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Tata Chemicals is the market leader in packaged salts in India with more than half the total
market consuming Tata brands. The reason: Tata Salt and its fellow brands go far beyond
taste to target health initiatives such as iodine deficiency, iron deficiency and low sodium
Tata Salt has won accolades as India's most trusted food brand for several years. Launched
in April 2012, Tata Salt Plus is India's first national brand of packaged salt with iodine plus
iron. It is aimed at addressing and eradicating the prevalence of iron deficiency through one of
the most widely consumed food essentials salt.

The company manufactures two varieties of salt: Iodised salt and Vacuum salt.
1. Iodised salt
The company manufactures the following brands under the
edible iodised salt category:

Tata Salt - Desh ka namak

Tata Chemicals (TCL) pioneered the iodised branded salt
movement with its launch of Tata Salt in 1983. This has
transformed into a national movement over the past twoand-a-half decades. It is the first salt in India to be
manufactured using the vacuum evaporation technology.
This pioneering brand has played a role in the battle
against iodine deficiency and set standards in the category
for hygienic production, thus satisfying the latent need for high quality branded salt in the
In India, salt and integrity have a connection that stretches back to a time much before Tata
Salt was born. The company has drawn on India's rich relationship with salt to deliver a
product that embodies reliability, honesty and credibility, qualities that emanate from the Tata
creed of business.
The company continues to educate consumers across the country about the benefits of using
pure iodised salt.
A measure of what the brand has come to mean to its consumers across the country has
been expressed in the ET Brand Equity Survey 2010, conducted by AC Nielsen, wherein Tata
Salt was ranked as the second most trusted food brand in India.
The TCL franchise today has a 65 percent market share in the national branded salt segment.
It sells an average of 50,000 metric tons per month and is available at over 12 lakh retail

The company also exports Tata Salt to Middle East. The product has been introduced in
Dubai and will move on to Abu Dhabi and Sharjah to cover the United Arab Emirates.
Consumed by nearly 40 million households each month, Tata Salt is a super-refined, vacuumevaporated iodised salt produced by Tata Chemicals at Mithapur, on the western coast of
Gujarat, in one of the most integrated inorganic chemical complexes in India.
It is manufactured through a technologically advanced production process by evaporating sea
brine in steam-heated vacuum evaporators, is almost completely free from extraneous matter
and reaches consumers in the purest possible form. Tata Salt has a fine crystalline structure
and dissolves very quickly.
It contains the requisite amount of iodine to ensure proper mental development of children
and prevents iodine deficiency disorders in adults. It undergoes stringent quality standards
prior to its distribution to different parts of India.
Due to its purity and reliable quality, the product is widely used by hotels and restaurants,
housewives, and by manufacturers of packaged snacks, colas and namkeens (savoury
The salt enhances and accentuates the flavour of vegetables and meat to add taste.
Additionally, as a carrier of the essential nutrient iodine, the product supports India's public
health campaign against iodine-deficiency disorders.
Tata Salt is available for consumers in 4 Convenient Pack Sizes as follows:

pack size

Tata Salt


Tata Salt


Tata Salt


Tata Salt


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What Tata Salt consumers have to say:
"Jaise zindagi ke liye saans ka hona zaroori hai, waise khane ke liye Tata namak ka hona
zaroori hai" Pallavi Gupta, Devendra Nagar, Raipur
"Hum Tata namak bachpan se khate aa rahe hain, iske alava doosra namak hamen pasand
nahin hai" Shubha Tiwari, Raipur


Tata Salt Lite is a low sodium salt from the Tata Salt brand franchise. It has been specially
formulated to provide 15 per cent lower sodium than ordinary salt. It is generally accepted that
lower sodium in diet assists in management of blood pressure.
The changing lifestyle of the Indian masses, especially changes in food habits and stressful
working and living conditions, has led to an exponential increase of lifestyle diseases like
diabetes, hypertension / high blood pressure which are also risk factors for heart diseases. In
cases of high BP, several dietary restrictions are usually advised, more prominent among
them being a restriction on intake of sodium in the diet.
Tata Salt Lite was launched to provide consumers who
sought preventive measures to keep the blood pressure of
family members under check, a convenient means of help
in these stressful times. Within the first year of its launch,
the brand is a market-leader in the low-sodium salt
In addition, Tata Salt Lite is refined and iodised. It is
available in convenient 1kg food grade laminated packs to
keep it free flowing and moisture free. It is now available in
stores in most major cities.

