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2400+ GK Questions of Previous Papers

of IBPS SBI RBI Study Material

IBPS Clerk GK / Computer Questions 21.11.2014 Evening Session
In FEMA, M means - Management
URL - Uniform resource locator
EVM - Electronic Voting Machine.
RTGS full form - Real Time Gross Settlement
MMID - Mobile Money Identifier
ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network.
Capital of Afganistan- kabul
Currency of Bhutan- Ngultrum
Yashwardhan Shukla's book - Gods of Antarctica'
Validity of Kishan vikas patra - 100 months
In MICR middle 3 digits represent are for - Bank
Which cities, America developing in to Smart cities - Allahabad,Ajmer and Vishakhapatnam
Name of the book by Rajamohan Gandhi - Eight lives.
NTPC tie up with which state to start a 1000 MW plant - Andhra Pradesh
Person with disability (PwD) day - 3rd December.
Personal accident cover in Jan Dhan Yojana - 1 lakh
Largest public sector insurance company - LIC.
1 Ques. on census 2011 Shortcut key to undo last step in word - Ctrl+ Z
Shortcut key to make characters italics - Ctrl + I

IBPS Clerk GK Questions / Computer Awareness 21.12.2014 Morning



CBS full form - Core Banking Solution

ULIP Stands for - Unit-linked insurance plan
AQB Full form - Average Quaterly Balance.
In EBT, E means - Electronic.
Headquarter of WHO are situated at - Geneva
Capital of Australia - Canberra.
President of Brazil - Dilma Rouseff.
Sushama swraj's constituency- Vidhisha
commercial paper is issued by - Corporates, primary dealers (PDs) and All-India Financial
Institutions (FIs)
Rbi allowed which age of minors to open account - 10 years
Currency of Argentina - Argentine peso.
How many digits in Ifsc code - 11
BCCI life time achievement award 2014 - Dilip Vengasarkar.
validity of Kisan vikas patra - 100 months
Sarjubala devi related to which sport - Boxing
Tapan raychaudhri who died recently was - Historian
Author of lowland - Jhumpa Lahiri.
Shanti swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Physical Sciences 2014 -Dr.Pratap Raychaudhuri
Mars orbitor mission which celebrated it's 50th anniversary- Mariner 4 mission


Lucknow city is on the bank of ____ river - Gomti

in whose memory of whom, Antyoday Divas is celebrated - Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya
Next G20 Summit will be held at - Turkey
Economics nobel prize is conferred on - Jean Tirole
Revised Target of opening of accounts in PM Jan Dhan Yojna is - 10 Crore
Payment bank working capital - 100 Crore
Shortcut key to find text in MS word - Ctrl + F.

IBPS Clerk GK / Computer Awareness Questions asked in 20.12.2014

Evening Session


PDA Full form- Personal Digital Assistant.

GST full form - Goods and service Tax
IFSC Full form - Indian Financial System code.
C in MICR stands for - Character
Shortcut key of UNDO - ctrl +Z
Shortcut key of Find- Ctrl+F
Currency of Saudi Arabia - Saudi riyal.
Capital of Iraq - Baghdad
Which Day is celebrated on 19 november- World Toilet Day
First 3 digit in MICR represents - city
World AIDS Day is observed on - 1 December
Commercial paper is issued by - Corporates, primary dealers (PDs) and the All-India Financial
Institutions (FIs)
SEZ stands for - Special Economic Zone
Noble prize in Economics is won by -Jean Tirole
%age Share of state government in RRB - 15%
UEFA Eurocup 2016 will be hosted by - France.
Headquarters of UNEP - Nairobi(Kenya)
What is the Exchange date for pre 2005 Notes - 1st Jan 2015
Rupay card is developed by - NPCI
What is Jandhan yojna's objective - Financial Inclusion
Dronacharya award is related to - Sports
National Science centre is established in which state Delhi
UN Goodwill ambassador for South east Asia .

IBPS Clerk GK Questions 20.12.2014 Morning Session


United nations day- - 24th October

International Non violence day is observed on - 2nd October
Vishwanathan Anand is related to- - Chess.
Ryder Cup is related to - - Golf
Capital of Austria - Vienna
Budget of Mars mission of India - - 450 Crore


author of Dramatic decade - Pranab Mukherjee.

In which field, Nobel prize was given to May Britt Moser and Edward Moser - Medicine
New name of MCX - - Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India Ltd, abbreviated as mSXI'
Biggest nuclear plant in the world- - Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant
Next Hockey world cup will be held - India.
Insurance regulatory in india- - IRDA.
Next saarc summit will be held at - Islamabad
Currency of srilanka - Sri Lankan Rupee.
Dongfeng missile is developed - China
Darjeeling Makaibiri is - Tea estate
Which is not a Operating System among Windows XP,NT,2000,2007 & suffix - Suffix
Find the output device among Printer scanner,keyboard,webcam- - Printer.
What is a bit- - Smallest Unit of information

IBPS Clerk General / Computer Awareness Questions asked in

14.12.2014 Evening Session


ISP stand for - Internet Service Provider

RTGS stand for Real Time Gross Settlement
WWW full form World Wide Web
http stands for - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
MICR Full form Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
ASCII full form ATS stands for
Currency of Oman - Omani rial
Capital of Kuwait Kuwait City.
Constituency of Rajnath Singh Commenwealth games 2016 will be held in - Gold Coast city, Queensland, Australia
Target under PMJDY is - Opening of 10 Crore bank accounts up to 26 Jan. 2015
Headquarters of UNICEF are situated at - New York City
International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 25 November
State Minister Of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship Rajiv Pratap Rudy
18th SAARC Summit was held at - Kathmandu Nepal
Sardar Patel Birthday is celebrated as - National Unity day
Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana was started on the birthday of - Jayaprakash Narayan.
Anirban lahiri related to which sport Golf.
Indira Gandhi Awas Yojna will provide house to - 10 Crore accounts under JanDhan Yojna.
Bank borrow money from RBI on which rate - Repo Rate.
Which of the following not a storage - Printer
1 Ques. on Artificial intelligence 1 question from RFID chip
Chip known as Oracle is a One question related to GPS -

IBPS Clerk GK Questions 14.12.2014 Morning Session

Here are IBPS Clerk GK / Computer Questions asked in 14.12.2014 Morning Shift.


UNIDO headquarter - Vienna

Which of the following is not in the list of top 10 richest person NCR full form - National Capital Region
BAT full formIFSC - Indian Financial System Code.
ECGL full form - Executive Centre of Global Leadership
RTGS full form- Real Time Gross Settlement
Capital of Bangkok Currency of China Renminbi.
Baiching Bhutia is related to which sport - Football.
Overdraft facility in PMJDY - Rs. 2500 (further increase to 5000)
Sarita devi related to which Dance In FFII, Rajnikant was awarded by National Human Rights day - 10 December
CDS percentage Author of Half a Girl Friend - Chetan Bhagat
In which bank, a Laghu Account can be opened Maximum amount in KVP Y Chung Related with which game Nalanda University situated in which state - Bihar
Where ISRO situated - Bangaluru
Ghoomer DanceEBOLA is Which of the following river is in MP How much amount can be deposited in a saving account -

IBPS Clerk Computer Awareness Questions 14.12.2014 Morning Session

Here are computer awareness questions asked in IBPS Clerk 14 December 2014 Exam.
IFSC Full formFull form of WAN- Wide Area Network.
1 TB equals how many Bytes - 1000000000 Bytes.
Full form of ANSI Which of the following is not a valid version of MSOffice - Office Vista
Which of the following is not found on Mother Board - System Clock
Which of the following provide power backup to
computer system - UPS.
The individual dots that the image on a monitor are
called- Pixel
How any person can understand 0,1 (Binary) format - by
Which of the following is harmful for information
security - Virus.
In MS excel which of the following is not a mathematical
operator- \ (Back slash)
Which of the following refers to an upside down mouse
Track ball
In excel how to reverse last action shortcut- ctrl + z
In MS office 2007, the shortcut key to erase the
words on the Right side of cursor is - Delete key

Conversion of windows 98 to windows XP is called Upgrade.

In 4th gen PC what is found- Micro Processor
Which of the following is a Input device - Touch Pad
PROM Full form- Programmable Read Only Memory
IP full form- Internet Protocol
Which of the following memory erased by ultra violet
rays - EPROM
Which of the following not a binary number Which of the following is an operating system Windows CE
Resident memory portion of operating system is known as Registry
Which of the following is a computer software - Outlook
Machine language used by computer- Numeric
Binary number are composed of- 0 & 1
NPCI launched which card- RUPAY
What happen if a file is emptied from recycle bin - Gets deleted Permanently
Shortcut key to enter date in excelWhich of the following form the part of a complete URL
need to access the web resource Protocol
Which of the following is a HARDWARE?Minor revisions in software are reflected in the use of Which of the following protocol used to move from one
web page to other web page- HTTP.
MS- DOS which type of operating system- Command driven
Moving from one website to another website called- Surfing.
Which of the two parts are found in CPU- ALU, CU

IBPS Clerk GK (General Awareness)/ Computer Questions asked in

13.12.2014 Evening Session
Here are IBPS Clerk GK / Computer Questions 13.12.2014 Evening Shift questions asked in Online


PDF stand for Portable Document Format.

FCCB stand for Foreign Currency Convertible Bond
RTGS stand for Real Time Gross Settlement
FTZ stand for Free-Trade Zone
Currency of Indonesia - Rupiah
Capital of Canada - Ottawa
Manbuker prize winner Bradman hall prize NANGA Mountains are at Nasik situated at which river Swachh bharat logo designed by Who received Euromoney Award for Best Central Bank Governor of the Year 2014 Raghuram
John Okeefe got Nobel prize 2014 in which stream Physiology or Medicine Playlist
New chief justice of India KVP Validity Nashik is situated on the bank of the river Godavari river


KB, MB, GB, TB which one is big TB

Shortcut key of making italic font in MS Word - ctrl + i
Docx is which file MS word
Author of the narrow road to deep north - Richard Flanagan
Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Award for Medicine is given to UNIDO Head quarter - Vienna
According to Census 2011m most of the slums is in which city RBI launched which policy Pankaj Advani Related to which game - Snooker
The book "unbreakable" is written by whom - Kami Garcia
At which Amount, White level ATM linked by RBI -

IBPS Clerk GK Questions 13.12.2014 Morning Session

Below are IBPS Clerk 13 December 2014 General Awareness / Computer Awareness Questions asked in
Online exam.


VOIP stand for - Voice Over Internet Protocol

NPA Full form Non-Performing Asset
BIOS Means Basic Input Output System.
IPO stand for Initial Public Offer.
NAV means Net Asset Value.
Full form of ECS - Electronic Clearing System
GIGO full form Garbage In, Garbage Out
MS DOS is Command Based Operating System
Shortcut key to go at the end of the page - Ctrl + End
Which of the following is an operating System - Windows 8
Shortcut key to go to the first line of the page - Ctrl + home
Richard Miller Flanagan (Won Man Booker Prize 2014) belongs to Australia
Capital of Saudi Arabia - Riyadh.
Women Kabaddi Team win Gold Medal
Seema Poonia related to which sports Discus Throw
Interest on Saving Account is given on which basis Daily basis
In MICR code, middle 3 digits denote - Bank Code.
ING Vysya Bank to merge with Kotak Mahindra Bank.
PPF maximum amount limit 1.5 lakh.
Verse email is provided by which company IBM
Currency of Brazil Brazilian real
Air force day is observed on
Nobel Prize in Literature 2014 Patrick Modiano
Who top in Asian games China
Purpose of KYC - Money Laundering.
Which is Demand and Time Liabilities
Gujarat govt. declared Vadodara as State Cultural Capital
Which one is not a monetary tool
Science and Technology Minister Harsh Vardhan
Tinku Luka is related to which Sports Relay Race (Athlete)
Who gave speech in Hindi in United Nations before Prime Minister Narendra Modi Atal Bihari
32. Nitin Gadkaris Constituency is Nagpur.


