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150 lb/ft3 to g/cm3

2. 389.6 km/hr to m/s

3. 1000 tons to kg

4. 400 mile to feet


2.65 x 106 inches to centimeter

6. Pedro walks 900m west, stops to rest and then continues 350m west.
How far did Pedro walk?

7. Loshang leaves the motel, drives 68 km due north, then turns 110 km
30 north of east and finally turns east for 130 km. Look for the
magnitude of her resultant vector.

8. Look for Loshangs resultant direction.

9. A motorbike was travelling a distance of 450m east and then turns

North and travelled a distance of 300m. What is his total distance


Look for the motorbikes resultant direction.

11.A .90-kg papaya is pushed across a table. If the acceleration of the papaya is
1.98m/s2, what is the net external force exerted on the papaya?

12.A 0.90-kg tennis ball approaches a racket at 30m/s. if it is in contact with the
rackets strings for 0.0032 s, then rebounds at 30m/s, what is the average
contact force between the ball and the racket?

13.A constant net force of 500N is exerted to accelerate a cart from rest to a
velocity of 50m/s in 5s. What is the mass of the cart?

14.A net horizontal force of 6500N is applied to a stalled car whose mass is 3600kg.
What will be the cars speed after 25seconds?

15.To avoid an accident, a driver steps on the brakes to stop a 3000-kg car
travelling at 78m/s. if the breaking distance is 50m, how much force is necessary
to stop the car?

16.A motorbike accelerates from rest to 19m/s in 2.8seconds on a level road. If the
force is 2500N, what is the total mass of the driver and the motorbike?

17.The speed of sound on a particular day is 343m/s and an echo take 10 seconds
to return from a cliff far away. Determine how far the cliff is from the person
making the sound.

18.If an unbalanced force of 750N acts on a body to accelerate it at 15m/s 2, what is

the mass of the body?

19.You push a 350-kg rock down the road. If the kinetic coefficient of the rock and
the pavement is .13, what is the force required to keep the rock moving?

20.A 10-kg block is pulled with a uniform horizontal velocity along a floor by means
of a cord which makes an angle of 39 above the horizontal. Find the tension in
the cord if the coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the floor is

21.What is the coefficient of the static friction if the normal force is 250N and the
frictional force is 150N?

22.As Oyie is taking a bath, the soap falls out of the soap dish and he steps on it
with a force of 80N. If he slides forward and the frictional force between the soap

and the floor is 60N, what is the coefficient of friction between these two

23.A 7kg toy car is being pulled by a boy using a string that makes an angle of 30
with the horizontal. Find the force of friction if the force exerted on the rope is 8N
and the coefficient of friction is 0.11.

24.At an animal circus show, a 1520-kg sea lion slides down a wet slid inclined at an
angle of 32 to the horizontal. The coefficient of friction between the sea lion and
the slide is 0.022. What frictional force slows the sea lions motion down the

25.Ceepag slowly pushes a 80-kg cabinet across the wooden dining room floor
which resists the motion with a 500N force of friction. What is the coefficient of
sliding friction between the cabinet and the floor?

26.A 350-N crate is pulled along a horizontal sidewalk at a constant speed by a rope
which makes an angle of 50 with the sidewalk. If a force of 500N is applied on
the rope, what is the coefficient of sliding friction?

A 10-kg block is on an inclined plane which makes 30 with the

horizontal. If s = 0.8 and k=0.3, what force parallel to the plane will (27)
just start the body up the plane (28) move the body up the plane with a
uniform velocity and (29) move the body up the plane with an acceleration of

30.A 365-N body is pulled along a horizontal road at a constant speed by a rope
which makes an angle of 36 with the horizontal. If a force of 378N is applied on
the rope, what is the coefficient of sliding friction?

31.Determine the kinetic energy of a 7500 kg roller coaster car that is moving with
a speed of 38.7m/s.

32.If the roller coaster car in the previous question was moving with twice the
speed, then what will be its new kinetic energy?

33.A 80kg diver jumping off a platform had a kinetic energy of 7.6 x 10 3 J just before
hitting the water. What is the divers speed?

Two people are in the weightlifting room. Ken lifts a 90kg barbell over
his head 40 times in 120s. Doug lifts the same barbell over his head 40 times
in 20 s. (34) Which person does the most work? (35) Which person delivers
the most power?

36. A slingshot fires a pebble from the top of a building at a speed of 75m/s. The
building is 52m tall. Ignoring air resistance, find the speed with which the pebble
strikes the ground when the pebble is fired horizontally.

37. How about vertically straight down?(refer to item #36)

38. How about vertically straight down?(refer to item #36)

39. At an angle of 32 to the horizontal, a 600N force is applied to an object to

move a 78.8 kg object at a constant speed for 42.8m. How much work is done?

40. What is the approximate kinetic energy of a 10kg bowling ball rolling at

41. How much power is spent to lift a brick when 786.32 J is used to lift the brick
7m in 4.2s?

42. An average of 60 passengers, each of which is about 36.8kg in mass, use an

escalator to go to the second floor in a dept. store every 4.8minutes. if the
second floor is 7m above the main floor, how much power does the escalator

43. What is the potential energy of a 7.62N object that is carried up a ladder
from the ground to a height 10m?

44. A person lifts his 260-kg body up to a bar while doing a chin-up. If this person
raised his body up a distance of .482m in a time of 2s, how much power has he

45.The hammer throw is a track and field event in which a 8kg ball, starting from
rest, is whirled around in a circle several times and released. It then moves
upward on the familiar curving path of projectile motion. In one throw, the
hammer is given a speed of 30m/s. Determine the work done to launch the
motion of the hammer.

46.A starship is travelling through space at a velocity of 3 x 10 4 m/s and has a mass
of 8.32 x 105 kg. The thrusters push the starship along with a constant force of 4
x 105 N, causing a displacement of 6 x 10 6 m. What is the final velocity of the

47.A .086 kg arrow is fired horizontally. The bowstring exerts an average force of
70N on the arrow over a distance of 1m. With what speed does the arrow leave
the bow?

A 80 kg jogger is running at a speed of 6m/s.

48.What is the kinetic energy of the jogger?

49.How much work is done by the net external force that accelerates the jogger to
6m/s from rest?

50.The speed of a hockey puck decreases from 30 m/s to 28.36m/s in coasting

12m across the surface of the ice. Find the coefficient of kinetic friction
between the puck and ice.