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The Why (rough)


A do it yourself project
I will be talking about a wide range of topics in this book
and you may find yourself coming across terminology or topics that
you are unfamiliar with. Now, while it is one of my goals for this
book to be as readable as possible, there will definitely be some
things that you are going to want to look up for yourself. I will
probably ask you to do this by saying something like Dont take
my word for it, do some research on your own! Some people may
fault me for not explaining everything in detail or perhaps not
putting things in very simple terms, but it is more important for me
to communicate what Im trying to communicate as accurately as
possible than it is for me to describe things with less descriptive,
precise terminology so that some people might grasp it better. That
being said, if you find at moments it gets wordy, mathy, or techy,
please do yourself a favor and do at least a little research to better
understand what Im trying to say if you are finding it difficult in
that particular part of the book. If at some point you are thinking to
yourself, there is no evidence for this! or this cant be true! or
this guy doesnt know what hes talking about and you HAVENT
done the research? That is no fault of mine and the only person you
can blame for that is yourself. I understand that its not reasonable
to expect everyone to do the amount of research and reflection Ive
done to come up with similar conclusions, but that is one of the
reasons Im writing a book so you dont have to sift through so
much information to find similar things. I will be giving you sources
for ideas as much as possible. This book is NOT for the passive
reader. This book will be asking your active participation and focus

for the entire duration of your read. If that sounds unattractive to

you, then perhaps this is not a book you want to read.
This book is not a science book, but there will be science. It
is not a book about religion, but I will discuss it. This is not a
philosophy book, but it will require deep thought. I could go on
with different genres of books and topics, but the point is simple.
Although the book could not be described as one of these things it
contains these things within its parts. It is in it of itself something
entirely different though. If someone showed you the color purple
and asked you what color it was you wouldnt say oh thats blue
and red! No doubt you would just address it by its name post
mixing, although blue and red are a part of its makeup.
I wanted to know where these colors came from. I
wanted to know and still want to know why I experience reality the
way I do and if I can do my own color mixing to create a new one. I
will be showing you blue and red, yellow and blue, and red and
yellow and then I will show you purple, green, and orange in a
manner of speaking differentiation and integration. Hopefully by
the time this book is finished you will see all of these beautiful
color combinations and the bases of red, orange, yellow, green,
blue, indigo, and violet, and then you will see and understand the
white light it came from before it ever hit the prism.

I dont know everything, quite the contrary.

My aim in writing this book is not validate myself by
attaching this sum of knowledge to my intellectual identity. If
anything, to me it more honorable and right to present something,
later realize things you missed, and then have the courage to go
back and address your mistake publicly. Lets just be honest for a
moment we all make mistakes! Surprise! We all miss things and
Im no different, I dont aim to be perfect; I aim to be me. Im as

perfect right now as Ill ever be in any given moment because all I
have is the vital now, and yet that does not stop me from
passionately pursuing progress and making myself and people
around me better.
I am certainly going to do my best to be well prepared,
widely, and well studied and accurate to the best of my ability with
my statements. I do urge you, if you find some fault in the way I
have written this book or the subject matter itself, do not allow that
rob you of its beautiful underlying message. I believe we are in
desperate need of transformation in our world right now and this
is me trying to do my part and play my role. So you over critical,
cynical,fact lusting, skeptical readers? Do yourself a favor and let
your guard down, relax your mind and just be open to new ideas
and perspectives. Be willing to accept that we dont know
everything down here on earth (even with science) and that there
may be some things that you just havent realized. Like I said
before, I dont write this book to put my ego on a pedestal. I think I
have something valuable to say so Im going to say it.

Removing the stigmatic labels.

There will be many times that I may use a term that
already has some type of significance attached to you based your
interpretation of the word and what it has meant in your life to this
point. What I want you to do is detach from the label and look at
the deeper meaning behind it.
The most pertinent word regarding the removal of
preexisting social and cultural ideas/stigmas will be God. Everyone
already has an idea of what this word means in his or her head.
Unfortunately it often seems to have nothing to do with the fullness
of its meaning (which is hard to accomplish when talking about a
word like god anyhow). I want explain a little bit of what I mean

when I say this word so that we are on the same page going
forward; and after I explain this, please apply the same principle to
the rest of the terminology that already has social and religious
stigmas attached to it. When I say the word God, I am referring to
something that has been referred to in many ways for a long time
something that we have been struggling to find and understand
and somehow make a part of our lives. I am talking about the
center, the nucleus, the creator of the universe, the energy that
sustains and holds together everything, consciousness, pure love,
mystery, unfathomable power and this has absolutely nothing to
do with any religion or book or preconceived notion. God to me is a
mystery as he is to all people and by using the term God I do not
wish to rob him of his depth by implying that I understand him; it is
quite the contrary in fact. I believe Eckhart Tolle said it best in
regard to this phenomenon of pretending to understand something
by using labels:
"Words, no matter whether they are vocalized and made
into sounds or remain unspoken as thoughts, can cast an
almost hypnotic spell upon you. You easily lose yourself in
them, become hypnotized into implicitly believing that when
you have attached a word to something, you know what it is.
The fact is: You don't know what it is. You have only covered
up the mystery with a label. Everything, a bird, a tree, even a
simple stone, and certainly a human being, is ultimately
unknowable. This is because it has unfathomable depth."1
When I say God I mean just that unfathomable depth. Any
one who presumes to tell you they have figured out God is, is most
likely very arrogant, very blind, or very sick. I will tell you what I
believe I have discovered about God and what/who God is, but Im
only telling you what Ive learned and IF I have learned anything

Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth pg. 25

it is only the tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg to such a finite
degree that mind couldnt even imagine the size of the iceberg
Imagine youre in a world pre-technology. If there were 6
people standing around a large mountain, and there were large
rivers between the six sections of they were standing on, they may
take it upon themselves to name the mountain. The mountain
becomes the central figure of their day-to-day lives; it becomes part
of their culture for a long time. After some time someone develops
a boat! They travel to the other lands and they find that the
mountain is still there it is huge and seems to affect everyone on
earth. They begin to discuss this mountain and to the dismay of the
earthlings in the new land, the strangers speak of this mountain by
a different name, and talk about how it is shaped and the rivers that
run down this mountain, and the vegetation and so on. Much of it is
the same, but much of it is different, so they begin to argue fiercely.
After some unkind words they depart. As human kind progresses
and technology increases they never let go of the name they
attached the mountain long, long ago and the brave people who
explored it and told them about its wonders (prophets). The people
war and kill and hate each other for these disagreements and just
cannot seem to come to terms with each other because they
attached these ideas so deeply to who they are. All along, no one
ever realized that they were all looking at the same mountain,
seeing different sides, and just calling it different names.
It may seem silly with an example like that, but is not that
exactly what happens with all of these religious wars? The constant
disagreements, arguments, and strife? We all strive so much to be
right to satisfy our crying hungry egos, but I encourage you to let go
of the stigmas you have attached to these words and concepts such
as God. When I say God, Im including the mystery, which means

that there will always be room for more understanding whether

this God is Allah, Adoni, Krishna, or all of the above.
So when I use the word God I do not want you to think of
Christianity or the Bible, or Islam, or the Koran, or Krishna or
anything of that. I do not want to put a label on God that assumes
we understand him. Let him huge, glorious, and mystifying.

Commas, not periods

Another thing that you may be accustomed to when you
read or learn something is there being a period after every
sentence. Now, I dont mean a literal period, I mean a figurative
period suggesting that what you have just read, seen, or heard is
the truth. We live in a world that LOVES periods because it seems
to bring people an odd sense of security in what they know, and
somehow thinking that they have found the end of a certain truth
brings them this feeling. To me this is pure insanity. Not only is it
well known that science and what we know is changing, shifting,
and being re-written constantly, but things that we have
accomplished since the year 2000 and onward would have been
considered witchcraft and/or divine only 100 years ago! How is it
that we can be so arrogant as to presume a period after any truth
or fact? All truths are meant to be added to and are constantly in
a state being created, expanded, and integrated into other truths.
Even if you were somehow get to the end of some truth it will
have changed by the time you turn around to tell someone.
That being said I want you to know that I will be saying a
lot of things in this book that may seem like awesome information
to you, but please do us all a favor, dont make religion out of it! The
truths that I express in this book are meant to have commas not
periods. I want things to be added. I want people to question,
explore, and object. I want your opinions and creativity to play a

positive role as you read this book and take these concepts and
ideas into your day-to-day life. I want you to see new things that I
havent seen. So add the commas, think creatively, and hold the
periods. It was Rudolph Flesch who said, Creative thinking may
mean simply the realization that there's no particular virtue in doing
things the way they always have been done.
Also, putting periods after truths stop us from exploring
more if we believe those periods. Look at any great inventor they
were bombarded with arrogant, prideful pessimism at the time
they dared to dream the Wright brothers, Nikola Tesla (a
personal favorite), Martin Luther King Jr., Joan of Arc, even Jesus
Christ. All of these amazing people were despised, even hated by
the system because the system was so attached to their preexisting
thought paradigms that there was no room to learn or accept
anything else. It is an odd thing that our egos would go so far to
protect its pride as to attempt to smother even the greatest of
human beings. When we look back at these types of men and
women, in many cases they are considered heroes and the
founders of great movements! They introduced paradigm shifts in
our world that were so potent that they still have not been
undone and yet, they were told no. They were told what youre
trying to do wont work; its impossible. Its never been done
before. Just give up. And where would we be without them? We
seem to understand these things just fine when we read in on a
page, but rarely do we let sink into our hearts and become part of
who we are and how we live. We still find ourselves doubting
ourselves, fighting our dreams, telling ourselves oh thats not
realistic, or I need to be responsible. We still dont speak up
confidently when we have something real to say. We still question
our identities. How far we have fallen we were once titans we
were divinity, co-creating a beautiful reality with an utterly
AWESOME creator now weve been reduced to a complacent,
uninspired workforce and reality TV shows.

I hope reading this book marks the start of a new life for
you that is no longer defined by your fears or failures, but is
overflowing with love, vitality, and inspiration. No one can fill your
shoes. If we want to change the world, we change ourselves. Our
journey starts here.

Its about the journey not the destination

Im not sure where along the line we started being like this
but we seem to have lost a sense of appreciation for the journey of
life. Its all about the destination. Many times we spend our whole
lives looking forward to the next thing and never being fully
present in the now. When you read this book I want you to engage.
This is not a read so that I can I say I read it kind of book. Its not a
mystery thriller. This book is supposed to be a journey. It will be
asking a lot of participation, introspection, and effort from you. So
every step of the way is important and there is always something to
be learned if you keep your eyes and ears open to it. There is no
need to rush, no one is timing you, so take your time and interact
with the words and ideas. This is a journey that you are going to
want to have a pen, pencil, a notebook, a journal, and highlighters
out along the way. Its important to add significance to the parts of
the book that mean something to you and make and effort to
explore and remember them. Remember that every step you take
is a step you needed to get to where you want to be. So each step is
just as important as the destination. Make each moment of this
The vital now is real; all other time is illusion and dwelling
in it robs life of its spark.2

There are no secrets by Wolfe Lowenthal pg. 123

Whats the purpose?

I am very passionate about the things Im writing about
in this book. Primarily I am writing this book to aid in
empowering people to create there own realities and begin to be
at peace with themselves and others around them living
completely out of love; once everyone realizes how intimately
connected our fates really are I dont think will be as quick to
hurt our brothers and sisters around the world. What Lao Tzu,
Jesus, Buddha and other spiritual leaders were trying to do was
not accomplished on a large scale. The messages of love, peace,
and inner discovery have been turned to tools of division strife
and hatred. Its like they gave us a hammer that we could build
entire new world with, and instead we started killing each other
with it. It has been used for killing for so long the general
population has forgotten that it was ever meant for something
else, and people many times grow to despise the hammer,
instead of the fear that drives its negative actions.
The idea is not to despise the hammer but instead to use it
constructively for the good of all. Our existence here on earth is
much like a spider web. We are all connected whether we realize
it or not and every action, thought, and emotion will inevitably
affect everyone else. We can no longer act as if we are just
looking out for ourselves as if we have no effect on other
people. Everything comes full circle and if you decide to take
advantage of people to get what you want it will come back to. On
a more subtle note, if you dont address your own character
flaws, it only hurt you and the people around you the same way.
Passive, apathetic neglect and blatant wrong doing have very
similar consequences.
The second reason is because I want MORE. I know
many of you have had a moment in your life where you said to
yourself there has to be more than this. I have been asking

myself what is out there for a long time with an undying passion
to find some glimmer of truth in a culture built on materialism,
sociology, and superficiality. I didnt really expect to find
anything honestly; I just couldnt live knowing that I didnt give it
everything I had to find it. And there in an unlikely place, I saw
it. I found it. I experienced something truly real and saw what I
believe our great spiritual leaders like Jesus, Buddha, and Lao
Tzu were trying to show us. I also saw that this is just the
beginning. The way we experience reality is not even the tip of
the shadow of an iceberg compared to what is possible. We live
like this is our life sentence. We have this tendency to take things
as they come like children. Children (younger children) arent
usually thinking of creative way to progress as a human being.
When they open the cupboard and the cereal is gone, they dont
start formulating ways to make the cereal at home and wonder
what the ingredients are and wonder if they can do it better; they
just yell out Mom were out of cereal!! And though we learn to
overcome certain behaviors as children as we move into
adulthood, there are still many, many, many times when we
open the empty cupboard and yell upstairs to mom for more
May I present the idea that we are never supposed to
stop progressing? There is never a time when we will get to the
end of anything. The universe by its nature has infinite potential
and we are a piece of the universe and therefore also share this
infinite nature. Again, if youre a long time church goer or
monotheistic and you are offset by the fact that I say universe
instead of God, or if youre more of a new ager and the word
God has negative connotations that you cannot seem to detach
from at the moment, just feel free to insert your word of choice.
The word we use is immaterial; I cant stress that enough. It
would serve you well to disassociate the stigmas that are attached
to your perception of these words, and that make take time and

To create a new thought paradigm to dramatically

transform our conscious experience of this life to understand
God, the universe, and everything in between a lofty goal is it
not? Well of course it is. But it is only impossible if you believe it
to be impossible. The biggest drawback I think that many people
will have in implementing this book in a way that will produce
noticeable results in your life, is that it takes TIME. You will
probably have to make lifestyle changes and break many old
habits and thought patterns and those are NOT easy things to do.
If you think about it though, the easiest things to achieve usually
have the smallest reward. You will reap what you sow in this case
and every case. What you put into it is what you will get out of it,
but it may take more time than you would like it to although
some of it may be instant.
I have poured myself into this book. I mean for nothing
less than to be completely honest about who I am, what I think,
and where Ive been. I think all of those things play a crucial role
in understanding my perspective. Im not trying to trick you into
thinking a certain way. I want you to understand fully where Im
coming from and why I think the way I do. I think that will help
you interpret the material in a way that is more relevant to you. I
still ask that you approach this journey with an open heart and
mind. I hope very much that this will be a profound experience
for you that will ripple effect in your life. If you are going to
understand why I think the way I do then we are going to have to
go back some time and touch on parts of my past that Im not
proud of. The beginning of my destruction and the beginning of
my enlightenment are steps in the same journey towards the
same glorious goal. So lets start at the beginning.

The beginning of the beginning

The sound of my feet hitting the snow covered sidewalk

seemed to almost create heartbeat for these moments. I listened
to this heartbeat, and my heavy breathing. I was trying
desperately to block out the sound of my little sisters voice in my
head, being all too aware of the example I wasnt being and the
traumas she would soon face. I was sweating in the middle of
winter in Minnesota, mostly because I had been running for
about 5 miles in full snow gear. I dont know how long I was
running time was blurry. It was nighttime and cars would pass
occasionally with no idea what was going on in my world. I was
sure they all had somewhere very important to be and wouldnt
stop even if they knew. I didnt even care enough to take care of
myself, so how could someone else? My mind raced along with
my heart as though they were competing to see who could go
faster. My legs were numb from running. My emotions were
numb because I just couldnt figure out what to feel. I cant
believe Im actually doing this this is finally over it will all be
over soon I continued to run and listen to these thoughts
running back and forth in my head. I dont know if they would
make any sense now but everything seemed so set in stone in
those moments. I didnt have any options what was I
supposed to do? I saw a lake in the distance. It was familiar
place and seemed perfect to me to be there right now. I was
losing touch with reality and needed to stop running I just
didnt know how much longer I would make it.
I stood there on the edge of that lake with a whirlwind of
thoughts running through my head. I thought of all of things Ive
never done. I thought of the family I would never have, my kids
that I would never see running through the backyard and my
daughter that I would never get to push on a swing I thought of
the people that looked up to me and thought well of me would
they still find anything about my life inspirational? How could
they? In full snow gear I stood there; looking at the lake
blanketed in snow. It was so still and serene. I could hear no cars,

no birds, no noise really except for the slight cold breeze hitting
the nylon on my coat and occasionally whistling through the air.
It was freezing outside, but I couldnt feel the cold in the
slightest. My whole mind was occupied with my thoughts. How
could it come to this? Am I a coward? Does God see whats
going on right now? Who am I? What am I? No thought stayed
in one place for long, much like the pieces of dust in a tornado
they swirled frantically and uncontrolled. My heart was racing,
and my vision was going in and out I felt so weak. I dropped to
my knees and a tear ran down my faceone single tear. Any
more would be excessive I thought to myself; I chose this, and I
know what Im doing. 100 extra strength Tylenol at 500 mg a
pill and 100 generic brand ibuprofen at 200 mg a pill I knew it
would work because I did my research, and there was just no
turning back now. I wasnt scared to die. But I was terrified that
the love and inspiration that I gave in my life would turn to ash
in the light of my weakness overtaking me in this moment.
How did it come to this? Breathing deeply and slowly, I
felt myself disconnecting with the reality that I had come to
despise so much. There was a certain peace about looking out
over that lake knowing it would be the last thing I ever saw and
yet I still thought to myself
How could I let it come to this
This was me at 15 years old, utterly defeated by my
depression. I saw no way out; I saw no good things in life any
more. Anything good just seemed like a faint hope or idealistic
fantasy that just couldnt really happen. I tried and tried trick
myself into thinking that things were good, but my thoughts were
mostly dark and self-destructive. I truly believed deep, deep
inside of me that one really loved me. How could I think this? Of
course that wasnt true, but how could I have tricked myself into
this way of thinking to the point that I was ready to die, without
hope and alone? What I saw in this world was so distorted by the

lens I was wearing that could not see good things when they were
right in front of me. They could even be sitting in my lap, or I
could be holding them in my hands and I would deny their
existence. Somehow between then and now I have grown to be
head over heels in love with life and people in every way. I wake
every day excited to live and to see what this day will bring, when
before I woke up every day hoping I didnt survive the day and
went to sleep every night hoping I didnt wake up. It is quite a
dramatic story, which Ill save for a different book. How did this
transformation happen? What are the mechanics of it? And what
about those critical daunting questions that we all seems to ask
ourselves at some point in our lives Who am I? What am I?
Now, that wasnt the last time that I made an attempt on my life,
but something changed after I woke in that hospital bed and I
had survived. I thought to myself If Im going to live then it has
to be worth something otherwise why did I survive? In some
odd roundabout way, attempting suicide gave my life purpose
when I survived it. There were still so many thought processes
and negative destructive programs running in my mind that I
wasnt even aware of that I had to deal with yet. But I hunted
them down ruthlessly after that day. It took a great deal of effort,
a great deal of courage, a great deal of pain, and most
importantly, a great deal of help. I would not be where I am
today without the few people along the way who believed in me
right when I needed it the most. They were and in some ways still
are the air under my wings.
The things that Im going to talk about in this book may
seemingly be unrelated to the little story I just told you but if just
relax your mind and wait until the full picture is painted you will
see how intimately connected they are. I have been on a
desperate search for truth in my life that has lead me to many
places, to meet many people, and experience many things in a
very short time. If you are reading this book it is not an accident.
Most likely you either feel something changing here on earth or

you just have this insatiable desire for something real. Living in a
world (much, much more in the western world) that is
dominated by materialism, money, and fleeting, superficial,
instant gratification no doubt has left a bitter taste in your
mouth. Is this it? Is this all there is? It cant be and I know
many of you have come to the same conclusion that I have in that
respect, that this cant be what life is about. There has to be so
much more than this. What are we missing? Many people turn to
either one of two avenues (usually) to find lifes purpose if they
are set on discovering this elusive truth. They turn to science or
spirituality or religion3. What seems to be the problem with
science is that it is completely arbitrary, close-minded (in many
cases not all), and offers no significant reason for us being alive.
Science just looks at the facts and draws what seem to be
logical conclusions based on experiment and theory. Religion is
tricky because it is all man made, and in many cases void of logic
completely, where they ask you to relinquish your ability to think
and reason and replace it with faith. They think that our minds
are too small to possibly grasp the mysteries beyond our 3
dimensional existence down here so you must have faith, and not
necessarily try to understand it with our heads, but rather to
believe with our hearts.
So we always seem to be stuck in this conundrum of
choosing between our logic and faith, between our head and our
heart. This either/or way of thinking is quite prevalent in our
current global thought paradigm (especially in western culture).
We say that something is either true, or not true. This is black or
white. This is hot or cold. Both science and religion seem to
thrive on absolutism because it allows them to maintain the
integrity of their belief system, without pesky gray areas mucking

I believe spirituality and religion to be much different which is

why I used both words. Ill get into that distinction a little later.

up their clear-cut boundaries. When we do this we unwittingly

prevent ourselves from creative expansion, progression,
innovation, and integration, which are extremely powerful
concepts and ideas.
So when it comes to the unknown and substance of the
spirit, do we relinquish our ability to think and reason and
replace it with faith? Or do we choose to believe that most
everything can be explained can be explained with science, and
that it is simply a matter of time? Do we have to choose one or
the other? A Danish physicist named Niels Bohr (who won the
Nobel Prize in 1922) once said, An ordinary truth is one whose
opposite is a falsehood. A profound truth is one whose opposite
is also a profound truth.
Im going to be talking a lot about profound truths in this
book, so please do yourself a favor and let your mental guard
down. Dont try to protect what you already think you know;
perhaps it is time for us to accept that no matter how much we
know, there will always be SO MUCH more to learn. It was
Claude Bernard who said It is what we think we already know
that often keeps us from learning. There is quite a bit of
information Im going to be presenting and it might not seem to
make sense at first because it is battling with what you already
know, but give it time and thought.
It may seem at one point that ideas that Im presenting
are contradictory, but you must allow them to come full circle in
order to see the whole picture. Profound truths are often simple
in function, but very intricate and complex in composition. Even
there you see a profound truth, that profound truths are both
simple and complex at the same time, whereas conventional
thinking may urge you to believe that profound truths are either
simple OR complex, but not both.

The paradigm is shifting. For some of you this is not new

information or shocking in any way because you can feel it or
have felt it for some time. If that is the case, this book may be a
little easier to stomach than it may be for other people. It will
certainly challenge the way that you have previously gone about
interpreting your life and reality. But I am asking you to keep
your heart and mind open as you go through this book.
Everything in it may not resonate for you personally, but if you
cannot believe something is possible you will never achieve it.
First you must become aware (perhaps by something like reading
this book), then you must believe (the hardest step, challenging
and perhaps breaking down old thought patterns), then you can
act you can create anew!
Awareness. Belief. Creation. These are the tools of progression.


Its not you, its me!

Have you ever looked at one of those optical illusion
books where they have a picture on a page that looks like just
lines or dots. The instructions will no doubt tell you to relax your
gaze and look at the picture until an image of some sort appears
like a dog or a tree. If you have gone through an entire book like
that Im sure
there are some
that you just
couldnt get.
Some of them
are pretty
difficult. At
some point you
get frustrated
and look at the

back of the book to see what the image is supposed to be and

then you look back that the same picture you had been staring at
and all of sudden you see it! You think to yourself Man how
could I not see that! Its right there! Thats so easy! From that
point on something really interesting happens when you look at
that picture. You ALWAYS see the image. You cant un-see it.
Once you know there is a dog there, you always see the dog when
you look at the picture no matter how hard to try to see the
picture how you saw it before.
This is a really interesting phenomenon regarding
awareness. Once you become aware of something, it is nearly
impossible to become unaware of it after that. You may forget 4
in moments, but it will always exist in your mind in some form or
another. But the fact that you continue to see the image every
time after you look at this picture has to do with your eyes being
primed to see something5.
Take this image of circles for instance. I want you to look
at the picture for about 20 to 30 seconds.

I believe that we do not forget anything. I think that we just

havent figured out an efficient way to retrieve our memories.
There is a lot of evidence for this, but perhaps the most telling
evidence is when an old memory is brought up that you didnt
even realize you remember and then all of the details come back
to you like it just happened the day before. The memories are in
there; we just need to learn to access them at will.
5 For this reason people may tend to avoid knowledge (whether
consciously or subconsciously) that challenges them or pushes
them into a state of discomfort. When a commercial comes on
about starving kids while someone is eating their dinner, a lot
people will look away, chat over it, change the channel or
something like that. Because we cant un-know that kids are
starving due to the massive imbalance in the distribution of
wealth that we casually enjoy the benefits of. Generally most
people tend to not think about it or acknowledge it and
sometimes they will actively push the knowledge out.

Ok now that you have done that, without looking back the picture
can you tell me how many times two dots of the same color touch
each other? Most likely you wont be able to do this without
looking back at the picture unless you have incredible powers of
observation. It only happens 3 times, twice with red and once
with green. If I had told you to look at this picture and pay
attention only to the places where 2 dots of the same color touch
each other, and then I had asked you that question it would have
been easy to answer the question. The flipside of this occurrence
is when you are so focused on one thing that you miss everything
else. Finding the balance of when to focus your gaze (mentally
AND physically) and when you relax your gaze is crucial.
In neuroscience and psychology they refer to the
phenomenon you probably just experienced as inattentional
blindness. Inattentional blindness can be defined as the failure
to notice an unexpected stimulus that is in one's field of vision
when other attention-demanding tasks are being performed.
This is something that magicians (entertainment magicians, not
wizards and witches) have down to an art and a science. They are
masters of distraction and priming your eyes to only see what
they want you to see. They can do the same tricks over and over
again right in front of you, if youre not told what to look for, you
may never find out how he doing it. Its incredible for
entertainment! Not so cool when it comes to our personal lives.
Eckhart Tolle said, "If you can recognize illusion as illusion, it
dissolves. The recognition of illusion is also its ending. Its
survival depends on your mistaking it for reality"6 Recognizing
the illusions in our lives is excellent way to "clear the mind" so to
speak. It all comes down to the first step of just becoming aware.
Our brains tend to behave like magicians much of the
time playing the same tricks on us our whole lives and we never

-Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth pg. 28

catch on because we never take the time to become aware of

whats actually happening. If something causes anger in us we
tend to blame the thing that sparked the reaction. We rarely
become angry, and then ask ourselves What is it inside of me
that is making me feel angry? We let our brains be the clever
magicians they are and direct our focus to whatever the catalyst
is outside of us instead of the source within us. Then your brain
will tell you that you it is THAT thing that is the cause of anger,
but lets think about this for a moment. Is that thing the cause?
Does that thing have power to cause anger against your will?
Imagine there are 2 people
driving. They are both driving on the
highway. Person A is driving with their
friend driving behind them and they
are both going to the same place.
Person B is driving by themselves on
their way home from work. Person As
friend comes from behind them and
speeds past them and playfully throws
up a middle finger7 and speeds down
the highway. Person A laughs and
speeds up. Person B sees the friend of
person A throwing up his middle
finger and believes that it is directed at
them. Person B gets angry. Person A
and person B see the exact same thing
and have 2 completely different
responses. They saw the same middle
finger. They experienced the same
visual stimulus. Person Bs brain tells

If youre not from America or are unfamiliar with what it mean to

have someone raise their middle finger to you, it means in words
fuck you and if not done playfully (and even sometimes when it
is) it is considered very disrespectful and rude.

him, That person made me angry. If they wouldnt have flipped

me off I wouldnt be angry. But is that true? Is it the middle
finger that has the power to make this person angry against their
will? Or is it something inside the person? Is it rather something
about that persons perception of the situation? Obviously if you
think about it for a moment, the gesture itself does not have
arbitrary power to make someone angry against his or her will
otherwise they would have both become angry. So although it
may seem like the cause of the anger came from the outside, we
know from this simple example that is not true in the slightest
it has solely to do with the person experiencing the anger.
This is a something that your brain has down to a
science. It is a master of justification and deception when you
cannot control it. It is the ULTIMATE magician. Since person B
did not have his eyes primed to see the whole scenario, and
notice that the person was not even directing their middle finger
towards him, he reacted, blamed, and perpetuated his own state
of anger through ignorance and self-deception. The ego will do
anything it can to defend itself and reject anything that does not
instantly edify itself. It only wants to protect itself. In a
documentary put together by Corey Anton8 it was said, Since it
is in the very nature of our brain's left hemisphere to deny idea
that does not fit our current paradigm, the more attached we
are to a belief system, the less able we are to make conscious
choices for ourselves. In the example above, the belief system is
that the middle finger is directed towards you, and that it
somehow reflects badly on you, and because of those set beliefs

Professor of Communication Studies at Grand Valley State

University. Past-Editor of the journal Explorations in Media
Ecology (2008-2010), and Past-Chair of the Semiotics and
Communication Division of the National Communication

within you, you seem to relinquish your choice to control your

feelings and you just become angry against your own will as
your ego attempts to defend itself.
So this brings everything right back to home base. As
much as we like to point the finger (no pun intended) we
eventually have to start taking responsibility for our emotions
and actions at every level.
As you might imagine, this can get very complicated very
fast, because things are often not so simple and upfront like they
are portrayed in the illustration. A lot of times, we cant even
identify the middle finger or the catalyst that makes us feel the
way we do or respond the way we do to certain situations and
stimuli. This makes it very hard to make progress if we dont
know how to find what were looking for and sometimes dont
even know what we are looking for. The brain is a powerful selfpreservation mechanism, and left unchecked, it will do anything
it can to accomplish only that preserve your SELF and thats
it. This is not limited to your physical body. The brain has very
powerful self-preservation techniques embedded into our
physiology called reflexes. And just as we have physical reflexes,
we also have mental and emotional reflexes we most commonly
recognize as characteristics of our subconscious. The thing that
most people seem to be largely unaware of is that all of these
reflexes and habits are subject to our choice. Even your physical
reflexes are able to programmed to your specific wants and
beliefs. As a boxer and a martial artist Im well acquainted with
our ability to make our bodies do whatever we want them to do.
In the case of boxing especially, it is very important to learn to
overcome your reflex to blink when something comes at your
face. If you blink every time someone throws a punch, youre
blinding yourself to the next punch coming. A skilled boxer will
recognize if his opponent blinks too much and start feinting just
to make him blink so he can blindside him with another punch.

It happens quite often that we allow our brains to blink

so much that we only end up seeing only what we want to see.
This is a very dangerous way to live. We can go our whole life
being blindsided by our emotions and thoughts and never gain
control over our minds. The mind can be a very powerful tool if
we only learn to subdue it.
If we are content to allow our brains to dictate our lives
to us we are going to have very difficult unfulfilled lives. Our
minds eye is not often primed to see, recognize and differentiate
between our minds and who we really are. We have are on a
journey to become something extraordinary and discover the
infinite power within ourselves and it was Marcel Proust who
said, The voyage of discovery consists not of seeking
new lands, but seeing with new eyes. We have this brain,
this computer, to use, but it is NOT who we are. We are NOT our
brains. I cannot stress that enough. It is very important to realize
this and begin to see with new eyes. One of the biggest
differences between us and animals is this quantum leap
between our minds and our and spirits. Our spirits are much
different from the spirits of animals. If we only go back and
forth between mind and body then we are no different than
animals. This is like the cat that endlessly follows the laser light.
There would be a stimulus and then a specific reaction or set of
reactions that correspond to that stimulus. If we let this happen
then we are robbing ourselves of our conscious ability to make
choices and truly the essence of our humanity. We would be
going backwards from where we came from and become slaves
to our flesh. Unfortunately it is very common for people to live
this way. Many of us experience reality through the filter of our
bodies (senses), our minds then interpret what our bodies
experience through the filter of its own opinions and limited
knowledge, and then sends a signal back to our bodies to react

whether in word, action, a facial expression of some sort, etc. We

react so much!
This is something that is very profound that is happening
all of the time. We are teaching our minds and bodies what to
do with every action we perform and thought we have. All of us
have experienced this and probably experience this on a regular
basis. Have you ever had a conversation with someone when you
are tired and you are answering them without even thinking
about your answers? Or maybe you are just distracted? How
often when people ask how you are do you respond with, Im
good how are you? without even considering what is going on
with you at the moment? We can perform many actions and
interact with many people without ever involving our conscious
selves. I would argue that it is not good to allow your mind to
have this kind of control because then you are no different from a
machine running programs according to a set of rules. Then
when you need to make a choice that is different from the
programs that are already running it makes it much more
difficult. We do not want to instill these types of specific
programs deep into ourselves, but rather principles that allow us
to be adaptive to every situation and sensitive to what is going on
around us. If we can learn to be patient, watch, and anticipate,
we will no longer be slaves to our reactions. Moving from
reacting to choosing is a vitally important part of making this
shift in consciousness from our minds to our spirits. Your body is
nothing more than a conduit with which to experience a reality,
your mind is the commander (computer) of the body and your
spirit (you) should be the commander of your mind. It is a chain
of command; each part plays a very important, irreplaceable role
in our conscious experience of this life. But if the roles are
confused, it leads to chaos, unhappiness, stress, frustration, and

Moving behind the keyboard.

I have referred to the brain as a computer several times

because that is what it is. Or, even more accurately said, a
computer is an artificial brain. Our brains have wiring, circuits
and pieces that perform specific functions just like a computer;
and also just like a computer, it is able to be programmed. This is
something that we dont often take into consideration in our dayto-day lives. This is what Im trying to get at. We do not have to
live as slaves to our brains. If we allow our brains to be at the
forefront and simply react to things instead of making conscious
choices, it would be like being inside of a computer. You would
be like the energy that is being flung around and whipped back
and forth with every movement of the mouse and touch of a key,
and you have set the keyboard and mouse to your computer out
in the open for anyone to come and use as they please. You
simply react to whatever is typed in and wherever the mouse
decides to click. Everyone and everything has control over you.
You become like the cat that chases a laser light for hours never
catching it and every time that laser hits the wall or the floor
you react instead of making a choice. Many of us have never been
aware that we are living this way. Some of us may be aware that
we just react and have little control over our minds or emotions
and yet continue not attempting to remedy the situation. But
why would anyone choose to live this way? Because its easier. It
allows us to be like toddlers and not take responsibility for the
things we do and say and feel because we can blame it all on
genetics, brain chemistry, other people, and so on. This is your
choice to make. If you would like to live that way then that is
your choice of course and no one can take that choice away from
you, but along with making that choice, you have relinquished
your ability to make other choices and make progress9.
9 There is something to be said about extreme mental illnesses. There are

some where chemistry is definitely not helping the situation. That does
not mean that there is nothing we can do about it. I realize this is a touchy
subject for some who have known people with extreme cases of some sort

What I would like to suggest to you is that life is much

better once you start taking responsibility and making choices
about who you want to be and how you want to live. We DO NOT
have to live like animals and infants slaves to our impulses and
emotions. I would like to suggest that you can get out of the
computer and sit behind the keyboard and start making
decisions about what the computer is going to do. This is a
process. For some people, it may be the hardest thing you have
ever done. You will have to be patient with yourself and others,
you will have to be humble to a degree that you are probably not
comfortable with, and for many, it will seem like you are going
backwards. If you have built a structure with cracks in the
foundation, you have to go all the way back down to the
foundation to fix it, many times destroying the entire building in
the process. It is through this process of breaking yourself down,
your structure, that you begin to understand yourself. You
begin to understand how you got to where you are, why you think
the way you do, why youre life has gone the way it has and so on.
As you knock down the walls of your mind, you will find that
some of the studs have rotted and or been infested with insects
or mold. You will see things in yourself that you will probably
despise, but you will also see how you got to that point. You will
see how your carelessness or lack of attention to certain parts of
your character has left them to rot and decay over time. Perhaps
you will see how things like your strong sense of independence
has hindered you from building deep, lasting, meaningful
relationships. Youll have to deal with things from deep in your
of mental disorder that was cured to a degree by medication of some
sort. I dont think that there is no place for that sort of thing, but I it should
not be our go to. It is much like being injured. If you break your leg and
your leg lacks the ability to function on its own, the goal is not to put your
leg in a cast for the rest of you life so you never have to use it again. But the
cast be a very helpful tool in the healing process. If medication is used to
remedy mental situations I believe they should be used the same way a
cast is with the goal of eventually being able to function without it.

past that you didnt even remember caused you so much pain as
you get closer to the center. And everything that you have
struggled to ignore that your parents never tell you they love
you, that you lied about something really important to a best
friend, that you cheated on your significant other, that youre
utterly lonely and often have to fight tears as you lay your head
down at night to sleep, that you dont know who you are or who
you want to be, that you hate your job and it makes you
miserable, that you cant be honest with your family or friends
about who you are, that you most times feel neglected, ignored,
and under appreciated, that you often feel worthless, without
purpose, and you let your passions die whatever those things
are for you will all have to come out, and youll have to face them.
This process is going to tell you a lot about how you
have programmed your computer (your brain). You will see how
some programs are over working the computer or behaving like
viruses. You will see how your emotional programs may be self
destructive and self centered instead of loving, empathetic, and
compassionate. If you choose to find yourself no doubt you will
encounter these types of things. And it is often the pain and
difficulty of confronting ourselves, with all of our fears, faults,
and pride, that will stop us from stepping out of the computer,
sitting down at the keyboard and living a life that is truly
miraculous, transcending every iota of the mundane.
The following is a poem I wrote regarding this very
subject and think it would be fitting to put it in right here:
Dragon in the Tunnel
Something about this place, the look, the color, the smell, its just mundane.
Its normal and simple almost to the point of being maddening. I pace. I
think. I circle. I repeat.
There has to be more

So comfortable and complacent, this air is like poison but I breathe it in and
out again and again and again. Mind racing, peace fading, desire growing
but for what?
My heart beats to the sound of my feet hitting the ground as I circle this
tunnel, thinking, sweating, praying, pleading.
The past echoes in my ears, a faint song of defeat, of apprehension, of
mistrust, of toxic dreams. I choke on the sounds of the thoughts in my head,
circling, pacing, maddening.
Who am I?
Legs weak and unsteady I circle still waiting. I wait, but Im waiting in
circles for nothing. I breathe, I breathe heavy, mind racing, will breaking
these circles are maddening I have to get out.
With the sun at my back I stare into the tunnel and I feel the darkness
calling my name. I flinch, unsure of my resolve, I back peddle into the circle
and choke on the poisonous past in the air. I fall to my knees I cant

breathe who am I? What am I?

I stand to my feet with agonizing desperation I cant breathe this air

With the sun at my back I walk into the tunnel the darkness consumes me
both inside and out. It grips onto my legs and my chest and my heart,
violently tightening its grip with each step I take. I walk, but by faith, by
passion, by fury I cant see anything, my real eyes are not open.
I breathe in deep all the smoke in the tunnel and it burns my lungs, but its
like breathing for the first time. Who am I?
I cant see the sun but I feel its warmth. I wont look back... I cant turn back.
The smoke gets thicker and I breathe deeply and slowly, embracing the
darkness and the fear in my veins. There in the darkness I see a dim a
glowing light and I quicken my steps hoping for the end. The smoke gets
thicker and thicker and I fall to my knees and crawl to escape the burn in
my lungs What am I?
Suddenly I feel an overwhelming heat on my face and a blinding light
obliterates the darkness but only for a moment. I look up and see this
majestic, fearsome beast. He is breathing slowly, heavily, with thick smoke
coming out of his nostrils. I choke and my lungs cry to me for mercy, but
there is just no turning back now. The beast looks down at me and the power
of his gaze melts my defenses. His overwhelming presence overtaking me
my eyes welling with tears. I stand to my feet with the last bit of strength in
my empty, suffering body. With tears in my eyes and all of the power my
lungs have left I scream at him, WHO AM I!!!
He lowers his head and looks in my eyes I stare back into his eyes like
flames ready to die, ready to suffer, ready to be. I lower my head ready for

whatever comes Im not afraid anymore you cant hurt me Im not

afraid. Im ready.
Glass shatters
I look up, and a soft light glows in the distance the other side of the
I take a deep breath but it doesnt burn and smoke fills the tunnel as I
exhale I walk over the broken pieces of glass to the other side. I look down,
and I see my reflection eyes like flames.

Im going to let you chew on that a little bit. Ill come

back and explain it more detail later. You may already get it.

What am I??
So what is our spirit? If we control our body, and we
control our minds (to whatever degree you would like), then
what are we?? It is odd to think that you are behind your eyes
looking out through them like binoculars, but that is exactly what
you are doing right now. What is this thing we are? How do we
define what a spirit is or understand it? This question is huge
because if we begin to disassociate our sense of identity from our
bodies and our minds (which we should), then it leaves our
identity a mystery to an extent does it not? What am I? Identity
is an interesting word actually. It has Latin roots. Eckhart Tolle
explained it well when he said, "One of the most basic mind
structures through which the ego comes into existence is
identification. The word "identification" is derived from the
Latin "idem", meaning "same" and "facere", which means "to
make". So when I identify with something, I "make it the same."
The same as what? The same as I. I endow it with a sense of self,
and so it becomes a part of my identity."10
There seem to be 3 major dimensions to our identity,
which are our physical, mental and spiritual. The spiritual


Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth pg. 35

dimension being our actual person our actual self (this self is
connected to every other being and thing in the universe to some
degree use of the word "self" is merely to distinguish what you
have programmed into your personal portion of this universal
consciousness). We can choose our physical identity by what we
eat, and develop our bodies through training, exercise, and
conditioning. We can choose our mental identity by how we
choose to interpret things going on around us, what we read and
intake, our emotions (which can be programmed), and other
things. We can also choose our spiritual identity, which becomes
the fundamental nature of who we really are. Your spiritual
identity is much more difficult and time consuming to program,
although it is also affected by the mental and physical. They are
all meant to be working with each other (physical, mental, and
spiritual) to accomplish whatever goals you may have. Spiritual
development and identity are more difficult to achieve because in
most cases people are unaware of what their spirits actually
are the content the substance. What I have found is that the
spirit feeds on only two types of energy, and those energies are
love and fear; understanding the love/fear dichotomy is the key
to unlocking spiritual development. We seem to understand
what the mind and body are made of (to a degree) but have little
to no knowledge collectively of what the spirit is and how it
functions. That is something I will try to explain the best way I
know how, but no doubt is something that we all should be
actively discovering. One person never has all of the answers and
Im not exempt.
In regard the Tolle quote on identity there is a
process that one will go through and choices one will have to
make in regards to becoming the person that they want to be.
Unfortunately, this, like many other things we do, is done
unconsciously, meaning that we are not playing a conscious,
active role in becoming who we ACTUALLY want to be. It seems
to be happening to us arbitrarily, and one day we look back at

our life and wonder how we got to be the way we are right now.
The truth is that we have been making choices all along that were
turning us into something, but in most cases we have no
idea what that thing is until we become it, and even then the
unawareness is sometimes set so deep that we deny who we are,
and still believe ourselves to be someone that was lost long ago.
When Tolle says to make the same as I he is hitting the nail
right on the head. This is a reason why people often seek to
possess things. They allow things to become a part of there
identity and they are unwittingly trying to become great through
identification with things. The brain is a powerful deceiver as far
as identity is concerned. We often mistake our power hungry
brains for our actual selves. This self that the brain creates is
what we most often refer to as the ego, which is a shadow self
based on the impulses and arbitrary (sometimes conscious)
computations of the brain. The brain needs to be subdued. Its as
if its searching for its own sense of identity, but it is just a
computer. It lacks empathy, and the ability to truly love. We all
search for this identity, but it is held deep within us, and if we
dont understand who or what we really are, we will always
search for it in other places, and always fail. This desire cannot
be satisfied by anything finite.

So the obvious question is how. How do you do this?

How do you tell the difference between your mind and your
spirit? How is it that you can move behind the keyboard?
Awareness is the key. It may seem simple, and thats because it
is. Although, just because it is simple does not mean that it is
easy to put into practice. For this process I would like to use the
format of Awareness, Belief, Creation.
The first part is to become aware and begin to awaken to
who you really are. There are several way to accomplish this, but
I believe the effective way to do this is through meditation. The

best definition of meditation Ive heard was by a very good friend

of mine who said Meditation is the intent to be aware. So if you
sit yourself down to meditate it can look like many different
things and there are endless ways to meditate, but if you have not
been meditating before this (and maybe even if you have) you
will most likely find it very difficult to shut your mind up. This is
NOT a bad thing. This is actually the purpose as of now. You
want to become aware what goes through your mind and more
importantly why. You need to start recognizing how your mind
and emotions have been programmed. What types of things go
through your mind? Are you thinking about rent? Are you
thinking about how hungry you are? What about your significant
other or lack thereof? Does your mind repeat the same thoughts?
Do you have a really hard time sitting still? Why? Whats the
rush? Can you only think about being entertained? Are you
thinking about a TV show youd rather be watching, or a video
game youd rather be playing? Do you know why these thoughts
cross your mind? These are some important things to realize.
We do not often analyze why a thought crosses our mind
unless it is just really bizarre. Many of these thoughts cross our
minds multiple times a day so they are very familiar and do not
seem like a cause for alarm. Familiarity can easily stop things
from shocking us that probably should. In a poem I wrote called
Blind and Loving it I put it in a more direct way: Our
intentions bleed the truth so much that we have gotten used to
seeing red... so nobody flinches with the knife to their wrist.
In many cases we have gotten used to seeing red in
ourselves and the world so we dont have the same reaction we
do we it first happens. This is a subtle, gradual way that the brain
dulls our sensitivity so that it can more easily justify our actions,
thoughts, and emotions to ourselves. Things like war, and social
injustice should be utterly shocking and infuriating every time
we see it, but instead we have a thats just the way it is

mentality. It is that type mentality that perpetuates our suffering

and lack of progression. It allows us to be aware that millions of
people are being killed overseas in wars and just turn and look
the other way. It allows us to know that people are struggling to
eat right here in our own country as we scrape our extra food into
the trash without a second thought. This is why allowing our
brains (that are only concerned with self preservation) to dictate
our lives to us and have so much control can be so harmful to
ourselves and others. It lacks much perspective.
As we journey into ourselves through the process of
intending to be aware or meditating, we may begin to see
things we dont like. One thing you may also discover is that
many of your desires are not even intentional. Much of what you
may want and desire may be out of compulsion that you cant
explain. You may have strong feelings and urges that you cant
seem to control, whether it be food, solitude, sex, etc. The idea is
to start living a life that is intentional in every aspect. Everything
that we do, we should do intentionally. This is the difference
between infants and adults, between animals and humans,
between rocks and animals you can see how it goes further and
further down the chain. There are various degrees of awareness.
What makes us human is our profound, infinite ability to choose
and create our own reality. Anything you relinquish your ability
to choose to, you become a slave to. If you relinquish it to
cigarettes, you have become a slave to cigarettes; if it is to
peoples approval of you, then you are a slave to everyones
opinions around you, it could be your fears, appetites, emotions,
desires, and so on and so on. Im not saying that your appetites
and desires are bad things, but what I am saying is that you
should have them because they are purely intentional. They
should not control you.
So if you bring this back to home base, you realize that
all of these thoughts, addictions, unconscious actions, and habits

exist within yourself. So if you learn to become aware of them,

then you can move on to the next step in the process of freeing
yourself from them, which is believing that you can change them
if you so choose.

Intending to be aware: Mediation

You may be wondering how to meditate. That is the most
obvious next question. Let me start by saying that there is not
right or wrong way to meditate. Really it has solely to do with
your intentions. What are you trying to accomplish by
meditating? For where we are right now in this journey, our
intention is to be able to start differentiating between our mind
and our spirit and taking some control over what our mind is
doing, rather than allowing it to operate in spite of us rather than
because of us. And remember that all that is necessary to
become aware is to have the intention to become
aware. So Im just going to give you some simple instructions
that may help you get started. This is just my opinion based on
the things Ive learned. By telling you this I am not condemning
any other method of meditation or spiritual practice. Truly there
are as many ways to do this as the imagination can conceive.
Step 1: Find yourself a quiet place where you wont be
interrupted. Where you do it is not as important right now as it is
for you to be comfortable. Sit as still as you can and be as
comfortable as you can without having to adjust the position of
your body. Avoid lying down, because it is quite easy to fall
asleep even if you didnt think you were tired.
Step 2: Set small progressing goals. If you have not meditated or
perhaps are not used to not doing something then you may find
it very difficult to sit in one place for a long time. Dont be
impatient with yourself. Dont get frustrated. All goals are surely

accomplished one patient step at a time, and truly one step at a

time is not too difficult. So set a timer or an alarm; if you can buy
one that would be ideal. It is best not to use your cell phone, as it
can be distracting. Start with something like 5 minutes. If that
even seems like too much start with 1 minute and increase it each
time by 30 seconds. Once you get to about 15 minutes hold there
for a while (unless you have the time and patience to do 30 or
more) and make a solid habit out of it. What you may find in
time is that when your alarm goes of you wont want to stop. It
can be an incredibly cleansing, relaxing experience.
Step 3: Be aware of your posture. It is important to keep your
back as straight as you can and push up with the top of your head
to take the pressure off of your neck and spine. You want a good
clean energy flow going through your body and your posture
plays an integral role in that. Even when you were in elementary
school, what did the teacher always tell the students? Sit up
straight and pay attention. There is actually a reason why sitting
up straight helps with that and youre going to want to be able to
Step 4: Breathe deep. I want you to really focus on your
breathing. Most of the time when we breathe we breathe short
shallow breaths allowing excess air to rest in the bottom of our
lungs and it gets cycled out very slowly. Youre going to want
breathe all the way in deep down, pushing your stomach out first
and the slowly filling your lungs from the bottom to the top.
Focus on the feeling of the air coming into your lungs and the
feeling of exhaling. You can relax your breathing after about 5
minutes or so if you would like. Youll start to feel yourself go
into a trance like state and/or just be very, very relaxed most
likely. You can still focus on your breathing just to help keep
yourself relaxed, but they dont have to be huge breaths every

Step 5: Dont resist. Many people tend to think of meditating as

trying to push out all of your thoughts in order to quiet your
mind. Anyone who has attempted this knows how difficult this is.
I heard what I considered to be a superior method one time. It
was to not try to push out anything not the noise, not the
thought, or feelings, or discomfort. Simply be aware of these
things within yourself. Let them move freely about in your mind
without you trying to correct or alter them in any way. We are
trying to get to the bottom of ourselves, so it is important to be
aware of all of the thoughts that are happening within us and
address them inquisitively. Relax your mind and intend to be
Step 6: Journal everything. I highly recommend getting or
making a journal for this specifically. Dont just use scrap paper
or the back half of a notebook or a 3 ring binder. If you are
taking this seriously, one thing that I consider to be vitally
important is that you document everything that you experience
while you meditate. Write down all of the feelings, all of the
thoughts, how it made you feel to do it, how difficult it was, if
there were any images that flashed in your mind, people you
frequently thought of, etc. What you may begin to notice after
doing this for a short time, is that there are many patterns in
your thoughts, emotions, and images that may come to your
mind while you meditate. If you write everything down it is
MUCH easier to see the patterns and start to realize how your
mind is operating. Once its sitting in front of you on paper it is
much easier to make choices about what you want to do about it
and how to move forward.
Step 7: Reflect. Take what you experienced inside of you in that
quite time with yourself to the outside world and to you day-today interactions. If you thought of relationship a lot, think about
the things that went through your head when you see that
person. If you thought about your discontentment with your job,

be aware of that while youre at work. What makes you not like
your job? Dont just say to yourself because its boring or
because I dont like the people I work with or because its
stressful. The idea is to discover the root within yourself. Why is
it boring? What would you rather be doing and why? Why dont
you get along with those people? Why can you not see past their
faults and love them? Why is it stressful? Are you unable to take
life one day at a time? Do you worry yourself sick and tired with
deadlines and expectations that come and go whether you worry
about them or not? Take that quiet time within yourself, and
extend it to your life outside of you.

I think I can
Nearly every action we will ever preform in life as
humans is based on what we believe the outcome will be. It is
certainly becoming an increasingly rare occasion where someone
will do something not knowing what will happen. Think about
it. If you didnt believe you would remember one word in this
book would you read it? If somehow someone convinced you that
you that once you closed the back cover that you would forget
everything you just read, would you still read it? Well if you truly
believed it then you probably wouldnt. The interesting thing
about this is that, if someone convinced you of that right now,
and you read it anyways, you would probably still remember
plenty from the book (although perhaps not as much). Our whole
life, all of our decisions are based on what we choose to believe is
true, and what we choose to believe is possible. Every day, all
day, you are putting your faith on display. The way I define faith
is simply an action inspired by a belief. You lower your body
down into a chair because you believe that it will stay standing
when your weight hits it. You turn the keys to your car in the
morning to go to work because you believe that will make the car
start. On a deeper level, you may seek to make more money,

because you believe it will make you happy. You believe you have
to have a girlfriend or boyfriend or significant other because
without them you will be lonely. Think about everything you do
and say throughout the day there is a belief of some sort behind
it and well call the action that follows faith.
This is not a bad thing. The idea is not empty yourself of
beliefs; it is choose what those beliefs are. Remember we are
trying to move to a more intentional life. We want to become
aware of what our spirits are (who we are) and how they
function. Again, this will take work, and many times lots of
reprogramming. In the last section you read I talked a lot about
becoming aware of yourself in different ways. If you are not
aware of something, why would you try to change it? Obviously if
you were unaware you would do nothing, which is why it is SO
important to make the decision to be very aware of what is going
on inside of you. You have to slow down a lot of times to realize
what is happening inside of you. In the western world we live a
life dominated by the clock and most of us seriously lack
patience. I know this very, very well. Anyone who knew me
growing up knew lacked a lot of patience. I was to things
happening very quickly and making things happen quickly. I was
a little fireball. Although I still am Im just intentional about
what I do with my flame. I have patience now; at least I would
like to think that I have a lot more patience now I will tell you
that it takes a lot of patience to write this much! The funny thing
is Ive always thought about writing books, but I always knew I
couldnt do it because I knew I didnt have the patience. I was
more of that mindset before that we just are the way we are.
Now I am fully aware of the power of a conscious mind, but of
course Im still learning.
Once we begin to slow down, we begin to see and notice
things about ourselves, which is one of the reasons I suggested
that particular method of meditation that I did. After you become

aware of things that you want to change, you then have to

BELIEVE that you can change them if it going to work. As far as
the awareness, belief, creation process goes, this may be the
most difficult to put into application. How do we change what we
believe? Beliefs are often deeply rooted within us. If you think
about the analogy I gave in the last chapter of having a building
with cracks in the foundation? And about rebuilding the
structure? So if we continue with this analogy, imagine that
meditating allowed you get down to the foundation of yourself.
Now you are there and you see the cracks, the missing parts, the
mistakes and imperfections in the architecture. You can see a lot
that you didnt know was there so now what?
If we were standing next to each other in your yard
looking at a giant tree, and I gave you a pocketknife and told you
to cut it down, you would probably look at me like I was crazy.
But I would look back you and say, I told you this tree was going
to be a problem a long time ago years and years ago when it
was much smaller I told you to cut it down. Now that you have let
it go like this, it is threatening to destroy your house because of
the roots destroying the foundation of your house. You might
look back at me not happy, but you know that Im right. It might
take you months to cut down that tree with a pocketknife, but
eventually it will fall. In the book The greatest salesman in the
world there is an amazing quote regarding this process (the bold
lettering and underlining are mine):
The prizes of life are at the end of each journey, not
near the beginning; and it is not given to me to know
how many steps are necessary in order to reach my
goal. Failure I may still encounter at the thousandth
step, yet success hides behind the next bend in the road.
Never will I know how close it lies unless I turn the

Always will I take another step. If that is of no avail I

will take another, and yet another. In truth, one
step at a time is not too difficult.
I will persist until I succeed.
Henceforth, I will consider each day's effort as but one
blow of my blade against a mighty oak. The first blow
may cause not a tremor in the wood, nor the second,
nor the third. Each blow, of itself, may be trifling, and
seem of no consequence. Yet from childish swipes the
oak will eventually tumble. So it will be with my efforts
of today.
I will be liken to the raindrop which washes away the
mountain; the ant who devours a tiger; the star which
brightens the earth; the slave who builds a pyramid. I
will build my castle one brick at a time for I know
that small attempts, repeated, will complete
any undertaking.
I will persist until I succeed.
If you want to get on an accelerated track to
reprogramming your brain and taking control of your mental life,
I HIGHLY recommend this book. It is probably the best book Ive
ever read, and if you follow the instructions precisely it will
certainly facilitate a profound change within you.
Going back to the tree, this is a metaphor for a belief in
this example. There are several ways to tear out the tree and
plant a new one, but all of them will take time. First of all, you
have to believe that it is possible, and one step below believing if
you just cant believe is hope. Hope is very powerful because it
keeps our dreams and desires from collapsing, but it maintains
rather than progresses you (in most cases) and faith is certainly
superior if you are trying to accomplish specific goals. Hope does
not necessarily have an action that accompanies it, whereas faith

always does. Once you believe it is possible you have to then

begin acting on that belief.
When are you going about this it is very important to
keep in mind that you are not running from what you dont want
to be, you are going towards what you do want to be. There
is a HUGE, very important difference. One instance is motivated
by fear and the other by love. Im going to get into love and fear
based consciousness later but it is of vital importance that you
that recognize the difference between making decisions out of
fear and out of love. You can equate making decisions out fear to
running from the darkness, and making decisions out love as
turning on the light. Why would you run from the darkness when
you can just turn on the light?
So lets start to get some ideas on how to do this. Imagine
the synapses (connections) in your brain as branches on a tree. If
a branch starts to grow, or a thought starts to manifest, it will
continue to grow if it goes unchecked. When a negative or
unwanted branch, thought, or idea starts to arrive you have to
contest or challenge it in some way or else it will just continue to
grow. Take for instance if you have a problem being honest.
Someone confronts you about something and you have to make a
choice in that moment whether you will be honest about it or not
(although sometimes you have lied so much that you dont even
think twice, you just spout out words). When the choice arrives
there will be a series of thoughts or feelings that accompany it.
Perhaps your logic arises with a plethora of reasons to lie about
whatever this thing is. The longer you let those things go in your
mind unchecked they create a very large tree very fast, and the
harder it becomes to cut it down so to speak. The idea is to
catch it right away before it gets too big. This is where that
awareness we are developing through mediation becomes very
useful. You may remember these thoughts and feelings from your
times meditating and have written them down so as soon as the

thought comes up, you remember it and recognize it. It is like the
analogy I gave previously about looking at the tree in your yard.
The yard is like your brain, and the tree like the thoughts or ideas
in your brain (something also to consider is that if you have a
given amount of energy to work with, and a tree gets very large, it
will be leaching nutrients and
energy from other
trees/thoughts in the yard. It
will be more difficult to plant
other ideas with one negative
thought or idea taking up so
much space and energy.)
So if you look at the
diagram of our lie tree here,
you can see what Im talking
about. Initially there is this
choice you have to make of
whether or not lie, which is a
seed that is planted in your
head. When this thought arises,
the first thing you should do is
look at where this thought is
pulling its energy from. In other
words you should try to
determine whether the thought
is born of love or fear. If it is
pulling its energy from fear,
then as the thought continues to
develop it will create more and
more fear based reasons to
make the decision. Its not
always going to be this obvious
by the way. Most people can
recognize lying as a fear based

decision. But in this example you can see that at first its just a
choice and if you recognize the root right away you can make this
decision to starve out the seed right there. If you entertain the
thought and allow the fear to feed it, then it will grow and create
branches. In this example we have the initial reasons to lie being
reputation, loss of approval, and ashamed. Each one of those
reasons will grow into another mini tree by itself with its own
reasons branching off of it if you allow it to go unchecked and
allow the thought, idea, or emotion to feed off of your fear. When
there are enough thoughts grouped together, you have an
emotion. What are emotions? An emotion is a series of
perceptions (thoughts/beliefs) grouped together into
something we can feel. Every emotion we feel has a series of
thoughts attached to it. So if we can identify they thoughts we
can start to be able to replace negative/unwanted beliefs with
other beliefs. It will make more and more sense how to do that as
we move forward.
Emotions are much, MUCH more powerful than words.
Someone can give you a huge list of statistics and give reasons
why you should sponsor a child, and yet you still may not do it.
But if they were to put a starving child in front you with a bulging
stomach, crying because they are starving, would you tell the
child no? You are much more likely to make a decision with
emotions associated to it rather than just hard logic. People who
are not in touch with their emotions as much dont necessarily
operate like this all of the time, but it is still very prominent, just
not as easy to recognize (especially in men). This is one huge
difference between how men and women operate. Integration
(emotion) is a feminine concept, while differentiation (logic,
thoughts) is a masculine concept. Neither is superior, both are
necessary. As far this goes for our tree, when there are enough
thoughts attached to another thought or idea you will begin to
have a emotions about those thoughts, and emotions have much
more power of influence than just thoughts. If you understand

what Im trying to say right now, then you will realize that the
longer the thought to lie goes unchecked, the more likely it is
you will begin to develop emotions about the decision that will
make it more and more difficult to uproot this tree, or, to not
make the decision. Each emotion or thought becomes a branch
with leaves (other thoughts) that will feed its strength and
solidify the form more and more. One interesting thing about
this, is that even if this tree grows huge in just a few minutes or
hours of deciding whether or not you want to make the decision,
if you dont make the decision, the tree seems to die instantly and
that energy is used to reaffirm the love based tree that may have
been growing next to it. When you act, you manifest, or plant
the tree inside of you. The reason this works like this, is because
fear is a dark energy, and love is a light energy, and all you need
to do to destroy the darkness, is turn on the light.
Once you can recognize that emotions are just integrated
beliefs, then you can start to see how even your emotions can be
programmed and are a choice. Most emotions that we have on a
regular basis are massive trees and it is very difficult to trace the
branches back to root to understand why we really feel the way
we feel about certain things. But again, this the beauty of this
meditative practice. Once you can teach yourself to become
aware of whats going through your head and what youre
thinking and feeling at every level, you will have the ability to
choose whether or not you want to feed that thought or feeling.
The really interesting thing about this is that all of your negative
thought patterns and emotions are fed by fear, and if you can
eradicate your fears, all the trees feeding from that energy
source will die. This is the hardest, and best way to do this. Doing
it without understanding all of the reasons of why the tree got
started and grew so large takes an incredible amount of courage
and faith. If you believe you can do this and you know you are
ready, I recommend it, but it is the hardest thing you will have
ever done in your life, I can almost promise you that. If you do it

and you are not ready, you will probably do a significant amount
of damage to your being and take many, many steps back
making it more difficult to get back to where you started the next
time. This is difference between enduring pain, and suffering
trauma, which well talk about later. There is nothing wrong with
gradual. Truly, one step at a time is not too difficult.
If you truly want to do this, you will. Many of us are
distracted by what we believe we need. But understand this, you
do not need anything, ever. Hear me out on this. The only reason
a necessity exists is because of a deeper want. There is no such
thing as an essential need, or, there is no such thing as a need
that exists outside of a want. Most peoples first response is,
Well you need to eat! Well that is only true if you want to live,
or want to not be hungry. If you had no desire to alleviate the
pain of starvation or even to live, why would you need to eat?
You can apply this to literally every single need you think you
have. This may change your perspective on your life quite a bit.
When you understand that every single action you preform and
word you speak in some way has something to do with a want
you have, it puts the ball back your court and takes away your
power to blame and complain. So what do you want? Look at
what you think you need and you will see a lot of what you have
been desiring. And those desires are often manipulated and
shifted by how you have programmed your mind. This all comes
full circle. What you have chosen to allow yourself to think and
believe will dictate your desires and thus dictate your actions.
Do you see? Can you see how easy it is to miss this? Why
every single moment and small decision we make is so
important? Every time we make a decision we are deciding who
we are going to be tomorrow. This is one reason why sometimes
people change so dramatically over the years and then look back
and wonder what happened. How did they let their passions die?
How did they become so calloused? How did they become so

fake? Every single little thing we do plants a seed of who we are

going to be tomorrow. What kind of seeds are you planting into
yourself? What kind of fruit will you yield? Who are you turning
yourself into? Do you like yourself? Are you happy with you are?
Do you feel fulfilled?
If you are struggling to answer these questions to
yourself then take the time to figure it out. Do it now, before you
have to look back 5 or 10 years from now and not recognize who
you are (in a bad way). If you take that mediation/quiet time
everyday and you focus on becoming aware of who you are, you
will be shocked with the results. Its crazy how much we let just
pass right by us without even acknowledging or becoming aware
of it. We have a choice. We always have the ability to choose and
if we have given that away it is our responsibility to get it back.
Dont blame anyone else for your situation. Dont blame anyone
or anything else for your unhappiness, frustration, anger, or any
of your feelings. If we are going to see Love rule on this earth, we
cannot be slaves to our impulses and shortcomings like children.
By doing this we unwittingly cause suffering in ourselves and
encourage the suffering of our whole family around the world.
If you do not understand or at least take to heart what
you have read so far, please reread it and meditate on it until you
do. The process that I have described is a part of learning to see
clearly. One of the most brilliant lyricists of all time said, like a
scratch across the lens made everything look wrong from
anywhere we stood.11 If we cannot remove these scratches from
our lenses we will see and interpret everything from here on out
with a skewed perception. Im not saying that there is only one
way to interpret what Im going to be discussing, but surely if you
allow your ego, and other types of preconceived notions to cloud


Aaron Weiss, lead singer of mewithoutyou, in the song Messes of

Men on the album Brother, Sister, released in 2006.

what you are seeing, you will take it in a way that I have not
intended for it to be communicated. If it rings of anything but
love, inspiration, passion, progression, and humility, then either
your lens is still scratched, I have not seen and understood
myself, or I have not communicated effectively. I will certainly
take responsibility for my part, and do the absolute best I can in
every way. I want there to be a clear line of communication
between me and you with no disconnect. This does not mean that
we will not differ in opinion on many subjects. The idea is not to
think the same; the idea is to love the same unconditionally,
with passion and purpose.

Moving forward: 0+1=1

In section 1 we talked a lot about awareness and
recognizing our own thought patterns. The goal of this section for
you to able to stop pointing the finger and look in the mirror
when you want to change something in your life. This book is
about progression and we are trying to progress as individuals
and as a planet. But the battle starts with ourselves. If a cell in
our body gets sick or malfunctions, the other cells of the body
have to compensate for that sick cell. Our body is a multicellular
organism that depends on the cohesiveness and cooperation of
the unit. In the same way, our planet is a multicellular organism,
and all of the things that live on the planet are like the cells of our
body. Everyone is connected and everyone affects everyone with
thought they have and action they do. If we are continually
looking outside of ourselves and pointing fingers at all the things
that are wrong with the world and other people we will inevitably
be stunting our own growth and the growth of others. It is very
difficult for many people to accept that everything that happens
in your life is your fault. Now Im not saying that its your fault if
your parents die of cancer or you get raped, but the stimulus
or event by itself does not contain arbitrary power to

make you react in a certain way against your will. Our

ability to choose is what makes us human, beautiful, incredible,
and powerful. If you want to take the power back in your life, and
in your mind and emotions, you must start taking responsibility
for who you are.
In the next section we are going to be talking about life
outside of the ego. When you are in your egocentric box where
everything revolves around you, you see the world in quite a
different, skewed way. The more you begin to take responsibility
and make conscious choices about who you are and how you are
developing your character, the more you are going to see the
world in a totally different light. This can be a little shocking at
first. It might be really amazing and enlightening, but it can also
be very frustrating. The point is that you are going to start to see
through different lenses and along with this new perspective will
come all new perceptions and beliefs about life. We are going to
talk about some of those things and some ways to approach your
new found perspective.


New Lenses
As you begin to undergo this transformation within
yourself and your consciousness continues to expand, you will
start noticing things around you that you didnt notice before.
When you see yourself differently, you see the world outside of
you differently. One thing that will be very prominent as you
start making this shift is how people around you arent making
this shift. They will stick out like a sore thumb. Do not allow this
to make you upset. Remember that we all at different stages in
our journey and that you are no different in worth from them.
Remember where you came from. The only way to look at
everyone is through the eyes of love. When you start to become

aware of your spirit you will realize how connected we all are and
that we are all just part of the same body the same system. Why
would you cause harm to your own body? With this perspective
you realize that everyone elses dreams, hopes, fears, and desires
are just as important to acknowledge as your own. This is the
heart of love. Love is an indelible connection to all life that exists.
We have the ability to choose to acknowledge this or not.
Whether or not we are aware of it, the connection is there and
our fates are intertwined. Once you become aware of it, then you
can start making the choice to strengthen the connection and
work with each other instead of feeding our selves.
Another thing that may be heavy on your mind as you
begin to make this transformation, is that for every bit of
awareness that you gain you are going to be noticing things that
you are doing and have done that you are not particularly proud
of. You are going to think of the things that you have done wrong
to people over the years with your jaded sense of self. You are
going to think of all of the things you did unconsciously out of
reaction or habit that hurt yourself or people you care about. You
are going to think of the relationships that are in bad shape right
now and could use a new, better you. This is good! This is a huge
sign of progress! If youre thinking that way then kudos! But
remember always, this is a journey with something to learn each
step of the way. This is not one of those things where youre
going to find the end of it. There are certainly plateaus and
achievements to be proud of and to strive for, but if you stop
progressing you will most likely start regressing. Its like
working out. If you stop then you dont just maintain all of the
results youve attained up to that point; your muscles will start to
atrophy if they are not used. This is because with every single
tiny thing that you do you are teaching your body what to do and
what it needs. If you sit on the couch all the time and watch TV
then your body is being told that those muscles you may have

worked for are not important anymore. So be conscious of what

you are teaching to your mind and body.
With every plateau you reach, you will see all new things
and have all new goals. This is one of the reasons to go steadily,
slowly, and gradually. Be patient with yourself and patient with
others. I cant say it enough one step at a time is not too
This is where Im going to introduce our recursive
learning pattern. I really began to contemplate this deeply while
taking a college course with a brilliant professor of mine. This
pattern is going to be key when I start getting into some of the
real meaty stuff in volume 2 regarding sacred geometry, the
concepts and implications of quantum physics, higher
dimensions, and potential of our unlimited consciousness. I want
you to really think about this see how many ways you can apply it
to your life. If you begin to learn to learn like this, you will learn
things very effectively, without having the structure of what
youve learned collapse again and again.
So lets
take a look at
the diagram.
Assume that
progress in this
case or what
you want learn
as being up or
towards H.
Most of the
time we tend to
want to move in
straight lines
because it is the

quickest way to do anything. It is also the easiest way to forget

and miss things. That method of learning is represented by the
dotted line. We want to emulate the blue circles. They circle
around each other and each time they get back to point A they
take a path that is a little farther out. The Yellow represents a sea
of information. All of this information is going to helpful in
accomplishing the goal we want to accomplish and maintaining
it. If you just take the straight line, you can see how much
information you are missing along the way! This is what happens
when people get tunnel vision.
Take for instance a father who loves his family and wants
to provide a good life for them. He starts out with the desire, I
want to show my family I love them, which is represented in this
diagram by point A. He has a goal associated with that thought,
which is to provide the best life I can possibly provide for my
family, which is represented here by point H. The final goal is
often non-measureable and ambiguous like it is in this example
(like to be happy, to be at peace, etc.). This is good if you are
trying to achieve it using this recursive thought pattern and
enjoying the journey and learning from each step of the journey.
It can be detrimental if you just try to make a straight shot for it.
So perhaps point B is to make money so as to achieve points C
and D which are to buy a car and to buy a house. Those are
followed with points E, F, and G, which are to put the kids
through a good school, not see them make the same mistakes I
did, and see them get married and have a family of their own.
At this point, the father is thinking, he has successfully provided
the best life I could possibly provide for my family and thus
succeeded and showing my family I loved them. If you do not
reference Point A often it is VERY easy to forget why you are
doing what you are doing. How many families do we know, and
no doubt many of you know this from personal experience, that
have a father who has nearly abandoned his family in the pursuit

of providing a good life for them? It is extremely common in

This type of thing happens so much that it is not
shocking anymore, but the effects are still just as damaging.
When I was very young, my family and I were on welfare. I was 6
or 7 years old and I remember that time very distinctly. I was
very happy little kid. I didnt realize when I was that young that
there were certain standards of living that people hoped to
achieve that were somehow better than how we were living right
then. We lived right next a railroad track, in a neighbor filled
with Hmong people. I had a best friend and his name was Sime. I
still remember everything like it was yesterday. When we left
there my mom started working a lot and I saw her less and less.
She became absent to me, even when she was there (many of you
know what Im talking about). Our relationship began to suffer
and ultimately became strained. I just wanted to spend time with
her and over the years, the lack of time and attention birthed a
resentment in me that took a very long time to recover from. It
poisoned my perspective of life, love, and the world and
permeated my thought processes, which ultimately lead to me
that to edge of that lake with 200 pills in me ready to face the
end. I could not see.
Through a miraculous turn of events and truly the grace
of a higher power, coupled with a decision to make things better,
my mother and I have an amazing relationship today and I love
her very dearly. I understand well what it means to have my
brain dominate me and cloud my judgment. I know what it
means to not see clearly and make rash, selfish decisions. I know
what it means to have destroyed valuable relationships because I
reacted to my ego instead of listened to my spirit. I dont speak as
an author talking down to the poor reader who needs my help. I
speak as one who has been through a lot and learned a lot on the
way. I speak as one who has suffered, and caused suffering and

now sees with new eyes. I only wish to grow and learn with you
and use what I have learned to help in any way that I can.
Ok we had a little sidetrack, but lets get back to that
pattern. You can apply this type of learning to any subject matter
you wish whether it be relationships, math, a job, meditation,
etc. Its a beautiful way to do it because youre always revisiting
the reason you initially started and this can be very beneficial for
a few reasons. You can use it as motivation, you wont forget why
started and get off track, you can learn better, more efficient
ways to accomplish goals, and it can allow you reassess your
intentions, perspective, and motivations often. If you let yourself
re-think your goals often, what may happen is that you realize
that youre not really going after something you truly want.
Sometimes we dont realize the deeper desire within us. A lot of
peoples motivation in America starts with point B. They want to
make money. It happens quite easily that people never even
realize what they were after in the first place. We associate
money with power and freedom in America. But truly, you have
unlimited power and freedom within yourself, endowed by the
creator of the universe, and that CANNOT be taken away from
Something else you will notice about the diagram are the
structures that are being built. The line is tall and skinny,
whereas the circles are much broader and layered. Which do you
think is more stable? Well obviously the circles are more stable.
Storms and pressure often come in our lives and test what we
believe to be important and the structure that we have built. If
you get to a point where you feel like youre just not making
progress anymore (in whatever goal you are pursuing), take the
time to examine your foundations and the way you are learning.
Dont be afraid to go back to the beginning and re-learn things.
You will find in most cases that you missed something very
fundamental early on that is preventing you from making

anymore progress. Your foundation and core will

determine how much progress you can make in any
venture, whether physical, mental, or spiritual. If you neglect
your core and/or foundation it will show up later when the
pressure is on.
So lets apply this to what we talked about earlier with
mediation, recognizing your spirit, and taking responsibility for
your life and who you are. Your body is the part of you that is the
furthest away from who you are. Next is your mind, and your
spirit is at your core. So when you think about what we have just
talked about, it is pretty incredible to think that barely even
know anything about our spirits considering that is what we are.
But if the core determines our progress as far as humanity is
concerned then you can definitely see that we really havent
made much progress at all. You can read back as far as you want
to and still youre going to see governments greedy for power and
trying to dominate their people. Youre going to see war over
religions and belief systems. Youre going to see dysfunctional
families and generational curses going on and on and on. We
have not understood our cores, and therefore have not developed
them, and therefore have made little to no progress collectively.
We have done a great deal (especially recently) to understand our
minds, which is reflected in enormous, continuous leaps and
bounds in technology, but all the while our spirits suffer as logic
takes the steering wheel.
To use a chemistry analogy, our spirits are like a nucleus,
our minds are like a proton with projecting, positive, masculine
energy, and our bodies are like an electron with receptive
negative, feminine energy. Our bodies receive stimuli from the
outside world which is received in the forms of frequencies. It
sends these frequencies and signals to the brain to interpret and
integrate the various frequencies to form concepts, images, and
sensations. This is the part where our spirits should be getting

involved, but many times our brains just then send or project a
signal back to our bodies to react in a certain way. Our spirits are
the part of us that are aware that all of this is going on. If we
simply react without truly making a conscious decision then you
have taken the 3rd dimension of your being completely out the
equation. The funny thing is, without the nucleus, the atom
ceases to exist. You can see the implication.

The choice of interpretation

When we look out at the world around us there are so
many ways to interpret what is going on, what is real, what is
important, and so on. So how is it that we can come up with an
interpretation that is more accurate or closer to the truth than
others? How can we say that weve made any progress in figuring
things out here on earth without a reference point? This is an
extremely difficult question how do we find truth? Even more
so than that, how do we interpret truth?
Think of it as putting together a puzzle, this is a very
unique puzzle. First of all, it is infinite with no edges so dont be
so focused on finishing it; the journey of putting it together is
meant to be enjoyed together! We each have something to
contribute to this puzzle, which is ourselves and our own
creativity. We are part of this puzzle, and yet we rarely take the
time to figure ourselves out and put ourselves together, although
we seem to spend a lot of time analyzing other peoples puzzles
and telling them how to put their puzzles together. Think about
the way you put a puzzle together. The first thing you do when
you dump the pieces out of the box is turn all of the pieces over.
What Im about to say is very important so please pay close
attention. If you have a 1000 piece puzzle and you only turn over
10 pieces, what the chances that you even have 2 pieces that go
together? If you only flip 10 pieces up, what are the chances that

youll be able to recognize an image? If you only ever see 10

pieces, and youre still trying to make sense of the puzzle and put
it together, what kind of conclusions will you draw about the
puzzle? How will you interpret the puzzle? Will your
interpretations be accurate? After a while do you think you
might get close-minded and start to try to force pieces together? I
want you to think about this really deeply in your personal life. It
gets much bigger than this. How many pieces do you think
there are to yourself? 10,000? 100,000? 1,000,000? Maybe even
more than that? How many of those pieces have you flipped
over? How much do you understand about yourself? How much
control do you have over your impulses and emotions. Now lets
make thing bigger. What about when you try to have a
relationship? You have just doubled your number of pieces. How
about your interpretation of politics? Sociology? History? What
about the big one? Religion? God? The Universe? How many
pieces do you think there are in the universal puzzle? Do you see
my point? With a creator that is infinitely creating, we cannot
even flip the pieces over fast enough to keep up much less put
them together! In the cosmic puzzle are there too many pieces to
even try to guess a number, and yet through our eyes of
ignorance and arrogance we presume to know it all. Why?
Because of a book? Because of what someone told you? Because
of how you were raised or what your parents believe?
I dont say this to try to make you give up your beliefs; I
only say this to give you some perspective that there is SO MUCH
that we dont know. If you stop flipping pieces over because you
think you have found it, you are doing yourself a terrible
disservice. God, the universe (whatever you want to call it), is
infinitely creating. How can we say that we have figured
everything out? Or that we have stumbled upon some belief
system that explains everything? Remember, lets aim to use
commas in our minds, not periods.

So as we go about interpreting ourselves, reality, or the

universe, the first thing we are going to want to do is flip as many
pieces over as we can so that we can become aware of all of the
information around us. See again how this comes back to the
beginning with our meditation and learning what it means to
become aware of what is going on within us, and then what is
going on around us. Being aware of more things as we move
from point A to point B is going to help up make the best
decisions that we can make. So here you see us going back to our
recursive learning pattern as well. There are really good reasons
to start learning ways to implement these concepts into your life.
Lets look at an example.
Ill start really simple to illustrate practicality. If you
were driving through an intersection, do you want to be aware of
what is going on all around the intersection? Well duh. It may
seem dumb when I put it that way. But lets take some
metaphorical intersections. Say that your boss flips out at you at
work; you have come to an intersection where you have to make
a decision. Are you going to speed through the light without
looking to see whats happening around the intersection? Are you
going to simply react? Say you just react and yell back at her and
she gets angrier and fires you. You call her a bitch and storm out
while all of your co-workers look on. What have you
accomplished? You have stressed out your boss (whether or not
you think she deserved it), you may have unwittingly impacted
the way your co-workers now view your boss, you have lost your
job, and youre probably having a bad day now. Thats just what
happened in that moment and youll never know the ripple
effects. Maybe your boss is going through a divorce and is very
depressed, possibly suicidal. She had just gotten into an
argument with her husband that morning (who she still loves)
who called her a bitch and walked out not so different from
how you did. When you did that, it triggered very strong
emotions in her. To her it validates what her husband had said

about her. Now when she gets home shes is crying

uncontrollably and thinks to herself I really am a bitch. No
wonder my husband left me, and no wonder I dont have any
friends. After a few drinks and a few unanswered phone calls to
her husband, she kills herself.
If somehow you could have known what was going to
happen, would you have reacted the way you did? Would you
want to find out that you were mentioned in her suicide note? If
you think this example is far fetched, you should know that in
2012, suicide surpassed car accidents as the number 1 cause of
injury-related death in U.S. NUMBER ONE. In 2010 we had
38,364 suicides in America, which is about 105.1 people killing
themselves per day12. That is horrible. This a really dramatic
example of what can happen, but is it worth it? Is it worth the
risk? Is it sacrificing your character so that you can react to your
impulses and defend yourself?
In order to flip all of the pieces over you have to be
willing to be patient and take the time to do it. If you found out
what your boss was going through. Im sure you would react
differently. I have had something like this happen to me before. I
did something for someone and the next day they saw me and
walked up to me and gave me a letter. It was a suicide note they
had written with some extra stuff at the bottom. At the bottom it
said I wrote this yesterday. I had the gun by the side of my bed
loaded and waiting for me when I got home. After what you did
for me, I decided not to do it. I decided I would give life one
more chance. I had no idea. I was completely shocked. This was
9 years ago; we were 16. Im glad to say that she is happily
married now and loving life.


&name=DLFE-636.pdf, accessed September 2013

The way we see the world is so important, and the way

we see the world is going to be heavily influenced by how we see
ourselves. Often times we have a very incomplete picture of
ourselves and also a very jaded, incomplete picture of the world.
First let us do all we can to control ourselves and be intentional
about who we are ever progressing and becoming better each
day. Then we can move on to the world outside of us. How can
we give what we dont have? How can we communicate what we
dont know? How can we truly help others if we cant help
Im going to move back to that puzzle analogy for a
minute here. There some things about this puzzle that are much
different from a normal puzzle. We are going to focus on the
puzzle of ourselves for now. Like I said before this puzzle is
infinite with no edges. We can develop ourselves to any degree
we would like in any way. Also, there are pieces that fit more
than just one piece. Its like we are trying to create a work of art
with our puzzle pieces and the more pieces we flip over (the more
things we are aware of), the more options we have regarding how
we want our puzzle to look and function. As we start to put pieces
together they are making new shapes, new colors, new meanings,
new designs and so on. And so our perspective will change as we
begin to integrate our pieces together. We will realize the pieces
function differently when they are together and it changes the
way we see the whole puzzle and the way we want to move
forward. This is how pretty much everything we know of works.
Take your body for instance. Your fingers have a function of their
own and yet when you attach the fingers to a hand the functions
become much more complex. You cannot really grab or hold
something with one finger not attached to a hand and yet when
all the fingers are integrated together and attached to a central
core they can accomplish astounding things. The fingers may
seem insignificant when they are isolated; they may seem weak
and in truth they are very weak and fragile by themselves, but so

powerful when they work together. Think about the

implications? Think about the parts of your body isolated, and
then integrated (if you want to see some of the extent of what the
human body is capable of when the parts are integrated, do some
research on the martial arts of Shaolin Monks). Then think of
integrated body in combination with someone elses, and then
with a group, and then the world. Wow right? What could we
accomplish? Now think of the isolated parts of your mind like
weak fingers now integrated into one powerful working unit.
Now imagine 2 minds, now a group, now the world working
together? What about your spirit, which holds ALL of the power
that your mind and body use think of it isolated, now
integrated with someone elses, now a group, now a global
spiritual consciousness. The possibilities are truly endless.
We have not come close to tapping into the infinite
power within ourselves. We have a long way to go, but the
journey of a 10,000 miles starts with one step, and truly, one
step at a time is not too difficult. I will persist until I
How you move forward from this point is going to hinge
on your interpretation what this book is implying. How you
interpret this book is going to be based your perspective of the
information. Your perspective is influenced by your desires and
how can you desire something that you are unaware of? The
more you continue to expand your awareness and consciousness
and develop your core and your foundation, the more life will
seem to have to offer. The first step is to become aware. I cannot
stress this enough. If you are not aware of something then not
only does it have to the potential ability to control you without
you knowing, but also you are not able to consciously interact
with it in any way.

Differentiation vs. Integration.

The imagery of the puzzle illustrates our need to become

aware of what is going on around us. If you really understand
what I was saying about that youll know that this is a very
profound concept. We have to become aware of our parts or
ingredients so that we can then make decisions about who we
want to be and what we want to accomplish.
If you are going to make food you dont just close your
eyes and throw a bunch of stuff into a pot; you choose each
ingredient based on how it tastes, texture, color, etc. And then
you integrate them together in a specific way for a desired effect
and flavor. You differentiate between the ingredients, and then
you integrate them. If youre a chemist and youre going to
synthesize a chemical of any kind, you wouldnt just start
grabbing chemicals and putting them in flasks and then throw
them onto Bunsen burners. You would study each chemical that
you are using very carefully and then very carefully put them
together in a specific order according to each chemicals
individual quantitative properties and tendencies to react with
other chemicals. You would differentiate between the chemicals
making sure to understand their individual properties, and then
integrate them. If you are a musician, you dont just sit down at
the piano and randomly start banging keys. You first understand
each not individually and what it sounds like by itself. Then you
learn how to each note interacts with the other notes by learning
chords and scales. You then learn things like rhythm and
syncopation and the different feelings and undertones created by
pauses, tempo, and the volume of the notes played, etc. Then you
can create a masterpiece that is 100% original based on these
things that you have learned. You first learn to differentiate
between the notes, and then you integrate them to make music.
Can you see? Can you see how this process is in
everything? I could go on and on and on and on. You will

struggle to find anything that does follow this pattern as far as

learning or progressing goes. And to bring it full circle to the
importance of becoming aware, what if you only knew of one
scale? Or just one octave? Awareness, awareness, awareness.
This process never stops. If we continue with the music
example, first you learn to differentiate between the notes. Then
you can integrate them to make chords. Then once you make
chords, you have to learn to differentiate between the types of
chords! Once you integrate individual parts, they usually take on
a whole new function that can be treated as a whole by itself. This
process works with non-physical things the same way. If you are
very a patient person, but you lack passion, most likely you will
get things done over time, but waste a lot time because of a lack
of motivation. If you are a very passionate, fiery person but you
lack patience, you will most likely start a lot of things but hardly
ever finish them because you lack the patience to see it through.
Now imagine the power of being extremely passionate, and
extremely patient. The effect of these two things together is
infinitely more powerful then the principles individually. First
you develop and understand passion, then you learn to be
patient, and then you integrate the two (there is no reason for
passion coming before patience this time, the order is incidental
here. I only make that distinction because the further we get into
the book, the more sequencing is going to come into play and
become more and more important).
Just think if your physical heart was only one of the two,
either passionate or patient. It could either beat really steady but
never increase its rate or beat really sporadically with no real
control over when and where. Sounds really terrible to have one
or the other right? Oddly enough we think this way about who we
are often. We seem to choose one thing or the other when we can
have both. I cannot even tell you how much I hear people say,
Im just not a patient person. We have become very used

blaming in our society, especially because of how people view

genetics and core personality traits. We have taken our own
ability away from ourselves to choose who we want to be by
choosing to stop believing that it is possible to choose. Im sure
most of you know someone (if not yourself) who constantly says
things like that Im just not patient ok! or Thats just the way
I am! Dont try to change me! This is just a way for people to
relieve themselves of personal responsibility for their own
shortcomings. When it is worded like that it is hard to reply to in
a constructive way simply because the structure of the wording
already implies that they have no desire to change, and/or they
believe that they cant. It is unlikely that you will ever hear
someone say, When I have an opportunity to be patient, I
choose not to because I have no desire to progress or become any
better than I am in this life. Im quite happy remaining stagnant
and becoming irritated when things dont happen right when I
want them to. When its put like this it just seems ridiculous, but
behind that defensive statement of Im just not a patient
person! are the undertones of a child who seeks to pass off the
responsibility of who they choose to be and what they choose to
do. I hope you understand that if youre someone who struggles
with being patient, Im not trying to insult you by calling you a
child, but I am simply telling it exactly as it is. There is nothing
wrong with being where you are and desiring to become better. It
is being aware of your impatience and making excuses for it that
is the problem. It your pride and ego that would make you
offended at such a statement because you feel as though by me
using the analogy of a child that Im somehow putting myself on
a pedestal and challenging who you are as a person. I am not
trying to put myself on a pedestal, but I am trying to challenge
who are you becoming every day and who you want to be.

Where is the power?

After all of that craziness happened when I was 15, I

found myself thrust into the ruthless system of social services. At
that time in my life I wanted to be anywhere but home so I wasnt
too upset about it, but it did come with its downfalls. One of
those downfalls was the endless testing that they put me through.
I took several 400 to 500-question personality tests; I was
interviewed by psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors,
therapists, and doctors of all kinds. I was literally followed by
someone who would document everything I would do and say. I
felt like I had turned into a number or a lab rat rather than a
human being. While all of this was happening I did get to take
one test that was quite interesting to me at least the results
were interesting. I took an IQ test. After sitting in a waiting room
for a while the doctor who administered the test came out with a
silly smile on his face. I wasnt really impressed by anything that
was going on being that I was still violently depressed and didnt
really enjoy being ran around the system. He came up to me and
my mother and said, Wellyoure smarter than me! As a 16
year old at the time that was nice to hear an adult say, but what
followed was even more shocking. He said, Youre in the top 5
percentile in the world. Which means that your mental capacity
is superior to 95% of the people you encounter in your life.
Anything that you could possibly think of doing on this earth,
you can do it. You truly have no limits. 13 I thought this was
pretty interesting. I had an inkling when I was younger that I was
smart but not that smart. They soon turned it against me though.
After I got the test they told me that because of my intelligence
13 An interesting little fact is that nearly all young children test out at

genius level, but they all tend to lose their abilities and mental capacity as
they grow older. I believe that there reasons that can be overcome. When I
think of IQ percentages I think that I have unlocked more potential than
95% of the people in the world, but I do NOT believe I have something that
95% of people dont. I think its merely a matter of taking the time to learn
to release the unlimited potential we all contain. Also, the IQ test is very
one dimensional and only accounts for a couple types of intelligence. Not
everyones intelligence has to manifest in the same way. Humor is a type of
intelligence just as much as memory is.

and the way my mind works, that I would never beat my

depression if I didnt take pills for the rest of my life. They
literally told me you will never live a normal life if you dont take
medication. Its just because of how powerful your brain is and
how it works. I was stubborn at the time, but I also believed
strongly in not being on mind-altering pills for my whole life or
EVER for that matter. I always told them I would rather feel the
way I did than not be human. Im really glad I made that decision
at such a young age without fully understanding the implications
of introducing those substances to my brain.
After the day I learned about my IQ it shifted my focus to
my brain and what it was doing all the time. I became very
interested in the power of the machine I possessed because I had
always viewed my mind a bad thing being that it seemed to
endlessly torture me... I couldnt control it. I also realized soon
after that it was going to be very difficult to control. I always had
their words echoing in my head, trying to persuade me to take
the pills to stop the suffering, but I didnt want to dull it, I
wanted to control it. The problem was that I was trying to control
my brain with my brain. I had no concept of my existence beyond
my mental self. I believed that I had a spirit but I thought that
that had nothing to do with what was happening here on earth
and that maybe my spirit would come into play later when I was
dead or something. So I was trapped in this mental matrix, my
self-created, self-sustaining prison.
What was I missing? I was used to the idea of a particlebased universe like atoms and molecules and what seemed like
a very simple 2+2 equation for me was somehow so befuddling
though. By the time I was about 21 I started asking more and
more profound questions about what this existence was
composed of. As I freed myself more and more from the mental
constraints of the religion that I had bound myself to I started to
see more and more and I allowed my eyes to be opened by

everything that was happening around me. What exactly is an

atom? What holds atoms together? Why are atoms 99.9999%
empty space? Doesnt that mean that everything that we see is
pretty much made up entirely empty space? What does that
mean! And I was finding more and more scientific literature like
"All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which
brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most
minute solar systems of an atom together. We must assume
behind this force is the existence of a conscious and intelligent
mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.- Max Planck14
It seemed to make sense. All atoms are held together by a force.
So the force must be more real than the atom itself because the
atom ceases to exist without the force, but that doesnt go both
ways. So what is this force? Is this what we call God? Thats a
good question. For a long time I had considered the power that
affected my life to be contained within the mind, and I failed to
acknowledge the power source that was powering my mind. This
consciousness that sits behind the mind observing and making
decisions is extraordinarily powerful. Your brain is receiving
power and instruction from this consciousness.
Right now I want you raise up your right arm. Now look
at it. What is holding it in place? Is it not simply your intent for it
to be there? Your intention can overcome the force gravity and
move a physical object. The mind sends the signal to the arm yes,
but your intention is what told your mind to send the signal. This
entity, energy, force, or consciousness is what makes us who we
are. This is what makes us human. Our humanity and divinity
are hand-in-hand with our ability to make choices. Even that
14 Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck, (April 23, 1858 October 4, 1947) was a

German theoretical physicist who originated quantum theory, which won

him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918

energy by itself has its own properties and characteristics just

like your mind and body do. Every single thing in the known
universe emits a frequency of some sort. It vibrates. It moves,
and as it moves, it sends out a signal to everything around it so
that other parts of reality to can interact with it. We are most
familiar with this occurrence through our heartbeat. Both the
expanding and contracting are necessary; they are the yin and
yang, the projecting and receiving, the masculine and the
feminine. They are both necessary for the balance of the system.
If you were to look at a heart monitor you would see this wave
function. You can see clearly where the heart beats and where the
heart fills with blood again. I want you to keep this picture in
your mind as we continue.
So lets think about the energy that we would call your
intention or your consciousness. Im not going to say that this
energy itself can be measured (although perhaps one day)
because I have not heard of it myself, but its effect on the brain
can be measured very similarly to how a heart beat is measured.
We currently measure most of our conscious experience of this
life right now in terms of brainwaves and what is happening in
our brain. While this is missing a big part of who we are, it is an
awesome start to begin to understand some things about the
energy that really composes us. Right now, scientifically, we are
still looking at the branches, but every day we are trying to get
closer to the root. Your brain has a heartbeat of sorts like your
heart does. It pulses a signal that is constantly picking up and
relaying information. We have identified 4 main types of waves
that the brain emits, which are delta waves (0-4Hz), theta
waves (4-7Hz), alpha waves (7-13Hz), and beta waves (1340Hz). There are different states of consciousness associated
with each of these types of waves. Delta waves are associated
with deep sleep, healing and rejuvenation. Theta waves are
associated insight, intuition, inspiration, and a deep state of
relaxation. Alpha waves are associated with a peaceful state,

where real learning occurs, and a state of well being; many times
when we see someone gazing off in the distance and you have a
hard time getting their attention we would say they are in the
alpha state (that should give you a clue as to where we are on the
scale). Beta waves are associated with wakefulness and alertness,
but it is also associated with stress and worry. In our adult
waking lives most of us spend the majority of time in the beta
state. Just because this state of consciousness can be associated
with stress and worry doesnt mean that it has to. Remember that
nothing is inherently bad; it has only to do with how we choose
to use it. When we are in more relaxed state it is easier for the
energy to flow within us because we are not interfering with it by
imposing our own thought frequencies and emotional
frequencies upon the situation. We are simply letting things
come as they come and letting our spirits communicate freely
you could say.
There are huge benefits to the higher vibrational states
too. Just because people tend to get worried or stressed doesnt
mean that its a bad thing. Owning a company can be very
stressful because there is a lot of responsibility and if someone
cannot handle the responsibility it will show. Being in a higher
vibrational state can be equated to owning a large company. You
may have a lot of power that comes along with it, but if you dont
know how to handle it, then it becomes bad for everyone
including yourself. Think about the times when your brain might
be really excited. Your pupils dilate, you start sweating, and
everything seems to slow down, but why is this? If you look at the
diagram you can see whats going on a little bit. When youre
making decisions out of love, you tend to have a healthier energy
flow than you would if you were making decisions out of fear. In
a love state of mind you are more relaxed and your mind is
working efficiently and smoothly allowing for accurate
processing of information. In a fear state your mind is like a
maze and in a love state your mind is like river flowing free.

It is
like an athlete
preforming in
an event; you
may hear their
coach yelling
form the
Remember its
just like we
Your ability to function with efficiency and perceive information
accurately is dramatically altered in a fear state of mind both
physiologically and mentally. If information is coming at you
(illustrated by the blue line in the diagram) and you are
operating on a fear frequency then you arent getting very much
of the information that is actually happening because your brain
is fragmenting itself or blinking in a sense. The information
that you are getting seems much more dramatic and potent in
your fear mentality as well because each dot of information we
perceive holds more weight, which makes it much easier to blow
things out perspective. When you are operating in a love
consciousness the vibrations are much higher and free flowing
and you are experiencing a lot more of what is actually going
because your cells are not in protection or fear mode. There is
an open exchange of information. In regards to this phenomenon
on a cellular level Dr. Bruce Lipton explains that Redistributing
energy reserves to fuel the protection response inevitably
results in a curtailment of growth, further expanding on this
process within the body he says,
In addition to diverting energy to support the
tissues and organs needed for the protection response,
there is an additional reason why growth is inhibited.

Growth processes require an open exchange between

an organism and its environment. For example food is
taken in and waste products are excreted. However,
protection requires a closing down of the system to
wall the organism off form the perceived threat.
Inhibiting growth processes is also debilitating in that
growth is a process that not only expends energy but is
also required to produce energy. Consequently, a
sustained protection response inhibits the creation of
life sustaining energy. The longer you stay in
protection, the more you compromise your growth. In
fact you can shut down growth processes so
completely that it becomes a truism that you can be
scared to death15.
This is how our understanding of this actually is right
now; Im not making this up for illustration sake (The
understanding has to do with higher and lower vibrational states
not necessarily love and fear vibrational states although there is
information and research that suggests there is a direct
correlation between our vibrational state in relation to love and
fear). When we are in a fear mind state the blood flow is actually
constricted in our prefrontal cortex, which is our center for
conscious reasoning and the blood flow is redirected to the
hindbrain where our reflexes dominate. When you are in an
emergency state your vibration can also get very high cause this
time slowing effect also. There still a huge difference between
love and fear. Love and fear are simply a matter of perspective
(as you will see with many things I talk about). The only absolute
as far as love is concerned is the source of all love. All of our
attempts will always come up somewhat short, but if we choose,
they will always be getting closer and closer to true, pure love.


The biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton pg. 146-147

The oscillation of the frequency wave is very important

to note as well. This is how we achieve balance. Where there is
balance there is often oscillation. Think about some things that
require balance. When you ride a bike to you go in a perfectly
straight line? Probably not. If you look down at the ground when
you are biking and pat attention you will realize that you are
shifting (oscillating) back and forth even though your intention is
to go forward in a straight line. When people sing they often
vibrato; they oscillate slightly on either side of the note they are
attempting to sing to achieve balance and color. Have you ever
seen someone standing on stilts? They usually dont just stand
still; you will see them pick their feet up back and forth to stay
standing in one spot. What about a unicycle? If they want to stay
in one spot they will rock the unicycle back and forth to stay
there. Oscillation to achieve balance is a very important principle
because each part of the oscillation achieves a very specific affect
that is useful to amplify the other part of the oscillation or the
other effect. For example, when you meditate, that is one end of
an oscillation, and when you go out into your day-to-day life, that
is the other end. The meditation being the part where you are
differentiating and becoming aware of things, and your dayto-day life is the part where you are integrating and using those
things that you have become aware of. This oscillation is also
seen in our heartbeat, in the expanding and contracting of our
lungs, the alternating of the feet when walking and so on. If you
pay attention you will see it everywhere. This is the yin and the
yang, the masculine and the feminine, the push and the pull, the
differentiation and the integration. They are both vitally
important and powerful when they are understood and our
ability to facilitate this process within ourselves will be in direct
correlation to whether or not we are in a love or a fear state of
What is the difference between love and fear? Remember
that it has little to do with the content, but has much more to do

with the structure. In other words, it has little to with the

thought, word, or action, but has only to do with why; it has to do
with the motivation. It might seem silly to ask what the
difference is between love and fear, but that is only because there
is such a distinct difference between the way they feel, but they
can seem very similar in motivation. When you look into your life
and try to start distinguishing between your actions that are love
motivated and you actions that are fear motivated you will
probably find that it is not that easy to do. You will probably
mistake many of your fear-based actions for love-based actions.
This is especially easy to do as a parent. Heres where this gets
interesting. Love is the desire to connect or the feeling of
connection. If you love something, you have made that
something a part of you. Love is simply connectedness at
whatever level it may be. Fear is isolation. More specifically, fear
is an attempt to isolate for lack of greater perspective.
Love is relaxed, open, optimistic, and full of faith. Fear is very
tense, close-minded, full of doubt and pessimistic skepticism.
The funny thing about fear is that it is motivated by love! This is
why is it often very difficult to tell which is our motivation. Love
is pure when there is no fear to contaminate it.
Think about fear. If someone throws a punch at you and
you were to flinch people who were observing could say that you
flinched because you were afraid. But could it also be said that
you flinched because you love your body and you dont want it to
get hurt? You fear response was motivated by a love for your
body. You can see how this can get confusing very fast. It is
obviously going to be very easy when talking about love vs. fear
in relation to physical pain. But follow the trends carefully as we
talk about this because youre going to see similar reactions and
patterns in the mind and the spirit. What happens when you
flinch? Most likely you will blink, which will blind you to what is
happening. Your body will tense up which actually makes it
much easier for you to get hurt. If you try to karate chop a rope in

half what would happen? Thats right nothing! Yet a board can
be easily broken. You cannot break something that is relaxed and
malleable, but something stiff and unwilling to compromise its
structure can be broken when enough force is applied. When
drunk drivers get into car accidents, statistically they are very,
very rarely killed and also rarely even seriously injured. This is
because their entire body is so relaxed and they do not fear the
pain. Remember to follow the trends carefully; trend number 1 is
that it is my fear of pain that hurts me. It is the fear of the
impending pain that causes you more pain. It also usually causes
the pain to turn from pain that could possibly just strengthen you
and teach you something into pain that is traumatizing that you
then have spend a lot of time recovering from and creates
patterns within ourselves that threaten to rob our ability to make
Just as your physical response to fear can paralyze you
physically, your mental response to fear can paralyze you
mentally. Do you enjoy public speaking? Most people hate it. As
a matter of fact, most psychologists have documented that most
people fear public speaking more than death! That is really
extreme. But think about a situation where you have had to do
some public speaking or maybe you know someone who has had
to do it. A lot times if the person is not experienced they will have
shaking, sweaty hands, they will avoid eye contact, their knees
will knock and sometimes they completely forget everything they
were going to say. This is paralysis of the mind by fear. The fear
can become so potent that you actually cannot recall information
that you know very well. This is what happens to some very
smart people who claim to be bad test takers (a sign that they
may attribute their knowledge to part of their identity). When the
pressure is on and they are afraid to get a bad grade, the fear can
paralyze them and stop them from recalling information that
they know very well.

So how is it that we can alleviate and eradicate our fears?

First you must become aware of them. This all comes full circle
again to awareness. Pay attention to the things that you do and
how they make you feel. Pay close attention to the things you do
that seem compulsive or habitual. Those are good places to start.
You can eradicate fear with faith, preparation, knowledge, or by
facing them. If you had a fear of heights and you were going to a
theme park the next day where you know your friend is going to
try to get you to go on the biggest roller coaster there, there are a
few things you could you do if you wanted to conquer your fear.
You could have faith that nothing bad is going to happen to you,
you could prepare yourself mentally and emotionally so that you
dont freak out when youre actually there. You could simply
consider the knowledge that no one has ever been hurt or injured
at all on the ride, or you could just choose to face down your fear
whether youre scared or not, which is something you would
want to end up doing anyway. Once someone faces down a fear it
happens quite often that they are not afraid of that thing
anymore. Whatever thoughts and emotions that were attached to
that fear somehow seem so irrational all of a sudden. Many times
people who are afraid of heights (like I was) go on roller coasters
and then end up loving them! (Like I do). The thing is, if
someone were to go on a roller coaster and get severely injured
somehow, they may never go near one again. Those types of
things are often very traumatizing.
This type of thing happens in relationships a lot. People
decide to be in a relationship, they fall in love, they break up, and
then it becomes much harder to make yourself emotionally
available the next time the opportunity to love and be in a
relationship arises. When we have those fears and we dont face
them down, but decide to go into a relationship anyways (out of a
sense of loneliness, or a deep yearning for companionship), we
will carry those fears into it and often watch the scars of past
relationships wreak havoc on new ones. When we bring those

fears into our relationships we commonly refer to that as

baggage. Most people understand what that is so Im not going
to explain. You see this example is much more complicated than
the roller coaster thing and often cannot be solved by just one
bold decision to hop on the roller coaster. In this situation you
would need to dig deep into yourself to find the fears, eradicate
them, and then reprogram that part of your brain and form new
habits. The reason that I use such simple examples is that the
structure of fear is the same, but the content is interchangeable.
So if you understand a very simple structure of fear, like a fear of
heights and how to get rid of that. Then you will start to
understand very complex structures of fear like the fear of
loneliness or the fear of death. The structure of fear just repeats
itself over and over again using the same basic building blocks,
like molecules that are composed of individual atoms. In a book
called The Unknown Leonardo it says, Even the inexhaustible
forms of nature are only the infinite variations of a basic
equation. I want you to consider this quote very carefully
because Im going to reference this often. So if you can recognize
the basic structure of anything (in this case fear), you can
recognize and understand all of its infinite variations.
Think of the highest number you can possibly think of,
even think of an infinite number like Pi or Phi; is it not just an
infinite variation of the same 10 numbers? There is a quote on
the Internet and I cant find the author (credit where credit is
due), but it is regarding the number Pi and it goes a little
something like this:
Pi is an infinite, nonrepeating decimal, mean
that every possible number combination exists
somewhere in Pi. Converted into ASCII text, somewhere
in that infinite string of digits is the name of every
person you will ever love, the date, time, and manner of
your death, and the answers to all of the great questions
of the universe. Converted into a bitmap, somewhere in

that infinite string of digits is a pixel-perfect

representation of the first thing you saw on this earth,
the last thing you will see before you your life leaves
you, and all the moments, momentous and mundane,
that will occur between those two points. All
information that has ever existed or will ever exist, the
DNA of every being in the universe. EVERYTHING: All
contained in the ratio of a circumference and a
This has some astounding implications and well really
start to dive into them later, but for now I want you to
understand how we are using this type of understanding to
understand ourselves. When we understand the basic equations,
the basic structures, we can then put any content we want into
the equation or structure and then understand the content. So we
are first digging into ourselves to understand the basic structures
of ourselves so that we then can understand everything else.
So lets keep dissecting this. Remember that fear is an
attempt to isolate for lack of greater perspective. But
why do we attempt to isolate? Why does fear make us want to do
that? Well remember that fear is motivated out of smaller sense
of love for something else, so our fear response is always an
attempt to protect something. Lets look at something very
common. Religion. Keep in mind that what Im about to say is
not intended to badmouth any religious beliefs, but rather to
perhaps offer some perspective. Growing up with a primarily
Christian family and spending a lot of time in church I saw
something that always really bothered me from a very young age.
They seemed very scared of people asking difficult questions and
especially scared if someone wanted to search for answers
anywhere outside of the church for fear that Satan or the world
would corrupt them. They are attempting to isolate your mind, in
an attempt to protect it from what they perceive to be the devil or

Satan, who is allegedly attempting to corrupt it. It is true that the

world can be dangerous and has the potential to make you jaded
and ultimately over take you if you let it, but if you never leave
the nest, you never fly. What causes this fear? Many people who
profess to be Christian (not all of course) had some type of
Christianity in their background and their parents and parents
parents were Christians and it kind of just moved down the line.
It becomes very deeply imbedded into a persons sense of
identity and are very afraid of losing that sense of identity
because without it, who are they?
Religion is a means by which many people attempt to
alleviate the most widespread fear among humanity, which is a
fear of death. Most all religions offer some sort of solution for the
daunting question of what happens after you die and assures its
followers that it only gets better from here. This is a source of
peace for many people around the world a sense of peace that
we all desperately search for whether we are aware of it or not.
So when someone in a church says, I want answers and I want
to search for them elsewhere this just isnt working for me,
there is usually a dramatic fear response (there certainly has
been for me in my friends and family) because they are genuinely
concerned about the well being of your soul. This is fear a love
that lacks greater perspective. As much as they would like to
assure me that what they believe is true, they cannot get away
from the fact they choose to believe it and that they dont really
know. Choosing to believe something is ultimately what makes
us human and I have absolutely no problem with that. It is much
more noble than many things you could choose to have faith in.
But again, it all comes down to faith and not everyone will
believe the same thing.
Interestingly enough, remember that faith is one the
tools that we use to alleviate fears. So am I saying that this faith
is bad somehow because it is attached to a religion? Absolutely
not. If you think that I am saying that, then you have missed the

point. I am outlining a common mental process to illustrate the

more complex functions of fear and how easy it is to mistake for
pure love. It is easy to see from the outside in, but very difficult
to see from the inside out. Fear has long been programmed into
religions as a means of control so it will be easy to see in the
habits and structures of the thinking if you look close enough,
and can back away far enough to see. This fear goes all the way
back to the Roman Catholic church, when the priests were the
only ones allowed to own, read, and translate the Bible for fear
that its message would be corrupted by the commoners. It goes
even further back to the Pharisees and Sadducees of Biblical
times who used their understanding of the Biblical text to control
the people. We see these same types of fear and control tactics
used in ideas like Patriotism. Dont get confused. Just because
you love where youre from, doesnt mean you have to hate,
dislike, or be prejudice towards anyone else. Patriotism is a love
for your country that lacks the greater perspective of a love for
all of human kind. Truly we are all patriots of the earth, and even
more so, the universe. We all breathe the same air and we all
bleed red. It is very important to recognize to this pattern of fear
to isolate. When you can see it then you also see how ridiculous it
is. We are all connected whether we acknowledge it or not.
Remember that love connects, fear isolates.
If you are paying close attention something that you may
notice is that fear and love are not absolutes. They are relative.
You can only love to the degree that you do not fear and you can
only fear to the degree that you do not love. It is like light and
darkness. Darkness can only exist to the degree that there is not
light. It cannot be any other way. So it is with love and fear. What
is it that allows us to love then? How can we increase our
capacity to love? How can we turn on more lights to alleviate
the darkness of fear within us? This might sound a little strange
at first, but it is knowledge. Knowledge is synonymous with

awareness. And again here we are back to square one of

awareness, but let me explain.
Lets say that you lived in a second story apartment
building. Every morning you woke and made yourself some
coffee before work and enjoyed it on the balcony. For some
reason you never finished the last part of the coffee and you
threw it over the balcony. You lived there for some time and
continued to do this. One day you get a knock on your door from
your neighbor that lives below you. They are very upset that you
have been throwing your coffee onto them every morning. Of
course you had no idea but at this point that doesnt change the
fact that they are upset. See you were unaware that you were
doing it, and they are unaware that you were unaware. There is a
double blindness going on here that complicates things. The
question is, would you still have done it if you knew that you
were throwing coffee on your neighbor and making them upset?
Most likely not. Knowledge (awareness) gives us choices to
connect to something. Once we have the ability to connect to
something, we have the ability to love something. What if when
you moved in to that apartment you told yourself that you are
going to do everything you can to love your neighbors the best
you can. Is throwing coffee on your neighbor a good way to love
them? Of course not. But you were unaware so how could you
have loved them in that way? Our awareness sets the cap on our
ability to love anything.
If you loved someone and you never did anything to
show them or communicate to them that you loved them, have
you truly loved them? A great man named Billy Joe Daugherty
spoke what I still consider to be the best quote I have ever heard
regarding communication and that was this, Communication
doesnt mean that you said it, it means that they got it. This
is the true meaning of communication. If we are attempting to
communicate love and they dont feel it or get it, it is our

responsibility to figure out a way to communicate it effectively.

So communication can take many forms. Love is meant to be
communicated and it is difficult to say that you truly loved
anyone if you never communicated it to them somehow. This
means that loving (connecting to) people is going to look
different for each person because not everyone communicates
the same. We have to meet the person where they are. And how
can we love someone in a way if we are unaware of how to do
that? Why would you try to sponsor a child if you were unaware
that they were starving? Why would you get up in the middle of
the night to feed the kid if you were unaware that they were
crying and hungry? How could you possibly do anything help or
love someone if were unaware of the person, or unaware of the
problem? Can you see?
So the more we expand our awareness, knowledge, or
perspective whether it is logical or experiential, the more ability
we have to love. Our capacity to love is directly limited to
our awareness and knowledge, and fittingly, our capacity
to experience pleasure or happiness in this life is directly limited
to our capacity to love.
It is very important to realize that the more you expand
your knowledge, the more choices you have, but also the more
responsibility you have. Once you become aware of something,
and your heart tells you to do something, you then have the
important choice to either follow your heart, or let your mind
and fear get the best of you. If you see someone in a wheelchair
rolling themselves up a hill and you have a feeling to go and help
them and you dont, there is a series of justifications that your
brain will usually come up with as to why you shouldnt do it
They probably dont want help or they are almost up the hill
anyways or I dont have time (which is the most ridiculous
excuse we make up for anything). Do you remember our lie tree?
These thoughts that your brain uses as a justification to betray

your heart are seeds and they will take root if you allow them to
and slowly start changing you into a person that you never
wanted to be. Its not really popular anymore to listen to your
heart in our logic driven society. Its just something that parents
seem to tell small children now, of course until they are old
enough to be an adult. Our hearts contain wisdom that our
brains cannot understand. I dont think we should be ignoring
By now you should be gaining a sense that you have
more control over your life and yourself than you may have
previously thought you did. We have been long taught that so
many things are set in place and we have coined phrases like
thats just the way it is to solidify this way of thinking within us.
Its just ridiculous though! Everything is changing constantly!
Even science is really starting to understand how much our
minds and consciousness effect the physical world around us.
Quantum physics is the pioneer and beacon of light in this type
of thinking right how, but even Ph.D. Cell Biologist Bruce Lipton
When we cross that line and truly understand the New
Biology, we will no longer fractiously debate the role of
nurture and nature, because we will realize that the
fully conscious mind trumps both nature and nurture.
And I believe we will also experience as profound a
paradigmatic change to humanity as when a roundworld reality was introduced to a flat world
How can we be so comfortable telling ourselves thats
just the way it is when it is clearly not true? If you choose to
think like that, then you are taking the power out of your own


Dr. Bruce Lipton "The Biology of Belief" pg.29

hands to make your life go in the direction you want it to go. If

you choose to live like that you will only experience happiness
and peace when life chooses to give it to you instead of carrying
those things within you. Why would you want to do that? Im
telling you right now that that is NOT how its supposed to be and
you can be happy and be at peace no matter what is happening
around you. This is something that true spiritual leaders have
been trying to teach us for what seems like an eternity. Do they
not all tell you to find or acquire this thing within you and then
share it with others? The kingdom of heaven is within,
Enlightenment is within, You can know a peace that passes all
understanding and then once you have this thing they all
instruct you to go out and share it. It is very difficult to share
something that you dont know you have.
One thing that is going to remain constant throughout
your life is that you are going to be with yourself. I think its time
that we start taking responsibility for ourselves and choosing
who we want to be instead of making excuses.

Its all energy. Its all info. Its all both.

As we continue to realize how potent our role is in the
reality we experience, things should start to look a little different.
Everything that we are examining about ourselves and the world
around has a common thread running through it and that is that
everything that exists is made of energy of some sort. Energy
composes everything in the known universe. Everything though?
Really? Yes everything even thought. It may seem odd at first
that not only is the book youre reading is made of energy, but
also the thought youre having about the book are energy. What
about this awareness we keep talking about? Is that energy?
Absolutely. This awareness, or our spirits are a higher form of
energy than the electrical signals that fire in our brains. Thats

why we can control our brains; just like the electrical signals that
fire in our brains is a higher form of energy than the energy
that composes our bodies and so our brains control our bodies.
Its a hierarchy. Each part is playing a vital role that cannot be
replaced by the other parts.
So if we are controlling what is happening in our brains
or learning to, what are we trying to accomplish? I keep talking
about this awareness. We are directing our minds and bodies and
continually using them to become aware of different types of
things. The body responds to different set of frequencies than the
mind, and similarly the spirit responds to a different set of
frequencies than both the mind and body. We are navigating
these flesh vehicles throughout time and space acquiring
information and experiencing reality and the universe. Is not
everything that we come into contact with a form of energy
though? Is it not also some kind of information that your brain
attempts to interpret? In book called The Hearts Code by
Ph.D. Paul Pearsall he says, Information and energy are the
same thing. Everything that exists has energy, energy is full of
information, and stored info-energy is what makes up cellular
memories. In the book Dr. Pearsall goes into detail about the
hearts capacity for memory and how memory is stored in cells
and specifically heart cells. Its just information its all just
energy. He also says, What we call mind, consciousness, or our
intentions are really just manifestations of information
containing energy. Is this not true? When we speak, are our
words not just a manifestation of information-energy in our
minds that are transmuted into audible tones that can then be
interpreted by other people? We speak so much that maybe we
havent thought about how odd it is that we can literally implant
our thoughts into other peoples minds by creating tones that
vibrate their eardrums in a way that allow them to know what is
happening in our minds. Those sound vibrations carry
information that someone can interpret if they have the key. Isnt

that amazing? But we dont take a lot of time to stop and smell
those roses as the expression goes so we have allowed life to lose
its luster, but it was Ralph Waldo Emerson who said, One
moment of mans life is so stupendous as to take the luster out of
all fiction., and I agree. Every moment can be wondrous.
It seems that we are all running around receiving,
interpreting, and projecting information, but also as we integrate
the information we are receiving we are creating new
information every second that is specific to our interpretation.
We are all constantly co-creating our realities. All of this
information-energy is flying around for us to experience
constantly so what are we doing with it? Some people listen to
music, some people make music. Some people create paintings;
some people only look at paintings. Some people build cars, and
some people drive them. In this regard there are two types of
people in the world. There are the people who are like children
who have everything done for them and consume endlessly and
take life how it comes; and there are the people are creating the
reality that the child experiences. I say that we should all be both.
If we are all pursuing happiness and peace in this life, then look
no further than children. If they are not a constant reminder of
how easy it is to be carefree and happy, then I dont know what
is. Remember way back at the beginning when we discussed
either/or thinking? This is one of those times to recognize that
being like a child, and being like an adult can both be done at the
same time; this is not either or. The problem is that there are too
many children in the world, making the adults more and more
powerful (I mean children in the sense that they want everything
done for them without the desire to stand on their own). This is
one of things we see happening with governments as people
continue to demand more and more of their governments as they
unwittingly relinquish their power and freedom to people who do
not know or understand them. We are losing touch with people
and making our connections shallow and transitional. We need
to be conscious of the connections we are making AND not

making, and what kind of info-energy we are contributing to

this info-energy sea that we swim in every day.
Again I used physical examples to illustrate a spiritual
idea that Im trying to communicate. I talk about the people who
make the music, the cars, and the painting that become a huge
part of the reality that we experience here on earth. But what is
more important are the higher vibrations the mental and
spiritual things that we are experiencing and a daily basis. There
are mental and spiritual cars that we are driving and songs
that we are listening to every day and if we are not conscious of
this then we are not playing an active role in how they are
affecting us and other people. When our mental cars break
down, we go to a mechanic (doctor) who tells us all of the things
that are wrong with our cars (minds) and gives us a huge bill
because of work that needs to be done (pills you have to take).
When our spiritual cars break down we go to a mechanic
(religion/church) who tells us all of the things that are wrong
with our cars (spirits/souls) and tells us all the answers and
things we have to do get better and assures us that we will have a
healthy, happy soul that is destined for paradise. No doubt that
in some junctions in our lives these types of people and services
can be very, very helpful if we are working together, but if we rely
on them they become crutch that atrophies our ability to do
anything for ourselves. If we think about it in terms of the
child/adult analogy, we may know someone or know of
someone who never learned to be an adult and they are still
leeching of off their parents and not thinking or acting for
themselves even though they may be in their 20s or older. One
of the reasons why this becomes such a huge problem is that the
energy that the parents could be using to do something else are
being used to take care of a child who should full well be able to
take care of themselves. If this happens on a mass scale, the
problems become much bigger and much harder to fix.

If we dont like our car then we should take the

initiative to build and design a new one. Im not saying that we
should not be trying to work with other people and get their
input and help. The issues arise when you rely solely on them to
do the work for you. Also, it seems that we dont want to take the
time. We dont want to take the time or effort to do anything
nowadays that doesnt involve some type of instant gratification.
If we can start to move away from this type of mentality, we can
begin to accomplish extraordinary things, inside and outside of

Neurogenesis: building ourselves.

As we grow up we go through a process of learning to
make decisions for ourselves. The first thing that we learn to do
as children is to control our bodies. We learn to walk and talk
and control our bowel movements and other simple things like
that. After that we learn to control our thoughts or our mind.
Then we move on to more complex part of the mind as we learn
to control our emotions, which usually extends far into
adulthood. My question is why stop? Every time you reach a
plateau of some sort there is whole new world opened to you as
far as what is possible in your life. This trend does not end. If we
were to continue to develop ourselves mentally, emotionally, and
eventually spiritually the same thing keeps happening: a whole
new world of possibilities opens up. As we move up to the more
and more complex things, it gets harder and harder to do, it
takes more and more time, but the rewards are more and more
incredible. Weve already talked a lot about becoming aware of
our thought patterns and emotions and realizing how we have
been programming ourselves. I think its time to start putting
some things into practice that will help us to make progress in
the direction we want to go.

When I talked about that lie tree a while back, that

example was actually quite literal. The process that takes place in
your brain that is a mirror of our lie tree is called neurogenesis.
Neurogenesis, or the birth of neurons can be defined as the
process by which neurons are generated from neural stem
and progenitor cells17. It was thought for a long time that birth
of new brain cells after a certain age was not possible. According
to the official journal for the Society of Neuroscience this is most
certainly the case. In a 2002 article written by Fred H. Gage on
neurogenesis in the adult brain it is stated, A milestone is
marked in our understanding of the brain with the recent
acceptance, contrary to early dogma, that the adult nervous
system can generate new neurons.18
But even newer science is revealing that we can in fact
create new neurons and neurological pathways in our brains
intentionally. What this means is that even our brain chemistry
is not set in stone. It is merely a template that it is using to
construct a conscious experiences based on our own thoughts,
beliefs, and habits. The brain is supposed to be helping you. But
what tends happen quite often is that it is fighting against you
because you program it to do things unconsciously instead of
consciously and intentionally.
As far
as creating
habits is
concerned you
can think
about it like a
river. The

17 Source: Wikipedia
18, Accessed December


water (the energy) is going to take the path of least resistance.

Energy ALWAYS does this unless it is directed to do otherwise.
So you have the source of the river coming from the top of a
mountain running down. As it flows down it is naturally going to
take easies path down, but imagine that all of the trees on the
mountain represent decisions. The trees that it flows by and to
are going to grow and get bigger and stronger. These trees are
going to become who we are. So when the water flows down a
path once it makes it easier for it flow down that path again
because the water that was there before starts to dig a path into
the earth. The more it does this, the wider and deeper the path
becomes, making it easier and easier to make that decision until
the path is dug so deep that it becomes habit. If the path becomes
deep enough it become reflex and it seems that you cannot even
stop it if you try. The more you let the water run down that path,
the harder it is to stop it from running down that path if you
want to in the
future. The
thing is, this is
your river and
your mountain.
If you know
which trees
decisions) you
want to get
water, you can
go out there
with a shovel
and dig paths to
those trees. This is important to do because different trees
(actions) bear different fruit. Some is useful, some not so much.
What are you doing is creating a structure, or creating habits that
will produce the results in your life that you want to see.

This analogy is an exact mirror image of what happens in

your brain neurologically speaking. There is a river of energy
running through your brain in the form of electrical signals.
When you make a decision, you are taking the shovel and making
a path to that tree, or you are sending an electrical signal through
certain parts of your brain. The first time you make the path is
usually the hardest, but more you send that electrical signal
through those specific synapses in your brain, the easier and
easier it becomes to do it again. This is what is actually
happening in your brain. Now you have an image as to what is
going on when you are forming your habits and even create your
reflexes! You have emotional and mental reflexes the same way
you have physical reflexes. So if we are trying to move from being
a kid to an adult, or more accurately said, if we are trying to live
a life that is more intentional, then we should be playing a
conscious, active role in what pathways we are creating in our
Now as far as neurogenesis is concerned we can use the
same analogy. We have the ability to plant any kind of trees and
plants we want on our mountain (make any decisions we want).
We have previously taken the perspective that when a certain
tree or neuron dies in our brain that it is just dead and thats it.
But now science has discovered that we can plant new trees, or
create/generate new neurons. How? Awareness of course. First
you become aware of the type of tree (thought process, belief,
etc.) and then you have to plant it and take care of it if you want
it to grow (this would be the part where you have to believe, have
faith, and put in the work to cultivate the thought and help it
mature). The cool thing about this is that all of the trees and
plants bear different fruit. It would be no different than planting
a garden. You dont have to plant things in there that you dont
want to. At the same time, some times we are unaware that we
have allowed weeds to start growing, and if we dont pull them
then they will starve out the plants that we want to be growing.

If we get away from the trees and plants for a minute, we

see how relevant this is to every day life. If you plant honesty in
your garden, it will yield certain fruit. If you plant gratitude in
your garden, it will yield certain fruit. If you plant resentment in
your garden, it will also yield its own fruit. There are countless
examples of course. Neurologically speaking, we are literally
creating who are even on a physical level every second of every
day. We are creating neurons, and feeding neurons with energy
with every decision and thought in a way that is measureable
with certain scientific instruments. Our intentions are literally
creating our physical bodies on a cellular level. I think, therefore
I am. Consciousness precedes matter and this is very important
to realize. We will cover this in detail later.
So when we think about what it is were doing to
ourselves as this process is going on in our brains, try to imagine
that you are building something. You are building yourself in this
case; you are also building a structure. If you wanted to be able to
dance really well, you have build your structure or develop your
body in such a way that allows you to perform the tasks that you
are trying to accomplish. How you build, and the components of
what you are building are a very important part of how a
structure will function. If youre building a car, every single part
of the car is playing a different role and giving the car a different
type of ability. A car without wheels is going to lack a very crucial
ability. The same principle applies to the mind. As we are
developing our mental and emotion selves we are making
different components that are going to be able to manifest
different abilities and characteristics. If you choose to develop
something like patience, you will be able to do things that a
person without patience cannot do. If you develop your memory,
you will be able to do things that a person with a poor memory
cannot do. Im sure you can see the trend. In nearly every case,
fear based mental and emotional processes will inhibit your

abilities in some way, while love based thoughts and emotions

will amplify your abilities. This is something that should be easily
recognizable if we remember that love connects, and fear
isolates. When you are connecting through love you are utilizing
the power of mass integration. If you isolate through fear, you
cut off whatever you are isolating so that it only has a limited
power source. This truth is the same, physically, mentally, and

The habit monster

What is a habit? A habit is a manifestation of a subconscious
function. It is all the things you do, say, and think, without
having to consciously think about it. Your habits are the
summation of the things that you have programmed your brain
to do without thinking about it. One definition of the word habit
is an acquired pattern of behavior that often occurs
automatically19 (I wanted to give several definitions so that it is
easier to identify what your own habits are). The word habit is
another way to describe what we have been talking about with
programming our thoughts and emotions. And as you are
starting to see, many processes and principles can be cross
compatible among the 3 dimensions of our existence, it should
not surprise that you can form physical, mental, and spiritual
habits. Habits can be very, very helpful, or detrimentally
damaging to our physical, mental, or spiritual lives. The idea
obviously is to form habits that are going to get you where you
want to get in this life. When you think of your habits you may
think that they seem to be somewhat like pests. Thats because
you often do them subconsciously. You might be asking yourself,
I thought we are trying to do everything consciously? What
gives! Well, you are right. In this case we are trying to form our


Source: Wikipedia

habits consciously. Until we find a way to operate the entirety of

our brains (subconscious, and conscious) at the same time, then
the subconscious and habits are just something that we are going
to have to learn to deal with. The best way I know how to deal
with that right now is consciously form our habits instead of just
allowing them form without playing a conscious role in their
All of that being said, habits are extremely powerful and
useful when formed consciously. If we didnt have a subconscious
to run the programs that we put into our brains we would have
start over every day. That would be like having a computer that
reset every night. You would have to get up every morning and
install all of the programs that you want to run for that day. In
terms of a computer that seems ridiculous, but it seems just as
ridiculous to me that we would have to do that with our brains.
So yes, habits and the subconscious can be very useful. The
problem occurs when we install a program into our brain, it
starts causing problems, and then we dont know how to
uninstall it and reprogram it. This is why awareness is so key. If
we dont realize that a program is destroying our computer, or
making it run at a tenth of the capacity, or breeding viruses, then
why would we attempt to get rid of it? Always, always, ALWAYS
be aware of your habits. Most habits are formed gradually over
time and many times you are not even aware that you formed
In The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino
(which I still HIGHLY recommend if you didnt catch that
before) he talks about us being slaves to our habits, which is true!
When going about trying to be successful in any endeavor he
understands how crucially important it is to form good habits if
you want to be successful. There is an entire chapter on habits,
but one part of that chapter goes a little something like this:

In truth, the only difference between those who have

failed and those who have
succeeded lies in the differences of their habits. Good
habits are the key to all
success. Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure.
Thus, the first law I will obey,
which precedeth all others is I will form good
habits and become their slave.
As a child I was slave to my impulses; now I am slave
to my habits, as are all grown
men. I have surrendered my free will to the years of
accumulated habits and the past
deeds of my life have already marked out a path,
which threatens to imprison my
future. My actions are ruled by appetite, passion,
prejudice, greed, love, fear,
environment, habit, and the worst of these tyrants is
habit. Therefore, if I must be a
slave to habit let me be a slave to good habits. My bad
habits must be destroyed and
new furrows prepared for good seed.
I will form good habits and become their
If the first thing you thought was well I dont want to
become a slave to anything then you completely missed the
point. I understand the negative connotations associated with
the word slave but he is simply painting a mental picture of the
power of habits. It would serve you well to try understand the
deeper meaning of the words instead of getting hung up on the
So how do we go about forming habits? First you should
take some time to think about a very important question that
doesnt get enough attention in our society, and that question is,

who do you want to be? Now Im not talking about what

occupation do you want to have. We often associate our identity
with our occupation, which is very easy to see by how little time it
takes in a conversation for someone to raise the question So
what do you do? But that is not what Im talking about at all. Im
talking about the naked you. Im talking about the you stripped
of your job, your social status, your body, your money, your
country, your degrees, and even your name! Im talking about the
core you. The you that is still there when there is nothing else to
cover it up or distract you. What do you really think about
yourself? Are you who you thought you would be? Do you like
who you are? Do you know who you are? Sometimes life seems to
move so fast that these questions soon become irrelevant to us as
we get lost in the daily hustle and bustle. But we are doing
ourselves a terrible disservice by ignoring that part of us (which
is truly the only part of us that will remain when we leave our
bodies). If your foundation and core will determine how much
progress you can make in any venture, then by ignoring who we
are at our core, we have stifled our abilities to reach and
eventually transcend our goals. Lets not get so distracted by the
important things that we miss the important things. It was
Einstein who said, The important thing, is that we keep the
important thing the important thing. Im going to outline a few
steps that may be helpful for this process. Note that this is not
THE way, it is A way.
Step 1 of forming good habits is to become aware of
who it is that you want to be. If you are not forming your
habits with an idea of who you want to be, that would be like
putting a bunch of software on your computer and having no
idea what it does, or what you want it to do. So choose the habits
that you want to form based on who it is that you want to be. Not
necessarily who you want to be on the surface or job wise, Im
still talking about the naked you. Everything else will work itself

Step 2 is to believe that you can do it! I dont care

how cheesy it sounds, Im telling you right now, that if you dont
think you can do it, you probably wont do it. Forming new habits
is very difficult and breaking old habits is even more difficult. So
if you dont believe you can do it, you wont. In the battle against
bad habits and the journey of creating new habits youre going to
need all the help you can get, so dont chain yourself down with
your own doubt and disbelief. There are plenty enough people in
the world to doubt you and hate on you, dont join the club.
Believing that you can do it can be a reprogramming process all
by itself and for many people it will be. Many people selfsabotage their own progress by choosing to doubt their own
ability. If you have that problem, dont be frustrated; you are
most certainly not alone. Remember that there is nothing that
you cannot accomplish one patient step a time. You might have
to really fight this one though. Many peoples self doubt is very
deeply rooted. Sometimes if you can get rid of that one problem,
everything else will seem to fall into place. I personally believe
that all self-doubt is related to our perceived identities. If we
understood who we really are and WHAT we really are, I dont
think we would ever doubt ourselves again. Dont worry, I will
cover this in explicit detail.
As you do go about trying to believe you can accomplish
your goals, be nice to yourself. Do yourself a huge favor and dont
be afraid to do things gradually, one patient step at a time. Set
small goals for yourself first. You need to be able to see and
understand that you can set goals and accomplish them so dont
set them so high at first that they seem unreachable. You can
have short-term goals to mark progress, and long-term goals to
maintain the passion and inspiration. Remember that this is all a
process and a journey. Enjoy the journey. Dont miss everything
along the way because you are so concerned with the destination.
That is one of the reasons I recommended that as you start

meditating to just do it for 5 minutes at a time at first. Your

doubting brain needs to see and understand that you can set
goals and meet them if you want to! Also, it is better to have a
quality 5 minutes of focused mediation, than an hour of
distracted, unfocused meditation. Im sure youve heard the
phrase Practice makes perfect? Well thats just not true
PERFECT practice makes perfect. Dont get used to doing things
that will set you back because you lack the patience to do things
thoroughly and intentionally. You will just have pay for it later
Step 3 is to create! After you have an idea of who you
want to be, and you believe you can do it, you can then start to
formulate habits that will set you off in the right direction. No
doubt that if you choose to start forming these new habits you
will begin to see results rather quickly if you have your mental
eyes primed to recognize the differences (although that depends
on the habit). As you begin to see results they will probably make
you aware of even more things that you werent aware of before!
Every time you get to the creation step of this awareness, belief,
creation process, you will start to become aware of more things.
It is a cycle. When you create, there are all new possibilities and
the world will start to look and feel differently as you continue to
expand your awareness. It will feel like emerging from the
cocoon, and realizing that you have wings.

Working our new habits into our lifestyle

Subduing old habits and creating new habits can present
itself as a very daunting task. The problem I find that most
people have is that they have this idea that their life is so set in
stone and they are so busy. They think to themselves that not
only do they have to keep doing all the things they have been
doing (work, school, kids, etc.) but now they have to have to add

all of these things on top of it? Now I have to go school, work,

raise, the kids, AND meditate??? And break bad habits? And
make new ones??? Ok when you put it like that, then yes it
sounds really daunting. The key to taking that intimidation
factor away from these changes that you are going to make is
not to add them to your lifestyle, but to integrate them into
your lifestyle. Let me give you an example. Say that you had
goals to lose weight. So you buy yourself a bike. You work a 9 to 5
job days a week, and you have 2 kids. When youre not working,
you seem to be doing something for them. When you have free
time the LAST thing you are thinking about is going for a bike
ride. What if you lived 5 miles from work? Why dont you bike to
work? It may take you 20 minutes to get to work instead of 5, but
you are already going to work. This is an excellent example of
integrating biking into your lifestyle, instead of adding biking to
your lifestyle. Then you can start to think of other things like
taking the stairs every time. Do you eat out a lot? A lot of burgers
and fries and tacos? Replace those things with something
healthier. Drop soda altogether or at least cut back. When you
get home, dont plop in front TV, Play some Wii tennis with the
kids for a minute. Do you see what Im getting at? Im not saying
that these things will be easy to do ( at least not initially), but it is
much easier to do when it is already a part of your day-to-day life
instead of trying to pile it on top. It is like our river analogy for
neurogenesis. The water is going to want to flow down the big
paths that are already etched out (your habits), and if you want
water to flow somewhere different, it going to take some effort.
The smoother the turns in the path (the more gradually you form
your habits) easier it will be to redirect the water. Be patient with
yourself, but be passionate about achieving your goals you can
do both.
The advantages of doing things gradually are far
reaching. The sharper the turn you are trying to make, the more
energy it takes. This is not to say that it is not possible, but doing

things gradually allows you do a couple very important things.

First it allows you be aware of everything that you are doing and
to make sure that you are not missing things or making stupid
absent minded mistakes. In an attempt form a good habit, or
break a bad one, it would be really unfortunate to unwittingly
form another bad habit because you werent paying attention to
what you were doing and being patient. Your lack of attention
and care is what formed your bad habits (each time I say habit
I am referring to physical, mental and spiritual habits) in the
first place, so dont rush. Take special care to understand each
step of what youre doing. Do all that you are doing intentionally
with purpose. Dont worry about the speed. The speed will take
of itself through smoothness and repetition. Secondly it makes
the task much more likely to be accomplished. Making quick
sharp changes are often a recipe for failure and damage. This is
not true every time, but if you want ensure your success it is
much better to do things gradually. Obviously it is much quicker
to do things sharply, but ultimately it seems that you will have to
come back around and do it again because we are human and we
inevitably miss things. If you refer back to the diagram with the
concentric circles (Need to label the diagrams), this is the way
that we should be forming our habits thoroughly, and
Something else that goes hand in hand with gradual is
consistency. What happens if you work out 7 hours 1 day a week?
Not very good right? 1 hour 7 days a week is much better for
many obvious reasons. Maybe you could do it 4 hours a day, for 7
days, one week per month? Perhaps you could eat 15 pounds of
food one day per week instead of having to eat every day? Ok I
know this is ridiculous, but Im sure you get point. This is the
reason why it is so much better to start small and do something
consistently that you know you will be able to do. Start to form
the habits first and then worry about quantity. Of course, quality
trumps quantity but we eventually want both. Im not going to

spend a lot of time talking about this. I just want you to keep this
idea of being consistent in the back of your head. Remember to
be patient with yourself; forming habits takes time and effort.

Do it again, and when youre done, do it again!

If you are going to subdue the habit monster you are
going to need to use one of the most useful tools you can possibly
use and that is repetition. The easiest way to form a habit of
any kind is to do it, do it again, and when youre done do it again
and again! Remember the river we keep talking about. Once you
dig a path for the water to go down it makes it much easier for
the water to flow down that path. The more you dig it out (the
more times you do it) the more the water will flow down that
path without you even trying to do it. Think of how well this
works with your bad habits. Think if you are a smoker; do you
have to remind yourself to smoke? No way! You just do it. As a
matter of fact it become such a big part of your life that you start
plan ahead to include it. You might say, Oh how long will take to
get there? An hour? Ok well let me have a cigarette before we go
if I cant smoke in your car. Even if you didnt want one at that
particular moment your subconscious is very aware of its
addiction/desire and will make a way for it. Addiction should be
avoided at all cost though. Even addiction to a good thing will
eventually become a bad thing. It is simply another way to
relinquish your freedom and your ability to choose. So lets avoid
that. As we are digging these mental ditches or forming
pathways in our minds to form our habits, our repetition is going
to be one of our biggest allies. It is an extremely powerful
principle when forming habits that you just cant afford to ignore
if you are serious about taking control of your habits.
One of the repetitive things that we do most often
without realizing it is in our speech. This is not only the words

you say out loud, but the words that fly around in your head as
well. One of the biggest inhibitors to us trying to new things and
overcoming ourselves is that little voice in your head that says
hey seriously, you cant do that. We repeat these words in our
head and sometimes out loud so much that they pop up all the
time and reaffirm any doubts that we may be having at the
moment. Thus we see the power of words as well. Words can
carry tremendous weight if we allow them to.
One of the most incredible accomplishments (not good)
that the world has ever seen in utilizing words and repetition was
in Nazi Germany. There was an idea, a feeling that Hitler wished
to impart into the people of Germany so he had to come up with
a plan. He came up with propaganda. There were posters, and
rallies, and newspaper articles over and over and over and over
again. He effectively brainwashed an entire country (not every
single person of course) into supporting the slaughter of over 6
million innocent men, women, and children in a freakishly
inhumane way by utilizing the power of repetition through
propaganda. That is scary. If repetition has that kind of power,
think of what you are doing to yourself when you self sabotage
repetitively or tell yourself that you cant do something
These exact same techniques are used all the time by
companies advertising their products and services and by
governments trying to sway the minds of the people they seek to
control. They understand the power of repetition and they pay A
LOT of money for it. If an idea enters your mind (if a seed enters
the ground) is will usually grow by itself unless it is deliberately
stopped. So when you are watching TV you are being
programmed through repetition against your will if you do not
consciously object. For instance, how many men do you know
that wear make up? Ok now how many women do you know that
wear make up? All of them? Maybe you know one or two who

dont or perhaps a family or two? How many make up

commercials feature men advertising cover up and eyeliner? One
of the biggest lies successfully communicated to women is that
they look better with make up. The second is that they are
inferior to men. According to the NPD Group, in 2012 in the
months of January through June make up sales in America alone
were 1.8 billion dollars20 BILLION. That is ONLY America, and
ONLY 6 months. That is disgusting. It is utterly repulsive to
think we spend that money on make up when people are
suffering and starving all of over the world. We do this because
advertising is based on scientific study and they deeply
understand human psychology and how to program peoples
thoughts, which over time can become part of a peoples culture.
One the best ways to do this is through repetition. And they do
they repeat the same things, over and over and over until you
believe it and buy their products. These are negative examples,
but I just want you see how dramatically powerful repetition can
be. We can use this power in a positive way.
The thing about our brain is that it thinks that it is
smart on its own somehow. But it cannot run a program that has
not been put into it by a programmer. Our brains are subject to
everything that we tell them. Our brains are a mass of energy,
waiting for a command from something. Once programs have
been installed it will run those programs on repeat until told
otherwise. We have the responsibility of taking control and
telling our brains what do to and what not to do and its time we
started doing it.
The power of words combined with the power of
repetition will be crucial. It is important to realize how you use
words in your head and especially what you say. What we tell
20 Accessed July 2013 at the Url:

ourselves internally is a big part of constructing our thought

patterns, habits, and beliefs. When we speak those things to
another person then our tendency to act on what we said
becomes exponentially greater than if we just think it to
ourselves. For instance, years ago I was working at a fine dining
restaurant, I was aware of what a powerful concept this was and
how spoken words affect our psyche so I used this to my benefit.
I knew that everyone thought I was being arrogant, but I would
constantly say, Well Im going to be the best server this
restaurant has ever seen you just watch! The veterans of the
restaurant just thought me to be a cocky kid, but I had something
different in mind. So a couple things happened when I actually
spoke the words our loud: for one, I knew I had said it and
everyone else knew so I felt that pressure when I was at work to
conduct myself like the best server the restaurant has ever seen;
also, every single time I made a mistake people were very quick
to point it out to me in an attempt to crush what appeared to my
inflated ego. What they were actually doing was holding me
accountable and helping me reach my goal. I dont necessarily
advocate parading around telling people that youre going to be
better than them; I certainly could have done that a little
differently, but point is how powerful those words became. Once
I spoke them, I manifested them in a sense and my brain did
everything it could to protect what I had said to make sure it was
true. This same thing happens when people lie. They will go to
great lengths to protect it. Sometimes they have to create a whole
scenario or a whole different version of themselves to protect the
lie. But if they wouldnt have said it, then they wouldnt have
had to go to such dramatic lengths to protect it.
The idea behind this is to use it in a positive way. We
have many tendencies to use this unconsciously in a negative
way. Most of the time it has to do with our character. We either
make excuses for ourselves, or develop a victim mentality, which
is just another way to relieve ourselves of responsibility to take

action by blaming things on our surroundings and other people. I

have a very good friend who does this all the time. He is always
moving and when he moves from one place to the other he has
this long list of things that are wrong with the town and the
people and it always seems to be the same things. Maybe it would
be true if it were a couple times, but he has been doing this his
whole life, and he is in his late 40s. Once he speaks the words
These people are just ignorant and stuck in their ways then his
brain will do all it can to protect those words. And then because
he is creating a belief, he will then see the world around him
through that filter. Can you see what I mean by that? Your brain
will attempt to reinforce what you speak by whatever means
necessary. The most extreme cases of this are pathological liars
who lie so much, they can convince themselves of their own lies!
I met someone like this and it is truly an odd phenomenon. But
their brain goes to such great lengths to protect their words that
they can actually convince themselves of their own made up lies!
There are a couple ways that we can use this in a way
that will build us up. The first thing is simply to speak what you
want to believe! Dont look in the mirror and tell yourself that
youre ugly! Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful
and unique even if your mind violently objects at first! It takes
time to build mental structures and thought processes so dig
your heals in. The second thing is to catch yourself when you
think and speak negative things about yourself (and other people
of course, but once you learn to do this with yourself it will
become more natural and automatic with other people). Dont
tell yourself that youre stupid, or impatient, or insensitive, or
selfish. Every time you do that you are just reinforcing the
thoughts and actions that manifest from those beliefs.

Good pain. Bad trauma.

Of course pain is not limited to our physical selves. We

experience mental, emotional and spiritual pain as well. There
are many people who have come up with little sayings like pain
is weakness leaving the body, and youll probably see a poster
with that quote on it at your local gym or something. This is true
though! Now, I dont know if that is actually what is happening,
but your ability to endure pain will set the top speed of your
ability to make progress towards whatever goal you are trying to
achieve. There is one thing to be conscious of though. That thing
is trauma. Trauma is NOT FUN. It has the 100% opposite effect
of the pain of progress and growth. So you have to know yourself
and know your limits. This is another reason why gradual is in
your best interest. Let me give you a couple examples.
If were trying to learn to play guitar, there is one thing
that is very important to develop that doesnt really have
anything to do with your skill level or ability to play the notes;
you must develop callouses. Anyone who has played a guitar or
started learning become immediately aware of how painful it is
to push down the strings over an extended period of time. So you
develop callouses. The longer you tolerate the pain, the quicker
you will develop your callouses. Lets say that you are really
zealous about learning guitar and you know you have a high pain
tolerance what is the fastest way to develop your callous? Well
you decide to burn the tips of your fingers. Just enough though!
You go through a healing process of a few weeks and then your
fingers form scar tissue and you no longer feel the pain of the
strings (this is all hypothetical I wouldnt recommend this).
Well if you have that kind of drive and pain tolerance and you are
willing to take the risk I guess you can do whatever you want! But
consider this scenario. Lets say you decide to burn the tips of
your fingers, but you burn them too much on accident and you
do nerve damage? Now we are in the arena of trauma. You have
now done considerable damage to your fingers. You have to

rehab your ability to use your fingers. It takes months and

months to recover and it is extremely painful.
Lets look at an example that is more likely to actually
occur. Say you are working out. You have goals that you are
trying to get to and you dont want to have to wait to go hard.
You are really going after it one day and you put more weight on
the machine than you are ready for because you are just feelin
it today. You go to lift, and you tear a muscle. Ok now what? You
cant work out anymore for while. Not only can you not work out,
you cannot do other things. You have to go through an intensive
process of recovery and all the while your other muscles are
atrophying because you have to lay low while you are recovering.
Then you have to do a lot of work just to get back to where you
were before and this could be months depending on how bad it
is. Do you see the dramatic difference between pain and trauma?
The thing is the line is so hard to detect. If you put pressure on a
2x4 board, there isnt much warning before it snaps if you put
too much weight on it. If you are doing something painful to try
to make progress, there usually isnt very much warning between
the moment that everything is fine, and the moment the board
So no pain no gain? Yes, there is quite a bit of truth to
that. But if you disregard your limits in a reckless pursuit of
progress, you will undoubtedly traumatize yourself and have to
take several unpleasant steps backwards. If want to avoid
trauma, you must know yourself. Understand where you are
right now. This doesnt mean make excuses for your faults and
weaknesses; it means be aware of what you can handle and dont
be ashamed of taking small, consistent, gradual steps towards
your goals.

Moving forward: 1+1=2.

In the first section we talked a lot about awareness and

what it means to start to be aware of what is going on inside of
ourselves. I outlined how you cant really make any progress
without awareness because how can you consciously make an
effort to change something that you are not aware of? This is key.
Then we discussed the importance of beliefs and perception and
how that plays into the reality that are creating and experiencing
every day. In section 2 we got to step outside of ourselves for a
bit and start to really break down what is happening in our
mental processes, emotions, and habits and how to intentionally
reprogram ourselves to be who we want to be. The reason why
Ive spent so much time on these things is that the next things
arent going to be very beneficial if you dont understand yourself
and how malleable you really are in terms of our your
personality, subconscious, and as you will see, also your
physicality. This book is an exploration into the center of the
universe, and synonymously an exploration into the center of
ourselves. What we have long been led to believe about the way
reality is, is outdated and close-minded. Im not saying that I
have all of the answers, but there is certainly a lot more going on
than meets the eye. If we can progress within ourselves we can
start to play a much more interactive role in constructing the
divine paradigm in the universe. This is a journey that we all
need to do together. We need to unite, because if we continue on
this path of independence and isolation, we will surely die.

Section 3: Origins, Elements, and Creation

Mom where does the universe come from?

We as humans have a fixation with knowing where
things come from. We are deeply burdened with the question of
origin no matter what the thing in question is. Imagine two

ladies sitting down and eating together. One lady looks over at
the other ladys purse and first she perceives it as beautiful or
nice, then she spurts out, I love your purse! What is the next
obvious question ladies? Im sure you know this one, Where did
you get it? The same goes for shoes, tools, artwork, cars, etc. If
there is anything that we admire or consider to be extraordinary
or pleasing for some reason we want to know where it comes
from. Conversely, if something is very displeasing, we want to
know where it comes from so that we can stay away from it. It is
very deep desire within people to know about origin. But what is
the deepest form of that desire? Of course it is to know where we
as humans come from. This question will NEVER subside until
we find out. Those piercing questions of Who am I? and What
am I? deal on a deep, personal level with our question of origin
and goes hand in hand with search for identity. If you remember
our break down of the Latin roots of the word identity, when we
identify with something we are attempting to make the same as
ourselves. We are attempting to attach something to ourselves.
The problem is, we are infinite, and we dont know it. And by
continually attaching finite things to ourselves in an attempt to
silence/answer this question of identity, we will only be
continually disappointed and left wanting more.
This question is at the root of nearly every single thing
that every single person does, thinks, and wants, every day,
everywhere. I know that sounds dramatic, but to put in more
universal terminology, this is what we would refer to as our
worldview. Out of our worldview comes ours beliefs, which
breed thoughts, which breed emotions, which breed desires,
which breed actions, which breed habits, which ultimately form
who we are on a mental/emotional dimension, which then gets
transposed into our spirituality. Our worldview is just what
we choose to believe based on our perceptions of the
things that we are made aware of in the world. If that is
true, then again, awareness is the root. We are doing more and

more everyday scientifically to expand our awareness of what is

going on in the universe. The more we understand about these
things the more complete our picture is going to be. And yet we
need more than science, because science is finite as long as we
limit it to the physical universe.
So on a physical level, where do we come from? Well it
has been determined for some time now by astrophysicists and
other branches of science that we are stardust or the products
of exploded stars. Everything that is necessary for life and earth
to exist the way we know it is found in stars. The theory is that
stars explode and over a long period of time as gravity pulls
everything together, and gradually forms elements, which
continually compound upon each other until we have whole
bunch of variations from the same basic equation or, until we
have the whole periodic table resulting just from just 3 particles:
the neutron, proton, and electron. Somewhere in this process we
find that there was a quantum leap from base matter to life and
we then had minds. Darwinian evolution refers to this
phenomenon as the lighting striking the primordial soup, where
as Biblical creationist (and many other religions and belief
systems) recognize this as the moment that God breathed life
into his creation (which could be the exact same moment). From
there we have creation continuing to develop, progress, learn,
and evolve into more and more complex beings. But these beings
on earth were very much animals a very simple (relatively)
conglomeration of stimulus/reaction based behavioral patterns
that were easily studied and predictable. From there, there was
yet another quantum leap! This is the place where we find
ourselves today, recognizing that man has a spirit and is
somehow distinctly separate from animals. I believe the first
time this quantum leap happened was a VERY long time ago. I
think we regressed and forgot who we were, and then we got
some more help perhaps when Jesus showed up. He said
something very interesting when his disciples were questioning

why he had to leave. He said to them, Nevertheless, I tell you

the truth: it is to your advantage that I go away, for if I do not
go away, the Helper will not come to you. But if I go, I will send
him to you21 In other translations the Helper is referred to as
the advocate (NIV,NLT), the comforter (KJV), the counselor
(Holman Christian standard Bible, World English Bible), and a
few other things, but is most commonly understood to be The
Holy spirit when it is read in context. Just a few verses later
Jesus is still speaking and he says, But when he, the Spirit of
truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth22 All this is to say
that there was something really dramatic that happened and
changed in the course of human history when Jesus came and
then sent the holy spirit to us when he left. Now, Im not sure
that I can find a scientific parallel for that specific phenomenon,
but it has been outlined in many belief systems. This was a major
step in human history where we were given a spirit of our own
so to speak, or where we became the adult of our minds, and
children in our spirits. We were given control of a new part of
ourselves with extraordinary capabilities, which well discuss
more in volume 2.
Whether or not you believe in a religion here is
irrelevant. The point is what happened to us. We are different.
We are divine. And yet, many times we choose to live like
animals because we interpret our primal desires as an indication
of our animal nature. While there may some truth to our more
animalistic side, that does mean there is a cap on our ability to
progress to infinity. We often choose pass off the responsibility of
having choices. If you can choose, you have power, and to steal a
quote from Spiderman, With great power, comes great
responsibility. We have the ability to have untold power, but if


The Gospel of John 16:7, English standard version 2001

The Gospel of John 16:13, NIV

we cannot handle the responsibility it will ultimately lead to pain

and destruction.
I think one of the reasons we choose to believe that we
are animals many times is because of the prevalent ideas about
the theory of evolution in western culture especially. I think that
there are some viable points to evolution but like all beliefs there
are incomplete by themselves and thus will skew our perspective
if we believe in that one thing and nothing else. Ive done quite a
bit of study in the area of origins and where we come from and
something Ive found is that there seems to be truth in all of
these stories if not at least a common thread. I think the clincher
is whether or not our existence is the result of a conscious being
or not. I personally believe that it is, but many dont. Im not
going to try to convince you that whatever you believe is wrong if
you dont believe like I do and yet I would like to challenge
anyone and everyone to be constantly expanding their minds and
exposing their opinions and beliefs to opposition and scrutiny.
This way, we will all always be coming ever closer to a truth that
is more complete. Im going to talk about some of the things Ive
found now about some stories of origins and maybe try to draw
some lines between some of these stories that will hopefully
make it easier to see the similarities. I ask you to neither
abandon your logic or your faith, but proceed with both keenly
aware of what you choose to believe.

Origins: The perpetual questions and striking

There are many ideas about where we come from, but I
think that no matter what is sustaining the universe we can all
agree that is has a lot of power. Because our belief about our
origins determines almost everything about the way we live it is
big topic of discussion in nearly every school of thought. When

we look at creations stories or stories about where we come from

though, are they really so different? Lets take a look at some of
these stories and how they relate to each other.
Many religious people in western civilization take the
account of Genesis 1 as the textbook for the creation of the
universe. It is often used to debate against the evolutionists
rather humanistic not so magical scientific account of creation.
There are many different ways the creation of the universe has
been verbalized in different religious texts and belief systems.
Are they all so different? Or is this just the same mountain that
we are looking at from different sides? In Genesis 1:1 it very
vaguely states, In the beginning, God created the heavens and
the earth. For any critically thinking mind, Genesis 1 alone is
not enough information to base any type of theory or belief on.
Im not saying the storyteller perspective is a wrong one at all;
Im simply making notice of how of the broader society interprets
it. It goes on in the rest of Genesis 1 to account in storyteller
fashion for the creation of the world and the universe. As the
Christian community so desperately strives to validate their
choice of belief they claim words of the Bible to be very literal (in
many cases not all). But what does it say? It says that the heavens
and earth were created in 6 days This is one thing that
creationists like to argue with evolutionists about. Using the
genealogy of Bible, many creationist like to say that the earth is
somewhere between 6,000 and 10,000 years old so evolution
cannot be true with its billions of years old theory. Although we
find in 2Peter 3:8 it says quite plainly But do not forget this one
thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years,
and a thousand years are like a day. So here we can see a
reference in the Bible to the fact that the way God perceives time
and the way we (humans) perceive time is probably very
different. It says like a thousand years again pointing to the
idea that the actual ratio is unclear. The author may simply be
communicating here that there are some differences in the way

that time interacts between dimensions (heaven and earth). So

could it be true that a day as stated by Genesis could be a lot
longer than 24 hours? That leaves the door open in that aspect
for the theory of evolution to creep in and merge slightly with the
creationist point of view. (As far as judging the critical thinking
of some beliefs with counter critical thinking, well. Thats just
the point. If you judge them by their own standards of literalism
the theories and beliefs tend to fall apart. Im not trying to sway
the mind of any reader towards one specific belief system, but
rather I just want to shed light on the similarities and
connectedness of these schools of thought when they often
present themselves as very different, if for no other reason than
to present a new perspective on how we interpret what this life
means to us and what is ultimately important). Of course Im not
the first person to think this. It has been thought through so
much in fact that there are now Evolutionary Creationists. But
these arent the only people who think this way lets continue to
explore a bit.
What about Islam? Christianity and Islam claim to be on
separate sides of everything (that is how many religious leaders
tend to portray things.) In the Quran (7:54) it says, "Allah
created the heavens and the earth, and all that is between them,
in six days". So here again we see the six day of creation theme
happening. What does a day mean in the Quran? Well in 22:47 it
says "a day in the sight of your Lord is like 1,000 years of your
reckoning, and in 70:4 it says The angels and the Spirit will
ascend to Him during a Day the extent of which is fifty thousand
years. So here you can see in two different places where a day
means much more than a 24 hour period according to the Quran
while also mirroring the 1,000 day reference in the Bible. Time is
not contrained to a clock, nor to I believe that it is linear, nor is it
experienced the same by all beings.

We have the scientists (mainly astrophysicists and

astronomers) who claim that we have all come from exploded
stars and basically that we are composed of star dust. According
to astrophysics when a star explodes, the star dust will eventually
be pulled together by gravity to form planets and comets, and in
earths case, people. Does this contradict the Genesis account? I
guess it depends on the terminology we use. In Genesis 1:2 it says
Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the
surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the
face of the waters Keep in mind that this directly precedes the
first day of creation where God creates light. But according the
chronology of the verses (which may very well be insignificant in
the long run) there was a formless earth and some type of
water before God started creating (which many people who
believe in the Bible are unaware of. Most Christians will tell you
that the Bible tells how God created the universe out of nothing,
but that is not what it says. This is not to their discredit
necessarily, the responsibility lies more with the spiritual leaders
and pastors in my eyes, but rarely are they encouraged to take a
closer, critical look). What does that mean? The earth was
formless? How do things normally look after an explosion? I
would say formless could be a good word to describe them. Is it
possible that some remnant of the big bang is right there in
Genesis1:2? It sure would make sense.
We can take a look at not so well known accounts as well
and see similar correlations. For instance an oral account of the
Hopi creation account documented by Oswald White Bear
Fredericks and his wife Naomi in the 1950s is as follows:
The world at first was endless space in which
existed only the Creator, Taiowa. This world had no
time, no shape, and no life, except in the mind of the
Creator. Eventually the infinite creator created the
finite in Sotuknang, whom he called his nephew and

whom he created as his agent to establish nine

universes. Sotuknang gathered together matter from
the endless space to make the nine solid worlds. Then
the Creator instructed him to gather together the
waters from the endless space and place them on these
worlds to make land and sea. When Sotuknang had
done that, the Creator instructed him to gather together
air to make winds and breezes on these worlds.23
If you read that account from a Genesis perspective, you
can see the obvious similarities. From an astrophysics
perspective, you can see, the center of the universe or galaxy
being Taiowa and the nephew Sotuknang being the sun
creating the 9 planets or establishing the 9 universes (if you
include the former planet Pluto). There is also the Chinese
legend in The Classic of Mountains and Seas an anthology of
stories collected in the first century B.C., which states,
Long, long ago, when heaven and earth were
still one, the entire universe was contained in an eggshaped cloud. All the matter of the universe swirled
chaotically in that egg. Deep within the swirling matter
was Pan Gu, a huge giant who grew in the chaos. For
18,000 years he developed and slept in the egg. Finally
one day he awoke and stretched, and the egg broke to
release the matter of the universe. The lighter purer
elements drifted upwards to make the sky and heavens,
and the heavier impure elements settled downwards to
make the earth. 24

23Creation Stories from around the World, Last modified July 2000.

Creation Stories from around the World, Last modified July 2000.

The correlations should be pretty obvious here. From a

Genesis perspective, you have the spirit of God (the egg shaped
cloud) separating the water from earth and sky by forces that
astrophysicists would commonly just call gravity. Also, that egg
shaped cloud points to what astrophysicists might call a nebula
where stars are formed and in MANY different belief systems
around the world the stars are believed to be deities.
When people argue with each other about the differences
between things like the big bang vs. creationism they are often
just arguing about terminology. Given the sheer magnitude of
God, what do you think it would be like if he spoke a solar system
into existence? Do you think it could in any way resemble and
explosion? And people who say that gravity formed the planets
not God, how can you say that gravity is not Gods power? To me,
this back and forth arguing between different sciences and
religions lies not in what they actually think happened, but
mainly in our tendency to have pride in knowledge and also our
desire to validate our beliefs and actions. This pride in
knowledge is a massive inhibitor from progression in every
way. A quote by G. Spencer Brown sums it up really well:
"Unfortunately we find systems of education today that
have departed so far from plain truth that they now
teach us to be proud of what we know and ashamed
of ignorance. This is doubly corrupt. It is corrupt not
only because pride is in itself a mortal sin, but also
because to teach pride in knowledge is to put and
effective barrier against any advance upon what is
already known, since it makes one ashamed to look
beyond the bounds imposed by one's own ignorance."25


In an excerpt of a Book by John C. Lilly M.D. called Center of the


There is the pride in knowledge, and the fear of the

unknown. There is also a certain false sense of security that we
get from knowing something. Like if you were planning an
outdoor wedding, in the weeks leading up to it you are going to
be checking the weather over and over again hoping see that little
sun icon over your special day. After you see that and know
that it is going to be sunny you can breathe easy, even though it
very well could rain (we all know meteorology is not and exact
science). If it rains does that ruin everything? Can we not have
fun if and enjoy each others company if its wet? How about tell
everyone to bring their swimsuits just in case! The point is that
no matter how hard we try to nail down our lives with some type
security based in knowledge, life will continue to throw us curve
balls, so lets enjoy the ride and embrace those little
inconveniences, right along with the unknown. If you think you
know so much because youre a scientist and youve studied it
so you know, just think about what scientists knew just a
hundred years ago. If youre a die hard believer of certain faith,
which claims the monopoly on salvation, just imagine that you
were born in a part of the world that had never heard of your
faith before and you have a miniscule chance of even hearing
about it much less believing it will you kept from the pleasures
and joy of paradise from an unfortunate placement on earth?
These are real questions! Science religion stop fighting! We
are all trying to piece this thing together the best way we know
There is definitely something to be said about opening
your mind to unfamiliar or new concepts, ideas, or ways of
thinking. It helps to keep your mind sharp and flexible which will
greatly impact your ability to view anything objectively. If you
only ever expose yourself to a single way of thinking or being
then you become increasingly more subjective about everything
and you rob yourself of experiencing any more from life than you

already expect it to give. That doesnt sound all that great, but I
would say in most cases that we do that without realizing that
were doing at all. So if we become that were doing that then we
have an opportunity to do something different, new, and perhaps
better. In regards to this idea of science and spirituality, maybe if
you have always been partial to one way of thinking it would do
well for you to explore the other side. It sure cant anything! I
think that science and religion are two sides of the same coin and
that they are both valuable, and yet they seem to be odds with
each other in the broader society. It doesnt have to be this way.
The main difference between science and religion or
mythology and science, is that religion seems to say the universe
is magical and beyond our understanding while science boldly
claims the universe is matter and energy that can be understood
fully through scientific study. Who is right? Cant both be right?
What was magic 100 years ago is science today. The plain truth is
that we are nowhere close to even kind of understanding what is
going on in the world and the universe. To me, religions and
science are describing the same things using different
terminology. One perspective simply stands in awe and accepts
that we cannot understand the endless mysteries of the universe,
while the other searches tirelessly to rationalize and categorize
the same mysteries.
So where does the universe come from? How did
something come from nothing? Well I guess thats why the term
God exists. There are some concepts that we just might not be
ready to wrap our minds around yet as humans, and yet there is
so much to be discovered that we should hardly be getting bored
or complacent. It doesnt matter whether we journey to the edges
of the universe, or whether journey into the depths of our own
souls, there is infinity to be discovered in both cases.

Its a quantum world after all

What I would like to introduce at this junction where we
are pondering our origins, is a concept that philosophers have
long accepted but science is just discovering that concept is
that consciousness precedes matter (matter being what we
consider to be the material world or universe) or I think,
therefore I am. What this means is that it would be more
accurate to say that we are composed of consciousness rather
than matter. Matter is simply of manifestation of consciousness.
This has many implications as far as our day-to-day life is
concerned. What it means to be composed of consciousness is
that all of existence is just an endless string of possibilities in
both the physical and non-physical world/universe. We think of
matter as simply existing whereas a quantum physicist would
say that matter has a tendency to exist. Consciousness can have
many synonyms to help us understand exactly what it means. A
few of them are energy, awareness, focus, or God (God being the
central consciousness or the beginning of everything that
sustains everything). Energy and awareness are good one to help
make sense of a lot of the next things Im about to say. The origin
of man, earth, the universe (everything that exists) is
consciousness. It could be said that the origin is of everything
is energy. This is one of the major discoveries of Albert Einstein
that matter and energy are equivalent, or we could even take it a
step further and say that matter is only energy in a certain form
and that matter outside of energy does not exist. Einstein himself
said, Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we
have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so
lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.
So there is no matter? What does that mean? Well, at the
simplest level, it means exactly what it says, but to expand on it a
bit, that just means that everything is energy with a certain
frequency signature. Matter just happens to be energy that is
vibrating so slowly that we can touch it and perceive it.

So if you think back to matter having a tendency to

exist you can think of the speed of the oscillation of the
frequency of that particular matter. In other words, if you saw a
car driving at 1 mile per hour and it would turn randomly and
stop randomly and go randomly, you could probably accurately
predict where that car was going to be 5 seconds into the future
just because it is going so slow, even though its movements are
random. But if that same car were going 120 miles per hour your
ability to predict where it was going to be (given that it is moving
randomly) would be dramatically lessened. This is the way the
universe appears to work. The slow car and be likened to matter
and is moving very slowly or, has a very slow frequency relative
to the other energy in the universe. So with our sophisticated
instruments and dedication to studying it, we have been able to
predict where it is going to be and how it behaves with very
good consistency and precision. The faster the energy is
oscillating, or the higher the frequency, the more difficult this
becomes, which is one of the reasons quantum physicists are
seeing the types of effects they are seeing when studying things at
the quantum level. But what about the random part of it? Why
can it be predicated all of the time? What if our instruments
were that powerful and precise? What makes things inherently
unpredictable when studying quantum mechanics or the mind?
It is because of choice. Our ability to choose gives us the power to
literally alter matter and the fabric of the space-time continuum.
We are the X factor. We are the 5th element in a manner of
speaking. Our consciousness, our awareness, our choices are the
random part of the universe that is impossible to predict with
100% accuracyfun right? This is why quantum physicists will
tell you that the experimenter directly affects the experiment and
quantum experiments do not create consistent quantitative
results. Our consciousness is the power to create and manipulate
the world around us, and it does indeed precede, and
consequently control what we perceive as matter.

So if consciousness precedes matter, and energy makes

up makes up matter, then what we are, our core, our spirit, is
pure energy that is linked to the energy source that sustains the
universe. If you dont see the connection I just made dont worry,
Im going to continue developing that thought as we go.
The energy that is the source of everything is what we
generally call God. He must be intelligent and aware like us. It
wouldnt make much sense that intelligence came from nonintelligence. Could a rock lecture in a college level calculus class
and communicate effectively? Well duh, no but that would be
the same kind of thinking to assume that we have not come from
some intelligent source given our incredible ability to compute
and understand the world around us in an intelligent way26. We
are composed of energy containing intelligence and information.
If you remember from Dr. Pearsalls quote earlier, energy
contains information, and the integration and utilization of
information is the general basis for intelligence. To reiterate
what he said, Information and energy are the same thing.
Everything that exists has energy, energy is full of information,
and stored info-energy is what makes up cellular
memoriesWhat we call mind, consciousness, or our intentions
are really just manifestations of information containing
energy. So even the physical world around you is informationcontaining energy that your brain dissects and uses to make you
aware of the world around you specific to how your brain has be

26 You may disagree if you are of the school of thought that humans are

the most intelligent or most highly evolved beings in the universe. One of
the biggest problems I have with that theory is that our bodies and the
earth are more intelligent than we are. We spend a lot of time and energy
trying to understand what our bodies and our earth do without effort.
There is an obvious intelligence and order to the way the world and our
bodies operate so that is a pretty clear indication to me that the force that
is controlling these innate subconscious/unconscious functions is

programmed to perceive it. Everything that exists is energy.

Energy as defined by Merriam Websters dictionary is:
A fundamental entity of nature that is transferred
between parts of a system in the production of physical change
within the system and usually regarded as the capacity for
doing work
In physics in high school you may have heard the
definition of energy as the ability to do work. Work is defined
Activity in which one exerts strength or faculties to do
or perform something
So energy allows us to do something. It is power.
Energy is power. Energy contains information that allows us to
do and perceive certain things. We are composed entirely of
energy and that energy precedes matter matter is made of the
energy that precedes it so consciousness is pure energy, and
consciousness is synonymous with awareness. Here we are again,
back to awareness. I know that might have been a bit confusing. I
will define consciousness as the acknowledgement of
awareness, or you could even say the awareness of awareness.
For instance, the cells in my body are aware of what they are
doing on a very microscopic level and interacting according to
their environment, but I am not aware of their awareness. I am
not conscious of their awareness. Awareness can be much
broader than consciousness, because consciousness is personal
and implies a knowing of knowing. This is the biggest debate
about God or the universe. The universe has some obvious type
of awareness being that everything is set into motion the way it
is, but does it know that it knows? Food for thought the bottom
line is that awareness exposes us to new possibilities, thus new
energy and once we are conscious of those things it allows us to

expand and experience reality in ever increasingly complex,

beautiful, and wonderful ways.
It is interesting that Merriam Websters dictionary calls
energy a fundamental entity. The reason it is described this
way is that it is fundamental to all of nature and the entire
universe and also it does seem to act as an entity does it not? All
of nature is just kind of living without asking permission or
stopping to see what we think about what is going on. It is
propelled by some force, some entity that is arbitrary (or at least
appears that way) to us. Its just doing its thing. But the energy
that is sustaining the nature around us, is also sustaining us, and
also sustaining this earth! Could it be the sun? There is a
concrete basis for many ancient religious practices of sun
worship seeing as how it determines pretty much everything that
happens on earth that seems like something a god would be
doing. And yet our sun still revolves around something else, and
is sustained by something else, which is sustained by something
else, which is sustained by something else and so on. Until we
reach the center of the universe, it seems that all other energy
sources are secondary. Our science has gone to great length to try
to discover our origins and has concluded that we are the
product of exploded stars, but then of course the infinite
question continues where did the stars come from? The
arrogance of science is displayed in the brazen answer of oh the
they have always existed. Is that so? How exactly can science
calculate infinity? Science is powerful and useful but all
knowledge is to be received and understood in humility of
something much bigger that we do not fully understand. The
biggest thing to understand would be that source of energy that
creates and sustains the universe, that all powerful, omnipresent
mystery, that God that we are searching for.
Once you start to understand that everything is derived
from the same source your perspective of what is going on here

on earth will start

morphing. Take
anything you can
think of it is
energy, movement,
it has a frequency.
You can see what
Im talking about in
diagram A. At first
you may look at all
of these things as
separate, but
through a little bit
of study you soon
realize that its all the same thing in different forms. Everything
in existence is energy and has a frequency. When you really start
diving into this notion you begin to see that the universe is
actually a very large toroid where everything is coming out of one
supercharged central point (what could be called God or the
center of the universe) and constantly being recycled through the
center, purified by fire, then manifested again in bigger and
better ways. But when we look at the universe we tend to see so
many things as separate, and while they do retain specific
qualities, they are ultimately composed of the same thing and
coming from the same source. They appear as different because
they are formed in different variations. Take shapes for instance,
you can take straight lines and make an infinite number of
shapes that do not resemble each other in the least, and yet they
are all composed of the same things, in this case straight lines.
The same thing can be said for the universe. The entire known
universe is just the infinite variations of the same basic equation
and same basics parts). It is much like looking at tree. You can
identify the branches as separate, but if you trace the farthest
branches and the farthest roots, they all come back to the same
tree or the same source.

There are many cores,

spirits, or points of origin in the
universe. This whole thing is
structured as a mirror of fractal
geometry. This is a type of geometry
where the parts of the whole are all
small versions of the whole itself. It
would be like a circle made of
circles, or a triangle made of triangles and so on. So the core of
an atom would be the nucleus, the core of our bodies would be
our hearts; the core of the solar system is the sun, and so on and
so on. Each smaller core point is being fed by a larger more
powerful core with much greater energy, like the earth being fed
by the sun, us being fed by the earth, our cells being fed by us
and so on.
What we see and recognize in the physical world is a
manifestation of the energy coming from the center, nucleus, or
spirit of that particular thing. I told you while back that I would
mention what I believed the word spirit to mean (or at least how
Im going to be using it throughout this book). I will define a
spirit as the center of a system, containing all the
information and energy that creates it. No wonder spirits
remain invisible right? The spirit of anything is going to be
composed of very high frequency energy that operates outside of
the boundaries of the physical and mental dimensions. There is a
quantum leap between the physical and mental dimensions and
similarly there is a quantum leap between the mental and
spiritual dimensions. Your mind has extraordinary abilities that
your body cannot fathom, like thinking forward and backwards
in time, and being in more than one place at once. The same
dramatic difference exists between the mental and spiritual
dimensions. Your spirit has extraordinary abilities that your
mind cannot conceive. When I mention spirit just think of the

center of a thing, or the central energy that everything in that

system is coming from and returning to.
So consciousness precedes matter and everything in the
universe is made of energy it is important to keep that in mind.
If consciousness is energy and vice versa this makes life quite a
bit more interesting. Its interesting because we can choose the
state of our consciousness and our desires. Our consciousness is
the essence of our creative power. You may have heard the Bible
verse stating that we are made in his image and his likeness
(Genesis 1:26). God created us with ability to create like him.
Now, we are far from being able to anything God-like or like he
could do for now, but we were created to have unlimited
possibilities and potential. Your only limit is what you choose to
believe is possible. An artist could see this truth easily. People
have been making art as long as we have existed with the same
basic shapes and only 7 core colors and people are STILL coming
up with new ideas. The universe was created this way
Some people may want to say that we are made of
consciousness OR matter, or that we come from an intelligent
creator OR exploded stars. I would like to present the idea that
these thoughts at not contradictory to each other, but rather just
recognizing and describing different aspects of the same
phenomenon. This is not to discredit the spiritual or scientific
aspect of either perspective, because for a complete
understanding of what is going on, both are necessary. Again to
reiterate what Niels Bohr said, An ordinary truth is one whose
opposite is a falsehood. A profound truth is one whose opposite
is also a profound truth. In this book we are dealing in
profound truths.
It may be difficult to wrap your head around something
like the physical world being composed of consciousness. One of

the reasons it is beneficial to think of it that way is that the

energy that creates a thing is a more pure or true
representation of the thing than the actual physical
manifestation that we see of that energy. Sometimes there is a
disconnect and our senses are not currently tuned to pick up on
those disconnects many times. The energy behind the thing
carries more information about the thing than the thing we
experience on a physical level. It is much like reading body
language. If you see someone laughing and smiling there are
certain subtle nuances that may make you realize that the person
is not genuinely happy. They could be doing that for many
reasons. If you treat the physical manifestation as the truest
version of that person then you are missing something. Perhaps
they are very depressed and in need of a friend and yet your
intuition could clue you into something like that because you are
tapping into the energy behind the manifestation. That
realization will help you to interact that person in a more real
way that is perhaps more sensitive and conducive to developing a
lasting relationship. In a pure physical example, you could look
at chemistry. The physical element doesnt tell the whole story
from the outside; the real truth and mystery lies on the inside.
And when scientists discovered the energy that was creating the
elements we have been able to do astounding things with it.
The more information you have to interact with (that is
relevant to the situation of course) the more precise you can be
with your actions, perceptions, and with manifesting your goals
and desires. So while the physical world is beautiful and
wonderful to interact with, we are missing so much if we dont go
deeper. There is nothing that happens without cause and since
all physical things can be traced back to a cause or source, it is
more accurate to recognize the core of the thing than the thing
itself. There can be a cause without an effect (or a root below the
ground without a tree) but there cannot be an effect without a
cause. If you see someones eyes watering, do you automatically

assume they are crying? Or perhaps they are cutting onions?

These are 2 completely different sources of energy or causes that
would call for 2 completely different responses. So yes, while the
persons eyes are watering and that is very real, much like our
physically manifested reality, the cause is much more telling and
real than the effect. This is a very good reason to introduce into
your mind the idea of quantum thought. Learn to start thinking
behind the scenes and questioning everything. There is much to
be discovered, loved and appreciated. Things are many times not
what they seem.

Elemental Composition
When you think of the elements what comes to mind?
Most people will probably say Air, Fire, Water and Earth. There
is a lot of speculation as to what the 5th element is and it also
depends on whether or not you are studying from a purely
scientific perspective, or a metaphysical perspective (it also
makes a difference where in the world your knowledge is coming
from). What is the significance of the elements? Well there is
quite a bit. I could write an entire book just on that, but for the
purpose of this book we are going to get into one area in
particular. The elements are literally what we are made up of. We
breathe Air, our bodies need heat to survive (Fire), we drink
water, and eat earth. Each individual element has very unique,
specific properties and functions. What I have discovered in my
journey as I have grown to understand myself and what is going
on in the world around me is that an understanding of the
elements and what they mean physically and non physically is a
huge help in deciphering how we work and how the world works.
Im going to begin to explain what the elements have taught me;
again it is important to note that whenever I write about a

physical thing, there are much deeper spiritual meanings behind

it even I dont realize it or explain it, so keep your ears and spirits
perked up to catch things. Remember that everything is energy;
everything is consciousness.
So the type and frequency of energy that creates the
elements is different for each element and consequently, based
on the type energy within our minds and bodies, we have a
tendency to emulate the characteristics of one or more of these
elements. To come up with these conclusions takes little more
than observation. When I discovered that I was primarily Fire a
while back, it had profound effect on how I understood myself
and how I reacted in certain situations. I could look back over my
life and see how I reacted like fire so consistently and I was
consistently seeing the same results in my life. I was so intense! I
was flashy, quick minded, confident, and unyielding. I had a hard
time focusing on one thing (fire spreads everywhere and follows
the wind) but when I did, my focus was incredibly intense and
could accomplish amazing things in very short period of time.
Although if I didnt lift my focus I would burn everything. I
always caught peoples attention whether I wanted to or not, I
was captivating and inspirational, but because I lacked control
and patience I was also reckless and destructive. When backed in
to a corner, I would explode. If I was put under pressure I
wouldnt yield. If I was starved of air if I wasnt allowed to be
free and have room to breathe I would move or my fire would go
out and I would become violently depressed. That is the way that
spent all of my teen years and a little bit into my adult life as
well. As I go through these personality traits you can see very
easily how they relate to fire. Each element can be developed and
be used in miraculous incredible ways, or it can remain
undeveloped and have dire negative consequences that you will
watch repeat in your life until you figure it out. Each of us has
been given power and ability to use and if we do not take the

time to tame and balance those things, they will ultimately

destroy us.
I remember the day when I discovered this. I had just
been meditating for a few hours and afterwards I decided to go
on a walk. I was at a playground in my neighbor in Antioch,
Tennessee pacing along the ledge of retainer wall. There were so
many things going on in my head and I just trying to find some
clarity. It was June (summer is Fires season) and very hot
outside. I continued to pace not really knowing what to think
about, but just hoping that an Ah ha moment would just hit
me. Well, ask and you shall receive! Lo and behold in a single
moment it just hit me like a ton of bricks. Fire! Im fire! I get it!
There is quite a bit of previous study that went into me realizing
that. It wasnt just pseudo-intellectual philosophical theory. It
was a very real truth to me. After that hit me, my mind went
crazy finding all the correlations and implications of my
discovery. I went back into my apartment and started writing,
drawing, and trying to piece this thing together and put it down
on paper. Over the next couple weeks I was really trying to
understand the elements. I realized that each element interacts
with each other element differently and they each had their own
specific type of energy that interacted with the world around me
differently. I saw how my fireness influenced my desires,
habits, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, what saw as valuable, and
also, who I was attracted to and who was attracted to me. Weve
all heard over and over again that opposites attract. Oh man is
that true. I never understood why until I started wrap my head
around this element thing. I attracted A LOT of water people in
my life that would balance out my fireness. I was an extremely
unbalanced, very hot, very intense, fire type personality. Oddly
enough, I was much more in touch with my watery side when I
younger, but that changed in a moment when I was 13 and Ill
talk about that in a little bit. The point is that this started to
become a template for how I would understand myself and

people around me. It also gave me a road map for how to

progress and balance myself out, learning to become and
emulate the other elements, not just fire.
I decided to do a series of mediations to understand each
of the elements better. I would surround myself with the
particular element and just be aware of it. I would notice how it
acts and what it does and how it interacts with the other
elements. I followed that up with a scientific study of each of the
elements, a metaphysical and astrological study, and then
brought it altogether with sacred geometry. I wanted to have a
well-rounded understanding of what was going on. Before I
would move on the next element, I would write a little something
about what I had learned. The first thing I wrote was in the form
of a poem that goes a little something like this (it is important to
note that I am outlining what I think to be an ideal progression,
not how it typically happens):

The Journey of Life

I as air, am pure. I love all things, I despise only fear and its corruption of purity. I have a
soft touch in thought and deed. I am always aware of my atmosphere and my surroundings. I
receive the universe and its inhabitants without prejudice or opinion. I communicate all things in
truth and love. I am sensitive to all thoughts that are and are not my own. I love. I love I love.
I begin and end all things with love. I fear only pain and when I conquer my fear of pain, I
will burst into a world of passion and raw energy. I will light my own way through the darkness
as I could not before I will become FIRE.

I, as fire, am passion. Having conquered air my nature is pure. I provide warmth to all
who are near. I am the light in the darkness. I light the way for myself and others, and
therefore, the way I choose is the way of love and truth. I am careful of who and what
receives my focus because my actions are permanent, strong, and unyielding. I

remember the sensitivity from whence I came, for without it, I am pure destruction. I fear
only emotion, and being extinguished. When I conquer my fear, I will feel as others
feel and for the first time I will know peace. I will know a resilience unmatched by any
other I will become water.
I, as water, am feeling. I know not single-mindedness or selfishness for all things which
I enter, I become. I know not the self. I have no sense of self for my self is
contained within the whole. I become all things. And though I know not what I am. I
cannot be conquered for I am more resilient than all things under the sun. I feel and
form to all things. I understand all things except myself. There is no mountain, that
with time, I could not wash away, and yet no life that I could not sustain. I fear only to
be still, to be nothing, to be lifeless void of form. When I conquer my fear, I will see
my innate, endless power. I will see my true form in my formlessness. I will see who I
am and life will spring from me in abundance I will become earth.
I, as earth, am patience. I do all things in perfection in accordance with
time. I know not haste. I have no fear of failure for all things are surely
accomplished one patient step at a time. I have a perfect love of creation
and creating. I appreciate the elements because they create me. I cannot
be moved. I cannot waste. I cannot be undone. I fear only sudden change
to have no roots. When I conquer my fear, I will know and accomplish
anything. I will know the freedom of movement. I will combine the 4
elements to become aether to become the substance of pure creative
power, and perfectly balance both masculine and feminine energies I will
become a GOD.

This isnt science or anything, but the truths hidden within

this poem meant and still mean a lot me, and really helped me to be
able to verbalize and understand the elements better (just to note,
fire should be yellow, but its really hard to see against the white
paper so I just used orange. The colors, as you will see, will have
significance later).

Ive tried to figure out why people have tendencies to be

one element and not the others. From what I have noticed and
studied, and from people that I have talked to, there are strong
correlations between what element people tend to emulate and
when they are born as well there being one primary element and
one secondary. Im not saying this is true, because Im not sure; its
just something that Ive noticed. Also when I say that, you have to
understand that being born in a certain month would not determine
what element you are (if that is indeed how it works), but rather it
would create a predisposition to emulate a certain element (your
environment will play a huge role as well). You have to realize that
the clincher of all of this is that your conscious mind has the power
to override that predisposition (or any predisposition) at any
juncture you choose (although the affects you desire may not be
instant). Another thing to be aware of is that all of these energies
exist within you simultaneously. It just seems that some are
significantly more prominent than the others in most people. The
correlations I have found here is that Fire is summer, Water is
autumn, Earth is winter, and Air is spring. These relationships will
prove to be important as we move on.
Im going to go through each of the elements and highlight
some of their strengths, weaknesses, and characteristics. I would
like to say though, before I say all this, that this is not meant make
excuses for your shortcomings. One reason I have come to dislike
personality tests so much is that I have found that people do not
use them to progress themselves in most cases; instead youll hear
people say things like well Im just an A type personality, you
know that! So instead of it becoming a tool that we can use to
make ourselves better and understand ourselves and each other, it
becomes a crutch that people use to remain weak and not take
responsibility for who they are. The reason I am going to be talking
about this elemental stuff is completely the opposite. In section 1
we realized that we are responsible for everything that happens in

our lives. In section 2 we went over some more subtle functions of

the ego, love/fear consciousness, and how to begin programming
our minds to take more control over ourselves. Now we are getting
into some more complex, integrated functions of personality,
consciousness, and choice, and how those things interact and with
each other. I have found that the elemental analogy is a really good
way to understand these relationships.

So Im going to
start with air. We are
going to go from finest to
least fine, least dense to
most dense, or from least
manifested, to most
manifested. So basically
we are going to start
with air and end with
earth. Air is very fine,
very sensitive, and
neutral. Each element is
going to carry a certain
type of energy and within this set of elements air is neutral. Air is
represented by the Octahedron and well get into the reasons for
the geometrical correlations in the next volume. The main traits of
air are sensitivity and connectivity (love). Air is a master of
communication, love, and sensitivity. With out the substance
contained within air, none of the other elements really exist. Air
acts as fuel to much of the planet. It carries life in it that we use the
most on a day-to-day basis. Of the elements, air is the first thing

that you would die from not having it then heat, then
dehydration, then starvation, (fire, water, earth). Oxygen helps to
execute all of the tasks that your body performs. The main job of
your red blood cells is to transport oxygen (air) to the various parts
of your body. The more energy you require to do a certain task, the
more energy you use, and thus you begin to hyperventilate if you
doing something that requires a lot of energy. One odd thing
though that most people may not realize is that your eyes are using
so much of your energy most of the time. According to what I
learned in school they use about 67% of your working memory
when they are open and 25% of your bodys total energy. So there
is something rather significant to be said here for the practice of
meditation, because if youre not using that energy on your eyes (if
you have your eyes closed) you can use that energy for other
things, which is one of the reasons that mediation can produce such
astounding effects. When you couple the closed eyes, with deep
breathing (your energy intake in this instance) you can really up
the energy levels in your body to whatever end you intend,
whether it be healing, relaxation, etc.
The dual of the octahedron is the hexahedron (cube),
meaning that if you put points in the center of each of face and
drew lines between them you would make the other shape.

Let me just say before I talk about the weaknesses of any
elements, these are not inherent traits; these are the result of
someone not being as strong in controlling a certain type of energy
contained within them. If you dont develop any type of strength,
then it will show when it is tested. So dont think the weaknesses
as part of what the element is about, they just come from a lack of
ability to control it.

Because air is the least dense, it is the easiest to

manipulate when it is underdeveloped. Air can be easily swayed
and moved. It takes quite a bit more energy from air to have the
ability to manipulate the other elements in a physical way, but
there are some benefits to that. Undeveloped air will usually be
very kind to people to a fault, also very insecure and will tend to get
taken advantage of a lot because of their loving nature. Since air
people will often go out of their way for people and get taken
advantage of, they can grow bitter if they allow themselves to, but
more often they will just become closed off and timid. Air people
are usually not very assertive so they will often feel unnoticed
whether or not they actually are. They feel like life is often out of
control or like they have no control over their lives. They will
typically be hypersensitive and if they dont have control over their
emotions they can often get overwhelmed by situations in their
lives and feel flustered. They will many times be gentle to a fault,
allowing themselves to get run over because they dont want to
make people upset.

Air is excellent at remaining neutral, level headed, and
objective in various situations, because people who are air-like are
very sensitive to all things contributing to an atmosphere or a
situation. Strong air people are master of creating and interpreting
an environment. They can create subtle effects as far as creating an
environment, or very dramatic effects depending the goal of the
person. An example could be, you could have air that is a little
smoky, or dry which will effect your abilities to do certain things in
that place; or you could have effects as dramatic as mustard gas, or
other toxic substances and if you could not clear the area you will
be dramatically affected. Either way, one the huge strengths of air
is its pervasiveness. You cant really get away from it, and you cant

live long without it, so if something is in the air, you will most likely
breathe it into you. As a person emulating air, you would have a
certain responsibility to understand the subtleties of the types of
environment you create with your words, actions, and your very
Like I said before, it takes a lot of energy for air to
physically manipulate the other elements (it doesnt take nearly as
much for air to manipulate fire). But if you can imagine a tornado,
they have awesome power. One of the things about a tornado is
that you cant do anything to hurt it really. You cant stop it or trap
it or grab it or anything. So when you think about things like every
action has an equal and opposite reaction you may see a disparity
here in your immediate perception of the situation because it
doesnt seem like the air suffers much in a tornado, while
everything around it gets devastated. There is something to be said
for the power of more feminine energies (air being more feminine
than fire and earth in this case) because of their subtleties and
complexity of application. They are much more complex and
difficult to use compared to masculine energies, which are
powerful, but lack sensitivity.

The main traits of fire are passion,
intensity, and influence. Fire is a
very intense form of energy. Air is
energy as well but so much more
subtle. Fire is the most direct,
concentrated form energy (within
the elements we are discussing).
Fire has a very strong sense of self and lacks sensitivity in many

cases. The dual of the tetrahedron is itself. If you think about it that
makes perfect sense, because fire endlessly recreates itself. This is
something that you will notice in fire people. They will have a
tendency to think about themselves first and be very, very
independent. They will tend to be impatient. They will do
everything quickly without thinking through all the ways their
actions will ripple effect. They will have a very powerful focus, but
a lack of ability to maintain it for long periods of time (unless the
thing involves some type of infinite challenge. Fire people will often
have obsessions with things video games because of a strong desire
to conquer everything around them and constantly be challenged.)
Their actions may often appear to be compulsive and uncontrolled;
that may be because they are always looking for something to
consume or something to keep their minds occupied. Fire people
have a tendency to get bored with things the second they are no
longer challenging or new, which causes issues in relationships as
The biggest weakness of fire is also one of its biggest strengths and
that is its sense of self. It has a strong sense of self, but if it is
misunderstood (lacking an understanding of water) it will have a
consistent tendency to isolate. Fire people will be the type to not
ask for help and not accept it when it is offered. They will often
struggle with pride, and not trusting people. They are a very strong
energy and fire produces light, so naturally people are going to be
attracted to fire. If a fire person lacks sensitivity they will have a
tendency to hurt or burn people around them without realizing
that they are doing it. Underdeveloped fire will often lack the
patience to do anything long enough to see something manifest into
something worthwhile. Fire has a tendency to only think in straight
lines so they will often miss things when thinking and making
decisions, but will have the ability to make decisions quickly. Fire
people often have an obsession with the destination and lack the

ability to appreciate the journey. They may always be the first one
to the top of a mountain, but they will not be able to tell you
anything about the beauty along the way.

Fire has a powerful sense of self! This is beneficial because
they are least likely to doubt themselves, and therefore very good
at accomplishing tasks that are very difficult because they often do
not fear pain or accept defeat. They have an astounding ability to
take on challenges and accomplish them in a fraction of the time
that the other elements would have to take. There is nothing that
doesnt melt and burn, similarly, there is no obstacle that can stand
in fires way if its desire is great enough. Fire is the embodiment of
passion, and therefore fire people will tend to be very passionate.
Fire does take a lot of fuel to maintain so a wise fire person will
know when to be a small flame and when to be a raging inferno. A
truly wise fire person will know when to be just an ember. Fire is
unique in its profound ability to attract attention and thus
influence people. A fire person can be an incredible instrument of
inspiration. Fire is also incredibly contagious. If a fire person can
start a fire in someone else, they do not have to stay there to keep
the fire going. Fire, in a way, is self-sustaining. So if a fire person
has the wisdom and patience (earth qualities) to teach people how
to maintain and cultivate and feed their fires then they can have
limitless influence. Fire is the easiest element to misuse and the
easiest to cause damage with. If you can recognize that you have a
lot of fire energy within you, you have a particular responsibility to
be mindful of the way you are affecting and influencing other
people around you. There is much to learn.

Water is an
enigma among the
elements. The power of
water is truly something
that can only be
appreciated in reverent
silence. Anyone who has
been been to the ocean
knows this. Water has
many unique qualities
that are much different
from the other
elements. The main traits of water are empathy, feeling, and
selflessness. Water or H2O has the very unique quality of being
stable within itself (chemically speaking) but also intensely
polarized on both ends. Meaning that it is literally attracted to
everything. This gives water its amazing qualities like the ability
to dissolve things, to adhere to almost anything, to have surface

tension, to have the 3rd highest specific heat (how much energy it
takes to heat up a substance) of any substance and so on. The
strength of water lies not in the individual drops but in its ability
to integrate many small things into one flowing, powerful unit.
Water represents the power of mass integration. In There are no
secrets by Wolfe Lowenthal he says it like this, Only softness
can develop the unity- it has the power of mass integration, like
the individual droplets of water in a tidal wave. In truth, we
are all those individual droplets on earth; while we are separated
we are nothing but droplets destined to evaporate, but together
we have the power of the ocean. This is one of the reasons why
water is polarized with both charges; it desires to unify
everything into one thing. It realizes the power of unity and
connectedness. It is much like the individual cells in our bodies
that make up the much more powerful whole. Each cell by itself
cannot come close to accomplishing what it can accomplish when
operating within the unit of the body. The earth is our body, and
we are the cells.
Waters selflessness allows it to be anything at any
time. It can take any shape. It was Bruce Lee who said,
Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water.
If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put
water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it
in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow
or it can crash. Be water, my friend.
And so along with all of waters other amazing qualities it
has the capacity to understand and form to anything. This is seen
in water peoples ability to empathize. They have an incredible
capacity to feel others and things outside of themselves. But
along with that they are plagued with a lack of sense of self,
which inevitably draws them to fire people who have a very
strong sense of self and lack of empathy.

Waters biggest weakness is its lack of sense of self.
Underdeveloped and misunderstood water energy will have a
tendency to doubt itself a lot, because it does not understand
itself. Water lacks its own form. And yet it does not realize that
once you commit yourself to a form (whether physical, or a
thought) it becomes a prison of sorts so you had better like it!
Water struggles a lot with trying to find an identity, perhaps
more so than the other elements.
Water is incredibly powerful and the most resilient thing
on this earth. It can miss the fact that all of its power is held
within its formlessness. You cannot damage water. Throw rocks
into the water all day and you will never once see it break or
bleed because it yields its form to anything that is around it. The
saying goes Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be
broken! Water is unique in that it can act like a solid when it
crashes, but if you try to hit it back you will do nothing to it.
Water shows what is possible when many small seemingly
insignificant droplets of water come together; they become
infinitely powerful. They are incredibly resilient because if
something were to attempt to harm them each droplet absorbs
the punishment equally and they are incredibly powerful because
they have the ability to act as one. They can wash away the
mountains, and swallow the biggest fires like they are nothing. It
is only when water does not embrace its formlessness that it
stifles its own power.

The main traits of earth
are patience, timing,
and that it is grounded
or has a sense of
permanency. Earth is the
densest element. Along
with that denseness and
permanency it is easiest
to break because of its resistance to change. Earth is profoundly
impacted by all of the other elements and reacts to them as such.
Although on the outside you may not be able to tell immediately
that anything is happening. It has the sense of being immovable
and rooted. There are positives and negatives to both of those
qualities. Earth is the most manifested element and also the
slowest moving of the elements meaning that we use all of our
senses to perceive it easily. Earthy people will most likely have
fixations not necessarily with the earth itself, but with stability
and understanding the mechanics of everything around them,
especially before they make decisions. Earth has a very strong
low frequency that is often difficult to alter or affect.
Earths biggest drawback is its resistance to change and/or
movement. People with a lot of earth energy will often desire
stability above all else. They will often be upset when faced with
sudden changes in their lives and have a hard time seeing the
benefits of change and movement. Earth being the most isolated,
easily broken apart element, will have a tendency to isolate and
have a very hard time seeing things from other peoples

perspective. If you start smashing two rocks together, they dont

eventually just mesh into one rock. They will break if they have
to, but they will not join together. The other elements are all
much easier to join together. Because of this, it often takes
someone with energy of a different element to show an earth
person why this connectedness is beneficial or important.
Underdeveloped earth people are stubborn and single-minded
with hard logic as their only form of thought processing and
thtey often have a lack of spark. They will have hard time
expressing their emotions, and often will act like a volcano in
that respect. They build up a lot of pressure all at once, and then
explode without warning. This occurrence could also be likened
to an earthquake. Earth people can have a very profound direct
effect on people because of their lack of tendency to yield in
situations, which can make them seem pushy or demanding.
They can be very controlling.
The biggest strength of earth by far is its patience. People who
understand their earth like energy have and uncanny ability to
remain patient, controlled, and calm through any situation. They
seem to have an innate sense of perfection and timing with their
words and actions. These are the people who understand that a
journey of ten thousand miles begins with one step and that one
step at a time is not too difficult. These types of people are often
people who you might consider to be very wise. In many cases
it takes a lot of time for people to understand how to use earth
energy in a good way. That is because by its very nature, it is
slow not only slow to change, but slow to learn in many cases
(but learns thoroughly without making as many mistakes).


Each one of the elements interacts with each other very

differently. The element that air will have a tendency to avoid, or
at least not get too close to is fire. Air and fire make an amazing
team though. Air is the fuel, and fire is the power. Air creates the
environment, and fire gets things done so to speak. The
sensitivity of air makes sure that the things that fire is doing
arent hurting other people. The biggest problem about making
that relationship work, is that underdeveloped fire has a
tendency to be insensitive, and underdeveloped air has a
tendency to kind of be a pushover, so fire a lot of times fire will
just impose its will on air disregarding the need to be sensitive.
But if they are working together they can accomplish so much.
Fire can be carried great distances by air at great speeds. Air can
be beneficial to water by gently making water aware of its inner
self (although air can do that for any element, water will be more
receptive). Sometimes this is necessary when water is in a fragile
state, but most times water is incredibly resilient and is best
taught inner strength and confidence by fire, because water can
take the heat. Air will many times avoid underdeveloped water
people because they are extremely emotional, and air feels
everything and is very sensitive so sometimes being around a
powerful unstable force (much like fire) is very uncomfortable.
Of the elements, air is going to prefer to be around earth. Earth is
slow moving, doesnt change quickly and doesnt have a lot of
extremes many times and this caters to the sensitivity of air. An
example could be if you had super sensitive hearing; you
wouldnt want to be around screaming children all the time.
Similarly, air does not want be around things that are going to
over stimulate them, but that can easily become a weakness
(described in the poem as the fear of pain).
Fire presents itself as the most powerful of the elements, but that
is not necessarily true. All of the elements really are equal in
power and it just depends on how you use and develop them.

Fire does not typically become attracted to air for long, because it
will see its sensitivity and non-assertiveness as a weakness. And
because fire is not usually very patient it doesnt like to deal with
those things for very long. Fire can very easily become selfabsorbed without even realizing it. Fire and water are VERY
strongly attracted to each other. This is the most powerful
attraction among the elements. Water has the resilience to deal
with the extreme nature of fire, and fire can really be very
extreme because of that. Water people tend to be very loyal and
therefore will go through quite a bit with a fire person before
calling it quits. Fire many times needs someone like that in their
life to show them what it really means to be empathetic and
make sacrifices for them. Water can absorb massive amounts of
heat and remain relatively unchanged. Water is a very strong
negative, feminine force, and fire is a very strong positive,
masculine force. While they do compliment each other well, if
fire or water remains content to not work on understanding the
other elements, they will only help other remain weak by
compensating for the others underdeveloped traits. The idea is
that they should be teaching other and helping each other. So
when fire and water interact, water should be learning about
passion and the meaning of the self and confidence, while fire
should be learning about empathy and what it means to be
selfless connecting and forming to all things.
Fire and earth have kind of a father/son type
relationship to each other. Fire is the untamed raw energy, and
earth the slow moving, patient, sturdy energy. Earth can also
take a beating from fire, but not quite like water can. Fire and
earth have an amazing capacity to help each other, because fire is
motivated, but earth so patient and consistent. If you were trying
to get something done, fire is going to bring the inspiration and
passion to the project, while earth will bring consistency, focus
and stability. Fire and earth are both masculine elements and
therefore have and incredible capacity to accomplish things when

they work together, but with more complex projects or tasks

(especially involving people), or whatever you are trying to do,
they will often miss things because of their tendency to think
linearly as opposed to a more advanced, spherical, integrated
type of thinking. (Reference recursive circle diagram.)
Water is the unifier among the elements. Water seeks to bring all
things into one thing, which why water dissolves or breaks down
everything. It is seeking to bring unanimity. Scientifically
speaking we have just tapped the surface the properties of water
and what it can do. Water holds that mysterious quality much
like the ocean. You can see the surface of the water but that tells
you nothing of what is going on underneath; it is a whole
different world under the surface. Waters relationship to air is
really going to depend on whether or not it is developed. If it is, it
will recognize the usefulness of air (due to waters profound
intuitive nature) and seek to use airs abilities for the good of all
around. Water that is underdeveloped might seek to do the same
thing but will most likely just cause damage. Uncontrolled water
is more dangerous than the other uncontrolled elements. Waters
job related to fire is to neutralize. Water keeps fire from
becoming destructive. Fire cannot go beyond a barrier of water.
And being that one of the main traits of water is empathy, you
can see water as force protecting people from the heat of fire in a
sense; air has this ability as well, just not to the extent that water
does. So when fire is getting things done like fire does, water is
there to make sure that fire is not damaging and hurting people;
at the same time it is constantly looking for ways to get everyone
involved while fire is usually content to be a one man show.
Water and earth have an interesting relationship. Earth
is the only element that can really give water a form. Earth in this
case could be related to anything solid, or just the world of solid
matter. Earth creates a shape for water to be in. This is good in

some ways and bad in others. In underdeveloped water, this will

perpetuate the insecurities and lack of identity that water seems
to often struggle with, because earth is always attempting to give
water a form to identify with. As I said before, the power of water
is in its formlessness. The good side of the form that earth can
provide is to unify the water so that is does not get spread thin,
and also to keep it from destroying everything around it. The
form only becomes a bad thing when water identifies itself with
that form and becomes like earth unwilling to change; being
unwilling to change and being sturdy and patient are two very
different things. On the inverse of that relationship water is
always slowly eroding away at the form of earth, seeking to make
everything equal and level.
Earth gets along best with air because air is the easiest to
manipulate and earth is often very stubborn and resistant to
change. So if people were to come around an earth person and
they are not yielding to what earth thinks to be right, earth with
often become frustrated or angry. But air is easily swayed and
moved. So earth prefers air and fittingly air has a lot to teach
earth. Air yields to all of the other elements and has no fear of
movement or change while earth resists movement and change
very strongly. So if air is strong enough and earth is willing, earth
can learn a great deal from air. Earth is nurtured by water. Earth
has a tendency to be more logical, cold, and stoic. Water allows
earth to feel. It shows earth what it means to feel other people
and to feel within itself. Also water allows earth to produce life,
which is the greatest joy of earth to create. Earth people are
often people who love to work with their hands. They like
creating things. Water literally allows earth to grow. Without
water, earth remains dead (same with air, but everything starts
with air).

Earth and fire are the epitome of accomplishment. There

is really not much they cannot accomplish together. Earth and
fire do not clash very often actually even though they are two
masculine energies. They may clash a bit as they get close in the
beginning, but they usually realize very soon that they each have
what the other wants. When earth and fire are working together
they are extraordinarily powerful. You are mixing passion,
motivation, and inspiration, with patience, focus, and perfection.
When you have those ingredients you can really accomplish
anything you set your mind to. What water and air do in this
equation is make sure that other people arent getting hurt in this
process and keeping humanity from becoming mechanized and
numb like machines. Both fire and earth can easily get tunnel
vision and neglect people and things around them when they are
focused on accomplishing a task; so water feels what everyone
around them is feeling to see how it is affecting them, and air is
more sensitive to the earth (the literal earth) and environment on
a global scale.
As you are reading through these you are probably
seeing elements in your own life and thinking of the people you
know who are earth-like and water-like and so on. And then
youll think to yourself, oh yeah, they are just like that! What
this should be able to do is give you a template for dealing with
certain situations based on what element you tend to emulate.
For instance, as a primarily fire person, I know not to back
myself into a corner. If things get tense or I feel a lot of pressure I
know to just take some time to breathe, maybe take a walk and
also talk to someone to let some of that energy out. In the past I
didnt do that; I internalized everything and that often lead to
explosions that were very destructive and I hurt a lot of people
around me. If youre a water person and you find yourself being
very emotional about things all the time to the point that you
cant seem to control them you need to learn the art of being still.
You may not hesitate to let your feelings flow, but it is good to be

mindful when you do it. Do not let your emotions control you,
rather use them as an indication of what is going on inside of you
and the people around you. Do not be afraid of yourself.
All of this is just supposed to be a way to visualize and
help with understanding how we are, and how we interact with
other people. Once we get that, we will in fact realize that all of
the elements DO exist within us simultaneously. With every
decision you make and thought you think you are deciding which
one will become stronger. I told you I used to be a lot more water
like. That changed when I was 13 years old in one moment. I
remember it like it happened 5 minutes ago. I was talking to my
mother and she was yelling at me for something. My mother and
I did not have a good relationship growing up AT ALL. It was
tearing me apart inside and I didnt know what to do about it
because it seemed to me that she didnt care. As we were talking,
I told her about something that had happened about a week
before thatI was crying hysterically as I relayed the story,
Last week when we went out to eat I saw a dad with
two kids sitting across from us. He was smiling and
laughing; the kids were smiling and laughing. He was
asking them about their days at school and they were
telling him about art projects and other things that
were really didnt seem to matter, but the dad seemed so
interested! I remember watching them for a long time
and I just I just wish that could be us? Ya know? I
wish we could be happy like that.
After I finished, her reply was Whatever. And she
walked up the stairs. I dont really remember a time I ever cried
harder in my life than that day in my childhood, but I do
remember making a very distinct decision. I remember making
the decision that could no longer care about her because it was
killing me inside. I remember telling myself that I wasnt going to

feel anything anymore, and that is the moment when I started to

become the fiery person that most people came to know me as. It
was difficult to numb myself, but over time it seemed to work
more and more. I decided to look out for myself. That mentality
allowed me to survive being homeless 6 times and several near
death experiences, which is great! But! It also caused me to be
very insensitive to how I was affecting people around me. Now I
am still working on understanding water more and more each
day and what it means to empathize and develop real, intimate
relationships that are lasting and meaningful.
I tell this story so that you can understand that you can
make the decision to be whatever you want and all it really takes
to be one element or another is a decision to do so. I was pretty
watery growing up and then went to the extreme fire side.
Going back to what I first said our discussion of the elements,
this is not an excuse for you to remain weak and justify your
shortcomings and flaws. It is quite the opposite. I say all of this
so you can see the strength that each one of the elements has and
seek to become one balanced, powerful unit that is sensitive,
passionate, empathetic, and patient all at the same time.
The elements are a broad look at something that could
be dialed down into something very specific. They are ways for us
to understand something about our own energy and the way our
energy is interacting with other people around us. If we are
giving and getting vibes to and from people all the time it
would helpful to know how those vibes are affecting each other.
There is not much in life that we do or accomplish without
understanding how the parts of a system interact with other.
Think about cars, or electronics, or buildings we could not
accomplish much of anything without understanding the
mechanics and energy of the things that comprise the whole and
how they affect each other. Think of how much more we could
accomplish as humans if we treated earth like that? What if we

were dedicated to understanding ourselves and each other? What

could we accomplish? Probably anything we could think of.
These energies can be understood through intuition and there is
nothing wrong with that; but if you choose to stop there you are
going to have a very hard time explaining that to anyone else. Im
not sure how you would go about giving someone your sense of
intuition. Breaking things down (like we just did with the
elements) gives us another way of understanding that is
hopefully reproducible and learnable.
I guess a good question that could follow that section is
are these energies just conceptual or are they real? Well of
course that would depend on what you define as real. If by real
you mean measureable, then not yet (at least not that I know of).
That is definitely not how I define real, but we are all different. I
will say for myself that of course I believe these energies are real
and if we had the instruments yes I think they would be
measureable. Everything has an energy signature and given the
right tool, I believe we could measure it, which leads us to our
discussion of frequencies.

Everything in the known universe has a frequency, a
pulse, an energy signature. NASA even knows that stars and
planets have their own unique energy signature, which can
actually be heard! That is something worth looking up on the
Internet. Every thing that exists on earth has an energy
signature, a frequency, or group of frequencies that is unique to
that thing. This relates directly to what we were just talking
about with the elements. Each element would have its own

energy signature that is unique to that element. Remember that

this is just a predisposition, not fate. The reason why the
elemental analogy works so well is because each element covers
such a broad range of frequencies within itself and therefore tend
to be very accurate in figuring out a general idea about
characteristics within yourself or other people. Think about it
like octaves on a piano. If you split up the piano into 4 sections,
you could see what Im talking about. If you strike a random note
on the piano it will fall within one of those 4 sections that you
divided the piano into. This could be how you think of the
elements in relation to people. From this analogy you can also
see how certain element will compliment each other and certain
elements will clash more. It takes a certain amount of skill to
play all low (masculine) notes in a way where they will not clash
with each other. The same goes for the high notes. If you listen to
most music, you will hear a balance of low and high tones to
make the piece pleasing to the ear. There is a lot that can be
learned through using the musical analogy such as concepts of
harmony, dissonance, unison, and so on. The thing that most
people do is get good at one range (element), and one type of
music so that when someone sits down next to them at their
metaphorical piano, they can only harmonize with someone who
is proficient in the corresponding harmony because they
themselves are one dimensional.
This is where cultivating ALL of the elemental attributes
that we talked about comes into play. The goal is to be complete
within ourselves and to be able to harmonize with the
frequencies of ALL people by choice instead of compensating for
each others weaknesses out of a sense of lack, incompleteness,
and imbalance. Not only will that allow us to make more choices
since we would not be polarized towards only one type of person
(meaning we could only harmonize or get along with certain
people), but it would ultimately rid us of our sense of lack. I
personally believe this can only be achieved through a

connection with our source and the source of all those attributes
and energeis we seek namely God (if you happen to be reading
from the middle, please refer back to the disclaimers at the
beginning to be clear about what I mean when I say God).
So in regard to frequencies, think of it like this. Our
spirits are made of light. For the sake of illustration lets say the
God in this case is the sun. The light refracts and creates the
colors that we are used to seeing in our day-to-day lives. We have
a predisposition towards a certain color from the day we are
born. Each color has its own characteristics and compliments
certain colors while clashing with other colors. Our goal is to
continually expand the range of frequencies we can emit, so that
no matter what colors we are around, we can harmonize with
them. Imagine that you emanate a bright red color and you walk
into a place were there are a lot of people glowing with earthy
tones like burnt umbers, and deep crimsons, and earthy greens.
Imagine in that situation that you could immediately change
your color to compliment your surroundings and harmonize with
those people instead of clashing, without compromising who you
are as a person. That would be pretty cool right? And then over
time you would be able to perhaps slowly introduce newer
brighter colors into the color scheme that you find yourself
surrounded by in a way that the people around you remain
receptive to your suggestions and frequencies.
Thats an example using all colors, but it just helps to be
able to visualize whats going on. In more practical terms,
imagine that you are a young passionate visionary and you find
yourself in a situation where you are surrounded by people who
are older, a bit stoic and seemingly set in their ways. If you go
into that situation guns blazing talking about how everything
needs to change and being very passionate (fiery) about it, there
is a good chance that they will not be receptive. But if you can
calm yourself down, and learn their language, or learn how to

communicate effectively to them, then perhaps over time you will

find a way introduce the same ideas that before they might have
labeled as insanity. It is important to learn how to make people
receptive to what you are trying to communicate so that you have
the greatest effect when communicating with the least amount of
resistance possible. Who you are as a person is going to very
deeply affect how people perceive what you are saying to them.
For instance, if an obese person told someone they should go on
a diet, the person might get offended even if it was true! Even if
diet was something that the person was already planning on
doing. The point is that it is very difficult for people to disconnect
the message from the messenger so how you are and who you are
will affect your ability to communicate effectively to people just
as much as the way you say it... if not more. Also, if you yourself
stay receptive, you will most likely learn something from those
people who you previously thought to be just stoic ands
stubborn. This whole process is not an easy one, but it can be
simple if you allow it to be. One huge thing that will help it to
become simple to you is if you allow yourself to learn slowly,
gradually, and humbly.
Everywhere in the universe things are resonating their
own frequencies and searching for things to harmonize with.
This is in EVERYTHING everything from music to chemistry
and everything in between. Balancing is the art, and the higher
the level of contrast within the balance, the more awe there is in
the beauty. It would be very, very difficult to reduce our
individual energy signatures down to numbers (not saying it
cant be done), but that is one of the reasons why we use
concepts, visualizations, and analogies like the elements to help
give us a better idea of whats going on inside of us and what
frequencies we are emitting to the world around us.
Ill get more into the scientific side of frequencies in the
second volume of the book. But even the more subjective,

qualitative attributes and metaphors of frequencies most times

have corresponding scientific data that backs them up. If you
remember from earlier in the book, it was Albert Einstein who
said, Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we
have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so
lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.
When he says, whose vibration has been so lowered he is
referring to what we would call frequency. Energy has a tendency
to move in waves and the expression of how many times an
energy wave will oscillate between two given points of time is
called a frequency. It makes sense when you think of it as how
frequently the energy wave will crest and trough. Every known
physical thing will emit a certain frequency or energy signature
under given circumstances (I say under given circumstances
because different things like temperature, light, pressure, and
other things can affect the measurement of frequencies and
frequency output). The slowest moving things that we can sense
with our bodies would be the physical world we can touch. The
average resonant frequency on the planet is called the Schumann
Resonant Frequency and it averages 7.83 Hz. This corresponds
to our sense of touch, and the earth element. The next up would
be sound. Most humans can hear from about 20hz to 20,000Hz.
This corresponds to our sense of hearing and the fire element.
Then there is smell, which corresponds to the air element and
taste, which corresponds to the water element (Im not sure
about the frequencies involved in these senses). Then there is the
king of our senses being sight. The visible spectrum ranges from
about 430 THz to 750 THz. THz stands for terahertz, which is
1012 cycles per second! That means that the slowest moving light
energy that we can perceive is moving at approximately 430 x
1012 cycles per second, or 4,300,000,000,000,000 oscillations
per second! This may be one the reasons why our eyes are using
about 2/3 of our working memory when our eyes are open. They
are processing an incredible amount of information at every
second. Our eyes allow us to perceive a great deal about an object

with very little or no physical interaction with it. This is an

incredible survival sense. If we couldnt see, think of how much
harder it would be to find food that wouldnt kill or poison us or
find adequate shelter.
Frequencies may hold the key to being able to
accomplish some truly astounding things. Our bodies are
emitting frequencies all of the time. What may be even more
mysterious to ponder is that our thoughts have frequencies and
emit an energy signature, as well as our desires and intentions.
Have you ever been around someone and you got bad vibes
from them? Or good vibes? Sometimes the feeling can even be
overwhelming and not subtle at all. You may have said or heard
someone say, I just cant shake this feeling. We are constantly
interacting with subtle energy fields around us that are being
emitted by literally everything. Perhaps the most pronounced of
those fields is going to be coming from other people (although
there is an increasing amount of frequency pollution from
wireless technology of all kinds so its becoming harder and
harder to tell). When you start to put all of this together and
realize how all of these frequencies are interacting with each
other, you will understand that even your thoughts and
intentions are affecting everyone around you all of the time and
vice versa. This is a profound realization if you understand the
extent of its implications. That means that there is nothing that
you do, think, or want that doesnt affect everyone else in some
A great example of the power of frequencies in
association with its harmonic or dissonant qualities is when
some one can sing a note and break a wine glass. Have you seen
this? If you havent I encourage you to check it out on the
Internet. If you can match a pitch correctly in front of a wine
glass, you will actually be able to watch it bend like its liquid and
eventually shatter just from singing a note.

Now, when were talking about thoughts, the effects

most likely will not be that dramatic; although emotions can
definitely be that dramatic. Imagine that your brain was filled
with these wine glasses that are all tailored to respond to very
different specific frequencies; these would literally be the
neurons in your brain. Neurons will fire in response to certain
stimulation or perceived stimulation (which, really, is the same
thing). So when you think something, or feel something or want
something, your neurons are firing in response to your desire
and emitting a corresponding frequency that will resonate
outside of your body and continue to travel presumably
indefinitely. This is part of the science of prayer and positive
thinking. You are literally sending out frequencies into the
universe that will eventually hit something and that thing will
send out a corresponding frequency. There is A LOT more to it
than just that but that is a basic premise of prayer science.
So if you have things inside of you that youre not dealing
with, those things are inevitably affecting other people around
you without you even talking about it. This is something that Im
sure youve experienced as well. The easiest people to perceive
things about are usually your family or spouse. You can often tell
when something is wrong, or when they are upset at you, or if
they resent you and so on. They dont have to say anything or
necessarily have to even act different. This is a sense that can be
developed and could be considered low-level telepathy. Those of
you who are religious may refer to this as the gift of discernment.
One definition of telepathy is
The communication between people of
thoughts, feelings, desires, etc., involving mechanisms

that cannot be understood in terms of known scientific

People experience these types of phenomena all the time
but most of the time they are dismissed and played down
because of the lack of validation from the scientific community
and also the connotations involving occultism, which scares
people. We may experience things that would be considered
telepathic according to this definition and call it
intuition,vibes, or a feeling. I really could care less the
phonetics you use to describe the occurrence; what I consider to
be much more important at this point is the acknowledgement of
it. Its hard to acknowledge it and then act like its nothing. The
thing is that this telepathy is happening all the time whether its
conscious or unconsciously done. Youre always picking up on
these things and projecting your thoughts and emotions whether
or not you are consciously aware of it. Once you are aware that
you are affecting people so consistently with your thoughts,
emotions, and character, it is hard to not want to work on
bettering yourself. Once you become aware of the good you ought
to do, and then consciously decide not to, this is the birth of evil
or what some spiritual texts would refer to as sin. You cannot be
held accountable for things that you are not aware of. That would
be true injustice, and also evil. But if you have an inkling within
to you explore something or become aware of something and you
choose not to because you dont want to be held accountable for
your actions in that regard? That would be a very similar thing;
you are just as responsible for your willful ignorance as you are
for your blatant evil.

Subtle energy

27, Accessed September 30,


The more we start to realize that we are telepathic at all

times, the more responsible we will be for the influence we are
having on the people around us. The energy that we are using to
influence those people is a subtle energy. When I say subtle
energy I am referring to an energy that we cannot detect with
any of our 5 physical senses. This type of energy is perhaps the
most useful type in terms of getting things done or
accomplishing a goal because in most cases subtle energy will
meet no direct resistance, being that the thing or person being
influenced is unaware of it. Our previous discussion of telepathy
and the impact of our thoughts and emotions has now brought us
to a place (hopefully) where we realize that we are influencing
people with subtle energies at all times. If indeed this is the case,
then we are going to want to be conscious of what kind of
influence we are having on those people around us and even
ourselves! Through these subtle energy fields (you could even
call it spiritual energy) we are all connected in thought and
deed living lives together where our destinies are indelibly
Since we are all a part of the same body then we are
probably going to want to be conscious of how we are affecting
our body. We certainly do it with our own individual bodies, but
think of how much more powerful the body all of humanity is!
And if our subtle energies connect us we are going to want to be
especially mindful of what kind of subtle energies we are
exposing ourselves to and what kind we are emitting. Once we
can learn to see the signs and become aware of the subtle energy
that we are giving off and being receptive to, we will then be put
in the position to be able to make choices about it instead of
being influenced subconsciously or unconsciously.
Subtle energy has this very awesome quality of being
very soft and piercing. Meaning that it is very hard to resist or

not be affected by. That means that the more we learn to master
and understand this type of energy, our influence will extend far
beyond ourselves and be much more lasting and powerful. You
could even think of gravity. Gravity is a subtle energy that unites
all of the life on this planet and turns it into one cohesive unit. It
is so powerful that not only are we constantly aware of it, but also
it is almost impossible to overcome even though we are aware of
it. This type of influence is very dramatic and big, but of course
its easier to see the more subtle implications through the more
dramatic examples. Think of this example: say that you are at job
and the person at the top of the company has a strong desire to
make money no matter what they have to do. That desire trickles
down from the top and creates more and more pressure at the
bottom. The subtle energy of the CEO is a affecting everyone in
the system. If you are a server at a restaurant and you make a
mistake, you may have your boss get very upset at you. It seems
like your boss is more upset than they should be about the simple
mistake, but if you follow the reaction up the chain you will see
how everything is connected. The boss gets upset because they
have a performance review coming up that he is nervous about
because the person doing the review is very strict. The person
doing the review is strict because they have to report to the vice
president and is heavily pressured by the vice president to be
extremely thorough and unyielding. He is pressuring the person
doing the review so much because he is in charge of making sure
the company is producing certain numbers every year and
passing health code exams so as not to incur any fines. And the
vice president is so concerned with that, because if the numbers
drop or they dont pass health code exams, he will get fired,
because the president of the company wants to make money. I
am not saying that all restaurants work like this, but a good
many of them do. And here you can see how the desire of the
person with the most influence in the system is directly affecting
every other person in the system whether or not he ever has
contact with them.

There are a lot of systems functioning in the world right

now: political systems, law enforcement systems, biological
systems, family systems, ecosystems, financial systems, and so
on and so on. In each one of these systems there is some force,
some thought, idea, or subtle energy that is connecting them and
every time one member of the system does something it will
affect all other members of the system. There is really no getting
around this. Even if someone would wish to separate from a
system, your absence will affect the system as well (of course
there are factors that will contribute to the amount of effect you
would have by separating like the overall cohesiveness of the
system and what role you played).
In the beginning in the book we talked a lot about
starting to become aware of our subconscious tendencies,
thoughts, feelings, and so on. These are all subtle energies
themselves and also susceptible to being manipulated by subtle
energy. Really every thing that exists in the universe can be
described as energies. So just to reiterate, when I say subtle
energy I mean energy that cannot be perceived by the 5 senses.
The energies (such as gravity natural processes) being controlled
by higher forms of consciousness in the universe are responsible
for the way things are. Ultimately all forms of consciousness
are yielding to stronger forces in some way and all yield to the
central consciousness or God28. So as we continue to grow and
28 Just to be clear about my exact thoughts on this, I do believe there are 2

dominant forms of consciousness and subsequently 2 opposing realities.

To use a Biblical context/example, there would be a God of the universe
who would be the God of the Bible and also a God of a paralleling
opposite universe ruled by another deity the Bible would refer to as
Lucifer. In Gods universe, it is a kingdom of light, love and connection,
where everything in existence is seeking to be working in harmony as a
single powerful unit, referred to in the Bible as the Body of Christ. In the
paralleling universe of darkness, Lucifer chose to build a reality based
not on unity, love and connection, but one based on exactly the opposite.
His reality is based on the self and only the self that experiences his or her

understand ourselves and the structures that have already been

put in place, it will be a huge benefit for your progress to
approach the way things are with humility. Note that this
humility does not require you relinquish your inquisitive edge,
but that humility will allow to you work with the strongest forces
in the universe instead of against them. Imagine if you loathed
the fact that gravity pulled down and not up and you tried to
coast up hills on your bike or swim up rivers all the time. Perhaps
with over a few thousand, or million lifetimes you might change
the rules for your own little mini universe, but it would be quite a
bit more advantages to relax and go with the flow. When we get
into the sacred geometry section more in depth in volume 2
youre going to want to keep this in mind, because one of the
main things sacred geometry does is shows us how energy moves
in a system. And since everything in the universe is made of
energy right down to our thoughts, I would say that could be
pretty important.

own version of reality apart from the whole. This is why in the story of the
Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve ate the fruit, the first thing that
happened when they ate the fruit is that they became self aware, and thus
realized they were naked. This is the alternate reality. A reality based on
the self. Lucifers version of reality is simply an inverted version of Gods
reality that is outlined in many spiritual texts. So to put it into some
perspective from Gods point of view (especially if you were spiritually
abused by religions growing up) imagine that the universe is a body
much like your own. We are each a cell in the body performing a vital
function for the whole. Imagine that a cell in your body decided that it
didnt want to be a part of the whole anymore that it wanted to
experience its own reality apart from the body. So instead of doing what it
was doing, it starts to just do for itself and feed itself and reproduce itself
ignoring the function it was previously assigned to. We know this quite
well in this day and age. When this happens to our physical bodies its
called cancer. And usually people dont feel all that bad about cutting it out
of the body; they are just going to do what is right for the whole. So I
wouldnt think of God as some kind of evil judge raining down fireballs
from heaven at everything you do. He just loves his body, and will do
what is best for the whole as should we.

Right now we are focused on the subtle energies that we

have the most ability to control, such as our thoughts, feelings
and intentions. What subtle energies take the forefront is going
to be completely up to you. A really good way to go about
learning to control these energies is to start with your body. This
is the slowest moving energy is should be the easiest to control of
the energies. By this, I mean you should move up the Chakra
system of your body and master each physical property, then
mental, then spiritual (of course in this process you are going to
be working on all 3 dimensions of yourself whether you are
intending to or not because of the intimate relationship between
the parts of you).
Ok so take a look at this diagram here of the Chakra
system (much of which is very common interpretation, but some
is my own). Notice the parts of the body that that chakras are
centered over. This is going to be the main indicator for what

parts of ourselves we are going to have to learn to control as we

move through this system. As newborns, and children our first
main things to get ahold of are going to be our bowels and
bladder. Then being able to do things like feed ourselves, walk
ourselves, and basically to not be completely codependent for

everything. Then we learn to interact with the people around us

and develop different types of relationships. Notice also that the
second charka will include sexuality as one gets older. So if
youre not blind or living under a rock, you can easily see that the
majority of the population struggles with the first 3 charkas (not
solely the physical aspects) quite a bit and many never get
beyond them. The one that are trying to really get to in order to
move the next stage of human consciousness and evolution is the
center, which is love consciousness.
Quick side note before we continue: there is interesting
relationship between the dimensions of our existence in relation
to subtle energy. The lower or slower frequency dimensions of
ourselves are always controlled by a dimension (or frequency)
higher than itself, or you could say closer to the source (since
anything being higher is all relative to perspective). Another
way you could say it the lower vibrational energies are only
byproducts of the higher vibrational energies as above, so
below. One example is the physical world that we see: it is
moving so slowly that we can touch it and yet the energy that
holds the atoms together is moving at a much higher frequency
than the slow matter itself. One visual you could use is wind
trying to blow a large boulder. If you were to measure the wind
speed vs. the speed of the boulder, there is going to be a huge
disparity between the two. It takes a lot of subtle energy to
manifest a physically perceivable effect. Also, based on
perspective and spacing, certain aspects of the masculine and
feminine energies are just the inverse of their counterpart. The
reason is because all things are being derived from a similar
source so there are going to be similarities even when things are
polar opposites. Im only saying this now so that when I really
break down these inter-dimensional relationships in the next
volume, you havent misunderstood what I am trying to say now.

But what of the wind blowing the boulder? Why would

you waste that much energy trying to use wind to move a boulder
instead a crane or a truck or something much stronger. Well Im
glad you asked! The more subtle the energy, the more sensitive
and adaptable it is which makes mistakes less and less likely.
Imagine that you are an element and you are hanging out with
your element friends. You are the earth element, manifested in
this case a large rock. You decide to have a contest with your
friends water, fire, and air to see who can hit a moving target
from a good distance. Imagine that you all have your targets.
Ready, set, go! You all hurl yourselves off this cliff to hit the
targets. While in mid air, a bunch of small children run in front
of the targets. Now what? You are all flying through space and
time at a good speed down towards these children. Who is going
to do the least harm? It should be pretty obvious that air is going
to do the least harm because it is the lightest. It will easily be able
to whip around and through the children and still hit the target,
whereas earth, being the heaviest, will have the option of either
hitting the children along with the target or missing it altogether
by expending great energy to move itself out of the way if it even
So lets transpose that example into our discussion of our
dimensional selves. We have broken it down so far into 3
dimensions of mind, body, and spirit. Spirit is going to be the
highest energy level and most versatile, powerful energy, which
is the true substance of our being. (Just to be clear about what I
believe about the energy of the spirit, I believe that the energy
contained within the spirit encompasses both the higher and
lower frequencies that make up the mind and body. But being
that the spirit is a quantum leap away from the mind it has an
energy level and frequencies that are much higher than the
frequencies of the mind. If this example were on a piano, it
would be like the body is the first octave, the mind is the second,
and the spirit is the entire piano). Then our minds (being

controlled by
our spirits), is
a bit lower
the measurable forces of electricity and magnetism. Then we
have the lowest frequency version of our existence being our
bodies, which are being controlled by our minds. The body has
very little ability to directly affect the spirit in most cases, and yet
the spirit ultimately is in control of the physical body, through
the communication of the mind. The way that these energies get
things done is very different from one another, and energies
closer to each other in frequency have more of an effect on one
another. The closer two things are in frequency, the heavier
and more noticeable the effects of their interactions are going to
be. An example would be our senses. Touch and sound are close
in frequency, and musically speaking the lower the bass is, the
more likely you are to feel it as if it were an actual physical thing
touching you. And the same thing goes for smell and taste. You
can usually get a good feel for how something tastes by how it
smells. The benefit of using higher frequencies to manipulate
lower frequencies is the lack of resistance. In most cases (there
are exceptions for injuries, certain medical conditions, and
certain mental problems) the mind does not have the ability to
resist the will of the spirit, just like the body cannot resist the will
of the mind. If you tell your body to raise its hand, its not going
to tell you no or resist you if its fully capable of doing so. All the
body is doing is what its told; the same thing goes for the mind,
but the interactions and functions are just much more complex
and moving/changing more quickly. Its actually really cool when
you think about it. Our minds and bodies are our personal
allotment of consciousness that we have been given
responsibility over. It is much like our own universe. We have

approximately 100 trillion cells in our bodies, which are like our
people, responding to every thing we tell them to do. We provide
them with everything they need to survive. We teach them what
reality is and also create it for them. And we are the god of all of
this happening it sounds much like what most people would
consider God to be right? We are a universal body. We are also
an earthly body. Every reality we create for ourselves will
intimately affect the functioning and state of the rest of the body.
So what are you telling your body? What are you telling your
mind? The mind is gathering information through filters (beliefs)
that you choose. What kind of reality are you creating for
yourself and others?

Controlling the whole self: Mind, Body, and Spirit.

By now weve come a long way in this journey of
consciousness, thought, emotion, and energy. If youre still
reading then no doubt something has resonated with you and
your perspective has probably broadened since page one. The
thing that always annoys me when people talk about things like I
have been talking about this whole book, is when they go to great
lengths to explain these intricate and perhaps profound
realizations about life, love, the universe or whatever, and then
they leave people with no first step to implement the information
into their day to day lives. Its like they have all of these great
ideas of what should be done, but not how to do it effectively.
That being said I have done my very best to include many
examples that you may encounter in real waking life and how to
go about making progress towards your personal goals in regards
to this material. This is not to say that this is the way. Surely,
there are many ways if only we could be sensitive and aware
enough to recognize them. I am only offering you first steps. For
some of you, you may be able to get exactly where you want to be
in your own life simply by doing things that we discussed in this

book, but for others it will not be enough or will not work as well.
This is that glorious place where you have the opportunity to
discover a new way, and perhaps a better way for yourself and
others like you. I only have few more things to say about a couple
principles that I have found to be universally important and
consider to be vital to be aware of if youre serious about making
I have mentioned several times the principle of doing
things gradually: in truth, one step at a time is not too difficult.
There is great power in understanding this principle and it truly
spans across all areas of life, whether it be physical or spiritual
(just as a disclaimer, there are benefits to speed and shock by
way of speed in certain situations, but without a sturdy, powerful
core the speed will only hurt yourself and others so for this
volume we really want to focus on developing our core and Ill
touch on the speed game in volume 2). So were going to use this
principle when approaching this idea of controlling the whole
self. The easiest, most effective way (from my perspective) to
achieve this total control of the self is to start with the easies
stuff, and then move on to the harder stuff, or put in contextual
words here to gradually move from the physical part of our
existence to the spiritual part of our existence.
Before I say this, I just want let you know that this is the
EASIEST way to go about making progress, but not always the
most effective. The thing is, if we try to do things that are too
hard at first, we will often get discouraged by our lack of
progress; it makes quitting so much easier when we are
discouraged. If we can make small measureable steps then we
will be much more likely to continue moving forward because we
are encouraged by our own progress. This is not to doubt your
resolve; it is simply me making note of something that I have
noticed VERY consistently with people trying to make life
changes. I think the smartest thing to do if you set out to achieve

a goal, is to first position yourself in the best possible place to be

successful. So while Im outlining this process of going from body
to spirit, I want be clear that the most effective way would to be
able to change from the inside out or from spirit to body, because
once your core is changed, everything else to will adjust to that
Here is what I will suggest doing as far as learning to
control your whole self. The first thing that you are going to want
to do is get your body under control. This means that you are not
a slave to what your body tells you. While it is very important to
be aware of what your body is telling you, it is equally important
to not allow your body to dictate your actions, feelings and
cravings to you. If diet and exercise is something you struggle
with, I will say that hands down that is the first place to start.
This does not mean, if youre obese, this is for you; actually I
meant exactly what I said regardless of how you look on the
outside. If youre skinny by way of a fast metabolism but you still
fill your body with trash and spend hours in front of the TV
everyday then this is for you too. There are very close to ties to
your physical being and how your mind and spirit operate, and
since controlling your physical self is going to be the easiest part
of you to control, were going to want to get that under wraps.
This might be really difficult to do at first. The first steps are
always the most difficult ones because you have no momentum
to carry you; and often times your momentum is carrying you in
the opposite direction. So you might really have to dig deep to get
started. The mindsets and principles of awareness and selfcontrol that you develop while learning to control your body are
going to be vital when you move on to the mind and spirit. The
body is just sitting there awaiting your command, while the mind
and spirit are a lot more tricky to pin down. So when you drive
past your favorite fast food place, it might take a lot of self
control to not stop and get something, but it is that same self
control that is going to allow you to take control of the rest of

your life. That self-control will allow you take the time to
meditate and write down your experiences. That self control will
eventually allow you to respond calmly to people who are
harassing you and give you an opportunity to see the big picture.
It is really nice that you are starting to take care of your body if
you do this, but even more important than that, you are
developing a character trait that will allow to be successful in so
many other ways. This has to do with the development of your
core; and while youre developing your core, self-control will be
key. Remember from earlier in the book, Your foundation
and core will determine how much progress you can
make in any venture. The focus of this whole process is the
getting to the core.
Diet and exercise are a big step. Some other physical
things to take control of are habits that may be negative or
unwanted. A huge one is smoking. I have heard from many
people that quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to do
period. I do respect that and understand, but that is not an
excuse to not try and not succeed. You can accomplish anything
if you put your mind to it so dont doubt yourself. Addictions may
very well be the most destructive fear based things that exist. If
something has control of you on such a deep level that it seems to
rob you of your ability to choose, it is NEVER good. Yes Im
saying the n word. I dont say never very much, but being
addicted to anything even if they are good things, can have
detrimental consequences. That just has to do with the nature of
addiction. One can be addicted to literally anything. A very
common misconception about addiction (especially when it
comes to drugs) is that things or substances themselves are
addictive. This is NOT TRUE. It is absolutely 100% not true that
substances, things, or activities have arbitrary addictive power.
This is the same thing as our example back in the beginning of
the book about the people driving and the one person throwing
up his middle finger. The stimulus DOES NOT have arbitrary

power to cause a predetermined specific reaction. The only

difference between that example and this example is that
smoking is purely dealing with the physical side and the other
example brings the mental and emotional into it (which deals
greatly, if not solely with perception). Our physical selves are a
manifestation of our spiritual selves so there could be many
reasons why someone has a predisposition to be addicted to
certain things. It would be very difficult to decipher why without
knowing a great deal about a person. That being said, if you can
conquer an addiction, you have done much more than you may
realize. Addiction many times addresses the deepest flaws and
cracks in our foundation that we have. That is why they are
addictions and not just something you do from time to time.
They are indicative an extreme imbalance or lack. This is not me
condemning smoking (although I wouldnt suggest inhaling
toxins into your body); I actually have a very liberal view when it
comes to drugs (although I almost never condone
pharmaceuticals). My position is that all things can be good in
moderation. And in the same breath, all things can be
devastating in debauchery. Your body is made of almost 70%
water, but you can still drown in it balance and moderation are
Other areas of your physical self to get under control will
be things are maybe not so noticeable or destructive as fullfledged addictions. This could include biting your fingernails,
over eating, sleeping too much, drinking, or smoking weed every
day (I know weed is not as bad for your body as cigarettes, but
sorry stoners I have to be across the board!). It could also be
when you attach yourself to something physical or an activity
such as, checking your phone every 3 minutes, checking your
Facebook constantly, needing to be wearing makeup before you
leave the house, attachments to things like clothes, cars, and so
on. This is where we start to bridge the gap between the physical
and mental, because there is usually a good amount of

psychology that goes into these types of attachments to physical

Controlling the mind is a whole different ball game, but
we are going to use the same principles that we learned while
subduing the body. We are going to need to a lot of self-control,
patience, and concentrated awareness. Mental and emotional
flaws can be much more elusive than physical ones. We are
making a quantum leap when move from the physical to the
mental so all of the rules change, and yet the principles remain.
We have already talked a great deal about controlling the mind
and emotions in previous parts of the book, but this is where the
rubber meets the road. Im not writing this book to spawn a
generation of pseudo-intellectuals that walk around speaking
eloquently and philosophizing about whats wrong with the
world and what could be done. Im writing this to inspire
humanity to reach deep inside of themselves and discover their
own greatness, to see the endless possibilities that exist in this
universe and push the boundaries of our existence, to be
passionate about loving each other and being a part of everyone
elevating to the next level together! That means that we are going
to have to do more than just talk; we are going to have to take on
our toughest opponent, which is ourselves.
That being said, as we move on to conquering the mind,
we are going to have to be patient, humble, and passionate about
it because it will not be easy but it will be done. As I said
before, I think a huge part of starting to understand your own
mind is mediating. If you are not aware of how your mind works
or why, it is going to be very hard to make progress as you trying
to subdue it. We have talked a lot about reprogramming the
mind and the subconscious and this is where all of that comes
into play. You are going to want to program your mind in way
that allows for maximum control of it. You going to want to
instill the vital principles of patience, self control, ambition,

empathy, and sensitivity until they become your nature. The

more you program your mind with facts the less malleable and
adaptive you become. This is especially dangerous when they are
facts based on perception or experience. You are going to want
to give yourself the opportunity to think with a clear open mind
about every new situation. What happens quite often is that we
hardwire ourselves so distinctly and specifically that we are
hardly even human or making choices anymore. If you are so set
on what you believe about everything in regards to reality, you
have effectively crippled yourself from experiencing anything
outside of your preprogrammed thought paradigm. That sounds
terrible right?? The more you do this to yourself, the more you
are turning yourself in the rock that cannot move, cannot think
for itself, and cannot change. We want instill principles into the
deepest parts of ourselves not facts or ideas let those things
float around on the outside where they are adaptive and yielding
to a broad range of perspectives.
The question is how do we program our minds so that we
have maximum control of them? I mentioned principles, but to
put it into a more clear perspective Im going to use a physical
example. We do can do the same thing when programming or
conditioning our bodiesmeaning that we can instill principles
deep into our muscle memory not ideas. Principles would be
things like strength, flexibility, endurance relaxation, integration
and so on, while ideas would be things like playing piano or
doing some sort of martial art. If you were a pianist and you
understood well what it means to relax your fingers, hands, and
wrists and let them flow across the keys, you could not take that
idea into every other physical venture involving your hands
because the activity may require different principles. If you are
doing Jiu Jitsu then you are not going to want your fingers to be
flowy and relaxed while you attempting to grapple. You would
want them to strong and unified so as not to have one of your
fingers get isolated and broken. So when youre learning to play

the piano you would want to instill the principles of relaxation

and flexibility deep into you, NOT the idea of playing piano, as if
that were the only way to move your hands. If you were to accept
that playing piano was the only way to move your hands you
effectively cutting yourself off from excelling and at a myriad of
other activities that call for different types of movements and the
implication of different principles.
Its rather obvious that different physical activities take
different types of physical attributes so if you want to set yourself
up to succeed at any and all physical endeavors then you are
going to want to teach your body as many of the core principles
as possible. This will dramatically increase your learning curve. If
you are flexible, strong, have great stamina, and are relaxed (just
to name a few things) you are going to have a huge edge when
teaching your body something because youre taking away your
We can do the exact same thing when it comes to our
minds. This of course is a little more tricky because the mind is
much, much more elusive than the body. Trying to pinpoint
things that are going on in our minds many times can feel like
trying to hold a bubble underwater. Its like the second you think
you got it, it slips out from under you. This is why its so
important to begin understanding your mind and how it works.
The body is rather stationary and therefore makes it much easier
to study, control, and dominate. But the mind is like a river
always moving, always flowing, and always changing, so we cant
necessarily expect the same results or ease when taming the
mind. This does not mean that we are not using similar
principles when we seek to subdue the mind. We are still using,
patience, sensitivity, awareness and so on.
This is something that may be extremely difficult for
many people. We are often taught from a young age to

incorporate ideas into who we are as opposed to principles. We

are told how things are when we are very, very young and often
times we lose our pliability very quickly as we become adults.
The piano example works 100% here. Religion is an excellent
example of this as well. Many people get taught from a young age
what to believe about the world, whether or not there is a god,
and where we came from. And depending on what those things
are, the child will develop a certain way of looking at the world
and interpreting. This makes people very stale. We are so quick
to teach this way of thinking and so quick to accept it ourselves
and yet every single great scientific discovery, human rights
movement, and paradigm shift starts with someone questioning
the most basic premises that were taught to them since they were
a child. Imagine being in the world before Magellan
circumnavigated the globe. How would you feel if someone came
up to you and said, the earth is actually round!? How would
you feel about someone contradicting the most basic thoughts
that you had ever been introduced to? This is one of the biggest
differences between the way children learn and the way adults
learn (or dont learn). Childrens minds are pliable and accepting,
willing to dream, think outside the box, and question everything
with a sense of wonder and awe when looking at the world. While
on the other hand, adults are often sunk into this depression of
thought and creativity where they already know so much about
the world around them and how things are nothing is
mysterious or wondrous anymore. We stop questioning we
stop wondering one of the simplest and most beautiful questions
we could ever ask why? Why is the earth round? Why are we
here? Why does America have the highest incarceration rate of
any country by landslide ratios? Why are 80% of those people
minorities? I think one of the things that keeps us from asking
why a lot of times is that we are afraid that we might get an
answer that we dont want to hear. Im going to take a wild guess
and say those of you who are reading this book are not in that
group. I would venture to say that those of you still reading and

still on this journey with me are willing to ask the hard questions
and challenge yourselves to become better people, and make a
better world, where love is the only law necessary. Does that
sound crazy? Is it crazy to think that we could live in a world
where the only law that is necessary is to love each other? Maybe
I am that person screaming of a round world in a time when the
flat-world thought paradigm dominates. But just because we
have been told a certain thing doesnt rob us of our ability to
dream and think freely and with outrageous creativity!
All of these ideas can be very helpful and extremely
effective when trying to understand and subdue the mind. You
are going to want to teach your mind to flexible and pliable like
the mind of a child. This means that you are going to have to go
deep into your own psyche, emotions, and beliefs to rip out some
of those thought weeds and emotional weeds to get your brain
garden in a good position to grow and flourish. Go deep into
yourself and take out some of those ideas of what you think you
about how things are, and replace those things with principles.
Replace those things with love, patience, kindness, goodness,
empathy, sensitivity, passion, respect, etc. This is something that
became really real to me when I was in Bible school. I saw a
group of people who were more attached to the belief system
they followed than the God they claimed to love. And in pursuit
of defending their thoughts and beliefs I would watch them
viciously debate about doctrinal issues, denominations, and
methodology. I watched horrendous church splits, family
arguments, and broken relationships over these things. All of this
strife and heartache was over things that are simply a matter of
opinion that cannot be proved. All the while, they are neglecting
the god they claimed to serve not showing humility and
patience when dealing with opposition, but getting defensive
because they knew they were right. Is that so? All of that
bickering and arguing about who God is and what he wants his
church to look like, and how to evangelize properly, and yet not

one man or woman could describe to me what the face of God

looks like. If you read that and say to yourself yeah Christians
are totally like that! You are on the 100% wrong track as you
have just formed an idea to criticize their ideas that they may
have. I only use that example to put it into a real life context that
may be familiar to a lot of people. The goal when reading any of
the examples is to see those things in yourself. Now, if the people
in the example were concerned about the principles then many of
their issues would not exist because people would openly
embrace things that are different with intelligent, loving,
inquisition instead of skeptical, prideful, dismissal. This is why it
is SO important to fill the core of our being with principles NOT
ideas. PRINCIPLES, NOT IDEAS. I cannot say it enough.
The mind can be very tough puzzle to put together. Im
not saying this is going to be easy, but along the way do not
concern yourself with ideas so much. Do yourself and favor and
position yourself to grow without resistance caused by your own
thoughts and feelings.
On a spiritual level things tend to get a lot less
complicated but A LOT more difficult. Im not going to say a
great deal about how this process works on spiritual level simply
because Im not comfortable presuming that I know that much
about spirituality at this point. I will just tell you what I have
learned. The thing that has made the biggest impact on my
understanding of spirituality and how it works is the love/fear
dichotomy. I believe that (and have explained previously) that all
things are derived from consciousness including the physical
world. And so right along with that there are two types of
consciousness that I am aware of. Those 2 are love consciousness
and fear consciousness. I believe that these are forms of energy
just like any other forms of energy that we can identify. And just
like different types of energy they are used to do different things.
Love connects and fear isolates. Love is relaxed and fear is tense.

Love is selfless and fear is selfish. Love is compassionate while

fear is survival based touching on the most primal fear of all
consciousness life forms, which is death. Now in a broader sense
of course we are going to expand far beyond the idea of just
physical death. It could be the death of a relationship, a job, a
living situation, etc. Just like love is energy of connection and
often manifests as compassion when dealing with people, fear is
the energy of imposed separation or disconnection and often
manifests as clinching, holding, or attempting to control
something so as not disconnect from it. Jesus talked about this
phenomenon when he said, If you cling to your life, you will
lose it, and if you let your life go, you will save it.29 The funny
thing is that the fear is what hurts you. I mentioned this earlier in
the book, but I want to highlight it again because I think it is so
important. Something that I would say to myself over and over
again when I learning to conquer some of my deepest looming
fears was It is my fear of pain that hurts me. I would say it to
myself over and over again. Its something that is really
interesting actually and very true in so many cases. As I
mentioned before, when drunk drivers get into car accidents,
they almost never get seriously hurt while often killing or very
seriously injuring the people they collide with. That is because
their bodies are relaxed they do not tense up fearing the impact
and the pain. In that situation it is literally the fear of pain that
hurts you or even kills you. Your fear is what keeps you from
Every time that you make a decision you are spawning a
portion of either love or fear consciousness. With every thought,
action, and emotion you are breeding either a love or a fear
consciousness. And these two types of consciousness are what I
believe determine the substance of the human spirit.


Luke 17:33 New Living Translation

The vital environment

The environment that we put ourselves in may be the
most important decision we make. There are many factors that
determine our environment and most of the time the one that is
going to make the difference in our lives (noticeable difference at
least) is the people we surround ourselves with. You may have
heard it said, You are the average of your 5 closest friends.
There is a lot of truth to that. Environment is so important
because the influence of your environment is constant as long as
you are in it. Therefore its influence is going to very pervasion
and effective. It is very difficult to overcome an environment.
Some environments that we are very familiar with that go by
different names are schools, neighborhoods, and cultures. Some
environments that are a bit smaller that we are creating for
ourselves and exposing ourselves to everyday are also families,
diet (which would be the environment that you are creating for
the cells in your body), and even down the to dcor of your home.
Any thing, or group of things that encompasses or surrounds
another thing could be considered its environment.
While our environment has a huge impact on us, the
undeniable truth still stands that it cannot override the conscious
mind. Since we have been talking this whole time about creating
a life of intention and doing everything we do intentionally (thus
empowering us to create our own reality more and more), we are
also going to choose our environment very carefully and
intentionally. This is going to be critically important in the
beginning any journey where you are not extremely strong in
your own core and spirit. You want your environment to be
helping you become who you want to be and accomplish what it
is you are trying to accomplish. The stronger you are and more
connected you are to your source, the more you will carry an
environment with you and create the environment around you

instead of being constantly influenced by it. You may have

experienced at some time in your life. Have you ever been
around someone who had a presence about them? As if they
literally changed the tone of the room when they walked in?
Think back to our discussion on thoughts and emotions being
frequencies that travel outside of our bodies this same thing is
true about the spirit and even more so. The essence of who a
person is will affect the people around them. The stronger that
force, or the stronger the spirit, the more it will seem like they
are creating their own weather around them as if they were a
planet. When similar forces are collaborating they are cocreating an environment with each other with an exponential
increase in energy with each contributor added. Again, this may
be the strongest with environments created by people. This is
why cultures last for so long. They are very powerful and very
difficult to overcome if you are immersed in them.
Imagine that you are a drop of water. If you wanted to
remain in a liquid state what kind of environment would you
surround yourself with? Youre probably going to choose some
environment between 33 and 211 degrees Fahrenheit arent you?
What I think that most people dont realize is many times in
pursuit of our goals we do not take our environment into
consideration. It would be like trying to become liquid water, but
never thinking to leave the freezer. If you want a dramatic
change to take place many times you are going to have to make a
dramatic change to your environment. That can be done a couple
different ways. One way would be to leave your current
environment and go to one that is more tailored to help you
reach your goals; or you could try to change the environment
that youre in. Trying to change an environment is very, VERY
difficult. Imagine that you are the ice cube sitting in a tray in the
freezer or probably more accurately just a droplet how much
energy would it take to melt everything in the freezer? Do you see
the point? This is what it is like trying to change an environment

(of course the difficulty varies with each individual

environment). It would take and incredible amount of energy
and probably a complete structural overhaul. It is much more
likely that a piece of hot iron would be able to do that rather than
a hot droplet of water and that goes back to the traits of the
elements that we discussed previously. By that example you can
also see the power of mastering and understanding all of the
elemental energies. Understanding how to change form or the
type of energy you have/emanate is an incredible ability to have.
If you do understand then you will be able to thrive in any
environment no matter what it is. This is a precursor to true
Being able to choose an environment that is most
conducive to the type of growth you are seeking may be a little
more difficult than it seems. This is because the environment is
comprised of many different elements that are physical, mental,
and spiritual. I would say to choose your environment based on
spiritual leading, but it can be very difficult to decipher between
what your mind and spirit want, especially if you are making a
big change to do so. Your mind is going to be presenting the
logical things usually in the format of a cost/benefit analysis. It
will weigh the pros and cons for you to examine and make an
intelligent decision, while your spirit tends to just be urging
you steadily without much logic. This is not to say that your logic
is wrong or that the urging feeling is always right. It takes a
practiced type of peace and spiritual serenity to confidently
identify the voice of your spirit with the distraction of your
talking mind. This comes back full circle to our meditation and
learning to be aware. I hope that you have gotten that journal
and started meditating and recording your findings and progress.
If you havent then I would say that you are not getting the full
benefit of what this book has to offer probably not even a
fraction of it. Remember, 5 minutes a day is not too much.

When you do get to the point where you are choosing

your environments you would do well to be very aware of how
your environment is affecting you. This can be very difficult
because most times there are many subtleties, but there is no
reason not to use this as an opportunity to practice your
discernment. You may notice a few things after you begin
choosing your environments. You may notice that things get bad
initially or harder to deal with. This by no means is indication of
a bad decision and this is also where the discernment thing
becomes very difficult. How would most people judge the success
of any venture? Well its no secret that they are going to judge it
based off of the results right? The problem with basing success
off of the initial results is that there is almost always darkness
before the dawn. If you were to plant a seed and you went back
the next day and saw that there was nothing there would you say
that you made a bad decision? Well of course not, but that is
because you have foreknowledge of the process. I am offering you
some foreknowledge of the process of personal growth right
now it takes time and usually more time than you are
comfortable with. After you plant the seed you have to take of
care of it on a daily basis and nurture it, all the while not reaping
fruit from it while it takes root and grows. This can be very
frustrating, but undoubtedly very rewarding when the process
comes to fruition.
There will most likely be a period of deep growing pains
if you seek to better yourself on deep level. But like many things
the reward far outweighs the pain. If you see that you are in a
toxic relationship and you have to break it off it can be
devastating. If you see that your friends are holding you back
from accomplishing your goals and you decide to begin
distancing yourself from them, they most likely wont understand
right away; they might think you to be arrogant saying things
like, are you too good for us now or what?! But if you can keep
your eyes on the vision you can perform wonders far beyond

what convention will tell you is possible. A lot of you may read
that last sentence and think to be just another warming line in
some kind of self help book that you can post on the internet and
go hmmmmmmmm with your friends about, but if you really
understand it and take it to heart then you will actually be the
one performing wonders not talking about them. Think of the
people that you most admirewhat is the difference between you
and them? What is the difference between a mediocre athlete
and an extraordinary one? Im telling you its a decision. The only
difference between those who are mediocre and those who shock
and inspire the world is whether or not they believe they can do
it. What are you willing to sacrifice to see your goals
accomplished in your lifetime? What are you willing to go
through? How close are you willing to get to the edge of yourself?
How many times are you willing to break? Do you have it within
you to transcend yourself and your environment? You do. You
most certainly do if you only choose it. If you seek to unlock the
unlimited power within yourself, you are setting yourself on
journey with unknown struggles and challenges ahead of you.
You may have to give up things that you never thought you could
part with, but sometimes the sacrifices are the only way to move

Becoming an atom and beyond

The first part of our journey is not complete until we are.
This is a feat of balance. I really need the word balance to not
lose its power here. Dont get lulled into reading and absorbing
this information passively and not taking the principles to heart.
Balance is such a huge deal that really nothing weve talked about
so far is possible without it. Its not just a word that old shaolin
monks will say to their students over and over without reason. It
is extremely powerful when understood. If you have the space
where you are reading I want you try something. I want you to

spin around in circles 33 times and then try to take a few steps
backwards, or even forwards! The funny thing is that many of
you will not even be able to spin 33 times without falling over.
This is what happens when our physical balance is disrupted.
The simplest tasks seem to become nearly impossible. If the
physical world is a manifestation of higher dimensions or the
spiritual world, just imagine what kind of effects there are from
spiritual, mental, or emotional imbalances! They are profound
and many. We have been living with them for so long we have
accepted most of them as part of normal life, not even realizing
that we have the power within us to engineer our own realities.
You can see very easily the disabling effect of physical imbalance
when you spin in circles and how it impairs your ability to do
almost everything. So if we have mental imbalances imagine how
much that impairs our ability to utilize the true power of our
brains. Likewise if we have spiritual imbalances imagine how our
spiritual abilities have been crippled.
So what is this business about becoming an atom? Im
going to try to exhaust all examples I can think of with this
chemistry analogy (a lot more in volume 2) because I believe it is
such a vivid, accurate indication of how many things work. As
were bringing things to close for now I want to leave you with
these thoughts going through your head. We are all composed of
energy. It is much more helpful and accurate to think of yourself
as being composed of energy rather than matter. We are made
of the same energy that atoms are made of so for this example I
want you to think of yourself as a big atom. But truly, most of us
at this stage in human consciousness are more like electrons and
protons rather than atoms. Even though we seem to be
incomplete there is strong evidence within our history and
bodies that we have the capacity to be and in fact once were
atoms (or at least more complete), but have atrophied to being
incomplete and imbalanced completely forgetting why we are
here and what we are capable of. Its like we are cavemen with

sports cars. We have this technology that suggests a much higher

form of intelligence previously existed but we have forgotten
completely how to operate the vehicles and we are using them as
tables in our caves. Our bodies and minds have time and time
again demonstrated almost God like abilities under certain
circumstances, but they are ignored and pushed aside by the
arrogance and fear of mainstream science and religions and we
continue to keep using our sports cars as tables ignoring that
once in a while they start up and speed out of the cave. We have
things like the pyramids, the coral castle, the Bermuda Triangle,
mirror neurons, powerful healers, intuition, the mysteries of the
pineal gland, fractal geometry, and many, many other wondrous
phenomenon that are sitting right in front of us that suggest we
possess untold power and yet we are content to just watch TV
and go to work that is mind boggling to me. Our apathy
towards these types of things is testimony to the power of the
influence of our environment. Its like we are all atoms with the
capabilities of atoms but we believe that we are just electrons and
protons. The gap between the capabilities of an electron vs. the
capabilities of an atom is a huge one. Many people (probably
most of you who are reading this) have the aspirations or dreams
of an atom but exercise only the power of electrons and protons.
You may find your dreams frustrated and thwarted over and over
again making you want to settle down into a grove and start
thinking realistically. This change in thinking is what we have
equated maturing to in our current society. Its like once you
realize that you cant color outside the lines, you cant daydream
so much, you cant say what you feel to people because you might
offend someone, no shoes no shirt no service, no laughing in
class, no tattoos at work, THEN you have matured and become
an adult with a fighting chance of being financially successful
and secure in this life. Is that maturity, or rather giving into to
social pressures and your fears?

When we are kids we dream like anything is possible and

I implore you, I BEG you to reconsider what you believe to be
possible in this life. We are so much more than we act like we
are. This is going take some undoing. Its going to take some
breaking and tears. Its going to take more than you knew you
had inside of you, but believe me its there.
One of the hardest things about making this quantum
leap from being a mere subatomic particle to a full blow atom is
that in order to complete ourselves we have to master our
weaknesses; this means that it will be difficult for everyone not
just some people. Most of the time in our society people
compensate for their deep weaknesses by seeking a spouse. This
is why opposites attract. It is an attempt to become an atom by
joining together with another person. A lot of times the things we
need to learn are things that we despise in other people. If you
are an earthy logical person and you see it as a weakness when
water people are emotional then you are looking into the face of
the thing that you need to learn. If you are an air person and a
dreamer used to the freedom of movement and living with no
rules or obligations then you have to learn what it means to be
patient and still like earth, using your ability to logic and be firm
and rooted without letting it dominate the power of your free
spirit. I wont go through all the relationships; you can fill in the
blanks by now. The point is that it will take all of the best of you
to achieve something truly extraordinary and transcend yourself
if you choose to do so.
When you make this transition from being just a
subatomic particle to a full fledged atom you will be catapulted
into a whole new world of possibilities. If you have studied any
chemistry at all you will know what Im talking about. Compared
to the wide range of capabilities that atoms display, electrons and
protons size up as being rather one-dimensional. Its time to
move away from being one-dimensional people. In order to do

this we are going to need to make the change intentionally. When

I was that 15-year-old kid lying on a hospital bed I started to
become someone who lived intentionally. I made a decision that
if I was going to be alive I was going to live a life that is
extraordinary. I told myself that I am either going to be the
biggest failure the world has ever seen or the most incredible
legend. Of course Ive made many mistakes along the way and I
am still learning and growing every day, but Im at a place right
now in my life that I never thought possible. I thought for a long
time that I wouldnt make it past 18, but Im still here. I dug out
of my hole, I relearned to crawl, to walk, to run, and now onto
It seems many times that we have reduced the idea of
growth to our ability to tolerate stress. Stress is a huge problem,
but tolerating it is not the way to overcome it. If you were to get
some kind disease you dont overcome it by tolerating it; you get
to the root of the problem and deal with it. Youre ability to
tolerate stress is really neither here nor there. Tolerating it just
basically teaches us how to numb ourselves and acknowledge
only symptoms and not the causes of our problems. When you
become stressed you should not say to yourself how do I stop
being stressed but rather what inside of me is causing me to be
stressed. They are polar opposite ways of dealing with things.
The idea is not to remove the stimulus that seems to be causing
you stress, but to change the way you receive/perceive the
stimulus so that you can thrive in its presence rather than being
controlled by it. The stimulus is the raw thing that happens and
our perception is the way we receive it. The stimulus is the
masculine, projecting concept and is equivalent to a line being
one-dimensional. Our perception is the feminine, receptive
concept and is equivalent to a sphere having infinite dimension
within itself. There are an infinite number of ways to pierce a line
through a sphere, so although we all may experience a very
similar masculine, set type of reality, there are an infinite

number of ways to interpret and receive that reality. This is

something that people would do well to understand because both
the stimuli and the reception of the stimuli are simultaneously
creating the reality that we experience on a day-to-day basis. I
think if we understood this we would argue much less about what
reality is and what facts are and so on.
Before we go to creating entirely different realities it
would be good for us to understand this one. We have to learn
how to control our sphere of perception so we can flow and thrive
in life. Think about it. We need water to survive right? But if we
get water in our lungs it can kill us or cause a violent choking
reaction that is very unpleasant. What about salt in our eyes
instead of our stomach? Do you get it? The way we receive
certain stimuli around is directly related to our experience with
it. The receptor that we use to interpret the stimulus changes
everything about the way we experience it. You can see how
dramatic these physical examples are, but just think of how
much we do this type of thing in our minds and hearts. We dont
understand our minds and hearts the way understand our bodies
because its not as simple as the body. I have already discussed
the process of replacing ideas with principles and this should be
(in my opinion) the first step to learning how to receive the world
around you. Its like we have been swallowing air and breathing
water our whole lives. Imagine what it would be like to breath air
for the first time imagine what it would be like to know true
peace. There are reasons why principles have endured for all of
recorded history, but ideas change constantly. We have been
doing things backwards. We have long been receiving and
interpreting the world through our ideas and not our principles,
causing so much division and animosity. We get an idea and
interpret the whole world through just a few filters that we never
meant to be significant filters in the first place. We should be
striving to receive the world through the principles of patience,
passion, empathy, and sensitivity. Instead we create a dichotomy

of Im right and youre wrong by interpreting the world through

a set of ideas that automatically divides the world into right
and wrong categories upon your first interaction with anything.
What a sad, small way to live. How terrible! This is the same
thing as seeing in black and white; it would be like saying these
are the only two options, its right or wrong, black or
whitewhich cripples you from experiencing the beauty and
diversity of color! A large portion of people born in the early and
mid 1900s were brought up with this kind of mentality,
especially the baby boomers. If you are one of those people
reading right now you may have to work a little harder than most
to undo that type of thinking within yourself, but truly it is a
struggle for most people.
Just remember awareness. Belief. Creation. I would
hope by now that you are aware or at least more aware of some
steps you can start taking to get to where you want to be, but
believing will be a true struggle. One step at a time is not too

The vital now: Closing thoughts

Fear and stress do not exist in the present. They can only
manifest within our thoughts of the future. You cannot fear what
is already happening, you can only fear what will happen. You
cannot be stressed about the present. Stress can only exist in our
apprehension of the future. The more you can learn to ground
yourself in the present moment, you will begin to see more and
more the stress and fear disappearing from your life. This is
something that can be practiced in your mediation time. Practice
being completely rooted in that present moment while you
medidate. Its hard! But it is very doable. Your mind wants to
constantly be calculating the future or replaying the past, but if
you can teach it be completely present you will have a laser like
focus and mental tranquility. This battle is not so much of a

battle as it is a surrender. In order to keep your mind from

constantly wandering into the future you have to accept the fact
that you will never live one second into the future or one second
into the past. The truth is that eternity is really the infinite
present moment. Free yourself of the worry of tomorrow because
you have never seen tomorrow; it is only a concept that robs the
joy and peace of today. Free yourself from the worry of what
might happen and immerse yourself in what IS happening. Learn
what it means to be present. Learn what it means to be immersed
in a moment so deeply that your sense of time leaves you. For
anyone that has been completely in love staring into someones
eyes you know what Im talking about. That is what it is to be so
completely enveloped in a moment that you dont even recognize
what time is anymore and every solitary moment feels like an
eternity within itself. What if we could live like that?? I say we
can we will.
I am dedicated to going on this journey with all of you,
because I am certainly not at the point where every moment feel
like an infinite, eternal bliss, but Im closer now than Ive ever
been and Ive made a decision to keep moving forward. I will no
longer consciously make decisions to sabotage my own progress
towards my goals. I ask you to take that vow with me. I know we
can do it because I am at a place right now within myself that I
never thought possible when I was younger. I was told when I
was growing up that I would never live a normal life or be happy
I didnt take pills to correct my mental and emotional
imbalances. I was looked at as a troubled child growing up. I was
a cutter, I had multiple suicide attempts, I had horrible
relationships with my family and my dad wasnt around. I was so
deep in depression that I thought there was no way out. I
couldnt see any light. It came to the point where I didnt even
want to try to be happy because I might fall back down. I would
rather stay down than go up with the chance of falling back
down. I was in a dark place; I hated myself, I hated how people

treated me, and I was desperately lonely, but too scared to let
anyone close enough to help me. It was miserable. That darkness
followed me for a long, long time. It took more than I knew I had
within me to conquer it, but it all started with a decision. I
wanted more out of life than it seemed to be willing to give me.
This book is a story that is still being written every day.
This book is the journey I went on in my mind and my heart as I
transformed from the helpless, defeated, mentally and
emotionally tormented child, to the phoenix rising from the
flames. This is a story of overcoming and passion. It is the tale of
desires that could not be held down. The tale of perseverance
that shows that truly anything is possible. And as I continue to
write this story I will continue to push the boundaries of life and
defy what is deemed to be impossible. And this story is not only
mine, but yours too. Its better to do it together.
You may not have a story exactly like mine, but it really
doesnt matter. What unites us is not having the same story, but
the same desire. And if you want more, if you are not satisfied
with the day to day grind, if you want more out of your
relationships, if you want a renewed sense of vitality and
creativity, if you want to know the infinite depth of love and all of
its mysteries, then we are one and the same. If you have it within
you I ask you to make a promise to yourself that you are not
going to willingly take steps backwards anymore. That time is
over. We are moving forward and becoming more. We are
achieving more. We are transcending ourselves and all forms of
convention to move outside of the realm of impossible. We are
writing a newer, brighter story and it starts now.