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Concrete systems

Bulk handling

Batching plants


Flooring elements

fibo intercon is a leading and

highly reputable supplier of
mobile batching plants and
concrete production systems for
the concrete and construction
Our standard batching plants
are supplied as mobile, semimobile and stationary plants.
Furthermore we supply mixers
and plants designed for special
We offer complete plants and
machinery for the production
of various concrete products
and especially in the field of
lightweight concrete we have
high experience and knowledge

in building plants for the precast

Combined with above product
areas we have developed
machines and equipment for
the handling of aggregates and
finished products and our range
of equipment also includes,
- Feeding systems by
volume or weight
- Silo plants
- Bulk handling of all
types of aggregates
- Systems for handling
finished products

We have our own electrical

department for software
development and the building
of switchboards used in our
machines and systems and
we are active in the fields of
engineering and project
fibo intercon is an independent
company with a long history
and a broad experience as
supplier to the concrete and
construction industry.

Wall elements

Our products are exported


- Equipment for the

cement industry

Concrete blocks

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fibo intercon - Your supplier of Plant and

Machinery for the Concrete Industry
Wall Elements
fibo intercon offers a complete range of machinery
and plant for the production
of solid walls, sandwich walls
and special walls in lightweight and dense concrete.
The production systems are
supplied with stationary tilting tables or as circulation
Our range includes:
Stationary mould tables
Circulation tables
Tilting stations
Concrete spreaders
Vibration roller machines
and vibration equipment
Surface finishing machines
Mould frames/Form sides

Flooring Elements
fibo intercon offers complete
solutions for the production
of flooring elements in
lightweight concrete.
The systems are designed as
circulation systems and are
supplied as standard 600 mm
and 1200 mm wide units.
Furthermore we can also
supply equipment for
production of floors in
dense concrete e.g. casting
beds for hollow core

Transport of moulds to
and from the curing racks
operated by automatic
cranes or by roller
conveyors combined with

Production line for lightweight

concrete wall elements.

Moulding machine with

vibration and overhead travelling
vibration roller machine.
Surface finishing machine.

Blocks & Pavers

Spreader for lightweight concrete

equipped with discharge gates and
computer controlled concrete scraper.

Tilting device for circulation tables.

fibo intercons high quality moulds can

be supplied with bolt in wear parts for
easy replacement.
All wear parts are made of highly
wear-resistant steel.

Concrete Skips
Single or dual rail skip conveyor systems are supplied
with bottom or rotation
fibo intercon also offers manual or automatic controlled
concrete cranes adapted to
the particular task.
Also gantry and half-gantry
cranes are available.
Overhead travelling concrete crane.
The skip with integrated rotation
can be lowered for casting and
for levelling the concrete.

The curing racks are constructed in hot dip

galvanised steel profiles.

Dual track skip conveyor with rotation


Single rail concrete skip conveyor with

bottom discharge equipped with hoists for
lowering skip.

Cuber with servo-controlled movements.

fibo intercon offers a wide

range of equipment for
block & block paving plants
including complete handling/
packing solutions.
Furthermore we can
supply special production
lines for manufacturing
insulation blocks.
Our range includes:
Gantry cranes
Roller conveyors
Chain conveyors
Slat conveyors
Pallet turnovers
Curing rack systems

Cubing and
packaging lines.