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Volume LXXXVIV Issue 4-February, 6 2015

Measles Epidemic at Disneyland

A Small World After All - the measles virus resurfaces after being
considered eradicated for years
By Andrea Albanez


Free speech?
Posters near the senior benches about Dr. Podhorsky and
others have raised questions
about student rights on the
LJHS campus.

Staff Writer

When people think of going to the happiest place on

Earth, most people think
when they go there, they will
bring back souvenirs, pictures,
and memories that will last a
lifetime, not a harmful disease.
Since December, however,
there have been an increasing
number of reports of people
acquiring measles after visiting Disneyland in Anaheim,
California, causing major concern for the people in and visiting the area.
When the first cases of measles surfaced, all of the victims had visited Disneyland
between December 15th and
December 20th. Health officials have not been able to find
the first patient who acquired
the disease yet, but the number of cases is growing. Since

December, now, more than 100

cases of the measles have been
diagnosed, most of them tying
back to Disneyland. Out of the
first 45 cases, at least 42 cases of measles related to Disney
have been diagnosed in California, plus three in Utah, two in
Washington, one in Colorado
and one in Mexico, according
to USA Today. 10 of the cases
from the 42 in California are
in San Diego County. Though
measles is preventable by getting the vaccine, this past year,
according to the Centers for
Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC), measles infected
628 people, and Robert Glatter, an emergency physician at
New Yorks Lenox Hill Hospital,
told USA Today that [the Disneyland outbreak] has the potential to be developed into one

of the worst outbreaks since

1989 [in the US.]
The outbreak had to have
been caused by someone that
did not have the vaccine for
the disease before. Measles
are still a common disease in
other parts of the world, so
who ever brought the disease
is someone who had visited
or lives in a country where
measles are common and did
not get the vaccination.
Measles is also one of the
most contagious diseases that we know of, being
easily transmitted airborne
from an infected person
through sneezing, coughing, or talking. Because of
the outbreak and how fast it
is spreading, many people in
California have been discussing and considering the need

Suspect Kills
Two Cops

Im putting wings on pigs today. They take one of

ours...lets take 2 of theirs.
By Vivi Bonomie
Staff Writer

On December 20, 2014, New

York police officers Wenjian
Liu and Rafael Ramos were
sitting in their patrol car in
Brooklyn when 28-year-old
Ismaaiyl Brinsley walked up
to the car and shot them both
multiple times in the head and
upper body. After shooting
them, Brinsley ran to the subway, where he then committed
suicide. Liu and Ramos were
rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead upon arrival.
Brinsley had posted a picture
of a gun on his Instagram account right before the shooting with the caption, Im putting wings on pigs today. They
take one of ourslets take 2 of
theirs. He used hashtags mentioning Eric Garner and Mike
Brown, two black males who
were killed by police officers in
2014. It is being said that this
shooting was a revenge call

and an extreme example of the

protests that began when neither of the officers responsible
for killing these men were indicted in court.
Once again on January 5,
2015, two more police officers
were shot in New York. Andrew
Dossi and Aliro Pellerano were
about to end their shift when a
call came in for two suspects of a
robbery in the Bronx at around
10:30 PM. Dossi and Pellerano rushed to the scene and
upon arrival, the prime suspect
opened fire and, after shooting
both officers, ran away. Dossi
suffered injuries to his arms and
lower back, which left him in
critical condition and in need of
surgery. Pellerano, a 9-year veteran of the NYPD, also received
various gun-shot wounds, however, he has already been released from the hospital and his
partner is also expected to have
a full recovery.

Three men are currently in

custody even though there
was only one shooter. He had
an alleged accomplice who
checked in to a nearby hospital with gunshot wounds to
the back; the police put two
and two together and linked
him to the shooting.
While this event has not yet
been directly linked to the
protests, the possibility is still
circulating that this is a direct response due to the fact
that the shooting occurred so
close in time to the December shooting and also during
a time plagued with such anti-police sentiment. While
many agree that these protests are important and being
fought with reason, many are
disheartened by the violent
turn they have taken and the
tension that they have created
against police officers, especially in New York.

for people to get the vaccine

against measles.
Though it is the only way to
prevent the catching of the
disease, some believe that vaccines can lead to autism. This
belief continues despite claims
by the American Academy of
Pediatrics, the CDC and the
World Health Organization,
to the contrary. The measles
epidemic that has been going
around is concerning many,
fearing that they will get sick.
The vaccine is not a mandatory one given out by doctors,
so the potential of people acquiring the disease is still an
issue, even if all of the measles
cases are solved. The fact that
the disease is something that
hasnt been controlled yet is a
problem that needs to be resolved efficiently and quickly.

Aim for

the Toilet

By Joseph Carroll
Staff Writer
La Jolla High School has a
problem that cannot be avoided because it is a part of every
students daily life: the abuse
of both the boys and girls
restrooms. Throughout the
school, some students have
been urinating on the ground,
leaving feces outside of the toilet, removing toilet paper from
its spot and throwing it in the
toilet or rolling it around the
bathroom floor. Students have
also been leaving trash on the
ground, getting wet wads of
paper towels and throwing
them around, and over all
treating the bathrooms poorly.
Custodial time to clean these
messes and replace the toilet paper and paper towels is
much more time consuming
than dirtying the restrooms
in the first place. While some
students find this amusing to
do, it causes a lot of extra clean
up and discomfort whenever
walking into the bathrooms.
Junior Seth Pite remarks,
They are an awful representation of La Jolla and students
shouldnt have to be grossed
out to be humans. Please
try your best to clean up after
yourself and dont make a larger mess for others to clean up.


Concussions in
School Athletics


Je Suis Charlie


One Year Later


The Film Fest


Hey Vikes!
This past month has been
great. The new year has begun and now so has the new
semester. Good job on finals
everyone. We have a great
month of February planned
for you guys with ASB Ball
tomorrow, Dodgeball on the
19th through the 27th, and
Red Ribbon Week on the 23rd
through the 27th. In order to
participate in Dodgeball you
and your team need to go online to the LJHS ASB website
and print out a dodgeball form
for everyone on your team.
Have a great month Vikes and
see you at Dodgeball!
Zoe Rashid
ASB President


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By Vivi Bonomie
Staff Writer

Jeanine Erikat
Nessie Navarro

Camille Furby
Lilly Grossman

February 6, 2015

Photo Courtesy of Jordan Bowman

By Shane Lynch
Media Editor
This past December, a number of satirical photos were
posted on the La Jolla High
free speech board, depicting
the faces of two well known
staff members photo shopped
to appear in various comical
scenarios, and later, over the
faces of dictators. Accompanying these images were numerous statements directed
against the school administration, criticizing the general
shift in policy this past school
year along with increased regulation over certain classes.
Most of these images were removed within 24 hours of being put up, despite several announcements that posts on the
board could not be removed
until two weeks after the initial posting. It is unclear at
this time who removed them,

though one may speculate.

Regardless, a change was
mandated by the administration a few weeks ago in the
form of the ironically named
free speech policy, essentially a list of things you cant put
up on the board. Included in
the newly prohibited content
is anything that could be interpreted as obscene, slanderous, hateful, racial, misogynistic, and more.
While certainly anyone
would agree with limiting
baseless hateful comments,
this opens up a larger question
of why these regulations suddenly appeared, and whether
they were created out of genuine concern for the welfare of
students or simply to protect
the image of those in positions
of authority at La Jolla High.
One may argue that by regulating the content of this forum, students dont truly have

the right to free speech but

rather the right to post opinions so long as they arent offensive or disagreeable to anyone else. This should ensure
that the free speech board is
safe, dull, and free of any honest commentary.
Perhaps the school should
consider renaming the free
speech board to something
more fitting, such as the Freedom of Happy Speech! board.
The greatest irony in all this
is that by responding to a couple of clearly satirical cartoons
with regulation, more attention than was ever intended
has been called to what would
have otherwise been forgotten
by now. In an effort to suppress content that took shots
at school policy, the administration has simply added to an
atmosphere of rebellion rather
than controlling it.
Je Suis La Jolla High.


Paul McCartney resurrects from the past

By Sophia Ketring
Staff Writer
As we move further into the
twenty-first century, our generation seems to be coming off
as being more and more ignorant. For example, the tweets
about Kanye Wests and Paul
McCartneys new collaboration on the song Only One.
One of the tweets states,
Kanye has a great ear for talent. This Paul McCartney guy
gonna be huge. Some of the
tweets about the collaboration
are sarcastic when asking who
Paul McCartney is, but the former one sounds legitimate.
A tweet responding to similar tweets from the one above
states, If you dont know who
#PaulMcCartney is, you dont
deserve your ears. This comment explains many peoples
feelings of astonishment after
reading various tweets asking,
Who is Paul McCartney?
Hes only part of one of the
most influential bands in the
history of music.
How can we grow up without

knowing about some of these

timeless bands, ones who have
shaped many of the artists
that we listen to today? Have
people just stopped caring to
listen when their parents or
friends tell them about these
super old bands since they
dont think they arent considered relevant anymore?
It is crucial for our generation to take the initiative to
learn about influential people
not just in the history of music
but events and people in our
country so we can be taken
seriously. The lack of some of
our generations knowledge
is truly making all of us look
very ignorant.
We seem to be becoming
more self-centered, only caring about things that pertain
to ourselves directly. With
the amount of time that most
of our generation spends on
phones and searching the Internet there is no excuse why
some people have not come
across Paul McCartney from
The Beatles.
After all, The Beatles were

the start of modern pop rock,

a genre that most of us have
heard and listen to and a genre
that wouldnt be exactly the
same without the influence of
The Beatles.
We need to show that we
care about the past and show
some respect for the people
and events that have shaped
our culture. Not everything is
about us. We didnt magically
just appear and then the world
Whether or not some care to
acknowledge it, we are a byproduct of past generations
successes and failures. These
successes and failures of famous and infamous people
from the past are important for
us to know so we dont make
the same mistakes and continue the best of them.
If we continue down this ignorant path dont be surprised
when your children or grandchildren come to you when
they are our age asking who
Obama was or what 9/11 is.
After all, we started this trend
of not caring.