Earth Science cabinet minister

Headquarters of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) New York City
CASA is which type of deposits Theme of SAARC smmit 2014 is - 'Deeper Integration for Peace and Prosperity'

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IBPS Clerk GK / Computer Questions asked in 07.12.2014 Evening

Below are some of the questions asked in General awareness and computer awareness section of IBPS
Clerk 2014 Online examination held on 07 December 2014 Evening Shift.


Full form of WAN Wide Area Network

NEFT stand for National Electronic Funds Transfer.
HTML stand for HyperText Markup Language
ISDN stand for - Integrated Services for Digital Network
GST stand for Goods and Services Tax
Capital of Fiji Suva.
Currency of New Zealand is New Zealand dollar
WHO headquarters are situated at Geneva
Sardar is related to which sport Hockey
Head of National Disaster Management Authority Name of Operation Hudhud Operation Lehar
Nobel Prize 2014 in Economics is given to Jean Tirole
Linux is Open Source OS.
1 ques. on IRNSS 1C Satellite.
Headquarters of Asian Development Bank Manila
Constituency of Kalraj Mishra Deoria.
Chairman of Finance Commission
Rural Minister of India is 1 question on Brahmaputra river 14th finance commission headed by World Standard day Ctlr+2 in MS Excel
Which Indian film was selected for oscar
Largest computer is Richard Flanagan belongs to which country - Australian
Input Devices
Typhoon VongFong stuck which country
Who author graduated from IITD and IIMA
Who is Rural and Panchayati Raj Minister -

IBPS Clerk General Awareness (GK) Questions asked in 07.12.2014

Morning Session


Full form of DVD Digital Video Disc.

PNG stand for Portable Network Graphics.
VDU Video Display Unit or Visual Display Unit.
What is S&P What does GDP stand for Gross Domestic Product
Ritu Rani related to which sport - Hockey
GUI stand for Graphical User Interface.
Regional Rural Banks are sponsored by Which game held in Incheon Asian Games
1 million bytes =
NBFC is under control of Capital of Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur
Currency of Japan Japanese Yen.
Incheon was the host city of Wildlife heritage region Mortgage is which type of property Which is not indirect tax among excise, corporation, customs EPROM stand for Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory.
National education day is Indian army helped for Jammu & kashmir known as UNICEF headquarter New York City
Balance sheet is Environment Minister of India Prakash Javadekar
ICC ODI captain of the year
Vikram Sarabhai space centre is located at Thiruvananthapuram Kerala
Childrens Peace Prize 2014 Neha Gupta
Gaofen-2 satellite of China.
UIDAI deadline Mortgage are which type of property KIRAN scheme is made for Women Scientists
Credit given by one corporate to another -

IBPS Clerk General Awareness / Computer Awareness/ GK Questions

asked in 06.12.2014 Evening Shift

VIRUS Vital Information Resources Under Siege

DOS stand for - Disk Operating System
LSI stand for - Latent Semantic Indexing
NBFC stand for Non-banking financial companies
NPPA stand for National pharmaceutical pricing authority
LTV stand for Loan-to-value.
IPO Initial Public Offering
TDS - Tax Deducted at Source
FEMA Foreign Exchange Management Act
NAB National Association of Broadcaster.
URL stand for Uniform Resource Locator
Currency of Egypt Egyptian pound.
Monetary policy regulated by RBI

14. Whos birth anniversary celebrate as unity day Sardar Patel

15. KYC implemented under which act BR ACT 1949,
16. With the 765 days of continuous safe reactor operations - Rawatbhata (Rajasthan Atomic Power
17. Cheque is defined under which act Negotiable Instruments act,1881
18. Ajay Jayaram associated with which game Badminton
19. Committee to Identify 'Obsolete' Laws - R. Ramanujam
20. Normon gorden is a veteran - South African bowler
21. Lokpal selected by 22. Sumitra Charat Ram Award Pandit Jasraj
23. Banking ombudsman appointed by - RBI
24. Hand in-Hand is Military exercise b/w India & China
25. Chairman of national women commission Lalitha Kumarmangalm.
26. Hindu kush is between which countries Afghanistan and Pakistan
27. Age limit for minors to operate saving account 10 years
28. G20 2016 will be held in China
29. Capital of Cambodia Phnom Penh
30. Currency of Greece Euro.
31. Validity Kisan credit card 5 years
32. Information and Broadcasting minister -Arun Jaitely
33. Chairman of National Women Commission
34. Ajay Jayaram associated with which sport game Badminton
35. Who is Norman Gordon South African cricketer.
36. World pneumonia day is November 12th
37. Between which countries are Hindu Kush mountain ranges 38. Age limit for minors to operate saving 39. Kissan Vikas Patra money doubles in 100 months

IBPS Clerk General Awareness (GK) Questions 06.12.2014 Morning

General Awareness / Banking / Computer Awareness questions of 06 December 2014 Morning Shift
questions had been posted here after the exam gets over.


Full form of KYC - Know your Customer.

Full form of NPA - Non-Performing Asset.
BC - Banking Correspondent.
Full form of RTGS - Real time Gross Settlement
NVRAM - Non-volatile Random Access Memory.
National broadcasting day observed on ICC cricketer of the year - Mitchell Johnson
Which state has the highest rural population Former PM Manmohan singh is to be awarded by which country - Japan.
Where was world chess tournament held - Sochi, Russia.
APEC held at Playing it my way is written by - Sachin Tendulkar.
Headquarters of UNESCO are situated at Captain of india in ICC world cup - Dhoni
Which state declared tourism day - Madhya Pradesh.
Currency of Italy - Euro
Common wealth games 2018 will be held at - Gold Coast, CT, Queensland, Australia.
Which one is big MB, GB, Kb, TB - TB
1 ques based on PPF


MOM - Mars Orbiter Mission.

Full form of URL - Uniform Resource Locator.
Capital of sweden - Stockholm.
In India who Last resort of bank What is processes data What is amortization - Process of decreasing or accounting for an amount
Duration of PPF accounts - 15 years
In MS word, footer is displayed at - Bottom of the page.
Sultan of Johor Cup hockey tournament is held in which country - Malaysia
Study of fungi is called as - Mycology
Headquarter of SIDBI - Lucknow
Current health minister of India - J.P.Nadda
Which is the base year for new consumer price index? - 2010
Name the biggest online shopping site in China - Alibaba
Rauf dance is form is related to which state - Jammu and Kashmir

Till then, below are some of the questions asked in IBPS Clerk exam (with answers) conducted on
various dates in November / December 2013.

Full form of NEFT National Electronic Fund Transfer

At which place Indian Grand Prix was held-- Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Which organization working for welfare of women1 Question related to Sec 46 Banking Regulation ActWhich product improves credit flow in agricultureTesi thomas is associated with Missile
Sachin Tendulkar played last one day at Dhaka
New name of a/c launch by RBI BSBDA
PLR is replaced - Base rate
Martha Dodrey Work for Polio
Bankasurance - by banking Chanel
Swarn Jayanti Rojgar Yojna is for - Gramin vikas mantralay
What is the name of card for farmer - kisan credit card
Name the wife of the PM of India: Gursharan Kaur.
World Diabetes day-- 14 November
Who was the Miss Universe 2013-- Mara Gabriela Isler from Venezuela
Which country hosted the 23rd CHOGM summit 2013-- Sri Lanka in Colombo
Full form SLR-- Statutory Liquidity ratio
Name the Indian who scored double century against Australia recently-- Rohit Sharma
RBI Provide loans to bank is called- Repo Rate.
ATM operated by non banking entities-- White Label ATM
NSAP is related with which leader- Indira Gandhi
Loan cant be provided below which rate: Base Rate
India won how many medals in London Olympic Games 201 6 (4 Bronze & Silver)
If RBI reduces CRR, what happens: Credit Supply increases, loans get cheaper.
Banks Calculate interest on basis of what time and capitalLargest Tea exporter in World- Sri Lanka.
When you pay EMI for loans after some months: the interest and principal increases or decreases
Converting physical share into electronic form- Demat Account
Which of the following is not a negotiable instrumentA banknote of which portions missing or which is composed of more than two pieces is known asNPCI 24x7 related- Remittance Processing Services
Current Bank Rate: 8.75%


Which organization deals with complaints of Consumers- Author of Satanic Verses Salman Rushdie
Venue of Olympic 2020 - Tokyo
Yerevon is the capital of Armenian
One question related to Banking OmbudsmanFull form of EDC Electronic Data Capture Machine
Name of the leader , whose statue was inaugurated by Manmohan Singh in Gujarat- Sardar
Vallabbhai Patel
What is CTS: Cheque Truncation System
Which of the following software used in Banking System- - Core banking software
KYC norms issued by RBI ( to stop money laundering activities).
9 digit code written on Cheque is known as MICR code
Which of the following contains 1digit alphanumeric codes- IFSC code
Name the scheme to include every people under banking system Financial Inclusion
IIFA 201Award best film - Barfi
Who controls Cobra Post and Tehelka-
Current Base Rate- 9.80 10.25%
Full form of: BSBDA Basic Saving Bank Deposit Account.
Insurance when Bank failure/canceled license---100000/ a/c
Swarozgar Yojana comes under which department - Ministry of Rural Development
Brazil currency Real
60th national awards best film Paan Singh Tomar
Largest coffe exporting state: Karnataka
Mc-x chairman: Satyananda Mishra former Chief Information Commissioner (CIC)
One question on self help groupThe rate at which bank cannot lend money % of sponserd bank state govt and central govt
Banks which are nationalized in second schedule act are known as: Scheduled Commercial
Human rights day-10 Dec.
Rupay card launched by- NPCI
The time limit for resolution of customer complaints in banks has been reduced from 1days to- 7
ECS full form Electronic Clearing System
Indira Gandhi peace prize 201 Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is located in which state-- Andhra Pradesh
Name the play back singer who got Bharat Ratna-- Lata mangeskar in 2001
Indian Grand Prix winner 2013-- Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull)
Widow pension scheme is named after- Indira Gandhi
Magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) in cheque has how many character-- 9 digit
Who is the author of Casual Vacancy-- J.K Rowling.
Purchasing a commodity or security in one market for immediate sale in another market is known
as- Arbitrage
Whole sale banking is not intended to the need of:Online Alert Securities measures by RBI for: Debit/ Credit card holders
Largest Exporter Country of Gold- China
Sergey Bubka is related with which sports-- Pole Vaulter.
Largest Producing Country for Coffee- Brazil
Devdas book written by - Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay
Tatasons tied up with which to promote Indian airlines Singapore airlines.
Which Indian film representing in 2014 in Oscar The Good Road
MNREGA Scheme no. of days-100 days.
Cheque truncation means IFSC Alphanumeric code how many digits-1digit
Enterprise where investment in plant and machinery does not exceed 25 lakh-micro enterprise
Credit information agency-Cibil
Central bank of India-RBI


To increase liquidly -Repo rate must be decreased

Best foreign language film at the 86th academy awards-Armour
One Qs related to CASA RATIOBanking Ombudsman is a scheme launched by: RBI
Noble peace prize 201-OPCW
Upto one lakh insurance in banks done by-DICGC
Who won Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration 2013-- M.S. Swaminathan
Vodafone and ICICI launched unique mobile transfer called- M Pesa
Banking Companies (Nomination) Rule 1985 related question
SKOPJE is a birthplace of which famous personality-- Mother Teresa

