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Megan Purdy

Change Plan Grid


To address the upcoming changes throughout our stores, including the additi

Frequency or timeline

At the start of the change process and following up with monthly updates.


To all employees, from management on down as well as shareholders of the


To make employees and shareholders aware of the new directions the compa


CEO and the Board of Executives


As a company, JC Penney has been faced with a downturn in our revenue and


The CEO and the Board of Executives with the help of the Human Resources

Delivery method

A live meeting or webcast to all employees and shareholders


This will be measured in the way that these plans are carried out on the fron

Megan Purdy

ange Plan Grid

res, including the additions of specialty stores and discontinuing our coupons and discount pricing.

ith monthly updates.

l as shareholders of the company will be recipients of these messsages.

ew directions the company is heading in and to prepare all involved for the future changes that will additionally

nturn in our revenue and stock values while facing the challenge of keeping up with our competition. Our goal a

the Human Resources Department

carried out on the front lines in the stores and how the employees implement these changes in the day to day

d discount pricing.

changes that will additionally happen.

th our competition. Our goal and our aim is to regain our position as a contender in the retail market and gain n

ese changes in the day to day business in the stores as well as measuring it by the return profits we hope to see

il market and gain new consumers as well as bring back our old consumers that may have left us. We will build

ofits we hope to see because of these changes.

ave left us. We will build on the strategy and idea of developing a 'store within a store' in hopes to gain new con

in hopes to gain new consumers and a wide variety in demographics as well as growing in our online market. W

g in our online market. We will be discontinuing our coupons and discount pricing and focusing on being a retai

focusing on being a retailer with 'always low prices' with no bargaining or price guessing.


What is the topic of the communication? (A "re" statement)

How often will this message go out? Regularly? Will there be updated versions? Once
Who will get this message? Why?
What is the goal of the communication - what should it achieve?
Who is going to actually have their name/voice on this communication?
What is the foundation of the message? Key points listed.
Who is going to write the communication? (Use the name of the officer/change agen
How will the message be delivered and why that method? (i.e. email/phone conferen
How will you measure or determine if the message successfully conveyed the inform

re be updated versions? Once?


me of the officer/change agent, for example, the CIO, CFO, CEO or the "CA" (change agent), HR Director, etc.) Yo
d? (i.e. email/phone conference/in person, etc.)
essfully conveyed the information?

nt), HR Director, etc.) You don't actually write a person's name