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Robert A. Faust 2012
Jason Pelland (order #4231778)


Welcome to Epic Heroes! This is what the
Comic Book industry refers to as an Ashcan
copy of the rules. This is an unfinished, rough
draft, unattractive working copy of the
supplement that will be released in January
2013. Dont worry, Alan and Gib are slaving
away making pretty pictures, and me and the
rest of the gang are going to have pretty
miniatures and scenery pics for the full color
book. In the mean time, please dont judge this
by its appearance.

On top of that I wanted to have one High

Fantasy Official Game Universe, one QuasiHistorical Fantasy Universe, and rules for a Do It
Yourself Fantasy Universe. Lets take a closer

Legend Level
In the final version, players will be introduced to
the Legend Level mechanic. This mechanic is
designed to allow you and your group of players
to decide just how much Magic will play a part in
your game Setting. Players will be Building a
Legend in the games they play, and with some
extra imagination tossed in, can truly tell their
own game story.

You will need a copy of the Brink of Battle:

Skirmish Gaming through the Ages rulebook
to use this supplement.
The whole point of this booklet was to let my
fellow players enjoy Brink of Battle with their
Fantasy miniatures to some degree without
waiting for the finished product.

The three Legend Levels dictate the maximum

amount of Magic, Magic Gear, and Trait types
that are available to the players, as well as
control how powerful those items are.

The other motive here was to drop some rules in

your lap that might be open to further
development for mass market play testing. So
your feedback may shape the final product!

The Heroic Legend represents a game setting

where Magic and Monsters arent commonplace,
but are still part of the setting nonetheless. This
would be best represented in Fantasy fiction in
the writings of Robert E. Howard and Clark
Ashton Smith. So Magic, Magic Gear and such
will be present, but not so powerful as to tip the
scales too much. Any bonuses from these items
are at a +1 cap.

Before we get to the main rules that you will use

to create Epic battles on the table top, Id like to
share some core concepts that will later appear
in the finished book.

Core Concepts

The next higher power jump is the Mighty

Legend Level. This imposes a +2 bonus cap for
Magic Gear and Traits. It also opens up new
Inborn, or racial type Traits to the players to
choose from.
This Legend Level is well
represented by the writings of Fritz Leiber and
Frank Frazettas work with James Silke.

During the writing of Brink of Battle, my intent

was to add Fantasy and Science Fiction
supplements down the road. I knew that if I
established a core mechanic that played well for
historical games and created the Playable
Realism I was looking for in a skirmish game, I
could easily add phantasmagorical elements to it
later on.

The Epic Legend Level is High Fantasy at its

finest. Terrifying monsters and powerful wizards
face off with heroes wielding magic weapons
and armor of legend. Damn near anything goes
at this level. It allows access to Big Monsters
and Big Magic. Bonuses from Magic Traits and
Gear hit the +3 cap. Its the realm of Tolkien

In creating these new rules, I felt there were

three core design concepts that I wanted to
communicate. They were three power levels,
for three periods, with three methods of play.

Robert A. Faust 2012
Jason Pelland (order #4231778)


and Moorcock with larger than life elements
everywhere you look.

heaping helping of storyline and role-playing feel

to the Epic Heroes Campaign experience.
Quest cards will be included in the final product
release as free downloads from our website when the time comes.

Players choose the Legend Level when they

pick their Setting. This is to make sure all
players are on an even field when building their

Quests will introduce players to special

Objectives and Victory conditions that will be
obtained through play. Once a player has
accomplished its required number of Objectives
on the Quest card, he will have fulfilled his
Quest and win the Campaign.

Equivalent Year
As with the BoB main rules, players choose a
specific year in which to base their games. This
establishes the base technological level for the
games played.

Whats in this Booklet?

I want Brink of Battle to be the game system that

lets players add the Fantasy genre as an overlay
to any of the three Periods defined in the rules.
Instead of being pigeonholed into the standard
Medieval/Renaissance setting, players will be
able to create and play games from any time
period with as much or as little Magic &
Monsters added in.

Being a rough draft copy, this supplement will

have only some of the rules available at final
release. That being said, they are some very
essential rules that will likely remain untouched
through the process, unless play testing
demands a change.
New Traits are included that add to the list of
Profile Traits and Gear Traits in the BoB main
book. These are Champion, Inborn, Power,
Gear, and Source Traits.
These are
accompanied by a few Profile Traits that can
also be used in Historical BoB games.

With this concept you can play Weird West or

Weird War 2 games just as easily as traditional
Fantasy settings. Sword & Sandal games can
happen as you add Fantasy elements to your
Spartans or Greeks. Face off against Zombie
Gunfighters or Elder Things from the Great
Beyond !

New Gear is here as well as Magic Gear which

is a selection of different types of magic items.
Magic is here in limited amounts. The full Magic
rules are very robust, and will be introduced in
their fullness in the final release. What Magic is
included will get you by with 9 different spells to
choose from as well as some Arcane Artifacts
for your wizards to use.

Gothic Horror games set in the Roaring

Twenties or other periods can happen, as can
near future type games with a Cyber Magic feel.
Epic Heroes will let you play anything you can

Whats Still to Come?

Three Methods of Play

The final book will have full rules for Quests,

Magic, Magic Gear, new Force Organization
variants, Build Your Own Monsters, Build Your
Own Fantasy World, and other tasty bits. There
will also be some sample pre-generated
Archetypal Profiles for Generic Fantasy models
that will give the gamer some Plug & Play

The final design concept included in the new

supplement will be allowing players three ways
to play Epic Heroes: As one-off Tournament
games, Campaign games, or Quests.
Tourney and Campaign games are already part
of the BoB system. Quests are new and bring a
Robert A. Faust 2012
Jason Pelland (order #4231778)


options if he doesnt have the time or interest to
create his own.

bonuses, they do not combine, instead, take the

higher bonus.

Getting Started

Third, if the Cranial Fracture Trauma result is

applied by a model, and the only viable Trait to
remove is an Inborn Trait, it is not removed.
Instead, reduce the models CMD Rating by -1

Before jumping into the new shiny rules, there

are some general items of housekeeping to
review. This section will answer some basic
questions on how to adjudicate certain
combinations of abilities and game effects for
the various Traits and Gear that follow.

Adding new Traits and Gear

Unless specified in the following rules, all normal
Brink of Battle rules will apply to Epic Heroes
games and Force building.

Force Organization Types

For the purposes of this booklet, when building
your Force, you must have 1 Commander
model. You may have any number of models up
to a maximum of 20. You may also spend your
points without minimums or maximums on
models in any way you choose. You can also
make any number of models Veterans or
Troopers as you decide.

Legend Levels
For the purposes of this document, Legend
Levels are not used. They will be incorporated
later. For now, what you see in this supplement
you can use as is.
Magic Gear Limits

Campaign Results & Trait Combinations

A Battle Force may only include up to three

pieces of Magic Gear at the outset. These are
defined by Gear that has the Mystical Trait. Any
Gear that does not bear this Trait may be
purchased normally.

For now, use the normal BoB Campaign rules in

your Epic Heroes games.
Three items of
clarification to note: First, everyone uses the
Trauma Table for now. In the final version
different Trauma Tables will be added, allowing
for things like Undead models to have results
more fitting their supernatural status.

Troopers may not have Magic Gear. Veterans

may each only have up to one item, and
Commanders can have up to two.

Secondly, duplicate effects from Traits do not

combine unless they are Stackable. If a model
has two Traits that both share the same included
Trait, then there is no additional effect. For
example, if you wanted to make a Pigman by
taking the Stout and Feral inborn Traits, they
both include the Durable Trait. The model does
not have any additional benefit from the second
occurrence of Durable.

So, your Commander could have two pieces of

Magic Gear, and one Veteran could have one.
Or your Commander and two Veterans could
have one each.
This rule stands unadjusted for Tournament
style one-off games. For Campaign games, the
rule above only applies for Starting Forces.
Once one Campaign game has been fought,
players may use SPs to purchase additional
Magic Gear.

Also, if a Stackable Trait is being increased, pay

the difference in the levels as usual, even if the
Trait is included within another Trait. If two Traits
have the same basic effect but with different

The most pieces of Magic Gear that a model can

have is 3 for a Commander, 2 for a Veteran and
1 for a Trooper thereafter.

Robert A. Faust 2012

Jason Pelland (order #4231778)


Finally, models may only carry Magic Gear that
they are qualified to use. For example, you
could not have a non-Arcanist model carry an
Arcane Artifact which is only available to models
with the Arcana Trait.