High school is notorious for

its bathroom graffiti; there is
always going to be vulgar language and initials in hearts.
However, what I never expected to see in front of me, as I did
my business, were deep, poetic
messages. The other day, when
I walked into the bathroom
stall, I couldnt help but be
shocked and impressed at the
entire paragraph that was written out in sharpie.
The poem followed a depressing tumblr-esque tone that
truthfully made me feel more
confused than anything else.
Who takes the time to create a
poem and then not only share
it with their friends, but also
with the whole female student
body, by copying it down onto
a bathroom-stall door?
I have to give this person
credit because theres probably
no better way to spread your
art than to force people into
reading it out of pure curiosity.
This movement began early in
the year with simple messages
that were sometimes uplifting
such as: you are beautiful or
smile today.
While these little snippets often made me smile, sometimes
laugh, I never thought that
those four, smelly walls would
soon become a mass of jumbled words and hashtag-deep
quotes, intended to be Instagrammed.
One of the longer paragraphs
ends, Ive realized that guilt is
a national code that translates
through self-hate and spreads
like a god damn disease. Guilt
is a cancer inside me.
Granted, this poem may be
well-written and meaningful,
but it is truthfully not the kind
of thing you want to read while
in the bathroom. I prefer to
read gossip and bad puns, not
something talking about how
the back of my teeth have been
burned by a fire blessed by the
devil himself.
The fact that these poems
are written in bathroom stalls
when they should be shared
with the student body is ridiculous. Students should not feel
forced to hide their talents in
a bathroom. Some of them can
be inspirational, or rather depressing, but whoever the author is, she deserves credit.
Bathroom stalls are not usually the center of attention
when it comes to our schools
special qualities, but this time
has truly outdone itself. With
that said, let the author come
forth and enjoy her fame.

February 6, 2015

Valentines Day


Senior Madeline Bolinger

I only like Valentines Day because of the candy and chocolate factor. The day gets focused
on the dating and what you plan
for the day. If you are not in a
relationship, its really not a big
deal, but I think a lot of people
in relationships make the day a
Junior Trenton Fudge
Valentines Day is just a happy lot more stressful than it should
time. You just feel closer to ev- be.
Sophomore Nikki Schroeder
I dont like it. There is no reaJunior Alyssa Burnley
I mostly like it for the choc- son for people to only love
olate. With my boyfriend, we somebody else or treat someare probably just going to do body with loving actions for one
what we did last year. We went day of the year specifically when
to the movies and got Panda they should do it all year round,
so I think it is kind of a pointless
Sophomore Preston Weber
Yes, but only because I some- Freshman Samuel Burns
Its okay. It is no big deal for me.
times get free chocolate.
I dont really do anything for it
Freshman Emmy Pohlman and I dont really celebrate it that
I love the idea of Valentines much.
By Andrea Albanez
Day: people celebrating their
Staff Writer
love and just being together.
Senior Chase Repp
I like Valentines Day. It is a
day of love and giving gifts to
the people you like and love.
I plan on taking my girlfriend
out on a date and give her
some chocolate and flowers.


La Jolla Roads
By Creekstar Allan
Staff Writer
La Jolla roads are terrible,
case and point. This is the
part where everyone laughs
and says, You live in La Jolla,
what do you know about bad
roads? Well, I know from
personal experience, and Id
like to shine light on La Jolla
Shores roads in particular. As
an owner of a 1993 VW EuroVan, Ive come to the conclusion that driving through The
Shores is frighteningly similar
to taking a Jeep up a mountain
trail in Colorado.
The past few months have
been full of countless construction projects on who
knows what. The men come in,
rip up our streets, fix whatever they were trying to fix and
then attempt to patch things
up. They do a terrible job in the
patching up stage, assuming
they already fixed everything
correctly. It seems like everyday I drive back through La
Jolla, there are another three
of four cracks in the ground,
forming a mini death valley.
Im assuming others have noticed this as well. I cant be the
only one getting progressive
minor whiplash from the gashes in the streets. If someone
ever finds themselves in La Jolla, they shouldnt be surprised
if they need to park away from
the curb, to prevent landing

your wheels in the accidental

man-made gutter.
Other unfortunate scenarios
that seem to keep appearing out
of nowhere are the alarmingly
large potholes. One pothole in
particular has gotten tires spinning. On La Jolla Shores Drive,
towards UCSD, there is a giant
pothole right near a traffic light
that a few unlucky drivers have
been in contact with.
As far as I am concerned, they
were most likely tourists who
didnt know how to drive on
our narrow streets and probably
didnt expect to find a pothole
in the heart of La Jolla Shores.
The worst of the streets by far
however, is Paseo Del Ocaso.
It is difficult to drive a few
yards without hitting a bump or
a dip in the road. Marlie Hooper, who also lives in La Jolla
Shores, said, I think it is a waste
of everyones time and money.
They work on one section and
then the next week work on another, all the while leaving the
first section unfinished! She is
just one of the many individuals
who have had to deal with the
dangerous La Jolla roads.
La Jolla is known for being a wealthy community, so
shouldnt the residents be able
to afford fixing roads? La Jolla
families provide a significant
amount in tax dollars, so the
roads should reflect the use of
those tax dollars. Where else is
the money going?



Too Many Shots Fired

The Never-ending School Shooting Conflict

By Andrea Albanez
Staff Writer
When we are at school,
work, home, or public areas,
we always want to feel comfortable and safe, especially
in schools, where we spend
many hours. Sadly, the threats
and emergencies we hear in
the news are present more
than ever before.
High school threats didnt
become a huge issue until
they started to become more
frequent. According to Wikipedia, between 1990-2000, 44
cases of high school shootings occurred; in 2014 alone,
42 incidents occurred.
From teenagers bringing
weapons and bombs to school,
to having an armed man on
campus, many schools across
the nation have seen these catastrophes. These problems
cause lock downs, schools being evacuated, bomb squads
and police surrounding the
campus, and parents praying
for their sons or daughters,
hoping they dont get hurt. I

have heard those stories many

times. Even looking up high
school threats on Google will
probably show a new news story of someone threatening a
school. It is so common now to
hear about these things, a disturbingly regular incident that
occurs in our country.
People could be doing these
awful things because of depression or mental illness. But
some people do it just to do it,
not realizing the danger theyre
bringing to their school.
It sounds absurd as to why
anyone would want to do this,
but, surprisingly, just a few
weeks ago, a 15 year old girl at
Carlsbad High School made
a threat on Instagram, saying
she was going to shoot up the
When a high school shooting
occurs somewhere thousands
of miles away, most probably arent scared by it, but
when it happens in your own
neighborhood, opinions may
The ways of generating
threats has gone completely

out of control, contributing to

another factor as to why high
school threats are more common. Through the use of social media, such as Instagram,
Twitter, or Facebook, anyone
can post a comment, tweet,
or send a picture warning that
they will cause havoc at their
Knowing this, people still
have guns or weapons at their
houses. In addition, with the
Internet available to anyone,
anyone can look up how to
make a simple bomb with a
click of a button.
This sounds ridiculous, but
it is sadly the truth and as a
country, we are not taking
enough action to prevent these
threats; there is no true way to
tell if someone will do something bad, or if something bad
will happen at a school until it
is too late.
The issue of high school
threats must become a bigger
priority for schools across the
nation, to not only make teenagers feel safe, but also entire

Cartoon Courtesy of
Anonymous Contributor

Does It Really Matter?

By Andrea Albanez
Staff Writer
We have all watched movies
and TV shows where it looks
like the so-called popular
kids rule the school and have
their lives put together. From
Mean Girls to Grease, teens
have witnessed how popular
kids are supposed to act.
From the evolution of the
rich kid to the mean girl,
popularity has been an ongoing occurrence in schools,
especially high school. When
people think about it, even
though popularity may be a
huge part of high school, it
doesnt really last.
Im pretty sure most of
you have an idea or picture
in your head of the popular
crowd that you know of. It is
a hard and sensitive subject to
talk about since people dont
want to say the wrong thing
about someone else.

