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Polyester is a category of polymers that mainly comprises of Polyethylene

Terephthalate (PET). Polyester is a synthetic polymer made from PTA and MEG.
Polyester Yarn is the main products in the polyester category. Almost 40% of the
world production of polyester is directly used to make Polyester Yarn. Polyester
yarn is made by direct spinning of PTA & MEG. It also made by spinning PET Chips
which is also a bi product made from PTA & MEG. Some of the world's largest PTA
products are British Petroleum, Reliance, Sinopec, Sk-Chemicals, Mitsui and
Eastman Chemicals. MEG production is in the hand of about 10 global players
which are headed by MEGlobal a JV of DOW and PIC Kuwait followed by Sabic. The
main use of Polyester has been in the Textiles field for making Polyester Yarns.
Polyester in different forms is used widely in textile application to make polyester
(PET) resin and Filament Yarn such as Partially Oriented Yarn (POY), Polyester
Drawn Textured Yarn (DTY), Polyester Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY), Polyester
Staple Fiber (PSF), Polyester Spun Yarn (PSY), Technical Yarn, Tire cord
and Mono filaments Yarn. Polyester yarn is also used in making packing
application like polyester film, insulation tapes, strapping and several other daily
use items. Polyester filament yarns is used in knitting & weaving to make polyester
fabrics such as consumer fabrics and home furnishing like curtains, bed sheets,
bed spreads and draperies. Similarly Polyester high tenacity industrial yarns can be
used to make ropes, conveyor belts, safety belts & tire fabric. Polyester Staple
Fiber is mainly used as fiber fills to stuff pillows, cushion, sofa & beddings.


Polyester Partially Oriented Yarn, commonly known as Polyester POY is the primary
form of Polyester yarn. It is also known as Polyester Pre-Oriented Yarn. It is the
first form of yarn made directly from PTA & MEG or by spinning Polyester PET
Chips. POY is mainly used in texturizing to make textured yarn, also known as
Polyester Drawn Textured Yarn (DTY). POY can also be used in draw warping for
weaving and warp knitting of fabrics.

POY yarn is available in different luster like Semi-Dull POY and Bright POY. The
Bright POY has the shine in it due to the cross-sections in the filaments. The fabric
made from Bright POY also has the bright luster. Polyester POY yarn is mainly
available in Raw White color & is also available in various different colors. POY is
usually colored by the Dope Dyed technology as it is more efficient & the yarn gets
evenly colored at each & every part. Color master-batch is mixed with the raw
material to make the dope dyed POY. Dope dyed POY yarn can be used to make the
Dope Dyed DTY yarn.
BR-TL: Bright Triloble
SD: Semi Dull
FD: Full Dull
BK: Black Dope Dyed


Drawn Textured Yarn (DTY) yarn is obtained when Polyester POY is simultaneously
twisted & drawn. DTY yarn is mainly used in weaving & knitting of fabrics for
making clothes, home furnishings, seat covers, bags and many other uses. DTY
yarn can be in Semi Dull or Bright or Trilobal Bright depending upon the type
of sections of filaments.
Technical Properties of DTY yarn can be moulded in several ways to make the yarn
suitable for its vast uses. Different heating techniques can be used to make the
yarn set for specific use - 1 Heater DTY is normally woolly & more stretchable as
compared to DTY with 2 Heater. Also the DTY yarn can be made with several
combinations of Intermingle points - it can be Non-Intermingle (NIM) having 0 10 knots/meter or Semi-Intermingle (SIM) having 40 - 50 knots/meter or HighIntermingle (HIM) having 100 - 120 knots/meter. These knots are not actually the
knots tied when two threads are broken but they are the tangle knots created by
heating pressure. These Intermingle yarns, also known as interlaced yarn, are
the replacement for lightly twisted yarns. Polyester DTY yarn can also be twisted to

high twists like 1500 TPM or 4000 TPM (twist per meter). Such twisted yarn can
also be heat-set to make the yarn permanently thermo-set the twist. Cationic DTY
is another variant of Polyester DTY that is mainly used in blankets.
Cationic DTY is made from Cationic PET Chips.
Polyester DTY yarn can also be obtained in various colors by the dope dyed
technology or by conventional dyeing. Dope dyed DTY is usually packed on paper
bobbins whereas Raw White DTY that will be used for dyeing is loosely packed on
perforated plastic tube so that all the yarn can be easily dyed when the bobbin is
dipped in color.
BR-TL: Bright Trilobal
SD: Semi Dull
SCD: Set Yarn
FD: Full Dull
BK: Black Dope Dyed
SET: Set Yarn
SIL: Slightly Intermingle
WIL: Heavy Intermingle


