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This project is intended to provide an overview of a business plan for the

establishment of a
design and fashion business by the name of Trendy Designerz. An examination of
some of the main
structures required for the successful formation and eventually growth of the
business will be

highlighted. It is intended that this business can be an alternative to sustainable

for the author, when the author has completed his/her academic and/or other
studies, and
wishes to enter the job market.


A design and sewing business will be established as the owners would have the
skills in design

and sewing, which were acquired after leaving secondary school. Mr. John Doe and
Ms. Jane
Moe will be the business owners. The design part of the business will be managed
by Mr. John
Doe, who has a certificate in Art and Design from the University of Trinidad and
Tobago, and
the sewing part will be the responsibility of Ms. Jane Moe. This Partnership business
will go by
the name Trendy Designz and will design and manufacture custom-made and
clothing designs for young, trendy, males and females. The business will produce
skirts, pants, blouses, shirts, uniforms, and other apparel, to meet the demands for
retail and
wholesale markets.
The objectives of Trendy Designz will be to provide top of the line affordable,
trendy and
fashionable quality apparel to young people making them look and feel at their

This business will require a large space and will be divided into administration,
and display. Due to this, two units will be rented in the newly constructed mall at
located at Garden Side Street, to accommodate the needs of the business. This
location, while
expensive, will be ideal for the following reasons:
Firstly, since the establishment of the mall in December, it has attracted a lot of
young people
due to the video gaming centre, youth trendy shoe stores, and fast food
restaurants. This
provides a situation of market pull, as the business will be located where potential
can be found.
Secondly, the business will be quite close to the Port of Scarborough, a main
transport hub of
the Island, thus ensuring easy access to goods when shipped from supplies either
from Trinidad
or abroad, and making it cost effective in transporting the goods from the port.
A third reason why this location will be ideal, is the fact that all amenities necessary
such as
electricity, water, internet, banking, bathroom, etc., are available and reliable,
ensuring the
continuity of business operations at most times.


Trendy Designz will employ young people who have the same passion as John Doe
and Jane Moe to
see the local fashion in Tobago grow and develop. Individuals will be sourced from
University of Trinidad and Tobago, YTEPP and other educational institutions offering
and Design, as well as persons with talent and potential in the fashion world.
To begin this venture three skilled workers will be employed who are formally
qualified in
Fashion and Design. These three workers will be responsible for assisting Ms. Jane
Moe in the
cutting, sewing, and preparation of the clothing items. These individuals should be
multiskilled, since they may be operating in different areas as the need arises.
The owners, having the managerial and professional skills will manage the
establishment, and
assist each other in the supervision of the retail operations.
In addition, two semi skilled workers will be required in the retail operations,
assisted by one
unskilled worker. The semi-skilled workers will take measurements of potential
clients, display
clothing and be responsible for cashing, while the unskilled worker will be
responsible for

keeping the physical environment of the business clean at all times.


The owners together, contributed the sum of $375,000 towards the establishment
of the
business. The amount of $200,000 will go towards fixed capital, and $175,000
towards working
capital. The total capital will be obtained from personal savings, loans from parents
and other
family members, a grant from the Youth Department and Enterprise Assistance Fund
of the
Tobago House of Assembly, and a loan from NEDCO. A current account and credit
card will be
opened and obtained from the First Citizens Bank of Trinidad and Tobago.
Fixed capital items will include sewing machines, cutting tables, display shelves,
equipment &
supplies (scissors, markers, measuring tapes, rulers, glue, irons, etc.), and a point of
system. These items will be purchased from Designers International (large
machines and

related items) and local businesses such as Buttons Plus (small apparel items such
as scissors,
glue guns) in Trinidad. The owners will use their personal computers and vehicles to
assist in
the business operations, in the initial stages. Working capital expenses will include
(cloth, thread, zips, paint, etc.) which will be purchased from Jimmy Aboud in
Trinidad and
Parker Traders in Tobago, office stationery (from Office Express Limited in Tobago),
rental of
space (for the first six months), and workers salaries (for the first four months).


As entrepreneurs, the owners will have the responsibility of ensuring this business
venture gets
off the ground with the limited resources available. In addition, they will have to
spend a
number of hours working out details, finalizing the business plan, meeting with loan
interviewing applicants, ironing out problems that may surface at times, and a host
of other

In planning for this business, the owners will share desires and expectations, decide
on policies
and procedures so that together they can look ahead and determine the short and
long term
goals of the business.
In organizing for the success of this venture the owners must ensure that goals will
be fulfilled
by ensuring that tasks will be clearly defined and adequate resources (materials and
equipment) put in place for the workers.
The owners will also be responsible for motivating each other and the workers. The
owners and
workers will be expected to work hard and sacrifice valuable time towards this
venture. At
times discouragement may occur and steps will have to be taken to find ways of
encouragement and being encouraged. Both financial (such as bonuses) and nonfinancial
incentives (such as employee of the month) may be provided to help in motivating


Yut Trenz will be involved in both secondary and tertiary production. The
component of the business will be the designing and manufacturing of apparel
items, with the
use of raw materials such as fabric, ink, thread, etc., producing items of clothing for
sale. The
tertiary part of the business will be the retail outlet which will display and make
available for
wholesale and retail sale, our designs and fashions to the general consumer
population, and
more specifically to our target market, young trendy persons.

In the developing stages of the business, the focus will be at a small scale and
surplus level of
production . Beginning at this level is important so that the business can establish
products rather than concentrating on quantity sales. The high quality will be
instrumental in
gaining confidence in the business by the customers and result in returning
customers and even
new customers when the word spreads about the high quality products that will be
There will be inputs from both the local as well as the international markets as many
will be sourced from overseas.


In ensuring that there will be a consistent high quality product, Yut Trenz will put
measures in
place to maintain high standards. Firstly, the business will utilize only high quality
from reputable suppliers and quality checks on every item will be carried out before
the apparel
is made available to the customers. Secondly, the machines will be regularly
maintained to
ensure efficient and effective operations by Daniel & Edmond, a specialist machine
firm in
Trinidad and Tobago.

High technology will be used to assist the general operations of the business.
Computers and
Computer Aided Designs (CAD) applications will assist in laying out and developing
designs to
come up with creative and fashionable designs. The will also be the sewing
machines which will
be capable of many varying stiches and embroidery designs. In addition, the social
site, Facebook will be used to help in posting latest designs, so the customers will
be able to
view and order products via telephone, without having to physically visit the

Both forward and backward linkages would be established with this new business
venture. The
government of Trinidad and Tobago has identified the local fashion industry as an
industry that
would be developed in order to assist in diversifying the economy. This business will
forward linkages with the fashion houses such as modelling agencies and other
clothing stores
in Trinidad catering for young trendy fashionable persons. Backward linkages will be
with local producers and supplies of beads, leather, cotton, and other local
materials, as well as
the foreign businesses from which the specialist sewing machines will be purchased
and the
local business providing the maintenance service for the machines. These linkages
will help
ensure the business survival, and eventual growth and development.


Projections for the business will show an anticipated growth, both internally and
externally, in
the business operations within the next five years. The internal growth will be
growth in the
customer base, as word spreads about our high quality affordable fashionable
clothing designs,
leading to returning customers and new customers on a regular basis. This will
require an
increase in the number of employees, more specialized work operations, and
possibly the
incorporation of more technology in the business operations to meet the growing
needs of the
expanding customer base.
The potential for expansion externally will involve the opening of branches
throughout Trinidad
and Tobago, and even in other Caribbean territories, or possibly even the purchase
of a

business such as an on-line distributor or a supplier of local sewing materials.

Yut Trenz will abide by all government regulations and guidelines established for
doing business in Trinidad and Tobago, and more so the Partnership Act. Firstly, the
will register the business as a partnership with the Registrar of Business so that the
will be legally recognised as a legitimate business. In addition, income taxes will be
paid by the
owners and all employees to the Board of Inland Revenue, as well as contributions
made to the
National Insurance Scheme and Health Surcharge. The business will ensure that
Health and

Safety Standards will be maintained by having a Health and Safety Officer

contracted to the
firm, ensuring that employees will be working in an environment that will be safe
and healthy.
The business will also be guided in its employment practices, in ensuring that there
will be no
discrimination in hiring, providing the necessary vacation and other leave, in
offering fair wages
that exceed the minimum wage established by the government, and providing
employees with
the require break times, such as a one hour lunch period.

All designs, while some may be inspired by other designers, will be unique and
original. No
other designers work will be copied and branded as the property of the business.
In this way,

the business will be known for its integrity and always have the trust and
confidence of its
suppliers and customers. This will help ensure its survival and future growth as the
market will
continue to support the business in its endeavours.
The materials to be used will always be original and authentic and never to be
substituted for
inferior or imitations, especially in circumstances when original high quality
materials may be
difficult to acquire. This again will help to promote the business as a quality
business, always
delivering quality products to its customers, and will consequently ensure its
survival and
continued growth.
Any price increases will be done based on economics and not the personal feelings
of the
owners. This will help to its customers to fully understand and appreciate price
increases and
continue their support to the business.
All waste material will be disposed of in the appropriate manner, either through the
collection service or the owners arranging to have it delivered to the dump site, and
carelessly thrown into the environment. This will promote the business as
friendly and encourage its support by its customers and lead to an increase in its
base, especially those who are environmentally friendly.