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Running Header: Newton Ad Agency Final Proposal

Newton Ad Agency Final Proposal

Rollin Lester Tillie
Southern New Hampshire University
Network/Telecom Management
Clotovis Barker-Williams, Instructor
August 10, 2014

Newton Ad Agency Final Proposal

Executive Summary
The Newton Ad Agency is currently in the process of setting up offices in three locations,
Austin, TX, New York, NY and a satellite office located two miles from the Austin office. Each
office has specific needs as far as the number of supported employees. Each office needs the
ability to exchange documents both with other employees and customers. Each office needs
access to the internet and the company has a monthly budget of $1100 for internet connectivity.
1.1 Purpose
The purpose of this document is to describe the WAN technology recommendations for
each location, hardware requirements for each location and the network addressing scheme that
is recommended for the company.
1.2 Austin & Satellite Office
These two office will support 700 employees and require the ability to connect remote
users to the local area network (LAN). Because this is the head quarters of the company, the
wide area network (WAN) needs to have high reliability.

WAN Connection Recommendation

The Austin office will support connections to the two remote offices. Because of this, it

is recommended that a fiber optic internet connection is used. The fiber optic connection will
allow for high speed download as well as high speed upload. Fiber optic is also very reliable as
it is not effected by electromagnetic interference such as power lines and lightning. Also, the
high bandwidth available through the fiber optic connection will be able to support the need of
the companys 900 employees across the three locations. It is also recommended that when the
budget permits, a backup WAN connection is purchased such as a T1. This will increase the
reliability of the WAN connection and the T1 can be used to supplement the fiber optic
Because the satellite office does not have direct internet access available, it is
recommended that a wireless bridge be used to create a link between the satellite office and the
Austin office. The satellite office is located two miles from the Austin office in direct line of
sight of the office. These specifications will allow a wireless bridge to be set up between the two
offices which will support between 54900 Megabits per second (Mbps) (Proxim Wireless).

Newton Ad Agency Final Proposal


Hardware Recommendation
As noted in the previous section, the Austin office will make the WAN connection for the

satellite office as well as for itself. The first recommended piece of equipment is a strong
firewall, in this case the Dell SonicWall NSA 4600 (SonicWall). The firewall will manage
multiple tasks for both offices including being the DHCP server, the DNS server, preventing
outside intrusion, managing the wireless access points (WAPs), controlling the connection to the
New York office and authenticating remote users. Each of these tasks can be handled by the
recommended firewall (Dell). The firewall specified in Table 1 of Section 1.5 is also includes
five technician licenses for Dell Virtual Assistant, a program used for remote assistance of users.
The device also includes 3 years anti-virus and anti-SPAM protection for all devices connected
to the network (Dell).
The SonicWall has multiple ports that can be configured for external and internal
connections. The recommended setup for your agency is a single port used for external WAN
connection and two ports used for internal LAN connections. The two internal ports will be
configured so that the wireless bridge to the satellite office is on a separate subnet from the main
Austin office. Figure 2 of Section 1.4 shows the recommended subnet setup. The Austin office
will use the IP range, designated in Classless Inter-Domain
Routing (CIDR) notation as This allows for 510 available IP addresses,
however, will be used for the internal interface of the SonicWall. The satellite
office will use the IP range Again, the IP address will be used for the internal interface of the SonicWall leaving 253 available IP
The use of SonicWall-Ne WAPs are recommended in both offices to support wireless
network availability. These devices support the 802.11n standard allowing for transmissions
speeds up to 600 Mbps (TestOut). They are also centrally controlled and configured by the
SonicWall (Dell).
Finally, Dell PowerConnect switches are recommended for wired network connections.
This switches support a high rate of data transfer, 1000 Mbps per port with support for a total
transfer rate of 96 Gigabits per second (Gbps) (Dell). They also support small form-factor

Newton Ad Agency Final Proposal

pluggable (SFP) ports so that fiber optic connections can be used to connect the switches
between office floors.
1.3 New York Office
The New York office has the need to support 200 user connections to the internet and
large media file transfers between offices. The office also hosts a web server that hosts files for

WAN Connection Recommendation

Ideally, a fiber optic connection would be used at this location, however due to budget

constraints this is not possible. Therefore, it is recommended that a T1 connection be used. The
T1 connection is a synchronous connection which will allow for equal upload and download

Hardware Recommendation
The recommended hardware for this location is similar to the Austin office. A Dell

SonicWall NSA 2600 is recommended as the firewall as this location supports fewer users than
the Austin office. Also, Dell PowerConnect switches will be used to make the necessary wired
connections to the LAN.
The recommended IP addressing scheme for this location is which will
allow for a total of 254 available IP addresses, IP addresses will be used for the internal interface address of the SonicWall and
will be used for the customer web server. The remaining 252 IP addresses will be available for
local and remote employee devices.
The SonicWall-Ne WAPs will be used at this location as well. Because of the static VPN
connection between New York and Austin, these WAPs will be centrally managed by the
SonicWall in the Austin office. Employees that travel between locations will easily be able to
connect their devices.

Newton Ad Agency Final Proposal

1.4 Diagrams
Figure 1 shows the hardware that will be used at each location. For simplicity, all
hardware is shown as a single device even if the location will have multiple devices. Table 1 in
Section 1.5 contains the full hardware list along with quantity needed at each site and current

Figure 1. Recommended hardware setup for Newton Ad Agency

Newton Ad Agency Final Proposal

Figure 2 shows the IP configuration that will be used to support the specified number of
users. The IP address are shown in both CIDR notation as well as the range of available IP

Figure 2. Recommend IP Scheme for all Newton Ad Agency Offices

Newton Ad Agency Final Proposal

1.5 Hardware Costs

Table 1 Hardware Costs

Austin HQ



Dell Sonicwall NSA 4600

-50 VPN Client Licenses
-3 years Antivirus, Antispyware and Intrusion Protection
-4 pack Sonicwall-Ne Wireless Access Points
-Dell Sonicwall Virtual Assistant (5 Techs)
Dell PowerConnect 2848 Switches
GNS Wireless 802.11A Wireless Ethernet Bridge Kit
Sonicwall-Ne Wireless Access Point

$12,781.50 $12,781.50




Dell PowerConnect 2848 Switches

Sonicwall-Ne Wireless Access Point




Dell Sonicwall NSA 2600

Dell PowerConnect 2848 Switches
Sonicwall-Ne Wireless Access Point





New York

Total Hardware Cost


Newton Ad Agency Final Proposal


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