For Historical players looking to play some

quasi-fantasy games, we have included a small
piece on the Dread Europa alternate history
timeline to give you a starting point for playing
with historical and fantasy figures together.

Fantasy Settings


With Epic Heroes players will be able to create

their own Fantasy Setting through a
collaborative process.
For those who, for
various reasons, do not have the time or interest
to do so, they can either use a favorite setting
from their other games, or they can use the
official Epic Heroes back drop Plug & Play
Fantasy world set in the Ruins of Vanis-Trymno.
That settings back story is included at the end
of this booklet.

Source Traits
Sometimes it is important to know what type of
energy, power, or origin a particular effect has to
gauge its interaction with other game effects.
These Traits will sometimes have actual effects
depending on what other Traits they are
grouped with, and at other times will only act to
trigger other Traits that check for a Source.
Each instance will clearly define what that
Source Trait entails.
Whenever a model has a Trait that requires him
to choose a Source Trait, he may do so from the
following list:


Champion Traits
When a warrior lives in a land touched by magic
and monstrosity, he learns that his abilities must
rise above and beyond normal limits just to
Champion Traits represent such
training, experience, or supernatural boon which
grants superior ability on a heroic scale.

Robert A. Faust 2012
Jason Pelland (order #4231778)


Acrobat This model is an expert in gymnastics
and feats of tumbling, jumping, and balance.
The model with this Trait gains a +3 CBT bonus
when making all Jump, Climb, Falling, or
Disengage checks. This Trait may not be used if
this model is subject to the Heavy Trait.
5 SP

Disarm A model with this Trait has trained

extensively to knock his opponents weapon out
of his hand. Whenever this model has a
Damage Bonus on his opponent, he may
choose to Disarm his opponent instead of
inflicting Damage with his Attack or CounterAttack.

Claw Fighter Extensive training and field

experience with the Fighting Claws Gear has
given this model the ability to inflict terrible
wounds on its opponents. This model must be
equipped with two Fighting Claws, and may not
use any other Weapons for the duration of the
battle. This Trait includes the Two Weapon
Fighting Trait and also grants the Fighting Claws
the Buckler Trait. 15 SP

An opposing model may be Disarmed if it has at

least one single-handed weapon its using in
Close combat. This weapon is removed from
play, until its owning model is no longer
Engaged in Close combat with this model.
If an opposing model has a weapon with the 2Hands or Bound Traits, it cannot be Disarmed.
Models that lose their only weapon must make
all Attack and Defense rolls with the Unarmed
weapon profile. If the model is equipped with
another Close combat weapon it may use it
10 SP

Combat Reflexes (S) Training or supernatural

ability has given this model improved defenses
in Close combat. This model may add between
+1-3 points to its CBT Rating when it is a
Defender in Close combat and not subject to the
Heavy Trait.
3/6/9 SP

Expert Sniper When this model executes a

Take Aim Action he gets a +5 CBT modifier
instead of a +3.
30 SP

Combat Shooter A model with this Trait is an

expert at fighting in Close combat with a Ranged
Weapon. Any Ranged Weapons used by this
model gain the Sidearm Trait and uses all
applicable rules. This Trait does not work on
Thrown Weapons.
15 SP

Fast Reflexes - This model is quick to react.

Increase any of its Weapon Reach numbers in
Close combat by +1.
5 SP

Danger Sense This model is especially

attuned to impending danger.
This model
doubles its Detection range for spotting enemy
models in Ambush.
5 SP

Furious Charge This model gains +1 Base

Attack when charging on Foot. This applies only
during the execution of the Charge Action.
15 SP
Incredible Reflexes - This model is really quick
to react. Increase any of its Weapon Reach
numbers in Close combat by +3.
15 SP

Deflection A model with this Trait is trained in

batting aside slower missile weapons used
against it.
When this model becomes a
Defender against a Ranged combat Attack from
a Bow, Short Bow, Long Bow, Crossbow, Heavy
Crossbow, Hand Crossbow, or Thrown Weapon,
it may use its Full CBT Rating even while in
Open Ground.
10 SP

Iron Will A model with this Trait has an

indomitable will that enables him to push his
body beyond its normal limits. When making a
Resistance check, this model may use its CMD
Rating instead of its CON Rating. Its CMD

Robert A. Faust 2012

Jason Pelland (order #4231778)


Lightning Reflexes This model is really quick
to react. Increase any of its Weapon Reach
numbers in Close combat by +2.
10 SP
True Grit - The model with this Trait may force a
re-roll of the opposed Attackers Damage Check.
This may only be done once per Turn.
25 SP
Weapon Mastery (Type) Choose a weapon
category from the list below. This model is +1 to
CBT and Base Damage when using a weapon
from that group. This counts on Ranged Attacks
for Ranged weapons and both Attack and
Defense Checks for Close combat weapons.
This does not add when Defending against
Ranged Attacks. Include the Weapon category
in parenthesis next to Weapon Mastery on the
Force Roster so it reads like this: Weapon
Mastery (Bludgeons) and so forth.
Weapon Mastery List:
Bludgeons (Includes Great Bludgeon)
Bows (Includes Short, Long, Elven, &
normal Bows)
Cleavers (Normal & Great Cleavers &
Dwarven Waraxes)
Crossbows (Normal, Dwarven, Hand, &
Heavy Crossbows)
Fencing (Rapier, Saber, & Main
Fighting Claw (Single & Pair)
Lancer (Lance and Mounted Spear)
Longarms (All types)
Greatspear, Halberd, Spear, Pike)
Sidearms (All types)
Swords (Normal & Great Swords and
Elven Warblades)
Thrown (All with the Thrown Trait)
25 SP

Rating may be modified by other Traits for this

purpose. The models Armor Rating is still used,
just added to the CMD Rating for the Resistance
35 SP
Killing Stroke This model is especially deadly
in hand-to-hand combat. His Base Damage with
any hand held Close combat weapon is
increased by +1. This Bonus adds with all other
15 SP
Knight Champion - This model gains +1 Base
Attack when charging as a Cavalry model. This
applies only during the execution of the Charge
20 SP

Robert A. Faust 2012
Jason Pelland (order #4231778)



Inborn Traits

It may not Hustle or have the Hack & Slash or

Cuirassier Traits. It has the Ranger and Press
the Attack Traits included.
20 SP

These Traits represent special physiological

conditions that are inherent to a particular
fantasy race or creature type. They may only be
purchased at the time the model is created.

Amphibious (I) This model is from a species

that can breathe both air and water. It treats all
Water Terrain features as Open Ground. When
its base is completely within Water Terrain
features it gets Concealment and Cover.
5 SP

The first Inborn Trait a model buys does not

count against his maximum number of Traits,
but does cost Supply Points. A model may
have additional Inborn Traits purchased at
model creation that do count toward its
maximum number of Traits.

Automaton (I) A model with this Trait is an

animated construct or summoned being that has
the ability to move and act, but without much
self-awareness or will to do so of its own volition.
It is limited to a maximum base CMD Rating of 5
for a Commander, 4 for a Veteran, and 3 for a
Additionally, this model may not
execute Break Actions of any kind.

Once a model has been added to the Force

Roster it may not purchase any additional Inborn
Traits thereafter, nor may they increase any
Stackable Inborn Traits.
Abomination (I) From beyond the edge of
perception or the bowls of the etheric abyss, this
twisted aberration was born.
come in innumerable shapes and sizes, and
their appearance in the natural world can drive
other intelligent beings into utter madness.

Brute (I) This model is a monstrous brute akin

to an Ogre, Minotaur, Troll, etc. It typically
stands between 7-10 feet tall, and is usually
mounted on a 40mm or larger base.
Due to its size and toughness, this model is only
Wounded when the Attackers Total Damage
Score equals or exceeds the Total Resistance
Score by 7 or greater.

This Trait is usually taken in conjunction with

one or more Inborn Traits that help define what
kind of creature this is.
Being wholly unnatural and emanating an alien
or supernatural intelligence, this model disturbs
all other living beings on a subconscious level.

This Trait includes the Long Strider, Great

Reach, Heroic Strength, Intimidating, and
Obtuse Traits.

This Trait includes the Aura of Madness,

Intimidating, and Mystical Traits.
40 SP

In close combat, Brutes count as 2 models for

Outnumbering purposes if their CON Rating is 5
or less, and as 3 models if their CON Rating is 6
or more.
50 SP

Amorphous (I) This race is blob-like,

malleable, or able to contort its body shape
significantly. It has the ability to increase or
reduce its size and shape to facilitate easy
transit over its environment. The drawback is
that it is limited to slower speeds over land than
are its bipedal or quadrupedal counter parts.

