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Meeting the Challenges for Asias Growth


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American Association of Petroleum Geologists

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Petroleum Engineers
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ASME International Petroleum Technology

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers,
Oceanic and Engineering Society
Marine Technology Society

Society of Exploration Geophysicists

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Malaysia Task Force

Deadline for submission is 5 June 2013

In 2014, the inaugural Offshore Technology Conference Asia (OTC Asia)
will be held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in Malaysia,
branching out from the original event held annually in Houston. This
event will be held from 25 28 March, before the Malaysian Formula 1
Grand Prix weekend. A hub of offshore facilities engineering and
construction, Malaysia is also becoming a more and more important
manufacturing center for the oilfield service and supply industry. In
addition, the country hosts the second largest LNG export terminal in
the world, with all the feeding gas produced offshore.
OTC Asia will focus on concerns pertinent to the region and be an avenue
to share lessons learnt, best practices and emerging technologies in
offshore oil and gas activities towards meeting the challenges for Asias
growth. Cross-border issues, enhanced oil recovery on the back of
depleting resources, aging facilities, adapting international standards to
local requirements, and high CO2 gas reservoirs are among the
challenges, whilst pursuing the right technologies and the right
expertise to realise greater value for the industry. Asia, being the centre
for offshore rig and facilities construction, will be the perfect venue to
present success and innovation in this field.
New technologies are required to meet operational demands and to
ensure that these activities are conducted in a safe and environmentally
responsible manner. Innovations are expected in oil and gas
developments, minimum facilities, deepwater technology, intelligent
wells, novel drilling technology, offshore artificial lift, alternative energy,
sand management, seabed mining, project management and offshore
emergency response. In addition to a push for green technology.
The 2014 OTC Asia in Kuala Lumpur will provide a world-class venue to
present creative solutions and share your expertise. On behalf of the
OTC Asia 2014 Programme Committee, we invite you to submit a paper
proposal presenting your technical and innovative solutions,
advancements and knowledge at this premier offshore energy
International and regional players in Asia could leverage on this
platform to establish and strengthen collaboration and networking for
sustainable development of the offshore energy sector and contribute to
the well-being of the people and nations in the region.
Please submit your abstracts online at We will
accept abstracts until 5 June 2013.


We look forward to your participation.

International Conference & Exhibition



Malaysia External Trade Development

Malaysian Investment Development Authority
Malaysia Oil & Gas Services Council

Malaysia Petroleum Resources Corporation

Robert Ziegler
PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd
OTC Asia 2014 Programme
Committee Chairman

Mohd Kamis Abdul Manap

Group Technical Solutions, PETRONAS
OTC Asia 2014 Programme Committee
Vice Chairman

Meeting the Challenges for Asias Growth

Acoustic Communication with AUVs and ROVs
Asset Integrity Design/Management
Autonomous Vehicles for Offshore Exploration
Basement Plays
Cross-border Management/Agreement
Deepwater Dry Tree System
Developing Highly Compartmentalised Fields
Estuary Drilling
Floating Systems
Flow Assurance
Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs
Geohazards in the Seabed
Geoscience in Offshore Projects
High CO2 and Contaminated Fields
High Pressure High Temperature
Installation/Construction/Pipelay and Operations
Integrated Operations
International Standards Adapting to Local
Marginal Deepwater Production
Marginal Fields
Materials Technology
Minimising Environmental Discharge
Ocean Engineering Resources
Offshore Artificial Lift
Offshore Emergency Response & Recovery
Offshore Governance & Regulations
Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities Security
Offshore Oil and Gas Platform Cyber Security
Offshore Pipelines/Umbilicals
Operating in the Monsoon Season
Production Sharing and Handling Contracts
Project Management and Economics
Public Policy and Regulatory Issues
Reservoir Modelling Technology
Reservoir Surveillance and Facilities Integration
Rigs from 6 th to 7 th Generation
Riser Systems
Sand Management
Sensors and Measurements for Environmental
Small Work Tender Assisted
Subsea Production and Processing System
Topside Construction
Unconventional Resources and Deepsea Mining
Wells and Completion Technology

Please submit proposal at

Deadline for submission is 5 June 2013


A proper review of your paper proposal requires that it contain adequate
information on which to make a judgment. The suggested limit of 200-350 words
should not be constraining if the paper proposal is limited to the following
factual highlights:
Description of the Proposed Paper: Outline the scope and nature of the work
upon which the paper is based (e.g., field data, laboratory data, original
analysis, or computer work). If the paper is a review paper, carefully state the
extent of the coverage.
Application: Describe the possible applications of the information provided in
the paper.
Results, Observations, and Conclusions: Summarize the results and major
conclusions to be presented in the paper, and state how these differ from
previous work on the same subject. State whether new information will be
revealed and whether the data from field, laboratory, or computer work will be
Significance of Subject Matter: Describe the significance of the proposed
paper by listing up to three technical contributions or additions to the technical
knowledge base of the petroleum industry.

The program committee will observe the following criteria when selecting
papers for the conference.
The paper must not have had prior publication or circulation.
The paper should contain significant new knowledge or experience in some
field of offshore exploration and production.
The paper must be technically correct and should be of interest to a reasonable
number of people working in the field of offshore operations. It may be
theoretical or present the results of laboratory studies, and it may state or
analyse a problem. The paper may also be a review paper, but must be
significant value to the technical field.
The paper may present information about equipment and tools to be used in
exploration and production. Such papers must show the definite application
and limitations of such equipment and avoid commercialism and the used of
trade names.
The paper proposal should have the necessary clearance before it is
submitted to OTC. Prospective authors should advise of any clearance
problems when the papers proposal is submitted.

A manuscript wil be required for the conference per the OTC policy of no paper,
no podium. Manuscripts will be included on the CD proceedings, available for
purchase at the conference.
Complete instruction on preparation of manuscripts and visual presentation
material will be made available electronically to authors of accepted proposals.
All papers must be presented at the conference will be copyright by OTC.
Do not use trade names, company names, or language that is commercial in
tone in the paper title, text, figures, and presentation materials.
Commercialism in papers submitted for the CD proceeding may be cause of
removal of the paper from the program.
The paper must be written in English.