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Welding related MCQs for Non-Management Technicians

Test Paper No. 1
1. Why should exact size spanner be used in order to open bolts?
a. Oversize spanner will slip
c. Both A & B
b. Nut will be rounded at the edges
if oversize spanner is used
d. none
2. The parent metal is not melted in ___________.
c. Soldering
d. ERW
3. In welding, flux is used to prevent __________ from entering into the weld pool.
a. Helium
c. Oxygen
b. Nitrogen
d. Both (b) and (c)
4. When a valve allows some flow, but not maximum flow, it is said to be in
______ position.
a. throttling
c. open
b. closed
d. wide open
5. Which of the following alloying elements is added to steel to increase its
corrosion resistance?
a. Steel
c. Vanadium
b. Chromium
d. Copper
6. Which of the following gas can be used as a shielding gas in GTAW?
a. Ammonia
c. Carbon monoxide
b. Argon
d. Hydrogen sulphide
7. What is the value of acceleration due to gravity?
a. 9.81 ft/sec
c. 9.81 m/sec
b. 9.81 ft/sec2
d. 9.81m/sec2
8. A lap joint is made through_________ weld.
a. butt
c. fillet
b. flare
d. corner
9. TIG welding means____________________.
a. Temperature inside gas
c. Tungsten inert gun
b. Tungsten inert gas
d. Transition in gas
10.The flux coating on electrode provides______________.
a. Shielding gases
c. slag
b. Current path
d. Both (a) and (c)
11.Which of the following substances supports Fire?.
a. Hydrogen
c. Oxygen
b. Nitrogen
d. Argon
12.Rust is another name of__________________.
a. sulphur oxide
c. chromium oxide
b. iron oxide
d. nickel oxide
13.Pipe and pipe fittings are made from.
a. Carbon steel
b. Fiber glass

c. SS
d. All of the above

14.In a fillet weld, the _________ is the portion of the weld from the toe to the
a. Leg
c. throat
b. foot
d. neck
15.Diameter of washer is generally taken __________________.
a. equal to nut size
c. less than nut size
b. greater than nut size
d. any size
16.Surface roughness on a drawing is represented by.
a. triangles
c. rectangle
b. square
d. sphere
17.___________ is a welding process that uses a non-consumable tungsten
electrode to produce the weld.
a. TIG
b. MIG
18.Once hardened, the ____________ must be chipped away to reveal the finished
a. Seam
c. Slag
b. Bead
d. Electrode
19.A cylindrical section having no joint is known as.
a. Extruded
c. Seamless
b. Brazed
d. Welded
20.If two angles of a triangle are 90 and 300, then the third angle will be_________
a. 45
c. 90
b. 30
d. 60
21.In electric arc welding, the term__________ refers to the component that
conducts the current.
a. welding rod
c. electrode
b. filler wire
d. weld metal
22.Work piece remains stationary during operation in ______ machine.
a. Milling
c. Lapping
b. Lathe
d. Balancing
23.The selection of the proper welding currents and voltages depends on all of
the following except:
a. Size of electrode
c. Welding position
b. Thickness of plate
d. Direction of travel
24.To start an arc, a welder may _____________________________.
a. hit the electrode holder to the work piece c. strike electrode on metal like
a match stick
b. tap the electrode on the work piece
d. All except (a)
25.At high current, ___________ spatter is produced.
a. Excessive
c. slight
b. No
d. None
26.Lbs is an abbreviation of ____________.
a. Pounds
c. Length
b. Kilograms
d. none of the above
27.Iron alloyed with carbon more than 2% is called.
a. Mild steel
c. Wrought iron

b. Cast Iron
d. Puddle iron
28.When two members are joined at right angle to each other, this forms
a_________ joint.
a. strong
c. corner
b. butt
d. weak
29. Weld metal refers to the __________ metal.
a. base
c. electrode/filler metal
b. molten
d. parent
30.As the strength of steel goes high, it is _________ difficult to weld it.
a. more
c. less
b. not
d. None of all
31.2 is equal to.
a. 25.4mm
c. 6.35mm
b. 100mm
d. 50.8mm
32.Globules of metal thrown out during welding are called as __________.
a. Chips
c. spatter
b. Burs
d. spark
33.The first run deposited in the root of the joint if there is to be more than one
run is referred to as _____________ run.
a. critical
c. sealing
b. root
d. fast
34._____________ is a headless bolt, threaded at both ends.
a. Cotter
c. Stud
b. Key
d. Allen
35.Outer dia of pipe is equal to.
a. ID + 4t
c. ID + 0.5t
b. ID + 2t
d. ID + t
36.Size of electrode is designated by the diameter of the _________________.
a. flux coating
c. electrode holder
b. core wire
d. parent metal
37.The efficiency of an electrode is _______________ if the flux covering becomes
a. increased
c. optimum
b. constant
d. decreased
38.Check valve in piping system is used for.
a. On-off service
c. flow regulation
b. To resist the reverse flow
d. stopping flow
39.Circumference is calculated by: (Where d = diameter & = Pi = 3.14).
a. /4 d2
c. /4 d
b. 2d
d. d
40.Isometric drawings are drawn at an angle of?
a. 30
c. 180
b. 60
d. 120