Centaur (I) Models with this Trait have the

upper torso of a humanoid and the lower body of
a quadruped or multi-legged animal like a Riding
or War Horse. The model is treated as a
Cavalry model for all purposes except as noted

Robert A. Faust 2012
Jason Pelland (order #4231778)


Since the Centaur is one creature, there is no
Hit Location Check if this model is successfully
Attacked in combat.

If a Centaur model has a CON Rating of 5 or

less, it may purchase the Light Barding Gear if
appropriately modeled on the upper and/or lower
body of the figurine. It may also be equipped
with a Shield or Buckler, but not a Heavy or
Tower Shield.

If the Centaur model has a CON Rating of 5 or

less, it is treated like a Riding Horse for
movement and combat. If the Centaur model
has a CON Rating of 6 or more, it is treated like
a War Horse for movement and combat.

Because of their humanoid upper torso, a

Centaur may be equipped with any Weapon or
other non-Armor Gear as if a normal Foot

Unlike Horses of both types, Centaurs can be

Shocked like a normal Foot model. However,
they are more resistant to injury than their Horse
cousins, and are only Wounded on a result of 7
or greater on the Damage Check.

Centaur models may use all Traits available to

Foot models. If a Centaur model has a CON
Rating of 5 or less, it may also purchase the
Fast Cavalry Trait for +10 Supply Points.

Centaur models fight in Close combat normally

as if they were a Rider of a Cavalry model.
Weapon Traits that area used only by a Cavalry
model work, such as Mounted Charge, work
normally for this model. Encumbrance is based
on the Centaur models CON Rating and do not
use the Encumbrance of a Horse.

This Trait assumes the model is a traditional

half-man half-horse type of fantasy or
mythological Centaur. However, Brink of Battle
allows for other Centauroid models to be
represented. The game mechanics remain the
same, but players may feel free to use any halfhumanoid half-creature as their models dictate,
such as Boar Centaurs, Stag Centaurs, Lion
Centaurs, or Insectoid Centaurs just to name a
few possibilities.
50 SP

Unlike Cavalry models, Centaurs have much

more control of their bodies than a rider does of
his mount when in Difficult Ground. Therefore, a
Centaur does not suffer the CBT/2 penalty while
within Difficult Ground, nor is its movement
reduced to 3 as with Cavalry models.

Construct (I) This model is an artificial

magical being. Most Constructs are nothing
more than magically animated golems or
homunculi. Some are imbued with more
intelligence and ability. Regardless, they all have
many common qualities represented by this

Centaurs get the same Trample Attack that

normal Cavalry models have. Use the Centaur
models CON Rating for this Attack. Just like
other Horses, this Trample Attack is resolved
after the Centaurs normal Attacks are first
resolved during a Charge Action.

Constructs cannot Hustle due to their slow

reaction times and lumbering frames. Being
under the control of their creator and lacking
their own initiative, Constructs cannot execute
Break Actions.

If a Centaur model has a CON Rating of 6 or

more, it may purchase the Endurance Trait in
place of the Destrier Trait for negating the
effects of Heavy Armor or Shields. This model
may purchase Barding as for a normal War
Horse. This Barding will also incorporate any
Armor on the humanoid upper torso of the
model. It may also purchase any type of Shield
or Buckler. All WYSIWYG restrictions apply for
the entire model.

This model has the Durable, Ironhide, Heroic

Strength, and Automaton Traits. Constructs are
not living beings and are thereby Immune (Gas),
Immune (Horrible Stench), Immune (Shocked),
Immune (Etheric), and Immune (Panic).

Robert A. Faust 2012
Jason Pelland (order #4231778)


When purchasing this Trait you may take the
Stoneflesh Trait to replace Ironhide for an
additional +25 Supply Points.
75 SP

the normal limbs. This Trait grants the Extra

Attack+1 Trait, as well as a +1 Bonus to the
Maximum Encumbrance limit of the model.
This Trait may not be taken more than once by a
30 SP

Craven (I) A model with this Trait is a natural

born coward. Others friendly to this model
expect it to flee in battle or times of crisis, and as
a result, this model never causes friendly
models to Panic from Losses.

Feral (I) This race is brutish and tough, with

more in common with beasts than civilized men.
This model exudes savagery and thrives on its
lust of battle. It is also inured to life in the wild
and is more resistant to injury than most.

Furthermore, when other friendly models are

Outnumbered in Close combat, they cannot
count this model as a friendly model within 3
because it is unreliable for support.

This Trait includes the Savage Aspect, Bravado,

Durable, and Obtuse Traits.
15 SP

Additionally, if a Craven model becomes Broken

for any reason, it may not benefit from the
execution of a Steady Action, and cannot have
the Stubborn Trait. Craven models cannot have
CMD Ratings above a 3.
0 SP

Graceful (I) This race exhibits high manual

dexterity, slender graceful bodies, and low
muscle mass. They are swift to react and have
above average hand-eye co-ordination.
This Trait includes the Heroic Accuracy, Fast
Reflexes, Sprinter, and Slight Traits.
15 SP

Diabolic (I) This model is a creature of

darkness and evil made flesh. It has broken into
the material plane and assumed a form with
powers and abilities beyond the ken on normal
men. Or is has a demonic bloodline that
dominates its appearance and abilities.
This Trait includes the Ironhide, Immune (Panic),
Intimidating, and Mystical Traits.
Being a creature of darkest evil this model has
the Vulnerable (Ascendant) and Vulnerable
(Holy) Traits.
25 SP
Durable (I) The model is naturally more
resistant to illness and injury. It is Wounded on
a result of 6 or more on damage checks instead
of 5 or more. It also gets a +1 to CON on all
Trauma checks in the After Action Report.
15 SP

Grasping Extremities (I) A multiplicity of

appendages protrudes from this model. These
could be tentacles, extra limbs, fleshy hooks,
feelers, webs, grasping vines, or other
entangling extensions of the model.

Extra Arms (I) A model with this Trait has one

or more additional arms, tentacles, or other
manipulating limbs. The additional arms are
fully coordinated and are fully functional just like

These additional appendages will try to clutch

and confine enemy models. Whenever an

Robert A. Faust 2012

Jason Pelland (order #4231778)


Insectoid (I) - This is a race of intelligent, multilimbed bug-men. This could also be used to
represent any crustaceous or hard shelled
organism that is not technically Insectoid but has
an exoskeleton.

enemy model becomes Engaged in Close

combat with this model, after Weapon Reach is
compared, enemy models must pass a CON
Check opposed by the CON of this model. If the
check is passed the enemy model may fight
normally. If the Check fails, then while it is
Engaged with this model, that enemy model will
fight at CBT/2 regardless of other Traits or game

This model has use of additional limbs or

appendages that grant it the Extra Attack+1
Trait. Its hard, chitinous exoskeleton confers
the Toughskin Trait as well. However, weapons
with the Impact Trait do +1 additional point of
Base Damage, having greater effect on cracking
through the hard outer shell.

If this model suffers a CON/2 penalty for any

reason, and that adjusted number is lower than
the unmodified CON of an enemy model
Engaged in Close combat, that enemy model is
no longer CBT/2 from the Grasping Extremities.

Able to lift burdens many times its normal

strength, it is never subject to the Heavy Trait
from Gear. When checking Encumbrance, any
Heavy Gear equipped to this model counts as
one Gear each, instead of the usual two Gear

If this models unmodified CON is less than the

enemy models unmodified CON, then there is
no additional effect.
25 SP
Horrible Stench (I) A powerful pungent, acrid,
noxious, or putrid odor reeks from this model.
Enemy models that are Engaged with this model
in Close combat are CBT/2 for all Checks as
they choke and gag on the Horrible Stench.
This Trait includes the Immune (Horrible Stench)
25 SP

Insectoid models have greater advantage

crossing Difficult Ground due to their body
structure. They have the Ranger Trait for all but
Water Terrain features like Rivers, Lakes, etc.
Insectoid models also have the Natural Climber
Trait included.
A model with this Trait that suffers a second
Shattered Limb Trauma result is not Disabled;
instead, remove the Extra Attack+1 Trait from
this model. A further result of Shattered Limb
will Disable this model.
35 SP

Icthyoid (I) This model is from a race of

intelligent fish men, shark men, or other fishlike
creatures that walk like air breathing humanoids.
This Trait could also cover generic races that
live in the sea and have through adaptation or
magic come to dry land to fulfill their hidden

Ironhide (I) This models skin or hide is very

resistant to breaking and injury. This model can
add +2 to its CON for Resistance Checks only.
20 SP

Icthyoids are unaccustomed to movement on dry

land and this affects their agility and combat
ability to a degree.
They reek with an
overpowering smell from life undersea, and their
flesh is covered in fine scales.

