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Getting Heart

Self-awareness Close your eyes, take a quiet and comfortable sitting position.
At the same time, begin to feel the feeling of the body parts.
Pay attention to whether there is any muscle tension or discomfort on the body.
Your shoulder feel? Your chin, jaw, thigh, stomach child do?
. . . . . . .
Pay attention to your breathing. Note that you hear.
Feel the air around is slightly warm or cold.
Ground you feel? Imagine how the chairs and the floor is to undertake your weigh
A tour around the eyes open, you see what? . . . . . .
Now the focus on your body and you just feel perceived things. Do you feel angry
or surprised you? You feel excited or upset you? Or do you have no special feel
ing? Or you simply uncertain about their feelings? . . . . . . .
To understand you at this moment, the face of feeling generated by the surroundi
ng environment, particularly those feelings come from deep inside. . . . . .
Now focus on your thinking.
Because even in practice when you read this, there may still be irrelevant thoug
hts or feelings for some of the book's contents, flash in your mind.
Note that you practice being carried out, if any comprehension or perception?
Do you have any positive, negative evaluation it?
Do you have any questions, concerns? Or generated imagery?
Fine thinking about, for you, how difficulty doing exercises? Do you find easier
to observe than the observed one level to another level? You can distinguish th
e difference of emotion and thought, or emotional and physical senses it?
In your book, you make a note of any ideas and thoughts of this exercise.
Exercise: Who is perceived close your eyes, take a few minutes to breathe and ma
ke yourself calm down and mix thoroughly. Relax your shoulders and chin. . . . .
Now pay attention to your breathing, feel the air into the nose, through the tra
chea, to feel the lungs. Observed in the call,
Exhale, chest and abdominal muscles changes. . . . . .
Expand your awareness to the torso area, back, sides, shoulders, pelvic area. .
. . . .
Join Now your head, face, shoulders, hands and feet. Are you able to simultaneou
sly perceive all parts of the body?
Ask yourself: Who is aware of this body? . . . . . .
May prove any emotions or feelings you have at the moment. Feeling carefully in
the process of doing exercises generated, but also pay attention to the long-sta
nding emotions. . . . . .
Pay attention to your thoughts and thinking processes. Note imagery, words, impr
ession, judgment, insight, meaningless chat. . . . . .
Ask yourself: Who is aware of these emotions and thoughts? . . . . . .
Now expand your awareness to the room where the range. Feel the temperature and
air quality. . . . . . Listen to the voice. . . . . .
Open your eyes look around around. . . . . .
Allow your awareness extends to the entire house. . . . . . Followed around the
house. . . . . . . Perhaps you can hear the birds outside and barking. . . . . .
Imagine yourself living can be aware of others around them, one can not directl
y aware, the world hear and touch. . . . . .
Continue to amplify your awareness in the field to where you live. In your mind,
to feel the house and office,
Forests, lakes, streams, street road and highway, the crowd, plants, animals, ge
ological formations. . . . . .
Ask yourself: Who is aware of? . . . . . .
Then put it into your awareness Asian range. Imagine you can without being spott
ed, touching every person living in this land. . . . . . Include your friends an
d family.
When you perceive the whole of Asia, what you see and hear? How are you feeling?

What do you perceive?

