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Introducing Nipper Studio

Nipper is an established industry leading security auditing and configuration
reporting tool. Visitors stopping by our stand at the recent Infosecurity
Europe show in London were treated to a preview of the next generation in
Security Auditing ~ Nipper Studio.
Nipper is already trusted by world leading organizations and professionals, we
have continued to move further forward with exciting new features suggested
by our customers. Nipper Studio enhances the time and cost benefits of using
Nipper whilst still enabling professionals with no security experience to
perform a comprehensive security audit.

Saving You Even More Time And Money

Nipper Studio now enables you to audit multiple network devices. Using the Nipper Studio, simply select the "New Report" menu
option, add all the device configurations that you want to audit (selecting an entire directory if you want). Click the "Next" button to
customize your report, then click on "Finish" to let Nipper Studio do all the work for you.

Typically Nipper Studio will finish auditing your configurations within a few seconds, enabling you to get on with reading the report
that would of taken weeks to produce and deliver. As with traditional security and configuration audits, your reports can include:
a title page with your company name or logo;
a non-technical management summary including statistics and graphs;
a report contents section that lists the report sections, tables and graphs;
introductions, including a break down of any rating systems used and the report
format conventions;
detailed security audit issues which include a rating, what was found, the impact of
the issue, how easy it would be for an attacker to exploit and the mitigation
recommendations which will typically include the commands required to resolve the
a security audit conclusions which outlines the findings and a recommendations
section that summarizes the recommendations;
a configuration report which details how each network device is configured and
explaining what many of the configuration settings mean;
an appendix section which includes a break down of any abbreviations used within
the report together with other supporting information.

Customizable Reporting
Nipper Studio includes advanced report writing technology that enables the software
to write a report in a similar manor to how a human would write a report. This is just
one of the many areas that Nipper Studio stands above other automated software
that generate reports by combining predefined sections of text together. When
reading a Nipper Studio report it is easy to forget how it was authored.

5/4/2013 11:10 AM

Introducing Nipper Studio | Titania

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A significant advantage of this technology is the ability to provide Nipper Studio with
details about the report and your organization. For example, when you provide your

Username: *

organizations name Nipper Studio will write the report as if you had written it
yourself. So Nipper Studio will report what issues you found and what
recommendations you make.

Password: *

The screenshot to the right shows Nipper Studio being customized with the company
name "Cisco", a company logo and setting the report classification to "Restricted".
Sections from the report are shown below highlighting just a few areas within the

Log in

report where Nipper Studio has used this information.

Create new account

Request new password


Nipper has always featured a huge number of customization options, enabling you to tailor your reports for your organizations
requirements. Enabling you to change your reports look and feel with your own organizations branding, such as fonts, colors and
report layout. Your reports can then be saved in a variety of different formats including HTML, XML and CSV, enabling you to make
use of productivity suites such as Microsoft Office or import the results in to your own custom systems.

Security Auditing And Issue Reporting Customization

Although having a well written and presented report is important, with years of real
world security auditing experience with leading international corporations, financial
institutions and government departments we also understand that the standard of the
audit is essential. Nipper Studio performs a comprehensive audit of your devices
settings, not just an examination of the firewall rules. Which is why so many of the
worlds leading organizations trust Nipper for their auditing.
Just like with the report customization options, Nipper Studio provides a wide range of
auditing options that will enable you to tailor your audits to meet the requirements of
your organization. For example you can set your password policy or highlight key
network services and network hosts that you would like identified during the firewall
rule auditing. Then if Nipper Studio identifies any issues that are related to your
organizations policy, your policy will be included in the recommendations.
Features that we have recently introduced based on our customers feedback include
adding your own notes / comments to an issue once the report has been written, and
excluding a particular device from an issue altogether. This functionality can quickly be accessed using the "Report" menu shown

Support For Multiple Rating Systems

When performing a security audit you can now choose between the industry standard CVSS v2 rating
system or the more traditional Nipper rating system. Both rating systems have their advantages:
CVSS v2 enables you to customize the security issue ratings for what is most important in your
environment. For example if integrity and confidentiality are more important to you than system
availability then when Nipper Studio

writes your security audit report the issue ratings can reflect

those priorities;
the more traditional Nipper rating system rates issues based on what is traditionally perceived to be the most serious and gives

5/4/2013 11:10 AM

Introducing Nipper Studio | Titania

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more significance to issues that are deemed to be "best practice" than the CVSS v2 rating system which does not score a
number of key best practice findings.

Configuration Reporting
Although Nipper includes some powerful and extensive security auditing capabilities, some of our clients primarily use Nipper for its
configuration reporting capabilities. Nipper can write a clear, consise and consistent configuration report for your devices regardless of
which company manufacturered the device.
The configuration of each device is reported in related sections, such as administration services. To further explain what the
configuration settings mean many of the protocols and options detailed in the report and accompanied with a description of what they
are used for and the related RFCs.

Device Support
Nipper Studio supports over 80 different devices from manufacturers such as Cisco, HP, Juniper, CheckPoint and many others. With
the new plugin-based architecture Titania will be extending this support further in the future.

And There Is Even More To Nipper Studio

There is even more to Nipper Studio than what is on the box. We also include additional functionality within Nipper that further adds
to the value of the product. For instance Nipper Studio includes a CVSS v2 calculator, a Cisco Type-7 password decoder and an IP

5/4/2013 11:10 AM

Introducing Nipper Studio | Titania

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Platform Support
As usual, Nipper Studio includes both a simple point and click interface as well as a scriptable command line tool. Nipper Studio also
provides an API for integrating Nipper Studios functionality. Nipper Studio is available for Microsoft Windows, Apple MAC OS X and
GNU/Linux platforms.

Nipper Studio is now available for download on our site. Just Register (or log on) to see your "My Downloads" section.
There's great news for existing Titania customers too, if you have a Enterprise or Auditor licence of Nipper we'll be giving you our
latest product Nipper Studio - FREE of Charge (as part of your licence subscription)
For more information on how Nipper Studio can help you secure your devices and save you time and money, contact us at Or alternatively get in touch with one of our partners in your area.

5/4/2013 11:10 AM

Introducing Nipper Studio | Titania

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5/4/2013 11:10 AM

Introducing Nipper Studio | Titania

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