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Indias Real Estate Growth Story

The real estate segment is one of the brightest starts when it comes to contributing towards the
countrys GDP. It is the 2nd largest employer in India, second only to Agriculture. Real estate
industry contributes approximately 6.3% to Indias GDP. The overall value of this industry is
estimated at USD 67 billion. This particular figure is estimated to touch USD 180 billion by the year
2020. According to fair estimates, Foreign Direct Investment or (FDI) in real estate sector is set to
grow to USD 24 billion in the next 10 years from the current valuation of about USD 4 billion. As
far as job creation is concerned, this sector creates 7.6 million jobs and this figure is expected to
grow to 17 million by 2025.
There are four sub-sectors of the Indian real estate industry housing, retail, commercial and
hospitality. As it goes, primarily due to infrastructure creation and further establishment of bigger
metros, the housing sector has witnessed great demand in the last decade.
Indias retail and commercial space demand generation is primarily happening from metro cities of
the country. The business in this space of real estate seems to be shifting from sales to lease and
maintenance model. According to estimates, in the first six months of 2013, 20 million square feet
of office space has been added witnessing a year on year growth of 16%.
The hospitality market comprises of hotels, service apartments and convention centers. As tourism
is being expanded on various counts, the hospitality sector is gaining from the increase in tourism.
As we move ahead, the real estate industry in India is ideally poised to grow in a better manner. As
far as investment opportunities are concerned, real estate is still the best segment to invest and
prosper ahead.

6th Annual Convention

NAR-INDIA 6th Annual


16th & 17th August 2014

ITC Sonar Kolkata, India

Connect Network Grow

NAR-INDIA the apex national level organization of realtors is proud to bring to you the 6th Annual
Convention to be held in Kolkata this year.
The convention has become a much sought after annual event where realtors from all over India
and the world converge to connect, share and learn from each other.
With rapid globalization and India surging ahead economically, it is of paramount importance that
realtors and developers connect with each other across geographies to form reliable business
associations, one which can help them build on their transaction base.
An array of attractive sessions to be held over a 2 day convention promises to help you achieve
better perspectives of the real estate industry and thus grow in the exciting future to come.

The theme of the convention is rightly established as

Connect: This convention provides a common platform for realtors and developers to connect with one another.
Network: It helps in building strong networks with fraternity.
Grow: People connect, network and share experience leading to growth.

Convention Highlights
16th August : Convention Day 1
17th August : Convention Day 2
16th &17th August : Exhibition in AC Hangar inside ITC Sonar (Sunderbans Lawn)

A B2B exhibition has been planned where developers can set up stalls in an AC
Hangar within the premises of the 5STAR property where the convention will be
held. The exhibition offers the developers a unique opportunity to showcase their
products to realtors from all across the country.
The access to the food court is via the exhibition space, guaranteeing footfalls in
the stalls

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Presidents Message
I am extremely delighted to announce 6th Annual NAR INDIA Convention to be held
in Kolkata during 16 & 17th August 2014 at ITC Sonar. The convention will be one
momentous event as it is the celebration of 6 years of progression as a strong and only
national association in propagating Education and code of ethics to Realtors.
CONNECT, NETWORK & GROW is the theme of our 6th Annual Convention. This
theme echoes the objectives of NAR INDIA. I invite both National and Global Realtors
to CONNECT with the stalwarts of respective Markets. Learn and understand the best
business practices during the seminars conducted during this convention.
NETWORK is the mainstay for Realtors in their Business. This convention will provide an exciting prospect to
NETWORK with National as well as Realtors Across the globe and also with various stakeholders of the Real Estate
Sector. CNG is the perfect fuel for the vehicle for Success.
I am thankful to RECA for its herculean efforts to host the 6th NAR INDIA Annual Convention and want to appreciate
the Convention Chairman Mr. Jitendra Khaitan and his team for shouldering the responsibility of hosting this convention.
I appeal all the Member Associations and NAR INDIA Members to come forward to offer their whole hearted
support and invest their goodwill for making this convention a GRAND success. Historically, Developers and other
stakeholders continuously supported NAR INDIA in conducting their Annual Conventions and I am very confident
of overwhelming response this time.
I invite all the seasoned and Iconic Industry Experts to come forward and share their expertise and experience
to empower Realtors. I am confident that there will be an overwhelming Delegate participation in this signature
event. I am sure that this convention will act As a CATLYST to Stimulate Investments and Confidence of Investors
encouraging them to make humongous investments in the Indian Real Estate.