IBPS RRB General Awareness Questions 28 September 2014 Evening Session

Full form of KYC - know your customer
Full form of JAC - Judical Appointment Commission
Full form of NHB - National housing bank.
Full form of PDF - Portable Document Format
India's independence day on 15th Aug, 2014 is - 68th
Kohima is the capital of: Nagaland.
PPF investment Limit is - 1.5 lakh
Sanjita Chanu wins gold in - Weightlifting.
Anirban Lahiri belongs to which sports - Golf
Rory Mcllory belongs to which sports - Golf
Abhinav Bindra is related to - Shooting
Apurvi Chandela is related to - Shooting
6th BRICS summit held in - Fortaleza, Brazil.
State having highest per capita income in India (2011) Gurdial singh sandhu is a - Economist

IBPS RRB GK Questions 28 September 2014 Morning Session

Here are the General Awareness (GK) / Banking Awareness questions that are asked in 28 September
2014 morning shift exam.
CRR Rate - 4%.
Beijing is capital of - China.
baghdad is the capital of which country - Iraq.
Shashikant Sharma is - Former GAG of India
LBW is used in which sport - Cricket
Kohima is the capital of - Nagaland.
Doppler radar was used by - Indian metrological department
Full form of RIDF - Rural infrastructure development fund.
Which country will help india for making smart city - Japan
Jim yong Kim is related to - World bank.
Jeev Milkha Singh is related to - Golf
Full form of CAG - Comptroller audit genral.
Which country top in the FDI 2014 - Singapore.
SEBI Functions -

BCCI recommend which player for padam award - M. S. Dhoni (Padma bhusan), kohli - Padma Sree.
B S .ayyeger was awaded by GOI by which award - Padam vibhusan
Rani sarnobat belongs to which game - Shooting.
Sukhen dey related to - Weight lifting
Fedrer is related to which game - Tennis
Tintu luka related to which game - Atheletics.
Wimbeldon cup is related to which game - Tennis
Navaritolva is related to which sport - Tennis
Maria sharapova related to-Tennis.
Sports university will be opened in ____ state - Manipur.
Total number of major ports - 12.
Bhamashah yojna is - Bhamashah Financial Empowerment Scheme
Article 370 related to - Jammu & Kashmir
Swasth bharat abhiyaaan mission will be completed till which year - 2019.
Which country has maximum children dropped after the primary school - India
Best MP award for best performance in 2010 - Arun Jaitely
One question on Beti Bachao yojna -

IBPS RRB GK Questions of 27 September 2014 - Morning Shift

Here are the General Awareness / Banking Awareness Questions of 27 September 2014 Morning Shift
Online Exam.
COO full form - Chief operating officer
ARC form - Asset Reconstructing Company.
Capital of Mizoram is - Aizawl
Currency of Bangladesh - Bangladeshi Taka
Who was the first president of India - Rajendra Prasad.
Operation Vijay is related to which place - Kargil
HR khan is - Deputy governor
No. of New IIMs proposed in Union Budget - 5.
Education Cess - 3%
Total number of free transactions from different bank ATM in metro cities - 3.
As per Census 2011, highest student populated country is - India
Revised age under Juvenile Crime Act - 16- 18
Murali Vijay belongs to which sport - Cricket
Which Indian cricketer scored highest run in 5th test - MS Dhoni.
Udupi thermal power plant purchased by - Adani
First satellite launched by India in the space - Aryabhatta
KYC is related to - Opening bank account
Tallest flag used in which place on 15th august - Central Park, Connaught Place
Question related to Narendra Modi
Cricketer to politician - Imran khan
Jitu rai is related to which sport - Shooting
Adani invested 15.5 bn in which country - Australia
Maryam Mirzakhani which country - Iran
Sergio Ramos is related to which sport - Football
Boko haram organisation is related to ___ country - Nigeria.
Express trains excluding AC that are going to be started this year - 27

Capital gain tax on debt funds is - 20%

IBPS RRB GK Questions 27 Sept. 2014 Evening Session
Yuan is currency of which country - China
70000 bytes equals to - 70 KB
Sikkim's capital - Gangtok.
Full form of USOF - Universal Service Obligation Fund.
Full form of SEZ - Special Econmic Zone
Full form of VOIP - Voice over Internet Protocol
Naveen Patnaik is - Odisha CM.
Jitendra Singh had which ministry - Science And Technology
Make in india slogan given by - PM Narendra modi
Principal Secretary to PM - Nripendra Mishra
Tax exemption limit for all individuals is till - 2.5Lakh
ISRO headquarter is situated at - Bangalore
Number of IIMs proposed in Union Budget - 5.
Which award is recommended to Dhyan Chand - Bharat Ratan
In CWG 2014, Vinesh Phogat won Gold medal in - wrestling
Yuki bhambri is related to which sport -tennis
Shreyasri Singh got silver medal in which game - Shooting.
Jai Bhagwan is related to - Boxing
Ryder Cup is related to which game - Golf
Lionel Messi is player of _____ country - Argentina.
Which is named Smart City Car - Tata Nano
India won Kargil war in the year - 1999
Swabalamban Scheme is - Pension scheme.
Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana is - health insurance scheme for the Indian poor.
Fiscal deficit target for 2013-14 - 4.7%
Expenditure committee head will be - Bimal Jalan
Dilma rouseff is president of - Brazil.
Vikas thakur is related to which game - Weight lifting
First governor of india - Lord Warren Hastings


EXAM (Both Morning and Evening Shifts)
Please note that we have made similar questions together to make candidates understand what type of
questions are asked. Here are the questions and answers of both morning and evening shift of 21
September 2014.
CST Full form - Central Sales Tax
CDR full form - Credit Default Swap
full form of NABARD - National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Developemnt
UGC Full form - University Grants Commission
Full form of SLR - Statutory Liquidity Ratio

Sagarmala Project located at - Over the river Mandovi in Goa

Dhaka is the capital of which country - Bangladesh.
Full form of MPLADS - Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme
Shillong capital of - Meghalaya
Financial inclusion overdraft limit provided to whom - people who come under Jandhan Yojana
Heena Siddhu related to which game - Shooting .....
IBPS RRB Cut-off 2014 (expected) 2013 2012 for Officers and Office Assistants
Also check out - RBI Assistant GK Questions 2014
Check list of important athletes and their games to clear this type of questions.
D Viju related to which game - Badminton.
Saji Thomas is related to which game - Rowing
Love is related to ___ game - Badminton
Ajiknkya Rahane is related to ____ sport - Cricket
Strike word is related to ____ game - Baseball.
Amit kumar related to ____ game - Wrestling.
Pankaj Advani is related to the sport which is named as - Billiards.
Who is all time highest goal scorer of Germany - Miroslav Klose.
Zero Effect- Zero Defect slogan is given by - Narendra Modi
Who is Azim premji - Founder of Wipro
P.J Kurien is - Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha
Vladimir Putin is - Russian President.
Sheikh Hasina is the Prime Minister of - Bangladesh
Chanakya also known as - Kautilya
Robin Williams is - Hollywood Actor
Who is sumitra mahajan - Loksabha Speaker.
Wilfried Bony is - Football Striker from Ivory Coast.
Rate of Interest for Farmers under a scheme Name of Flag Bearer for India in 2014 Commonwealth Games - Vijay Kumar
In which state Congress won all the 3 seats - Uttarakhand
Prior to which year currency note should be exchanged - 2005
PFO monthly pension limit - Min. Rs. 1000 & Max. Rs. 15000
Planning Commission is replaced by how many members - 8
Number of free ATM transactions - 3
What is the amount charged for ATM transactions after 5 times - Rs. 20
Bank Capitalization is related to - Basel III Norms
Which country is the top source of FDI - Singapore
In which state, SEZ is started by PM - Maharashtra
Senior citizens Income Tax exemption limit is - Rs. 3 Lakh
200 cr allocated for stadium in which state - Jammu & Kashmir.
Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan will start from - 2nd October, 2014.
Bhamashah Yojna in Rajasthan is for what purpose - Women Empowerment.
FLIPKART is which type of company - E-Commerce
In the Union Budget, no. of AIIMS proposed are - 4.
Number of total new trains as per Budget 2014 - 58.
In budget 2014, there is proposal of running many passenger trains - 8
What percent of money is increased for cleanliness in budget - 40%

How many new Govt. Medical Colleges will be opened as per Budget 2014 - 12
Largest bank in the world - Industrial & Commercial Bank of China
Kundakulam Project is started in which state - Tamil Nadu
Gangavaram port is located at - Vishakapatnam.
The state in which Hardware park is proposed - Andhra Pradesh.
Who is the chairperson of Planning Commission of India - Prime Minister of India
The First Bullet Train will start in between - Mumbai to Ahmadabad
Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan is supposed to end in - 2019
Tax Exemption for Senior Citizens in Budget 2014 - Rs. 3 lakh.
No. of passenger train in rail budget 2014 - 58.
Total number of countries in BRICS - 5
Union Health Minister - Dr. HarshaVardha
Suzlon Energy is related to - Wind Turbine Supplier
Number of Deputy Governors are there in RBI - 4
The new name of Indira Awas Yojna is - National Gramin Awaas Mission (proposed)
Purpose of Jan Dhan Yojna is - Minimum one account for every family.
RuPay card is issued by - NPCI
The amount of insurance cover which is linked with Rupay Card Bank account - Rs. 1 Lakh
Which organization is worried for EBOLA disease - WHO


Current CRR rate - 4% (Important question - Check All Current Bank Rates here.)
Current SLR rate - 22 %
Agartala is capital of - Tripura
Oslo is capital of - Norway
Yogeshwar Datta related to ___ Sport - Wrestling
H.R.Khan is - Dy. Governer of RBI
Home Minister of India - Rajnath Singh
Current Bihar C.M. - Jitan Ram Manjhi
PM of United Kingdom is - David Cameroon
Current IMF head ? - Christine Lagarde
Head of Press Council of India ? - Markandaye Katju
How many new AIIMS institutes were decided to be made in the budget 4
PM Narender Modi visited which country in first Week of August - Nepal
Initial capital of payment bank is - 100 cr
Who is H.R. Khan - Deputy governor of RBI
Who is the current railway minister ? - Sadananda Gowda
Bank of Rajasthan Merged with ___ bank - ICICI
full form of QIP - Qualified Institutional Placement
SEBI Full Form - Security Exchange Board of India
Double fault is related to ___ game - Tennis
Rory Mcllroy is related to ___ game - Golf

Gulberg Hill Station is Located in which state - Jammu and Kashmir

Founder of Congress was - Allan Octavian (A.O.) Hume
Interest free cap on home loans is 2 lakhs
According to social responsibility tax,tax is levied on a company whose worth is more than 1000cr
The country which achieved highest GDP in 2001-2010 United States
The route of the Fastest Train in India is from ___ to ____ - Delhi to Agra
K R Kamath is the CMD of ___ bank - Punjab National Bank


CRR Full form Cash Reserve Ratio
Full form of OECD - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Buenos Aires is - Capital of Argentina
Total number of SAARC members are - 8
Jandhan Yojna insurance amount is Rs 1 Lakh
Cristiano Ronaldo is a Football player
Gagan Narang is - Indian shooter
Mithali Raj is - Captain of Indian Women's Cricket team
Vistara air lines is of which two companies Tata & Singapore airlines
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is an - Indian investor and Trader
PM Narender Modi inaugurated 44MW Hydro power project in Jammu & Kashmir
Thambi Durai related to - AIADMK
James Rodriguez belongs to ___ sports- Football.
River cleaning Project is - Project Ganga
National Academy for Customs & Excise at Hindupur is located in - Andhra Pradesh
By which score, Germany defeated Brazil in FIFA world cup 7-1.
Second most populated city is Delhi
Mallikarjun Kharge is a - the leader of the Indian National Congress party in the 16th Lok Sabha
Dayanidhi Maran is a - Former Telecom Minister

