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Situation 1
Q1 Sallys best decision would be to hire Mary since she was the first choice
before Julie. With this, other employees wont feel threatened in their jobs
because this situation could be used as precedence for other dilemmas the
company could face.
Q2 The ethical reasoning that could support Sally in hiring Mary would be
integrity. This is standing up to her statement that Mary is already hired, hence
she could start on Monday. Besides, standing up for your statement can give
you peace of mind which can aid in your future operations.
Q3 In hiring Julie, the ethical reasoning that can support the decision would
be the promotion of the owners interest particularly the commitment to
financial performance and protection of the firms reputation.
Situation 2
Q1 Yes since it could add up to the companys savings which is tied up to
annual bonuses. If he chooses otherwise, the company could close down
leaving unemployed people behind. Besides Ukraine do not emphasize
proprietary property rights.
Q2 Buying pirated software could aid the success of the company to
include its employees. Likewise buying only legitimate copies could destroy
the companys financial status and affect the employees.
Q3 Questions to ask would be will it build goodwill and better friendship and
will it be beneficial to all concerned. The decision-making process outlined
could work in this scenario.
Q4 Buy the pirated software to save the company from closing down. This is
choosing for the benefits of the majority since the company has an
employee who in turn has families depending on them on a daily basis.
Situation 3
Q1 This is a customer relations problem since the design was approved prior
mass production
Q2 No, the request was not reasonable since it was an offense made by the
Q3 WizeGuys should renegotiate the proposed settlement. This will implicate
on the companys efforts of pleasing their customers.

Q1 Joseph has integrity by keeping with the companys promise: You start
with me, you can end with me. You can work with me the rest of your life until
you retire. The security of tenure he promises his employees gives them
enough reason to give their 100% in everything they do. They look at the
person beside them, behind, infront and everyone else as the reason for
having a job. This inspires them to work better each day in support to the
companys overall existence.
Q2 The companys framework for integrity can affect the companys
position in a competitive environment since it adds up to the value of the
whole company, value in terms of credibility to all stakeholders and
Q3 Empowering and entrepreneurial team can lead to more work done.
Each team can be delegated with specific job and functions and these can
lessen the burden of decision-making from the managers and supervisors.
Thus, this can add to the focus for the attainment of the companys
development, growth and profitability.