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==> Truth, how many viewpoints am I holding that are locking me down?

BIG questions:
- How big can I clear?
How fast can I clear it?
1. Assume there are agreements in everything you clear and clear them with EVERY clearing.
Rescind, revoke, recant, reclaim, renounce, denounce, destroy & uncreate, make null & void.
before your pod/poc.
Secured Agreements - I came to this after I asked the question:
===> What percent of my remaining viewpoints are held in place by agreements?
I got a whopping 85%! ===> What percent do YOU have? If you ignore the agreements you may
need to keep clearing the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over
to get all the layers
HINT 1: What if an infinite being doesnt hold on to ANY points of view?
2. Release everything, NOW!
Every viewpoint has a story of importance, of why you should hang onto it.
Just let go of everything, dont nit-pick or sort dump it ALL!
Let go of as big and as much as you can, go broad and deep!
Grab EVERYTHING you can get your hands on and clear it!
If your process feels like its moving too slowly for you, ask yourself questions like:
===> What energy, space & consciousness can I be to release
EVERYTHING NOW with total ease?
HINT 2: What if an infinite being doesnt hold on to ANY points of view?
3. When you hit a WALL get bigger, keep going
===> What if walls and barriers are LIES that were designed to keep you small?
HINT 3: When you get infinite, your problems become tiny.
4. If something feels HOPELESS or UNCHANGEABLE you simply have what I call Tangled
HOPELESS = Tangles that keep rebinding the viewpoint in place
hopeless=tangled-agreements. Ive discovered ways to eliminate ALL agreements.
When you understand how agreements can be inter-tangled, you start to clear more thoroughly.
HINT 4: What if hopeless is just the indicator of a tangly agreement? (and not actually true!
Isnt hopeless commonly heavy? a lie.)
5. If something feels IMPOSSIBLE to change, like something is ENFORCING IT you may have
have what I call Secured Agreements (commonly known as curses and lineage agreements)
5.1 -enforcer-guard - These are agreements you have that are being held by a third party You
hired a 3rd party to remind you that you are committed to the agreement. You can read this
article, I talk about them in great detail. The catch is you dont pod/poc these these require a
contribution to the agreement holder and/or yourself to release them.
So, when you are an infinite being, you have access to everything including the key or energy
required to release the agreement. You can just expand out, call up, and hand over the energies to
release the 3rd party from the bond. Its really THAT easy!
Hint 5: YOU setup these Secured Agreements you are only a victim to them if you dont
understand them. Once you know you can EASILY let them go!