Now go halfway around the world perceive. . . . . . Then the entire planet. . .
. . . Allow yourself to feel the beauty of the whole earth and suffering, feelin
g organisms on it. . . . . . Earth floating in the sky feeling around the sun. .
. . . .
The thoughts stop here. . . . . . .
Now re aware of your breathing, breath, exhale, exhale. . . . . . Pay attention
to your body feel, your emotions, your thinking. . . . . . .
Ask yourself: Who is aware of? Who is aware of the entire planet at this second,
but the next second, just pay attention to your breathing?
In the end who is aware of? . . . . . . .
You can, write down the experiences you do this exercise, you may be in the proc
ess perceive things, it can be for the "Who's awareness?" The answer to this que
Observer qualities do you think the "observer" have what qualities?
Think of the "observer" concept, what image you appear to mind? . . . . . . Do y
ou like "observer" to show what kind of attitude? Think about facial expressions
, body posture, clothing, age and gender. . . . . . .
When you want a good one positive and pleasing image, imaginary yourself become
the "observer", how would you feel?
If you must make some changes in order to become the "observer", just do it. . .
. . . Take time to get used to this role,
After you can recall the experience, but also to re-play this role if necessary.
With a few minutes to "observer" perspective, to observe how you feel physicall
y, emotionally, and ideas around the world. . . . . .
Maybe you'll want on your book, depicting the "observer", or painted, "he, she"
This activity is best done before bedtime review at the end of the day. Before g
oing to bed, the next bit of life like a movie-like replay over in my mind, but
must be played backwards. From the moment the start, and then replay the evening
event, then dinner, the lanterns in the afternoon. . . . . . .
And so on, until the early morning waking hours. For what happened in the day, m
emories of your feelings, thoughts, and in response to the road.
You may use this event to objectively view the whole of you, or you just want to
focus on their particular level, depth discussion of certain behavior patterns
or mental processes, but in short, the attitude of the most important activities
to do, try to aloof, objective "observer"
Angle view of your day, calm, coherent landed every stage of the day it happened
, not because of the success and ecstatic, failure or error discouraged frustrat
ed. The goal of this activity is through our consciousness, objective, dispassio
nate record day in the life pattern and meaning, not to you then heavy work that
In reviewing the day, while you can also observe their immediate hair should be
in the course of: criticism, mood changes, remorse,
Expectations, questions, concerns. You can record these reactions.
1, or still think once in my life the things that you're thankful. Could be some
one you love appears before your eyes, your talents,
Health, a beautiful flower, or other. Try to vividly imagine, thankful, imagine
it bring you and let you learn anything?
2, now imagine what life or someone you depravity escape. Likewise, to imagine i
t, and observe their reactions, allowing these reactions occur, do not attempt t
o thwart them. Observe your usual refuse strategy? How they are presented in you
r body,
Emotions and thoughts of ideas?
3, now supposedly lives by some code to communicate with you, pass teach these c
odes is composed of many situations and events.
Well, you just have to select situations and events, the implication of the mess
age why?
4, now back on the things you are thankful, grateful once again full of imaginat

ion, so that their mood was steeped in gratitude. . . . . .

5, and now, with a heart filled with gratitude, back unpleasant things, acknowle
dge its existence temporarily, try to understand the universe, the earth not onl
y to create a beautiful, will create no better. Then when you feel when you are
psychologically prepared and willing to develop their own things to take a delib
erate acceptance of this attitude.
The role of the secret identity to take a comfortable sitting position, relax th
e body, breathing slowly and deeply. Carefully read each paragraph, and then clo
se your eyes, pay attention to your inner reactions.
Take a few minutes to observe your body. What is your body? How do you feel it's
there? Pay attention to any of your body feel:
Pain, nervous, relaxed, ready, irritability, expansion or contraction, warm, ple
asant. Observe how these feelings are always changing.
Now observe carefully how you change your body feels. Certain parts of the body
muscles tense, then relax again, try other ways you change your body feels.
Thinking for a moment the following questions: These physical sensations which r
epresents me? When the body is feeling changed, that means "I" has changed? If t
he answer is yes, this is how to change the formation? In a way the body can fee
l about yourself that "I," who in the end? What is the relationship between "I"
and I feel physically?
Now the focus moves to your emotions, your feelings. Observe them, given name: f
ear, confusion, attraction, joy, sadness, frustration, etc.; spend a moment feel
ing among the strongest emotions and see what will happen? Pay attention to whet
her this mood will change?
Are there other emotions the flag. . . . . .
Moment to observe carefully how you change your mood. Want a very exciting thing
, what would you emotional response? Then try to use other methods to affect you
r mood. . . . . .
Ponder for a moment the following questions: these emotions which represents me?
When my mood changes, that means "I" has changed?
If so, how did it change? Can choose their own emotions in a way this "me", in t
he end who is? Between me and my emotions associated with what?
To do this exercise, you will use the so-called "mental." Now take a moment to y
our "mind" and how to observe it? Note that the context of ideas come to observe
the way they present: image, text, impressions, questions, conclusions, memorie
s, difficult,
Comprehend and so on. Note that in the process of observation, and if there are
any difficulties.
Now try to change and guide your thoughts. Choose one word, think about its mean
ing, and then get up this morning after the recall,
What did you do? Try to use other methods to change your thinking.
Think about the following questions: these ideas which represents me? When my th
oughts changed, "I" that changed? How to change? This seems somehow able to mani
pulate the direction of my thoughts, "I", in the end who is? "I" and thought, "m
ind," What is the relationship? . . . . . .
Now these three dimensions of integrated observation; physical sensations, emoti
ons, thoughts, face three persists changing experience, how do you experience th
e "I" exist? Take time to consider this issue, to receive any new understanding,
new ideas come from inside.
To the "self" in a letter to the paper or your diary, and write a letter to your
"self." Like writing a letter like any other, first write the date and title: D
ear "self" (the title as you please), as frank writing, supposedly written for y
ou and the best understanding of your most trusted friends. You can discuss anyt
hing in the letter: "self" doubts, thoughts and feelings; problems faced in life
, crisis, or a decision should now be done; your plans and some constructive pla
n; any other aspects of life.
In the process of writing, perhaps you will find that your emotions and percepti
ons produce change, assumed it presents in the letter. When completed, signed an
d written on the end of your favorite King speech.
Write to "self" help us to focus on the relationship between "self" and it helps

