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Plant Tissue Culture Supplies

Welcome to Caisson Labs. We're proud to be a bit unusual amongst our competitors.
In fact, there's really not another company like us. True, we manufacture and supply
products for animal cell culture (including: cell culture media, FBS (Fetal bovine
serum), buffer solutions, antimicrobials, and other reagents) and for plant research
and micropropagation (including tissue culture media, plant growth regulators, agars,
biochemicals and much more).

Our History
Welcome to Caisson Labs, your source for plant and animal cell culture supplies
including fetal bovine serum, culture media, and other cell culture.
However, we are manufacturers on another crucial scale as well. Because we focus
on the individual and specific needs of each of our customers, we are manufacturers
of improved workflow, greater efficiency, cost savings, reliability, and ultimately
better results for our customers. We invite you to experience a new culture, truly
unlike any other.

Founded in December 2000, Caisson Laboratories is rapidly establishing itself as a

leader in the field of biotechnology and life sciences industries. Caisson's current
product portfolio includes an extensive line of products based on plant and animal
cell culture.
In 2003, Caisson merged with Apomyx Inc., a company focused on the development
of plant based technologies to meet the world's growing needs for food, energy, and
pharmaceuticals. Research on these technologies is moving forward with multiple
products scheduled for release over the next few years.
Caisson Laboratories will continue its development of technology in both fields,
seeking ways to merge the two technologies together and provide innovative
solutions to the world's ever-changing needs.

Plant Tissue Culture Products

Tissue Culture Media: Getting it from the right source is equally important. Inconsistency in
your media can make even the most agreeable plants unhappy. Whether you are looking for a
modification of the trusted Murashige and Skoog formulation, one of our proprietary
formulations, or your own custom blend, let us show you how happy a consistent, quality
medium can make your plants.
Agars, Gellan Gums & Other Gelling Agents: While the gelling properties of these
products are well understood, the "bonus" compounds that accompany them into your culture
medium have remained a mystery. Until now. While impurities and variability is to be expected in
these biologically derived products, Caisson has searched the world for quality gelling agents and
we now closely analyze each batch to make sure you know which friends your agar is bringing to
the party. One of our account service representatives would be happy to assist you in making
your selection, and samples are available in many cases.
Plant Growth Regulators: We offer a variety of plant hormones. From abscisic acid to
zeatin, you'll find the growth regulators you need at Caisson. And to further put your mind at
ease, all of our PGRs are plant tissue culture tested to ensure their effectiveness.
Antibiotics & Antimycotics: Keep unwanted guests out with Caisson's comprehensive line
of antimicrobials. Whether you've got bacterial or mycotic invaders, we've got something to help
you keep them under control, including the widely acclaimed Plant Preservative MixtureTM.
Biochemicals & Reagents: Caisson offers a wide selection of ACS grade, plant tissue culture
tested biochemicals and reagents so that you can continue to make your tissue culture media
with everything that your plants need. While we would suggest letting us help you produce and
prepackage your custom formulation, if you are going to make the effort to formulate your own
media, make sure you are using proven components from a trusted supplier. (FYI - we fit that

Animal Cell Culture:A large selection of cell culture media, sera,
antibiotics & antimycotics, balanced salt solutions, buffers,
supplements & other reagents, together with our flexible
customizing capabilities means you'll always find what you need
with Caisson Labs.
Fetal Bovine Serum: Tired of paying too much for your Fetal
Bovine Serum or having to settle for a lower grade to fit your
budget? What about one, high quality grade of U.S. origin that
fits any budget? Get more for less with Caissons FBS.
Plant Tissue Culture: Tissue culture media, agars, gellan gums
and other gelling agents, plant growth regulators, antibiotics &
antimycotics, biochemicals & reagents, even vessels and supplies
U.S. Origin Fetal Bovine Serum: Caisson's premium-grade, U.S.
origin FBS meets the industry's highest quality standard. Using only
the finest raw material and a proven processing system, Caisson is
able to deliver superior quality with tremendous value. View our
certificates of analysis below and contact us for your free sample.

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