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by jndc for bruggadung!

A quick one skein unisex project, Cowled and Collared can be worked up in worsted or sport
weights. I chose the lovely madelinetosh's Tosh Merino in Citrus and Tosh Merino Light for
the Earl Grey version. Both versions were worked with the same sized needles, the worsted
weight produces a much looser, slouchier cowl which can be worn as a capelet for xs-m sized
The Citrus cowl pictured was actually knit with 12 additional stitches for a more pronounced
cowl effect with more rows added in each section. These mods took an additional of a
With the Earl Grey version, pattern as follows, I achieved a gauge of 5sts x 7rows per 2.54cm
The magenta version was knit using the pattern as written. Round 4 of the third and final
section can be eliminated if you are short on yarn, this version used all but 40 ish cm of 1 skein
so it's a close call.

The i-cording is optional but helps make the cowl far more versatile. Ive worn the bulkier cowl
with one cord through the centre row of eyelets as well as cording through all three rows as
pictured below (after pattern). The finer cowl, the Earl Grey version, works well without the
This pattern is a good basic pattern but does require short rows and yarn overs as well as
knitting in the round.

Cowled and Collared

Gauge is 4st x 6rows = 2.54cm/1 inch of pattern stitch in Twisted Beaded Rib
Pattern St 1 (Twisted Beaded Rib) Round 1: *p, k1tbl* around
Round 2: k around
Pattern St 2 (2x2 Rib)
Row 1: *k2, p2* to last 2 stitches as indicated. K the next 2 stitches.
Row 2: *p2, k2* to last 2 stitches as indicated, p the next 2 stitches.
k1tbl = knit next stitch through the back loop.
k2t = knit next two stitches together
yo = yarn over

pm = place marker
sm = slip marker
w&t = wrap the next stitch and turn work
Using 6mm circular needles, cast on 100 sts (I used cable cast on) and join to work in the round
placing marker at the end of the round.
Work 8 rounds knit
Round 9: *yo, k2t*
Round 10: k all stitches and yarn overs around
Starting with Round 1 of pattern stitch work a total of 24 rounds in pattern ending with round
2 of pattern stitch.
Next round: *yo, k2t*
Round 36: k round
Repeat rounds 11-36
Round 37: switching to 5mm circular needles knit 10sts, pm, *k2, p2* to the last 10 sts, pm,
These next few instructions are worked flat working back and forth in rows, purling purls
and knitting knits as they appear. As you shall be wrapping and turning a stitch earlier each
row, work in pattern as it appears until the next wrapped stitch. That is to say, you will end up
working partial pattern repeats.
Row 1 (right side facing): k10, sm, *k2, p2* to one stitch before next marker, w&t next st.
Row 2 (wrong side facing): work in Pattern Stitch 2 starting with row 2. Work to stitch before
next marker, sm w&t next st.
Row 3: work back across in pattern to 2 stitches before marker, w&t next stitch.
Row 4: work the row in pattern to 2 sts before marker, w&t next st.
Row 5: work row in pattern to stitch before last wrap (3 sts before marker), w&t next stitch.
Row 6: work in patt to st before last wrap (3sts before marker), w&t next stitch
Row 7: work to st before last wrap (4sts before marker), w&t next st
Row 8: work to st before last wrap (4sts before marker), w&t next st
Row 9: work to st before last wrap (5sts before marker), w&t next st
Row 10: work to st before last wrap (5sts before marker), w&t next st
Row 11: work to st before last wrap (6sts before marker), w&t next st
Row 12: work to st before last wrap (6sts before marker), w&t next st
The next set of instruction are worked in the round over all stitches.

Round 1: Having turned after last wrap, with right side facing, work back across the picking
up and knitting the wrapped stitches and the wraps while working in established pattern
continuing to marker and the 10 k sts and end of round.
Round 2: Continuing in the round knit the 10 stitches, sm, pick up and knit the wrapped
stitches with wraps while continuing in rib pattern to next stitch marker, sm, k10.
Round 3: Cont in patt...k10, sm, *k2, p2* to marker, sm, k10
Round 4: k10, sm, *k2, p2* to marker, sm, k10.
Round 5: k all stitches
Round 6-12: rep Round 5
Bind off.
For the ties,
Cast on 5 sts and work i-cord(s) to desired length. Cut yarn leaving 10-15cm to thread through
the live stitches (I thread it through 2 or 3 times). Secure and weave through the centre of the
Thread i-cord through eyelets.

This pattern is offered free of charge for your personal use and is not to be reproduced, other than for
your personal use, or sold. Every effort has been made to avoid mistakes in this pattern. Apologies in
advance should any error be found. jndc edited 23/12/12