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Please be prepared to answer the following questions:

1. Why do you choose the School of Business Law (SBL)?

Answer: Because SBL is a very reputed private institution and located in the
heart of London. As per I know the college have association with the famous
university of Gloucestershire. Moreover, they offered quality education at
affordable cost. Therefore, I have choose this institution for commencing my
higher studies.
2. How did you find out this college?
Answer: Initially I found this institution from website while I intend to
pursue my study in London I did research on website to find out a good
institution and select SBL. Later on, I asked my cousin to see the
institution who is living there and he gave me a very positive feedback
thus I find the institution.
3. Why do you intend to study in the UK other than another country?
Ans: Well, I have chosen UK because the quality of British education is
highly standard and recognised globally.
4. What courses you apply for?
Ans: I applied for pursuing degree foundation course.
5. Can you please explain me the course details ?
Ans; Yes , sure. My intended course have got three semesters. In
semester one, I will study English for higher education, study skills,
introduction to marketing and introduction to economics. In semester two I
will study business communication, English for academic purpose
fundamental for mathematics and accounting and in semester three I will
study the following course such as academic English, introduction to
management and introduction to research techniques.
6. Do you know the length of this course?
Ans: yes, it is 12 month course?
7. Why do you choose this course:
Ans: I like the course module and course structure will enrich my
knowledge and help me to achieve my future goals.
8. What will you do after completing this course?
Ans: I will get admission into BA (Hons) in Business Studies course.
9. How this course will benefit you ?

Ans: It will provide me an opportunity to gain both academic and practical knowledge to
become a successful business entrepreneur. As per my knowledge programme of study
that covers the key knowledge, understanding and practical skills required in the business.
10.What will you do upon completion this course?
Ans: I will go back to my country and open my own business. I would like
to be a business entrepreneur.
11.Are you aware that minimum 90% attendance is required throughout your
Ans: yes.

12.Do you aware of the role and responsibility as s student on tier 4 student
13.Do you know where will you live in the United Kingdom?
Ans: yes, I will stay with my cousin who lived at Peckham in London?
14. How would you travel with SBL from there?
Ans: As I have seen form the website that SBL is located at near to London
Bridge station I will take bus no 40 from my cousins house to reach the campus.
15.Do you know about your course fees?
Ans: I have seen it 4,950 on website.
16.Do you aware about your right to work in the UK?
Yes, I know. I will not get any right to work during my study at SBL.
17.How will you support you whilst you stay in the UK and pay your fees?
Ans: Well, my father is a businessman and he will bear my all expenses.
18.How much savings or money you need to satisfy your living expense per
Ans: 9180 Pounds
19.In terms of your future plan where would you like to settle?
Ans: Bangladesh