us put the energy used in the Personality and personality can identify any poss
ible obstacle to shape the mood or idea.
Perfect companion (for themselves and help you experience the real show for thei
r charm)
Take a few minutes to find a comfortable, able to maintain a clear position and
began to relax. Close your eyes and pay attention to inner experience. . . . . .
A recent decision to recall emotional crisis or difficult trade-offs. Back then
are now trying to complete the context, I recall the feeling of the body, you ma
y have what posture or movement. . . . . . What is your mood at the time? . . .
. . . How do your ideas and your mind work? . . . . . . From the perspective of
this event, the perception of what you save the world? . . . . . .
Now a hypothetical at the time you'll want some companions in such a moment of t
ruth, when dealing with him, you can trust and completely relaxed comfortable co
mpanions. He / she is not necessarily that you have to have a friend, but his or
her certain qualities, but it is you are familiar with. Take time to continue h
ypothetical, try to figure out the nature of the companion.
Who would you choose and share the confusion and pain of his people, he what qua
lities? . . . . . . He / she will react? If via spoken language, he / she might
say something? If the non-verbal information, he / she will represent what? . .
. . . .
Take the time to explore this companion "true face", in order to make themselves
feel thoroughly at ease, pleasure, you can arbitrarily change due to their own
needs, the image of this sculpture companions. . . . . .
If you are willing to go further on your own is the perfect imaginary companion,
his qualities is your character. From this the perfect companion trying standpo
int crisis you, he will place thoughts and feelings? See your situation, he migh
t say something? His willingness and attitude when you're in crisis, what will t
hat mean?
Put your imaginary companion with character and attitude to relationships in the
surrounding, when dealing with family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and commu
nity, and even face their own true. . . . . . . What will result? . . . . . .
Give yourself time to fully practice this activity, and then recorded some exper
ience in your diary.
Level of consciousness
1, take the time to focus on the inner, at this moment for you. Observe and feel
your body, whether it is inside the body or the surrounding environment to brin
g your body feeling; your body senses bring you what experience?
Note that there are emotions which appear in the event your mind with worry. . .
. . . .
When thoughts began to roam, where it drifting? . . . . . .
Try to see things that you can simultaneously feel Know; let your attention as p
ossible expansion. . . . . .
Then, take a moment of time, the attention focused on only a single feeling, emo
tion or idea on the possible exclusion of any other ideas. . . . . .
If you put all of these on an imaginary circle, the circle that represents your
immediate field of awareness, changing its meaning in the moment, its scope can
even zoom in or out, you can take the time to expand or shrink the experiment yo
ur attention. . . . . .
In different contexts, They are both very important, so pay attention to you has
the ability to expand or shrink their own pleasure awareness field.
2, in retrospect what (even if you did not have anything) is your breakfast toda
y. . . . . . Before you recall this information,
Where it is stored? Phone numbers, names, recent events, the skills are not put
to immediate use, you have stored?
Take time to think, remember these are not being used is "live where?" . . . . .
This is called the middle subconscious subconscious level, its contents ready to
be conscious interception, as through a permeable film-like, out of our awarene
ss in the field. Note this process, some of the thoughts, Lenovo memory into you

r consciousness, but later was replaced by something else.