Product characteristics:
15 per cent Low Sodium Salt

Iodised Salt Iodine content over 15ppm

Endorsed by the International Council for Control
of Iodine Deficiency Disorders


- Iodine sahi to dimaag tez

Tata Chemicals launched i-Shakti free-flow solar-refined salt

in October 2006. Quality analysis of ordinary salt available in
markets had brought to light that there was a variation in the
level of iodine present in them.
Thus the product was introduced to provide a platform for
upgradation of users of loose salt and local branded salts,
which may not provide a consistently dependable quality of
iodised salt. It provides an opportunity for the masses
access good quality iodised salt at an affordable price.

Iodine deficiency decreases child survival, causes goitre, and impairs growth and
development. Iodine deficiency in pregnant women can cause miscarriages, stillbirths, and
other complications. Children with iodine deficiency can grow up stunted, apathetic, mentally
challenged, or incapable of normal movements, speech or hearing.
i-Shakti has been playing a significant role in mitigating the iodine deficiency of Indian
consumers by providing them adequate iodine intake in every pinch of salt. The brand has
also been instrumental in creating awareness about the goodness of iodine among Indian
consumers through various consumer contact programmes. It is endorsed by the International
Council for the Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders (ICCIDD) for being the salt brand that
offers adequate quantity of iodine.
Since inception, the brand has witnessed the fastest growth ever seen in this category across
salt brands gaining market share in most states. In its third year of all-India operations, iShakti has gained the support of consumers to become the second-largest salt brand in the
country after Tata Salt; garnering 14.3-per cent market share in the branded salt category.
The brand is being offered in two formats namely: free-flow
salt and crystal salt. i-Shakti free-flow salt is available panIndia while i-Shakti crystal salt is offered only in south India.
i-Shakti crystal salt is solar-evaporated iodised crystal salt,
offering a natural taste suited for the south Indian palate. It
was initially launched in 2003 as Samunder crystal salt and in
2007, it was relaunched as i-Shakti.
i-Shakti crystal salt is available in a 1kg pack for convenience
of use.

4. Tata Salt Flavoritz - Ab lao taste mein twist

Tata Chemicals launched Tata Salt Flavoritz in March 2012. Three flavoured salt variants
were introduced at the launch - Lemon Coriander, Red Paprika, Onion Garlic. The brand also
extended its flavour offerings with its branded black pepper powder. The launch marks the
entry of the first indigenous brand of flavoured salts in India.

The company undertook a number of in-depth

consumer research studies to identify the
uniques flavours and arrive at an optimal
product formulation for Flavoritz. The product
development journey was an uphill task which
needed creating benchmarks in terms of product
stability, and striking the right balance between
saltiness and combination of flavours.
Flavoritz can be used in a variety of traditional
and nontraditional ways, ranging from dressing
salads, sandwiches and pasta, to enhancing the
flavour of parathas and boiled eggs.
Flavoritz is available in 50gm packs and comes in attractive hourglass shaped HDPE
sprinkler bottles.

5. Tata Salt Plus Iron fortified iodised salt

Tata Chemicals launched Tata Salt Plus iron fortified iodised

salt in April 2012. India's first national brand of packaged salt
with iodine plus iron is aimed at addressing and eradicating the
prevalence of iron deficiency through one of the most widely
consumed food essentials salt.
According to the National Family Health Survey (NFHS-3),
anaemia has been found amongst 70-80 percent children, 70
percent pregnant women, 55 percent women in general and 25 percent adult men across
population strata. Iron deficiency is commonly known as the biggest cause of anaemia. In
April 2011, the prime minister's office directed that salt available through government food
programmes including ICDS, mid-day meal and public distribution system should be fortified
with iron and iodine.
Tata Salt Plus is the long-awaited result of a 20-year research journey on double fortification
technology and premix led by the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), Hyderabad. This
technology was offered to Tata Chemicals under a long-term MoU after due studies on bioavailability across the population strata conducted and published by NIN.
Tata Salt Plus will be available in the metro and mini metro cities pan India.