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Those who do not look back to the past, will never get to where they wish to go.

today it is only right for us to reflect on what we have gone through. President Benigno S.
Aquino III (PNoy)
With this saying, PNoy started his SONA by looking back to the situations in the past, before he
started his journey as a president, where corruption was endemic to the system, we had a
senseless bureaucracy, and our economy was weak. It was held last July 28, 2014 and lasted
for approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes at the Session Hall of the House of Representatives,
Batang Pambansa Complex, Quezon City.
In his speech, it was inferred that the government did well under his administration. Some of
the highlights were:

He first talked about the Disbursement Acceleration Programs (DAP) contribution of 1.6
billion pesos to TESDAs Training for Work Scholarship Program which led to the
graduation of 223,615 beneficiaries66% of which now have jobs.

PNoy proudly said that the government was able to recapitalize the Central Bank of the
Philippines with P40 billion out of the required P50 billion during the Ramos

Also, the Philippines is now at the investment grade status in which the government can
borrow funds for programs and projects at lower borrowing costs (lower interest rates).
This would lead to more business investments in our country and faster benefits for the

PNoy discussed the improvement in our countrys tourism industry. The Philippines is
back to Category 1 which increase the possible routes for our local airline. This led to

having a shortage in flights because more tourists and businessmen wish to visit our

More roads were made which amounted to a total of 12,184 kilometers.

PNoy expressed gratitude to all the Filipinos who have offered their prayers and their
support, whether here or in other parts of the world for the Yolanda victims.

The police sector has improved since it made a massive number of arrests such as
those involved in the murders of Mayor Ernesto Balolong and businessman Richard

PNoy also talked about the increase by 22% of the Customs cast collections from
January to April of 2014 which created around 1.65 million jobs.

In response to rice hoarders, the government planned on importing more rice to supply
in the markets with reasonable or lower prices. To ensure efficiency of planting and
harvest, farmers are provided with modern equipment.

This SONA is his fifth, and as we listen to his SONA, we are expecting him to discuss more
about our governments current issues which includes impeachment pork barrel scam,
complaints because of DAP, territorial disputes with China, energy problems and the like.
The way PNoy praised not himself, but all of his comrades made him look selfless which made
us realize that he, maybe, wanted to obtain the peoples sympathylike how politicians do
before elections. He also talked about his parents legacy that has nothing to do with our
country; he should have discussed more on the issues instead of talking about the one-sided

positive changes in our economy. He was so emotional which made him look genuine to the
public, but what the people wanted to know are the corruption-related issues, which he failed to
say in his SONA.
What he said are really very superficial. Despite all improvements mentioned, there are deeper
problems which were unmentioned. The presidents avoidance of such matters will not lead to
any development. Meaning to say, the SONA was biased since what he said are different to
what the people feel and therefore, contrary to reality.
After hearing his SONA, we can now answer those questions that weve been searching for
answers during his administration like Are you satisfied with his administration?, Did we really
feel the improvements that he kept on saying in his SONA?, Did he finish his promises to us
during his prior SONA?, and Do we still want him to be our president? We may have different
opinions about his SONA, but what we feel is that his SONA failed to give what the public
wanted to know.

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