3, then, give it a try if you can perceive the deep inner personal experience, t
his is for you, full of mysterious unknown areas.
Under are often unknown to your own circumstances, some of the impulses, desires
, strong emotions such as frustration and anger, will emerge from here. . . . .
. .
This area that is called basic subconscious, stored our basic driving force and
internal interaction, as well as to adapt to society,
To survive, the repressed pain in the tangled emotions. Your nightmare demon, un
warranted fear, hatred and anger are hiding here, hidden in this energy region,
and our animal and nature of life are inseparable.
Spend some time to understand this level of acceptance of the subconscious. . .
. . .
Perhaps you can put your perceived range extend to the more uncharted territory,
capturing some clues. . . . . .
It defend your life thanks to the nature of the operation, some memories and fee
lings beyond the barrier of consciousness until you have the ability to confront
them with the integration. . . . . . Now back to the center of your consciousne
ss temporarily to focus on your breathing and the moment of emotions and feeling
s. . . . . .
4 When you're ready, begin to move to another level of awareness of your subcons
cious, toward inspiration, imagination or insight these experiences. Your those
ideas before you think of not hiding where? Those are your dreams come from? . .
. . . .
Your solution to the current dilemma comes from these programs, you will always
feel at the right time is you come up with? . . . . . .
When you volunteer, compassion and wisdom mind temporarily away from you or you
have not been excavated before, where are they? . . . . . .
In your imagination try to expand the scope of this level of awareness, and thus
it implies the type of energy and can have a clearer experience.
This is your super super conscious or subconscious says, it's the energy and bas
ic types are the same basic type of energy and the subconscious,
Real and influential; admit in your subconscious mind, there is this level, when
ever you need, they will be doing all your guidance. At the moment any thoughts
gallop, so all kinds of ideas presented to the architecture of the mind its terr
Then, once again return to the center of your return to self, take the time to f
ocus on breathing, pay attention to your senses,
Emotions and thoughts. . . . . .
Visit wisdom body (looking super consciousness wisdom and love)
First close your eyes, relax your body, seek peace of mind, mind focused on brea
thing. . . . . .
Now imagine you are holding the candlestick, the insert candles lit candles in i
magination, watching flickering flame stabilized by a flashing, watching the can
dlelight moment to observe how it under your gaze become increasingly brighter.
. . . . .
Watching the little yellow flame blue flame core, focus here, look deeply into t
he flame core, until there was nothing in front. . . . . .
In this tiny flame was blue hearts, there's a very smart, full of love rich expe
rience "beings," From this lookout "beings" in the face and eyes exudes love and
wisdom, at this moment, they are designed for You and shine. . . . . . .
What happens in your life any size event or anxious about anything, even life di
rection, this can be the "beings" advice.
You can ask questions of any problems, but should also be receptive to respond i
n whatever way appears. From this "wisdom body", to observe carefully you can fe
el, witnessed, heard, comprehend what?
This "smart body" except to answer your question, it may be more special message
to tell you, if you would like to receive, you told "body wisdom" and wait for
a response. . . . . .
Let the "wisdom of the body" to accompany the body side, now turn to face the si

