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Mobile Content Management Solution

Using CloudFuze, customers can increase their employees productivity

by providing broad access to their files and content from any device,
regardless of storage location and with rich collaboration capabilities. At
the same time, IT gains the ability to manage, audit and control access to
enterprise content.
Business Challenges:
Key Benefits/ Results

With plethora
of locations where content is stored it is increasingly
Unified access
- Content
becoming difficult for the new age workers to access their content
access and synchronization
from the location it is stored and from the device they use. Security
Content access across
is another challenge where workers prefer solutions which are easy
devices -to
use rather
than the ones provided by internal IT to drive
between mobile
and other
and collaboration. This raises Compliance challenges
devices which results from improper IT compliance, which in many cases is
on industry
- regulation, to help ensure that the content being
is secure at all timesboth at rest as well in
Content sharing with other
Key Benefits / Results
Content security - Content
Solution Overview:
distribution to a group of
users withCloudFuze
security policy
Content Management Solution enables single access to
disparate content repositories including public, private clouds and
Secured Content
ECMs. Employees become more productive at the office and can

Enterprise Users: Maximize productivity with mobile content.

Enterprise IT: Manage, maintain secure and control enterprise

Key Benefits/ Results

Search and organize

across clouds - Find and
work with documents in
different storage locations
from a single control panel
Collaboration and
productivity - Share files
and set up shared
workspaces that reach across
storage locations
Easy user management Integrate LDAP/AD for user
set up and administration
through a simple control
Control and auditing Limit and monitor employee
use of public cloud storage

C l o u CloudFuze
d F u z e c o n Supported
n e c t o r s providers
P u b lic C lo u d s

E n te r p r i s e C l o u d s

E C M S y s te m s

P r o to c o ls


W ebDav


CloudFuze Key Features

1. BYOD is enabled in real sense only when IT is comfortable that it has control over who and
when the content is being accessed and with whom can it be shared
2. Collaboration is effortless for the employee and is controlled by internal IT
3. Productivity with less effort to manage files and ability to work with them on the fly,
employees productivity raises by quantum
4. Security highly secured encryption used for accessing and transferring content
5. Movement movement of files across storage is a childs play
6. Auditing and Reporting all user and file activities can be monitored and verifiable proof
could be established. This is very important for complying with some laws.
7. Single Sign on employees do not have to login again to access their content, they can use
their corporate login for the same

Additional Features 1. Deployment Options available for deploying both on premise and on cloud
2. Device Support PC, Notepad, iOS and Android
3. APIs all features available through APIs for developing an independent front end or for
extending an existing platform

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