A reason for this could be

because we all have our own
ideas of how the popular
crowd acts and who they are.
Some people think it is just an
act they put on around friends.
Freshman Brynn Bushey said,
I think they know that they
are the popular people and
they all stick together a good
portion of the popular people
act cool and show this around
their friends. Cameron Hickman, a freshman, explained
how people act like the popular teenager (but) that isnt
who they truly are. They may
enjoy it, though.
Now even though being
popular is something that is
always around in high school,
it is something that might easily be left in high school. Jarid
Morrison, a junior, said after
high school, They [popular
people] will hang out with new
people. Being popular is all on
personal judgment and how

you see other people, and after

high school, you dont see the
people that thought you were
popular anymore.
Popularity may just be a high
school phase that people go
through, with the people who
were so called popular dying
down after their shot at fame
and having the outcasts shine
after high school. Examples
of this are known by many:
Bill Gates, Lady Gaga, Steven
Spielberg, Taylor Swift, Selena
Gomez, even the heartthrob
Zac Efron were the nerds, drama geeks, and loners of their
time in high school, and now
they are some of the most
powerful and influential people in the world.
So, in the end, popularity
is something that is a part of
every high school experience.
We all know what it is and we,
unfortunately, have some idea
of how the future will turn out
to be.



One Year Later...

February 6, 2015

A year in review of Dr. Podhorsky

By Lilly Grossman
Features Editor
Its hard to believe that it
has already been a year since
Dr. Podhorsky started working as La Jolla High Schools
principal. During his first year,
he introduced many changes
and new policies to the school.
Some of these changes have
proven to be controversial,
while others have served well
over the course of his administration within the past year.
Not even two months after
his arrival at LJHS, Dr. Podhorsky started making important changes to the campus. In
March, a group of students
were trained to use MedSleds
in case of an emergency evacuation. Dr. Podhorsky was an
advocate to not only make the
school staff and faculty aware
of what to do if someone
couldnt evacuate from thesecond floor in an emergency,
but also making sure students
knew how to use the sleds. The

sleds are stored in the classroom next to each major staircase in the upper 900 building,
upper 500 building, and the
When students and teachers
came back to school in September, new desks called Learning
Pods as well as new Purpose
and Outcome requirements
for teachers greeted them.
Many teachers claimed that
they had no prior knowledge of the new desks, simply
walking into their classrooms
and being confronted by the
Learning Pods on the first day
of the new school year. Few
teachers were able to keep
their original seating setups
and those who didnt are having trouble going about their
rooms because its so cramped.
In addition, teachers have to
write their daily Purpose and
Outcome on the board and
students must know it before
class begins. Although it has
yet to be determined whether or not this is an effective

teaching method, Purpose

and Outcome requires teachers to have a structured lesson
plan with a clear purpose and
In October, the first issue of
the Hi-Tide newspaper of the
2014-2015 school year was

Photo Courtesy of Camille Furby

scheduled for publication. Before submitting the newspaper to the publisher, Dr. Podhorsky requested to review the
content of the articles, which
is something that has never
been done in previous years.

An Update on Mr. Tenenbaum

By Ana Gimber
Staff Writer
Mr. Tenenbaum has returned after a surgery. He had
a non-cancerous tumor behind
his left ear that was affecting
his hearing.
In an interview with Mr.
Tenenbaum, he said he first
realized he needed to go to see
his doctor when he was on one
of those amazing summertime
swims. He heard a sound like
I imagine a train wreck would
sound like: steel on steel and
unbearably loud.
Once the doctors told him
he needed surgery, he talked
to Ms. Lyon, who also has had
brain surgery. She recited a
quote that shed learned years
ago: Pray as though everything depended on God. Work
as though everything depended on you by Saint Augustine.
The doctors explained that
they would try to preserve

By Ana Gimber
Staff Writer
Sea World is launching a 10
million dollar project that will
expand the killer whale tank to
approximately double its current size.
The new tank, says Sea
World president, John Reilly,
will be providing state-of-theart, innovative homes for its
animals. Reilly also promised
to offer park guests unique
and inspiring killer whale en-

his hearing on the left side, but

that it could also be sharply diminished or gone altogether.
They also mentioned the likelihood of him having difficulty
with balance after the surgery.
Mr. Tenenbaum went into
the surgery with a positive outlook and gratitude for all those
who were supporting him. He
had his surgery December 3
and left the hospital on December 5.
At home, he followed the
doctors advice to go slow
and take rests as needed. Mrs.
Tenenbaum helped him by assisting him with getting up and
down stairs and reminded him
to resist doing too much too
fast. Taking it easy was criticial
but also very difficult for Mr.
T, an active person who is
accustomed to getting on the
bike at will, going for an ocean
swim on a whim, or paddling
out near Windansea.

He was not allowed to lift

more than five pounds for the
first two weeks and was given
exercises to do that helped a
Mr. Tenenbaum is happy to
be back at school, but says he
finds his customary work incredibly tiring. He is having
difficulties with his balance
and hearing. His balance is the
most challenging, but it will
continue to improve.
On the other hand, his loss
of hearing is distracting and
not getting better. He is looking into technical fixes but
hopes to get better at coping
with it.
All in all, Mr. Tenenbaum
reported being happy with
the surgery and returning to
teaching. He plans on following his doctors and his wifes
advice to slow down and not
do too much too fast. We are
glad to have you back Mr. T!

Immediately, the topic of free

speech became a prominent
issue among members of the
Hi-Tide staff. Even though
some of the Hi-Tide staff sees
the required review process
as censorship, it is important to point out the fact that
Dr. Podhorsky has yet to deny
any article from being published. The idea of censorship
and the right to free speech
has also played out in regards
to the free speech board on
campus. It began with posters
referring to the slogan, Black
Lives Matter from the riots
after the shooting of Michael
Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and has spread to, at times,
controversial remarks about
the school administration being posted. Also in October,
the first emergency drill that
fully incorporated the use of
MedSleds took place.
While Dr. Podhorsky has
made various changes to the
campus of LJHS, he also made
changes that have improved

its surrounding community

as well. He managed to create
a relationship between LJHS
and UC San Diego (UCSD),
enabling the two entities to
collaborate on upcoming projects such as the construction
of the new science buildings
at LJHS. Tackling the issue
of accessibility around campus for disabled students has
been one of Dr. Podhorskys
biggest goals since starting at
LJHS. By installing automatic
door buttons in December to
the library and counseling office, students who were once
unable to get in and out of the
building can now access these
services independently. The
automatic door buttons also
provide a safe way out in the
event of an emergency.
Whenever there is a shift
in administration, there are
bound to be welcome and unwelcome changes. Sometimes,
in order to make positive
change, there have to be negative changes as well.

By Yenitzia Lopez
Staff Writer

past emoji characters.

The additional shades were
based off of a Fitzpatrick scale,
a system which dermatologists
use in order to classify human
skin tones. The Unicode proposal has stated that the new
faces will be presented in the
standard yellow shade. In order to change the skin tone
from yellow to another color, you must press down on
the character which will then
present you with the five other
skin tone options. The update
will change the skin tone of
all human characters from the
dancing twins, to the praying
hands. If the new skin tone
modifier is not supported by
your device, then the emoji
will stay its standard yellow/
orange pigment used for the
Although only vague outlines have been presented to
the public, the new Unicode
8.0 update is expected to be released sometime in June 2015.

The Right Emoji For You

On Monday, January 5, 2015,
the Unicode Consortium, an
organization which sets the
international standards for
both characters and texts for
all software platforms, released
their latest draft on the new
emoji characters. Having been
represented by an orange or
yellow character in the past,
the new emoji characters will
be represented by multiple
After several complaints of
emojis not portraying ethnic
diversity through their characters, a petition was finally
proposed earlier this year on, gathering
several thousand signatures.
This led to Unicode developing a skin tone palette consisting of five different skin tones
for users to choose from for
their emoji. The new palette
variety can also be applied to

Whats Up With the Whales?

counters for years to come.
Sea World has promised to
fund programs to protect the
ocean and killer whales in the
wild. Research initiatives have
just as bold a vision to advance
global understanding of these
animals, to educate, and to
inspire conservation efforts
to protect killer whales in the
wild, says Dave Koontz, the
spokesperson for Sea World.
The killer whale tank expansion has begun at a time when
Sea World has drawn much

negative public reaction.

Sea World received bad press
from Blackfish, the aggressive
documentary that uncovers
the gruesome treatment of
Sea Worlds killer whales. Sea
World reported a loss of $49
million, which corresponds to
a 13% drop in attendance for
the 1st quarter of 2014.
Sea World claims the dramatic drop was due to a late
Easter holiday and bad weather. The park has also launched
a website titled Truth About

People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) argues that a larger tank will not
fix the problem by stating that
A bigger prison is still a prison. PETA is demanding that
the killer whales be moved to
the wild.
Some people believe the expansion of the tank is adequate
for the orcas and will add better viewing for visitors, while
others say the tank will not be
big enough and the best option

would be to be released into

the wild.
In response to the continuing controversy over the twenty-nine Orcas, Fred Jacobs, Sea
Worlds vice president of communications has stated, For us
there is no higher priority than
the welfare of our animals.
The question on whether the
larger exhibit will bring people
back to Sea World or will continue to stir up protests is yet
to be answered.