ze of the event in your life, allow yourself to "wisdom body," the perspective o
f these events. . . . . .
Perhaps the face of a situation, you have to own role and expectations to make a
choice. . . . . . Then tell "wisdom body"
Choose about you. . . . . .
Imagine that you practice your choice, to observe a look at your behavior and fe
elings, as well as the reaction of others to you. . . . . .
Imagine that you seek the "wisdom of the body," the wisdom and love, with a firm
of their choice. . . . . .
Now and in the "body wisdom" to say goodbye, because you can still guide you to
keep to it for guidance and strength. When you are ready,
Open your eyes and take the time to record your experience.
What is the likelihood of the current life?
Ready for a piece of paper, or you in a diary, a painting (oil crayons, colored
pens or crayons Mike can be), and a pencil or pen. Comfortable to sit still and
concentrate on breathing, relax the body. . . . . .
Now observing your emotions and thoughts, to accept their presence, so that they
are slowly relaxed. . . . . . .
At the moment looking for a open mind to accept, with a deep patience quiet loca
tion, here, you can receive a response from the heart. When you think about the
following questions, let themselves in this location. Write down each question b
riefly answered - such as thoughts, emotions, images, impressions, etc.
1, I am currently emerging in life what?
2, why my next step?
3, at present, I have those possibilities?
Choose to let your deepest feelings problem, close your eyes, once re-ask yourse
lf this question, more time to observe any images that appear in the answer, phy
siological feelings, emotions and thoughts. . . . . .
Use your painting tools, by color, shape, or pattern depicting the symbol of the
answer. . . . . .
Write down any emotions you felt this painting, the meaning and message. . . . .
Explore common purpose is best to find a partner to do this exercise, the other
in the back to answer every one of you, continue to ask, "For this, what is your
purpose?" In each of the questions, the person may even repeat your previous an
swer keywords. For example, if the first question is: "? Purpose why I read the
book," you might answer: "a better understanding of themselves," then your secon
d question should be: "Why? I want to know more about yourself." You may replied
: "? order to better control of their lives."
Then your third question is: "I want to have more control over their own lives,
their purpose?." . . . . . And so on.
If there is no partner can do together this exercise, then ask yourself now! Wri
te down the answers, and then ask yourself questions based on this answer, as ea
ch would like to ask repeatedly ask some keyphrases. In ourselves, while listeni
ng to the intrinsic response, allowing the imagery and emotions,
Words and ideas emerge.
First, make yourself comfortable and relax, close your eyes and let your thought
s and emotions calm down, and can receive messages. . . . .
Now, ask yourself: "What is the purpose of the book I read?"
Deep thinking this problem, and write down your answers. . . . . .
Then, ask yourself: "For this (no matter what your answer to the first question
is), what is my purpose?"
"So this, what is my purpose?"
"So this, what is my purpose?"
Continuing with this method of self-quiz, an end until you find a sense of it in
your life, it seems the most meaning and value,
With a clear, concise sentences wrote deepest sense of purpose. . . . .
Take time to appreciate, if there are any emotions and thoughts associated with
this purpose appear, put them down. . . . . .
For this purpose, if you have any ideas or non-verbal imagery, and try to be abl

e to catch them with paint. . . . . .

Determined to take the perfect relaxed posture, attention to breathing, deep bre
athing. . . . . . Let their emotional stability, spiritual Cheng Jing, unto intr
insically safe and peaceful place. . . . . .
You will ask yourself a series of questions after each question to allow a scree
n, the emergence of a body or a voice of experience to represent your response.
When you feel ready, that is, to respond to draw down, slowly draw, regardless o
f time,
After drawing, written at the bottom of your feelings and thoughts, and then clo
se your eyes and return to inner peace and security in place. Before the next qu
estion, you should be breathing to calm your emotions and thinking.
1, all of them more or less in some respects underestimate yourself. We have a r
eal quest worse than their own self-image or self-identification, and sometimes
we believe it is true. Now ask yourself: "I maintain what I have to be worse tha
n the real self-identified?"
2, we will overestimate the number of their own in some ways. We have some of th
eir own to be more than the true good self-image, and sometimes we feel that he
is indeed the case. Now ask yourself: "Do I have an even better than my real sel
f-identification that is what??"
3, we tend to keep some of their own "secret fantasy", some expectations come tr
ue image of our dream world. Now ask yourself: "I kept to myself what kind of il
lusion, one I never knew possible image?" While this image may be attractive to
you, but it is so unreal, it is likely lack of vitality. . . . . .
4, ask yourself now: "People want me to be the kind of person others told me wha
t to expect or how they want me to change???" You can imagine the object of a ge
neral "other people" or to focus on few important relationship. . . . . . .
Now stand up, eyes closed, feel and identify these images brought loads. . . . .
. To understand how they are to narrow, confined to you, how to suppress you. N
ow actively get rid of these images, with your will, to get rid of them, and rem
ove those burdens and restrictions. . . . . . Either they go. . . . . .
At the moment stood quietly for a moment, understand what you feel. . . . . .
5, sat down again, still close your eyes and return to the center of their own a
gain. Stable and deep breathing. . . . . . Then you actually really want to be t
hinking of what kind of person? Ask yourself: "What I really want to become a ma
n?" Let's deepest image emerges. . . . . . Slowly, I believe that the presented
content, be familiar with it. . . . . . It can be added to any other qualities y
ou see fit, and remove any features you do not want. . . . . .
When you are ready, that opened his eyes, painted this image, painted your perfe
ct finds. . . . . . Do not need to breath, slowly creating a representative of y
our inner experience of the paintings, but also write some of your thoughts and
feelings. . . . . .
Again turn a blind eye, in my mind, keep on this image and finds the perfect fee
l. Slow down and lengthen breathing, relax your body. . . . . .
Now supposedly this image you can jump immediately become your perfect finds, le
t yourself really have all the ideal qualities, such as you're growing up. . . .
. .
If you do make you feel comfortable and at ease, to stand up and move about, to
understand that it is the perfect become what you feel. . . . . . How your postu
re and movement? What do you think the expression on his face? . . . . . . Write
to become their own finds the perfect experience. . . . . .
What is hindering me?
Ready for a piece of paper or in your diary and a painting tool. Comfortable to
sit up straight and close your eyes and concentrate on breathing, relax the body
. . . . . .
Now observing your emotions and thoughts, pay attention if you feel any fear or
excitement, pay attention to your views and questions about this practice, accep
t the existence of these emotions and thoughts, so that they are slowly relaxed.
. . . . .
Towards hearts quiet and safe location, where you can be open, accepting, and pa
tient's; You can receive a response from inside. . . . . .

