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Water Methods

Joseph Yu

Water, water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink!

Water is one of the two components of Feng Shui, which literally means wind and water.
Water takes care of the wealth aspect of human lives. Mountain takes care of the
general well-being of people by offering protection against strong winds. If one knows
how to make good use of mountain and water, then he will be qualified to carry a Luopan.
In practice, however, this is not as easy as it may sound.
The study of water must include

the source of water, i.e. where it comes from

how it visits the site
where it goes to
the shape of water

The shapes of water are described in details in Master Jiang Da Hongs Secretly Passed
Down Water Dragon Classic. This is a must for Feng Shui practitioners. It is included in
my Professional Feng Shui Course as a part of the foundation.
The first three items are what we call the Li Qi of water methods. There are so many
different formulas that most Feng Shui practitioners are puzzled and confused. Since
water methods deal with wealth, it becomes the most sought-after topic in Feng Shui
studies. People pay a lot of money just to learn a formula and buy a million-dollar dream
eventually ending up in disappointment and even despair.
In my Water Method seminar, I explain where the formulas come from and the reason
behind the mechanism. I lead my students to explore into the logic and validity of the
water methods. It is not meant to sell a get-rich-quick formula as such formulas are just
marketing gimmick. Feng Shui can only help people make good use of their potential but
it cannot bring people to a level beyond their potential.
There are seminars giving out over 20 water dragon formulas. People are misled to feel
that after the seminar they are armed with many potent methods. In my Water Method
seminar, you will find out for yourself whether it is true or not.
In my seminar, you are like going to a special buffet dinner. Not only are the various
kinds of food displayed, there are explanations about each dish. From the origin of the
food, to the method of cooking, to the analysis of the nutritious values and the suitability
to the individual are all explained in details.
This seminar will tell you how to get the benefit from the correct placement of water, and
avoid trouble brought about by the incorrect use of water. Some of the topics are listed
below. Note that it is not the materials but the way of presentation that is important.

1. In this course, you will learn the three rings: Heaven, Man and Earth of the Luopan.
2. Xian Tian Water Method and Hou Tian Water Method are parts of Long Men Ba Da Ju.
3. Shan Shui Long Fan Gua includes Nine Star Water Methods and the authentic Five
Ghosts Bringing Wealth.
4. The origin and explanation of Ba Sha Water and the Saving Poor Yellow Spring and
Killing People Yellow Spring are explained.
5. San He Water Method explains the technique of Double Mountain Five Elements, and
the twelve types of water methods according to the twelve stages of life. It also includes
what are known as Peach Blossom Water Method, Yang Ren Water Method and Post
Horse Water Method.
6. All formulas in Long Men Ba Da Ju are explained and scrutinized.
7. The origin and understanding of Ba Lu Huang Quan Sha.
8. Master Jiang Da Hongs Natural Water Method Song is explained.