February 6, 2015

Class of 2015 Updates

By Tristan Macelli &

Ana Gimber
Staff Writers
For many years, La Jolla
High School has been holding
senior grad night at the end of
the year. This year there is a
slight change. Disneyland sold
out all of their regular grad
night tickets, so as an alternative, a regular trip to Disneyland was planned. The PTA
is doing all of the planning to
make this event happen this
year. Although different in
some ways, this event will be
mostly the same.
This year seniors will not be
able to stay at Disneyland after
hours due to the fact that the
PTA did not have a chance to
purchase the traditional grad
night tickets. In spite of this
there are still tickets to be purchased by the students. The

buses and chaperones that are

usually apart of grad night will
still be apart of this.
Furthermore, the event has
yet to be affirmed or denied as
a senior privilege. Grad Night
is on Friday, June 12th this
year. Students this year will be
able to go to both parks: California Adventure and Disneyland, from their arrival at the
parks until ten. At ten students
are limited to Disneyland for
the remaining two hours before leaving at twelve when the
park closes to the public.
Since the event lasts until
twelve this year, the students
will return from Disneyland
at about one-thirty compared
to previous years in which
students returned in the early
morning hours.
This years seniors will be
graduating on LJHSs Gene
Edwards field instead of grad-

uating somewhere off campus.

Previously, the location was
uncertain due to the upcoming renovation of the field
area. The offical start date has
been pushed back, allowing
the Class of 2015 to be the last
class to graduate on the existing turf. Renovation will continue after graduation and is
roughly estimated to continue
until December of 2016. That
means this years juniors will
not be graduating at LJHS, and
the location for their graduation has not yet been decided.
Sophomores will graduate on
brand new turf field in a re-done stadium.
As the field area is being
re-done, the PE department
will also be affected. Without
the field area, the usual units
such as kickball, softball, football, and frisbee will not be
offered. The softball field will

also be redone so that it gets

new turf and a restored pitchers mound. The tennis courts
will also be unavailable at one
point as a new snack bar and
a shaded seating area will be
Although all these areas will
be redone, they will not be under construction at the same
time. The football field will be
available when the softball field
is open and vice versa. This allows some outside area for the
PE classes along with the gym,
lower field, weight room, tennis courts, and the pool.
Freshmen and sophomores
can look forward to the new
stadium. It will have new turf
on the upper field and softball
field, a new stadium, track,
tennis court bleachers, and two
snack bars. The old bathrooms
near the boys locker room will
be torn down and new bath-


rooms will be built. The boys

locker room will come down
and be replaced as well.
As for students and faculty,
there will be some additional changes. Parking will be
limited with the construction.
Temporary bungalows will
take up the staff parking lot
that is located by the softball
field. These bungalows will act
as the temporary boys locker
The district is in charge of
the renovation and the project
is funded by money from Prop
S that issued of $2,100,000,000
in bonds to San Diego Unified
School District.

Sports will not be cancelled. Instead, all games will
be played at away locations and
practices will be held at other
schools. The specifics, such as
which schools and transportation, have not been arranged.

Frugal (FAB)letics On the Rise

Taking over Lululemon one markdown at a time
By Lauren Robbins
Staff Writer
With the quality of Lululemon athletic wear slowly decreasing due to factories being
moved to China, many women and girls are looking for a
cheaper alternative that is still
just as trendy and comfortable.
Lululemon isnt the only
expensive workout attire that
students wear here at La Jolla High, but its certainly the
most prominent. Other expensive brands include Nike and
The price of leggings or yoga
pants at Lululemon range from
$82-$98 ($98 being more com-

mon), while the price of Nike

leggings range around $95 so
its not any better. The least
expensive of the three is Athleta with the price of leggings
at $79, which may be the best
deal, but its still expensive.
To combat these expensive
brands, actress, athlete and
fashion lover Kate Hudson
co-founded Fabletics to provide girls and women with affordable and fashionable exercise clothing.
What inspired Hudson to
co-found this brand was the
desire to create a clothing line
that girls and women will want
to wear all the time without
being held back by the price.

At Fabletics there is certainly no sacrifice of style or quality for price.

2.5 tablespoons best quality
unsalted butter (35 grams), cut
in little cubes

What sets Fabletics apart

from Lululemon, Nike and

Athleta is that the customer is

able to buy pre-matched outfits for under $50 or buy items
separately. For example, a 3
piece work out outfit at Fabletics is usually between $30-$40.
Thats less than a single pair of
pants at Lululemon, Athleta,
and Nike.
In order to look at all the
outfits on the Fabletics website, the customer is required
to make a free account.
After signing up, however,
the customer has one hour to
pick out any outfit for $25.
The idea behind the outfits
is that each piece is chosen to
work well together and the fact
that these outfits are already

put together should save the

customer time.
When reviewing the style,
price and convenience of Fabletics versus Lululemon, Nike
and Athleta, it is quite obvious
that Fabletics is the best deal.
With the quality of Fabletics
clothing being almost identical
to Lululemon, it would not be
a suprise if slowly but surely
girls around La Jolla High begin wearing Fabletics clothing.
Thanks to Fabletics, there is
no longer a need to sacrifice
work out style for price. As the
clothes are almost identical in
style, the difference is barely

move the vanilla bean (reserve

rinse, dry, and add to your
sugar pot) from the cream and
pour the cream directly over
the chocolate. Let the mixture stand undisturbed for 2
minutes. With a spatula slowly start stirring the chocolate
from the center in the bowl in
concentric circles. With each
larger circle you will incorporate more chocolate into the
cream. Be careful as to not to
whip any air into the mixture.
All of a sudden the entire
mixture will come together
and turn into a beautiful ganache. Gradually add the little
cubes of butter, a few at a time,
and stir until they disappear
and incorporate into the mix.
Place the bowl in the fridge for
20 minutes, stirring every 5

minutes, to let it firm up.

Next, line a baking sheet
with parchment paper. With
two small spoons, scoop little
mounds of ganache and place
them on the sheet pan. The
ganache is somewhat tricky to
handle, but keep in mind that
these little morsels of heaven
are always imperfect. Shape
really doesnt matter. Once all
ganache has been used, place
the sheet pan in the fridge for
about 10 minutes.
In the meantime, chop
the 1/2 pound of chocolate,
and place in a heatproof bowl.
Bring a little water in a small
saucepan to a simmer; place
the bowl with the chopped
chocolate on top of it in order to melt it (be sure the water does not touch the bowl).

Spread the cocoa powder in a

small deep plate. Remove the
baking sheet with the ganache
mounds from the fridge. With
a fork, one by one, dip each
ganache mound in the melted
hot chocolate, quickly turn to
coat all over and lift out, let it
drip to remove excess chocolate, and roll through the cocoa
powder and place back onto
the parchment paper. Repeat!
Once all the little mounds
are covered and coated place
the baking sheet back into
the fridge to let them harden.
Once firm, transfer the truffles
to a glass airtight jar. They will
keep for two weeks. That is, if
they last that long!

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Roberts

Recipe of the Month: Chocolate Truffles

By Sophia Dorfsman
Staff Writer

Valentines Day is in 8 days.

Aside from love, the day is
filled with overeating chocolate that tastes too good to put
down. Sees Candies is amazing, but if youre looking to
stay in over the V-Day weekend, open up your cupboards
and whip out the baking materials because below is a perfect
recipe you should be making.
Makes approximately fifty
2/3 pound semi-sweet chocolate, 56 to 65% (10.5 ounces/300 grams)
3/4 cup heavy cream (200 ml)
1 vanilla bean, split length-

For dipping the truffles:

1/2 pound of semi-sweet chocolate, 56-65% (8 ounces/225
1/2 cup of unsweetened cocoa
powder (2 ounces/50 grams)
Chop the 2/3 pound of chocolate and place in a medium
heatproof bowl. Place the
cream in a small saucepan and
scrape the seeds from the vanilla bean into the cream and
add the bean itself. Bring to a
boil over low to medium heat.
Once the cream bubbles up
the sides of the pan, quickly remove from the heat, re-

Recipe courtesy of pandsoph.



February 6, 2015


February 6, 2015


Alley Lopez

Q: How did you find out about kickboxing?

A: Almost all the men in my family do it, mom and dads side. My great grandpa was a professional boxer
and my dad started teaching me when I was about 6 and I continued it from there on, then about 3-4
years ago a kickboxing gym opened up a minute away from my house so I thought Id give kickboxing
a try and I ended up loving it even more than boxing alone. I continued it because its in my blood, the
mind set, speed and skill. I couldnt imagine not boxing. Every time something happens its the first
thing I want to do.
Q: What are some other benefits to kickboxing besides what youve mentioned?
A: Well not only do I love it but its an excellent way to practice not only physical but mental health like
alertness, focus letting off steam, solitude and physically theres just no limits to your body. It uses every
inch of your strength and flexibility... it teaches you that size and strength truly doesnt matter, its just the
mindset. And its an excellent way to learn self defense in hundreds of scenarios.
Q: Where do you train?
A: Currently I train at Eagle Martial Arts on Mount Soledad just outside Windermere Real Estate.




Q: When do you usually surf?

A: After school or on weekends.
Q: Do you prefer to surf in the morning or before sunset?
A: I like surfing in the morning better.
Q: What is your favorite surf spot?
A: I like going out at Calumet Park.
Q: How long have you been surfing?
A: Ive been surfing for about 10 years now.
Q: What type of board do you surf with?
A: I like to long board.
Q: How long do you usually surf for?
A: Generally about 2 or 3 hours.
Q: Have you ever broken a board?
A: Yes, Ive broken 2 boards surfing.
Q: Whats your favorite part of surfing?
A: I love riding the nose and just being out on
the ocean surfing fun, long waves.

Q: Where do you dance?

A: I dance at the Dance Academy.
Q: How long have you been dancing?
A: I have been dancing since I was 3, so for 12 years.
Q: Do you have any new productions soon?
A: A production comes out every December and June.
Q: How long do you practice each week?
A: I usually practice about 5 hours each week.
Q: How long is each practice you attend?
A: I go several times a week and practices can be 1-2
hours long.
Q: What is your favorite thing about dancing?
A: I like that it is really fun but it is also exercise.

