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Penabur International School is a Christian school dedicated to raising children of

the world by shaping their mind, heart and spirit, through a spiritual re-education
done to increase students faiths, and an array of subjects and lessons designed to
widen students knowledge. May this prospectus be helpful for parents who are
planning on sending their children to this prestigious school.
The school is known for its superior facilities. It has a monumental olympic-sized
swimming pool located in the backyard which is used by many students during
Physical Education class, as well as its swim team.
The school supports their students in sports by allowing them to enter one to two
cups each year, and also by providing an immense basketball or futsal court on
both sides of the school. Futsal/basketball CCA is supplied every once a week,
where pupils can be trained to enter a match, unless youre a girl playing futsal.
The Art and Music room is situated in the 4th floor, however, students are required
to only choose one by the time they reach 7th grade, leading to the division of Art
and Music Students. This is sometimes a problem for students who have talents in
both fields, especially since changing fields is prohibited.
Sculptures, water colour, acrylic painting and any other art basics will be taught
beforehand to ensure that students are able to do their following assignments well
and submit them in a presentable manner.
For Music Students, the music room is situated in the far end corner of the 4th
floor. The pupils are divided into 2 groups, singing and instrumental. Potential or
willing students can expand their talents by performing in the schools services,
events, etc.
The Science Department includes a lab for each subject, Biology, Chemistry,
Physics with vast kinds of essential instruments needed. Nonetheless, they will
only be accessed when an experiment or project is compulsory, and only with the
permission from the lab professors.

The canteen is positioned on the first floor, with three stalls that provide affordable
and flavoursome food, mainly traditional Indonesian food, Chinese food, along
with food from other countries. Students are allowed to access the canteen usually
on breaks or after school.
Education facilities involve the ICT labs, where ICT is a majority subject for
students. The lab consists of 40 computers, where pupils are to use when doing a
practical session with the teacher.
As for knowledge, a library is sited beside the canteen, where there are books
falling under different categories, although by a limited choice. The stock of the
newest or most recent books will be received each month, and students are able to
request what book they would like to order to borrow, with the limit of no more
than a week.
An auditorium takes most space on the 3rd floor having the purpose of morning
devotions, services or other events taking place; the basic gist of the schools
events. Morning devotions and services, to comply with the schools Christian faith
the school prides in, and occasional events held for national pride and schools
If you are interested in a school highly regarded for its superior facilities and
academic achievements, then you might want to read onwards.
The school is extremely academically oriented, as proven by its motto: crafting
the mind, heart and spirit. We are obviously referring to mind here.
Based on the data we receive from students in the school, there are only 2 options
for the streams, the science and business streams. There is no building up of the
students strongest subject. Its only either you take science or business. Black or
white. No grey area. Some students may not be good in either science or business,
but good at sports or arts.
Its a double standard, really. People perceive weakness in sports or arts as
something normal, as not everyone can do these special subjects. But when it

comes to maths, science, business and those highly revered subjects, those who
cant do it are labeled stupid. The school needs to add artistic and athletic subjects
to discover and improve their students true talent and potential.
PISKG also has some subjects, which are not really needed, such as accounting for
grade 7 and 8. Accounting is normally not studied until the 9th grade but the school
somehow decided to give it to the 7 and 8 graders, who are often not mentally
ready for the subject.
There are some teachers who are unpleasant there and it may be because of the
small payment they get. Not to mention some other teachers who have wages much
lower than others. Its pretty much unfair for all the teachers.
Olivia Bernadi is one of the students who achieve high marks in PISKG. She
joined the OSN and won the gold medal. Aside from Olivia, no one else got that
rank. She eventually ended up taking the business stream, probably due to not
wanting any more pressure.
The school though, has a lot of trophies, mainly from basketball competitions and
other sports. There are also a few from math Olympics and other science
Olympics. Usually the school keeps trophies to show off students achievements
and sometimes students dont get to bring their trophy home, which is ridiculous
since its their hard work.
PISKGs curriculum also includes the unnecessary daily tests. These tests give the
students hardships and are 30% of their overall mark, causing students to get
stressed out and have lack of sleep. Most schools have chapter tests, which are
obviously not daily. Students from these schools are usually much happier, and
stress free, which is what children are supposed to be.
At first glance, students of this school may have intricate, colourful personalities.
Some might say that these students are charmers, with tiny little sparkles
emanating from their pastel, shimmering aura. But as people say, dont judge a
book by its cover.

This schools charismatic personalities arent charismatic at all, in fact this is

all an act done to maintain the school name. There is no charisma; only a
conditioned play controlled by the school system.
We were surprised; theatre and drama in this school is highly underappreciated,
probably a clichd IM DYING and PLEASE DONT GO, I LOVE YOU SO
along with a Darth Vader style agonizing wail of NOOOOOOOOOOOO is all
there is to it. In fact, the opening of a theatre CCA this academic year must be a
miracle caused by students praying in unison for the CCA.
What really is inside of students personalities is a dull, monotonous carbon copy
from one predefined template, with accessories slapped on to distinguish one from
the other. In fact, you can think of these accessories as serial numbers to for
identification purposes, like dogs - with little ID tattoos in their ear except that
these little rays of sunshine live a happy, pleasant and carefree life unaffected by
The fact that students lack character is resulted by numerous reasons, one of these
being controlled influence on the children. As mentioned a couple of times, the
overwhelming amount of tests and pressure does affect children, and the military
level amount of control dictating hair length, skirt length, colour of shoes, etc. If
youd like to have your children to have a martial level of discipline, send them to
the military base near the school. Not only does it save costs, your children will be
paid for their service to the nation.
Another reason would be the lack of quantity and perhaps quality of events in the
school. Granted, the school does have a few events each year, but probably no
more than three could be passed off as good. Most of them are probably borderline
decent, or subpar. The upsetting lack of community events is also a factor; we
barely have an idea whether the school has any community events or not.
Presumably, the biggest event of the year, the Premiere, is the only, if at all is there
any community event. The only reason that its considered a community event is
that it invites other schools from the area to participate. Then again, its not really a
community event; its only an event with advertising purposes.

Events that build teamwork outside of sporting events usually only works about
once a year, which is either the character camp, retreat, or field trip, depending on
your childs grade. Its as if the only reason teamwork occurs is due to students
driven by their desire to win a prize they ultimately wouldnt get in the end
anyways. Give the students a little credit; theyre smarter than you think they are.
After a year theyd stop caring and probably realise the blatant lies and how
gratuitous the events are, leading on to the disregard of teamwork in other
forthcoming events, thus the alright lets just get this over with attitude.
So how do most of the students cope with these problems you ask? Proper care and
adaptation is the key.
Our school provides a well organized pupil care. Parenting classes are usually held
on Saturdays, informing students parents detailed information concerning the
lessons, activities around the school, and occasionally how to take care of children.
The security is pretty strict, only allowing few people to enter the school area, most
likely due to the fact that the school is teeming with security guards. The school is
also located adjacent to a military base as previously mentioned above, the
Indonesian Navy, so worry not in case trouble stirs (unless caused by the army,
which had actually happened.).
When your child is feeling sick, he/she can come over to the sickbay to get better.
The sickbay is only authorized for teachers and students who are ill. If students are
feeling unwell, or has something to attend, an exit permit is required, and valuable
only with the signature from the teacher(s).
However, no nurses or physicians are available in the sickbay, leaving students
expected to take care of themselves, as if they are medically trained. Imagine a 12
year old with no medical knowledge with a 40C fever coming to the sickbay
seeking help only to be greeted with an empty room and a rack of medicine which
may or may not be locked. This is one of the reasons why many students prefer to
call home and get medical help outside of school. Still, the no cellphone rule is
also a risk to be taken call home to get picked up from a horrible case of typhoid
fever with a soaring temperature high enough to hallucinate, and get scolded for

using your phone along with a week of confiscation. Well, you dont feel a thing if
youre bedridden for a week, youll get it back when youre well!


Penabur International is one of the most prestigious schools based in Jakarta
offering high Christian moral education in the most overpriced tuition fee ever. Our
mission is to provide a rigorous and broad education within the context of a
Christian environment.
With no doubt would every student be mentally capable of high stress situations,
because we train them by expecting the endless school work to be juggled with
their social lives, that is why we put our students to face the daily tests, quizzes,
projects, and all the exciting academic tasks students all love.
A deep understanding of the Protestant faith, in line with the Gospel message,
underpins the whole work of the school. Our main aim is to develop those young
spirits by concentrating on each persons infinite worth in the eyes of God, also by
giving them homework to prepare them for the real world
The students will grow in a 100% English speaking environment, because we made
signs all over the school to encourage them, which they all, abide without any
objections. A variety of extra fun extra-curricular activities are available for the
students for their social and physical development. Despite the limited range,
everyone should be willing to join at least one and they are graded accordingly.
Sadly, our schools only achievements is in our own cup, boasting about two
proper trophies in basketball and one for futsal, because we believe that sticking
our students heads in books are more important those sports and art subjects.
Nevertheless, our fellow students have achieved medals from overseas math and
science competitions against schools all over the world. In fact, these competitions
is the basic gist of what the school is all about, because the schools all about them
grades, bout them grades, no talents!

Join Penabur. BE A NERD. GET NO LIFE. Also we will drain your money. God