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Drug addiction is a very important issue for society; drug use is a problem that
has no end.
People who are addicted to drugs, drugs found in an escape from their
problems or consume these substances to be accepted in a group or just
curious, but they do not know the damage they are doing.
The drugs increase insecurity because drug addicts to meet their needs, can do
anything to get it.
Every day we are surrounded by people who use drugs, we must know how to
recognize them to we can help them.
In this work you will find everything related to drug addiction, very important
points that have been discussed.
We live in a culture of drugs, from morning at breakfast when we take caffeine,
until evening when we take a sleeping pill, prescribed by the doctor, we are
using different substances that affect our central nervous system.
We can understand the addiction, like the disease that involves addiction or
dependence to certain substances toxic to our bodies, which in varying degrees
affect our central nervous system, as well as several of our brain functions.
Everything stated above, produces effects at the physiological and
psychological, which are manifested in alterations of behavior, emotions,In
some extreme cases of drug abuse, drug use can lead to permanent insanity
and / or death of the person.
Defining addiction
It is a disease, is characterized by chronic or long-term, progressive and relapse
It is a psychological dependence, whose individual feels an urgent need to take
drugs or otherwise, an emotional collapse when not ingested and physical
dependence produced by the terrible withdrawal symptoms by not eating it.
Drug addiction causes physical, psychological, social and financial.
It's called addiction to psychic and sometimes physical state caused by the
interaction between a living organism and a drug.
Are those substances whose consumption can lead to dependence, stimulation
or depression of the central nervous system, or that result in a disruption in the
function of judgment, behavior or mood of the person?
Drugs are a chemical used in the treatment or prevention of diseases. The
drugs can be made from plants, minerals, animals, or by synthesis.
Other concept is that is social trouble, as this drug are prohibited substances
harmful to health, which are abused and that somehow bring individual and
social harm.

Drug addiction
The drug, also called psycho active substance dependence is imperative that a
person has to consume alcoholic beverages or other drugs (cocaine, inhalants,
tranquilizers, hallucinogens, etc.).This need does not go away even though the
consumer or user suffer the negative consequences produced when consuming
or after you stop using them. It's more of a psychological than physical need.
Addiction is a disease, progressive and fatal.
PRIMARY: This word means "first" or that appears first. Addiction to alcohol or
drugs can strike anyone, whether or not having any mental illness and should
be treated first, that is, before any other mental or emotional problem
PROGRESSIVE: It simply means that things will get increasingly worse as the
person does not attend. Many addicts, their families, friends think that to sustain
a good talk with the person problem, giving some advice or scolding, this is
going to stop using drugs or abusing alcohol and things will change.
MORTAL: This seems easy to understand, as most addicts consume drugs or
alcohol, you are more likely to die from an overdose.
Causes of this problem
The reasons why in most consumption starts are easier to understand.
Then some of them are checked.
First: The Curious: Maybe this is the most common reason, curiosity, that is,
wanting to know what it feels like to eat them as there is so much
misinformation and distorted on alcohol
Second Reason: Pressure from "Couple" (known or neighborhood friends).
Sometimes it is very important to feel accepted in a group of friends from school
or the neighborhood and unfortunately in some of these cliques or gangs has
become drinking fashionable uncontrolled or even ingesting an illegal drug or
medicine of special medical prescription but are achieved in other ways.
Third reason: the need to imitate others when a person wants to get their own
personal style of being and acting, first try to imitate their peers who admires or
likes how they behave and then acquires for himself some of these styles of
being, making them part of his personality.
How to identify a drug addict?

Sudden changes in personality and moody excesses unexplained cause.

Notable drop in school performance or dropout.
Withdrawal from the company of others.
Loss of interest in favorite activities, such as sports and hobbies.
Increases traffic violations.
Joining a new group of peers of the same age.
Receiving phone calls from strangers.
Increased conflicts and quarrels within the family.
Excessive hostility toward others.


Drug addiction is a social problem that has manifested itself strongly in

recent decades, as more and more people use some type of drug, in
greater numbers and at younger ages.
The most common reasons for using drugs is "Curiosity" and "peer
pressure", which makes a person is immersed in a world where you do
not see any way out of that situation.
Drugs are substances that when prescribed by a physician has
pharmacological effects, but when used irrationally, people become
I believe that drug addiction is one of the causes for insecurity exists
because drug addicts looking for anything to satisfy their need and they
can steal and even kill.
Drug addiction can be prevented, for example that parents have good
communication with their children and counsel them and prevent children
have bad joints