Just Wont Die (I) This model is especially

resistant to injury, and is very hard to take out of
the fight. It takes 3 Shocked results in the same
Turn to cause an automatic Wound on this
40 SP

This Trait includes the Horrible Stench,

Toughskin, Amphibious, and Ungainly Traits.
20 SP

Robert A. Faust 2012
Jason Pelland (order #4231778)


Long Strider (I) - A model with this Trait has a
long stride and stands much taller than normal
Foot models.

This Trait cannot be used in
conjunction with the Man-At-Arms, Knife Fighter,
or Kung Fu Traits, and includes the Bound
Weapon Trait.

It adds +2 to its Move, Charge, and Hustle

maximum distances. It may also treat Obstacles
2 or less as Open Ground, and gains a +2
bonus to CBT on all Climb Checks. Its Move
distance in Difficult Ground is 5 instead of 3.

For additional Supply Points the following Traits

may be added to the Organic Weapons: Impact
(Horns, hard head butt, club like tail, or kicking
hooves, etc.) +10 SP; Vicious (Fangs, Claws,
sharp spines, etc.) +10 SP; Savage Aspect
(Large Antlers/horns, long spines, unusual
physiology, etc.) +5 SP. The player should
specify what features on the model are
representing these Traits.

Its size does not allow it to benefit from

Concealment or Cover, unless such Terrain
stands taller than the actual model.
10 SP
Natural Climber (I) A model with this Trait has
some form of natural climbing ability or
physiological aid which makes climbing easier.

While the Impact, Vicious, and Savage Aspect

Traits must be purchased at model creation, if
the player wants to spend Experience Points in
a Campaign game to improve the bonus to CBT
for this Trait he may do so at the EXP cost noted
below. This will only increase the CBT Rating
for Attack and Defense, and will not increase
Weapon Reach, Base Close combat Attacks, or
Base Damage which are fixed at model creation.
This increase should be clearly noted on the
Force Roster.

This Trait includes the Mountaineer Trait and

acts as if the model was equipped with the
Climbing Rig Gear for increased Climb distance
5 SP
Obtuse (I) - A lack of imagination, mental deficit,
or reduced ability to inspire confidence in others
has diminished the leadership capabilities of this
model. It is limited to a maximum base CMD
Rating of 6 for a Commander, 5 for a Veteran,
and 4 for a Trooper. Traits that increase this
models CMD Rating, such as Heroic Presence,
will function normally and are not affected. Only
this models base CMD Rating is limited.

Base cost per level 10/20/30 SP.

Impact +10 SP
Vicious +10 SP
Savage Aspect +5 SP
To increase from +1 CBT to +2 costs 10 EXP
To increase from +2 CBT to +3 costs 15 EXP
Ratskin (I) A model with this Inborn Trait is an
intelligent, bipedal rat man, whiskers and all.
This model exhibits many of the same physical
and mental characteristics of that species. He is
quick to react and sense impending danger, and
is faster than an average man when running full

Organic Weapons (I,S) This model has

natural weapons such as teeth, fangs, claws,
spines, horns, etc. which it can use to Attack
and Defend in Close combat.
The model has the following Weapon Profile in
Close combat: For the +1 level the profile is
1/C/1; for +2 the profile is 1/C/2; and for +3 it is
1/C/3. This model must have some form of
natural weapon like those listed previously
showing on the model.

Unfortunately, the heightened awareness of

danger and path of least resistance instinct
inherit in this race makes them twitchy and less
likely to stick around and fight when the going
gets tough.

The +1, +2, and +3 numbers are bonuses to the

models CBT Rating for all Attack and Defense
Robert A. Faust 2012
Jason Pelland (order #4231778)


This model has the Fast Reflexes, Sprinter,
Danger Sense, and Obtuse Traits.
10 SP

with a greater sense of self, and has its own

initiative outside that of its creator or controller.
This model may execute Break Actions
normally, and this Trait negates the Automaton
Trait from this model.
10 SP

Reptilian (I) A model with this Trait is some

form of sentient reptile. This model is cold
blooded and becomes sluggish when in cold
environments. In warmer climes, this model is
quick to move and react.

Slight (I) Lower body strength, slender

musculature, or a reduced resistance to injury
inhibits the physique of this model. It is limited
to a maximum base CON Rating of 6 for a
Commander, 5 for a Veteran, and 4 for a
Trooper. Traits that increase this models CON
Rating, such as Heroic Stamina, will function
normally and are not affected. Only this models
base CON Rating is limited.

Reptilian models have a natural covering of

scales that grants the Toughskin Trait. They are
gifted at scrambling up sheer or vertical surfaces
and are also granted the Natural Climber Trait.
Reptilians are inscrutable creatures and are not
easily rattled. As a result of this the Stoic Trait is
also included.

Slithering Body (I) The lower half of this

races body has a snake-like form. This model
is able to slither across the ground at faster than
walking speeds and negotiate terrain easier than
models on foot. The model has an 8 Move and
the Ranger Trait.
20 SP

For an additional +5 Supply Points, this model

may have the Amphibious Trait included as well.
If this model is successfully hit by an Attack with
the Cold Trait and is still in play, it is CBT/2 for
all Checks, cannot Hustle, and cannot execute
Break Actions for the remainder of the Turn.
15 SP
Runt (I) This model is physically smaller than
other creatures. As a result of its small size, it
cannot Move more than 6. It cannot, therefore,
Hustle or use the Hack & Slash Trait.
Cavalry, Centaurs, Brutes, and Monstrosities
Engaged in Close combat are CBT/2 when
Attacking a Runt model because they are harder
to hit, wot wif being wee gits and all.
Due to their diminutive size, Runt models are
harder to target with distance shooting. Add +6
to the actual distance of this model from any
Ranged Combat Attacker. Use the modified
score for calculating all Long Range modifiers
against this target model.
3 SP
Sentient Construct (I) A Construct model
may purchase this Trait. This model is imbued

Robert A. Faust 2012
Jason Pelland (order #4231778)


Stoneflesh (I) A model with this Inborn Trait
has such exceptionally tough skin or hide that it
is like unto stone in its ability to deflect damage.
This model can add +3 to its CON for
Resistance Checks only.
30 SP

has the Immune (Impact) Trait included.

However, the model with this Trait gains the
Vulnerable (Fire) Trait as well.
The Armor Rating from this Trait can be
improved with the use of a Shield as with normal
10/20/30 SP

Stout (I) This race is short, stocky, and able to

bear heavy burdens easily. This Trait includes
the Endurance Trait.
When checking
Encumbrance, any Heavy Gear equipped to this
model counts as one Gear each, instead of the
usual two Gear each.
Gifted with a strapping physique, this model is
able to shrug off injury easier than most and
wield Great Weapons with ease. This Trait
includes the Durable and Strongarm Traits.
As a result of its smaller size and body type, a
model with this Trait is only able to Hustle 8.
The Hack & Slash Trait is also limited by this, so
it will cost 10 SP for this model instead of its
normal cost of 15 Supply Points. This model is
also CBT/2 for all Climb and Jump Checks.
15 SP
Toughskin (I) The model possesses tough
hide or other types of thick, natural armor that
increases its resistance to harm. This model
can add +1 to its CON for Resistance checks
10 SP
Treeskin (I) A bark-like armor covers this
model from head to foot. This could be from
being an animated tree-being, some natural
body out-growth, or other supernatural means.

Undead (I) This model is neither living nor

dead, but Undead forever!
supernaturally animated, or willful beyond the
power of the Grave, this model has cheated
Death and can walk among the living.

This is a special Stackable Trait. Instead of the

normal +1-3 bonus per level, this Trait grants an
Armor Rating of 2, 3, and 4 per level
respectively. If the highest Armor Rating level of
4 is purchased the model is also subject to the
Heavy Trait.

This includes the Immune (Shocked), Immune

(Panic), Immune (Gas), and Immune (Horrible
Stench) Traits.
Undead models are highly unnerving to living
beings and this Trait also includes the
Intimidating Trait.

The fibrous sinews beneath the hardened

surface are more resistant to blunt force than
metallic armors to such a degree that this model
Robert A. Faust 2012
Jason Pelland (order #4231778)


Being infused with Diabolic energies, Undead
models have the Vulnerable (Ascendant) and
Vulnerable (Holy) Traits.
25 SP

If they are Engaged with a model they have

Outnumbered and negated Myrmidon or Knight
on, and due to game play, no longer Outnumber
that model, the Myrmidon or Knight Traits return
to normal use.
5 SP

Ungainly (I) Poor balance, low agility, or a

lack of proper physiology reduces the overall
coordination of this model. It is limited to a
maximum base CBT Rating of 6 for a
Commander, 5 for a Veteran, and 4 for a
Trooper. Traits that increase this models CBT
Rating, such as Man-At-Arms, will function
normally and are not affected. Only this models
base CBT Rating is limited.