At the moment recall your potential, the purpose of life and the perfect finds.
Gently put those images and ideas persist mind, ask yourself:
"What things hindered me forward towards the next stage of life?" "What makes me
hesitate?" Allow all questions and answers to these questions imagery, physical
feelings, emotions and thoughts appear to observe them. . . . . .
When you feel ready, that opened his eyes, with painting to capture your answer
and record your emotions and thoughts.
Take some time to find a second personality, find a relaxed and comfortable seat
. Close your eyes and focus on breathing. . . . . .
Now look back over the last few weeks of daily life, from today forward back, un
til you think of one or some make you fear, anxiety, or oppression time, perhaps
related to money, perhaps relationships, your work , or in other aspects of lif
e, choose a non-time physical danger. . . . . .
Let yourself re-experience the entire experience. Recall your emotions, thoughts
, feelings and physical reactions. . . . . . At this point what the world is lik
e? . . . . . . Your ability to save any of their ideas? . . . . . . Do you want
to take any action? . . . . . .
Now, imagine, pulled himself out of the situation is in retrospect you to anothe
r person's eyes the moment you observe. This person knows you recall situations,
but also to experience all the emotions you are experiencing, thoughts and feel
ings. Objective observation,
Look who's in there? Is that a secondary character in the light of the current s
ituation. . . . . .
Observe this sub-personality is trying to do for you? Ask it, it now tries to do
what? And really listen to it must be expressed. . . . . .
It your faithful service, you apply some way to express gratitude, so this sub-p
ersonality knows that it attempted to take care of you while you are thankful. .
. . . .
When the time is now thinking of personality in the master, how it limits you, p
ay attention to its blind spots, its narrow your beliefs or world. . . . . .
Perhaps you can understand it really needs to be more useful to you, what qualit
ies it needs or energy. . . . . .
Would you like to meet its needs? In imagination, in a symbolic way to meet its
needs, look at its response. . . . . .
To be able to better integration to the personality of your personality, you can
take some time, set any necessary agreements. . . . . .
Then, in some way, and it temporarily say goodbye. Write down all the experience
to do this exercise, and the thoughts and feelings at the moment.
And sub-personality dialogue take the time, make yourself the center back, breat
he, relax, shift awareness force relies instead. . . . . .
Then recall the answer to "what is in the way of me? What makes me hesitate?" Al
l the imagery of this issue. See paintings at that time might help you remember.
You will work with you to talk about this part is actually you, this conversati
on between the two in this section as an observer with you.
Focus on this image, and imagine themselves to be in this image. It becomes part
of you that feel? Let yourself really from the heart to experience this part of
you. . . . . .
Write down the body of this you feel part of, and what you hope to gain from the
ir own or other parts of life? Do not have to hide, anyway, let all your thought
s and feelings out. . . . . .
When you finish this part of the time as all say, imagine yourself into another
better starting from the center, part of a more holistic view, that becomes an o
bserver, this role has just re-read that part words, look intently into the hear
t. . . . . .
Now with the perspective of the viewer, to answer the first sub-personality writ
ten words. Write down your feelings on it, and how it affects your life, empathy
and compassionate heart, express your understanding of its current situation. .
. . . .
If you want to respond to it, then pay attention to its answer, and recorded, wi
th the progress of the dialogue, you will be shuttling between the two sub-perso