IBPS RRB GK Questions asked in 17 September Exam (Morning and

Evening - both shifts)
Current Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) Rate - 4%
Governor of U.P Ram Naik
Age limit for voting right- 18 years
Gandhi Nagar is capital of - Gujarat
Nalanda university is located in Bihar
Human Development index 2014 topped by which country - Norway
Capital of Maldives- Mal
Ban Ki moon is the Secretary-General of ____ UN
rank of India in CWG 2014 in gold medals Fifth
Parupalli Kashyap is related to ___ game - Badminton
K. Sanjita chanu belongs from - Manipur
Tiger wood is related ___ game - Golf
Novok Djokovic is related to ____ game - Tennis

Strictly Person a book is written by- Daman Singh

In India economic condition are measured after - 5 yrs
Which country tops medal tally in CWE 2014 games England
Which country finished 2nd rank in medal tally in CWE 2014 games -Australia
HUCK term related to which game- Ultimate Frisbee
Lab To Land is initiative of ___ Ministry - Ministry of Rural Development
Tony Abott Prime Minister of Australia
Roger Feredar is related to ___ game Tennis
How much % SLR cut down in monetary policy - 0.5%
The state which ban wearing dhoti in parliament - Tamil Nadu
Which state having large number of tigers- Karnataka
The country in which ISIS is active Iraq
Mars Orbiter Mission name - Mangalyaan
HAL Dhruv is - Utility helicopter developed and manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. India.
The place having highest Rainfall density - Cherrapunji, Meghalaya
Head of UNESCO - Irina Bokova
Minimum paid-up capital for payment banks Rs 100 Crore
Bangkok is capital of - Thailand
The organisation which gives loan to landless farmer- NABARD
BRICS bank head office will be located at - Shangai, China
Jitu Rai is associated with _____ game - Shooting
Telanganas brand ambassador- Sania Mirza
The country which is helping India for Ganga rejuvenation Japan
As per Union budget 2014-15, Agricultural university will be opened in Andhra Pradesh & Rajasthan
Minister of Ministry of Home Affairs - Rajnath Singh
Civil aviation Minister - Ashok Gajapati Raju

IBPS RRB General Awareness (GK) Questions asked in 14 September

2014 in Evening Shift - For both Office assistant and Officer exam
Serena Williams related to Tennis
DTAA full form - Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement
FDI in insurance sector is - 49%
Proposed number of IIMs in Union Budget 5
The Metro city which celebrated its 375th anniversary - Chennai
Usain Bolt represent which country - Jamaica
Bharat Bill Payment System is which type of system - any where any time payment system
In which city of Japan Mou signed for making Varanasi smart city Kyoto
Minimum pension under EPFO - Rs 1000
Paran Kumar is a Cartoonist
In one time how many Rs currency printed by RBI Shyama Prasad Mukherjee National Rural Mission - stop migration from rural areas to cities
Go India Smart Card is by - Northern Railways
Teenage Swimmer USA Create World Record - Katie Ledecky
One question on INS Kolkata?
AIMA Entrepreneur of the year - Mr Chandra Shekhar Ghosh, Chairman and Managing Director,
Bandhan Financial Services.

International Day against drug abuse is on - June 26 (Check list of Important days to clear this type of
According Census 2011 which state has highest population - Uttar Pradesh
India to give grant of $1 million for construction of cricket stadium in - Kandhaar, Afghanistan
Paragliding world cup will be held in - Kangara, HP
Capital of Indonesia - Jakarta
Currency of Japan Yen (Check list of Countries, currency and capital for clearing this type of questions)
Full form of ETF - Exchange Traded Fund
Minister of Parliamentary affairs state Prakash Javadekar
Kuchipudi is a classical dance of - Andhra Pradesh
Playing It My Way Book Autobiography of which person - Sachin Tendulkar
Which countries form BASIC Countries- Brazil South Africa, India and China
Which of the bank has been featured in Forbes Asia's FAB 50 list of 2014 - Axis Bank
Total Number of Rajya Sabha seats - 250
Virbhadra Singh is the chief minister of which state - Himachal Pradesh
Totals seats in UP for elections - 80
Sumitra Mahajan is a - Lok Sabha Speaker
How many seats does BJP won in U.P - 71
In the 4th test with England how many Indian batsman gone to duck - Six
Who are Bank Mitras?
India nuclear deal with which country - Australia
In 2015, state elections will be held in - Bihar
In Commonwealth, India won how many medals i.e. gold, Silver, Bronze respectively - 15,30,19
Vinod Kumar Duggal resigned as a governor from state - Manipur

IBPS RRB GK Questions asked in 14 September 2014 Morning Session Office assistant and Officer exam
Irom Sharmila belongs to which state - Manipur
Who became the ambassador of Interpol turn back crime campaign - Shahrukh khan
The traditional tea offered to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi by Japanese PM Chanayu
one question on census amount for developing 6 cities in budget - 7060 Crore
The committee on Obsolete Laws is headed by Ramanujam
Ice Bucket Challenge is more often in news recently. Why is it organized for donating to people
suffering from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Ireland capital - Dublin
Next new Coin to be released by Rbi - Rs 100
Germany currency - Euro
Japanese tea ceremony name - Way of sea
Ozone day - 16 September
In shooting 10m Air Rifle gold medal won by: Abhinav Bindra
Robert Azevedo is the head of - WTO

Which state of Highest percentage of Literate- Kerala

K. Sankaranarayanan is the ex-governor of - Maharashtra
Pran kumar Sharma creator of - Chacha Chowdhary
Top country in milk export - Australia
Yuan is the currency of - China
What is Ebola - Hemorrhagic fever
World bank poverty line income Aizawl is capital of - Mizoram
Mundra port is situated at - Gujarat
Padma awards are announced on the eve of - Republic Day
Jack Kallis, former cricketer, belongs to which country - South Africa
Indian Prime Minister visited Nepal for how many times The game in which Apinder Singh won bronze medal - Triple Jump
The river bank at which Hampi monuments are - Tungabadra river
The field which relate to Pritzer prize - Architect
CSAT stands for - Civil Services Aptitude Test
Agriculture Growth rate in union budget - 4%
Railway Fare increased by % - 14.2 %
Common wealth games in 2018 will be held at - Gold Coast, Australia
The district at which Mullaperiyar dam in Kerala is - Idukki
The river 'Kosi' flows from which country to India - Nepal
Who is John Kerry - US Secretary of State
The country where US security advisors landed at Mount Sinjar - Iraq
Piyush Goyal is having the ministry of - Ministry of Power
Full form of ICAR - Indian Council of Agricultural & Research
Manchester United is related to which game: Football
Supreme court order on shifting of lions from Gir national park to: Madhya Pradesh
Nalanda university is located at - Bihar
Autobiography of which actor is named 'Romacncing with life' - Dev Anand
Which state of Highest percentage of Literate- Kerala
Where is the Control authority of e-riksha - State Govt (Delhi)
Chhau the folk dance of which state- Odisha
What is the minimum pension - Rs. 1000
Financial inclusion scheme- Jan Dhan Yojna
total number of employee in Railway- 13.1 lakh
Which prize is not given to any game player- Rajiv gandhi khel ratna puraskar
Sushil kumar , bajarang related to which sport - Wrestling
Khel protsahan puraskaar- ONGC
Pale related to which game: Football
Who is Information and Broadcasting union minister - Prakash Jawarker
Maximum investment in BSBDA per year - 1 lakh

Know Important Days of the year - India and World

IBPS RRB General Awareness Questions asked in 13 September 2014

Evening Online Exam
What is the Capital of Uzbekistan - Tashkent
INS kolkata is developed by RBI issued guide lines to small banks and - Payments
Total Number of districts in India are - 675
BIMSTEC country Neeranchal to give impetus to watershed development with an initial outlay of Rs 2,142 crore
World Vitiligo Day is on - 25 June
What is the Currency of Portugal Euro
Telangana official festival - Bonalu, Bathukamma
Full form of HOMES Director of Slumdog Millionaire film - Danny Boyle
Reliance telecom is linked up to which company Hydroelctric Power Plant in Kargil District - Chutak
How many people travel by train daily as per railway minister in rail budget - 23 million
Women and Child development minister - Menaka Gandhi

IBPS RRB Computer Awareness Questions asked in 13 September Online exam

Computer awareness questions from IBPS RRB 13 September Online Exam
What is the use of arrow keys Why ram is not used to store data Immovable memory name What is the thing every computer must have to work - Operating system
One question of Android
one on Microsoft word
Which memory is already programmed one question on Save as What are output devices one question on BIOS The company which provides computer services -


On 13 September 2014, following general awareness (with special reference to banking industry)
questions are asked.
PAC chairman - KV Thomas
Red cross day: 08 May

Earlier IBM computersloads OS - ROM Bios

MSME cabinet minister - Kalraj mishra
PM Speech related question Economy tourism and education in rail budget
Recently who won 'dadasaheb falke academy awards for best singer for which song - Sunidhi Chauhan
for Kamli song in Dhoom 3
What is the full form of IIEST - Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology
Vitamin related to Beri-Beri Disease Which is named as Internation corridor Who is RBIs new deputy governor - SS Mundra
Name of drug for Ebola virus - ZMapp
Siva triology author name - Amish Tripathi
cartoonist pran
The academy award winning film directed by Richard Attenbourgh - Gandhi
Rath yatra in which state - Odisha
The transaction in which details of card are used Online transaction
Kruger National Park South Africa
Ragala venkat Rahul is which player - Weight-lifter
Education tourism and Eco tourism in railway announced for - North East States
RuPay card is launched by - NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India)
Epothia capital - Adis Ababa
Libya currency - Dinar
The agency which set standards for individual customers and sme - BCSBI
Indias first Indigenous anti-submarine Kamorta
Which country celebrated its 95th Independence day Afghanistan
Rastriya khel protshan award
How many judges to select a judge of supreme court Jan dhan yojna insurance amount is - Rs 1 lakh
3X6600 power project
Who is related to chacha Choudhary, pinki Also check out Important GK Questions for SSC IBPS SBI RBI etc. exams

IBPS RRB General Awareness Questions - 06 September 2014 Morning

session - Important Questions asked in Online Exam
On 06 September 2014, following questions are asked in the online exam conducted at various centres
all over India. These questions are of General Awareness (GK and Banking Awareness) Section.
1. G-20 summit 2015 is to be held in Turkey
2. The capital of Bhutan is .... Thimpu
3. The currency of Italy is ... Euro
4. Current Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) 4%
5. Minimum RTGS is ... 2 lakh
6. Who is the Current external affair minister of India Sushma Swaraj
7. What is the work of Banking Ombudsman Solving customer complaints
8. What is not true about credit card?
9. What is not true about mobile alert?


ISIS is active in which states Iraq & Syria

Where is SHIGMO festival celebrated Goa
President gave Padma Vibhushan to which eminent author? Ruskin Bond
Children can not have which type of bank account Current Account
Which bank has Face to face video communication Indusind Bank.
Payment Gateway is first set up by which bank SBI
India and Brazil agreement 2014 trade and investment flows.
Palestinian Hamas is Palestinian Islamist political organization and militant group.
Max amount of credit card transaction on which we get message on our phone.
Rural population as per 2011 census 68.84%.
EBOLA first discovered in which country Democratic Republic of Congo
Cartoonist Rran kumar sharma who died recently is a creator of Chacha Chaudhury
World habitat day October 6th
Maximum antibiotics consuming country India
Which International passenger Airline crashed down Malaysian Airline.
Prakash Nanjappa is related to which sport Shooting.
Cauvery wildlife sanctuary located in Karnataka.
Sania Mirza is the brand ambassador of which state - Telangna
Mettur Dam on Kaveri River is in which state Tamil Nadu
KYC is for what purpose - to prevent banks from money laundering activities
Aajeevika " scheme is also known as by which name - National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM)

IBPS RRB General Awareness Questions (GK and Banking) - IBPS RRB
Answer keys - 06 September 2014 Evening Session
1. The 18th SAARC summit held in which place Kathmandu (Nepal)
2. Which Indian Company to cross five crore market capitalizations?-TCS - Tata Consultancy Services
3. Which is Austria Currency-Euro
4. Who is the TARC Committee head- Parthasarathi Shome
5. WhO is current Road development minister? Nitin Gadkari
6. Strictly Personal: Manmohan and Gursharan Book writer - by Daman Singh
7. World AIDS Day- 1st December
8. Who elected head of Arujna award selection committee Kapil Dev
9. Commodity market regulator Forward Markets Commission
10. Gagan narang is related to which sports - Shooting
11. Van bandhu scheme- for holistic development of tribal people
12. Chutak power plant in which state Jammu & Kashmir
13. Brazil capital Braslia
14. BBPS Full form Bharat Bill Payment System
15. Which district of Madhya Pradesh have the Largest solar power plant - Rewa district
16. What is the full form of NTCA 17. Union budget allocated for Sc development - Rs 50,548 cr
18. PLR is also known as Base Rate
19. Tata SIA airlines known as Vistara
20. One questions was asked on Ebola scientist.