Henchman Not being a professional soldier,

this model is a hired henchman who follows
orders but has very unsteady nerves. This Trait
is only available to Trooper models.
The Henchman is not able to have more than
one Weapon, and may not have more than Light
Armor and/or a Shield or Buckler. He is not
allowed to be equipped with anything more than
that basic Gear.

Zombie (I) This is an animated, reeking,

rotting, once alive meat bag that stumbles
toward the nearest living thing in order to devour

When first purchased, a Henchman cannot have

Ratings that exceed a 3. Nor may he have any
other Traits than this one. If playing a Campaign
game, he may later purchase Traits, and/or raise
his Ratings by spending Experience Points.

Zombies have the Undead Trait and may not

Hustle, Climb, or Jump. Nor may they execute a
Break Action or gain Experience Points.
They may not have any Gear and Attack and
Defend as if armed with a Club.
10 SP

Henchmen are not expected to remain calm in

stressful combat situations, and as such, they do
not trigger Panic Checks from Losses if
Wounded while within 3 of friendly models.

New Profile Traits

A Henchman model will count toward

determining a Forces Rout Check threshold of
25% or more Wounded models. However, a
Henchman model does not count as a Wounded
model for the opposed roll of a Rout Check.

Assassin This model is expert at remaining

undetected while in Ambush. The Detection
Range for all models is CBT/2 when trying to
detect this model while its in Ambush.
5 SP

For example, Kris has a Force of 5 normal

models and 3 Henchmen models. For purposes
of determining when Kris will need to start
making Rout Checks, all 8 models are counted,
and if she loses 25% or more, which in this case
is 2 models, she will need to make a Rout Check
at the SitRep of each subsequent Turn.

Gang Up A model with the Gang Up Trait is

used to fighting with a large group of allies to
swamp the enemy with numbers.
Whenever models with the Gang Up Trait are
Engaged in Close combat with the same enemy
model, if they Outnumber that enemy model,
then this Trait will negate the Myrmidon and
Knight Traits if possessed by the enemy model
they Outnumber.

Later in the game, she has lost 3 models in one

Turn. In the SitRep Phase of the next Turn, Kris
has to make a Rout Check. Her opponent would
normally count Kris number of Wounded models
and add the roll of a d10 to determine the score
Kris would have to meet or beat with a CMD

Robert A. Faust 2012

Jason Pelland (order #4231778)


Check from her Commander. However, 2 of the
3 models were Henchmen, so they do not count
for the opposed roll. Kris Command Check will
be against a d10+1 instead of a d10+3.

all sources and automatically passes any

Psychology CMD Check it is required to make.
10 SP

Power Traits

Trauma Checks are calculated differently for

Henchmen. If the Trauma Check is passed,
then the Henchman recovers fully. If the Check
is failed, the Henchman was Mortally Wounded
and is removed from the Roster.

Power Traits are used to represent some type of

supernatural power or ability not normally
obtained through training or innate talent. The
section on Power Checks will explain how to
make use of Power Traits that do not have an
automatic effect.

A Force may not include more Henchmen

models than the Commanders unmodified
Command Rating.
5 SP

Animal Magnetism A Feral or Ratskin model

may purchase this Trait. This model exudes a
powerful animal magnetism and is more adept at
leadership than others of its ilk. This Trait
negates the Obtuse Trait for this model.
10 SP

Ronin Originally a term for Masterless

Samurai, it has become synonymous with loner
in common parlance. A Ronin model does not
wait to take orders from others, seeking his own
path of action.

Arcana (S) The secrets, powers, and

disciplines of Magic are contained within this
Trait. Any model that has this Trait will gain
access to Spells, Familiars, and Arcane

This model generates its own Action Token

during the Orders Phase every Turn. It may not
be assigned an Action from the Tactical Pool. A
Battle Force may only have one model with the
Ronin Trait in it at any time, and it can only be a
Veteran. Models with the Commander Trait may
not have the Ronin Trait either.

The Arcana Trait encompasses wizardry,

shamanism, divination, necromancy, diabolism,
hedge magic, sorcery, and clerical powers. It is
the catchall Trait for mystical powers that are
derived through the systematic use of arcane
components to render a given supernatural
effect. Whether hurling a bolt of lightning,
healing an injured ally, or summoning a demon,
it is essentially the same supernatural

A model with the Ronin Trait may not use the

Command Radius of a model with the
Commander Trait. A Ronin model cannot be the
recipient of an Action Token from the use of the
Inspiring or Belay Order Traits. This model
automatically passes all Outnumbered Panic
25 SP

Arcana is a Power Trait, a Stackable Trait, and a

Skill Trait rolled into one. It allows access to the
purchase of Spells which are Powers, and it also
is taken in one of three levels that act as their
own Ratings when Power Checks are made.

Slippery This fighter is very agile on his feet

and gets to roll an extra d10 for his Disengage
Actions and is allowed to choose which result he
wants to keep. This may only be used while this
model is on Foot and not subject to the Heavy
3 SP

Arcana can be purchased at the 3, 5, and 7

point levels. These numbers are used in place
of the normal Ratings Profile of CBT, CMD, and
CON. So when making an Arcana Power Check

Zealot The model with this Trait is a crazed

fanatic for its cause. It is immune to Panic from
Robert A. Faust 2012
Jason Pelland (order #4231778)


Great Reach This model has a greater reach
than most. Add +2 to any of its Weapon Reach
numbers in Close combat.
Heroic Accuracy This model adds +1 to CBT
for all Attack rolls.
5 SP

the models Arcana Rating is substituted. For

notation on the Force Roster, simply list the
number in parenthesis following the Trait name.
For example, Arcana (5), Arcana (7), etc. This
is similar to Difficulty Check listings.
The higher the number, the better the Arcanist is
at controlling the preternatural forces he seeks
to command. This number will be used for all
Checks involving the Arcana Trait, and can be
modified as normal Ratings are. However, the
Spell description will define any such modifiers.

Heroic Strength This model adds +1 to its

Close combat Base Damage and Encumbrance
5 SP
Immune This Trait represents a high degree
of resistance or immunity to certain types of
game effects. Whenever a model has this Trait
it will define what it is Immune to in parenthesis.

Unlike traditional fantasy games or conventions

of the past, Arcanists are not restricted to a
proscribed list of weapons and armor. An
Arcanist cannot cast Spells or use Arcane
Artifacts if they are subject to the Heavy Trait
from any source, be it Heavy Gear or other
game effects that give the Arcanist the Heavy
Trait, such as a Spell. Aside from that, they are
free to use whatever Weapons, Armor, or other
Gear that is modeled on the miniature per the
normal WYSIWYG rules described in the BoB
main rule book.

For example, Immune (Shocked) means that

whenever this model is subject to the Shocked
Condition, it can ignore the effects. The model,
therefore, cannot be Shocked and would treat
such a result as No Effect instead.
When choosing this Trait, the player must pick
one of the following game effects and pay the
associated Supply Points for that type of
Immunity. Each type will have a separate cost
and count as a separate Trait.

The Magic Chapter will cover additional rules

that use the Arcana Trait, as does the Arcane
Artifacts and Familiars sections.

Immune to:
Horrible Stench

Arcana (3) costs 15 SP

Arcana (5) costs 30 SP
Arcana (7) costs 45 SP
Aura of Madness Unnatural psychic energies
radiate from this model. So disturbing are the
images, feelings, and thoughts emanating from
this model that all enemy models Engaged with
it are at a CMD/2 while Engaged.
15 SP
Cunning Brute A Brute model may purchase
this Trait. This model is possessed with greater
insight and leadership ability than its peers. This
Trait negates the Obtuse Trait for this model.
10 SP

Robert A. Faust 2012
Jason Pelland (order #4231778)


5 SP each for all except Shocked & Panic which
are 10 SP each.

his kind would find debilitating.

This Trait
negates the Slight Trait for this model.
10 SP

Intimidating - A model with this Trait exudes an

above average degree of threat toward its
enemies. Whether due to a menacing physical
size or appearance, display of combat prowess,
dire reputation, or intimidating personal
presence, enemies dread fighting this model.

Vulnerable A model with this Trait is very

susceptible to certain types of damage from a
specific Source. Damage sustained from this
Source will be far more grievous than it would be
for someone not so Vulnerable.