Sachin Shroff
President, NAR INDIA
The Annual Meeting and Convention of NAR-India has grown into a first class event. The
over 1,000 attendees in 2013 were treated to outstanding programs and events that Im
certain advanced their professional lives. The venue was superb, and the entertainment
portions were an obvious joy to all those who attended these events. These conventions
also allow NAR-India members a remarkable chance to network, meeting fellow
professionals from all over your great country, as well as guests from the world. I strongly
recommend these future events to Real Estate professionals from India and the world. This
countries industry, and NAR-India, have become the fastest growing Association in the
World and the promise of India should not be ignored by any true professional in the

Norman D. Flynn,
President and CEO, International Real Property Foundation
1990 President, National Association of Realtors

The 2013 NAR-India convention was an excellent experience for international attendees.
Beyond the extremely friendly atmosphere that I think was felt by all, it provided a
great environment to connect with the Indian marketplace and do business. NAR-India
has made great strides towards raising the level of professionalism throughout the
country and its members have a very realistic understanding and view of the domestic
market which is a fundamental requirement for engaging in cross-border transactions.
NAR-India is helping to change the face of real estate brokerage in Indiaits members
understand the value of being part of a larger network of industry professionals and are
committed to high standards.

Thijs Stoffer

6th Annual Convention

Chairmans Message

16th & 17th August 2014

ITC Sonar Kolkata, India

Connect Network Grow

My dear Friends,
I am very happy to present to you the 6th Annual Convention of
NAR-INDIA. The National Association of Realtors-India (NARINDIA) was established six years ago as the apex national level
organization of real estate brokers, representing various parts
of the length and breadth of the Indian sub-continent. It is an
organization which aims to elevate the standards of practice of
the real estate brokerage business to a global level where ethics,
transparency, accountability, rule of law and good governance
prevail. The objectives of NAR-INDIA are to streamline and
promote the profession of real estate brokerage in India. NARINDIA has completed 6 years of its existence and this is a very
important milestone in our journey.
I take this opportunity to thank NAR of USA for their continued support to nurture NAR-INDIA and
help it grow to this strength. In particular, I would like to place on record my gratitude to Norman
Flynn, Janet Branton, Jeff Hornberger, Baro Shalizi, Zachariah Benjamin, all from NAR, for their constant
encouragement and hand holding. NAR-INDIA strongly believes in the strength of relationships and
continues to maintain international affiliation with IRPF, NAR, ICREA, FIABCI, MIPIM and FINAIM. NARINDIA also continues to maintain its relationship with the National Housing Bank ( NHB ), the countrys
housing finance regulator under the Reserve Bank of India, Government of India. The efforts of NARINDIA to participate in the preparation of the national residential property index called RESIDEX is
We continue to carry forward the process creating a Multiple Listing Service exclusively for NAR-INDIA
members, an activity that was initiated last year. The Newsletter of NAR-INDIA is being circulated
regularly and informs all the member representatives about the latest developments in various member
associations as well as in the industry. Soon, we are to have an internal magazine of our own. Educational
initiatives have also been improved and are in the process of being rolled out. We continue our efforts
to lobby with the government for the Real Estate Regulatory legislation. Initiatives specially designed for
women realtors are also in the pipeline.
Ethical business practices and customer service are the building blocks on which NAR-INDIA stands.
The real estate brokerage business in one of the largest service sector businesses in the world and
the consumer is at the centre of the activity. Providing quality and credible service is the hallmark of
the profession. Raising the standards of real estate practice to global levels of excellence continues to
be our endeavor. NAR-INDIA has grown substantially over the last five years. Today, spread across 26
member associations in India with an overall reach of over 26,000 brokers, NAR-INDIA is firmly set on
its path as the voice of realtors in India. On completion of one more successful year at NAR-INDIA, I
take this opportunity to congratulate President Sachin Shroff, incoming President Hira Lal Bagra ( from
Kolkata ) and all the Office Bearers, Governing Body members, members of the General Body, Pushpa
Srinivasan, GM of NAR-INDIA, along with other staff, for tirelessly working and contributing to various
activities in various committees and adding value to the membership, the national as well as local
associations and the industry at large.

