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Accessing BW Queries (Reports)

This QRC shows you how to run budget-related queries (reports). These queries allow you to print out your
budget-related data in a report format.

To enter the above departmental information, you will first need to log into the BW/BPS system and begin at the Easy Access

You will want to close Microsoft Excel before beginning to use BW reports.

Step 1. Type transaction code RRMX in the

and press Enter.

NOTE: The system will open Excel in another window.

Drag the BW taskbar

upward to the Excel
taskbar (if not already

Step 2A. If not there already, drag the BW toolbar (highlighted above) upward to the Excel toolbar area as
shown above.
NOTE: Step 2A will only need to be done once.

Step 2B. If not already done, click on the

from server.

button from the BW toolbar and click on Suppress warnings

NOTE: Step 2B will also only need to be done once. Once this setting is made, the Suppress warnings from server setting will be
indicated with a

next to it .

Step 3. Click

3/21/2005 4:41:00 PM

button and select Workbooks (shown below).

Accessing Report Queries (Reports)

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Step 4. Click

next to Reports for Departments to display the query directories.

Step 5. Click

next to a folder (ex: Budget Requested) to view a list of available queries.

Step 6. Click on the desired query name (ex: Budget Request) to highlight it.
NOTE: BW queries are indicated with the

Step 7. Press
3/21/2005 4:41:00 PM


button (highlighted above) to select the query.

Accessing Report Queries (Reports)

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Step 8. Enter the desired information on the selection screen (ex: fund, budget center, budget year, etc.) as
shown below if it has not defaulted:


The information to be entered on the selection screen will vary depending on the report.

To clear pre-populated values [ex: budgeting fund center], you will need to click on the
have green indicator on the button) and then use the

To save your personal settings for a report, click on the

After a variant has been created, the

Step 9. Click

button (which will

button to delete the unwanted values.

button and give your variant a name.

button can be used to retrieve a saved variant.

(shown above) to execute the query.

3/21/2005 4:41:00 PM

Accessing Report Queries (Reports)

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Step 10. If desired, save your query data to a spreadsheet by choosing the following Excel menu path:
File > Save As (as shown below).

Step 11. Specify the desired file location in the Save in field and the spreadsheet name in the File name field
(as shown above).

Step 12. Click on the

3/21/2005 4:41:00 PM

button (highlighted above).

Accessing Report Queries (Reports)

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Step 13. Click the lower

(shown above) to close the current query.

Step 14. Repeat steps 3 13 to execute other BW queries.

Step 15. Click the upper

3/21/2005 4:41:00 PM

(shown above) to close RRMX and return to the BW/BPS Easy Access screen.

Accessing Report Queries (Reports)

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