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Sanitary Engineering Sheets


Sheet 2
Collection Works for Surface Water
1- Which of the following factors doesn't affect the choice of the type of intake?
- Depth of water source
- Pollution of the shore of the river
- Width of canal
- Silting and scouring areas of canal
2- Which of the following cases is suitable for the use of shore intake?
-An intake on a navigable canal with narrow width, big depth and polluted shore.
-An intake on a navigable canal with narrow width, shallow depth.
-An intake on a very wide canal with big depth, polluted shore and great change
in water level.
-An intake on a very wide canal with big depth and great change in water level.
3- Which of the following is not an element of collection works?
- Intake
- Distribution pipe
- Collection Sump
- Low lift pumps' suction well
4- Which of the following conditions, of choice of intake location, is not required to
reduce pollution of the water entering the treatment plant?
- There should be a prohibited area 150 m to the U.S. and 50 m to the D.S. of
the intake.
- The intake should be located at straight area of the river.
- The opening of intake pipe should be located away from shore, surface, and
- There should be fine screens at the opening of intake pipe.
5- A water treatment plant feeds a city of 250,000 person as a design population,
taking its raw from a navigable canal with H.W.L. at (14.50), L.W.L. at (12.25),
bed level at (8.50), G.L. at (16.00), and road level at (17.50). If the average water
consumption is 180 l/c/d, the inlet water level of the mixing tank at WTP is
(23.00), and the length of raw water line between P.S. and mixing tank is 120 m. It
is required to:
a- Choose and design a suitable type of intake including the pipes.
b- Determine the dimensions of the raw water P.S. suction well, having the
following data:
- Total number of pumps is six including 50% spare and reserve pumping
- Spacing between C.L.s of pumps is 2.5 m.
- Plant is operated 24 hours/day.
c- Calculate the cost of annual consumed power, if the price of kWh is 0.10
L.E., and the equivalent length of pumps' connecting pipes and its fittings is
75 m.

d- Redesign the intake conduits and suction well if the operating hours are
reduced to 16 hours/day.
6- It is required to design the collection works for a water treatment plant feeding a
city of population 300,000 capita and the average consumption is estimated to be
200L/c/d. The source of supply is the River Nile. H.W.L. at (21.00), L.W.L. at
(18.00), bed level at (15.50), G.L. at (24.00) and road level at (25.50).
a-Design the type of intake you recommend if it is located 1 km away from WTP.
b-Design the required sump and low lift pumping units, calculating the consumed
mechanical and electrical power, if the pumps work 16 hours.
7- Design the intake conduits in water treatment plant with four low lift pumps each
with capacity 100 l/s and head 15 m, operated 24 hours per day. Three pumps are
on duty at maximum flow, one at minimum flow, and one is standby.