By Joseph Carroll, Tristan Macelli, Creekstar Allan, Georgie Morris, and Lauren Robbins

in particular. One was Allahu Akbar, which

translates as God is great, which is one of the
most common Islamic Arabic sayings used in a
formal prayer or in times of distress to signify
victory. The second phrase was the Prophet is
avenged. What they didnt predict was that their
role in the presentation would be short lived.
sion of bullets as they shot at the police before.
Charlie Hebdos retaliation came in the
form of a second cartoon on the cover of their
newest issue, drawn by Renald Luzier. It depicted Muhammad tearing up while holding
a sign that states Je suis Charlie beneath the
statement Tout est pardonne, meaning All is
The march in Paris had created a record display of unity consisting of many world
leaders and 1.5 million people. According to The
Post, Christians, atheists, Jews and Muslims
stood side by side, sending up shouts of Charlie,
Charlie, freedom of speech!

Katie Chapman

Lou Rasse

Q: Where do you dance?

A: I dance at the Dance Academy.
Q: How long have you been dancing?
A: Ive been dancing since I was 5, so for 10 years.
Q: Do you have any new productions soon?
A: We do shows in December and June.
Q: How long do you practice each week?
A: I probably do 7 hours of dance each week.
Q: How long is each practice you attend?
A: I usually go for around 2 hours.
Q: What is your favorite thing about dancing?
A: I like being able to express myself and I also get
a good workout in.

Q: When did you start yoga?

A: About a year and a half ago during the summer.
Q: What made you want to start teaching yoga?
A: One of my teachers I always loved going to, she was my favorite, talked to me after school about teacher training that was
coming up. She really convinced me and took me through what
it would be like... and I wanted to involve it into my life into a
more in depth way.
Q: What studio do you work at? How often?
A: I practice at CorePower Yoga. Six days a week I would say.
Q: How is the process of becoming a teacher?
A: I did a 200 hour yoga certification, I have all of my credentials
I could apply for a job but I wanted to do the five week extension
program, I am currently doing that and once I finish I am going
to apply to work.
Q: What do you like most about yoga and what can you get from
A: I like most the healing and comforting part of it just going
into class and feeling safe and kinda in your own space and
your thoughts are fully silent and youre just present. Something
different that you get from no other sport is the stretching and
when you combine it with the breathing motion that is very different and unique and its a soothing meditation practice as well.


os can ensue. The terrorist attack in France

is a recent example of how a group of people
disagreed and became enraged with the extent to which the freedom was allowed.
Another major event was the Internet release rather than an in-theater release of The
Interview. This was the result of the North
Korean governments threats of merciless
response toward the United States if the movie was released.
12 People were killed on January 7th 2015
due to a cartoon in Charlie Hebdo, a weekly satirical news magazine published in Paris
France. The cartoon depicted Muhammad,
an action forbidden in the Islamic faith, and
angered many Islamic people. A few in particular became so enraged that they decided
to retaliate against the cartoonists responsible
for the satire of their prophet.
The Times Europe discovered that, while
attacking, the gunmen shouted two phrases

Photo Courtesy of Matt Allen

Q: When do you usually surf?

A: Usually after school and on weekends.
Q: Do you prefer to surf in the morning or
before sunset?
A: In the morning.
Q: What is your favorite surf spot?
A: I like surfing South Bird.
Q: How long have you been surfing?
A: 5 years.
Q: What time of board do you surf with?
A: 52 Hypto Krypto short board.
Q: How long do you usually surf for?
A: Generally 2-3 hours.
Q: Whats the longest youve ever surfed?
A: One day when it was really fun I surfed
7 hours.
Q: Have you ever broken a board?
A: Ive broken one board.

Photo Courtesy ofLou Rasse

Bettie Coy


Mia Wallach

The purpose of free speech is to allow people to publicly express their thoughts. There
are many mediums that are made solely for
the purpose of exercising this right such as La
Jolla Highs very own free speech board and
senior benches, allowing us to send messages
to those around us and develop progressive
and productive thought.
Je Suis Charlie is a phrase recently created following a terrorist attack that resulted
in the massacre of 12 journalists, now known
as the Charlie Hebdo Massacre. The purpose
of the statement is to show affiliation with
western culture and agreeing with the idea of
freedom of speech. To say Je Suis Charlie (I
am Charlie) is to say that you are affiliated
with or agree with freedom of speech.
Freedom of speech can be a good thing;
when people forget, however, where the lines
are drawn for what can and cannot be said or
otherwise disagree with the restrictions, cha-

Jake Tear

Matt Allen


Photo Courtesy of Alley Lopez


Extracurricular Sports

Q: Why did you start doing yoga?

A: One of my aunts and two of my
cousins are all teachers so I kind of got
brought along.
Q: What inspired you to teach?
A: I worked in a studio for three years
before doing my training so I think what
inspired me was seeing so many of my
friends come out of the training talking
about how much they loved it and I also
really wanted to teach in college.
Q: What studio do you work and practice
A: I just started working at a new studio called Buddhi Yoga in downtown La
How many times a week do you teach?
A: Me and Delaney Dickenson are about
to start teaching a High School Yoga
Class twice a week.
Q: Do you know what days thatll be at
Photo Courtesy of Katie Chapman
Buddhi Yoga?
A: Tuesdays and Thursdays.


By Vivi Bonomie
Staff Writer


February 6, 2015

Teachers Throw It Back

As a school that has always

had a strong sense of school
spirit, it is not surprising that
so many of the faculty members also played sports when
they were younger. Four teachers in particular have a strong
background when it comes to
athletic skills.
Coach Allen, one of the La
Jolla High School PE coaches,
was born and raised here in
La Jolla. He attended La Jolla
Elementary, Muirlands Middle School, La Jolla High, and
the University of California,
San Diego (UCSD). At the
beginning of academic career
at LJHS, he was cut from the
basketball team and couldnt
try out for baseball due to
an injury. His junior year, he
came back and was again cut
from basketball but made the
Junior Varsity (JV) baseball
team. It wasnt until his senior
year that he made varsity for
both sports. He continued on
to play baseball for UCSD and
even played minor league for
the New York Mets. His goal

was to move up into the major leagues, but sadly the Mets
didnt offer him a spot on any
of their teams. This is when he
decided to coach baseball.
When asked if he regretted
quitting he shared, No, because that got me into coaching and teaching. The chances
of ever making the majors are
slim... my dream got shattered
after one year so I was
able to get a teaching
credential and got lucky
enough to land back in
the school that I went to.
Along with Allen, computers teacher Greg Volger also had a successful
baseball career. After
making varsity both his
junior and senior years
of high school, he continued to play at Santa Barbara
City College and eventually received a scholarship to San Diego State University (SDSU).
He played with his team in
the State Championship Joe
DiMaggio Summer Series,
where he got to meet DiMag-


By Lauren Robbins
Staff Writer
Following the AFC Championship game on Monday January 19th at Gillette Stadium
between the New England
Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts,
with a final score
of 45-7,
there was a
d i s covery that
used by the
were significantly
This results
in the ball
being several pounds
lighter than it should be,
making it easier to throw and
receive, especially in rainy
conditions. Each team is allowed to bring 12 of their
own footballs to use in the
game and each ball is supposed to weigh between
12.5 and 13.5 pounds per
square inch. During the
second quarter of the
game, Colts linebacker DQwell Jackson
noticed that the
Patriots ball felt
i t
and he
demanded it to be
w a s
then discovered
that in fact the
did weigh less than
the NFL mandated rules.
Of particular interest to this issue is the fact that this isnt the
first time that the Patriots have
been caught deflating footballs
in a game against the Colts. On

November 16th, 2014, there

was an incident involving deflated footballs but it was never pursued by the NFL. However, in this recent situation,
the NFL has launched
an investigation
on the Patriots. This Deflate-Gate has
caused some
the nation and
there is now the
question whether
the Patriots won
fair and square.
As of Tuesday,
2015, the investigation
is still ong o ing and the
NFL investigator
now is enlisting
the help of
physicists at Columbia
University to
find out
if weather or
any other
condit ions
could have
altered the
the football.
The Patriots
coach Bill
and quarterback
T o m
deny any involvement in the
deflation of the footballs.

