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Gorakhpur Social Scientist

(A Bilingual Journal of Social Sciences)

Journal Description:
Editorial Board
1. Prof Harishankar Srivastva
(History, Gorakhpur)
2. Prof Gyan Bhushan Sahay
(Sociology, Gorakhpur)
3. Prof Jagdish Singh
(Geography, Gorakhpur)
4. Prof Imtiyaz Ahmad
(Sociology, Lucknow)
5. Noor Mohammad
(Geography, Delhi)
6. Prof Lal Bahadur Varma
(History, Allahabad)
7. Prof Pratibha Khanna
(Education, Gorakhpur)
8. Prof Nabi mohammad
(Education, Aligarh)
9. Prof N Husnain
(Anthropology, Wardha)
10. Prof Sriprakash Mani Tripathi
(Political Science, Gorakhpur)
11. Prof Anupam Nath Tripathi
(Psychology, Gorakhpur)
12. Dr Bhawana Varma
(Political Science, USA)
13. Dr Ajeya K Gupta
(Management, Gorakhpur)
14. Prof Paramanand Srivastava
(Hindi, Gorakhpur)
15. Prof (Mrs) Vinod Solanki
(English, Gorakhpur)
16. Prof AP Singh
(Psychology, Varanasi)
17. Dr YB Varma
(Management, Noida)
18. Prof S N Yadav
(Economics, Gorakhpur)
19. Dr I D Mishra
(Political Science, Lucknow)

Gorakhpur Social Scientist is the first ever

bilingual (Hindi / English) refereed journal of Social Sciences in U.P.

The journal shall publish research papers (empirical and theoretical)
related to various social sciences (Sociology, Political Science,
Economics, Education, Psychology, Anthropology, Geography, History
(Modern Economic, Social and Cultural).
The aim of the journal is to promote the advancement and
diffusion of knowledge of social science in and for the poverty stricken
region of Uttar Pradesh. Academic excellence and quality research shall
be our endeavor.


All rights reserved. No part of this publication be

reproduced, stored or transmitted in any form or by any means without

the prior permission of the Chief Editor.

Instructions to Authors: Submit copies of each manuscript to the

chief Editor, Gorakhpur Social Scientist. C-112, Gemini residency
Medical College Road, Gorakhpur- 2730001
All communications related to the journal should be sent to the above
Authors are required to submit the article in MS Word only in the form
of CD along with a hard copy or e-mail-; Kindly provide your E-mail address along

Chief Editor Prof Ashok Kumar Saxena

Editor - Dr Chandra Bhushan Gupta Ankur

with your article. The manuscript should include a separate title page
with the name of the author(s) and affiliations. Author identification

Publisher / Managing Editor Sri Prateek
Sexena, 33, Doctors enclave, Raptinagar, Phase
III (Near shapur thana) Gorakhpur.
Phone No- 9336171585, 9935457500,

notes should be typed only on the title page. In an effort to encourage

development of scientific expertise of junior researchers, the journal will
encourage reviewers to prepare independent reviews. As appropriate,

9415212392, 9335040900
E-mail- drashoksaxena@gmailcom

these reviews will be furnished to the authors for improving the quality


of the papers.

Manuscript preparation:

Authors should prepare manuscripts according to the standard

guidelines. Formatting instructions (all copy must be double-spaced) and instructions on the preparation
of tables, figures, references, metrics, and abstracts shall be given by paper reviewers and editor.

Abstract and Keywords: All manuscripts must include an abstract of about 100 words typed on
a separate page. Please explain the recent knowledge below the abstract. Papers that are to be submitted
for the July issue must reach before 30th may 2010 and for the December 2010 issue must reach before
30th October 2010.

Reference: References should be listed in alphabetical order. Each listed reference should be cited in
the text, and each text citation should be listed under the References. Basic formats are as follow:
Ashok Kumar, V.S.R, (1996). Management Styles Gorakphur Social Scientist. 33:2, 86-93.


Authors are required to obtain and provide to the editor on final acceptance all

necessary permissions to reproduce any copyrighted work, including, for example, test instruments and
other test materials or portions thereof...

Publication policy:

The Gorakphur Social Scientist (GSS) policy prohibits an author from

submitting the same manuscript for concurrent consideration of other publications, as this journal is a
national journal that publishes original materials. Gorakphur Social Scientist (GSS) policy also
prohibits publication of any manuscript that has already been published in whole or substantial part
elsewhere. Authors will be required to state in writing that they have complied with Gorakphur Social
Scientist (GSS) ethical standards in the treatment of their sample, human or animal, of to describe the
details of treatment.

Subscription: The journal includes invited articles, research articles, book reviews, news and views
and critiques of recent developments in the field of Social Sciences. Subscription rates are as follows:



Foreign countries

One year (For individual)

Rs. 500

US$ 50

One year (Institutions)

Rs. 1000

US$ 100

Life (for 10 years)

Rs. 5000

US$ 500

Three years(For individual)

Rs. 1200

US$ 120

Mode of Payment:

Subscriptions and payment of advertisement can be made in the form of

Demand Draft of any bank payable at Gorakhpur and should be in favour of the Managing Editor,
Gorakhpur Social Scientist. Business Communication should be address to Sri. Prateek Sexena,
Managing editor 33, Doctors enclave, Raptinagar phase III (Near Shapur Thana) Gorakhpur.