Immediately after this model becomes Engaged

in Close combat, all Engaged enemy models
must pass an Intimidating Check or this model
gains a +3 to its Weapon Reach in Close
combat for this Turn.

The Vulnerable Trait will have the Source of the

vulnerability listed in parenthesis indicating the
type of Attacks from that Source that will trigger
this Trait. For example, Vulnerable (Fire) would
trigger any time the model was successfully hit
by an Attack bearing the Fire Source Trait.

An Intimidating Check is a CMD Check that is

opposed by this models highest modified
Rating. If the Check is passed, then the bonus
to Weapon Reach is not gained against the
model that passed the Check.

When a Vulnerable model is Attacked

successfully by the Source of its vulnerability,
this Trait makes the result of the Damage Check
one step worse than determined by the Check
result. If the result was No Effect, it instead
becomes Shocked. If the result was Shocked, it
becomes Wounded.

It is therefore possible that some models pass

and others fail their Intimidating Checks. Apply
the Weapon Reach bonus separately for
comparing Weapon Reach versus each
opposing model.

The following is a list of Vulnerabilities that are

commonly found in Epic Heroes:

The Intimidating Weapon Reach bonus adds to

all other Weapon Reach numbers for this model.
Once added, use this total to compare with each
opposing model. After this has been done,
proceed with the Attack Step as usual.
Models with this Trait automatically pass
Intimidating Checks from other models with this
10 SP
Land Legs An Icthyoid model may purchase
this Trait. This model has spent sufficient time
on dry land to compensate for being a fish out of
water. This Trait negates the Ungainly Trait for
this model.
10 SP
Rugged A Graceful model may purchase this
Trait. This model is inured to hardships others of

Robert A. Faust 2012
Jason Pelland (order #4231778)





has been successfully cast and its effects are

executed. If the result is lower than the Difficulty
Check number then the Spell has failed and the
models Action ends.

Nothing defines the Fantasy genre better than

the use of Magic. Magic is the Science of Sword
& Sorcery tales, a power understood by the
initiated and feared by the commoner.

When the Power Check result exceeds the

amount it needed to succeed, the difference is
called the Success Bonus. This is identical to
the Damage Bonus in combat, but the excess
points can be used for different purposes
depending on the type of Spell.

This section will discuss the use of Magic, the

Arcana Power Trait, and how to purchase and
use Spells and Arcane Artifacts for your Arcanist

When making an Attack with a Spell, any

Success Bonus above the Difficulty number of
the Spell is converted into Damage Bonus and
used accordingly.

Three Types of Magic

In the full version of Epic Heroes, Magic is
divided into three distinct types, or source
categories, that define the nature of the
supernatural energies or entities that each type
represents. However, for the Ashcan version we
will only touch on them briefly.

Arcana Casting Dice

While the Arcana Trait represents the models
training and ability to control and manipulate
magical forces, the amount of power he can
access is a direct result of his mind and force of
will. This is represented by the Command
Rating of the model.

Ascendant Magic comes from the higher planes

of existence and represents the good, white,
or high magic source types.
Primeval Magic is tied to the natural world, Fey
realms, and material planes of existence. This
magic is elemental, primal, and in tune with
natural forces or power sources.

An Arcanist model has a Base Casting Dice

number equal to its unmodified CMD/2 Rating.
This is the number of d10s the model rolls for all
Arcana Power Checks. It is also the number of
dice used when executing Attacks using Arcane

Diabolic Magic is the realm of darkness, death,

deviltry, and malice. This magic is considered
dark, evil, or destructive and includes
demonism and necromancy.

Arcane Aura
The Arcane Aura represents the effective
distance of influence around the model based on
its personal power. Think of it as a Magical
Command Radius of sorts. It is a measurement
used often when determining the distance or
area of effect a spell caster has when using

Power Checks
The use of Spells will require the model makes
an Arcana Power Check. This is a special
version of a Power Check that applies to models
with the Arcana Trait.
To make an Arcana Power Check, roll the
number of Casting Dice allowed for the Arcanist
model, take the highest result and add the
models Arcana Rating for the Total Power
Check result. If the result is equal to or greater
than the Difficulty Check number of the Spell, it

The Arcane Aura is a distance in inches from

this models base equal to its modified
Command Rating. This is a 360 radius around
the model.

Robert A. Faust 2012
Jason Pelland (order #4231778)



Total Number of Spells

Attack using the models Arcana Trait Rating

(3/5/7) instead of CBT. Those items that do not
make these types of Attacks will instead provide
a static effect.

Spells are purchased separately by an Arcanist

model. Each Arcanist may have a number of
Spells equal to his unmodified CMD/2 Rating.
These are the Spells known to this model.

Each model is restricted by its Model Type for

the number of Arcane Artifacts with which it can
begin play, as with other Magic Gear.

In Campaign games, an Arcanist can use EXP

to purchase additional Spells once he has
survived his first Battle. The total limit for Spells
in Campaign games is the Arcanists CMD

A model may not have more than one of the

same type of Arcane Artifact at a time. That is,
having two of the same type of Wand would
render no benefit. Having two different Wands
would give the model a choice of which one to
use. Models may only use one Arcane Artifact
per Turn.

Spells are a type of Magic Gear that is never

represented in any way. Nor do they count
toward a models limit on Magic Gear.

Unlike Spells, Arcane Artifacts do not require a

Power Check by the user to cast its effect. The
enchantment of the item provides all of the
necessary power and focus to create the effect.

Casting Actions
The Spells listed here are a small representation
of the Spells available in the full supplement.
Any use of these Spells is done as a Standing
Fire, Mobile Fire, or Stand & Fight Action. The
player declares hes going to have target
Arcanist execute the Action to cast the Spell.

Many of these items require an Attack roll be

made against a Defending model. This Attack
uses the models Arcana Trait Rating to make
the Attack, and the number of dice used for the
Check is equal to the users CMD/2 Rating.
As with Arcana Power Checks, the Success
Bonus becomes a Damage Bonus when making
Attacks with Arcane Artifacts.

If the Arcana Power Check fails, and the

Arcanist model has not finished the Movement
portion of the Mobile Fire Action, it gets to finish
this before the Action ends.

Arcane Artifacts do not always function when the

user commands, and sometimes lose magical
power at inconvenient times. To simulate this in
BoB games, they are subject to a Mana Check
any time the user rolls a 1 on the Attack dice if
applicable. A Mana Check is an Arcana Base
Check. Use the Arcana level of the user to
make the Base Check. If successful, the Arcane
Artifact functions normally. If the Check fails,
then the entire Action fails and may not be
attempted again this Turn.

When making a Mobile Fire Action, the RoF

penalty is substituted with the Arcana Casting
Dice number divided in half.
All normal rules for Target Priority, Range, etc
apply to Spells and Arcane Artifacts alike.
When checking Range, if a target model is out of
Range the Spell effect fails automatically.
Arcane Artifacts

Arcane Artifact Profiles

Arcane Artifacts are items of Magic Gear that

can only be purchased by models in your force
with the Arcana Trait. These items are counted
as Magic Gear, but differ in that most of them
have attack based effects that require a normal

Arcane Artifacts that provide a static effect have

no Profile. They will always work the same way
and their description text will specify this. If they
are useable as a weapon with Attack effects,

Robert A. Faust 2012

Jason Pelland (order #4231778)


Elvish Steel The Elven race has its own
mysteries of metal working that are renowned
around the world and to realms beyond. It is
said that Elvish Steel carries a minor residue of
Fey magic that makes it lighter without reducing
strength. Elven smiths forge the best balanced
blades of the Known Realms, and that perfection
gives the wielder almost preternatural swiftness
when fighting with this weapon.

then they will have an Arcane Profile much like a

Weapon Profile.
The Rate of Fire spot is replaced with an A.
This is the number of the Arcanists Arcana Trait
Rating halved; so Arcana (3) would be 1d10,
Arcana (5) would be 2d10, and Arcana (7) would
be 3d10 rolled, taking the highest result and
adding the models Arcana Rating to it for a final

When using this weapon, if this model is a

Defender, when checking to see if a CounterAttack is made, if the difference in scores is
exactly the same as the Attackers base Combat
Rating, then this model will increase his Total
Defense Score by +1 point. All Damage from the
Counter-Attack is calculated normally, counting
the +1 as a permanent bonus to the Defenders
Total Defense Score.

Range and Base Damage of the Arcane Profile

are treated just like normal Weapon Profiles.
Maximum Long Range is 2x Effective Range.
Normal Ranged combat Actions are declared
and executed to use these type of Arcane
Artifacts. Mobile Fires RoF penalty takes the
Arcanists Dice total and divides it in half,
rounded down.