nality and observer roles. . . . . .

From their conversation, explore the following questions:
In order to become a personality integration, this sub-personality really need t
hat? Would you like to meet it needs it? How might you do?
If you meet the needs of the personality, it will feel? What might change?
Over the years, this sub-personality has been trying to do for you?
Its function Why? Become a whole person, it can provide what qualities, skills o
r wisdom? From the observer's point of view, sincerely acknowledge its function,
expression of gratitude, write how you cherish it pay, requires its presence.
In the future, the use of both positive personality, but also to meet its needs,
how would you be more harmony to achieve this goal?
When you feel like to end this segment dialogue with eyes closed for a moment, p
ut the focus back on the second personality, to see if it has changed. Whether t
imes personality or whether there are deficiencies observer words. . . . . . Fin
ally, for this exercise, record your learning experience.
As previously visited wisdom body exercises, first relax the body, concentrate o
n breathing. Concentrate on intrapersonal, temporarily forget the outside world.
Breathing. . . . . .
Now supposedly yourself in the grass, surrounded by mountains and trees, this is
a good day sunshine and enjoy the views of this piece of grass, listening to th
e sounds around, breathing the air circulated air. . . . . .
If two conflicting views on their own personality does not appear on this grass,
you put them brought this piece of grass, arrange them sit in your sides, to ob
serve, to feel their presence, their existence gives you What a feeling. . . . .
Take your part in this two, you will start a visit to the "wisdom of the body,"
the short trip. To travel comfortably, you can do all the necessary arrangements
, then looked around, looking for a lead you into the forest, boarded nearby hil
lside trails. . . . . .
Walk trails, attention surrounding scenery in sound, observe the behavior of you
r two partners, and increased attention to the wave of walking in a small way,
What are the difficulties of ease with.
Trails gradually elevated line began to climb the mountainside. Go slowly, do no
t hurry. . . . . .
Soon you that finish third journey to the summit. . . . . .
Now that you have completed half the distance. . . . . .
Peak is now not far in front. . . . . . Spend a few minutes to climb to the top
of the hill, before further instructions appear, a little rest. . . . . .
Look around, enjoy the view. Any warm sunshine enveloped, gentle breeze blowing,
so you feel good, to observe what you are doing two companions. . . . . .
While resting on the occasion, the sun appeared a body oncoming, to be see, the
original love of wisdom when a body when it increasingly close, you see it's fac
e and eyes full of love and wisdom, so that you Immerse yourself in this love. .
. . . .
When you feel ready, you can discuss your two partners love with this wisdom bod
y.Talk about the conflict between them, to talk about the efforts you own these
two parts is that they happened in the past, done. . . . . .Seeking insight and
guidance. . . . . .
Whether with or without sound, when you accept the wisdom of the body's response
completely, it may touch each of you, for the individual needs and give you a b
lessing. . . . . .Look at how your partner is the wisdom of the body to respond
to this. . . . . .
You do not need to rush to the end of the journey. . . . . .When you feel the ti
me has come to, namely that the two companions with you, no matter what changes
they have been together Xunyuan Lu back on the grass. . . . . .
Bring them to the room you're in, to perceive sound in the room, aware of your b
ody, your breathing. . . . . .
Etc. When you are ready, you write down on the grass between the footpath and th
e experience and wisdom of the body on top of the hill when coexistence. Images

