. 13(4). Bussey. Inayatullah. Maleny. Nicolescu. What is Philosophy? New York: Columbia University Press. Gilles. Sarkar. Gilles. Flood. Derrida. (2006). 19-32. (2011 Forthcoming).). (2002). Giri. Laszlo. 43(2).).). 20 . Capra. Jerome Microvita Special Edition . Jennifer. new research. Marcus. Ravetz. Jennifer. US: State University of New York Press. (1998). Difference and Repetition (P. (2005). Kaku. Leiden. Nandy. Maleny. Transformations and Beyond.). Herold. The Causal Layered Analysis (CLA) Reader: Theory and Case Studies of an Integrative and Transformative Methodology. Albany.crimsondawn. Luciano. New York: Columbia University Press. India: Permanent Black. Information Design (pp. Marcus. Australia: Gurukula Press. (1987). Ranikhet. 142-148. India: Ananda Marga http://www. Information Processing and Management. (1994). Patton. “Open problems in the philosophy of information. Trans. Inayatullah. Jaipur.: MIT Press. Epic of Evolution: Seven Ages of the Chosmos. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publishers.35-57). (2002). pp. Rogues: Two Essays on Reason. India: Rawat Publications. (Ed. Six shamanic concepts: Exploring the between in futures work. Australia: Proutist Universal. (2005).” Foresight. New York: Harper Perennial.” In Sohail Inayatullah. Rethinking the Fifth Discipline: Learning within the unknowable. The Liberation of Intellect: Neohumanism. Rowley. “Postnormal science and the maturing of the structural contradictions of modern European science. 553-566. California: Stanford University Press. Cambridge. Understanding Sarkar: The Indian Episteme. Journal of Futures Studies 148 Floridi. Mass. Ervin.” In Jake Karlyle. (2009a).Tamkang University Press.1. (2002). (2004). Vol.” In Robert Jacobson (Ed. Robert L. Ananta K. Brenda.” Futures.). Loye. Time Treks: The Uncertain Future of Old and New Despotisms.). (2004). David. Ananta K. New York: Lexington Books. Rowley. Chaisson. London: Allen Lane. Trans. Ken. and a neo humanity. Sohail. Brenda. 554582. Pathways of Creative Research: Towards a Festival of Dialogues. “The cosmic cycle of creation and microvita.). “An information continuum conjecture. Richard. The Turning Point: Science. The Netherlands: Brill. 35(6). Parallel Worlds: The Science of Alternative Universes and Our Future in the Cosmos. 11(2). (1994). & Jennifer Fitzgerald (Ed. Aanata K. Self-Development and Social Transformations? The vision and practice of the SelfDevelopment study mobilization of Swadhyaya. Sohail. (Ed. Randall. Ranajit. (Ed. Deleuze. Guha.

A lot of quantum particles can be described as have practically no mass like the photon. Inna. Proutist Economics: Discourses on Economic Liberation. Prabhat Ranjan. “The Origins of Mind. relate to the real world as described by current physical scientists. (1991). (1995b). India: Ananda Marga Publications. Michael. Microvita in a Nutshell. Ghista. When we only take Shrii Sarkar’s physical description of matter to the atom/molecule level. gluon. tanmátras. & Dhanjoo N. Proceedings of the Second Gauss Symposium: Biomedical and Life Phsyics (pp. Quantum microvita theory must reach beyond the level of the atom.). India: Ananda Marga Publications. higgs boson and many Microvita Special Edition . Semetsky.crimsondawn. Michael. fermions. Victoria.). Prabhat Ranjan. Calcutta. Timothy. Towsey. “Beyond knowledge: A neo- research approach to climate change adaptation. Calcutta. The Holographic Universe. & Dhanjoo N. (2006).1). Smith. Munich. USA: Three Rivers Press. Co.417-428). we will have to base our findings on the crudest of the tanmátras the particular object carries. We struggle to comprehend philosophical sounding terms like five fundamental factors. Sheldrake. Recent Advances in Microvita Quantum Theory by Turiiya Deva Each of us have wondered how the rather philosophical terms that Shrii Sarkar uses to describe the basic constituents of matter. energy with structure and witness. But no physicist will describe them as life giving. Ghista (Ed. Education and Becoming. Towsey.335-346). Discourses on Tantra (Vol. Microvita and Other Spaces 149 Sarkar. The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.” (from Ananda Sutram 2nd Chapter).” In John Martin (Ed. inferences etc and see how they compare to physicists terms like gluons. the University of the Sunshine Coast. but is a source of life. The Sense of Being Stared at: And Other Aspects of the Extended Mind. (1993). Australia: VURRN Press. He is currently working on the project South East Queensland: Climate Adaptation Research Initiative. “Towards a science of consciousness. 21 . If and when the quantity of those microscopic tanma’tric reflections is great enough (like for example when we see the color green) only then will are we able to determine the classification of the atom. Calcutta. (1995a). But tanmátras are sense-oriented. we can utilize passages like “In order to ascertain the category of the physical elements an object belongs to. Griffith University and Queensland University. We need to look at microvita completely differently from only size. Germany: Verlag Viewveg. Just knowing that the atom contains the basic requirements of five fundamental factors. Some of the characteristics that Shrii Sarkar gives to microvita in its smallest microvitum type of description is that it is point-like in size and living. Boulder. This is a cross institutional project involving the CSIRO. Munich. Sarkar.” In Dhanjoo N. (1996). London: Harper Collins. (2004). quarks. Proceedings of the Second Gauss Symposium: Biomedical and Life Phsyics (pp. flavors and gauge force carriers. (2010). Ghista (Ed. http://www.” In Dhanjoo N.Publications.Pag. identified by tanmátras… is not enough. Rotterdam. Rupert. In other words it is so small that it practically has no mass. Deleuze. being those microscopic reflections of the five fundamental factors that reflect off the basic atoms. Ghista.). India: AM Publications. Germany: Verlag Viewveg. About the author Dr Marcus Bussey is Lecturer in World History/Sustainable Futures and also Research Fellow in Regional Futures with the University of the Sunshine Coast’s Sustainability Research Centre. Sarkar. Climate Change Responses Across Regional Australia: Social Learning and Adaptation. (1992). Prabhat Ranjan. Talbot. Michael. microvita.

cles. because a microvitum is a living quantum. If we try to match an English usage that would fit His more psychological descriptions. “The characteristics and different wonts and specialties of energy are quite different from those of matter. How microvita group together and modify physical quantum particles. we must understand how microvita relates to the basic quantum particles that compose matter. yet. combine to create baryons (protons & neutrons) that There are also myriad types of microvita. those characteristics involving matter are generally They have a collective mind.Pag. comprehensible phrase? A quantum microvitum particle is a self-programmable algorithm a template (in the sense RNA/DNA is a biological template) that actually changes as it creates its program. takes a little more Why do we limit sense detectable as a parameter to explanation. but that can be very simple in terms of a self-programmable algorithm like a template that modifies along certain parameters. This approach allows quantum miless drone like in Starwars. biological systems. etc) are detectable. neutrinos. Some other Wonts can be described as characteristic desires par. Microvita Special Edition . We must know how those wonts come about. Just to classify by wonts will not give the answer. explanation in other works by this author). etc are not if we just categorize the basic few hundred quantum stable. (See detailed are the basic constitutes of matter as we sense it. a collective mind that crovita theory to describe how fermions and bosons works in concert with other similar types of microvita. modify and expand. A microvitum has some particular qualities that will Other types of fermions and matter (like anti particles.sense detectable. 22 .” (from Matter and Abstract discourse). We neutrinos. detectable (reflect tanmátras) as matter in elements (up-down quark & electron). Microvita doesn’t “take on” outside physical characteristics…it groups together and creates those physical characteristics that we sense as matter. Shrii Sarkar did not typically use materialistic definitions. It changes in accordance with the environmental necessities and/or when it combines with other quantum microvita. Only modern quantum physicists haven’t recognized them. they do. allow it to group together. es such as by using a powerful electron microscope. not exactly. Currently that appears to be in relation to how Shrii Sarkar describes matter as having “mass and wonts”. If we look up the usage of wonts in a typical thesaurus/ dictionary it will indicate the normal materialistic usage of characteristic. Shrii Sarkar has described how microvita have intelligence. Only relatively stable basic fermion particles are senseThat is where microvita comes in. spin (angular momentum) of positive ½.basic quantum particles (and fermions) like antipartiticularly in the case of quantum particles. Not the mind of a mind. strange & charm quarks. see the expansion part more physically when micro. and electric charge and are considered stable in time. So then. may have negative spin and are not ordinarily particles by wonts.detectable is made here as pertaining to basic stable tum (singular) starts at the quantum level.but have such a very short mean lifetime that they are vita take on energy as a force carrier and affect even not detectable to our normal senses. Here Shrii Sarkar shows us in an English discourse that matter has both characteristics and wonts. The qualification of sense What are microvita at the quantum level? A microvi. Ordinary matter consists of quantum particles called fermions that have common characteristics of a rest mass within a few orders of magnitude of each other. but it doesn’t fermions that are perceivable to our expanded sensstop there. How can we sum up these basic characteristics of microvita in a Let us look at how microvita can create and modify http://www. then do we have the answer? Well detectable except in special circumstances. mind and the Shrii Sarkar explains to us that microvita do not have universe in terms of simple characteristic desires and the same type of unit individualistic mind as we have. Do quarks and bosons have wonts? Do quantum particles and other physical rocks have wonts? Interestingly enough. strange & charmed quarks.To reach into the basic constitutes of microvita quantum theory. Let us look at some of the basic combination of quantum characteristics that make up ordinary matter.crimsondawn. describe quantum microvita theory? Because Shrii Sarkar described the creation of matter. the phrase characteristic desires would more aptly apply.

it changes vibration/wavelength and it takes on a more angular spin (2). Fermions (the constituents of ordinary matter) are defined as having a positive ½ total angular momentum. Here environment. The full integer spin In the creation of the other stable particle (down quark faster-than-light self-programmable algorithm microthat is necessary in stable fermionic matter). quarks are combined into the basic constituents of matter baryons (protons & neutrons). with very large rest mass. Electric charge is Many fermions and other basic quantum particles like again a function of electromagnetic interactions and antiparticles.Pag. They did their duty and transferred their tion of the electromagnetic force and depends on the energy/force to the now more stable quantum particles environmental conditions that can vary in different of matter. teger spin. 1 required programmable algorithm positive microvitum takes for proton) is in isospin and electromagnetic Microvita Special Edition . time and speed are critical. Photons. Photons fit into microvita quantum theory This could be within the same environment where the as the basic positive quantum microvitum particle (full http://www. will be erratic or not stable and have a very short mean lifetime and may have a different spin. Isospin is linked di. Bosons are very short lived force carThe basic differences between a stable up quark and a riers (except photon). This means that isospin could ton is classed by physicists as a boson (force carrier) be changed to negative at the same time that charge they have no mass. Electrons are fermions also. 23 . When a quantum posi. Earlier in the article it and full integer positive spin. changing vitum clump together (even 20 would be typical) in the opposite isospin can be a function of electric charge about 1×10−16 seconds and combine with other difand electromagnetic interactions. places. The positive spin quantum microvitum parti. etc enviornment. decreases to positive ½ (as all fermion particles) and This is why the term self-programmable algorithm is the speed drops to slightly less than faster-than-light used.these physical characteristics of the basic quantum material particles. 1 required for each neutron).sons). strange & charmed quarks. Consider microvita at the quantum level as a collective self programmable algorithm. When large groups of similarly pre-programmed speeds.particles glued together? Physics uses the term bothan-light speeds has no rest mass and no EM charge sons or force gauge carriers. neutrinos. Here the faster-than-light selfstable down quark (2 required for neutron. or homomorphic evolution. Now it has all the physical tively large mass typical of the gauge force carriers (bocharacteristics of an up quark (2 required for each pro. One of the other requirements for stable matter is electrons. Protons differ from neutrons principally in their values of their electric charge. Normally these are very short mean life particles ton. this cle increases in mass and density as the speed decreases enables the grouped microvita (plural) to have a relain the material world (3). A quantum pos. while dropping blow faster-thanthe formula Q = T3+Yw/2 .light speed. no charge. Electric charge is a func. They only vary from down quarks (negative quantum microvitum particle) in having a speed very close to speed of light (at that speed they have slightly less rest mass than down quark) and increased EM charge.particles have a characteristic of collective mind that cal world then the internal total angular momentum works in concert with other similar types of microvita. When a positive quantum microvitum (with full integer positive spin) drops its speed too slightly less than faster-than-light speeds. The quantum positive microvitum particle (up quark) has now taken on the physical characteristics of a down quark (4).crimsondawn. on a different programmed aspect.algorithmic positive microvitum clump together. a template in a quantum positive microvitum particle traveling at faster-than-light speeds (1) that can have its energy transmuted through the process of svarúpa parińáma.How are basic the individual quantum microvitum itive microvitum (singular) particle traveling at faster. The variance in electric charge seen in the different fermions of ordinary stable matter is a function There is always an exception.ferently programmed microvitum particles (up quark rectly to the different electric charges of all fermions by & down quarks) .was mentioned that quantum microvitum (singular) tive microvitum (singular) particle impacts the physi. In modern physics 2 down quarks and 1 up quark compose a neutron. Although phoof environment or place. stable and have full inis added to the basic quantum microvitum particles. We can now label it as a negative quantum microvitum particle (5).

integer) spin no rest mass, no EM charge and stable.
Photons are not bound to matter and are normally stable, moving at light speed and collecting energy/mass
when we view them as light particles. Photons appear
to have the most pure microvita quantum characteristics of any other quantum particle. Fermions of electrons and quarks both make up ordinary matter, both
travel at slightly less than speed of light and this allows
them to have a slight rest mass but they are usually
found tightly bound in hadron expressions.

(3) [author’s editions in brackets] “…and as a result of
the angle [sharp systaltic angle, increased frequency]
created by negative microvita in the mutative world
[of matter] or in the mutative portion of any structure,
that mutative entity [here quantum impacted structure] is to undergo a certain metamorphosis. Its arena
decreases, its density increases [because spin changes],
and as a result it is slowly transmuted into staticity

In summary, we can see how Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji’s microvita fit into modern quantum physics theory.
Different types of self-programmed algorithms allow
different types of microvita to form the basic quantum
particles that make up ordinary stable matter from the
ubiquitous basic positive quantum microvitum particle. Microvita types can group together to form higher [becomes stable microvitic quantum particle, in this
mass force carriers.
case]…” (from Mobility and Movement of Microvita
Change in speed causes density and different total angular momentum and isospin changes. Still we have a
long way to go, as all theories must be proven in practice.

Microvita also move and they recognize no interplanetary, no inter-spatial, no celestial hindrance, impediment or barrier.(from Mobility and Movement of
Microvita discourse).

The greater the speed, the less will be the [systal- (4) [About negative MV] “In their movement they
tic or vibratory frequency] angle created by it. (from touch all the static items of the physical world,…” (from
Mobility and Movement of Microvita discourse)[ here Mobility and Movement of Microvita. discourse)
systaltic means angle of the vibratory wave or we call
(5) Same as footnote 3

About the author

Turiiya lives in the Philippines with his wife
and two teenage children. He is the author of
four books on microvita theory. The Internal

Being Reincarnational and Intuitive Psychology,
Macrogenesis A New Paradigm in Consciousness,
Biometaphysics A theory of Biometaphysical Genetic
Transference and Microvitology, Microvita Universal
Subassembly Structures. They are available free in

E-book from the author at

Microvita Special Edition - Pag. 24

The New Concept of Microvita by Richard Gauthier
I wrote the following article about 15 years ago while I
was an orange-robed yogic monk teaching in different
countries in Europe. The concept of microvita was new
then and is still new now. The article is not a critical
analysis – that can come after the ideas themselves are
set out. This article is a paraphrase/summary of the
book “Microvitum in a Nutshell”, a collection of talks
introducing the subject of microvita by P. R. Sarkar,
given in late 1980’s. Yogic science is very practical,
and some of the ideas about microvita could find relevance in the practical training of non-local psychological practices such as remote viewing, which could
perhaps be mediated by the action of microvita in the
mind and in the world.
One goal of science is to find the underlying unity in
apparently very different fields of experience. For example, the physical theory of electromagnetism unifies
the scientific understanding of electricity, magnetism
and light. The quantum theory unifies the fields of
physics and chemistry. The understanding of DNA and
genetics unifies the different areas of biology.
A second goal of science is to extend the range of scientific and practical knowledge, based on the unifying
theories of science. Many new practical benefits to humanity have resulted from this aspect of science.
Now an entity has been described which has the potential to create even greater unity among the physical, biological and even social sciences. It may also give
rise to much new practical knowledge and help solve
many of the problems facing humanity today. This new
concept is related to the fundamental nature of life. It
is called microvitum, or in plural microvita. The concept was first introduced in December 1986 by P.R.
Sarkar in a discourse called “Microvitum--The Mysterious Emanation of Cosmic Factor.” This article summarizes some of the main ideas about microvita given
by Sarkar.

Microvita are living entities that come within the scope
of both physical and psychic expressions. Physically,
they are smaller or subtler than atoms or electrons. In
the mental realm they may be subtler than ectoplasm,
which is the subtle substance that composes the objective portion of the mind. Microvita are not protoplasmic in nature. They are much subtler than carbon atoms, which are presently considered to be the starting
point of life in the universe.
Physically, microvita are neither electrons nor ectoplasmn, but are just between. Microvita are mysterious
because their characteristics are not yet known to us.
There are neither of protozoic nor metazoic structure.
There are three levels of subtlety of microvita. The least
subtle come within the range of a powerful microscope. People give this type of microvitum the name
“virus”. But “virus” is a vague term and the better term
is microvitum. The next more subtle level of microvita
comes within the range of perception not directly but
as a result of their actional expression or actional faculty. The subtlest level of microvita can only be perceived by a special type of perception which is actually
the reflection of conception within the periphery of
perception. This special type of perception can only be
felt by persons having highly developed, spiritually oriented minds. A highly developed conceptual power is
required in order to know the secrets of microvita, and
this power can be developed through physico-psychospiritual practices or Sa’dhana’.
Microvita move throughout the entire universe. They
pass without restriction through galaxies and other celestial objects such as planets, satellites and meteors.
Their movement is neither restricted by temperature
nor by pressure. They move unbarred through the universe.

Sarkar emphasized the importance of starting research
on microvita immediately. In the higher intellectual
realm, research on microvita is extremely necessary.
One day human beings will be able understand and
control microvita properly. Many problems facing humanity will be solved through this knowledge and application of their properties.

Microvita are living entities. They exist, multiply and
die. They require some medium for their movement,
and can move through several media at once. They can
move through sound, tactuality and forms. In the case
of some diseases they move through smell. Subtler microvita can move through ideas. Directed by someone
with a great, conceptually developed mind, microvita
can also spread ideas throughout a planet or even the

Microvita Special Edition - Pag. 25

Microvita are the starting point of life or vitality in the
universe. They are the carriers of life in different stars
and planets, and not carbon atoms or carbon molecules. Microvita create both minds and bodies, and
can destroy minds and bodies as well, anywhere in the
universe. So the unit microvitum is the root cause of
life and not unicellular protozoa or unit protoplasmic
Microvita exist as collective structures as well as individual structures. These collective structures of microvita may have both positive and negative effects on the
human mind. Positive microvita fall into seven main
categories and are also known as devayonis or luminous bodies. People dominated by these qualities may
become such entities after their deaths, before again
taking birth as human beings.
One such collective structure, called Yaks’a, increase
one’s desire to accumulate more and more wealth.
While they have some positive qualities, they can also
produce a divisive intellect in human beings and lead
people to dominate and exploit others.
Gandharva microvita arouse love for the fine arts in
the human mind.
Kinnara microvita create a thirst for beauty and decoration.
Vidyadhara microvita create a deep urge to attain good
Videhalina microvita cause people to rush from place
to place and lose sight of their spiritual goal.
Prakritilina microvita cause people to rush towards
life’s crude pleasures.
Finally, Siddha microvita help people in the domain
of spirituality. They help human beings rise above the
physical and mental strata and guide them to the world
of Cognition or spirituality.
There are also seven main types of negative microvita.
Evil-minded people suffer in these forms after death.
These Pretayonis or so-called ghosts can sometimes be
seen but cannot do any harm. The type of people who
become these negative microvita are also listed. Later
these negative microvita are reborn as human beings.
Durmukha (“ugly face”). People who abuse, criticize
and condemn good people with their harsh, pinching
Kabandha (“bondage making the mind very small”).

