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As an English minor I have learned so much and really enjoyed the class itself.
Mr. Ganesan has been given to do reflection based on the learning outcomes that we
study as well. After a year of focused work in English I feel I have developed my
language. This year, I have furthered my knowledge on grammer and speaking skills.
A strength I have in English is being able to let ideas flow freely from me. English
causes, I have improved in my language learning process. I have improved via my
grammer skill. Before this I have facing difficulties in using correct grammer eiter in
essay or in exercises. Am so confius with using past tense, present tense, and also
future tense in essay writing. But after my lecture Mr.Ganesan giving briefing on
particular topic, I can get a clear picture about these topics. Although am futhered my
knowledge, I think its not enough to be good writer or good speaker. So that, to
maximize my writing and speaking skill I suppose to increases my effort to enhance my
English knowledge.
I have plan to improve my writing skill, so that I plan to write every day. But
whenever I feel happy or upset or angry about something, I try to write how I feel in my
diary. Never mind if it is somewhat ungrammatical at first; I will get better as I read more
and write more. Writing is something were going to have to always do and being good
at it is never going to be a downfall. Speaking may be the skill that is hardest to
improve. So I have plan to speak in English, throughout my English class even my
lecturer was not there. I also prefer to speak in English with my classmate. If I dont

have such a friend, try getting a tutor, if I can afford it. I think these plans improve my
language as well.

Taking notes during class was some difficult things to apply in my routine. But
I realizes that taking notes during lecturing was making me to understand the lesson
more easily. I also found out that making a mind map for the graphic organizers is
the best way to manage ideas and gives me more understanding about the
information given. Recently I have study about academic writing in my class. I think
graphic organizers helps me to express my idea and well organize my points.
Reading is another important way to improved English language. I once taught a
class of science students who were weak in English. So I put more effort to increase
my language. Reading is a very active process. When I read, it gives a good
example for writing. Texts that we read show structures and expressions that we can
use when we write. I will make a note of new vocabulary. If there are four or five new
words on a page, I will write them in my vocabulary book. It can enhance my
Over all I think this year could be a good and lots of fun. As a class I discovered
many things and I have picked up lots of stuff. I hope I can improve my language
learning this semester. Thank you.