appear under any unexpected event, are to be recorded, write down what those dif
ficulties, whichever is lighter Province. What is the wisdom of the body to give
you guidance? How times change your personality? If you had to change the appea
rance of the words.
Angry reflection What makes you angry? How do you deal with angry feelings? You
often get angry or little angry? You were quickly quell anger or you will be in
a long angry mood? When you are angry, how would you?
When others get angry because of something, how would you react? If they are you
What do you think of anger? What do you think it is worth? How do you want to ad
just the relationship and anger?
When riling prepare this exercise, think of a person in your life, it acts causi
ng distress to you, choose the one you do not like the behavior, if at the same
time there are many things that bothers you, be sure to avoid collapse and despa
ir, this List all events in the troubled mind,
choose one as the current treatment focus.
Now the fact that the behavior of your choice with a simple sentence statement,
such as: "Ang Lee often late." If you do a statement criticizing "He was a basta
rd," is an explanation, "he really selfish," or a broken language (He always lat
then with an objective attitude once again described to be seen as a statement l
ike a camera, wrote objective facts behavior.
Now relax, relaxing breathing. . . . . .Note that any physical tension, then you
deliberately relaxed, imaginary relaxed atmosphere you inhale body tight place.
. . . . .May prove heart filled with feelings and put them temporarily put asid
e. . . . . .
What do you think of it? May prove your thoughts. . . . . .First let go of them,
just focus on relaxing breathing. . . . . .
Step one now recall the unpleasant behavior of your objective statement, creatin
g a standard narrative sentence (written for each other), it can clearly describ
e the other has done or is doing acts: Have you ever done (or are doing) is are:
Write it down.
Perhaps you aware of the adverse consequences resulting from the behavior of the
other party, for this behavior, so that their re-experience the pain of memorie
s and emotions. . . . . .The face of the destruction it causes. . . . . .
Repeat several times to create a narrative sentence you read and observe your em
otions and thoughts. . . . . .When you look at how you are averse to this behavi
or, what have you learned?
Your body feels from where? You may not feel like it, but it should be for the b
ehavior rather than the person, let your mind, emotions and body re-experience t
hose emotions. . . . . .
Step Two Now ask yourself: "How do I love each other?" The best view and write d
own all your favorite acts, these acts seem ridiculous or even impossible to ach
ieve the other.
Now choose which one you most expect the other to do. . . . . .Clearly illustrat
es this behavior: "replace your original behavior, I expect you to do is:"
to say this out loud to myself expectations, emotions and images that appear to
observe, if you think something good happen, let yourself enjoy in it. . . . . .
When you keep saying that expectations for yourself, you are increasingly expect
ing? Allow yourself to feel this longing. . . . . .
Do you feel more confident and strength, allow yourself to have this incentive.
. . . . .Before entering the next step, you write down any emotions and thoughts
on the other side to do the most desired behavior embrace.
Step three Take a moment to calm your emotions and thoughts, pay attention to yo
ur previously selected from your favorite behavior seems inherent, and its found
ation that is some of your very personal beliefs and values. . . . . .
to clarify this, because this is something you value, not only f
Beliefs or values
or you, it will also be equally important to the whole community. . . . . .Write
down your values clear, for example, "I believe" or "for the people concerned,

things will get better in general, when they "

speak out your beliefs and values, and see if you would feel? Your breathing cha
nged? Your state of mind and happiness differently? When you speak their beliefs
, perhaps there will be some images and memories so that they steeped them. . .
. . .
Perhaps you can distinguish the values
are from a past or present experience. . .
. . .If you are grateful for this belief,
it appreciate it! Observation look thankful for what you therapeutic efficacy. .
. . . .
If you do not have this vision of values, what will life change. . . . . .Diffic
ult to contemplate how to give up this belief (or even impossible). It is part o
f your self-identity, it is your true self one level, a trait. . . . . .
With utter and wrote: "I believe and this is my belief that the reason for the p
art of my reason, I intend to Bong their life as a model" to affirm the values
Representatives with an image of the character. . . . . .Can you become the imag
e of unity with them? Imagine this imagery source. . . . . .Become the source. .
. . . .
Enjoy this exercise slowly. . . . . .When you feel ready, the next draw your ima
ges and record your experiences and feelings.
What I'm afraid of fear?