Prof. Dr. P. S. N. Rao

Founder - Chairman, NAR-INDIA

Glimpses of Past Conventions

1st Convention, Magarpatta City, Pune 2009

2nd Convention, Radisson Resort, Chennai 2010

3rd Convention, Hotel Novotel, Hyderabad 2011

4th Convention, Hotel Renaissance, Mumbai 2012

Glimpses of Past Convention

5th Convention, Hotel Taj Palace, Delhi 2013

The Host
About RECA
Realtors & Estate Consultants Association of Kolkata, also known
as RECA was formed in 2005. It is famous for bringing about a
change in the age old practice of real estate broking in Kolkata.
Currently, RECA boasts of the best of realtors from Kolkata having
a combined workforce of more than 1000, who thrive on the assets
of ethics, transparency, accountability, rule of law, good governance
and above all, professionalism. RECA is a member of NAR-INDIA
(The National Association of RealtorsIndia) and is currently hosting
the 6th NARINDIA Convention.
RECA Kolkata, for the first time in Eastern India is proud to have its
member Mr. H. L. Bagra, as the President-Elect of NAR-INDIA.

6th Annual Convention Committee Members

Mr. Jitendra Khaitan
Chairman - NAR-INDIA
6th Annual Convention

Mr. H. L. Bagra
President Elect, NAR-INDIA

Mobile : +91 98300 30731

Alt Number : 033 4002 5555
Email :

Mobile : +91 98300 32626

Email :

Mr. Ajay Agarwal

Mr. Pawan Agarwal

Chairman - Program Committee

Chairman - Fund Raising & Exhibition

Mobile : +91 98300 96901

Alt Number : 033 4001 4779
Email :

Mobile : +91 98300 30438

Alt Number : 033 4040 1030
Email :

Mr. Amit Tekriwal

Mr. Rajesh Agarwal

Chairman - Promotion & Marketing

Chairman - Finance Committee

Mobile : +91 98310 77268

Email :

Mobile : +91 98310 33027

Alt Number : 033 4003 3838
Email :

Mr. Vikash Poddar

Chairman - Hospitality &
Logistics Committee
Mobile : +91 98308 44789
Alt Number : +91 93310 20520
Email :

Mr. Kishore Baid

Convention Committee Member

Mobile : +91 98310 31117

Alt Number : +91 98362 31117
Email :

Mr. R.K. Jain

Chairman - Registration Committee
Mobile : +91 90620 01555
Alt Number : +91 98310 50899
Email :

Mr. Manmeet Singh

Chairman - F & B Committee
Mobile : +91 98300 31777
Alt Number : +91 98310 12342
Email :

Mr. Raakesh Jain

Mr. Sanjeev Daruka

Chairman - Entertainment Committee

Chairman - PR Committee

Mobile : +91 90077 88000

Alt Number : 033 4006 9090
Email :

Mobile : +91 98361 18484

Alt Number : 033 2455 9494
Email :

National Association of Realtors

Real estate in India a sector that has contributed much to the countrys economic and industrial
development is in urgent need of reform. This was the realization that launched NAR-INDIA the credible
voice of the realtors in India. Thus, realtors are no longer confined to the sidelines of the real estate
sector. They have evolved into protagonists who advise, inform, connect, negotiate and keep the market
running. NAR-INDIA aims to enlighten the realtors and is based on the principles of ethics, transparency,
accountability, good governance and rule of Law.
India has several thousands of realtors or brokers operating in over 26 metropolitan cities. They represent
interests of large corporations on the one side and domestic consumers on the other. NAR-INDIA has
been fashioned not only as a single national level umbrella organization representing the interests of
thousands of realtors/brokers operating all over the country, but also an organization which aims to
elevate the standards of practice of the real estate brokerage business to a global level where ethics,
transparency, accountability, rule of law and good governance prevail.
NAR-INDIA is organising its 6th Annual Convention at ITC Sonar, Kolkata on the 16th and 17th August, 2014.

NAR INDIA at a Glance

NAR INDIA members outreach in 26 cities of India
Associated with over 1900 member realtors/ brokers companies
Possesses the strength of over 26,000 realtors/brokers
NAR-INDIA has collaborations with both global and national
The credible voice of real estate brokerage