People who commit suicide due to despair and materialistic failure.
Madhya Kapal (“medium skull”). Hypocrites who restlessly change sides to do evil work.
Maha Kapal (“great skull”). Those who out of a selfaggrandizing nature and for sadistic pleasure kill millions.
Gandha Pisacha (“stinking ghost”). Those who misuse
their intellectual power to impose dogmas and fear on
Akashii Preta (“sky ghost”). Those who are highly, cruelly ambitious and indulge in luxurious living. This includes most millionaires.
Pisacha (“monster”). Those who are cruelly ambitious
even while others starve. They will eat anything and everything without limit, including human flesh.
The crudest type of microvita were instrumental for
the emanation of life from the Cosmos. They created
a stir of vitality in physical structures and later caused
changes in the evolving physical structures of plants,
animals and human beings. The next subtler type of
microvita, though they cannot be seen even in a very
powerful microscope, function within the world of
perceptions or inferences of sound, touch, form, taste
and smell. The subtlest category functions directly
within the human mind.
Microvita cannot be created by human beings. Nor can
human beings cause them to be released into the Cosmos. Only the Supreme Entity can emanate microvita.
Carbon atoms and non-carbonic atoms both get their
atomic structure from microvita. Billions of microvita
solidify to produce a single carbon atom. All kinds of
atoms get their atomic structure from microvita. So
microvita are not of carbonic origin.
Protoplasmic structures cannot be formed without
carbon atoms. If the nuclei of protoplasmic cells are
split, they release much more energy than a nuclear
explosion. So living bodies, possessing many protoplasmic cells, possess huge amounts of energy, beyond
ordinary comprehension. This new understanding of
microvita will create a revolutionary change in chemistry, bio-chemistry and all other associated branches
of science. All formulas and theories followed up until
now will have to be changed.
Every structure of carbonic origin has a mind, whether
that structure is animate or inanimate. This mind may
be expressed or unexpressed. The quality of the physi-

Microvita Special Edition - Pag. 26

e. Biologists will Supreme Guru is the only one who is conversant with then say that protoplasmic cells are not composed of all the techniques of controlling microvita and can carbon atoms but are the collective solidified form of teach them to others. the Supreme Desideratum in human life. Good people can take the help of friendly microvita to stop the degeneration of society as a result of the depraving effects of enemy or negative microvita.types of microvita in the soil. just as a poison which is usually fatal can also act as a life-saving drug. Microvita Special Edition . A few negative microvita entering the body will make The growth of plants also depends on the amount and a person feel uneasy. Since microvita are creations of the Cosmic Mind. Big changes can be brought about in the human body by controlling the microvita in the protoplasmic cells. they do not function on the spiritual level. Microvita can be positive or and mental objects of the mind determines whether the mind will become more crude or subtle. indoctrination. a scientist will not accept the carbon atom as the rudimental factor for the emergence The Universal Entity uses microvita to accelerate the of life. that is. inferiority complex. Positive microvita entering the body or mind create a comfortable feeling. The crudest microvita occupy etheric space. They cannot affect the spiritual structure. The appearance of the human body will also change in the future. In the first stage. the body and the mind. Neutral the number and types of microvita. Fertilizers may differ in tering an elephant can kill it in a few seconds. even if the chemi- http://www. The formula of a chemical jects desired by the mind. The Earth will become like a heaven. Normally. pseudoculture. human beings will become more psychic than physical. Millions of negative microvita en. it becomes very difficult for anyone to survive very long. for human beings. 27 . as well as neutral. So the theory of microvita has the potential for introducing many changes in human society. innumerable microvita. but when millions enter. since a carbon atom will be seen as nothing but spiritual growth of individuals in different ways. but can affect the physical and mental structures. Negative microvita can help to create a psychology of slavery. Changes in the ectoplasmic cells of the objective portion of the mind will also bring about changes in the endoplasmic coverage of the mind. nihilism and cynicism. The inner secret of life and vital progress in the fields of physicality.Pag. It will remove ciated with the chemical molecule. A few microvita entering the body or mind produce much change of feeling. Later they will become more spiritual than psychic. so the mind will achieve better control over the body.knowledge about microvita. This anation--must be established and propagated. psycho-economic exploitation. and the subtlest occupy supra-psychic space. The billions of microvita getting solidified. Mental qualities and capabilities can be increased by supplying sufficient quantities of microvita. In order to stop the negative effects of imperialistic The theory of microvita--their denomination and empsychology. So the overall personalities of human beings will change as a result of the application of microvita. religious extra type B microvita per molecule. This will lead to the mul. Negative microvita are attracted to persons of selfish mentality and these negative microvita intensify destructive and divisive activities of the mind such as imperialism in its many forms. such as 20 million economic exploitation. The next subtler microvita occupy psychic space. microvita don’t create any particular feeling. It must requires that the Macrocosmic Entity be accepted as not be neglected or ignored. Neo-Ethics will have to be adopted. cultural imposition and social subordination. They may affect human beings both individually and collectively. microvita are more active at night when people are asleep.will indicate the number and types of microvita assotilateral salvation of human society. physical space. at the border between the psychic and the spiritual worlds. political suppression. psyche and spirituality is the microvitum.crimsondawn. Even negative microvita can be beneficial if controlled by good people. In the microvitum age. and that there should be a happy adjustment and balanced blending Chemical formulas will change as a result of further between the different carbonic and non-carbonic ob.

So hormone plexus. This difference in the microvita gives rise to different qualities and quantities of particular agricultural crops. starting from the lowest at the base of the spine. are the terrainian plexus. leading to changes in the plexes. liquid. The difference in effectiveness of medicines produced by different companies is also explainable by the different numbers and types of microvita in the medicines. associated with the pineal gland. such as jute or potatoes. and control the expression of 48 main mental propensities. the solar plexus. the fluidal plexus. Positive microvita cause particular instincts or mental propensities to be channelized in a subtle direction. Only in this way new English names were given to the various plexes of can the pinnacled goal at the multipropensive plexus http://www. making 50 main propensities. The sixth plexus or lunar plexus. associated with the pituitary gland. are actually due to the differences in the microvita in the chemicals. controls the mind and has two main instincts. Various elements such as tin and copper will be created by using microvita to change the inner structure of atoms. Positive microvita start their action at the lunar plexus and can either move up or down to other plexes. Change can be made in the and melancholia are caused by a greater predominance longevity of protoplasm. The first five plexes coordinate the solid. the human body described in the philosophy of yoga. Another plexus just below the multipropensive plexus is the occult plexus. with the negative A mango can be changed into an egg by changing the microvita acting indirectly on the lunar plexus. and must do spiritual Sadhana. The scope for change will be greater in metals than non-metals. the ignious plexus. When positive microvita dominate over negative microvita. which is normally 21 formulas remain the same.tion. us with the help of microvita. The field of pyrotechnology will be radically changed and much more powerful explosives will be developed in the future. Negative microvita normally cannot move above the siderial plexus and move only downward. The activity of a medicine depends on the number and type of microvita in the medicine. multipropensive Microvita Special Edition . One must get the help of a Microvita’s Effect on the Human Body and Mind great personality or the Supreme Consciousness for In the context of explaining the effects of microvita. Petroleum will also be artificially produced with the help of microvita. To fight the effect of inter-transmuting positive and negative microvita. protoplasmic cells will dividual and social degeneration and possibly destrucbe affected by bringing changes in the cellular nucle. The new names of the seven main plexes or chakras. Increasing the mobility of microvita in explosives will cause the explosives to be more powerful. The different results sometimes obtained in chemical reactions in apparently constant conditions. of negative over positive microvita. a caterpillar thinking and meditation. The manufacture of medicines (pharmochemistry) will be greatly improved in the future by the application of the theory of microvita. The mode and speed of rockets will also be affected. By negative microvita on the lunar plexus requires right the application of the theory of microvita. luminous. aerial and etheric physical factors of the body respectively. the lunar plexus and the multipropensive plexus at the crown of the head. associates the human being with the spiritual world.Pag. Psychic diseases such as schizophrenia. But a mass of the nuclei of the protoplasmic cells of a mango person doing meditation or spiritual Sadhana cannot by utilizing the quantitative value of its microvita. but can act indirectly by affecting the five lower production will be affected. Negative microvita channelize the same instincts towards a cruder direction. The nucleus of the cell can be displaced and qualitative changes in its internal Negative microvita cannot act directly on the lunar structure will be produced by microvita. can even be changed into casein at normal temperatures by changing the pressure and the number of calo. and be attacked by negative microvita. Medicines will be developed containing precise quantities of microvita for giving specific medical effects. the siderial plexus. that.But even positive microvita cannot reach up to the ries.crimsondawn. there is all round progress both in the individual and in society. Life requires a balanced interplay between positive and negative microvita on the various plexus. 28 . But the predominance of negative microvita leads to both inIn the field of bio-chemistry. making the body and mind more subtle. The seventh or multipropensive plexus. mania body’s physical structure.

positive microvita can have a bit of circular wave in creating a better world. of negative microvita should be human beings. They help in the anto some extent angular. matter is not bottled-up energy. but man beings but of any living body. http://www. it is “Known I” in the Cosmic arena in different ment with the static portions of the physical body and planes of inferences. The advancement structure. animate and inanimate. get a stir of vitality in them. Positive microvita cause inanimate objects to become Positive microvita can move freely in both the physical animate. When the speed is not pre. 29 . so positive microvita bring new speed and progress to human society.The angles created by positive microvita have an optive and work with maximum speed and zeal to restore posite effect. their get life. The movement Positive microvita benefit the physical body and the of microvita is systaltic.imate portion of the Supreme Consciousness’ thought dominant. negative microvita cannot easily touch the mutathe future of humanity and all other living beings is tive and sentient portions of the body. ic portion of the body. Carbon atoms sleeping in an inanimate body and the psychic worlds. since they are detrimental to creating a more beautiful universe. So human beings should take the help of positive microvita for this work. but also in the all round development of all existing things. but decreasing their size and increasing the size of the stat. Otherwise But if they enter the mutative por. So one should try to be pure in both ment of such bodies is through the media of energies. is carried by sunrays and in the sentient portion of the body and the physical world rays from different other celestial bodies. These angles maintain an adjustment with the predominance of positive microvita in society and the sentient portion of the body. The static portion then also loses its staticity Microvita exist at the borderline of the inanimate and to some extent. The movealso decreases.which have a huge degree of variation. the sentienthood of Chlorophyll. For positive microvita. Slowly those vitalmovement in the physical world also creates angles.Matter and Abstract ative forces of the cosmic creative power is dominant in different portions of the structure. angles of negative microvita is to maintain an adjust. that vited for the all round advancement and elevation of movement creates angles in the sentient portion of the all Microvita Special Edition . smaller. of human bodies and other living bodies. whereas good company. Positive microvita help positive microvita. and assist in spiritual elevation. depending on which of the three cre. good Human beings must do something concrete to save songs and spiritual songs elevate the mind by attractsociety from the depraving effects of negative micro. ized atoms are transmuted into huge living structures but in the psychic world their movement is a bit circu. tion of the body or the world. don’t touch the static portion of a structure.Rather. they cre. Degenerate thinking invites negative microvita. This movement is not in a straight line. Negative microvita can only move freely in the physical world but cannot enter the psychic world.crimsondawn. which are dominating the world today. but the motion of negative microvita is always in the all round and integrated development not only angular.Pag. As a result. mutative and static portions. The effect of the According to Sarkar.respond to different degrees of solidity and dilution. That When negative microvita move systaltically. These planes of inferences corthe physical world. with alternating relative speed mind. everything that exists is benefited by positive microate angles. If one’s mind is engaged in elevating thoughts. Everything in the universe moves with various speeds. Different engles of negative microvita is to crudify these portions. They should become more ac. body and mind. With positive thoughts and acvita. animate worlds. for example. not only of huand reached. so microvita also move. So positive microvita should be inlar. When the speed is faster these angles are vita. the tendency of the an.matter is not. good books. A physical structure consists of sentient. dark. The mutative portion neighboring to the sentient structure is The Mobility and Movement of Microvita influenced by positive microvita and becomes more sentient. ergies are interchangeable and inter-transmutable.

cation between matter and abstract. Microvita belong to the Doer portion of the Cosmic https://santarosa.Pag.R. Both types of microvita should these different arenas. Another difference between energy and microvita is that energy is a blind force. The reflections and refractions caused by this movement create reactions of a sentient. Mistudy of microvita is urgently needed. The effect depends on the lems facing humanity today can be nicely solved. it is converted to different kinds of physical Shrii P. depending on the wavelectual development that may have a profound imlength of the energy. mic known world. Microvitum in a energies such as magnetic and electric energies.In fact. while pure matter comes within the range of a change in the wavelength. and the action of energy and microvita in psycho-spiritual strata. Movement of microvita towards the crude level depraves the human mind or human conduct. in ergy through the plane of the Knowing and Known different individual and collective propensities and world and the world of individual propensities and inin different physical planes of inferences. of cosmic and individual propensities and through the Both energy and microvita act in different planes of world of cosmic inferences. ex.mass and movement of hormones. movement and energy are inseparable from each other. Sarkar. Even negative microvita can edge. cretion and metamorphosis and transmutation in the Energy and microvita both exist on a line of demar. not perception. The expressed world is part of the Done level. When they move towards the subtle level they help human beings attain the goal of life. but in also various planes of inferences on the physical level and in many other sciences and practical areas. This new felt. 30 .ments of energy and microvita through the Done world cept in its subtle form or its very crude form.Conclusion ed by conscience. while Intellectuals should do more research on the moveenergy can come within the range of perception. Movement itself is always of pulsative nature. It cannot be shown on the physical level like the efknowledge will have many different practical applicafect of energy. Coming into contact with the world of physicality. Interested percrovita passing through the touch inference. constitutes a new field of knowlbe maximally utilized. a change in hormone seperceptions or feelings of the sensory or motor organs. But microvita are support. That Nutshell. and Doer while positive microvita function better in psychic and I and Done I. In-depth various planes of propensities on the mental level. This description of Knowing I and Known I. Microvita Purely abstract entities come within the conception can also create a radical change in the psychic wave. 1991 be either towards crudeness or subtlety. This new approach needs to be developed for the help the all round development of the living world. increase temperature in the external sphere and crovita and related subjects in order to contribute to decrease it in the internal sphere. of mind. mutative or static nature. The effect of energy may be shown Sarkar’s concept of microvita is a revolutionary intelon different material bodies. Calcutta 700039. The movement of that energy may India. medium through which the microvita external laboratories and in one’s internal psychocrovita act more strongly in the http://www. while the opposite is developing the science of microvita so that many probtrue for the smell inference. Both microvita and energy pass through tions. Microvita come within the range of conception. while mi. that is. The knowing faculty at the Cosmic level is the subtlest Reference form of energy. Tiljala.crimsondawn. and the movement of enphysical and psycho-spiritual Microvita Special Edition . Energy acts ferences. These experiments should be conducted both more strongly in physical planes of inference. Ananda Marga Pracarasame subtle energy creates different psychic faculties ka Samgha. Here microvita create something either good or bad in the universe. Third Edition.academia. particularly in the field of medicine. But the effect of microvita must be pact on many different fields of knowledge. tual realm of the individual mind. Negative microvita function better in physical and psycho-physical levels.spiritual laboratories. Arena. for exsons should read the original writings of Sarkar on miample. Eastern Metropolitan or psychic worlds when in functions through the CosBy-pass. benefit of humanity.

be open to serendipity and at least for the time being. something with an active effect cannot be based on nothing.crimsondawn.” Ken Wilber (1949) “Our duty is not to see what no one ever saw. and never forget the Beautiful. with or without Beagle. Darwin’s opinion in a letter to John Hooker is also not helpful: “It is merely rubbish thinking at present of the origin of life. organelles. ecules. which in turn matter. organs and organ sys- “Knowledge is not so much about knowing. about things that everybody sees. But of God -in a creatio ex nihilio-[5]. are sold out in 15 minutes. but what about biological units? If all organic components.The first phase of Evolution . An overall mind. that thoughts are abstract and because of that. Although its nature may not yet be understood. How did mind emerge from matter? Biological organisms include the presence of molecules and atoms. it’s hard to deny that they are something. seems approbody is a composition of atoms. the study of our universe[3]. what do they have in common? Chemical elements in principle follow the laws of nature. of physical and subtle objects?” It is generally assumed. it must have developed in the course of a long learning and adaptation process. has fascinated human beings since earliest times[.Pag. or at least our world.Introduction tems. for these are the faces of your deepest Self. which at present is given by science rather than religion.Cosmology and Microvita Henk de Weijer Global Association of Neohumanist Educators (GANE). is composed of physical. Netherlands. So. they must have taken part in the evolution. that very universe. like drops of water or ice cubes in water.priate to provide a reasonable answer. rather than monolithic. Otherwise. have an identity and are able to communicate. but: to think what no one else ever thought. capable of managing the identity of all sub-minds of the structural network to which it is connected to. from the simplest to the most complex. 31 . only abiogenesis. The motto of biology “omnis cellula e cellula’ (Latin for: every cell comes from a cell) does not bring clarity. tickets for the public lectures by Dr. because every biological emergence of life from non-living matter. Such full-grown identity does not drop from a clear sky. On the other hand. macromol. With Michael Towsey. Robbert Dijkgraaf. mental and emotional objects. what it is made of and what it comes from.[2] Cosmology. A present fascination with authentic meaning. there is no reason why they would not Microvita Special Edition .” Schopenhauer (1788-1860) “Dare to know! Have the courage to know about your own intelligence” Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) 0 . All these physical and subtle elements have their own identity. the also the word ‘body’ is vague. cells. don’t have a substance. This asks for a different and more detailed question: “What is the substance of chemical and biological. tissues. as about searching. of the universe?” But watch out. called evolution.”1 Vincent Icke (1946) ”Never forget the Good. the most fundamental material. assume that also thoughts have a substance. one might as well think of the origin of Thoughts are part of what is called ‘mind’. Sweden E-mail: weije265@planet.4] In Amsterdam. and never forget the True. WE ARE LIVING IN an age of science. the previous president of the Dutch Academy of Sciences (NAW). but what manages their apparently intensive internal functioning and the cooperation of all elements? Which language do they speak. must also have a full-grown identity. we can ask: “What is the substratum. is apparent.” Unless we take resort to the direct intervention is connected to and takes part of a physical body. their physical and subtle components must be granular. molecules.

For materialistic science only matter.Definitions single primitive. he was not allowed to that underly all phenomena of this universe. cosmology.g. an acceptin neurons.Advaita Vedanta. described it. a scientist like Stuart Hameroff 2. only omy. After of identity. justice to consciousness or not. the Middle Ages in Europe. without defining them. but will critically accept its observations.’ Energy can take many forms.” Tubulins. but it is an unintelligent force and external states. in the universe. the scaffolding of eukaryotic and plant can they ever be essential elements in a new episteme. intuition and a feeling all phenomena as both spiritual and physical. [8] On the other hand.coordination of cells. tissues and organs in organisms. but not yet applied ontology will be used as a not an inducement to investigate the nature of all comfundamental principle for a cosmogony. It does not ponder on the nature or substratum of body or mind or on a possible cooperation of the analysis and conclusions. like electrical. rational mind.Pag. the small tubes of which microtubules are composed. Energy is attached to a system. Sarkar [11] also death in 1955. has THE WORDS ‘consciousness’ and ‘energy’ have been been in the universe all along and emerges from within mentioned several times. sands of years. new ontological principles entered develop¬ing Western sciences like e. It may also imply a sense of self. the two fundamental principles Chardin was banned to USA. yet also based on philosophical Open-World evolution. In this essay accepts consciousness and observation as Microvita Special Edition . Teilhard de sciousness and energy. remains to be seen. mechanical and nuclear energy. cells. cosmogony or cosmology.Ontologies vid Chalmers appointed the so-called ‘hard problem of consciousness’: “What causes subjective experience to ONTOLOGIES are open philosophical assumptions emerge from objective matter?” Because materialism that are used to design the basics of theories regarding has a poor understand¬ing about the nature of con‘realities’. so if its container is destroyed. as well as a new approach to atheistic. On the contrary. The definition of consciousness that both ed definition of mechanical energy can be used: ‘The Hameroff and Penrose [9] handle is: capacity of a system to work.crimsondawn. the science ponents that contribute to suffering or wellbeing of our that describes the origin and substratum of all forms world and its inhabitants. It “Consciousness is a subjective experience of internal works and always moves. intelligence. P.R. such connections An ontological option that not yet has been discussed are not at all automatic: few religions take an interest and developed is bipolarity: the equivalence of conin cosmology or physics. two. it is modate a new ontology. ontologies were dualistic and described let alone memory. It does not accept the materialist principles that underlie the Standard Model of Cosmology Dualism only considers the existence of body and [6]. or better energy. Da- http://www. How micro-tubules. chemistry and biology. while consciousness is its derivative. physics.1 Energy and Consciousness only considers consciousness as something that truly matters. The Intalk about his view on evolution and his book “The dian philosophers Abhinavagupta (950-1020) and phenomenon of man” could only be printed after his Gyaneshwar[10] (271-1296) lived this principle and described it in beautiful wordings. It is the principle that underlies this essay. it is not able to discover what causes the science. astron. it immediately Whether this almost generally accepted definition does moves in so many directions to find a new container. For thou.” and must be told what to do. a second and idealist ontology. This is an old. Such realities can be sciences like computer sciousness. Assumptions [7] just like any other ontology.1 . are only stable To get an idea about the nature of energy. Although cosmological ontologies and a number of religions still have some connection. is the 2 . For him. “Inside these microtubules something happens if no effort is made to discover their complete nature? and consciousness emerges. 32 . but did this in a way that could accomThe ontology of materialism is an interesting case. it is ‘the music of the universe’.

Conceptu¬al. In Western parlance. but also unicellular and multicellular organisms -like human beings. 33 . rather than competition. so the specific qualities and skills of the potter are essential for the form and production of the pot.) Consider the potter for all activities as the subjective and the double-layered universe as the objective platform. while the potter is its first efficient cause. In the consequent pages. personal experience. have expression. as well as in the material phase. creativity is Jina Purus’a while procedural. This implies that the basic theme of evolution. intuition and joy. Since only either of the two can have full.Pag. Microvita Special Edition . Samkhya imparts ‘knowledge’. Energy is the second efficient cause that connects the potter and his intention for a new pot. while the other is actively awake. If everything in this universe is a composition of consciousness and energy. this is the image of a potter and his clay.both levels of expression are inversely proportional stood as ‘The material and the first efficient cause of the to each other. Both phases need energy and the creativity of consciousness. in. 30% expression of conuniverse. Clay is the material cause for a new pot. with attributes like observational capacity. atoms.Human beings have the potential to be fully (i. no new pot will ever appear. nothing will appear unless a creative and intelligent potter designs a concept for the new pot. Imagine a rod magnet as a metaphor. But the potter also needs to be skilled and creative during the procedure of actual production.e. This is the dual act of creativity that occurs both in the abstract. This subjective platform is connected to an objective platform that is also doublelayered and composed of specific. If clay and potter stand next to each other. Indian philosophical systems give it a wider and deeper content. the word is understood to mean ‘subjectivity. subtle units (mind). It has a north and a south pole. clay and energy are available. is the expression of both energy and consciousness. observation (awareness)’ or ‘something that we lose when we fall in dreamless sleep and regain when we wake up’. This means that either of the two may. creativity. observational capacity. but a full expression of both will not occur simultaneously. all subatomic particles. material units (waveparticles) and specific. 100%) telligence. Like the composition of minds by heterogeneous live components[14] is connected to material carriers. but also for the strata of the Micro level.must be composed of consciousness and energy. specific creativity is Krta Purus’a [13].A definition of consciousness is more problematic. not only accounts for the different strata of the Macro level. How to transfer this image to the nature of the universe? (See Figure 1. A metaphor for conscious of consciousness. Gyaneshwar already indicated that either of the two may be sleeping. molecules. Still the picture is incomplete: if potter. Conceptual creativity (Jina Purus’a) guides the emergence of new and the maintenance of existing material forms while procedural creativity (Krta Purus’a) guides the rise and evolution of minds. Advaita Vedanta and Advaita Siddhanta assign ‘bliss’ to consciousness and see it as the material cause of all forms. memory. consciousness will be under.e.crimsondawn. or may not. As above so below: this procedure http://www. generic. but a substratum [12] sciousness goes along with a 70% expression of energy. conceptual and procedural creativity are also Figure 1 The expression of both consciousness and energy is based on cooperation. As an example.‘ It is not a blind force. These definitions reduce consciousness to a single property. 100% expression. i.

”[16] or “Mass is the quantity of matter in a Microvita Special Edition .R. not matter.’ (Figure 2. Einstein was clear about m in his formula: E = mc2. neutron-antineutron or photon-antiphoton.’ Matter and mass are closely related and since mass is an earlier phenomenon in evolution. a numerical measure of its inertia. The word ‘microvi- http://www. both are called ‘matter. The nadir hints at the ultimate expression of Energy in matter. mainly consisting of expressed consciousness.crimsondawn. a fundamental measure of the amount of matter in the object. Such ‘particles’.each with an attracting momentum that is maximal at mant consciousness.) 2.’ and ‘negative m. Consciousness. m means mass.”[17] Mass is a fundamental property in physics and admittedly. can make individual or cooperative decisions and consequently are more or less living units. proton-antiproton. the two poles. and ‘particles’ with expressed consciousness.v. a symmetry between physical particles with expressed energy. particles have full expression of energy with only dor. Elementary and composite particles of energy follow the laws of physics. another symmetry can now be mentioned. 4 . but dormant consciousness. As explained in a previous chapter.) 3 . and the ultimate unity of the individual and the Cosmic mind. and because of that. they ‘know’ what is proper and efficient. Particle-antiparticle pairs exist.) In this universe. are quanta of electro. (see Figure 8. here only ‘positive m. A confusing problem with this approach is that both fundamental particles and atoms include inertia and occupy space. Antiparticles have the same amount of mass and spin. 34 . like “Mass is a measure of how much matter is in an object”[15] or in “The mass of an object is a fundamental property of the object. ‘Particles of consciousness’ are different. fundamental elements are difficult to define.and called them ‘microvita’[18]. creative and active in the application of particles of energy. It is striking that matter does not have a universal definition. but relatively small levels of energy. the Indian philosopher P. some thoughts will be first dedicated to ‘mass’. are knowledgeable and creative. in the next chapter called ‘microvita’. energy can never be absolutely zero. because in each realization of consciousness some amount of energy is included. like quark-antiquark. The closeness of the two rapidly results in circular definitions. neutral electric charge. electron-positron.Pag.2 Mass and Matter If we are focussing on definitions.magnetic energy and their spin is potentially right-handed and left-handed. Note zenith for top and nadir for bottom. Photons have zero mass. now the moment has come to define ‘matter. but most definitions include inertia and the occupa¬tion of space.1 Size IN DECEMBER 1986. consciousness and Sarkar (1921-1990 AD) mentioned the existence of energy form an inalienable concomi¬tance.v.’ (Also see Chapter 5. each particle has its antiparticle. they are intelligent. Figure 2 In accordance with the above ideas. but are complementary in all chemical and biological forms. The zenith pole is a metaphor for its origin. The two do not compete. but opposite charge.A new symmetry THE FUNDAMENTAL LAWS of physics have shown that no preference of matter over antimatter exists. Subatomic such creative units of consciousness for the first time.Microvita 4. An almost perfect mirror-symmetry between matter and antimatter is accepted.

The word microvitum clearly hints at a vital field of action: microbiological life. meaning ‘small’. included in space and atoms. This is even without the presence of subtle Microvita Special Edition . like photons. The term ‘micro’ refers to a specific small size: the micrometer (µm). which means that the number of crude. negative microvita.5-2µm and an amoeba (eukaryotic cell) is 220740µm. To be very clear: all given numbers regarding microvita are only intended to give an order of magnitude. Interesting numbers arise when the total amount of energy. This will not happen if positive and negative microvita meet or if microvita meet particles or anti- 4. cells. negative microvita in such a cell is roughly 10^14 x 10^10 = 10^24. negative microvita in a human body is ~ 10^13 x 10^24 = 10^37.tum’ (singular) -microvita for plural. and the Latin word ‘vitum’ meaning ‘life’.1-1nm (10^-9m). as well as positive microvita [23] (See Figures 3. the bio- http://www.3 Denominations THREE DENOMINATIONS of microvita exist: crude and a combination of ‘micro’ and ‘vitum’ ‘Microvitum’ merges the Greek word mikros. the matrix.Pag. a bacterium (a prokaryotic cell) is 0. 4. the laws of physics and the principles of organic life. logical machine of human beings has a layered overall mind.’ The whole universe.crimsondawn. negative microvita that is involved in these bacteria is ~: 10^24 x 10^14 = 10^38. Which organisms have a size between 1 and 1. “Microvita come from outer space and the extended universe.000µm? The size of atoms is roughly 0. millivitum or macrovitum. a cell. So a ‘microvitum’ is something that operates in forms with a size in the range of µm.[20] This means that the number of crude. catalysing agents of life. also composed of molecules of mind. Apart from that. negative microvita in a carbon atom = ~10^10[19]. organs and their overall minds. and 4. its space and its 10^113 hydrogen atoms. is 0. intellect and creativity and can be called ‘the creative.2 Numbers IF MICROVITA are present in this universe. a human body and our universe? The number of crude. The number of atoms in a human cell is ~t 10^14. as an indication. The number of crude. Although these numbers are already beyond imagination. as well as positive microvita that are present in organelles. Anyone is able to extrapolate these numbers to the macro scale of the universe. The smallest virus.03µm. negative microvita. 35 . are involved in an atom. they annihilate each other and produce new particles. bacteria. but also 10^14 bacteria[22]. and as such they unite matter and mind. The number of cells in a human body is ~ 10^13[21]. that are compositions of positive and subtle negative microvita. biological cells and microvita.) and sub-denominations of clusters and superclusters in mind. poliovirus. is compared with the amount of presently known energy in the universe. so also our planet. human tissues. which is 10^-6 m.” They are living units with characteristics like memory. which are also compositions of atoms. They are called microvitum. In this vast space they are the carriers of life. is their field of activity. A human body not only has cells. If elementary physical particles and antiparticles meet. not nanovitum. they only include crude. how many of them.

Initially real minds can be incomplete and simple. Helium.J. which in fact are similar chemical elements. All other natural atoms are the result of local explosions of stars.) Phases of hibernation are connected to high and low temperatures. Simplicity or complexity of mind depends on the state of their evolution. A complete mind is a mind with heterogeneous molecules of mind. kinetic energy and Microvita Special Edition .particles.” In tion. Figure 3 and 4. Now I don’t see strong reasons why crude. If microvita and particles meet under proper conditions. In the past years I understood neutral microvita to form atoms.”[25] All fundamental and composite subatomic particles were formed during the first 3 minutes after the BB at a temperature between 10^32K and 10^6K. all present denominations of microvita could only hibernate. After a further rise in global temperatures and the subsequent melting of tundra. negative microvita should only undertake the formation of atoms. but have the potential to evolve into complete and complex minds. Ultimately two essentially different forms will result. without also being included in the formation of molecules.R.000 years before the temperature of the universe had dropped till 3. [26] The Standard Model of Cosmology calls that event ‘recombination. 4. In this paper I have left out neutral microvita.000 years old. Another situation in which microvita hibernate. composed of subtle. Atoms are composed of subatomic particles.4 Phases of inactivity Microvita are sensitive to temperature and “will undergo contraction and hibernation at freezing temperature and expansion and hibernation at boiling temperature. A giant virus (containing only crude and subtle. In 1956 [29] at an essential characteristic of microvita: cooperahe said: “matter is nothing but bottled-up energy. It took another 377. SARKAR coined the word ‘microvita’ and mentioned their presence in atoms. atoms only have mind in potential form. 7 and 13. more viruses will become active again. Beryllium and Boron. negative microvita. crude. they are of all times.) This was the moment that photons no longer were bound to the plasma of matter and became free. electrons and nucleons could unite into the first atoms.Pag.crimsondawn. Rudolph hinted the relation between matter and energy. These events also need to be placed at the nadir. microvita are units of mind. matter is not bottled-up en- http://www. and even the atoms they are part of completely loose identity.” but in formation: clustering. despite the fact that they don’t have a brain and even an incomplete. as a separate denomination. Subatomic particles are particles of energy. Also molecules contain only crude. During these years.[27] In the first phase of evolution. 5 . negative microvita. the result will be constructive and form will emerge. Hydrogen. Since microvita have expressed consciousness. they are knowledgeable and know what is the right thing to do under the given circumstances. crude. (See Figures 6. It has to be admitted though. but complete mind.700K. super and hyper novae (jadasphota). He highlighted four aspects of Microvita network 1956 and 1979: “matter is bottled-up energy. as well as subtle.’ After this. 36 . without spin. are organelles and microbes. Because of the single presence of this denomination of microvita. negative as well as positive microvita. negative microvita. synchronization 1989 he expressed a concept that was conceived as a and coherency. The mission to form simple and complex molecules was for crude negative microvita. First forms are chemical and only have a potential mind.[24] dramatic opposite: “No. representation. while viruses contain crude (from the atoms and molecules included).Matter is (not) bottled-up energy and more P. the very end of the first phase of the cycle. the physical foundation has been laid for the later inclusion and evolution of mind. but these situations are not limited to the first 377. later forms are biological and have an actual mind. Lithium. that the connection of atoms into molecules is quite different from the structure of atoms. has been discovered in Siberian permafrost [28]. negative microvita in an overall mind. very simple mind. He also spoke about It is worth mentioning here that H.000 years of the universe. This explains the skill of viruses to quickly adjust to new situations. negative microvita) more than 30. The simplest organisms with a simple. is the so-called ‘Bose-Einstein condensate’ at a temperature of 0ºK. (See Attachment A.

crimsondawn. The previous conclusion that microvita are not intrinsic elements of subatomic elementary and composed particles.’ In 1965 and 1979. That may be true for dogmatic science. Sarkar apparently never said that”.) Evolution starts from one tiative. the three consequent After these reflections it has become necessary to make elements of the Macro Mind. he indicated that mass is a collection of energy.) Blindly fol. cannot be perceived by the senses. that occupies space and can be perceived by the senses.1 A first. is based on the authority of P. as long as it is also supported by additional observation. Many. after having spoken for about 2. Sarkar. A third model. the name of this process is Brahmacakra[34] or the Wheel of Creation (WoC). ‘that millions of microvita compose an electron’.R.da Avt [35]. Sarkar about microvita in December 1986: ”Here we should again remember the fact that these microvita are [[a]] creation in the internal phase. in principle.Pag.2) definitions of Aham (Internal active I) and Citta (self-created in- http://www. which explains the seeming change of perspective. Recently someone wrote me an e-mail and mentioned “a misunderstanding about microvita that was spread at a microvita seminar in India in the 90’s. as well as biological organisms. long for a new model of physics that includes organic principles. unfolding in this essay.ergy. microvita are involved in atoms. Microvita Special Edition . like Elisabet Sahtouris. P. also microvita are included. but not in subatomic particles) is accepted. Does the last sentence deny this? Not. In 1989. (see Attachment A. Sarkar used the word ‘matter’ in accordance with the usual understanding of matter as also ‘subatomic particles with rest mass’.5 years about microvita. Alpha and Omega are connected. Entropy and syntropy[32] are not seen as complementary but as a struggle with only one outcome. He considers evolution as a cyclical process in which beginning and end.[36] Before any physical elements emerge. additions to the previous (Chapter 2. under the bondage of Prakrti”. subatomic particles are nothing but energy. Sarkar. In my opinion authority can be accepted. negative microvita. model PHYSICS IS CONSIDERED to explain so-called nonliving matter. The Standard Model of Physics considers the universe as a meaningless space. However. At this moment at least three models of creation and evolution exist. when in fact P. The second model is the Standard Model of Cosmology. or “Energy is knower-I or Jina Purus’a”. This understanding is closely connected to a hotly debated text from the first discourse by P. Here it is important to realize that physics uses the word ‘matter’ for both ‘subatomic particles with rest mass’ and ‘atoms. The consequence of this sentence is that. but it is much more than mass. ruled by mechanical laws.R. Vedaprajinananlowing authority kills individual responsibility and ini.[33] How different form the linear approach of physics is the view of P.R. composed of mass and crude.[31 ]”If a previous conclusion (i. closely connected to the Standard Model of particle physics. Because of that.’ 6 . My proposal is to include perception: “Mass is a quantity of energy in a particle. if we look for a deeper understanding: “Energy is consciousness. two particular quotes still call for an explanation: “The mass of matter has got nothing to do with energy. while ‘matter” -‘atoms-’ includes both energy and ‘microvita. where the full expression of one unfolds the essence of the other. accepts both philosophical thoughts and Cosmological research. model is based on the ideas of P. Mahat (existential I).” In his discourses from 31 December 1986. but not all scientists are dogmatic. but as a dance between two lovers.R. they cannot take part in the emergence of sub-atomic particles during the first phase. philosophical. His model does not consider evolution as a meaningless and linear event. ultimate ending like its beginning in a Big Crunch or Big Freeze. the death of everything and all. The first. physics or the impact of microvita. analysis and proper conclusions.) mass and matter. (See Figure 10.” The inclusion of microvita in ‘Matter’ could result in: ‘Matter is a substance.R. like a body has a skeleton. with a form that. 37 . Sarkar and does not actually include insights from cosmology. rather in the returning phase of cosmic expression”[30]. he spoke about microvita.’ Matter has mass. if microvita only become active in the second phase of cosmic evolution. (See Figure 5.The first model is represented by Ac. of the vertices of the equilateral triangle. astrophysics.e.R.Evolution 6.

After the Planck Epoch (10^-43sec aBB).ternal forms) appear. model WHETHER the objective world is essential or not. as well as the very start of the animated stage. the temperature in the Grand Unification Epoch (See Figure 8. are made up of atoms. Do the various specific senses also conthe very first beginning of the second phase. in a later chapter. atoms will be suggested as the crudest form of matter. All our senses have a specific A second point of attention is the position of unicel.[38] but the nadir is also a metaphor for the final stage of Saincara[39]. will confirm their existence. but very gradually in quantum-like steps. and Figure 7. we receive and interpret information from it. the Cosmic Mind may have a connection with Citta. The observation of that event will confirm general relativity and will rise above the indirect proof of those waves in 1993. Figure 5 and 6.tact various specific subatomic wavelike particles of cara.Pag.) was extremely high (T = 10^32K). the nadir must represent helpful to have a look at recent views from the Standard Model of Cosmology. solid factor.Saincara. This suggestion only seems to replace one conflict by another. (See already Figure 6.) http://www. But the question is: are these simple organisms the very beginning of life or does solid factor have that potential? If unicellular life is the very start of the animated phase.[37] Citta can only be a word for the transformation of Ahamtattva (See Figure 5-1. It seems that two candidates apply for the same position but are they really two candidates? Life that emerges in the second phase.) the optimal expression of Energy. quadrupole or higher order waves. it remains increasingly doubtful whether particles of space will ever be detected. If the zenith of the cycle represents the optimal the external atoms? In order to get an answer it will be expression of Consciousness. (See Attachment A) Because of this. When we see an Cosmology researches the consequent emergence and characteristics of elementary and composite particles of the universe. In that case.511 MeV/c2 and neutrino’s with a mere 2. it should be there. as both waves and particles at the same time. 6.crimsondawn. Born under such conditions.2 A and methodology to contact external oblular life (See Figure 5-2.2 eV/c2. that possess quantized angular momentum. Astronomers are already excited about a possible detection of gravity waves in the next years. for less than a tenth of a second. without any exception. If it is true that ultimately the universe is only spacetime [40] and a sea of vacuum fluctuations. and yes they do: 126 GeV/c2 compared to electrons with 0. as a metaphor for oneness between Cosmic Mind and objective universe. So. crudest matter is not the first stage of life but it can be its very first stage. A loud ‘chirp’ sound that arises after the merging of two neutron stars. we see electrons moving like the propeller of an airplane and conclude that what we see is solid. which in turn are compositions of fundamental particles. In a way the suggestion of the first model makes sense: single celled organisms are indeed simple forms of life.) at the nadir ofthe cycle -at jects and transform such contact into understand¬able the end of the first part of evolution. the very first stage of life.) into all immediate and later phenomena and events of the universe. 38 . These waves can be dipole. at this moment in 2015. very short range. This is in contrast with the elliptical form of the drawing. materialist. In other words. all elementary particles will ultimately be described as dipole waves. The associated fundamental. but in reality is separate from it. which is information. force particles were Higgs bosons. Microvita Special Edition . does not do so immediately and in full grown form. By separating these forms from the objective universe. Spacetime seems to be too subtle for such elements. Physics researches and describes these particles. (See Attachment A. but no. they should contain a lot of mass. Pratisain. crudest matter. the included amount of energy per volume was also extremely high and its wavelength extremely short. should be given seat at the nadir of the Wheel of Creation. Eventually all objects with which we have contact.

abstract. is the first element with identity. photons and electrons. biology.R.000K. Microvita Special Edition . In other Figure 7. Sarkar. Both suggest that neither the five fundamental factors in Saincara (Sanskrit for the first phase of evolution). Both Vedaprajinanda and Michael Towsey made a split between Citta and the rest of the universe that is composed of the five fundamental factors (elementary particles in bulk quantities) and their transformations. Even rejections should be constructive and contain answers or at least the very start of answers. That cannot be said of the other force particles. this third model is based on suggestions of P. Atoms have mass and contain all four elementary particles: spacetime. astrophysics. As already hinted at in Chapter 6. as suggested by P.R. and its relation to the physical universe. as pure waves and or as wave-particles. (3) Leptons. the phenomenal universe and the BB. by which their characteristics got exposed.” This is close to Michael Towsey’s statement that “The universe started with the initial creation of the 5FF[41] from Cosmic Citta”. (4) it should not be difficult to design a new one. 39 . Citta. This is in conflict with the idea that the universe is a thought projection of the Macro Cosmic Mind.000K). The third Model is based on the idea that the physical universe is a metamorphosed form.3 A third. Sarkar’s ideology.) Not accepted in the Standard Model of Cosmology is the primary emergence of a Cosmic Mind. quarks. emerged during the Lepton Epoch. are Mahattattva (pure existential. but remained in the plasmic state and behaved like a dense. are objectivated parts of the Cosmic Mind. http://www. photons. model RECENTLY SOMEONE e-mailed me: “I cannot believe that anyone who studied P. photons with 0 mass. in fact the complete universe. as well as on findings that have been accepted in the Standard Models of Cosmology and Physics.Pag. they detached from the other mass particles. synthetical. called Citta or objective universe. sociology and philosophy? It would be quite irresponsible to even suppose that all research of the past was completely wrong.Despite the plasmic state of the universe they could exhibit their specific identity. Sarkar.R. (see Figure 9. Citta is suggested as separate from the physical universe.) Spacetime. non-local field. while the third component is the objectivated-I. The Big Bang is an integrated element in Cosmology and an accepted element in this third model. why not also design new physics. seed or motionless presence is called Shambhu (still inert Consciousness). Before Recombination (with a temperature of 3. (1) The three pairs of quarks appeared in the next Quarkantiquark Epoch and ultimately united into single protons (u-u-d) and neutrons (u-d-d). subjective-I). It ignores the integration of the Macro Cosmic Mind. nor Pratisaincara (the second part of evolution). components of that Macro Cosmic Mind. of the Macro Cosmic Mind. They emerge and developed their identity at Recombination. This very first. subjective-I) and Ahamtattva (Internally active. chemistry. (See Figure 7. (2) Also in the Photon Epoch photons keep their theoretical rest-mass 0 at a temperature of 10^6K. Under the then occurring circumstances they were able to express their identity at a temperature of 10^13K. of which electrons are the most well known. and could express their identity at temperatures between 10^13K and 10^9K. at a temperature of 3. Energy in the form of photons did exist in abundance. In the plasmic state they remained hidden and behaved like nonlocal particles. The first two. if not first a desire for objectivation would exist. But Mind cannot emerge.crimsondawn. Why would anyone reject the theory of the BB. (New theories are already being developed: ‘Plasma Cosmology’ and a variant ‘The Electric Universe’) If it is so easy to reject the BB. although it has quite many unanswered questions? Until now the BB is the best we have. (baryons). would consider the Big Bang to be ”scientific. Then.1. It should only be replaced after a theory with better answers has developed and been accepted. (5) 6.

that the wavelengths of the first waves decreased until inflation and after that increased because of the continuing expansion of the universe and its decreasing temperature. without stepping out of the Wheel of Creation (WoC) or the BB model. the theory of the BB may also have white spots. Yet. which can only mean that the wavelength of particles gradually increased.Just like these three models may have built-in contradictions and white spots. the BB model and the WoC have been united. In this stage the Supreme Consciousness is gradually becoming the universe or Cosmic Citta.This could mean a conflict with the previous text of P. Without at least some analysis. First the Microvita Special Edition . náda cognitive force and kalá represents actional force.: “Kalá is followed by further formation of curvatures one after another. Maximum expression of Consciousness occurs near or in the zenith. 40 .R.) Figure 8. at least potentially. because Inflation is calculated to have happened and if it happened. [45] “The seed point represents will force. According to P.concludes the opposite. 6.’ as well as the integration of ‘Shambhu’ and the Big Bang. the flow of creation was characterized by curvaFigure 10.Pag. At the same time the philosophical approach of the WoC does not include observa¬tions of relevant phenomena. what was the cause of it? It was in the vertex of the triangle of forces[42] -called iccha’biija. (see Figure 10.) In the next phase.crimsondawn.”[44] This stage is called bhava (‘to become’. In fact. ‘idea’ or ‘psycho-spiritual parallelism’). the noumenal cause of the phenomenal universe. not yet explained term. In order to promote relevant questions and answers. but each succeeding curve is not necessarily of the same wavelength as the preceding one. where the static force burst out. shows a new.It could be assumed here. additional interpretations may be added. and 9. in complete silence and without any movement. this silence is the bursting point. these two events cannot be understood or accepted. the difference goes on increasing as the wavelength continues to decrease. Bifurcation and the Big Bang mordial phase and is called kalá. Sarkar. that Consciousness (Shambhu) was laying. tures.“[46] Kalá is first followed by homogeneous and then by heterogeneous waves. (See Figure Figure 10.” The Standard Model of Cosmology -and in fact common understanding.[47] Initially the temperature in the early Universe was extremely high and gradually lowered. Another matter is whether the BB model has an approach that allows all questions to arise and get answers that do justice to the nature of the questions. “Kalá is followed by further formation of curvatures one after another. unite. If this is the case. All it created was a straight line and this linear movement is called náda[43]. ‘Bifurcation.R. but needs to be drawn as a circle with a zenith and a nadir. but the potentiality of sound was still in its pri. but each succeeding curve is not necessarily of the same wavelength as the preceding one. The outcome was the pure existential feeling of Cosmic Mahattattva. the difference goes on increasing as the wavelength continues to decrease.4 Shambhu. the BB model is also equipped with an Alpha and an Omega that moreover. This means that the course of evolution no longer is random and linear. http://www. while maximum expression of Energy will be in the nadir. Not only that. the ‘seed of desire’-. One of the first consequences is that the very start (t = 0) of the BB and the philosophical momentum of Shambhu have been included in the third model. Sarkar. In fact. It is the first stage of evolution outside the triangle of forces and has only one desire: to create sound in its deep silence.

and mystical component of the origin of the universe. no big conflicts seem to exist between gence of the two abstract parts of the Macro Mind?” or the philosophical concept of Model A and the Stan’Did the BB. If evolution is understood as a dance between two Microvita Special Edition . The phenomenal world that we perceive. One could say. -consciousness and energy. resp. The first stage of Citta is spacetime.R. called Inflation. to choose between option A and option B. as well as an ultimate. with Shambhu as an abstract. (at t= 10^-33s aBB) so. did not yet exist or were united.crimsondawn. took place. rather than gradually decrease. let alone about its involvement in chemical compounds and biological organisms. with the expansion of the universe. a moment in time must have existed when the two platforms were still one and not yet bifurcated. procedural creativity of microvita is causative for the transformation and evolution of the different strata of mind on Macro and Micro level.using Model 3. concrete and abstract. appears both objective and subjective. Option A (See figure 11-A) sees Shambhu and the BB as one and the same event.dard Model of Cosmology. which is guided by the conceptual creativity of the knowing principle (Jina Purus’a). as integrated in the Standard Model of Cosmology. This also means that. before the emer. into a Knowing and a Doing principle. This moment is also the birth of space and the entrance of microvita in it. ‘Did the increased by a factor 10^50.) Although both platforms have their own identity. occurred.[48] P. If all activities take place on the path of evolution from one into many. transformation and evolution of Macro Cosmic Citta. from the extended universe. 11-B. the number of microvita will continue to increase.Pag. It denies the existence of mind and. (See Figure 1. oc. nor willing.term ‘Bifurcation’ will be approached. at t=0 of BB. also after Bifurcation. The objective platform is based on subatomic particles that blindly and linearly follow the forces of nature. they are strongly connected. the bifurcation of Aham. Sarkar suggested “microvita come from outer space[49]. 41 . It is thought to be a period of great turmoil and fluctuations.) Cosmology hardly understands anything about consciousness. The subjective platform is founded on microvita and their procedural creativity (Krta Purus’a).”[50] If the different denominations of microvita also control the emergence. in which the four forces of nature did not yet have their own identity. because of that. This very abstract period coincides with the calculated period of the Planck Epoch of 10^-43 s. microvita were entering the expanding universe. and to contain both particles of energy (fundamental particles) and units of consciousness (microvita). As soon as Aham was ready to transform into objectivity. The conceptual creativity of the subjective platform is also a guiding principle for the evolution of material forms. they are complementary. will not be able.The generic. Within a period of ~ 10^-33 sec. The first.The subjective platform with its particles of consciousness looks for opportunities to contact the complementary particles of energy. which means that. purely philosophical and the third. this bifurcation must have occurred at the very first stage of it. the scale of the then universe The next question that needs an answer is. a tremendous expansion of space. It looks as if Bifurcation philosophical moments of ‘Shambhu’ and the BB of and the flow of microvita initiated this Inflation. While Cosmology occur simultaneously. Macro Mind?‘ (See Figure 11-A. Figure 11. Although these two platforms are started as an abstract ‘period’ beyond spacetime. from the very first existence of spacetime. A split second after the end of Planck Epoch. cur after the emergence of the two abstract parts of the http://www. both accept the seed of creation. first material initiative. Shambhu as a philosophical. During this epoch the laws of physics didn’t apply and all thoughts about it are speculative. linear and organic. they are intertwined. synthetical model. apart from the moment of Shambhu. with the unfolding of Mahat and Aham of the Macro Cosmic Mind. The opposite may very well be true: it was an epoch of mystical silence.

They feel with Abhinavagupta. 4. with the opening of space and entrance of microvita. ception.Pag. for solid factor. The two models also understand that a cause. is final. A less than 3 × 10−27 eV. but also the occurrence of the BB. like all elementary after which Micro Minds arises from matter. Both options see evolution as a appropriate? All elementary (or ‘fundamental’ if you circular. The λ = ∞ m. the complete evolu. all at the same time. Bifurcation and Inflation. over. what is the upper Inflation.that three is better than four. Big Bang. not in empty first one is: Is the presence of photons in Figure 12. gauge bosons for the electromag¬netic force and In option A the flow of abstract. if the Macro Cosmic Mind will loose its focus for only A NUMBER OF QUESTIONS is coming up now. is known as biija. When Aham was at the point of becoming metamorphosed into an objective reality. A a split second. are the Which of the two is most probable? Both options have result of new combinations of these already present Hythe impetus. Moreover. but has a different view on the integration of the BB and the Wheel of Creation. in which no random expression of energy can be included. 2. but an experimental one. the development of Macro Cosmic and micro cosmic minds in option A. yes. it only knows three of such Microvita Special Edition .Also Option B (see also Chapter 7. changed gradually and uninterrupted into question of rest mass or no rest mass is no longer a consequent homogeneous and heterogeneous waves. are being and will be produced in the universe.. At the moment. 3. They are elementary particles. William of Occam (1288-1346) already explained. The fact time. many things happened at the same time: Bifurcation of Aham.ous. The abstract event of Shambhu was the initiative for the emergence of both Cosmic Mahat and Aham. the basic idea of option B seems to be they be the third fundamental factor in model 3. rather than a linear event and agree that first prefer) particles have mass. Option B has four moments of essential events: Shambhu. On the contrary. A negative point for option B is a lack of argument for the question is. stages. they are elemenfirst two stages of the Macro Cosmic Mind are abstract tary particles and as such fit in the list of five. Option A particles are complex wave forms. is the idea that the have little. theoretical. before in conflict with “The point at which the resultant force electrons? Michael Towsey [53] has chosen: 1. but may be true. linear waves with a exhibit wave-particle dualism. ‘If a rest mass exists. quarks. but positive point for option B. it is understood that the number of hydrogen and helium atoms that emerged during recombination. of bliss. and continue for the transformation of Cosmic Ahamtattva into the to enter. Figures 7. how http://www.crimsondawn. whether they next. that it acted quickly.interpretation” “atoms contain all the 5FF” he put tion of the abstract Mind into the concrete universe is quarks at position 5. even if it is intimately connected 7. with his razor blade. Different from option B. how can Bang. Studies of of the Big Bang model and will be solved in future. After this development. the very first moment of philosophical drogen and Helium atoms. The flow of microvita into creation. according to “that -a previthe involvement of a huge force. the evolu.A second question related to photons is rather primary. At this moment in 2015. Here the BB is caused by the readiness of Aham to become objective. Moreparticles of mass arise from the Macro Cosmic Tantra”[51]. photons are no exor B are rather theoretical issues. that the first two stages are sentient does not exclude Although he observed that. Shambhu. The same accounts the universe seems different. In option A. One might say that this is also the problem limit?” ”The new limit is 7 × 10−17 eV. space. they came. occur in one uninterrupted flow. electrons and 5. 11-B and 13. 42 . Since in option A Shambhu and the Big Bang are united. Planck Epoch of 10^-43 s occurred and was followed by Inflation.) views Shambhu as the very first moment of creation. that tion that the number of microvita per volume does not the Macro Cosmic Mind was so eager to share the state decrease in the course of an expanding universe. but in its origin. On the other hand. in common. preceded by one specific event that is described in philosophy as a point called Shambhu and in Cosmology as the BB. very little or zero rest mass. Upcoming questions to its effect. neutrinos. into an expanding universe. spacebursts out. galactic magnetic fields suggest a much better limit of That reply is not very convincing. photons. they are force particles and. All new atoms that have been. Not only that. the quanta of light. tion of Cosmic Mind is broken by the event of the Big If photons are the first fundamental particles. can never depend on it. the universe will vanish.“[52]However. except photons. This is an indicaobjective universe.

the sequence of wave-particles is 1. photons. After the temperature of the universe reached 3.2 -“A single microvitum is insufficient to form one carbon atom. At a temperature between 3. whether they are polar bears.700K and 3. ~ 23% of the neutrons joined with protons into nucleons and a tiny number of neutrons and protons united into slightly more complex nucleons. with their almost complete lack of interaction with matter. These microvita united with the present nucleons and electrons. no one can tell.” One interpretation almost needs to imply that they actively form an atom. ubiquitous energy transform into so many various and uncountable local forms? No misunderstanding: the same applies to ‘particles’ of consciousness. Only after the young being is born. If this is true: what do they do. 2. Lithium and Boron. Before a mammal is born. ubiquitous consciousness transform into so many various and uncountable local forms?At this moment. electrons and microvita. spacetime (and in it Higgs bosons).3 -“Billions of microvita produce a single carbon atom. With this in mind.ticles. is more evident than it seems at first sight. were born inside specific densities. Only empirical research will give clear answers to cleons. Something similar applies to elementary particles. 2. electrons. rather than number 1. Another interpretation could imply that they actively take part in the formation of the atom and join. 2 -A completely different answer is that they wake up and immediately become active in the formation of big numbers of Hydrogen and Helium and small numbers of Beryllium. so conditions with mass limit their expression. Also special is the word ‘solidified’ in sentence 1 and 2. So: a carbon atom is what it is. negative microvita were the first ones to wake up after their entrance into the universe in evolution. My choice for the position of photons at number 3. First its name is ‘seed’. after microvita have entered the empty almost-atoms.”[55] What strikes here is: “they form one carbon atom” instead of “they unite (or transform) to become one carbon atom. photons decoupled from matter. monkeys.1 -“To him or her a carbon atom is nothing but billions of microvita getting solidified. 43 . as soon as external conditions are appropriate for such development. how do they do it and for how long? Three sentences by P. 3. After that another binding occurred. for solid. concluded that atoms contain all 5FF and put them at position 5.crimsondawn. 2.Pag. it has names in accordance with its stages of Microvita Special Edition . atoms. leptons and 5. intuitive approach http://www. Sarkar in ‘Microvitum in a Nutshell’ refer to both questions.700K. What exactly is the contribution of crude. gluons or photons emerge in the most befitting conditions for each. after which it is called ‘embryo’ and ‘fetus’. As I suggested before. be chosen for position 2? I have followed the birth of identity according to the Standard Model of Cosmology. the photons became free from matter and because of that became third in the row to gain fundamental identity.”[54] This sentence seems to hint at the inactive variant. but after that do not take part in it.Billions of microvita simple step on board of the already atoms formed. Maybe a deep. elephants or human beings. Photons have zero mass. One thing is clear: none of these three sentences from ‘Microvitum in a nutshell’ even hints at subatomic parA fourth question is connected to the relation of nu. 2. at specific temperatures and what caused their specific identity? Why did nonlocal. hinting at getting ‘solid’ or ‘solid factor’. Once they were free. electrons united with the nucleons. All young mammals expose qualities in accordance with their specific conditions.R. A third and more fundamental question is why the elementary particles of energy that we now know.can neutrinos.“[56] Again: “they produce a single atom” rather than “they become a single atom. After that. negative microvita to the formation of atoms? I can imagine two possible answers: 1 . crude.” This sentence seems to a imply a more active role by microvita. They may join but hide.000K. a possible hint at the idea that atoms could be interpreted as ‘solid factor’. then ’cell’. 4. it is able to cry. Science accepts observed situations as they are found and does not ask why they are found and exist. In accordance with the particular character¬istics of their identity. either Higgs bosons. the fact that they step on board makes atoms complete. they are ready to contact other microvita and create new forms. a carbon atom is formed. the above questions. quarks. In other words. to use all its senses and move in the new situation. Why did nonlocal. but when billions of microvita get solidified.

Nature has provided two long-range means of transport: light and sound. liquid and the dynamic state of matter . 3*10^8 m/sec. characteristics and are subject to spacetime and can be heard.optimal chemical bonding The three everyday states of matter exist in spacetime and can be perceived. need to be available.000 years aBB. like in the first 377.3.. separate elasticity of the medium and the lower its density. but at least five states of matter exist. a gas with a suf. In a vacuum its speed is 300. Light is an electromagnetic wave and does not need a medium. All three have their own specific identity.000 km/sec. negative 8. so atoms. for transport. are systems in which the present crude. on the other hand. but even then re. with for instance glass as an exception. All other media do not increase. touched. In order to be perceived. is such that light is mainly absorbed and reflected. (See Chapter the subtle state of matter . also means of communication. The speed of light also depends on its wavelengths and the temperature of its environment on its path of traveling. The higher the peratures. At absolute 0ºK. e.Pag. while in reality at least three different states of matter (See Figure 12. (See Attachment A) the crude state of matter .Sound. Gas[54] .molecules with moderate amounts of quarks . redirect or bring new answers.does need a medium for transport. It is interesting to realize 8 . tasted and smelled. touch. Here ’matter’ means ‘atoms in bulk quantities’. where atoms completely loose their identity and merge into one Microvita Special Edition . sensations and perception that both a hot plasma and the Bose-Einstein condensate. a number of postmen. 44 . without transmission. in air its speed is ~ 0. mere existence does not suffice. The first of the extra two is plasma.will also contribute to their answers. ons. one short-range mediator. but lower the speed of light. is a mechanical wave and ficient amount of ionized atoms. A fifth state of matter is the Bose-Einstein condensate. seen.g.Media. Extremely high tem. and two internal mediators. solid matter.elements with many quarks .) exist.minimal chemical bonding[55] liquid[56] .crimsondawn. its speed is 0 m/sec.1 States of matter and transport media microvita will hibernate. it looks at first sight as if it only has one perceivable form.only light elements with few quarks . taste and smell.[61] Figure the then extreme density all electrons from nuclesearch needs to confirm. These three are: gas. The hindrance of solid matter. in bulk quantities.) In reality not three.03% lower than in a vacuum.moderate chemical bonding solid[57] . When discussing matter. except space.

which could not exist without her. the liquid state of matter is involved and with it. while in reality those convictions are false concepts. provided the involved spaces are open and connected. only if its incoming quantum of light fits exactly http://www. All three The odorants then attach to hair-like structures. and light itself. The skin of that epithelium is covered with 3 The sensation of form. and the wave-particles as mentioned in Chapter 6. I still remember.electrons of the incoming molecules and the electrons enced. ous. apart from the tingling sensation.2 Elementary Particles [62] and Sensations same wavelength as the previous one that entered.ferently.[63] [64] The reduced chemicals spread in the mouth and connect to the 10. including the above two media. the vibraso tightly fixed in a grid. This procedure results in the different basic flavors and their many combinations. on exactly the 8. What is the relation between all five sensations. In air its speed is about with the wavelength of the bound electron. 45 .the higher the speed of sound. This flects light (in single glass.2 concerning the Standard Model of Cosmology? 1 Spacetime is the mother of all wave-particles. in water 1500m/sec and in steel 5000m/sec. within limits. 5 The sensations of odors and flavor are closely connected. it too many or too few neutrons -an isotope-.Touch is a complicated form of conception. absorbed and transmitted wards the axon of the neuron. but also explains much light rather than reflects it. sound-waves cannot arise in it. Like sound. electrons are the Microvita Special Edition . 330m/sec. Smell is carried by the mass of nucleons but.000 taste buds. Light can be reflected. color and temperature is mucus. The word ‘olfaction’ refers to that connection. The reason why glass transmits so tional nature of atoms and molecules. This kinetic energy ultimately works on the mass of atoms that is mainly contained inside the quarks of their nuclei. which is transported through the cilia tosome. called volatile elements. smell difis absorbed but. but in reality only of the cilia. In principle gases can be seen. but tional frequency at quantum level of odorants play a are partly reflected and partly absorbed. that are heavy and integrated in a tense grid of atoms are nonvolatile. transmitted by photons. 4 How do the various flavors arise in the mouth? Subtle chemicals are dissolved by the saliva that is slightly alkaline. Otherwise. their temperature can be felt. Mind tells us that we touch the floor when we walk and touch the chair when we sit on it. Elements like iron. a sour and bitter taste. However. If a photon touches an electron. of which one with quantum physics.5 Volt battery. absorbed (~10%) and is not only because it does more justice to the vibratransmitted (~85%). can be seen cilia. Odorous molecules hit the olfactory epithelium. All atoms are composed of nucleons with a cloud of electrons around them. but it can transport them. only atoms and molecules with small amounts of mass are involved.[65] are included. rather than vibrational waves. ~5%). these mechanical movements are longitudinal. I wanted to know what was the taste of electricity in a 4.significant role in the recognition by the receptors. called everyday states of matter. depending on the intensity of the impetus and the density of the medium. This moveand. on the knob-shaped tips of neurons. can be explained by why two atoms of the same element. the quanta of energy. Sound works both as a long range and a short range sensation. In solid matter the atoms are so close to each other. So I put my tongue between the two copper strips. each with 100-200 cells. a new photon will be sent out in return. (See Figure 12. Substances that easily take over to the gaseous state of matter. cannot be taken by an airflow and cannot be smelt. All three everyday states of matter can be touched and felt. by the electrons and quarks of all three states of matter.Pag. For me it is clear that for flavor.crimsondawn. different from touch. Electrons have a negative electric charge and like charges repel. The ment causes an electric impulse (photons) between the intensity. that helps to dissolve the incoming odorants. color and temperature of fire can be experi. the bigger the force between the two objects. odors are transported on large scale flows of air molecules.) 2 The origin of a sound-wave lies with a mechanical impetus. and this is both exciting and mysteri.Boys of about ten years of age like to do experiments. The more pressure is exerted. and According to biophysicist Luca Turin[66]. Since spacetime has no medium. Even glass re. while the distance between the two does not decrease. that photons cannot pass.

sour. what does alter is the amount of intrinsic and kinetic energy. ethereal. salty. those particles are available in huge quantities. This will result in absorption of the smell characteristics of the influenced molecules by the air molecules. sour. we don’t receive the directly involved particles. Smell and scent are closely connected. A sense may be capable of absorbing and interpreting small amounts of information.The waves of these reflected molecules. which also has limitations. whether it is a musical instrument. Atoms and molecules not only contain elementary particles of energy. This knowledge may be impressive for the sake of knowledge and in some situations even essential. Light waves in huge quantities. pungent. as well as elementary particles. they may choose for a particular expression. In turn. e. Both forms of interference can be in phase. are also waves. a glass of water or the night sky. Microvita not only include consciousness. The universe is a continuously changing phenomenon. Seven basic scents are recognized: musky. combinations and quantities of objects do change. The situation changes when the earlier mentioned approach of Luca Turin is applied and even more when the presence of microvita will be included. Locations. floral and peppermint. The philosophical name for those quantities is Bhu’ta. in an extreme level of 180º out of phase or somewhere in between.000 Hz. yet its capacity to receive is limited. Those influenced molecules are integrated into their gaseous surroundings and will make contact with other present molecules in the air. negative microvita. pungent. when we observe something. salty and bitter. (See Figure 12. which does not mean that everything changes.[71] The two pulses will form an algebraic http://www. minty and fresh.8. the plants they are part of. It is a subtle and complicated sense. to inform organisms about objects and other organisms that are near or distant. whether they are bound or unbound. Light can be seen between 390 and 700 nm wavelength. These five elementary particles also function directly or indirectly as media to deliver information to conscious observers. Four basics tastes[67] are more or less accepted: sweet. Clinical tests have shown that the minimal quantities of those media can be very small. pungent and astringent. will enter the nose and be recognized by the smell organs. bitter. does not alter. literally meaning ‘created object’. 46 . the number of molecules inside need only be microscopic. destructive or intermediate interference. putrid. a rose. and 4. because researchers explained the particular molecules as their direct cause. The vibrational frequency at quantum level still is a mechanical interpretation and does not include the reflection of Bhu’tas. Microvita Special Edition . mouth feel. as well as their location. carbon dioxide. The wave patterns will meet and be in constructive.3 Perception Five different media of information are present in the universe. but also[69] at least crude. Tanma’tras. this expression causes a change in the vibrational frequency at quantum level in the molecules. but also a certain amount of subtle energy. In 1979. (See Figures 3. Ayurveda recognizes 6 tastes: sweet.g. which means that they will superimpose and interfere. 10º out of phase. camphor. Other tastes are controversial: umami. Bhu’tas. The human nose can smell at least a trillion scents[68] but most people only recognize 100-200. ‘created’ or ‘past’. touch many electrons of an object (cruder Bhu’tas) and are reflected from it in such a way that they affect the sense organ of an observer. Lamb and Yau showed that the rods in the retina of toads responded to single photons.crimsondawn. but their reflections on cruder Bhu’tas. Sound waves can only be heard between 20 and 20. for instance. The nature of elementary particles. In situations that are fit for life. Microvita.g.[70] Compared to the bulk amount of smell Bhu’ta. When these microvita conclude that something like smell is beneficial for the survival and reproduction of e. the general accepted mechanical explanation seems appropriate and without conflict with this philosophical approach.) This interpretation deserves a much more focused investigation. Surfaces offer a variety of four experiences.) which is energy with a longer wavelength than. nocioception. but in practical life a sense of perception is created with bulk amounts of involved particles. Baylor. One consequence is that the internal level of energy will be influenced. thermoception. A common man would ask now: “What could possibly be the reflection of a Bhu’ta on a cruder Bhu’ta?“ For sound and form. elementary particles. proprioception. mechanoception.Pag. The philosophical approach of smell seems to be in conflict with physical research.

Not like a boy or girl.and endo. a material. and the form that of. a signal of the mind. breath. what beautiful red birds! Bose-Einstein condensate.phase. Stance. 47 . These reflections touch our ecto. very start of the animated phase. interpretation. the very end of the inanimate phase and the objects. also contains microvita) meet. molecules of air with their internal heavy quarks. Objective information and tive microvita woke up and acted. they can be called in its near environment. after which the crude negamicrovita are involved. which is perception of relatively that the end of one phase has to be the very start of the and really distant space outside the body. It makes much more sense to suppose that these units of consciousness will play with such a situation and manipulate like a bird manipulates the movement of its body. Electromagnetic waves reflect against objects.9. as an answer to the ‘hard problem of consciousness’ that David Chalmers hinted at. For instance.immediately after the Planck Epoch. they also have to face contact with frost until 0ºK. The next. extremely high temperanal waves become united. http://www. bhu’ta.Bifurcation. climax of the first phase of evolution and that characteristic moment can be found at the very nadir of the 8. gets meaning: ”Oh. but if microvita and matter (which. (see Figure 13. and the atoms they are part plasm. recreate new waves in our brain and we see ‘something’ or we could say that the reflected and the inter. but a concept. after which longitudinal waves are produced. memo. But parrots are not part of our local environment.At this temperature they. know: ”It is a piano with a quick and subtle melody that I hear now. In that case. Observation. As it was shown before.As it was indicated before.crimsondawn. atoms are the and a subtle procedure. completely hibernate and lose their identity in the we see. made up of subtle microvita. which means with exteroception. it is unlikely that random superposition will be initiated. Closing thoughts ry and recognition belong to the internal part of perception. next phase.atoms are indeed the culmination of the first phase of ample. high in the sky. seeing a form. matrix. microvita entered the Wheel of Creation As long as we are conscious. But all they did was hibernate until the ception. or the hunger.sum of the displacement of the individual waves. Evolution is a continuous flow. It makes me relaxed and mellow.tures are only one situation in which microvita hibertain microvita that create sub-waves on the luminous nate. perception of the body life. how did they get here?“ Another example. at the moment of tation are connected. ‘pain’ is not a per. moving a toy airplane with the joystick of a computer.” Objective information is complemented by a subjective interpretation. connection with microvita. but if they are its ultimate basis. perception of orientation and movement of the body in Atoms may not be called living objects or the start of its direct environment. otherwise PERCEPTION occurs in principle in relation to events the two phases would be disconnected or at least interin three cohesive spaces. Fortunately.[75] much smaller space is connected with proprioception.Pag. but integrated. requires an additional tool that the very start of life.4 Internal part of perception and meaning Wheel of Creation. Take one ex. atoms also con. as Dr Uttam Pati [76] calls them. by the Microvita Special Edition . defecation and muscle awareness.[73] [74] That moment is also the beginning of the second phase of evolution.[72] The matters brought forward so far. We become aware of sound and. atoms. Our ears receive the chaos of sound waves and translate them into new waves that our brains understand. or the very start of the animated is located in the inner ear. Also this part has two components. this phase must be the very first tion of signals inside the body itself and includes thirst. The first space is connected rupted. by the presence of microvita.) So subjective interpretation are intertwined. Photons are reflected by cruder evolution. This looks like the beginning of a new kind of intuitive. These reflected waves touch our eyes. ACCORDING to this line of thought. perception and interpre. rational and empirical research. the carriers of life. Two or more waves can have a random impulse for interference. in which moment of recombination. only concern the first part of perception: the reflection from external objects to observers. hearing. Interoception is the percep.

Subtle negative microvita are are more sensitive for temperature and their extremes lie between 4ºC (39. The most sensitive for temperature are positive microvita. hibernation or at least stagnation will result.t = 10^-27s aBB Electroweak epoch t = 10^-35 --.6F).t = 10^-6s aBB Quarks and antiquarks pairs annihilated each other almost completely.Figure 13. -Hadron epoch (= Microvita Special Edition .2F) and 57ºC (44. 1 -Grand unification epoch (start of radiation era) t = 10^-43 --. what are the characteristics and forms of a simple and complex mind. while new onesemerged. Just one in every billion (10^9) quarks remained (baryogenesis).Planck epoch t = 10^-43 s ABB Ti= ≤∞ -Tf = 10^32K The four forces are presumed to be united. The universe is not a lifeless mechanism. our universe is a living organism due to the active presence of its conscious. what is the composition of mind and matter. Some very small openings towards this view have been made in this paper. disease. explanation and additional empirical research.4F). if and when microvita are included? Legitimate questions. death. unless precautions have been taken. Both on Macro and Micro scale. catalyzing agents.crimsondawn. When organisms meet temperatures beyond the given numbers. intelligent and creative. This epoch isbeyond our event horizon. be it that they are part of a plasma and only exist as theoretical units. where lies the transition between chemical and organic structures? How does perception occur. Their temperature horizon lies between 35ºC (95F) and 53ºC (127. ruled by blind and predictable obedience to its intrinsic laws. Crude negative microvita are the least sensitive for extreme temperatures. many openings are still waiting to be made by actively interested minds (including myself). -Inflationary epoch t = 10^-33s (?) t = 10^-32s aBB Tf = 10^27K The universe expanded with a speed many times the speed of light. causing mass to later particles. How do microvita form atoms. microvita. 48 . that ask for a separate 2 -Quark-antiquark epoch t = 10^-32.t = 10^-12s aBB The Higgs field emerged.The universe consisted of energy in the form of photons. what binds the two.t = 1 s aBB Tf = ≤ 10^13K .Pag. how did mind evolve from matter. Attachment A Cosmology at a glance 0 . composed of quarks) t = 10^-6 -.Quarks united to form separate protons and neu- http://www. the laws of physics don’t apply.

edu/hbase/astro/ planck. .” Mainz: Dharma Verlag. Michael B. 10 While He is sleeping She gives birth to all that exists. 7.t = 10s aBB Ti = ≤ 10^13K The density and temperature of the universe had become too low for the emergence of newhadrons. 4Helium has four times the mass of 1H. 5 -Recombination t = 377. Hameroff and Penrose collaborated for a number of years in formulating the Orchestrated Objective reduction (Orch-OR) model of consciousness.html : Retr. -Neutrino decoupling Tf = 10^9K 4 -Photon epoch t = 10s aBB --. this regard has no rigorous empirical basis. or will ever be discovered.crimsondawn. 2015 http://pages. Leptons (particles with little mass. Cosmology is the science that explores and describes the overall structure and evolution of the universe. Towsey.trons (baryons) with specific identity. 10.Pag.gsu.” Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press B.740K At the end of this epoch photons decoupled from matter and escaped into space.recombination Ti = 10^9K In the plasma of protons.cornell.uoregon. evolution and eventual end of the universe. This is Latin for: “creation out of nothing.” Fairfield: Maharishi University of Management Press. While She is sleeping. php?p=leptonEpoch. with regard to consciousness. Photons did exist in the plasma. the existing nucleons were able to unite with electrons to formthe very first simple but complete atoms.htm : Retr. “Eternal dance of Macrocosm. 4. Tf = 3. 3. 8 Jan.” John Hagelin. photons interacted with all. Ac. “Zwaartekracht bestaat niet Gravity does not exist. 49 . Purus’a and Prakrti are inseparably connected.” Copenhagen: Proutist Publications.V.” Microvita Special Edition .com/index. yet with specific identity: Hydrogen 1H and 2H (in mass 75%). Helium 4He (in mass 24%) and traces of Beryllium.D.100KAfter the departure of photons. John Hagelin expresses the same idea: “It should be emphasized that.000 yrs. aBB Ti = 3. Ti = initial Temperature of the Epoch Tf = final Temperature of the Epoch aBB = after Big Bang References http://hyperphysics. 8 Chapter27. After reaching t = 10 sec aBB this process stopped and six varieties of leptons remained. ‘She’ for Energy (or more precise. Lithium and Boron.Lepton epoch t = 1 -. Cosmology specifically researches the study of the origin. 6. 2015 http://www. He has no form at = 20 min aBB Ti = 10^6 Here protons and neutrons fused. 3 . Then the other side can no longer exist. and should not be associated with science. 1986.740K Tf = 3. 8 Jan. 2015 http://www. to form the first and simple atomic nuclei. electrons and co-photons. like electrons) and anti-lepton pairs were being Notes and references 1. Ratnesh Ph. 8. yet it is a separate field of research. finally with identity. 2.html#c6 : Retr. Vincent Icke. It is in contrast with the statement of Parmenides and later from Lucretius “nihil fit ex nihilio“: nothing comes from nothing.phy-astr. 19 Embracing each other They merge into One.. Photons formed the bulk of energy in the universe.“Manual for a perfect government. “If one side of the paper is removed. so the number of Hydrogen atoms in the universe is about 92% and Helium 7%. “Microvita-Cosmic seeds of life. 9. but also with ”Creatio ex Deo”: creation out of the very nature of God. but still without identity. 1998. 1988. 5. 2015 http://historyoftheuniverse. ‘He’ is a metaphor for Consciousness(Purus’a.htm : Retr. Such assumptions are accepted without a guarantee that proper information is being used. for Prakrti) 11. neutrons. but leaving a small surplus of leptons.astro. Astrophysics may be connected to cosmology. Similarly. 12 Jan. that annihilated each other.Nucleosynthesis t = 3 mins --. yet without specific identity. butcould not separate from them. 2014.

12. in which all particles lose their identity. Sarkar. The underlying. they don’t make a difference too. liquid. <http://hyperphysics. 2009). The first state is a high energy state in which all electrons are or added on or ripped off the nucleons (in cosmology). A.Chapter 1. either neutral microvita have no angular momentum or they do.M.gsu.R. After the same has been done for nucleus and electrons. If all microvita have no angular momentum and spin.R.gsu. Sarkar “Microvitum in a nutshell” . (The electronic edition of the works of P. Sarkar. the Mysterious Emanation of Cosmic Factor. 26. 14 jan. html> Retr.Supreme Benevolence and Mundane Pleasure (Shreya and Preya) 1956 2 . any molecule. 14 jan. Sarkar.“ Bloomington: AuthorHouse.“The fundamental essence of matter may be called by any name . but the basic cause of matter is nothing but energy. (Central) EE7. Jan 12. <http://www. Subatomic particles have orbital angular momentum and spin. 2015. If they have no angular momentum there is no need for them.> Retr.ncbi. 1987.National Institutes of Health. Matter knows five Microvita Special Edition . 15.P. Science daily. are but the manifestations of energy. In the past I distinguished between microvita without spin (neutral microvita). “Microvita in a nutshell” . 19. 2009). as an indication. Atomic Spin results. 13. they obviously do not influence the net overall spin. gaseous.R. This means that atomic and even molecular spin depends on all involved particles. 22. 16. Bianconi ea.M.P. 28. 24.Pag.html Retr. How many organs (no matter how minor it is) does a human being have? And what are they? see <http://www. 18. To find the spin of atoms. (Central) EE7.: 2015. P. html> Retr. 1987.J. Sarkar. 25. with negative spin (negative spin) and microvita with positive spin (positive microvita). just like the other denominations. so they also don’t have angular momentum. they follow the present atomic angular momentum and spin.phy-astr. consciousness.R.“Truly speaking.mathsisfun. 29. Moreover microvita don’t have mass.infoplease.anatomy. In this essay a number of sanskrit words will repeatedly be used.” . most basic material. Sarkar. Oct 17. Microvitum. <http://www. matter is nothing but http://www. Humans Have Ten Times More Bacteria Than Human Cells: How Do Microbial Communities Affect Human Health? see < hydhel.phy-astr. P. from Lithium till Uranium. US National Library of Medicine . Oct 12. see<http://www. we first have to add all the orbital and spin angular momentum of all protons and neutrons to obtain nuclear spin. An estimation of the number of cells of the human body.: 2013. share the remaining> Retr.htm>Retr. plasma.sciencedaily. 27. solid and Bose-Einstein condensate. American Association of Anatomists. 2009). A. 23.nih. Rudolph. electron or proton which is taken to be the fundamental stuff of this world. provided they don’t have a substratum that differs from negative and positive microvita. <http://www. P.R.E.5.5. which is why the presence of neutral microvita will not answer specific questions.: 2013. “Billions of microvita produce a single carbon atom” translated into 10^10.:2013. 14 jan 2015. The ideas expressed in this essay are based upon Indian philosophy and unfortunately many sanskrit terms lack English equivalents.S. This could mean that such spin adds something additional to already present So two possibilities exist.html”> Retr. 14. for matter is nothing but bottled-up energy.5.S. 21. -“Microvita in a nutshell” Chapter 9-B-Questions and answers (The electronic edition of the works of P. The last state is an extremely low energy at zero K. 50 . Jan 23.Chapter 4. If microvita also have> Retr. But all microvita have one and the same substratum. The Neo-Ethics of Multi-Lateral Salvation (The electronic edition of the works of P. All other atoms. These will be explained in Chapter 4. 20.P. A.molecule or atom. If neural microvita do have angular momentum and spin. H. 2015.R.M. All four quotes are from the following complete references: 1 . 75% of all atoms in the universe is Hydrogen and 23% is Helium. Oct 12. atom. <http://hyperphysics.nlm. and billions are included in an atom.: 2015.volkskrant.“From Imaginary Oxymora to real Polarities and Return. (Central)

(Central) EE7. the dynamic (rajah) and the static (tamah) are disconnected.bottled-up energy. 32.crimsondawn. Sarkar. Sarkar. what is mind? Mind is when matter gets powdered down. 43. 11.> Retr. A. “The further development of a conscious. which is Euclidian space. “Discourses on Tantra. the shorter the wavelength — it follows that short wavelengths are more energetic than long wavelengths. part 4“ -Vibration.: 2015.” Making the Man Universal 1979 4 .5. -Tantra and its effect on society. “Microvitum in a nutshell” . 51. (Central) EE7. which we call universe”.org/reference_desk/faq/answer. Ibid. 40.5.P. Literally: “Circle of Brahma” This is the first appearance of Sanskrit words and many more will follow. “This vast Citta. Sarkar.R. 37. Ibid. “The greater the energy.R.M. (Central) EE7. Jan. And.R.S. represented by P. 39. Jan. “Idea and Ideology” -Bhu’tatattva.Pag. 2009) 38. -The Macrocosm and the Microcosm. 2015. 36.5.S.R.” <http://hubblesite.“Microvita in a nutshell” Chapter 1. 49. (The electronic edition of the works of P.5.P.M.M. (Central) EE7. or Minkowski space.“Some intellectuals are of the opinion that matter is bottled-up energy. the Mysterious Emanation of Cosmic Factor. “Microvita come from outer space” P.R. “The mass of matter has got nothing to do with energy. 48. The characteristics and different wonts and specialties of energy are quite different from those of matter. A.1959-.(The electronic edition of the works of P. “The universe is only spacetime” <Only spacetime.P. An explanation of this triangle goes beyond the intention of this essay.M. Form and Colour.” Elisabeth Sahtouris. 1989.Microvita and cosmology(The electronic edition of the works of P. No.R.5.” “So matter is not bottled-up energy . Sarkar.” 46. “Earth dance-living systems in evolution” 34. A. not to mention philosophers and spiritual leaders in a great co-creative process. “The very start of the animated stage is the beginning process of pratisaincara. What is meant here: Hilbert space. http://www.P.” Matter and Spirit 1956 3 . (Central).R. Microvitum.M.P. (Central) EE7. 2009).S.(The electronic edition of the works of P. (The electronic edition of the works of P.P. A. Sarkar. P. “Idea and Ideology” -The creation of the universe(The electronic edition of the works of P. Sarkar. the subtle (sattva). (Central) is “known-I” Matter and abstract1989 (The electronic edition of the works of P. Sarkar.S. See Chapter “Fundamental particles and microvita”. 1959.P. offers a realistic chance to unite the spiritual and the scientific approach and because of that potential.Chapter is “known-I” Matter and abstract. “Subhasita Samgraha. 2001 (?). Microvita Special Edition . A. 1987. Tanma’tratattva. Indian philosophy.S. organic model of the universe clearly requires the cooperative efforts of biologists and physicists.” 44. The crudest solid is the final stage of saincara. 42. P. Entropy is the process of increasing chaos.R. P. see: <http://www. 2009).R.” “So matter is not bottled-up energy.and -Macropsychic-conation. in which both space and time are included? 50. 2009).S.R.: 22 Jan.S. Sarkar.P. This refers to the unmanifested universe where the three binding principles. 51 . Sarkar. 31.htm> Retr. Volume 1. 1990. id=73&cat=light> Retr.1959. 1993. Sarkar.the higher the frequency. (Central) EE7. Sarkar.: 2015.R. (The electronic edition of the works of P. ‘5 FF’ meaning ‘five fundamental factors’. P.197147. 2009). 19. the larger the frequency and the shorter (smaller) the wavelength. John A. Sarkar.M. Sarkar.M. A. as well as other scientists. Macken. then it is mind.2000.php.5. The mass of matter has got nothing to do with energy.” Calcutta: A.5. Sarkar.“First. A. 1959. p16. Indriyatattva. Sarkar“Microvita in a nutshell” .5. Sarkar. be in a straight line. what is matter? Matter is bottled-up energy. 2009).R. “Here Purus’a has become the universe of creation and therefore Purus’a is called Bhava.“ P. 2009).P. has been offered and applied in this essay.R. Syntropy is the opposite.R. (Central) EE7. Given the relationship between wavelength and frequency .R.M.S. Ibid.anandamarga. 35.” “So matter is not bottled-up energy . A. 1959. 2009). matter is not bottled-up energy. Ibid. “Prakrti has a tremendous force” “At this stage the flow of expression must therefore. because the sentient-dominated force itself must be a straight line. 45.

1987. 1959.html> Retr. “Vibration form and color.52. 55. 2009). “Idea and Ideology” -Bhu’tatattva. 62. Jan.R. July 27. He was invited lecturer at CNS (Centre for Neohumanist Studies) Sweden. Jan. 69. The crudest solid is the final stage of Saincara.R.M.S. Chemical bonding is interaction of electrons from ‘separate’ atoms. 53. 67. <http://www. 70.5.S.S. Sarkar. 26.cfm> Retr.sjsu. In a gas the atoms or molecules are surrounded by empty space and can move freely.” P. Tanma’tratattva. Jan. New York: Oxford University Press.” P. 1956.ucr.R. 2006. Sarkar.: 25 Jan. 57. Sarkar.-“Microvita as matrix” -Speaking Tree. in spite of its contact with a particular region of your tongue. Sarkar. This following text seems to be close to Luca Turins theory and certainly needs closer attention: “There is a sweet smell in the flower. About the author With a background in architecture. 54. < http://math. 73. 61. 2009). (Central) EE7. “The Character of Consciousness”. <www.5.” (The electronic edition of the works of P.cannot Light perceives some hindrance and accordingly move slower. Henk de Weijer started his research on microvita in 1998 and writes essays for Gurukula Newsletter.: 30 Jan 2015.howstuffworks. At various international conferences on Consciousness he gave concurrent lectures on microvita.R. P.ucr. 74.html> Retr. David A base is a molecule or an ion. (Central) EE7.” (bold by author. A.5.M. The Neo-Ethics of Multi-Lateral Salvation. 1986. had not that contact created a particular type of vibration or sensation in your afferent nerves by means of your taste-organ. 2009).an inanimate object. A.htm> Retr. Similarly you would not have sensed the sweetness of a delicious sweet. 2015.R. but is able to pass. 11. <http://health. 76. had not sympathetic waves been created in your afferent nerves upon their contact with the fragrance-carrying breeze. 1959.Sarkar. He is fellow of SMRIM (Society for Microvita research and Integrated Medicine). “Microvitum in a nutshell” -The Theory of Microvita and its Possible Effects on Society excerpt A.R. but little drops of H2O so. BOMRIM (Bulletin on Microvita Research and Integrated Medicine) and Gandhi Marg. Microvita Special Edition .htm> Retr. <http://www. 71.) Ibid. 2015.crimsondawn.14904> Retr. Indriyatattva. 65.htm> Retr. A cloud in the sky and steam are not gases. 2015.” P.: 2015. as well as at Universities in India and Venezuela. 23. (Central) EE7.S. <http://www.P. 72.Pag. 68.M. detect-1-trillion-odours-1. Sarkar. (Central) EE7. faculty member of GANE (Global Association of Neohumanist Educators) and member of the editorial board of BOMRIM. “The very start of the animated stage is the beginning of the process of Pratisaincara.: 28 Jan.P. “Ananda Marga -Elementary philosophy-” (The electronic edition of the works of P.innerbody. 66. Sarkar. u1013c. 75.eattasteheal.R. 58. <http://math. 52 . Michael B.html> human-nature/perception/smell1. In a liquid the molecules have enough intermolecular space to move. depending on the size and complexity of the molecules concerned.Delhi: Times of India.Then again you could not have sensed the existence of the airborne fragrance. 2015. 2009). 56. In solid matter the atoms are very close to each other and so tightly fixed in a grid. which has free electrons and because of that is able to form a chemical bond with an acid. 60.physiv=csclassroom.nature. Uttam Pati. In a medium with lower density in which atoms are closer to each other.R.: 26 Jan. but it would have appeared odorless to you. A. http://www. Copenhagen: Proutist Publications. 63.: 25 Jan. Sarkar.(The electronic edition of the works of P. “Eternal dance of Macrocosm”. that photons -with few exceptions. 59. Ibid.: 2015. ksititattva is the crudest form .(The electronic edition of the works of P. molecules of water. “The crudest stage is ksititattva.: 2015. where consciousness exists as an inanimate object. had not the smelltanma’tras or waves been carried to the gates of your nose by the aerial vibrations.P. <http://www. “As it has all the five tanma’tras.

crimsondawn. Microvita Research e. Additionally. and although they are so small. H. we present elementary particles with complementary objective and subjective attributes mirroring each other. negativity is the thropic or teleological principle) our work highlights change which compells consciousness to shrink and the possibility of final causes driving natural evolution. So why not understandings of life: The one is brought forward by create the complete model? This is possible by adding the contemporary indian epistemology and the other imaginary dimensions to the Cartesian coordinate sysby our western science. they have life-like qualities.Part I by Dr. In conclusion The standard model of particle physics doesn’t provide any rationale for conscious experience. As per common thinking. precluding the role of any spirit. the connection can not be compared imaginary space-time. to a bridge. Consequently. it has got similarities with a tunnel. And then we deal with the human mind as inconsistencies. things that feel must be made of things that feel (Charles Birch). 3. macroscopic forms appear to be a product of But beyond providing a connection between two un. however. As a result. replacing the current energy-based atomism with quantifications in the imaginary space-time. In contrast to the eastern tradition. derstandings of life. Accordingly. degrading subjectivity to a purely private affair. allowing con. spirit gives form to Rainjan Sarkar. Accordingly.based on natural selection. Rudolph (MD). we present a model where objectivity and subjectivity co-exist on equal footing: The objective has its value only when reflected in the subjective. Due to their profound differ. however. life continues 4. self-organisation. This is brought about by considering the future to ap- http://www. This is achieved by mapping mental space as clearly and distinct as it is usually done with objective space. either in a positive. In contrast. an evolution driven by final causes.we try to resolve this dilemma by demonstrating how el for the mysterious entities called microvita (ultimate “complete atoms” can be shaped by the supreme cogniparticles of consciousness).Pag. quantitatively. natural selection can co-exist with to be influenced by these entities.matter. the ‘hard problem of consciousness’ (David Chalmers) remains as a challenge. billions of them constitute a single carbon atom. and for the subFirst and foremost. crudify. With crude atoms having own shapes. 53 . the body-mind and thereby allowing living cells to get organized. wherever mind-body problem can be resolved thereby.A New Science of Reality .tem. Western science is usually obsessed by the myth of objectivity.V. formless matter. 1.J. we also offer a mathematical mod. however. Consequently. What we aim at is to introduce a new science of real. In this situation. we interconnect two very different jective only when reflecting the objective. going down to the very basic level of existence. Amongst the varior a negative way. And vice Microvita Special Edition . we ism can be replaced by a concept of “atoms” based on have to deal with quantum physics and its subatomic microvita. an ansciousness to expand. which can be realized by assigning all subjective entities to imaginary coordinates. But the story doesn’t end here: Once started. but by ity. a concept of “atoms” essentially based on what we call microvita (ultimate particles of consciousness). tive principle itself.consciousness is described not discursively. before 2. whereby positivity is understood as ous theories on the origin of intelligent life (theories a change from crudeness to subtility. and then ascribing all subjectivity to the realm of ences. the environmental conditions allow this to happen. the current energy-based atomreaching the surface on the other side. As already mentioned. Rather. the body-mind/mind-body problem gets resolved. Aristotle rejected atomism not because of its entities. According to Shri Sarkar. Objectivity and subjectivity need equal importance. but because of its tendency to underdescribed by the modern Indian thinker Shri Prabhat mine the unity of being: In his view. however.

en in the predetermined direction. He has rent concepts of atomism provided blueprints for the been associated with the materialism and capitalism of our times. tific community. affecting almost everyone: Hope usually pre. He gives Microvita times. decisive.=> http://hjrudolph. 54 . So. Also important to know A book entitled ‘From Imaginary Oxymora to Real Polarities and Return’ has been in market for the past two years (available at amazon books online). rather it refers to the imaginary part of complex numbers. culminating Microvita Sub-Commitin claims. In western culture.V. which have been introduced in 1986 by the indian philosopher Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar. the concept of microvita (ultimate particles of consciousness) can be used as the prime solution for all these dichotomies. evolution is driv. but also fundamental to all living forms of existence. I should briefly explain what I mean with ‘imaginary oxymora’: In my book.physically (H-bomb). stituted by the union of the male and the female. with goals being set therein. How do we differ from other concepts Our effort is to encourage the new generation of scienOur attempt is unique in providing a mathematical tists to work on creating and accomplishing such a new explaination of microvita (ultimate particles of con. former epiphenomenon of matter. Gunumerous and as old as modernity itself. additionally they bear upon entities like yin-yang. But it predetermined in its imaginary (subjective) counter.. on the other hand.similar idea is outlined in Plato’s Symposium. Moreover. Germany. (Berlin) as well look of the future.Pag. where erto unknown concept will compell postmodernism to Aristophanes talks about a united whole. Being extremely small. They usually jarat Ayurveda University. but nothing else. Hans-Joachim Rudolph is a physician in Additionally we give a very broad outlook: The cur. Situated at the boundary between objective matter and subjective abstract.does not do so by referring to the past.the Council for Natural ly (collateralized debt obligations). the proposed concept of microvita is theory of Microvita. but to be virtually alism. Dr. On the whole. Anti-modern movements.Berlin. founding member and referred to traditional http://www. rather it builds part.on the latest achievements of modern science.chairman of Microvita Research e. were participant of the ‘Foreigner’s Training Program’. materialism and capitalism of our times. insofar as it drives modernity to a point where it is no longer supporting the self-destructive individu. a distinct kind. of which the further push evolution onto a unified global civiliza. sciousness). And oxymora (plural of oxymoron) also refer to the complexity of our reality. comparative and discursive approaches up to of everything. they were unable to as fellow of the Society for Microvita Research and succeed. contion. the sun and the earth . but About the author were commented upon by only narrative. 5. also wrote a book on the general In this situation. After all.authorsxpress. Medicine at the Berlin Chamber of Physicians. organizing our reality thereby. devoid of a realistic out. Medicine and member of psychologically (media mass control) and economical.seminars to students and professionals of the scienvailed in its conflict with regret. ‘imaginary’ does not mean conceited or fictitious. His works are published in several scientific journals.. we find entities that are able to act as Microvita Special Edition . which turned out to be the dilemma of our Integrated Medicine (Udaipur).name survived. they have been named microvita (ultimate particles of consciousness).crimsondawn. a All in all we dare to say that the revelation of this hith. they gave birth commissioner for Indian to weapons of mass destruction . such as that consciousness is nothing but an tee since 1987.pear open only in real space-time. Microvita Special Edition . 55 . the probability that the system will be in the same state after. Microvita Research e. who wrote as early as 1954: http://www. that is. 2).whose decay could be inhibited by repeatedly measurilton product of two quaternions can be computed by ing its initial state (4). from Citta to Taking this into account. we could also ask: Is it that God can influence our worldly affairs – is He omniscient and allmighty. standard procedures (1. The Quantum Zeno Effect The Quantum Zeno Effect got its name from the Greek philosopher Zeno of Elea. from KrtaPurusha to Citta and Annamaya Kosha. one second. and was brought into prominence by an analysis of Baidyanath Misra and George Sudarshan dealing with an unstable quantum system The matrix product as well as the sum and the Ham. Here the question arises.and the Jina-Purusha: Creation and annihilation operators are able to perform all the necessary transformations between the described layers. suffused with physicality (Annamaya Kosha) or different levels of consciousness (Citta. the crucial question remains as to what all this “freezed” by continuous observation (see Fig. say. Citta and Annamaya Kosha. H. a continual observation from Citta. medium for Krta-Purusha and smallest for Citta. tends to one as N tends to infinity.e. Rudolph (MD).Part II by Dr. From each level contents can be witnessed. actually means. Earlier. mediating between the real and the imaginary layers of existence.The notion points to the fact that such systems can be calities. On the whole. even if the state is not a stationary one. or simply disinterested and disabled? But let’s better proceed with Alan Turing. Krta-Purusha or Jina-Purusha should allow to Annamaya Kosha. But beyond these techni. In a religious context. from Jina-Purusha to Krta-Purusha. 1).J. where the radius of observation is biggest for Jina-Purusha. reduce motion in the Annamaya Kosha. we are dealing with four spaces. as to whether such observations can have any influence on events in the Annamaya Kosha. and vice versa.Pag.A New Science of Reality . that continual observations will prevent motion (3). Layers of Existence It is easy to show using standard theory that if a system starts in an eigenstate of some observable. we described in detail how microvita relate and connect the imaginary (Citta) with the real world (Annamaya Kosha). and measurements are made of that observable N times a second. Krta-Purusha and Jina-Purusha).crimsondawn.V. i. which means that the natural course of things can be changed by the action of a suitable Microvita tensor. Similar rules apply to the Krta.

London and Bauer advised as early as according to which the von Neumann entropy produc1939 that it is not a macroscopic device. Insofar. One possibility is that a “soul-spirit” is instrumental to specific choices. he replied that there are many ways to answer this question. he On this background. serving system and located it in the observer’s brain. Atman (individual nucleus) the secondary the principal method by which the conscious can ef. if the whole theory is non-local. who designed an extension of Schrödinger’s cat. represent the mental wavefunctions or density matrices conditioned by Georgiev. primary.sity matrix to the observer’s mind.dicts a basic theorem in quantum information theory tum mechanics. provided consciousness which completes a quantum measure. Krta-Purusha and Citta. but human tion by mental efforts is always non-negative. while another is that we may eventually find a mechanical explanation for this process (15). Henry Stapp’s interpretation of quantum mechanics profoundly builds upon a framework established by John von Neumann (11). All these expositions have in common to be non-local and non-deterministic (13).and microfor action. Therein. he considered the general situation of a measured object system (I). means to observe or measure a quantum system: 2. the mind acts upon the brain using projection operators without having an own wavefunc. Consequently. As to the quantum aspect of a template own imaginary space-times: the macro. In 1958. the crucial question is what it standard quantum mechanics. it is inessential whether a detector or the human brain is ultimately referred to as the “observer” (6). Both of them develop layers of mind with fect change (8). Georgiev’s second objection (14) comes as a surprise: How is it possible to condition “… provided that the mind is able to act only locally at the brain“. And the intentional acts can protract the lifetime of neuronal matrices used in transformations between these layers assemblies representing such templates (9). it is important to know that Stapp didn’t commit himself to a definite metaphysical Microvita Special Edition . and that this phenomenon is 2. His conclusion was that it makes no difference for the result of measurements on (I) whether the boundary between the observed and the observing system is posited between (I) and (II & III) or between (I & II) and (III). relates to the situation before measurement. Heisenberg introduced a distinction between the potential and the actual. and the brain of a human observer (III). which would be mandatory in tion to the number of observations per unit time inter- http://www. which expresses the idea of a reality independent of measurements (7). implementing a decisive step beyond the operational Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics. Stapp argued that the attention devoted to cosmic Jina-Purusha. Thereby.Pag. (10).The graph shows the zeno time factor (y-axis) in relation or density matrix. Stapp used the freedom refrains from ascribing an own wavefunction or dento place the interface between the observed and the ob. Regarding Georgiev’s first objection (14). our metaphysical position is unambiguous: hold the brain in a superposition of states. In this model. however. Danko Georgiev criticized Stapp’s model in two aspects: Zeno Time Factor of Neuronal Assemblies labeled as Wigner’s friend experiment (12). able to In contrast. he advanced that the mind is 1. As a consequence. 56 . a view further consolidated by Eugene Wigner. In 1955.that the mind is able to act only locally at the brain ment (5). Consequently. Asked about who or what the “observer” actually is. Needless to say that the ideas disseminated from this platform are also non-local.In the given context. Stapp’s claim that the Quantum Zeno Effect is robust against environmental decoherence directly contraIn contrast to the Copenhagen interpretation of quan. he concludes that the collapse of the wave function is caused by the consciousness of the experimenter. Henry P. His notion of the potential. Heisenberg’s notion of the actual is related to a measured event in the sense of the Copenhagen interpretation. von Neumann discussed the conceptual distinction between the observed and the observing system. a measuring instrument (II). using the Purushottama (cosmic nucleus) is considered to be the Quantum Zeno Effect.

2004. Simon Grondin wrote in 2010 (18): One important model … is the one involving a cortico-striatal or. Within neuronal assemblies. 0. neurons can switch from unsynchronized to more or less synchronized modes. This numerical answer can be derived from a number of different experiments which all converge to a value of approximately 2 to 3 seconds. see Matell & Meck. Matell. one has to expect subjective variability for such a Scheme of a Neuronal Assembly temporal integration window.90 to circuitry (Meck & Microvita Special Edition . plays a critical computational role.g. When the timekeeping activity must stop after a specific time interval. we get 10-40 msec per cycle (25 to 100 cycles per second). which have firing rates from 10 to 40 cycles per second and are not normally synchronized in their activity. 2002. interpersonal. with a sharp leftward edge at 4 msec. specific pattern of neural activity. Furthermore. Unit time interval substantia nigra sends a message to the striatum. James 1890). 2003). And further below: It should be stressed that the temporal platform does not have the characteristics of a physical constant but that an operating range of approximately 2 to 3 seconds is basic to mentation. obviously. the 1. more specifically. val (x-axis) at non-decay probabilities PN(T) of 0. These cells. E. The hypothesis is that striatal cells receive inputs from cortical neurons when a “start-timing” signal is given. So. how to estimate the number begin firing simultaneously for a moment. a frontal-striatal. & Nicolelis. And with a boson production and annihilation of around 100 per unit time interval. behaviourally expressed and synchronised. Pöppel (17) writes: The subjective present as a basic temporal phenomenon has interested psychologists for a hundred years (e.crimsondawn. Histograms of interspike intervals often show skewed distributions. The striatum. the main question is. The The available literature suggests that 3-sec segments of pattern of activation at that moment is then recorded time are the basic temporal building blocks of not only via a burst of dopamine and serves to identify a specific perceptual experiences and motor processes. which is well in the range of mean neuronal firing rates. but also interval length. and a rightward tail corresponding to interspike intervals of up to 300 msec. Number of observations per unit time interval Neurons carry information by irregular sequences of action potentials.Pag. intersubjective experiences (16). Meck. creating a of observations per unit time interval. We are now in a position to indicate how long such a subjective present actually lasts. Consequently. the unit time interval should be in the http://www.99 with which receives millions of impulses from the cortical cells. a maximum at 40-80 msec.range of 1-4 seconds. 57 . 2.. Regarding time perception.

D. Sudarshan.crimsondawn. Princeton University Press (1955). memory or opinion. Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis (2004). 29/2: 389-393 17. & Psychophysics (2010). in Alan Turing: life and legacy of a great thinker. 374 11. representative for a particular propensity. Esalen Center for Theory & Research (2012) 16. Atmanspacher. NeuroQuantology (2012). Issue 4. Physics and Philosophy. What would Alan Turing have done after 1954. H. H. 58 . I. frequency of the m ** Synchronizable synapse (Qn). * Synchronizable microvitum ( set (μ). elementary processing units and the 3-second window. Berlin. D. Simon Grondin: Timing and time perception: A review of recent behavioral and neuroscience findings and theoretical directions. frequency of the assembly (ν). the Zeno time factor can be estimated. London and E. F.Pag. Princeton University Press (1955). The Zeno’s paradox in quantum theory. as the frequency of the bosonic field during observation (μ) should equal the frequency of the activated neuronal assembly (ν). Berlin. 251 6. Journal of Mathematical Physics (1977). 284 13. using the graph given above. Heinemann. In Zalta (ed. Volume 10. Heidelberg (2007) 9.So. 756 5. Quantum Zeno Effect and Environmental Decoherence.). p. J. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (summer 2011) 10. p. J. Journal of Ethology (2011). H. Issue 3. Emese Nagy: Sharing the moment: the duration of embraces in humans. duration (∆t). NeuroQuantology (2012).P. Heisenberg. New York (1958) 8. Quantum Theory and Measurement. p. Good (ed. Quantum Zeno Effect and Environmental Decoherence. E. Wikipedia (2012): Matrix product 2. References 1. Harper & Row. J. Mind Efforts. in The Scientist Speculates. London (1961). Stapp. Volume 18.). La théorie de l’observation en mécanique quantique. Andrew Hodges. Perception. C.). W. Wheeler and Zurek (eds. p. 64: 295-301(2) 18. Volume 10. in http://www. Misra and G. Wigner: Remarks on the Mind-Body Problem. von Neumann. Bauer. Issue 3. 366 12.). Ernst Pöppel: Lost in time: a historical frame. Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics. Trans. And. Georgiev: Mind Efforts. SpringerVerlag. Attention. Georgiev. ). Teuscher (ed. Stapp: Quantum Physics and the PsychoPhysical Nature of the Universe. thereby creating a pattern of activity. 72/3: 561-582 Microvita Special Edition .P. von Neumann: Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics. duration (d). Springer Verlag (2004) 4. p. p. Mindful Universe: Quantum Mechanics and the Participating Observer. Princeton University Press (1983). 374 15. p. 366 7. Quantum Approaches to Consciousness. Wikipedia (2012): Comparison of Interpretations 14. our hypothesis is that a set of synchronized Microvita * should be able to influence a neuronal assembly ** to the effect that its neurons (otherwise unsynchronized in their activity) start firing simultaneously at about 40 (10 to 100) cycles per second. Wikipedia (2012): Quaternion 3.

Water molecules tend to repel one another if pushed too close together because no two objects like to occupy the same space.. However. 59 The table divides the cosmos. it has a positive end and a negative end. It is the only attribute of the field that allows us to infer that a field is actually present! Hence the term tanmatra is translated as inference. two with aerial factor. polarized. (Or to extend this metaphor. space as left-right. and one of the features of Sarkar’s new cosmology is to make this explicit. This is possible because the ocean consists of billions of interacting water molecules. they first define its space. In Idea and Ideology. a trampoline or a drum skin. one associated with ethereal factor. that is. they must repel when pushed too close otherwise the ocean would offer no resistance to compression. Note that each dimension is polarized. This polarization generates a tension. the entire field is like a stretched rubber membrane. So when physicists attempt to visualize a field. By analogy. There are passages in Microvita in a nutshell that are consistent with this narrow physical interpretation of the planes of inferences. The above metaphor is a field view of an inferential plane. But this point remains uncertain. Thus an inferential plane is like an ocean that fills a space and when supplied with energy..Microvita Models and Metaphors by Bhaktavirya Towsey A model of Microvita (B) Objective .Planes of universal Macrocosmic inferences Sarkar describes the (B) Objective category as planes of Universal Macrocosmic inferences. inferential particles. The narrow definition restricts the planes of (B) Objective to the physical universe and the inferences are the five tanmatras of Brahmacakra. including we humans. imagine 15 planes of tanmatras spread through the physical universe. except that one ingredient is missing – energy. . Table 1: The four categories of the Supreme Attributional Principle. Or we can adopt a broad definition which equates the planes of Macrocosmic inferences to the lokas. up-down. is supplied by (A) Subjective. the abstract category.Pag. In either case a single inferential plane corresponds to the physicist’s notion of a field and that is where we begin. that is. But they attract one another when pulled a little apart. We can adopt a narrow or a broad definition of this phrase. into four fundamental categories (Sarkar calls them chambers) that are labeled (A) Subjective. And in MV in a Nutshell (1st edition p127) Sarkar asks “What are the media of microvita . a time dimension and another dimension corresponding to the defining characteristic of the field. a tanmatra is defined as the microscopic fraction of a bhuta or fundamental factor. They attract because each water molecule is polarized. the tanmatras correspond to the minute particles that constitute an inferential plane.” It seems that the tanmatra concept is bursting at its physical seams! I believe that the equivalent of tanmatras exist within all the lokas. We begin with the objective categories simply because. Only the Bhuloka corresponds to the five fundamental factors. When physicists define a field. Waves do not oscillate in a Microvita Special Edition . and it corresponds to the person relativity in Brahmacakra. (B) Subjective (left column). Note that these planes are not directly equivalent to the five fundamental factors. As noted above. being objective. such as a gravitational field. an electric field will have one dimension corresponding to electric potential. one gets the impression that the term tanmatra is applicable only to the physical universe.crimsondawn. However in Namami Krsna Sundarum. The particles must attract otherwise an ocean wave could not maintain its integrity. a narrow interpretation of the planes of Macroscopic inferences equates them to the physical universe of the five fundamental factors and their corresponding tanmatras. Consider the waves that move through an ocean of water. (A) Objective and (B) Objective (right column). that ocean carries waves back and forth – it vibrates. and so on. This attribute dimension makes the field different from other fields. energy. there are other passages which justify a broader interpretation. they should be easier to understand! Our goal is to increase our understanding of these categories by making links both to Brahmacakra and to modern physics. In Idea and Ideology. we can imagine that an inferential plane is an ocean of billions of vanishingly small. for example. reference is made to psychic tanmatras. to include all the lokas (except Satya loka) within (B) Objective. time and attribute dimensions and place these at right-angles to one another in order to set up a co-ordinate system. rather as if each of the dimensions has been stretched like a rubber band.? Tanmatras -.) And tension creates a potential for vibration. On the other hand.inferences and ideas. The http://www. In Sarkar’s MV cosmology. time as past-future. it must have spatial dimensions. According to this definition. etc and all attributes can have a positive or negative expression. For example. We could. However the metaphor is not complete unless complemented from a particle perspective.

In particular. Some of the particles escape into the new space. the time available and the variety of actors. when an object or wave hits a boundary. you can view dramas having varying degrees of grandeur and tension. “The Cosmic Entity extends in different lokas wherein the different kosas and unit minds dwell. time and actors. In other words. It is as if there are six dramas happening within one theatre. the guru of Microvita Special Edition . This process of crudification of citta.” Each of the lokas can be compared to a theatrical stage. unit entities are created having unit minds.” The properties of the different kosas are explained in some detail and there is a table in the same chapter which relates the Macrocosmic kosas to their corresponding lokas. The difference between a micro- . In order to watch a drama or opera. The kind of wave that can be transmitted through a space depends on its degree of compression and on the nature of its constituent particles. refracted or some of both. And between any two phases there is always a boundary. you need space. This stuff is the ultimate implies a spherical shell offering coverage to something inside.Planes of microcosmic and Macrocosmic propensities The planes of microcosmic and Macrocosmic propensities correspond to the kosas and their corresponding propensities. Sarkar translates kosa as shell. when steam is gradually cooled. there is a sudden phase change at 100 degrees and the resulting water has different properties from the steam. Space and the Atom – are therefore one and the same and substantially nothing but mere ideas. We will return to this. During Prati-saincara. But now it is time to consider Objective A. We can draw an analogy between the compression of the lokas and the phase change phenomenon known to physics. These dramas interpenetrate and interact and are interdependent.) From a field perspective. it can be reflected. describes it. The unit minds have the same kosas and attributes as the Macrocosmic mind. But now we have to make an intuitive jump. MV science will eventually allow us to develop a unified philosophy and methodology that encompasses all the worlds we can know. Thus the lokas can also be viewed as different phases of matter or substance. Mind is a substance and hence MV science promotes a substantive theory of mind. These four – the Word (Aum vibration). The Holy Science) The lokas can be divided and compressed because they are particulate. They just get distributed through different inferential spaces as these become available due to compression. They are the worlds or spaces in which the structures of the Macrocosmic mind and the microcosmic minds are located.crimsondawn. There is much more that could be said about the Objective B category. Many important phenomena take place at phase boundaries both in Brahmacakra and in physics. with new attribute-spaces being created within the previous spaces. The seven lokas offer a spectrum of dramas ranging in grandeur and scale from most subtle to most crude. the lokas are the objective substance. till the crude solid is created. This is a powerful promise!! The lokas are created during Saincara by a process of division and compression. However there will come a point where no further compression appears to be possible and something has to give. We can imagine that when a loka is compressed its constituent inferential particles will come closer together. The first vibration or inference to be created is the Aum vibration. However in a later chapter we read: “In the extroversial Saincara process citta gradually crudifies under the influence of static Prakrti. The ensuing effect is the idea of particles – the innumerable atoms (anu). is divided into five stages known as kosas. Nature finds a way out of this dilemma by suddenly creating a new space having its own newly created attribute. Time. the structure of the Macrocosmic kosas is likely to be complex but a simple classification into five kosas is sufficient for our purposes. http://www. which is Time (Kala) in the Ever-Unchangeable: and the idea of division. For example. The division of the lokas into innumerable parts gives rise to innumerable phase boundaries. the known-I in the cosmic arena. To quote from Idea and Ideology. Aum presents the idea of change.Pag. The lokas can be viewed from two perspectives. 60 (A) Objective . „In its different aspects.tanmatras of the physical world are now called inferences and the tanmatras of the psychic worlds are ideas. Here is how Shrii Yukteshvara. Depending on the size of the stage. The term is relevant only at a boundary between different planes of inference or phases of matter. From a particle perspective. (See the table on p 37 in Idea and Ideology 7th edition for confirmation that the Macrocosm has kosas!) In addition. the stuff of which the creation is composed. The early chapters of Idea and Ideology do not mention the kosas. it is certain that each of the kosas can be divided into sub-kosas or sub-shells. The translation is significant . the seed sound of the universe. The seven lokas and the different kinds of experience they afford are the framework on which we will build a science of MV. The notions of reflection and refraction appear again and again in MV science. which is Space (Desa) in the EverIndivisible. having a coordination of Mahattattva and Aham’tattva. See for example the section “Making Waves“ in the [Appendix]. A small change in compression suddenly generates a new phase or loka having different properties. Conversely. The Macrocosmic kosas are created during Saincara and the microcosmic kosas during Prati-saincara. the lokas are huge oceans of universal waves. the matter. (This is the term used in the academic literature. And so the process continues. just as the crudest loka is divided into five fundamental factors. Note that the initial number of inferential particles remains constant. These six or seven stages are simultaneously co-existent.“ (Shii Yukteshvara.

We can get a feeling for these entities by thinking about their physical base. not only does unit mind expand but unit physical base also becomes much broader. the emergent entity that arises from the coming together of the many parts. There are circular currents and streams distinct enough that they get a name. The psychic kosas are standing waves just like the electron shells around an atom. This distinction is explained at length in Idea and Ideology. The forward direction is synthetic. The physical base of an atimanasa kosa is.cell . It can also be viewed as an evolutionary sequence that proceeds by the synthesis of billions of parts to become a whole. Although Sarkar has described these terms as vague. These experiences are trans-personal and trans-logical. The kosas are stable standing waves within the ocean of a loka. all point to a higher integrating source of consciousness. many cells (and their kamamaya kosas) >> human being + subtle mind (manomaya kosa) 3. a solar system. It is easier to get the idea across with diagrams and I have a Powerpoint presentation to do this. So now we can make the distinction between the kosas and lokas. As evolution advances. many social systems (and their atimanasa kosas) >> a higher order system ??? + aesthetic mind (vijinanamaya kosa) Thus the evolutionary process during Prati-saincara creates unit entities on all scales of Microvita Special Edition . Although we have no idea what unit entities with evolved higher kosas might be like. The easiest image is that the kosas of any one entity are concentric spherical shells (hence the name) all finding a common nucleus in the center of the collective structure. Mozart’s description of how he wrote a symphony.crimsondawn.cosmic kosa and the equivalent Macrocosmic kosa lies not in the mind stuff but in the dependence on a physical base. e. many humans (+ manomaya kosas) >> social system + intuitional mind (atimanasa kosa) The kosa shown at the right side of each equation is the ‘something new’. In addition the various interial forces must find a common nucleus. In our part of the universe we are aware only of taking the first steps in the building of a collective mind. In fact. there is a sum of parts – but also an emergent part that could not have been predicted from the properties of the parts alone. many atoms >> living cell + crude mind (kamamaya kosa) 2. a star and a galaxy. The physical base of a manomaya kosa is a human body. Consider the hierarchical sequence atom . If we only see the physical base.human being . the psycho-spiritual mind as corresponding to the kosas above the manomaya kosa and the psycho-physical mind as corresponding to the kosas below the manomaya kosa. Note that the lower levels of mind continue to unfold as the higher levels unfold. The physical base of a kamamaya kosa is a living cell. the emergent part remains obscure. Here I will rely on words. (See Ken Wilbur “Eye to Eye“ for a elegant exposition of these ideas. In the early stages of evolution. and sophistication takes place in a corresponding manner. This is in accord with the principles of ecological energetics. human beings do get glimpses of the higher kosas (that is. the atimanasa kosa is only just beginning to unfold with our solar system as its physical base. but we can easily imagine that the psychic kosas of living entities must also have interial forces that find a common nucleus with their physical counterpart. The kosas are like stable currents and eddies within the lokas. The Macrocosmic mind is independent of any physical base and is indeed the creator of the physical universe. 61 . . I believe. First the sum of their interial forces must be greater than the sum of their exterial forces otherwise the structure would disintegrate. And when a kosa completely surrounds a structure this is referred to as en- http://www. the physical body of the evolving entities extends over a broader and broader base. Because unit entities are founded on a physical base it is easy to forget that they have a corresponding mind. he continues to use them even in MV cosmology.) We know from Idea and Ideology that complex structures composed of many parts must have two properties in order to be stable. We can write the evolutionary sequence as a series of equations: 1. the evolutionary sequence just described also involves the unfolding of different layers or kosas of unit minds. the notion of Gaia and some comments in Microvita in a Nutshell concerning the effect of sunlight on the human mind. However Sarkar makes a distinction between the psycho-physical mind and the physico-psychic mind.Pag. The physical base of a vijinanamaya kosa could be a galaxy and the physical base of the one hiranmaya kosa would be the entire physical universe. the reverse direction analytic. The idea I want to develop here is that during evolution. the Macrocosmic kosas perform the necessary higher functions for the primitive unit entities. stable enough to deserve a name. It is tempting to speculate that the sequence can be extended. the atimanasa kosa and above). At each transition. We know that the Atlantic ocean is not a homogenous body of water. the unit entities take over more and more of the functions of the Macrocosmic kosas. many scientist’s descriptions of how they came to their discoveries. the Gulf Stream .) They do not correspond to the ordinary state of human consciousness which is the manomaya kosa. Unit minds are founded on and depend on a physical base. The atimanasa kosa orchestrates the collective mind of a human society and thus it is possible for later historians to recognise a zeitgeist for any particular age. I think of the conscious mind as corresonding to the manomaya kosa. That is. We recognize these properties most readily in an atom. For simplicity. Why not: 4. At the same time. Enrico Fermi’s description of how he discovered the control of nuclear system.g. This requires more discussion. (Some terminology: western psychologists have used terms such as conscious and sub-conscious to describe different parts of the human mind.

According to this model. The electron. 62 (A) and (B) Subjective And now the hard bit . attributes and values. but the kosas of the Macrocosmic entity are independent.Pag. For every propensity. elec- . Consider a proton and a neutrino both emitted by the sun traveling towards planet earth. We can get a little deeper insight into the person relativity. They have different particle personalities. the force particle is a light particle (photon). Put another way. Two big people can throw a heavier ball than two small people! There is a close connection between the mass of a physical particle and the combination of charges that it has. matter particles and force particles. Thus the terms kosa and endoplasmic coverage are relevant only to stable living entities. When one throws the other must catch. All matter particles have attributes known as charges or quantum numbers. They are transitory. destroyed and converted to other particles. Samskaras are the psychic equivalent of potential energy. We know that like charges repel and unlike charges attract. we called them the fine crystals of Consciousness. There is a complex hierarchical and interwoven relationship between all these entities. the propensities are like particle charges and the inferences are like force particles. In other respects the kosas of the microcosms and the Macrocosm are similar. Unit entities are attracted to one another or repelled depending on the net effect of all their propensities in their different kosas. (Needs workshops to ascertain which happens first) To sum up. Let us hypothesise that all the kosas have two kinds of particle. These attractions and repulsions are mediated by inferential particles. At the heart of the person relativity lies the existence of propensities and their associated samskaras. for example has electric charge. They are the tanmatras of Brahmacakra and the force particles of modern physics. In the case of electric charge. if we try to dissociate what we feel or what we conceive or what we perceive into the ‘knower’ and ‘known’ portions. The proton hits the earth’s outer atmosphere and is immediately buffeted on all sides and eventually halted in its path. Citta particles have mass (potential energy or samskara) and wonts (propensities) which correspond to the charges of physical matter particles. Hence the diversity of the human mind. However there is another kind of particle which we may call a citta particle.doplasmic coverage. To close this section. When an entity dies. And the ‘knowing’ faculty in the cosmic level is the supreme cause or the subtlest form of energy. time. its structure disintegrates and its endoplasmic coverage disappears. that is. This interaction at a distance is mediated by force particles. Now let us take the model more literally. protons and neutrons can be combined into 100 or so atoms and a bewildering array of molecules. The planes in this case refer to the kosas. “In the cosmic arena. In particular they have the same kinds of propensities. the universe looks a very different place to the proton and neutrino because they have different propensities. The propensities must be complementary. The kosas of the microcosmic entities rest on a physical base. there is a corresponding force particle. The ball game keeps the persons standing not too close together but not too far apart. recall the three relativities. For every particle charge. The sense of agent or doer-I attributed to any structure has its origins in the collectivity of MV that make up the structure. (Quoted from “Matter and Abstract”. in the cosmic stratum. place and person. Why? Because the proton has many charges which allow it to interact with many other particles while the neutrino has few charges and does not interact with other particles. the cosmos in the physical level is the ‘doing’ entity in the physical level and is microvita. http://www. The interaction involves the exchange of inferences or Microvita Special Edition . Here is a simple diagram showing the interaction between two unit entities having propensities. Unit entity 1 (kosas+propensities) <<>> inferences <<>>Unit entity 2 (kosas+propensities) This equation can be visualized as two persons throwing a ball to one another. The inferential particles were described previously and are the fine structure of the lokas and kosas.crimsondawn. By analogy. Different citta particles can presumably be combined into more complex psychic structures in the same way that electrons. We may compare citta particles to the matter particles of physics. the (A) Objective of MV cosmology refers to all the microcosmic entities and the Macrocosmic entity. The best way to view the relationship between inferences (B Objective) and propensities (A Objective) is to use a simple particle physics model. The neutrino on the other hand passes right through the earth and out the other side as if nothing was there. and the ‘known’ portion or the ‘known’ counterpart is the psychic and psychospiritual worlds”. and the ‘done’ portion is the world of physicality. Recall that there are two kinds of physical particle. They are created during Saincara and remain the fundamental particulate stuff of creation. You can adapt the metaphor as required. such as electrons and protons. (B) Subjective is the Doer-I and has its origins at the finest particulate level of consciousness – in the Berlin meeting. there is a corresponding inference.the subjective components of Table 1. The following difficult passage states that the Knower-I and Doer-I have their objective Known-I and Done-I counterparts. they can be created. Protons with electric and color charge have a mass more than a thousand times that of an electron which has only electric charge. There are two subjective entities: (A) Subjective is labeled Knower-I and is responsible for infusing energy into the lokas and kosas. we may suppose that there is a close connection between psychic propensities (vrttiis) and samsakras.

http://www. There are four causal flows from the subjective side to the objective side. “And if after passing through the Cosmic ‘Known’ Entity it [energy] comes down towards the planes of cosmic or individual Microvita Special Edition . can be dissociated into a knowing faculty (the Supreme cause and subtlest form of energy) and a known counterpart. But the same energy can also create different psychic worlds (we interpreted this to mean the higher lokas of B Objective). So more generally it appears as if knower-I and doer-I are active in both objective chambers. p 142] The relationship between propensities and samskara (potential energy) has already been discussed above. When MV . A man can move a large rock with his bare hands only with great difficulty. We interpreted this to mean that A and B Subjective are both active in the planes of propensities and inferences. How is this possible? Because MV have the backing of conscience and presumably intelligence. This more general interpretation is supported by a passage starting at the bottom of page 139 [MVINS]. that is they travel through the planes of inferences and when they do so. on the other hand. Microvita. the psychic and psycho-spiritual worlds. its movement is towards crude. electrical etc. Without this infusion of energy. the objective universe would be inert. Sub-waves are super-imposed on the major waves rather like ripples on the surface of the ocean. for example. Causal Flow 1: (A Subjective >> B Objective.) In the Berlin workshops. And the remaining part of the cosmos. Causal Flow 3: (B Subjective >> B Objective. But with judicious application of a lever. the world of physicality.crimsondawn. There is a very close relationship between MV and tanmatras which deserves more thought. But if it moves towards the cosmic cognitive faculty it [energy] is converted into psycho-spiritual movement. 63 Table 2 is an attempt to integrate all this information. Both microvita and energy are active in the planes of propensities and in the physical planes of inferences. KnownI) There appears to be only one passage that describes this causal flow. towards crudification. microvita and a done part. Even within the physical universe it is observed that energy is more active in the cruder levels of matter. and finally spiritual movement or into the Spiritual Entity. it is converted into so many different forms of energy. However energy is more active in the physical planes of inferences and MV are more active in the planes of propensities. However both (A) Objective and (B) Objective have physical and psychic parts. Nuclear energy is. When energy comes in direct contact with the world of physicality.tronic 6th edition but is no different from third edition of MV book.Pag. Done-I) Microvita travel through the media of inferences. Done-I) Microvita help to express or suppress the propensities of B Objective. far more powerful than chemical energy. So we can imagine that energy becomes less active (less powerful ?) as we pass up through the lokas. Known-I) The supreme causal entity and subtlest form of energy (A Subjective) infuses energy into the inferential oceans (B Objective) and causes them to vibrate with major waves. Causal Flow 2: (A Subjective >> A Objective. The physical universe can be divided into a doing entity. such as magnetic. The four categories of the Supreme Attributional Principle showing causal relationships. we adopted the following interpretation of the above passage. they generate waves much as a boat leaves a wave as it sails through the ocean. it becomes an easy task not requiring much energy. And chemical energy (the world of electro-magnetism) is more powerful than gravitational energy. The causal connection between A Subjective and B Objective is explicitly stated at the top of p156 [MVINS]. become more active. This effect is made explicit in [MVINS]. Causal Flow 4: (B Subjective >> A Objective. These are known as sub-waves. than the subtle.” [MVINS.

“Positive microvita move freely in the physical and psychic worlds. and touch the border of the spiritual world. microvita are highly mobile. they also have the same crude and subtle parts. they can move in two directions. negative microvita “cannot go directly beyond the jurisdiction of this plexus.Pag. A transducer converts one kind of energy into another. (B) Subjective . If they move from a subtler to a cruder plane. e. “MV are the initial stage of matter. microvita have a subtle part and a cruder part. In particular.. We may think of MV as transducers. “Microvita are a happy blending of matter and idea”. The concepts in 3 and 4 can be represented thus: Idea >> Microvitum <<>> Matter Note the reversible relationship between MV and matter. These limitations to the movement of microvita also have their corollary in the human chakra and glandular system.Doing principle . A single microvitum is particle. From the http://www. can 5. It occupies space in theory but not in practice. However. It converts the idea of a matter particle into a realisation of that matter particle.” I interpret this to mean that positive microvita can move in all the physical and psychic kosas but cannot cross into the satya loka. 3.” Positive microvita are able to function above the pituitary gland “but cannot touch the pineal gland. 1. Note that the electron particle also appears to occupy no space and has no internal structure. These should not be thought of as separable parts. It is now time to discuss MV in more detail. Sarkar makes a distinction between two kinds of microvita. Since atoms are a collective form of MV. a single microvitum has no internal structure in the same way that an atom does.Microvita I believe we can say the following about microvita with enough certainty that these statements deserve to be part of a standard model. “. when billions of microvita get solidified. They affect “almost each and every atom of the human structure”.pass through the expressed world of done. microvita could account for recently observed and puzzling non-local effects. this has a positive or spiritually uplifting effect on the structure. Microvita can move freely through most of the human body. positive and negative. electricity into heat or heat into electricity. But if they move toward a subtler plane. an apparent binding between well separated particles that cannot be explained in terms of the known force fields and that seems unconstrained by the speed of light. Despite 2. a carbon atom is formed. 2. However. All of a Microvita Special Edition . but cannot cross the threshold of the spiritual world. microvita are transmuted into matter and matter is transmuted into microvita.g.crimsondawn. Consider the propensity for sweet tasting food such as icecream.” That is. The distinction is based on their mobility through the kosas and by corollary through the chakra system of the human body. Sarkar gives the example of MV that caused the flu epidemic after WW1.” I interpret this to mean that negative microvita are confined to the bhuh and bhuvah lokas and cannot cross into the svah loka (manomaya kosa). 6. A microvitum is a matter transducer.“ 4. Carbon atoms and “all other kinds of atoms are the creation of microvita”. MV are fundamental particles. 64 . The subtler part is closer to idea and the cruder part is closer to matter. The extraordinary mobility of microvita described above is however only within the physical universe. there is crudification of the structure – for example human being. Although they are matter. Negative microvita “move in the range of physicality and touch the arena of the psychic world.or point-like. “Microvitum is the minutest entity. some of them (if not all) must move faster than the speed of light. that is.” Note that these two statements do not necessarily mean that an atom is literally composed of MV. point of view of particle physics. that enable the propensity for sweetness to be satisfied. but they cannot cross the threshold of the psychic world. Microvita create the carbon atoms and molecules in our taste buds. they are very very subtle.” From the point of view of the chakra system.” Positive microvita on the other hand. The following quote suggests that there is a dynamic equilibrium between MV and matter. From the point of view of standard physics. negative microvita “cannot influence any portion of the body above the pituitary gland. both negative and positive microvita function directly up to the physicopsychic plexus (associated with the thyroid). They face no hindrance that normal physical particles face. glands and sub-glands.

Note that the lower glands and plexi have not been illustrated. “So these microvita may be broadly divided into three categories --”. sense of self is not located in some part of the brain but rather is embedded deeply in every atom of the body. See p 69 for more detail on the relation between the major and sub-waves. By contrast. Yaksas appear to be the luminous bodies referred to in Brahmacakra. Can a single microvitum move in multiple media simultaneously? I think a simpler interpretation is that different MV require different media. that is. These Microvita Special Edition . The internal structure of the compound is heterogeneous but its external properties are homogenous. 8. They “function within the world of perception through inferences. a field. Crude microvita are “instrumental in emanating life throughout the cosmos. The situation with combinations of microvita is likely to be more complex because the numbers are so large. color charge etc) and moves through several force fields at the same time. A practical example: a proton has multiple charges (electric charge. but their constituent MV are quite different. they combine together in a collective form. The phrasing indicates an entire spectrum of microvita ranging from most crude to most subtle but it is convenient to distinguish three major groups in the same way that we divide the spectrum of mind into five kosas. and these are concentrated in the nucleus. The relevant passage in Microvitum in a Nutshell is a discussion about heterogeneity versus homogeneity. (See [MVINS]. For now it is necessary to remember that two atoms may appear the same externally but internally they are composed of different MV. We now have to distinguish two kinds of waves. (p 18-19) A variety of atoms can combine to a form a particular compound.function directly up to and including the lunar plexus and up to the occult plexus (Guru chakra) but cannot go beyond the occult plexus . they coordinate their movement through multiple media or planes or fields. See the [Appendix] for a model of the atom as an open system.Subtle Microvita: Do not move in physical space but rather in psychic space.Crude Microvita: They “move in ethereal space”.” Crude microvita are “the initial stage of matter”. Yaksas are not individual MV. As a specific example. Rather they are bodies composed of innumerable MV . the internal structure is likely to be complex. They come within “the scope of a special type of perception which is actually the reflection of conception within the range of perception in a limited sphere. so when a collectivity of MV move. Like the physical particles of science. macro-molecules etc. there may be many media at a time in the same movement. But the compound formed from those elements will have its own distinct melting and boiling points.“it cannot touch the macro-propensive plexus”.” (p 57) The point here is that MV make the link between objective matter and the subjective sense of self. They “come within the range of a highly developed microscope”. There are three kinds of MV varying in subtlety. The upward arrows indicate that positive microvita are pro-psychic and prefer to move upward through the kosas. For example.Subtler Microvita: These “move in supra-psychic space”. And for human beings. The following table attempts to summarise this information. The collective body of microvita is the collective ‘I’ feeling maintaining a relationship with the physical body. If billions of MV constitute a single atom. Indeed it is probable that the three categories of microvita can be mapped to the kosas.” This statement is ambiguous. for example. molecules. There may be more than one medium.” I suggest that we may associate these microvita with the kamamaya kosa. can externally have the same chemical bonds. “The collective body of microvita is another name of carbon atom. A microscope in this case could mean a cyclotron or tunneling electron microscope for example. MV do not move around in isolation. They “come within the scope of our perception as a result of their actional vibrations”. with so many characteristics. 9.Pag. so they are not fundamental entities in cosmology. 7. p 69) It is possible for their movement to be in more than one plane simultaneously. rather like ripples on the surface of an ocean. The systems which contain those atoms will be affected accordingly. Microvita can be detected because their movement within a medium or field creates waves within that medium or field. That And it appears as if carbon atoms. Category 1 . “Mobility means movement through a medium or media.a collective form of MV. Carbon atom is another name of so many microvita with so many specialities. Category 2 . the elements which compose a compound will have different melting and boiling points. In fact it is useful to imagine MV combining into structures the same way that atoms combine to form a myriad elements. http://www.crimsondawn. The major or controlling wave is that associated with the total inferential plane and its ocean of inferential particles. Sarkar refers to seven categories of MV known as Yaksas.” This difficult phrase is perhaps explained in a later passage. microvita generate sub-waves or subsidiary waves within the inferential ocean. The downward arrows indicate that negative microvita are pro-matter and prefer to move downward through the kosas. they move through the space of the physical universe and we may associate them with the Bhuloka and the unit annamaya kosa. 65 . A final word on MV as a collectivity. Category 3 . A microvitum requires a medium in which to propagate and that medium is an inferential plane or in the language of physicists.

the statement that “MV are the initial stage of matter” in point 3 above. Sarkar is forcing us to conceptualise protoplasmic cells.” I suggest that we may associate these microvita with the manomaya kosas and above..“ (p 153) Here is the model in words: Samskara (Potential energy) >> Propensity <<>> ideas and inferences There are three types of vrttis. In addition. People (and all psychic entities) interact with one another through the exchange of ideas and inferences in the same way that physical particles interact with one another through the exchange of force particles or tanmatras. the inferences of sound. However. Aging. The easiest way to reconcile such difficulties is to decide for a particular sentence.“ (p 59) Microvita appear to act on the human mind through the plexi or chakra system. We must go down to the fundamental MV level. 4. Rather. Some physicists have modeled the electron as a mini-black hole in which the density of an electric field approaches infinity. a point charge warps the space around it.microvita “function directly within the subtler realm . It manifests as a desire to move towards a positive charge and the desire can be neutralised by merging with a positively charged particle. Again the sentence “microvita move through tanmatras. Many diseases that current medical science says are caused by viruses are better explained as being caused by MV. Nutritional diseases.“ (p 121) 12. touch. divide and die. “All the fifty vrttis are affected by positive or negative microvita. In fact all particle charges are associated with stores of energy. Vrttiis cause a person to be attracted towards some kinds of food and some kinds of friends and not others. 1.. So we have to take great care about over-generalisation from any one passage. one of the difficulties in understanding MV. 11. 2. These ideas may be useful models for understanding vrttis (“propensities of the mind“). MV as living entities: Similar to the over-generalisation difficulty mentioned in point 9. within the human mind. 5. Behind these psychic phenomena are the underlying propensities which are primarily related to the reactive momenta of human beings. Here are two quotes that you may or may not see as consistent with this model of vrttis (propensities) and tanmatras (inferences and ideas). 3. “. “In the human mind various thoughts are constantly emerging and dissolving. could easily be interpreted as if all MV are the initial stage of matter. And yet microvita are also living systems which are born. We can imagine that every vrtti is associated with a store of potential energy and every vrtti exchanges inferences or ideas with its environment or with other vrtti points. MV theory looks like an extension of the germ theory of disease.. Bhaktaviirya . it is possible that a MV theory of disease will help to unify some of the above categories. they may move through ideas”. for example. there is a confusion about the causal mechanism. However elsewhere we read. MV and propensities: It was suggested above that the matter – force particle relationship in modern physics is a useful model for understanding the propensity-inference relationship. form. Genetic defects. is that Sarkar sometimes appears to be talking about MV in general when he is referring to only one category of them. In my opinion. Various micro-organisms such as germs and viruses. Psycho-somatic diseases. A propensity is a tendency or urge or desire or wont. Manohar. Modern science recognises several major categories of disease causing mechanism. An electron is also a store of potential energy. Obviously an individual microvitum cannot be a protoplasmic system in the usual sense.. viruses and biochemical molecules as collections of MV. pro-physical. “Positive microvita create sentient propensities and negative microvita creates static propensities. from a field perspective. I imagine that vrttiis are point like charges associated with the psychic structures of the kosas. MV offer a new theory of disease. We will never understand living systems and disease at the molecular and atomic level. is a collective body of MV. whether Sarkar is talking about MV as individual particles or in their collectivity. Superficially. that is. We may take it to be a fundamental entity.. It is not always clear how he is using the term. Disagreements between us about a standard model will most often have their origin in this problem. 10. Propensities are formed according to one’s reactive momenta . Attendees: Dada Vimalananda. The three categories of MV clearly do not all have the same properties. Date: 18-20 July and 1517 August 2003 003. Protoplasm. This fissiparous tendency has it origin in a particular type of component microvitum within the collective. It is the collective body of MV which divides.“ (p 123) “In human beings and other animals. taste and smell” could easily be interpreted as if all MV are carried through tanmatras. that is. One of the attributes of living protoplasm is to divide. in the case of subtler microvita. all point charges are continually emitting and absorbing virtual force particles. it is easy to confuse Sarkar’s statements about individual MV versus MV in a collectivity. MV are not viruses. psychic and pro-spiritual. For example. A single microvitum has no internal structure. some propensity or other is either activated or slowed down by the impact of different inferences at various stages. and not that a single microvitum becomes two. Rekha. Kalki. This appears to be a reference to category 3 microvita. In particular. And finally. The negative electric charge of an electron is a propensity..