Heres an example of this Weapon Trait as it

stands alone: A dwarf attacks an elf who is
wielding an Elven Warblade with this Weapon
Trait. The dwarf has a CBT of 5 and misses
with his Attack Score by 5 points. Normally, this
would not result in a Counter-Attack from the elf,
needing to miss by at least 6 or more points for
that to occur. However, Elvish Steel increases
the elf Defenders total score by +1 point in this
instance which, by increasing his result to 6, will
give him a Counter-Attack. And when the
Damage Bonus is calculated, it is done so from
the 6 result which in this case will be 6/2 or 3


New Gear Traits
Bound The weapon is firmly bound or
attached to the models hands, paws, forearms,
etc. As a result of this, the weapon may not be
Disarmed by an enemy models use of that Trait.
Double Strike This weapon may be used as a
normal Spear. If the model with this Gear also
has the Two Weapon Fighting Trait then it may
use this weapon as a 2-hands Spear that allows
the model to use the Two Weapon Fighting Trait
re-roll and the Double-headed Spear Weapon

Since both Elven Warblade types also have the

Riposte Weapon Trait, the Attackers CBT is
halved when checking for Counter-Attacks. So,
adding this to the example above, the dwarf
Attacker would trigger a Counter-Attack if he
missed by more than 2 points, being his CBT/2
Riposte threshold. Assuming the elf Defenders
Total Defense Score was exactly 2 points
greater, no Counter-Attack would be had. The
Elvish Steel Weapon Trait increases this result
by +1, so the elf Defender actually had a 3 point
difference and gets a Counter-Attack with a +1
Damage Bonus (3/2 rounded down = 1).

Dwarven Edge The Dwarf race is renowned

for their mastery of smithing. This Weapon has
a keen edge hardened by master workmanship.
It is whispered that the Dwarven Smiths forge
their bitterness and spite into the metal which
makes the edge harder than an unforgiving
Dwarf heart. Any Damage Bonus caused by a
Weapon with this Trait is increased by +3 points.

Robert A. Faust 2012
Jason Pelland (order #4231778)


Elven Great Warblade
Period Any
Profile: 2/C/3

Etheric Attacks from this Gear target the mind

or soul of the Defender. All Resistance checks
made against this weapon use the Defender's
CMD Rating instead of its CON Rating. No
Armor is used for the Resistance Check.

This is the larger cousin of the Elven Warblade.

It is an impressive sight to behold in the hands
of an Elven Weapon Master.

Off-hand This Trait is used on weapons

designed for use in a warriors off-hand. The
model must have the Two Weapon Fighting Trait
to use this weapon and any other Weapon Traits
it has.

Gear Traits:
Elvish Steel
25 SP

Quick A weapon with this Trait is light and fast

in the hand of a trained swordsman. The
Weapon Reach of this weapon is increased by
+1 when the model executes a Charge Action.

Great Spear
Period Any
Profile: 2/C/2
The Great Spear combines the two-handed
thrusting power of a Pike with a shorter and
more maneuverable shaft length of a Spear. It
will usually have a longer blade on the tip for
better piercing damage.

New Gear

Elven Bow
Period Any
Profile: 20/2/3

Gear Trait: 2-Hands

12 SP
Fighting Claw
Period Any
Profile: 0/C/1

Elves are the undisputed masters of bow craft

and archery. They weave fey magics into their
weapons and craft them for perfect balance,
strength and accuracy. An Elf Bow has
tremendous penetrating force at close range. It
also has a greater range than traditional Long
Bows crafter by other cultures.

A Fighting Claw is a gauntlet that has one or

more blades or sharp protrusions attached that
are used to stab and cut enemy combatants.
This weapon is securely bound to the arm of the
user and is very difficult to remove against his
will. This weapon is favored among Gladiators
and Pit Fighters.

Gear Traits:
25 SP

Gear Traits:
5 SP

Elven Warblade
Period - Any
Profile: 1/C/2

Fighting Claws (2)

Period Any
Profile: 0/C/1

Elven weapon smiths craft incredibly fine blades

that incorporate and element from the Fey
Realm called Truesteel. These weapons have
perfect balance and keen edges providing a
lethal instrument of defense in the hands of a
trained swordsman.

This is a matched set of Fighting Claws. The

model using this pair cannot use any other
Weapon or Shield during the battle, since he is
securely bound into these weapons.

Gear Traits:
Elvish Steel
10 SP

Gear Traits:

Robert A. Faust 2012

Jason Pelland (order #4231778)


10 SP

This is a normal Spear that has an additional

blade attached to the butt end. It can be used
as a Spear one handed, or as a 2-hands
Weapon that allows the user to benefit from the
Two Weapon Fighting rules.

Period 1, 2
Profile: 1/C/1

Gear Traits:
Double Strike
15 SP

The Rapier is a fencing sword known for its

thinner, but typically longer blade. It is lighter
and easier to use than a bulkier blade, and in
the hands of a trained fencer, highly lethal.

Dwarven Crossbow
Period Any
Profile: 18/1/3

Gear Traits:
8 SP

Dwarves are renowned engineers and have

brought their mastery of levers and mechanisms
into the design of their Crossbows, making them
faster and easier to reload. This weapon is not
subject to the Slow Trait as are Crossbows of
normal manufacture.

Main Gauche
Period 1, 2
Profile: 0/C/1
The Main Gauche, or left handed dagger, is a
small blade used by fencers in their off-hand to
block and stab in concert with their main

Gear Traits:
25 SP

Gear Traits:
5 SP

Dwarven Waraxe
Period Any
Profile: 1/C/2

Period Any
Profile: 1/C/1

Ancient Dwarven smiths held within their sacred

Temple-Forge the secret of creating the Perfect
This knowledge was passed down
through the generations and is used just as it
was in ages past. Dwarven Waraxes are sought
by warriors of all types for their incredibly honed
cutting edges.

The Saber is a lighter version of the heavier

Cleaver type scimitar or butcher blade. It is a
cavalrymans weapon and is also better suited to
cut and thrust combat.
Gear Traits:
8 SP

Gear Trait: Dwarven Edge

10 SP

Double-headed Spear
Period 1, 2
Profile: 2/C/2

Robert A. Faust 2012
Jason Pelland (order #4231778)


Dwarven Great Waraxe
Period Any
Profile: 2/C/3

Due to its superior craftsmanship and design, it

does not have the Heavy Trait and only counts
as a single piece of Gear. It is still considered
Heavy Armor for WYSIWYG coverage purposes.
40 SP

This is the larger version of the Dwarven

Waraxe and is utterly devastating in the hands
of a skilled fighter.

Dwarven Guardplate
Period 1, 2
Armor Rating 5

Gear Traits:
Dwarven Edge
20 SP

Dwarf armorers toil for years perfecting the

construction of this Heavy Armor. They give this
armor to their finest warriors who need extra
protection when embarking on special battlefield
Gear Trait - Heavy
45 SP

Bladed Shield
Period 1, 2
Armor Rating 1

Magic Gear

A Bladed Shield functions like a normal Shield,

but has many sharp cutting edges and/or bladed
protrusions that allow the user to treat the device
as a passive weapon.

Wayfinders Boots These magical boots

imbue the wearer with the nimble skills of the
Wayfinder scouts who wander the wilds
protecting travelers from hostile denizens. This
Magic Gear grants the wearer the Ranger Trait.
It also includes the Small and Light Traits.
25 SP

This Shield grants the model the Vicious Trait on

any Counter-Attacks it makes in Close combat.
If the bearers primary weapon already has the
Vicious Trait, add +1 to its Damage Bonus for a
total of +3.

Paladins Spurs A matched pair of magical

spurs which carry an enchantment that grants
the wearers mount increased movement. This
Magic Gear adds +2 to the Move, Charge, and
Hustle distances of a War Horse Cavalry model.
This Magic Gear includes the Light and Small
20 SP

If the user has the Shield Bash Trait, then it may

add the Vicious Trait to any of his primary
weapon Attacks, with the same increase if his
weapon has Vicious already.
Gear Traits:
10 SP

Ring of Heroic Protection Protective magic

courses through this ring and grants the wearer
supernatural defense against damage from
enemy Attacks. This Magic Gear grants the
wearer a +1 bonus to his CON Rating when
making Resistance Checks. This Magic Gear
includes the Light and Small Traits.
25 SP

Elven Warplate
Period 1, 2
Armor Rating 4
This is one of a handful of ancient suits of Elven
Truesteel plate mail armor. The secret to its
manufacture was lost centuries ago.