IBPS RRB General Awareness Questions: GK / Banking Awareness

Section - IBPS RRB Answer key 2014 - 07 September (Morning and
Evening Sessions)
BRIS Summit 2015 is to be held in - Ufa, Russia
World diabetes day is on - 14th November
Dronacharya Award Selection Committee headed by which of the following - Ajitpal Singh
RBI ATM transactions limit is applied on which city - Pune and Raipur
The Nobel Prize 2013 in physics went to Brit Peter Higgs and which person- Belgian Francois Englert
The RBI issued draft guidelines for setting up small banks and payment banks which have a minimum
capital of - 100 crore
In A.P and Telangana, Story telling is called as - Hari Katha
Who is the Head of Governance of Boards of Banks in India - PJ Nayak
Movie directed by Muzaffar Ali (film maker) which is the winner of Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana
Award - Umrao Jaan
Role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) appointed by RBI as a 5th Deputy Governor of RBI
Dipika Pallikal and Joshana Chinappa related to Squash
Commercial Paper (CP) is issued in the form of - promissory note.
Note which is partially- fully obliterated -mutilated Note
E-BAAT full form - Electronic Banking Awareness and Technology
Union cabinet approved Ken-Betwa river link which will benefit which two states - UP & MP
Who got fields medal by International Mathematical Union's (IMU) - Manjul Bhargava
Minister of Consumer Affairs, food & PD? Ramvilas Paswan
How much capital to be infused in banks to meet Basel-III norms by 2018 as per union budget Rs 2.40
lakh crore
Capital of Australia? Canberra
Which state in India has highest rural population - U.P
Which insurance company will insure under Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana - LIC
Nimmo Bazgo hydropower project in which district of J&K- Leh
Which country will host 7th IBSA summit India
Health ministry launches "Anti tobacco campaign" named- Sunita
SIT head 4 black money- M.B. Shah
RBI panel head who recommend CPI formula is known as - Urjit Patel Committee
What is the full form of CTBT - Comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty
What is the Currency of Finland Euro
Which of the following is the Capital of Egypt - Cairo
RBI asked banks not to impose penalties on accounts not maintaining minimum balance. which of the
following accounts are applicabel to it - any inoperative account
Which model of first ever Smartphone was launched in 1994 Maximum money that can remitted to Nepal from any of the NEFT-enabled branches in India 50,000
The Vijay Mallya Story written by - K Giriprakash
DICGC does not cover insurance for which account?
Funds for Deendayal Upadhya Gram Jyoti Yojana - 500 cr
What is the Currency of Netherlands - Euro

Human Rights day - Dec 10

Largest indigenously built warship - INS kamorta
RBI license given to which micro-finance company - Bandhan
AIMA full form - All India Management Association
Business leader of the year award by AIMA was given to - Mr M. G. George Muthoot, Chairman, The
Muthoot Group
2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games to be held in - Nanjing, China
Which country is largest wind power producer - China
Definition of stale cheque in India - check that is 3 months or older than the date
The concept of BRIC was introduced by which economist - James O'Niel
Full form of CTS - Cheque Truncation System
Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary state- U.P. Varanasi
FII is regulated by- SEBI
Which Irish author Created the character Dracula - Bram Stoker
1200 megawatt Lanco power plant in Udupai established by which company- Adani group
According to railway minister in rail budget how many people travel daily by train- 23 million
JUAL ORAM Ministry of Tribal Affairs come from which constituency- Sundarghar, Odisha
Roger Federer related to which game - Tennis
Which bank launched first equated EMI on debit cards ICICI
BKS Iyengar who passed away recently was a renowned - Yoga teacher
24 engineering students died in river beas of Himachal Pradesh which dam gates where open - Larji
1st Smartphone created by IBM IBM Simon
Which of the following feature of RTGS is not true - It is used for small transactions
Which state has Highest urban population according to census 2011 - Maharashtra
Regulator of Forwards and Futures market Forward Market Commission (FMC)
Surya Kiran VII Exercise took place between - India & Nepal
Rongali Bihu celebrated in which state Assam
Best parliamentarian award goes to Arun Jaitley and which others- Karan Singh and Sharad Yadav

5 new IITs Proposed in Union Budget are to be set up in Jammu, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Andhra Prdaesh
and Kerala.
5 new IIMs are to be set up in Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Odisha and Rajasthan.
List of Filmfare Award Winners: Important GK Questions for SSC IBPS SBI etc. Comp. exams
Best Actor - Farhan Akhtar
Best Actress - Deepika Padukone
Best Director - Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra
Best Film - Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

List of Oscar Award Winners

Best Actor - Matthew McConaughay
Best Actress - Cate Blanchett
Best Director - Alfonso Cuaron
Best Picture - 12 Years a slave

A List of Indians Nobel Prize Winner:

1. Rabindranath Tagore - 1913
2. C.V.Raman-1930
3. Dr. Hargobind Khorana - 1968
4. Mother Teresa - 1979
5. Subramanian Chandrashekar - 1983
6. Dr.Amatya Sen - 1998
7. Dr.Venkataraman Ramakrishnan - 2009

for SSC IBPS SBI etc. Comp. exams
Bhangra - Punjab.
Bharatanatyam Tamil Nadu.
Bihu - Assam.
Chau - Jharkhand, West Bengal and Orissa.
Dandiya Dance : Gujarat.
Dindi Dance : Maharashtra.
Garba : Gujarat.
Ghoomar Dance : Rajasthan.
Gidda : Punjab.
Kathak : North India.
Kathakali : Kerala
Kuchipudi : Andhra Pradesh.
Lavani/Tamasha : Maharashtra
Manipuri : Manipur
Mohini Attam or Mohiniyattam: Kerala.
Odissi : Orissa.
1. Sports Trophies / Cups for Hockey
Dhyan Chand Trophy
Modi Gold Cup
Gurmeet Trophy
Gura Nanak Cup
lndira Gold Cup
Beighton Cup
Bombay Gold Cup
Agha Khan Cup
All-India Womens Guru Nanak Championship
Kuppuswamy Naidu Trophy
Lady Rattan Tata Trophy
MCC Trophy
Murugappa Gold Cup
Gyanuati Devi Trophy
2. Sports Trophies / Cups for Basketball
Bangalore Blues Challenge Cup

3. Sports Trophies / Cups for Table Tennis

Barna-Bellack Cup
4. Sports Trophies / Cups for Weight-lifting
Burdwan Trophy
5. Sports Trophies / Cups for Athletics
Charminar Trophy
6. Sports Trophies / Cups for Football
D. C. M. Cup
Durand Cup
Bandodkar Trophy
Chakoia Gold Trophy
F. A. Cup
I. F. A. Shield
Dr. B. C. Roy Trophy : Football (Junior)
7. Sports Trophies / Cups for Badminton
Agarwal Cup
Chadha Cup
Divan Cup
Narang Cup
8. Sports Trophies / Cups for Cricket
G. D. Birla Trophy
C. K. Naydu Trophy
Deodhar Trophy
Duleep Trophy
Ghulam Ahmed Trophy
lrani Trophy
Moinuddaula Gold Cup
9. Sports Trophies / Cups for others
Holkar Trophy : Bridge
Ezra Cup : Polo
Jawaharlal Challenge : Air Racing
Jaswant Singh Trophy : Best Services Sportsman

Important SSC IBPS SBI etc. Competitive Exams GK Questions

India - National ......

National song - Vande Mataram, composed by Bankimchandra Chatterji in Sanskrit

National flower - Lotus
National Bird - Indian peacock
National Anthem - Jana-gana-mana, composed originally by Rabindranath Tagore in Bengali, was
adopted in its Hindi as the national anthem on 24 January 1950 and first sung on 27 December 1911 at
the Calcutta Session of Congress.
National Animal - Tiger
National Fruit - Mango
National Bird Peacock
National Game - hockey
National Tree - Banyan tree
National Emblem Ashok Chakra

National Song - Vande Matram

These are all for India.

Now below is the GK questions for National and International Importance for SSC IBPS RBI SBI etc.
Bank and other competitive exams.

Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research UTTAR PRADESH

Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre - Thumba
International Criminal Court - Hague
Internal Security Academy - Mount Abu
Father of Panchayati Raj - Balwanth Rai
First Indian Woman President of Indian National Congress - Sarojini Naidu
First Woman President of Indian National Congress - Annie Basent
Headquarters of SBI - Mumbai
Mohiniyattam Dance - Kerala
Sattriya - Assam
Kathakali - Kerala
Bharatanatyam - Tamil Nadu
Manipuri - Manipur
Mohiniyattam - Kerala

Odissi - Orissa
Kuchipudi - Andhra Pradesh
Man-made Lake in India - Nagarjuna Sagar
Founder of Ghadar Party - Lala Hardayal
First Municipal Corporation in India - Madras
First post office in Kerala - Alappuzha
State with least forest area - Punjab
First train started in India - 1853
India's first metro rail - Kolkata
Father of Indian Railway - Lord Dalhousie
Longest Railway Tunnel in India - Pir Panjal in Jammu & Kashmir
India's first electric train service - Between Bombay's Victoria Terminus and Kurla.
India's first electric train service started 3 February, 1925
Language of Andhra Pradesh - Telugu
Headquarters of Northern Railway - New Delhi
Largest Commercial Bank in India - State Bank of India
Indian state has no Railway line Meghalaya
Hitech City of India - Hyderabad
First Chief Minister of Maharashtra - Yashwantrao Chavan
Financial capital of India - Mumbai in Maharashtra

1. Tallest in India:
Tallest river Ganga
Tallest Animal Giraffe
Tallest Door (derwaza) Buland derwaza
Tallest jalparpat Garsoppa /Joog
Tallest minaar Kutub minaar
Tallest Road Leh Manali road
Tallest statue (Murti) Gomatesawer
Tallest Dam Bhakhada dam
Tallest Mountain peak Godwin austein
Tallest Lake Devtaal Lake

2. Biggest in India:
Biggest Zoo Zoo of Kolkata (Zoological garden)
Biggest Gurudewara Golden temple Amritsar
Biggest cave (guffa) Mandir Kalish mandir (Alloera)
Biggest Delta SunderVen

Biggest Animal Fair (mela) Sonpur (Bihar)

Biggest natural port (Bendergaah) Mumbai
Biggest Desert Thaar (Rajsthan)
Biggest Liver dam Howrah Setu (Kolkata)
Biggest Lake (khara panni ki) Chilaka Lake Odisha
Biggest Lake (Mittha panni ki) Vullar Lake Kashmir
Biggest Masjid Jama masjid (Delhi)
Biggest Platform Gorakpur U.P

