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Aequs Invests in Spartacus3D as Part of Strategy for

Innovation in Aerospace Manufacturing

Creating Synergy between Aerospace and Additive Layer Manufacturing Expertise

Bengaluru, February 18, 2014 Aequs, an emerging global player in aerospace

manufacturing supply chain, has made a minority equity investment in the Farinia
Groups Spartacus3D, an upcoming French company specializing in Additive Layer
Manufacturing (ALM), more commonly known as 3D printing technology to the
general public.
As cutting-edge manufacturing technology, ALM offers tremendous potential for
creating new manufacturing capabilities and economies of scale and scope. ALM
provides a means for creating complex, high-mix, and low-volume parts that would
be impossible or cost prohibitive using traditional subtractive manufacturing
techniques, such as machining, said Aravind Melligeri, Chairman and CEO of
Aequs. ALMs potential for reducing the cost of production changeovers and
customization and for increasing the variety of products each unit of capital can
produce, makes it a compelling innovation for the aerospace and defence (A&D)
industry, which in contrast to other industries, is more reliant upon low volume
This partnership brings to market the combined aerospace manufacturing prowess of
Aequs and technical ALM expertise of Spartacus3D to provide A&D industry
customers new supply chain options unavailable elsewhere. Both traditional
subtractive manufacturing and ALM offer distinct advantages and disadvantages in
manufacturing speed, scope, scale, capital intensity, and cost, said Aravind
Melligeri. By adding ALM to our already broad value chain capabilities
engineering, machining, forging, fabrication, surface treatment and assembly
- we create greater manufacturing flexibility and cost effectiveness to serve the
particular needs of each of our A&D customers.
The leaders of both Aequs and Farinia believe that the partnership will create
synergy in aerospace manufacturing and accelerate further innovation in the
aerospace supply chain. We expect our partnership to advance the state-of-the-art
in aerospace manufacturing and produce higher levels of customer customization,
on-demand responsiveness, and product complexity at competitive costs, said
Frdric Guinot, CEO of Farinia Group. We are excited about the possibilities.
Safran, the French-based international leader in aerospace, defence and security,
welcomes the partnership. We are very interested in the collaboration between
Aequs and Farinia on Spartacus3D, because of its potential for producing enhanced
manufacturing capabilities and favourable supply chain economics, said Xavier
Dessemond, Vice President of Purchasing for Safran.

This is not the first partnership between Farinia and Aequs. Aequs and Farinia
already operate the SQuAD Forging Private Limited joint-venture together with
Aubert & Duval as part of the Aequs precision engineering ecosystem located inside
the Aequs Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Belagavi, Karnataka.
About Spartacus3D
A member of the Farinia Group, Spartacus3D is an upcoming player in Additive
Layer Manufacturing (ALM), employing collaborative engineering to maximize the
potential value of additive manufacturing for its customers. Spartacus3D
manufactures optimized and complicated aerospace and automotive shapes with
high-quality metal powder through Direct Metal Laser Sintering. In this process,
thermal energy is applied precisely on selective regions of powder bed to bind the
material to produce components meeting industry-leading standards for surface
finish, size accuracy, shape complexity and performance reliability. Spartacus3D
combines world-class talent, technology, and partners to provide its customers the
highest quality metal additive manufacturing.
More information is available at:
About Aequs
Aequs specializes in engineering, machining, sheet metal fabrication, assembly,
forging, and special processing for the aerospace, automotive, and oil & gas
industries. Customers include Airbus, UTAS, Eaton, Baker Hughes, Halliburton, and
The Aequs manufacturing facilities are located in Belagavi, Bengaluru, and Houston.
The Belagavi facilities are located in Aequs SEZ, Indias first precision engineering
special economic zone. Aequs SEZ has developed into an integrated aerospace
manufacturing ecosystem that houses several interrelated capabilities that are either
unavailable in India or are difficult to come by in one location.
More information is available at:
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