NAR INDIA National Committee Members

Prof. Dr. P. S. N. Rao

Mr. Ravi Varma

Chairman, NAR-INDIA

Vice Chairman, NAR-INDIA

Mr. Sachin Shroff

Mr. H. L. Bagra

President, NAR-INDIA

President Elect, NAR-INDIA

Mr. Kalpesh Shah

Mr. Pravin Bavadiya

Immediate Past president,

Vice President, NAR-INDIA


Mr. Ayub Khan

Mr. D. J. Dhamne

Hon. Secretary, NAR-INDIA

Treasurer, NAR-INDIA

Mr. Farook Mahmood

Mr. Jitendra Khaitan

Chairman - Foreign Affairs committee

Chairman - NAR INDIA,

Founder President, NAR-INDIA

6th Annual Convention

Venue - ITC Sonar

The venue for the NAR 6th Annual Convention is the Pala at ITC
A glorious hall finished with sophisticated interiors, Pala is Kolkatas largest pillar-free hotel
Named after the grand Pala dynasty, this hall is capable of accommodating up to 1000 guests.
It serves as the perfect venue for a wide spectrum of events ranging from banquets, corporate
gala dinners, exclusive private luncheons, wedding celebrations, conferences, symposiums and
much more.
Pala is equipped with facilities like wi-fi/high speed broadband internet, extensive audio-visual
support, offsite catering services.
Pala ensures an unforgettably luxurious experience that is sure to make a lasting impression on

The venue for Trade Exhibition is Sundarbans lawn, inside ITC Sonar premises
The most amusing feature of ITC Sonar is the flawless ease with which it is
built and natural spaces flow into one another.
This characteristic is celebrated at the Sunderbans lawn an extensive, richly
landscaped garden, set against the stunning backdrop of the estate.
The Sunderbans lawn offers a versatile setting for a broad range of events,
from banquets to gala dinners, theme events, wedding celebrations, corporate
functions and much more!
The dcor can be modified for individual events, with access to gourmet
catering and dining options from the wide culinary selection that ITC Sonar
With its unrivalled bouquet of facilities and flawless services, Sunderbans lawn
offers the most exquisite venue for the social occasions in Kolkata.

Kolkata Real Estate A vibrant market

The real estate industry in Kolkata and the Eastern India, is undergoing a significant transformation.
The industry is gradually becoming more organized in nature due to mounting institutional capital
inflow as against early convoluted structure of non-formal financing, dominance of a few regional
players and low level of expertise. The changing scenario has also brought up some transparency
in the system which has garnered interest of the consumers across different verticals. Economic
liberalization has opened unprecedented scope in front of real estate developers as development
of industries, utility services (schools, hospitals), retail, hospitality (resorts, restaurants, hotels),
Information Technology/Information Technology Enabled Services (IT/ITES), entertainment (movie
theatres) and residential (housing complexes) have created large scale demand for land and
The current economic slowdown could not make much of an impact on the residential property
market of Kolkata largely owing to the fact that the nature of the residential market in Kolkata is
still mainly end user driven.
On the demand side, since no price correction has taken place, demand remains stable as end
users are optimistic about future returns.

High End Residential Space

The high end residential market is also end user driven as developers position
their products very strongly. Rise in demand could be contributed to rise in
business class, increasing interest amongst Non Residential Indians (NRIs) due
to domestic currency devaluation and rising income standard of HNIs.

MIG Residential Space

The MIG/LIG residential space has good demand, fuelling potential for large
developments in the fringes.

In Kolkata, land demand is on a surge on account of accretion of residential,
commercial and retail requirement. Price escalation is quite evident at Central
Business District (CBD) areas although greater Kolkata and suburbs have also
witnessed demand elevation

Fundamentally, the industrial structure of Kolkata is service driven. The major
end users of office spaces constitutes of IT/ITES, BPO, engineering consulting
and other segments.

In Kolkata, during the last three years, emergence of modern retail outlets along
with increasing investments in various medium to large scale industries such as
food, automobile, engineering, telecom, power, steel and others, have raised
demand for organized warehouses, substantially. Such demand is expected to
uplift rental rates of warehouses.

Rent value of high street stores has risen significantly , but mall leasing rates
have remained largely unchanged. A swanky new mall has sprung in the heart
of the city in the Ballygunge area with some high end brands as tenants. A
distinct trend of high street shopping pockets is also emerging.

A healthy investment climate

Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, Jamshedpur, Guwahati, Siliguri and Ranchi can surprise you with its
investor base. Its almost as if a latent investment potential was discovered when some national
players made efforts to reach out to investors here and met with resounding success.
Developers like Lodha, Sunteck, Onkar, Omaxe have launched some mega projects in this region
and approximately INR 1000 cr was raised within few months of the launch. What surprised
many was the relative ease with which this was achieved. It marks a significant shift in real estate
investment pattern where investors were earlier contended in investing in their own region. Well,
certainly not anymore.
This phenomenon can be largely owing to investors feeling the need to test other proven real
estate hot-spots other than there own city in which they have already made lot of investments. It
is very clear that they are looking for more.
Developers from all over India should take a cue from this and reach out to these investors who
are hungry for more.