3. Longest in India
Longest Dam Hirakund dam (Odisha)
Longest National Highway Varanasi to Kanyakumari (Highway No 7)
Longest Railway line Jammu to Kanyakumari
Longest dam on road Mahatma Gandhi Setu (Patna)
Longest Road Grand trunk road
Longest mine (Surang) Jawahar Surang (Gujrat)

Other Important GK Questions - IBPS SBI RBI GK CAPSULE 2014

Percent of Earth covers by India 2.4
The southernmost point of peninsular India Kanyakumari (North of equator)
Peninsular India Soil type Red Soil
Garampani sanctuary - Diphu, Assam
Indias highest Annual rainfall Mawsinram (Meghalaya)
India's first Technicolor film producer - Sohrab Modi
The salal project is on river Chenab
Indian State having largest forest cover Madhya pradesh
India largest deposits - Mica
Irrigated land in India 35%

Indian zone rich in iron and gold Southern zone

Indian Agriculture type subsistence agriculture
Redcliff line India and Pakistan
Dilwara Temples - Rajasthan
Indian Institute of Science - Bangalore
Central Arid Zone Research Institute - Rajasthan
National Institute of Nutrition - Hyderabad
Garden City of India - Bangalore
Indian Cancer Research institute - Mumbai
Golconda Fort - Telangana
National Institute of Community Development - Hyderabad
National Science Centre - Delhi
First university of India - Nalanda University
Largest producer of Muga silk - Assam
First Indian institute of Management - Kolkata
Oldest Vedic literature - Rig Veda
White City - Udaipur
Founder of Agra - Sikander Lodi
Autobiography of Mary Kom - Unbreakable
Smallest Population state - Sikkim
Highest literate rate state - Kerala
Lowest literate rate state - Bihar
Founder of Brahma Samaj - Raja Ram Mohan Roy
Father of the Indian National Congress - Allan Octavian Hume
Dance forms in Andhra Pradesh - Kuchipudi
Dance forms in Kerala - Kathakali
Father of Carnatic Music - Purandara Dasa
First polio-free district - Pathanamthitta

World Health Day - April 7

Largest state of India - Rajasthan

IBPS PO General Awareness Questions 02.11.2014 Morning and Evening

1. Algeria's currency - Dinar.
2. Capital of South Korea - Seoul.
3. What E in NRE stands for - External (NRE - Non Resident External)
4. Gold Medal won by India in Asian games - 11
5. MOM (Mars Orbit Mission) used a - Space Craft
6. Mars Orbiter reached on Mars on - 24 September 2014.
7. The year in which India's first nuclear explosion named Smiling Buddha- 1974.
8. Which PSU Bank to starts cardless cash withdrawal
9. Kuchipudi dance is related to - Andhra Pradesh.
10. Hewllet Packard company is related with - IT.
11. Full form of GDR Global Depository Receipts
12. O in NRO means - Ordinary.
13. M in OMO is - Market.
14. C in CAMELS means - Capital.
15. Cairo is Captial of - Egypt.
16. Reason behind crossing of Cheque in the Corner -.
17. Banking ombudsman Scheme launched by - RBI.
18. National Housing Bank is a subsidiary of - RBI.
19. Repo rate & Reverse Repo rate -.
20. Tribal Affairs minister Jual Oram
21. Full form of IRDA Insurance Regulatory Development Authority.
22. Runner-up In Kabaddi game in Asian Games Iran.
23. Axis Bank previous name - UTI Bank.
24. Tagline of Syndicate Bank - Your Faithful And Friendly Financial Partner.
25. Dollar is not the currency of - Sweden.
26. Hundi is -.
27. Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Award is given in the field of Science & Technology
28. NPA Time limit- 90 Days.
29. Govt. share in Bhartiya Mahila Bank -.
30. PPF Minimun amount - Rs 500.
31. Kathakali Dance belongs to - Kerala.
32. Most Valuable player in 2014 Asian Games - Mary Kom.
33. Name of Committee to examine the current monetary policy - Urijit Patel Committee.
34. Swachta Udyami Yojna launched by - Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment.
35. Universal Banking is -.
36 Two lives book is written by - Vikram Seth
37. Alfred Nobel invented - Dynamite.
38. The State which recently launched Nutrition Mission - Uttar Pradesh
39. Founder of Red Cross Foundation - Henry Dunant, Gustave

40. Aapke Sachche Advisor is tagline of - Max Life Insurance

41. Head of the panel that recommended diluting govt. share in PSU banks to below 50% - P J Naik.
42. 1 Question related to Interest on Loan
43. On an angle, Security thread in rupee note changes to Blue
44. Lok Nayak is the popular name of - Jayaprakash Narayan.
45. HDFC Standard Life is Life Insurance Company
46. Full form of MICR Magnetic Ink Character Recognition.
47. SBI launched multi-currency card in association with - Master Card.
48. Saving & Current Bank Accounts help in maximising 49. Least Female Literacy Rate in which state Rajasthan.
50. 1 Question on the name of power project in UP.
51. One question was asked on Basel III -.
52. 1 ques. on Sex Ratio

IBPS PO General Awareness 01.11.2014 Evening Session

Axis Bank tagline - Badhti ka naam Zindagi
Ram Naik is governor of - Uttar Pradesh
C in CRR stands for - Cash reserve ratio
Chief Minister of Tamilnadu is - O. Panneerselvam
Currency of Egypt - Egyptian Pound
H. L. dattu is Chief Justice of India
Full form of IFSC - Indian Financial System Code
Bank gives loan to another bank on which rate - MSF (Marginal Standing Facility).
SEBI, IRDA, PFRDA and FMC to be merged into - Unified Financial Agency (UFA)
Credit Card is - A small plastic card issued by a bank, building society, etc., allowing the holder to
purchase goods or services on credit.
Messi is a - Football Player
UN declare Ebola as - Universal Calamity.
In Asian games, wrestling gold in 65 kg category is won by - Yogeshwar Dutt
Original name of Canara Bank "Unbreakable" is biography of - Mary Kom
Presidnet of Belgium is One question on Bermuda SBI tie with - BNP Paribas.
1 ques. on Payment bank One question related to Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna.
1 ques. on SBI multi currency card -

IBPS PO General Awareness Questions asked in 01 November 2014

Morning and Evening Session
You can practice from these ques. asked in online exam of 01 November 2014 for upcoming exams.
1. Peso is currency of - Argentine
2. PM Modi addressed which session of UN general assembly - 69th

3. Hum hain naa is tagline of which bank- ICICI Bank

4. Penicillin was discovered by- Alexander
5. Women and child development minister - Maneka Gandhi
6. Max Life Insurance tie up with which company - Toyota finance services
7. PIO - Person of Indian Origin.
8.NPS full form- National Pension Scheme
9. NRLM Full Form- National Rural
Livelihoods Mission.
10. CIBIL- Credit Information Bureau Limited
11. Beirut is Capital of - Lebanon
12. HDFC Ergo related with - JanDhan Yojna
13. My years with Rajiv and Sonia is written by - R. D Pradhan
14. FAO headquarters are situated in - Rome
15. Founder of Wipro is - Azim Premji
16. Prathma Bank on which place - Moradabad
17. India's number in Successfully reach mars mission in Asia- 1st
18. Bajpai committee is related with which system - New Pension System
19. Star Series Notes issued by RBI for - Replacement of defectively printed notes
20. World Investment Report issued by - UNCTAD
21. In Asian Games, Number of Gold medals won by India - 11
22. RIDF full form- Rural Infrastructure Development Fund
23. GUI - Graphical User Interface
24. Border between India and China is called as - Macmohan Line.
25. how many country participated in fifa world cup 2014 ? - 32.
26. currency of Germany ? - Euro
27. What does K stands for in KCC- -Kisan.
28. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is - Bollywood Director.
29. Which bank has largest number of mobile application user ? - SBI

IBPS PO 19 October 2014 General Awareness Ques. asked in morning

and evening shift
Here are the GK /Banking Questions asked in Institute of Banking Personnel Selection Probationary
Officer exam conducted on 19.10.2014 both morning and evening sessions.
'A' in ATM Automated.
S in CDSL stands for Securities [CDSL - Central depository Securities depository Ltd.].
Full form of CVV Card Verification Value.
PKI Public Key Infrastructure.
EBW - Export Bills Permitted to be Written off
DNA - Deoxyribo Nucleic acid
PMJDY Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana.
CBS - Core Banking Solution
C stand for what in CP - Commercial paper.
Currency of Cambodia Riel.

Which country is part of European Union but do not use euro currency - Denmark.
Capital of Tanzania Dodoma
Capital of Afghanistan Kabul.
Taskant is capital of Uzbekistan.
Capital of Argentina - Buenos Aires.
Author of Hard Choice author - Hillary Clinton.
Who is Author of Revolution 2020 - Chetan Bhagat.
Dynamite is invented by Alfred Nobel.
Cyrus Mistry is the CEO of TATA group.
Which actor's father is a famous badminton player - Deepika Padukone.
A scheme related to Deen Dayal Upadhya Banks use which method to readcodes on cheque - MICR.
The Purpose of starting Minor account for 10 years old children - Financial inclusion
Kundankulam nuclear plant is an agreement between India and which country - Russia.
Kakrapar power plant is situated at - Gujarat
Who won the first gold in squash in Asian games According to census what % of population is below 35 yrs of age Minority affair minister is Najma Heptulla.
Railway minister is - Sadanand Gowda.
President of Iran - Hassan Rouhani.
Yogakshemam Vahamyaham is the
slogan of which LIC.
Tagline of HDFC bank - We understand your world
Bank of International Settlement headquarter Switzerland
Smart star account is opened by ___ bank ICICI bank.
Varistha Pension Bima scheme is administrated by LIC
Singham Returns movie Director is Rohit Shetty.
Sati pratha abolished by Raja Ram Mohan Rai.
Maximum credit amount in a year in Basic saving bank deposit account is 1 lakh.
As per WHO, Highest rate of Child marriage in which country Bangladesh
Three ATM transaction usage limit from other
banks in a month is applies to which cities Initial minimum paid-up capital for Private bank is - Rs.200 crore
Home rule league moment leader - Annie Besant / Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak.
First women president of Indian National Congress - Anni Basent.
Committee on Banking Ombudsman is Suman Verma Committee.
MTSS used in - personal remittance
RBI given Banking licence to IDFC and whom - Bandhan
How many digits in IFSC Code - 11 alphanumerics
On tap licensing mean what BSE is given trade facility of type online
The country which won gold medal in 25 m air rifle in Asian games The state which belongs to Agaria Tribe Madhya Pradesh.
DIGC insurance cover is headed by whom Central Government.

IBPS PO 18.10.2014 General Awareness (GK), Banking Awareness

Questions asked in Online exam Evening Session
Capital of Turkey- Ankara.
Full form of CPI - Consumer Price Index.
SBI tagline is - Pure banking nothing else
Currency of Vatican city- Euro
'S' in NSDL stand for - Securities (NSDL stand for National Securities Depository Limited).
Poverty elevation minister is Ramvilas Paswan.
Urban Development and Poverty Minister is - Venkaiah Naidu.
Cheque amount written by customer is called - Exchange of notes done.
'Jai Hind' slogan is coined by - Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.
Which Indian won Swimming Bronze medal in Asian games - Sandeep Sejwal Shanti
Swaroop Prize in Mathematical Sciences is given to - Dr Kaushal Kumar Verma.
The Bank which celebrates 150 years of operation in Srilanka - SBI.
NEFT limit to Nepal - Rs 50,000 per trasaction.
As per Census 2011, Lowest density ratio state - Arunachal pradesh.
On which rate bases, RBI give Overnight money needed by bank - Marginal Standing Facility.