Photo Courtesy of WikiCommons

gio himself. Afterwards, his

dreams of becoming a pro
came to an abrupt halt when
he developed shoulder problems that led to three surgeries
and the end of his career.
To this day, he still enjoys
baseball and the competitiveness of sports in the general,
and while he claims to have no
regrets, he did express his sad-

You can only play field hockey

for four years... just come out
and play something different.
You can go and play tennis for
the rest of your life.
This finally convinced her to
drop tennis and try out for field
hockey where she ended up being the first freshman to ever
make varsity. She shared that
her favorite memory was winning back-to-back state
championships her junior and senior year. She
said, I can remember
the bus ride home and
we had a big parade and
they made it field hockey
day in our town. Even
though her plan was to
only play in high school,
she quickly fell in love
Photo Courtesy of Greg Volger
with the sport and found
ness that it had to end.
herself with a full scholarship
Another successful col- to Providence College. After
lege player was Coach Con- those four years, she immediway, who played field hockey ately chose to start coaching.
throughout her high school She coached at Georgetown
and college years. Conway University, Boston College,
attended Ottawa Hills High and Kentucky State.
School in Toledo, Ohio, where
If theres one thing she learned
she was convinced by her from the experience it is that to
friends to try out for her field be successful in a sport, you
hockey team.
have to be open to new things,
Originally, she was set on like Conway said, You might
playing tennis for her school be a great badminton playteam but her friends told her, er and you didnt ever know

anything about the sport. She

adds that the most important
thing is going in with a positive attitude [and] trying as
many things as you can.
Over in the English department, Essex retells his high
school career in track and field.
He went to Northwest Catholic
High School in West Hartford,
Connecticut where he ran the
400 and did the long jump
on the varsity team. I loved
track, and running in general,
as I found it was an enjoyable
way to have a quiet time and
contemplate the world. He
was passionate about running
but ended up attending USD,
which did not have a track
team, something he didnt realize until he had already arrived.
Even though he could no
longer run for a team, he never
let that stop him from running
for fun. He shared, The great
thing about running is that
you do not have the get together a bunch of people to do it. I
have run my whole life, which
only proves that you can be old
and fat and still enjoy it.
Contrary to popular belief,
many teachers experienced
their high school careers in a
very similar way that students
now do.


February 6, 2015


This Girl Can

Injury at
By Yenitzia Lopez
Staff Writer

By Tristan Macelli
Staff Writer

This past fall, towards the

end of The La Jolla High football season, one of our players
suffered a severe concussion.
During the confusion of the
game, what seemed like a minor mishap became a huge
deal, not only for the player
himself but also for the coaches and the team too. As soon as
he was subbed out of the game,
his friends could tell there was
something wrong with him.
Before he had a chance to realize what may have happened
to him, he was put back in the
game. It was not until after the
game and a few days later that
the real pain set in.
This student-athlete has been
out of school since later October, so it is clear to see that
the injuries he sustained were

very serious, so much so that he

might not return to school until
next fall.
Furthermore, he may not be
able to play contact sports for
the rest of his life. It is important to remember this is a high
school student who is affected
by these limitations.
Another student on the team
who has played football since
his freshman year said that he
thinks injuries like these can
happen to anyone, and its just a
matter of speaking up.
While he did not personally
witness what had happened to
his teammate, he did have this
to share: He said that, in his
own personal opinion, he did
not feel his teammate was fit
to continue playing. He himself suffered a concussion of his

X - G a m e s

By Joseph Carroll
Staff Writer

The X-Games is an extreme

sporting competition that occurs every year. The X-Games
were created by ESPN and
have began to involve other
The sports played include
barefoot water skiing, climbing, bungee jumping, skateboarding, skiing, tricks on
snowmobiles, ice climbing,
and BMX tricks. Amazing
tricks like doing front flips on
snow mobiles, first performed
by Heath Frisby, or triple flips

on a snowboard are common.

Shaun White, a snow boarder, currently has the record
for most gold medals won in
the X-Games. The Winter
X-Games have been taking
place in Aspen, Colorado for
the past 10 years and usually
take place in January.
Unfortunately, Caleb Moore
was the first person to die because of an accident happening
during the X-Games. In the
winter X-Games, he attempted
to do a back flip on a snow mobile, but crashed and landed
on his head. Sadly, he passed

Fo ot G olf

By Creekstar Allan
Staff Writer

More than 22 countries have

footgolf associations. Footgolf
is a hybrid of soccer and golf
and it consists of the same fundamental rules as golf in the
sense that the players goal is
to hit the ball from the starting tee into an ending hole at
the end of the green. However,
the difference is that the sport
is played using regulation size
5 soccer balls and a strict dress
code. It is traditionally played
on an 18-hole golf coarse
where the holes are altered to
accommodate soccer balls.
According to the Illinois
Footgolf Association, the
dress code consists of six main
points. Each player must wear
a designated footgolf flat cap
or driver hat (no baseball caps
or beanies allowed), a collared
shirt, knee-high Argyle socks,
golf shorts, indoor or turf soccer shoes, and must bring their

own size 5 soccer ball. Not only

does footgolf share a course
with golf, but also its tradition
of conservative attire.
According to resident footgolf
player Jim Hogan in North Virginia, a soccer background
is important. You need a quality
strike and let the celebrations
occur. Its the inner soccer hooliganism, says Hogan, as he described his teammates jumping
on him when his approach shot
landed in the hole. However,
one of his teammates Glen Grey
explained that the players too
also have to have at least some
basic golf skills in order to read
the breaks and distance to get
the ball in the hole.
San Diegos first Footgolf
course has opened up at Resorts in Escondido. The cost is
$10 for those under the age of
17 and $15 for those who are
older than 17.

own in a previous game; he,

however, was able to recover
due to the nature of his specific injury.
Despite all of this, he still
trusts his coaches to keep him
safe because he believes they
would never do anything to
hurt their players.
It is important to be aware
of yourself and others as well
as accepting the risks you
take by playing sports that are
highly physical.
Injuries of the magnitude of
this case can and will happen
to anybody putting themselves at risk in any physical
sport. The important part
is recognizing when you are
hurt or speaking up for a
teammate who may not realize how badly they are hurt.

2 0 1 5

away in the hospital. This

past Winter X-Games, which
took place from January 22 to
January 25, 2015, Chloe Kim
became the youngest person
ever to win an event. At age
14, Kim took the gold in a
snowboarding event where
she scored higher than her
competitors including Kelly
Clark, who had won the event
the past four years in a row
and is also a three time Olympic medalist.
Kim was not able to compete in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics because she was
too young. However, her past
performance shows that age
does not necessarily matter,
and she has a very promising
future in this sport.
The X-Games is truly an
amazing event where extraordinary athletes to amazing
things. These athletes push
their sport to the very next
level, making them a lot more
entertaining to watch and

The newest womens active campaign

The new viral exercise campaign This Girl Can, developed by Sport England (an
English sport council), is a celebration of active women of all
ages, shapes, and sizes around
the world. The creators along
with Grace, from London,
Victoria, from London, Julie,
from Manchester, and Kelly, from Bury, hope to inspire
women to challenge cultural
assumptions about femininity
that prevent them in engaging in sport and exercise. As
the American philosopher Iris
Marion Young said, throwing
like a girl is a common insult
that excludes women from
feeling strong enough or even
capable of playing a sport. The
campaign makers also have
hopes of knocking down barriers of girls own fears about
actively exercising.
According to a Sport England
study, two million fewer women than men play a sport regu-

larly from the ages of 14 to 40

years old. Despite those numbers only 75 per cent admit
that they want to be more active. Further research showed
that womens ambitions turned
into fear of judgment of what
they looked like during exercising and their ability level.
Advertisement for this campaign seeks to show the real
story of women who exercise
and/or play a sport. By capturing images of these women
engaged in their sport, they
are hoping to create a new image of woman, as opposed to
the idealistic style we are so
accustomed to seeing. Using
slogans such as, Sweating like
a pig, feeling like a fox and
I kick balls, deal with it have
showcased these real women and what they really look
like throughout their activity, along with boosting their

Super Bowl XLIX

By Stephanie Buchbinder
Sports Editor
The Seattle Seahawks and
New England Patriots faced
off of February 1st, 2015 in
Glendale, Arizona for Super
Bowl XLIX. After the exciting
game, the Patriots were able to
bring home the trophy, which
was especially exciting for the
Boston-based team because of
the recent Deflategate scandal surrounding quarterback
Tom Brady, in which he was
accused of deflating the footballs to make them easier to
throw and catch.
The final 125 seconds included a perfect possession by
Tom Brady for the go-ahead
points, a juggling catch that
could have been the play of

the year, and a victory-clinching, end-zone interception on

a pass - not run - from the 1.
In addition to the exciting
game, the commercials and
halftime show were entertaining as well. Fans voted the
Budweiser commercial the
best once again, but among the
other favorites were Snickers,
Fiat, and NASCAR. Each company pays about 4.5 million
dollars for 30 seconds to air
their innovative commercials.
According to The New York
Times, more than 112 million
viewers tuned in to the 2015
Super Bowl.

Photo Courtesy of Kaitlin Wheeler

Mens Soccer

Mens Basketball


3:00 pm @ St. Augustine

5:15 pm @ St. Augustine

8:30 am @ Otay Ranch




Womens Soccer

Womens Basketball

Womens Waterpolo

3:30 pm vs. University City

5:15 pm vs. OLP

3:30 vs. CHS







February 6, 2015


As the next semester kicks off, La Jolla High School has grand plans for a new football field and athletic facility, bioscience
center, to add to the other minor enhancements that have been made around the campus in recent months.
By Ryan Robson, Media Editor

Athletic Complex Renovations

Even though the Viking football season is over and spring sports are beginning, construction is imminent on
both of LJHS sports fields and their
surrounding facilities.
Former school principal and current
SDUSD Principal Liaison of Special
Projects Dana Shelburne ticked off the
planned improvements, including a
new press box, new handicapped accessible bathrooms and snack shacks on
both the home and visitor sides, [disabled access] ramps which will provide
access to the field, a new weight room,
a new boys locker room [including an
athletic trainers room], new visitors
bleachers, two new storage buildings
on the field level, and new synthetic

surfaces on the field and track.

Additionally, Shelburne outlined the
major improvements planned near
Rushville street, including all-new seating and shade structures at the tennis
pavilion, as well as an office and bathrooms. On the lower field, which is
used for baseball and PE classes, LJHS
will receive renovated dugouts, a dedicated snack area, and a synthetic re-surfacing of the softball infield.
Current principal Dr. Charles Podhorsky explained that the project will
be broken down into three stages.
He noted that he has tried to ensure
clean breaks in construction, and has
worked with the district to ensure that
the upgrades cause as little disruption

What are Prop S and Z?

Nearly all of the recent and planned facilities projects at San Diego public schools
are funded by Propositions S and Z. Together, these voter-approved bond measures amount to $4.9 billion, for use improving school sites, erecting new buildings, or purchasing technology. Fund requests to utilize Prop S/Z capital, which
is provided to the district over time, are reviewed by an Independent Citizens
Oversight Committee. SDUSD also has a 24/7 fraud hotline for employees to
report misuse.

How are Improvements Funded at LJHS?

During the Hi-Tides initial interview
with Dr. Chuck Podhorsky upon his
arrival to the school, he noted that impressive facilities were one of his top
priorities. As he wraps up his freshman
year as La Jolla High Schools principal, this statement has certainly been
borne out by the parade of projects either already on site or in the pipeline.
Last month, we sat down with Dr. Podhorsky to discuss some of the new purchases at the school.

In December, posters on the now infamous free-speech board criticized the

purchase of the three new LJHS golf
carts, raising some questions about
how purchase decisions are made on
Addressing the critical posters, Dr.
Podhorsky insisted that the carts were
purchased as a matter of student safety. The security cart is used to shuttle
some students and make perimeter
checks, while another is kept readily
available to administrators to quickly
navigate the campus in urgent situations.
Contrary to many students beliefs,
the carts were not purchased using
any LJHS school funds, with Dr. Podhorsky mentioning multiple times
that the school is running on fumes
where budgeting is concerned. District
money is stretched thin across the district this year, and LJHS has been hard
hit with packed classes and a lack of
classroom essentials.
Rather, the carts were purchased with
Prop S/Z site discretionary funds, with
the Hi-Tide estimating the carts total
draw on the taxpayer-approved funds
at $15,000-$25,000.
At the risk of opening a can of
worms, Dr. Podhorsky explained that
any teacher or student can submit a
request to the administration for use
of the available funds, which will be

sent to the district for approval if it fits

within the permitted use guidelines.
Since Dr. Podhorskys arrival at LJHS,
he explained that he has only received
two requests for access to this funding
from faculty or students, and he said
that both had been submitted to the
district and granted. Some requests for
new campus equipment submitted by
Dr. Podhorsky himself were denied,
including a proposal for additional
calculators in the LJHS library, because they did not fit within the scope
of the funding.
In addition to the carts, Dr. Podhorsky said he is actively exploring
future uses for the funding. Safety inspectors he commissioned recently
found areas of the LJHS Parker Auditorium (the facility used for school
dramas and assemblies) unsafe. Dr.
Podhorsky said he is looking to use
additional funding to fix these issues,
and sources familiar with the theatre
program have said discussions took
place with the principal about updating sound and lighting equipment.
Another recent improvement on
campus was the addition of wheelchair-accessible doors in the front office and library. These came at no expense to the school, but through Dr.
Podhorskys personal communication
with district personnel. Even though
La Jolla High School was compliant
with all disabled access rules prior to
the installations, Dr. Podhorsky said
he worked to have the new doors installed to create a better experience for
disabled students at LJHS.
As bigger projects take shape at LJHS,
new purchases will need to be made
and other sources of funding tapped to
realize an ideal vision of our campus.
The school will need to continue finding a balance between upgrading the
campus and minimizing unnecessary
expenditure of taxpayer resources.

as possible.
Based on the latest negotiations with
the district, the 2015 graduation ceremonies have been confirmed to take
place on June 15 at the LJHS field, rather than at UCSD or the middle school
as some students had feared.
According to Shelburne, [the] overall
cost for the project is a moving target
due to unknown conditions at the construction site, as well as the addition of
the cost of the new press box. District
construction estimates place that figure
at somewhere in the $5 to $15 million
None of the projects expenses will be
drawn from the scarce LJHS site funds.
Instead, Shelburne told the Hi-Tide,
this project is being built with bond

funds passed by the voters a few years

ago, using funding from Prop S and
other measures approved by the district.
The overall plan for improvements
were designed and finalized while I
was still principal at La Jolla High, said
The total time frame for the project
will be around 18 months, depending
on weather, unforeseen difficulties, and
the like, according to Shelburne. The
length of the project means students
will need to use some temporary facilities during the construction for PE
classes and Viking sporting events, with
the exact dates depending on when
construction begins and how quickly
the stages can be completed.

Bioscience Center

The biotech industry is

certainly flourishing in La
Jolla and San Diego county, and LJHS could play
a big role in real-world
science education in the
A proposal put forward
last year outlines the
plans for a brand-new hybrid bioscience building
on campus for students to
gain valuable job-ready
experience in the lucrative field. Architectural
renderings show a new
facility that would house
new classrooms and outdoor collaborative spaces
not present anywhere on
the current LJHS campus.
LJHS Principal Dr. Chuck
Podhorsky told the HiTide in a December interview that the project
would be an incredible
development for the La
Jolla community.
With General Atomics
executive and La Jolla parent Linden Blue
spearheading the community-driven initiative,
LJHS could carve out a
reputation as one of the
leading high schools in
practical biotech education and hands-on science experience.
The cost of the building
is currently estimated at
around $10 million, with
funding being split 50-50
between the San Diego
Foundations private efforts and the other half
being matched by the district.
The bioscience center homepage explains,
public funding for such
a project will be inadequate for the foreseeable
future, so significant private financial support is
required. La Jollas own
t e c h n o l o g y - o r i e nt e d

commercial communities, which stand at the

forefront of world-class
technology development,
could be a source of that
A fundraising and
awareness event that took
place on November 18th
featured speeches from
Dr. Podhorsky, genetics researcher Dr. Craig
Venter, and Tim Scott
(the president
of Pharmatek
L ab orator ies,
Pharmatek Foundation also made
a contribution
to LJHS athletic
Dr. Podhorsky said the
event had been a successful kick-off to the project,
but he said there was still
a long way to go in terms
of donations. Because
the project is being managed under the San Diego
Foundation, finances are
not being managed by
the school, the district, or
the LJHS foundation. Dr.
Podhorsky said he did
not have access to monetary specifics.
Citing his previous experiences in fundraising
as a principal, he said that
donation influxes tend
to be unpredictable, so
it would not be practical
to start forming a timeframe of when construction could begin.
Although no official
partnerships have been
forged with research
centers, private firms, or
universities in San Diego, Dr. Podhorsky expressed confidence about
the strong relationships
LJHS is creating with
the groups. He told the
Hi-Tide that the pathway

for student internships

or training opportunities
would be open. Referring
to a conversation with Dr.
Venter, the principal said
that companies are looking to bring on ranges of
people, from lab technicians to PhDs.
The biotech center itself
will replace current 800
building classrooms, including the music area,

to utilize space near the

900 buildings science
and math classrooms. Dr.
Podhorsky said the main
outcomes of the facility
were to form a space that
gives LJHS the ability
to form outside partnerships and break free
from the traditional mold
of education.
The new building will
encourage a new educational format and be an
impressive campus landmark at La Jolla High.
Since the project is at
such an early stage, there
are many details that remain to be figured out.
Old classrooms will need
to be re-purposed and
a faculty development
strategy created.
Right now, the San Diego
Foundation is focused on
raising the funds to make
the state-of-art learning
space envisioned by the
community a reality.
Id be super excited to
have my kids involved in
something like this, said
Dr. Podhorsky.


February 6, 2015



10-wk ACT Course

(8 weeks AP test prep, 5 weeks SAT Subject
5 weeks SAT
= test
13 weeks

Subject test prep = 13 weeks total)

US History
US History
World History
+ Math
AP Calculus
+ Level 2
Math Level 2
Courses commence the week of March 9.
Call for further details.
Courses commence the week of
March 9. Call for further details.

10-wk ACT Course


I take the SAT

Subject Tests in addition to
Should I take the SAT
the Tests
AP exam?
in addition to the AP exam?

YES! High AP marks and solid

High AP
solid in
an increasingly competitive college
in an increasingly competitive
application process.

Weve got you covered.

Call us to
got you acovered.
Call us to schedule a FREE

Bring Film Back to SD

Jurassic Park, Get the Gringo,
Top Gun, and Anchorman 2 are
just a few of the films which
were partially shot in San Diego. Years ago when San Diego
still had a film commission,
Los Angeles movie producers
would travel down to San Diego. They came to scout for locations, and hire technicians to
shoot if not their entire films,

then to capture some shots of

the San Diego shores and Balboa Park buildings.
A year and a half after the
San Diego Tourism Authority
closed, 36-year-old Francine
Filsinger, president of the nonprofit San Diego Filmmakers
is trying to bring back the film
industry to San Diego. She has
attempted to re-establish a film
commission here in San Diego.
The new commission will not

begins April
Weekly SAT[Friday

Testing: TuesThurs 4 to 7:30 pm

Friday 4 to 8:30 pm
Testing: TuesThurs 4 to 7:30 pm
Class: Friday
4 to 8:302100
pm class]
Testing: TuesFri 4 to 7:30 pm
2100 class]
Class: Saturday
8: 30 am to 1 pm
Testing: TuesFri 4 to 7:30 pm
Class: SaturdayElite
8: 30
am to 1Valley
of Carmel
Elite of Carmel

diagnostic test and consultation.