Developers like Lodha, Sunteck, Onkar, Omaxe have launched some mega
projects in this region and approximately INR 1000 cr was raised within few
months of the launch.



and reach out to the best in the real estate marketing business in India.
The NAR India convention offers an unparalleled opportunity to showcase your products to the best of Realtors from
every nook and corner of the country.
The best of real estate marketing businessmen, professionals, and executives are converging to this 2 day mega
conclave. For a sponsor it is really a dream audience owing to the fact that these are the best people in the business of
real estate marketing. It does not get better and bigger than this.

Sponsor Advantages
High Brand Visibility
The Sponsors brand and its values reach out to a targeted audience consisting of people who matter the most in the industry

Super ROI
The sponsorship spend is money well spent. At a fraction of the typical marketing cost you will be able to achieve what you
cannot even by spending 10 times of your budget.

All India business exposure at one go

Where can you find such a niche audience all under one roof? Its only a once in a year opportunity and it is at NAR India
Convention only.

Direct contact with over 1000 niche realtors/brokers from all over India
Interact with the best in the business of real estate marketing. Take valuable inputs and expand your business horizon.

Leveraged Lead Generation

Grow your business by generating leads at the exhibition.

Focussed Networking
Expand into new territories and create new marketing channels for your business all over India.

Entry to New Markets

There is a market waiting for you outside your current marketing reach. Tap into that market with ease.

Global Outreach
Get insights into happenings the world over. Meet international delegates from several countries sharing there views and
market outlook. Create opportunities for you to grow your market outside India.

Current Nar Convention 2014 Sponsors

Sponsorship amount mentioned above is exclusive of 12.36% service tax. Payment to be made in favour of 6th NAR-INDIA 2014.

Sponsor Categories & Deliverables Chart

B2B Exhibition Layout

Sunderbans Lawn

Food Court
To food court












Exhibition Hall 2

Entry & Exit

Entry & Exit



Exhibition Hall 1
(for sponsors only)

Entry & Exit

Stall Areas
3X3 = 9 SQMT.
4X8 = 32 SQMT.
4X6 = 24 SQMT.

4X6 = 24 SQMT.
4X4 = 16 SQMT.

NB: Entry and exit points from exhibition Hall 1 to Hall 2 may shift a bit depending on availability
of clear land to create a covered canopy between the Halls. This will not effect the internal
stall layout in any manner whatsoever.

Exhibition Stall Tariff

Stall Type

Bare Space

(bare floor space with electric points

will be provided )

Shell Space

(stall with octumum walls, tables, chairs,

electric point will be provided)


Rs. 2.50,000.00

Rs. 2.50,000.00

Exhibition Booth Options

Bare Space
The exhibitor will get a bare space, ground marked as per the area assured.
Electric points would be provided with adequate power to light up the stall space.

Shell Space
The exhibitor gets a shell space pre constructed with Octonum systems. It will be fitted with
a Table,White walls, and Canvas chairs. Spot lights will be fitted on walls.

Organised by

National Association of Realtors

Hosted by

Knowledge Partners

NAR-India Affiliations

Event Marketed & Managed by

Core Direct Exhibitions Events & Services (P) Ltd

16a Chowringhee Mansion 2nd Floor

Ph 91 33 4006 5959 / 5960

Contact Mr. Aritra Banerjee

30 J L Nehru Road Kolkata 700 016 WB

Fax 91 33 2227 5895

M : +91 90070 74674 E :

For further Information, please contact:

Mr. Sachin Shroff

President, NAR-INDIA
M: +91 9824 50211
Email :

For Delegate Registration:

Mr. Raaj K. Jain
M: +91 90620 01555
Email :

Ms. Pushpa Srinivasan

General Manager, NAR-INDIA
M: +91 77021 58405
Email :

For Hospitality:
Mr. Aritra Banerjee
M: +91 90070 74674
Email :

Mr. Vikash Poddar

M: +91 98308 44789
Email :

Mr. Amit Tekriwal

M: +91 98310 77268
Email :

Ms. Nupur Ramsisaria

M: +91 98303 27673
Email :

Mr. Ajay Agarwal M: +91 98300 96901

President, RECA Kolkata
Email :

Mr. Rajesh Agarwal M: +91 98310 33027

Treasurer, RECA Kolkata
Email :

For Sponsorship Opportunities:

Mr. Pawan Agarwal
M: +91 98300 30438
Email :

NAR-INDIA members may also contact:

Mr. H L Bagra M: +91 98300 32626
President - Elect, NAR-INDIA
Email :

Designed by: AGO 98303 27673

Mr. Jitendra Khaitan

Convention Chairman, NAR-INDIA
M: +91 98300 30731
Email :