Polyester FDY is the abbreviation for Polyester Fully Drawn Yarn. It is also
known as Polyester Filament Yarn (PFY) or Spin Draw Yarn (SDY). FDY is
mainly used as weft or weaves in making fabrics. FDY can be knitted or woven with
any other filament yarn to get fabric of various different varieties. It is mainly used
in Home Furnishing Fabrics, Fashion Fabrics, Denim, Terry Towel and others.
FDY yarn is mainly available in 3 luster - Semi-dull (SD), Bright (BR)
having circular section & Trilobal Bright (TBR) having triangular crosssections. Filament yarn having tribal bright luster is widely used in making
curtains, bed-sheets and carpets. FDY is available in Raw-white as well dope dyed.

Dope Dyed FDY yarn can be used to make the colored fabric directly instead of
making the fabric with FDY Raw-white first & then dyeing it. Cationic FDY is another
variation of Filament yarn. Cationic FDY yarn is made from Cationic PET Chips.
Polyester FDY yarn can also be twisted to make Polyester Embroidery Thread
that is widely used in sewing. India & China are the leading manufacturers of
Polyester FDY yarn.


Kayavlon Impex is a leading exporter of High Tenacity Yarns in India & has
been exporting world class quality high tenacity yarn to various countries across
the globe creating its demand for quality products in Europe, Asia, Africa and
America. A yarn containing filaments made from synthetic polymers has a crosssection having at least 5 vertices, a titer of 1 to 7 dtex and a tenacity of at least
The filaments of the high tenacity yarn preferably have a cross-section having 5 to
8 vertices, possibly with indentations between the vertices. The cross-section of
the filaments is preferably star-shaped. The high tenacity yarn preferably has a
tenacity of 60 to 85 cN/tex, an elongation at break of 15% to 35%, a hot-air
shrinkage of 4% to 10% and a stretch recovery of 250 to 400 cN/tex. High Tenacity
yarn is also available in different variant like normal shrinkage, low shrinkage &
super low shrinkage depending upon the suitable end-use. The high tenacity yarn
is excellently suited for use in the manufacture of industrial fabrics,
particularly airbag fabrics.
High tenacity yarns have been used in the manufacture of textiles, carpets &
tarpaulin. In the manufacture of textile fabrics such as wovens, knitted and

crocheted fabrics and nonwovens from yarns containing synthetic polymer

filaments, the most important consideration in the manufacture of these fabrics is
the use of yarns with filaments having high tenacity and guaranteeing good fold
ability. The high tenacity yarns has high durability, toughness and chemical









conventional multi-filaments to their performance limits.

BR-TL: Bright Trilobal
SD: Semi Dull
SCD : Set Yarn
FD: Full Dull
BK: Black Dope Dyed
SET: Set Yarn
SIL: Slightly Intermingle
WIL: Heavy Intermingle
TBR: Bright Triloble


We are the professional indenters of quality textile products and monofilament
yarns in Asia, Europe, America, & Arabian Countries. Mono Filament Yarn can
be made by direct spinning or by splitting Mother yarn. Due to its very good
resistance to fuels and chemicals this type of monofilaments is mostly used in the
production of filter fabrics for automotive use.
Other features of this resin are high stiffness, high mechanical strength even at
very low temperature, low water absorption and good dimensional stability at high
Polyester Mono Yarn is also known as single polyester yarns, mother yarn for
splitting. Mono filament yarn has soft touch and good physical properties.
Polyester filament yarns is used in knitting & weaving to make design on

frocks & home-textiles and making of webbings. A yarn containing the

categories & available in 20D/1, 30D/1, 40D/1, 50D/1 for both Raw white & dope
dyed monofilaments. Mono yarn has variations as Semi Dull, Bright Dope Dyed
Mono filaments.
The Mono Filament yarns has high durability, toughness and chemical resistance.
BR-TL: Bright Trilobal
SD: Semi Dull
SCD: Set Yarn
FD: Full Dull
BK: Black Dope Dyed
SET: Set Yarn
SIL: Slightly Intermingle
WIL: Heavy Intermingle
TBR: Bright Triloble