IBPS PO General Awareness Questions asked in 18 October 2014 Online

exam - Morning and Evening Session
Here are GK Questions asked in 18 October 2014 IBPS Probationary Officer exam Morning Shift.
1. L in SLR stands for- Liquidity.
2. Nukualofa is the capital of - Tonga
3. Mogdishu is capital of Somalia.
4. Full form of FII- Foreign Institutional Investor
5. NIM full form- Net Interest Margin
6. MTSS full form - Money Transfer Service Scheme
7. MIFF stand for - Mumbai International Film Festival
8. Currency of Spain- Euro
9. Basic saving bank deposit account maximum credit - 50,000
10. Author of The Mother I Never Knew - Sudha Murty
11. In how days KYC custom fill identity proof - Not exceeding 5 working days
12. Number of Medals won by Abhinav Bindra in Asian Games before his retirement - Two Bronze.
13. From India, Which movie is selected for Oscar this Year - Liar's Dice
14. When did Mangalyaan reach mars - 24 September.
15. Nitin Gadkari has ministry of - Transport.
16. Money Laundering is done to - Avoid Tax
17. Benefits of Jan Dhan Yojana Overdraft Loan in Bank Account
18. Largest Hydro Electric Power Plant in India - Koyna
19. PPF changed from - 1 to 1.5 lakh.
20. Vishal Sikka is CMD of - Infosys.
21. Rbi issued which permission to mutooth finance - Set up white label ATM.
22. Fusion points agreement of 118 countries related to 23. SLR - Statutory liquidity ratio.
24. Abhinav Bindra is related to - Shooting.

25. SBI life insurance partnered with 26. NRLP - National Rural livelihood Projects
27. Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 28. Merchant payments in India is controlled by 29. Difference in import and export 30. If a body immersed in water is lighter but when pulled out becomes heavier. Name of this principle Archimedes' principle.
31. 1 ques. on call notice and fortnight 32. Housing loan limit in Non Metro cities - Rs. 40 lakh.
33. CEO of Heidelberg Cement India - Ashish Guha.
34. As per census 2011, Every ---- in the world population is an Indian 35. Kisan Vikas Patra was closed by Govt. earlier, Why -

IBPS PO 12 October 2014 General Awareness Questions asked in Online Exam

Evening Session
(1) Reit full form - Real State Investment (2) Lisbon is capital - Portugal
(3) Current pm of UK- David Cameroon
(4) BRICS bank name - New Development Bank
(5) Current Repo Rate- 8%
(6) Shivasundram hydro power project is located in ____ state (7) Asiad 2014 games were organised in which city - Icheon
(8) Pension scheme for uorganised sector - Swavalamban
(9) Cantolania referendum from which country- Spain
(10) One question on Pahla kadam , pahli udan (11) Upallu srinivas Madolin
(12) Govt going to sell stakes in 3 PSU, one
of them is ONGC
(13) RBI recently limited ATM facility on 5 cities, who are not come under this term- BSBDA account
(14) Currency of Saudi Arabia - Riyal
(15) 1 que on solar project
(16) C means in "KYC" - Customer
(17) Rupay set up for which banks - Selected few banks
(18) Which motor company ceo visited india recently - General Motors
(19) 1 question on ozone layer
(20) Northern railway started - Go india
smart card
(21) In Mary kom movie, Priyanka Chopra is
playing role of a Boxer
(22) One on senior citizen account
(23) One ques. on real state
infrastructure fund
(24) Minimum capital required for foriegn
bank to open branch
(25) 1 on Woman Card

IBPS PO General Awareness Questions 12 October 2014 Morning

Here are GK Questions of IBPS PO 2014 12 October 2014 exam morning Ques. Evening Shift ques.
will also be posted soon.
Full form of EBT - Electronic Benefits Transfer.
Full form of ABSA - Application supported by blocked account
Hanoi is capital of which country Vietnam
Who is Najeeb Jung Lieutenant governor (LG) of Delhi
Insurance Cover in PM Jan Dhan Yojna is - 30000
Which place has nuclear power plant (select from list)-Kakrapar
Pre shipment and post shipment is related to - Finance.
PMGSY is - Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana under the Ministry of Rural Development, Government
of India.
Time limit fixed by RBI for resolution of complaints of ATM not withdrawing money-7 days
RBI release draft guidelines for licensing of Payments Banks, Small Banks - 100 cr.
In case of basic savings bank deposit account (BSBDA) the total of debits by way of cash withdrawals
and transfers will not exceed ten thousand rupees in ____ time - Month
RRCAT rajaraman is located in - Indore, Madhya Pradesh
The Bank that Begins With u is tagline of United bank of India.
Banking account that has not been claimed for 10 years - Unclaimed or Dormant account
Individual Borrower can check their credit report from CIBIL
Banking Codes and Standards Board of India is related to - Banks
Settlement in RTGS to settle with in -1 Day
RBI has recently mandate 2 step mobile authentification for e-commercecar rental company-UBER.
State with lowest population density - Arunachal Pradesh.
Authorised dealer is authorised by RBI to deal in - Foreign Exchange
Inter-governmental body that develops and promotes policies to protect the global financial system
against money laundering and terrorist financing is - Financial Action Task Force (FATF).
Largest desert - Sahara
Author of Half girlfrnd - Chetan Bhagat
Currency of china - yuan
PPF allocated amount is - 150000
Director of Finding Fanny is - Homi Adajania
RTGS Limit
Expenditure to establish bank minimum amount Definition of Repo rate Hafeez is a leader of which Group - Member of terrorist Group
Governor of assam - Janaki Ballav patnaik
PDF Full form - Portable Document Format.
In MICR R Represent Recognition
Linux is a - Operating System
Banks get loan through repo by pledging ____ -

John Kerry is - US finance secretary

IBPS PO 11.10.2014 General Awareness questions Evening Shift

Winner of US Open Male - Marin Cilic
Governer of Maharashtra - Chennamaneni Vidyasagar Rao
State which has high density of population Bihar
Ebola disease spread in which region-West africa
Father of industrialization in India- Jamsetji Tata.
Author of The lives of others book - Neel Mukherjee
India's first mute film was - Alam ara Which of the following countries does not have Euro as its currency Denmark
Full form of CASA- Current and Saving account
Capital of UAE is - Abu Dhabi
Nikkei index is - Tokyo Stock Exchange
RBI 10 Rs. plastic note is not in which state - Kerala
Name of Father of industry in India -Jamesdji tata
Bank which started Cardless Transaction- ICICI
Padma Vibhusan award is won by - Dr. Ragunath Mashelkar
Name of Neel Mukherjee's Book selected for man booker prize - The
lives of others
1 Ques. on RFID (RFID radio frequency
1 ques. on Sbi card less scheme

IBPS Probationary Officer GK questions 11 October Morning Session:

Full form of NPCHE - National Programme for Health Care of the Elderly
1st architecture of atomic energy in India - Homi J. Bhabha
Place in India from where most students sent to US for higher studies - Hyderabad
Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - UNESCO
1 ques. on Banking Ombudsman Current CRR and SLR An RBI approved agency dealing In Foreign Currency is called - Authorized Dealer
full form of ADR is American Depositary Receipt.
FAT full form - File Allocation Table.
Currency of Spain Euro.
What is capital of Arunachal Pradesh Itanagar
Father of atomic bomb J. Robert Oppenheimer.
Mr Donald Tusk is Former Prime Minister of Poland.
BKS Iyengar was awarded with which award Padma Vibhushan.
Head of Unclaimed funds of PPF HR khan.
Music director of Mile Sur Mera Tumhara song Ashok Patki.
Main Objective of Jan Dhan Yojana is Financial Inclusion
Indias International Bank Tag Line for which bank- Bank of Baroda.
Who is Author of Curtain Raiser- Kandathil Sebastian.

E-Commerce is - Trading of Services through online mode.

L in LAF means - Liquidity Adjustment Facility
S in RTGS Stands for- Real Time Gross Settlement
Name the person who started ganesh puja festival - Bal Gangadhar Tilak
Vijay Malya defaulter for which of his company - Kingfisher
RBI prints currency (notes) in how many languages - 17 Languages
Serena Williams is related to ___ sport- Tennis
Rupay Card was launched by - National Payments 20.Corporation of India (NPCI)
Prime Minister want to make which city like Kyoto - Varanasi
Difference between Atm card and memory card One on E commerce?
Curtain raisers is written by - Kandathil Sebestian
NPA time limit - 90 days
saving bank interest is decided by SIMON commission lathi charge was on monetory policy includes One on Swach bharat yojna 1 question on Cheque Truncation System
1 on Pehla kadam pehli Udan?
1 from Mutual Funds
1 on KYC?
One on Unclaimed PPF committee.
In online exam on 11 October, 12-15 ques. are asked from Banking and remaining from GA. More IBPS
PO General Awareness questions / IBPS PO Answer Key 2014 along with evening shift problems
asked in 11 October 2014 has been posted.
IBPS PO General Awareness Questions 2013
SLR Rate - 23%.
Bank Rate - 9%.
MSF - 9%.
GDP in 1st quarter of 2013-14 - 4.4%.
Population growth rate in 2001-2011 - 17.64%.
RBI will issue plastic notes of - 10 rs.
Banking Ombudsman Scheme issued by - Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
Maximum amount of money allowed by RBI to take abroad Chairman of FMC (Forward Market Commission) - Ramesh Abhishek
Food grain scheme of Himachal Pradesh - Rajeev Gandhi Ann Yojna.
Countries in BRICS - Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa.
Sundarban is located in - West Bangal.
New Chairman of SBI - Arundhati Bhattacharya.
Full form of BTM - Banking through Module.
NOFHC Full form - Non-operative Financial Holding Company.
Full form of IFSC - Indian Financial System Code.
Which bank opens 15000 branches - SBI.
New President of Iran - Hassan Rouhani.
First Women Chief Information Commissioner - Deepak Sandhu.
Rajeev Gandhi SadBhawna Award - Amjad ali khan.

Pullela Gopichand is related to - Badminton.

The Committee suggested on customer service - Damodaran Committee.
President of Pakistan - Mamnoon Hussain.
Prime Minister of Bhutan - Tshering Tobgay.
Food security bill is to give right to food to how much %age of population - 67%.
Headquarters of women bank - New Delhi.
Raghuram Rajan book - Fault Lines.
Bangali film director who was a national award winner, died recently - Rituparno Ghosh.


General Banking and Marketing Awareness section questions:
Group of computer connected is called a ___: Network
An unsolicited email is called: Spam
What is the full form of GUI: Graphical User Interface
Telecommunications are controlled by TRAI
On which day lights were turn off: Earth Day
BCCI suspended which board RCA
Minimum age to Saving bank account according to RBI - 10 years
Maria Sharapova defeated which athlete in French open final - Simona Halep
Who was the Winner of Santosh Trophy 2014: Mizoram
Which country had banned Twitter website: Turkey
Who is the Head of the Committee to Review Governance of Boards of Banks in India: PJ Nayak
61st National awards Best film was - Ship of Theseus
Which is the State with highest urban population Maharashtra
Electronic aircraft name by Airbus - e-fan
A new Airlines which got approval in India Air Asia
Who was the winner of Deodhar Trophy 2014: West Zone
Who was selected for M S Subbulakshmi Award 2014: Mathangi Sathyamurthy, Karnataka musician
What is Amortizing in Banking: An amortizing is a loan where the principal of the loan is paid down over
the life of the loan.

