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Goal Setting for Student Progress Form

Teachers Name:
Evaluators Name:

Shawn Kemmer
Pat Witter

School: Buckeye Union Subject/Grade: _Physical Education_ Year: 2013 -2014

I. Setting (Describe the population
and special learning

II. Content/Subject/Field Area (The

area/topic addressed based on
learner achievement, data analysis,
or observational data)

This is a rural school in an area that is changing from a

farming community to an urban community. A large
number of student's families are struggling to keep their
homes, bills paid and food. we have a large number of
students on reduce and free lunch program.
the school has two gyms which are being shared by
other physical education teachers as well as the ROTC
program. i have large classes of over 40 students. there
is a need for more equipment/supplies and facilities as
well as a better way to schedule classes in the afternoon
because of the AZ temperature going over 100 degrees
in the month of August, September, April, and May. this
is a concern because there are times when 5th prd must
leave the Gym because of home games and other
activities must take place.
i teach two sections of Physical Wellness class to a
total of 95 students with different levels of physical
education backgrounds from limited to no physical
education classes in elementary school. the classes have
a broad levels of both physical, emotional, and social
development. the classes are made up by mainstream
students from life skills class, special needs students,
ELL students, obese and in activite students, and mostly
average students to some that are very competitive .
the area addressed will be the fitness level of the
students to help complete the total education of the
indiviudal in high school as well as help address the
national concerns of obesity and americans not being
active. I will be addressing Arizona state physical
education standards strand number 4 which acheives
and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical
fitness. The state standard intention is the development

of students knowlege, skills, and willingness to accept

responsibility for personal fitness, leading to an active,
healthy lifestyle. Health-related fitness components
include cardio fitness, muscular strength and endurance,
flexibility, and body composition. the Presidential
Fitness Tests that will be used are: sit-ups;sit and reach;
mile run; right angle push-ups and body mass index. It
is the states' desire that the students will be accountable
for their fitness and that they will improve their personal
fitness scores from the pre-test to the post-test.
III. Baseline Data (What is shown by
the current data?)
Data attached
IV. Goal Statement (Describe what
every student in my class will double there baseline
you want learners/program to
scores by the end of the semester
V. Means for Attaining Goal (Strategies used to accomplish the goal)

Run 20 time 40 yards in gym
20 sec. stretch each position
There are 10 positions total
Stretch with dance team

Improvement- 2 min, 1 min, 30 sec, 15 sec. (each time
change grip)

Run (off campus)
Distance of 1 mile
25 sit-up
25 push-up
Football stretch

Improvement- 2 min, 1 min, 30 sec, 15 sec. (each time
change grip)

Over time
May pick it up to 2 miles.
Dance team stretch.


Target Date

Copies of baseline data

Ongoing (September

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Goal Review (To be completed during the Summative Evaluation).

Appropriate Data Received
Strategies used and data provided demonstrate appropriate student growth



How does actual student performance compare with the student growth goal?

Recommendations for Professional Development Plan for next school year:

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