By Yenitzia Lopez
Staff Writer

[Testing] Saturday 8: 30 am to 12 pm
[Testing] Saturday
30 am to
125 pm
1 to
[Class] Saturday
1 to 5 pm
(course begins
April 4th)

only serve the city of San Diego but the entire country as
well, by creating equal opportunities for all filmmakers to
share their visions here. San
Diegos open for business, stated Filsinger. We have highly
qualified and gifted filmmakers here, and one of the most
locations-everything from beaches to deserts
to mountains. You name it, its
right here. Theres no reason,

why we cant be a vibrant, productive community.

We just need advocacy, we
need the substructure, where a
producer can call and say, Hey,
Im coming to the area, I need
this type of crew, this type of
equipment, I need to know
what the permitting process is,
and the procedures, and have
it all at their finger tips, she
Since the 2013 closure of the
film commission, the San Diego region has proven itself as
unsatisfactory to the Los Angeles businesses despite all that
it has to offer.

I would like to see the revitalization of an active film

office to streamline and standardize the permitting process
throughout San Diego County,
Filsinger said. I would like to
see incentives, tax breaks, that
make us competitive with Los
Angeles. There are very active
and aggressive film commissions all over the country, and
even in other countries, that
we have to compete against.
The key to ease of productionits even more important, I
think, than the incentives and
tax breaks.

The Oscars and The Grammys

By Kieran Bauman
Staff Writer
Its that time of year againThe Oscars and Grammys are
fast approaching. The 87th
Academy Awards will be held
on February 22, and the 57th
Grammy Awards will be held
on February 8th. 2014 was a
pretty good year for movies,
especially dramas.
The favorites for Best Picture
include The Imitation Game,
which is about the struggle
to decipher the Nazi Enigma
during World War Two. Birdman is a dramatic look at a
struggling actor trying to re-

play a role, and Boyhood is a

movie that was 12 years in the
making, for it follows a real life
boy on his journey of growing
The Golden Globes share
many categories with the Oscars, along with many of the
same nominations. This makes
them a reliable source of information. On Saturday, Jan
11, the film Boyhood won 3
Golden Globes, for best picture, best supporting actress,
and best director. Chances are
it will also do very well in the
I cried two or three times

when I watched Interstellar,

says La Jolla High School junior Xiao-Bao Bao, and I
dont normally cry. Im pretty
cold hearted most of the time.
It was a 10/10 movie. When
asked if he thinks Interstellar
would win any Oscars, he replied, Oh, definitely. Interstellar was not nominated for
best picture.
However, there has been
some issues surrounding the
Academys choices on what
is nominated; one example is
how The Lego Movie, a critically acclaimed animated movie,
did not receive a nomination

for best animated picture, even

though it did receive a nomination during the Golden
A second source of controversy for some is over how there
were no African Americans
nominated in the best acting
categories despite what many
felt were strong, Oscar worthy, performances in the film
Selma, which tells the story of
Doctor Martin Luther King Juniors protest in the small Alabama town. Others say that it
cut corners, was historically
inaccurate, which is perhaps
why it did not receive many

nominations, while some say

the film is perfect.
A third controversy surrounds the film American
Sniper, as some claim it is anti
Muslim and inaccurate. Multiple celebrities have lashed
out at the film and each other
over Twitter, with Seth Rogen joining forces to compare
the film to Nazi Propaganda.
These are the whitest Oscars
since 1998, yet they may also
be the most controversial. On
another note, no women were
nominated for the screenplay
categories either.


February 6, 2015



La Jolla Film Festival

By Sophia Dorfsman
Staff Writer

The La Jolla Film Festival,

formerly known as the La Jolla
High School Film Festival, is
returning later this year. The
festival is no longer associated
with the school and is open to
students all over La Jolla, from
La Jolla High School to Bishops to La Jolla Country Day
and to Preuss.
Adam Hersko-RonaTas, organizer of last years film festival alongside Julian Clark,
says, Because of the larger
pool of submissions we expect,
the festival itself will only feature a selection as decided by a
panel of film-industry professionals.
For those who feel like this
is their calling, the guidelines
are simple: keep it under eight
minutes and include binoculars somewhere in the short.
As of now, it is looking like
the event will be held at the
same location as last year, the
Sherwood Theater at the Museum of Contemporary Art
San Diego, on Saturday, June
13th. Specific event details will
be focused on closer to the
date, while the current priority is dealing with prizes and
sponsors. This year the top
contenders will receive scholarship money and more.

All submissions, if having

followed all guidelines, will
be shared online as well at the
festivals website-to-be, www. This is
the same website where films
will be electronically submitted beginning March 6th and
ending on May 15th.
Due to controversy over the
content of a film submitted
to last years film festival, La
Jolla High School was unsure
whether the event would occur
again. Shane Lynchs film included drinking, smoking, and
foul language. However, Lynch
felt that he was just going by
what I had seen in previous
years. Some parents of the actors in the film decided that it
should be removed from the
show because they didnt want
their kids to be portrayed in
that way.
When word got around of the
film being removed, an anonymous threat was made to a
LJHS staff member. According to Dr. Podhorsky, the festival was cancelled because of
safety concerns related to this
threat, that the administration
planned for the worst and
hoped for the best, yet some
still dispute the actual cause of
the cancellation. At an institution like a school, the safety of
the students and faculty is the

number one priority.

The La Jolla High Film Festival was started by Mrs. Dill,
Mr. Caviola, and Julian Clark,
LJHS Class of 2012, about 3
years ago. Last years festival
was organized by Julian Clark
and Adam Hersko-RonaTas,
LJHS Class of 2014, and they
were given notice of the cancellation a week before the
event was supposed to take
place. With a lot of terrific submissions in their hands, Her-

Full details and

rules will be available alongside the
submission form
March 6th at www.
sko-RonaTas and Clark decided to not let anyone down. The
two set forth all of their efforts
into making the event happen.
Since the film festival could no
longer be affiliated with the
school, they needed a plan B.
On the same day as the disappointing news was revealed,
Hersko-RonaTas went right
after school to the Museum
of Contemporary Art in La
Jolla and was able to book a
date. In the days remaining be-

The Elephant Man

By Sophia Ketring
Staff Writer
Being in high school, we all
tend to try to fit in, one way or
another ; whether you realize it
or not. We all just want to be
accepted and not looked at in a
weird way by our peers.
This major inner struggle
most of us have with trying to
be accepted and "normal" is a
major theme in the Broadway
show "The Elephant Man",
starring Bradley Cooper. I was

This major inner struggle most of us have with

trying to be accepted
and normal is a major
theme in the Broadway
show The Elephant

Photos Courtesy of Sophia Ketring

not aware that the show would

leave me with a lot to think
Cooper's character, John
Merrick, first appears hidden
behind a sheet, as he is being
presented as a human curiosity. As the show progresses,
he is unveiled by Dr. Frederick Treves who wants to take
pictures of him to study his
disease, a rare condition that

fore the show, tickets, posters,

programs, T-shirts, etc. were
quickly designed and printed, while tickets were sold by
hand. Everyones hard work
paid off because on June 6th,
the museum was a full house.

It was so packed that people

were turned away from the
490-seat venue.
Full details and rules will be
available alongside the submission form March 6th at

causes both the bone and skin

to overgrow into large lumps
all over ones body. Cooper got
into character by slowly contorting his body and changed
his voice to sound like someone who is under a lot of pain.
Dr. Treves gives the Elephant
Man a place to stay which then
gives him the chance to integrate Merrick into society, not
as a curiosity just as a human
being. He specifically focuses
so that the Elephant Man can
feel a sense of being normal
around women.
The women were the ones
who look at the Elephant Man
as something to be afraid of,
not as a human. After many
attempts, Dr. Treves finally
found a woman who would
socialize with Merrick, Mrs.
Kendal, an actress.
This leads into Coopers
character developing a friendship with Mrs. Kendal where
they discuss the meaning of
books and plays. Their friendship comes to an end when he
starts to talk about how he has
never seen a real woman undressed. Mrs. Kendal then tells
him to turn around as she undresses. As this happens, Dr.
Treves walks in and is disgusted by what he sees. Mrs. Kendal then stops coming and Elephant Man questions why she

doesn't come back. One day as

he is about to have lunch in his
room, he decides to go back
to his bed and lie down. This
kills him because he has gone
to sleep with the weight of his
head in an angle that snaps his
neck. The Elephant Man had
always slept sitting up because
of this possibility.
The end of the show presented me with a lot of questions.
I was convinced that he had
committed suicide because he
was now unhappy with his life
because of the issue with Mrs.
I was lucky enough to go
backstage and hear Cooper
talk about this matter. Cooper
felt that The Elephant Man,
John Merrick, was a man of
courage who just wanted to be
normal for once and decided
to lie down like a normal person, although this ended up
killing him.
Cooper showed a lot of passion while discussing the topic of The Elephant Man. His
words got me thinking about
the extremes that some people will go to in order to fit in.
Most generally will not get one
killed, but it can change ones
sense of self and give them a
feeling that they are not good