Now here are Some questions of Computer Awareness Section asked in 22 June 2014 SBI PO
Question Paper.
To save a file with other name, which to use: save as
One question was asked on Optical Memory?
One billion bytes are equal to : 1 GB

RBI Assistant GK Questions 28 September 2014

Morning Session
Current Repo rate: 8%
CRR 4%
Author of Young India book - M.K. Gandhi.
Total number of WTO member -160.
Number of directors in RBI 4 deputy directors.
Indian foreign exchnge reserves value in us $ is - 317.76 BS$
Euro is the currency of which country Italy is capital of which country - Rome
Satish Shivlingam is releted to which sport - Weightlifting.
Total medal of India in CWG - 64
PMGSY was established in - 2002
Full form of IAY - Allocate financial assistance
Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sichayin Yojana Budget alloted is - Rs. 1000 cr
India retail price index of August 2014 MGNERGA Act was launched in which year - 2006.
National Pension System (NPS) was launched in 2004
Silent film raja Harish Chandra was directed by _ Dadasaheb Phalke
As per Census 2011, highest sex ratio for which state - Kerala
Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) was launched by which ministry - Ministry of Labour and
Monetary policy published and controlled by which bank - RBI
Who is the director of RBI - Raghuram Rajan
Van Bandhu Kalyan Yojana has allocated which amount - Rs.100 crore
Nripendra Mishra is - Principal Secretary to Prime Minister
Who is Defence minister - Arun Jaitely
Home minister is - Rajnath Singh
RBI Assistant GK Questions 28 Sept. 2014 Evening Shift will be posted soon.

RBI Assistant General Awareness Questions asked in 26 September 2014

Morning Shift
The following GK Questions are asked in the morning shift exam which was held on 26 September 2014.
You can also find more General Awareness questions of 23, 24, 25 Sept. 2014 at this page below. It will
be helpful for you for upcoming exams.
Also check Important GK Question Topics to get higher marks. We are sure, you should not miss them.

Now here are they...

World Heart day is on - 29 September 2014
UK Currency - Pound sterling
Capital of Netherland - Amsterdam.
Filmfare award for Best Hindi film is won by - Jolly LLB.
india's first motion picture was - Raja harishchandra.
Prime Minister Narender Modi is India's ____ PM - 15th PM.
India's Expected GDP growth in 2014-15 is - 5.4%
RBI was formed in the year - 1935
Who is the minister of Railways - Sadanand gowda.
NASSCOM chairman is - N Chandra Sekran
India wins how many gold in Commonwealth Games -15
As per census, total women population in the world - 58.37
Press council of India was formed in ___ year - 1966.
india's first newspaper was - Bengal gazet.
Indira Awas Yogna was implemented from - 1985
Which among the list is not a male dominated country - Brazil (dilamarousff)
Newly granted license was for which two banks - Bandhan finance, IDFC
Who among the list is not a deputy governor of RBI - Urjit patel
As per survey, current foreign exchange reserve of India - $304
WTO head quarter is situated at - Geneva
India become member of WTO in - 1995
Any Time Milk is by which company - Amul
Total imports in 2013-14 - $616.7 billion
Total exports in 2013-14 - $442.4 billion
India's Postal Savings Office located in _____ city - Chennai
which Lok Sabha election held this year - 16
Also check out - IBPS PO GK Questions 2014
RBI Assistant GK Questions 26 September 2014 Evening shift
Current CRR is - 4%.
Full form of TIBOR - Tokyo Interbank Offered Rate.
Newly elected deputy governor - S.S. Mundra.
Japan's dance is - Odori and Mai.
Summer 2016 games held will be held at - Rio De Janeiro.
Overhead is related ____ sport - Netball.
How much interest paid by RBI on CRR deposit - 0.
Foreign Direct Investment in Public sector bank is - 20%
Prime minister of UK - David Cameroon
RBI proposed for 5th deputy governor by post - Chief Operating Officer.
Which among the following doesn't work under RBI - IMF
Which among the following is not a nationalised bank Shadow banking committee headed by - T. Vijay Bhaskar.
Who is lady election commission officer - V.S. Ramadevi.
Also Check Out - IBPS RRB GK Questions 2014

RBI Assistant GK Questions of 25 September Exam - Morning Shift

Capital of Zambia is - Lusaka
Currency of Russia is - Russian Ruble
Home minister is - Rajnath Singh
Full form of REIT - Real Estate Investment Trust.
International Computer literacy day - 2 Dec.
BKS Iyengar is related to which field - Yoga.
Germany win the final with 1-0 in Brazil by which player's goal - Mario Goetze
Rajiv Khel Ratna award 2014 Coorg Hill station is situated at - Karnataka
Author of "The suitable boy" - Vikram Seth
World Computer Literacy Day is on - 2nd December
National film award for Best Actor is won by - Raj Kumar (Hindi), Suraj Venjaramoodu (Malayalam).
Best actress award in Oscar is won by - Cate Blanchett
President of France - Franois Hollande.
Kerala state new Governor is - P Sathasivam.
IIMs 4 IIM's are given, find 5th's location GK Important Question - 5 New IIT's are at - Jammu and Kashmir, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Andhra Pradesh
and Kerala
5 New IIM's are at - Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Odisha, Rajasthan
Japan will give total money for infra project - $33 Billion
As per budget, minimum pension is - 1000
Cheruthoni dam is in ____ state - Kerala
How much was given for price stabilisation fund - 500 cr
Kathak dance belongs to - Uttar Pradesh
Port Louis is capital of - Mauritius
Minister of Rural Rural Development - Nitin Gadhkari
Kakrapar power plant is situated in - Gujarat
%age of passenger traffic increased in railways - 9%
The insurance company which extended Jan Dhan insurance cover to 1 lakh - HDFC Ergo
US released postage stamp on which actor - Akkineni Nageswara Rao.

RBI Assistant General Awareness Questions 25 September 2014

Evening shift
Currency of Bangladesh - Bangladeshi taka
FFCB full form - Foreign currency convertible bonds
Addis Ababa is capital of - Ethiopia
Taj Mahal which state - UP
Bharatanatyam which state - Tamil Nadu
Who is External affairs minister - Sushma Swaraj.
Maneka Gandhi is minister of - Women and child development
Prime Minister of Japan - Shinzo abe
Louvre museum is in - Paris

ASEAN countries are Kaiga power plant in ____ state - Karnataka

Indira sagar dam is in - Madhya Pradesh on Narmada river
Number of goals in fifa WC Who is the Author of inheritance of loss - Kiran Desai
GAAR full form - General Anti Avoidance Rules
Laughter day 1st Sunday of may
Head of World Bank Jim Yong Kim
Oscar best movie award won by 12 years a slave
National award for best Hindi film won by Jolly LLb
Deputy speaker of Lok sabha
Thambi durai
1st presidency of new BRICS bank India
6 IIM's is to be opened at Proposed small and ___ banks Payment
Income exemption limit for below 60 years 2.5 lakhs
Metro rail project in Ahmadabad and Luckhnow
Jan Dhan Yojana Life Insurance Rs. 30,000.
ILO headquarters are situated at Geneva
Purpose of Commercial Paper to meet short-term debt obligation

RBI Assistant GK Questions 24 September 2014 online exam - Morning

Currency of Denmark - Danish krone. (Check Countries Currency, Capital list to clear this type of
Who is the Vice President of USA - Joe Biden
National Sports Day - 29 Aug. (Check list of important days - Important for All Competitive exams)
Mogadishu is capital of _____country - Somalia.
Kathakali dance is related to which state - Kerala
Rawatbhata power plant is located in which state - Rajasthan.
French open 2014 winner in male singles - Rafal Nadal.
ARAKU is located in which state - Andhra Pradesh
New IIM'S will be in which states - Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Odisha, Rajasthan
Mahabaleshwar Temple is located in - Karnataka.
Filmfare Best Film Award is won by - Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.
Urban development minister - M Venkaiah Naidu
Check Complete list of Cabinet Ministers 2014 - Several questions had been asked from these.
Smriti irani's ministry is - Human Resource Development (HRD)
Governor of Maharashtra is - C Vidyasagar Rao
Public provident fund (PPF) interest rate - 8.7%.
Rapid chess championship was won by which player: Magnus Carlsen
Arjuna Award for which cricketer: Ravichandran Ashwin.
Li-tatina (tomator tyoha) festival is related to which country - Spain
e-visa scheme is in how many cities to promote tourism - 9

Author of "God of small things" novel - Arundhati Roy

IBPS RRB GK Questions 24 September 2014 Evening shift

World Environment Day is celebrated on - 5 June.
Author of Cry the peacock is - Anita Desai
Port Victoria is capital of - Seychelles
Railway Minister - Sadananda
Currency of Malaysia - Ringgit
Man of the Series in India and England Test Series was - Bhuvaneshwar Kumar.
French Open winner - Rafael Nadal
UNCTAD Full form is - United Nations
Conference on Trade and Development
SARFAESI Full form - Securitisation
and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and
Enforcement of Security Interest Act.
USA Secretary of State is - John
Atomic Energy minister is Narendra Modi
Narora Power Plant is in which state - U.P
New IIMs are in which district Himachal Pradesh , Punjab, Bihar, Orissa
and Rajasthan.
Tintu Lukka is related to which game - Athletics.
Sattriya is the dance form of - Assam
Sanitation Program is in budget till - 2019
Oscar Best Actor Award is won by Matthew McConaughey.
National Award for Best Director is won by - Hansal Mehta
U.K. Prime Minister is - David Cameroon
Leander Paes is related to Tennis
Rihand Dam is in - Uttar
John Carrey is - Actor

RBI Assistant GK Questions (General Awareness) asked in 23

September 2014 Morning Shift
shilong is the capital of ____ state - Meghlaya
estimated GDP - 5.5%
Infosys head is - Vishal sikha
mamatha poojary is related to ____ sport- Kabaddi

oscar award for best actor - Matthew McConaughey.

FDI raised in Defence 26% to - 49%
Najma Heptulla ministry is - Minority affairs.
Oscar award for best director is given to Alfonso Cuaron
Anti-tobacco day is observed on -31 May
Pakistan currency - Rupee
Place of wind - Hawa Mahal - Jaipur.
Jammu-udampur-srinagar ___ railway link - Baramulla
Senier citizen tax exemption limit- 3 lakh (This question had been asked several times in IBPS RRB)
5 IIM are to be opened in which one of the following state -4 state had been given and questions asked is
for the 5th
Kudankulam power station is located in - Tamil Nadu.
Law and Justice Minister is Ravi Shankar prasad
rural development minister is - Nitin gatkari.
100 cr Finance allocated for Metro rail is for which cities - Lucknow and Ahmedabad.
CEO of Infosys is Vishal Sikkha
Who is the author of revolution 2020- Chetan Bhagat
Which are the proposed IIM's Agriculture constitute how much in economy Nagarjun sagar dam is located at - Krishna River
windhoek is capital of which country - Namibia
Full form of UFCE - Unhedged Foreign Currency Exposure
Full form of FRBM - Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management.
Full form of ARC Asset Reconstruction Company
Minimum pension is - Rs 1000.
Best actor filmfare award is won by Farhan Akhtar
In Wimbledon Championship final, Novak Djokavik defeated ___ - Roger Federer
Begam Praveen got Padma Bhushan award for which category - singer
Mohiniattam dance belong to which state - Kerala

RBI Assistant GK Questions asked in 23 September 2014 Evening Shift

Online exam
Currency of Iran is Rial
kampala is the capital of ____ country Uganda
Teachers day September 5th
Author of the book The Guide RK Narayanan
% increase in amount allocated for cleanliness in this railway budget 40%
Gopichand is related to ___ sport Badminton
Tawang District is in Arunachal Pradesh
Filmfare award for Best actress is won by Deepika Padukone
oscar award for Best supporting actress is won by Lupita Nyongo
SEBI Act was ammended in ___ year 1992
% of CSR, private companies need to use 2%
Green Building is also called Green Construction or Sustainable Building.

Portfolio of Uma Bharati Ministry of Water resources

How many new government medical colleges are being set up As per union budget 12
Current law and justice minister Ravi Shankar Prasad.
Current Defense minister of India is Arun Jaitley
Petra Kvitov defeated ___ to win her maiden title In the Wimbledons 2014 Euginie Bouchard
Jai Bhagwan is related to ___ sport Boxing - See more at: