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Mazda EFI Diagnostic Trouble Code Retrieval

/Astina/Allegro Models with Check Engine Light (MIL)
1994 to 1998
Z5/KF/B6/BP Engine models
The Data Link Connector is usually located at the firewall and has a cover with Diagnosis
The diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) can be read from the dashboard check engine light (MIL).
The diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) can also be read using an LED Tester (See Note) connected to
the Vehicles Data Link connector.
connector Do Not use a test light as the load will damage the ECU.
Note: LED Testers are available from us go to the Products page

Data Link Connector Pin Layout

Data Link Connector Diagram

Bridge Connector here

1. Warm engine to operating temperature and turn ignition OFF.

2. Install jumper wire bridge between TEN and GND terminals of data link connector.
3. If reading codes from the vehicle
ehicles data link connector, connect an LED tester to 'A' & 'B' as
4.. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position.
5. If check engine light (MIL) illuminates for 3 seconds, goes off, and stays off, no codes are present
6. If engine light (MIL) illuminates, then starts flashing, record codes.
7. Read codes as described in the Code Format Description below.
8. If you have multiple codes, they will be displayed one
on after the other, then there will be a long
flash, then it will repeat the codes.
9.. When all codes have been recorded, remove jumper wire.

TIP: If after you turn the ignition on it is outputting any codes there are either no fault codes or the
vehicle has not been put into diagnostics mode correctly. To test the connection generate a fault
code by disconnecting the airflow meter or throttle position
positi sensor, then crank or run the engine
and re-run the Test.

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Code Format Diagram

Code Format Description

Each code is made up of two series of flashes.
The long flashes indicate the 'tens' digits.
The short flashes indicate the 'ones' digits.
A long pause separates each code sequence.
The Code Format Diagram pictured here shows code 12.

To Erase Codes: To clear the memory, do this by removing the BTN fuse from the fuse box located
near the battery and press the brake pedal for 5 seconds. Alternatively you can remove the negative
battery terminal for 20 seconds.
Before removing the fuse, remember you may have to input your radio code again if you have one.

Mazda DTC lists (please note the different model engines)

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