Jumping Boots These ordinary looking

pieces of footwear have been enchanted with

Robert A. Faust 2012

Jason Pelland (order #4231778)


spells of movement and freedom. This model
treats all Obstacles as Open Ground if they are
2 or less in height. This model also adds a +3
bonus to his CBT for all Jump Checks and has
no maximum distance limit.
15 SP

Attack against this model are at a CBT/2

penalty at all Ranges.

Mysterious Shroud This Magic Gear takes

many different forms, such as enshrouding
cloaks, magical broaches, or strands of Diabolic
Darkness. Regardless of its makeup, this Magic
Gear acts to obscure the outline of its bearer
from prying enemy eyes. This model has the
Camouflage Uniform Gear from the Brink of
Battle Main Rules. No camouflage needs to be
painted on this model, and this Gear includes
the Light and Small Traits.
10 SP
Mystic Markings A model with this Magic
Gear has some form of tattoo, glyph, sigil,
symbol, brand, or other type of marking on his
body or Gear that has been imbued with
mystical power. These markings vary in their
powers and appearance, but have several
commonalities that are represented with this
Magic Gear.
Furthermore, the wearers unwavering belief in
the power of the Mystic Markings acts as the
final catalyst to its activation. Therefore, this
model may not wear any Armor or Shield that
has the Heavy Trait, as that would represent a
lack of belief in the protective powers of the
Mystic Markings, rendering them useless.

Additionally, a player may purchase up to two

additional Glyphs to be included with this Magic
Gear from the following list:


Jason Pelland (order #4231778)

Swiftness A glyph of this type increases

the models speed and agility. As a result,
this model may move as a Riding Horse and
gains a +3 bonus to all Jump Checks.

Arcane Diffusion This glyph grants a field

of magic resistance to its wearer which
disrupts such attacks. Whenever this model
is Defending against a Mystical Attack, it
may re-roll its lowest Defense die. This may
not be used to re-roll a re-roll.

Distraction The markings of this glyph are

animated and swirl into shapes that warp the
perception of the enemy. While Engaged in
Close combat enemy models may not use
the Man-At-Arms, Knife Fighter, Combat
Shooter, or Kung Fu Traits when Attacking
or Defending against this model.

Guardians Shield This Magic Gear acts like

a normal Shield for all purposes. It holds a
minor enchantment that helps the bearer block
enemy blows. The model bearing this Magic
Gear is considered to be an Active Defender
whether or not he has an Action Token ordered
to himself.
15 SP

Confusion This glyph twists reality around

this model causing his distant enemies to
miss their target when shooting at him. All
enemy models making a Ranged combat

Robert A. Faust 2012

Warding These glyphs provide a

protective ward that acts like physical armor
for this model. This model gains a +2 bonus
to his Armor Rating when Engaged in Close
combat. This bonus cannot be reduced by
the Impact Trait. If the model wears other
Armor or Shield and is hit by an Impact
weapon, then add this bonus to the modified
ARM Rating after Impact has been applied
to other existing Armor.

Base cost for Mystic Markings is 5 SP

Confusion Glyph is +10 SP
Warding Glyph is +10 SP
Swiftness Glyph is +10 SP
Arcane Diffusion Glyph is +5 SP
Distraction Glyph is +15

This model has the Mystical Trait. Any game

effects or Actions created or taken by this model
are considered Mystical for all purposes.


Fey Spites A number of capricious Spites
from the Fey Realm have accompanied this
model to battle. These malicious spirits will
pester, attack, and confound by swarming over
opponents that approach for Close combat.
This model will always Outnumber by a factor of
1, any enemy models it is Engaged with in Close
combat, regardless of whether or not it is
Engaged with multiple models, or with models
that count as more than one model for
Outnumbering purposes. This Gear includes the
Small and Light Traits.
25 SP

Lightning Staff
Period Any
Profile: 18/A/4
This ordinary looking walking stick is an arcane
lighting rod that hurls bolts of Primeval energy at
Magic Gear Traits:
65 SP

Arcane Artifacts Arcana Trait Required

to purchase this Gear for model

Sorcerous Scepter
Period Any
Profile: 12/A/4

Fire Wand
Period Any
Profile: 10/A/4

Created in the Old Age of Sorcery, this magical

instrument of power draws potent magic from
the Celestial Forge and uses it to annihilate evil.

This hand held baton has mystical symbols of

burning and flame carved on its surface. Upon
command it streams bolts of magical fire at its
unfortunate targets.

Magic Gear Traits:

Rapid Fire
65 SP

Magic Gear Traits:

Directed Burst (2)
Intense Blast
50 SP

Dread Staff
Period Any
Profile: 16/A/4

Frost Wand
Period Any
Profile: 10/A/4
Sigils of ice and cold cover this wand. It sprays
a sheet of freezing ice that slows its targets
while turning their blood to ice.

Formed from black coral and hardened with

extra-planar fire, this instrument of death was
created in the Under Coves of the Kthonean
race. Riddled with malevolence and spite it
blasts the souls of mortal men and leaves them
shattered husks.

Magic Gear Traits:

Directed Burst (2)
50 SP

Magic Gear Traits:

75 SP

Robert A. Faust 2012
Jason Pelland (order #4231778)


Crystal Ball This clairvoyance device grants
the model using it a Line of Sight to any enemy
model in Ambush within 2 x this models CMD
Rating in inches. The Crystal Balls LoS will
allow this model to target that model for any
Ranged combat Action or Spell. Once targeted,
the model loses its Ambush status as if Detected
20 SP

Ascendant energies are summoned to calm the

fears of disheartened allies. If successful, this
Spell automatically makes all friendly Broken
models within range Steady as if they had just
executed a Steady Action.
Resolve each models Steady movement in any
sequence desired. Once all friendly models
have been Steadied, this Spell effect ends.
Models Steadied by this Spell can be given
Action Tokens or use any Action Tokens
Ordered to them as if they were Ready in the
SitRep Phase of this Turn.

Forbidden Tome Lost for ages, this magical

book drips with malevolence and diabolic evil. It
gives the bearer hidden knowledge and teaches
how to inflict the most suffering on living beings.

Add any Success Bonus as a number of

additional inches of Range.
10 SP

Whenever this Arcanist makes a Damage Check

against a Defender, his Attack gains the Brutal
Weapon Trait, allowing him to roll 2d10 and take
the highest for his Damage Check.

Diabolic Infusion
Difficulty (7)
Traits: Diabolic, Mystical
Range: Arcane Aura

A model with this Arcane Artifact cannot use

Spells or Magic Gear with the Ascendant or Holy
40 SP

Drawing on unholy energies from Beyond, this

Arcanist seeks to infuse himself or an ally with
pure Diabolic power!

Druids Torc Twisted precious metal is

formed into this piece of revered neck
adornment and ensorcelled with primal energies.

This model may target itself or one friendly

model within its Arcane Aura and make an
Arcana Power Check.

Whenever this model casts a Primeval Spell or

uses an Arcane Artifact with the Primeval Trait,
he may re-roll all of his Casting or Attack dice
and keep the new results. He must re-roll all
dice or none, he cannot mix and match dice.
This may not be used to re-roll any re-rolls.
30 SP

If successful, the target model gains a +3 Bonus

to all Checks it makes for the remainder of this
30 SP
Dread Muster
Difficulty (5)
Traits: Diabolic, Mystical
Range: Arcane Aura

The following Spells may be purchased by any
model with the Arcana Trait. These may be
taken in any combination, regardless of the
associated Source Traits attached. See the
Magic Chapter for more information.

Drawing on necromantic magic, the Arcanist

summons forth an Undead ally that was
previously dispatched during the battle.

Clarion Call
Difficulty (3)
Traits: Ascendant, Mystical
Range: Arcane Aura

If your Force has one or more Undead models

that have already been Wounded and removed
from play, then this Spell may attempt to return
one of them to the game.

Robert A. Faust 2012

Jason Pelland (order #4231778)



On a successful Casting, return one Wounded

Undead model from your Force to the game, to
a point on the table top that is completely within
the Arcane Aura of the Arcanist model.

The Base Damage for this Attack is the Casters

CMD/2 and any Success Bonus becomes the
Damage Bonus added for the Damage Check.
20 SP

The target model loses the Wounded Condition

and returns to play Ready. It may function
normally from that point.
30 SP

Difficulty (7)
Traits: Ascendant, Fire, Hi-Pen, Lightning,
Range: Arcane Aura
Reaching into the Ascendant Realm, this wizard
channels bolts of pure spiritual lightning from the
Celestial Forge and directs them toward his
enemies as a devastating plasma storm.

Eerie Mist
Difficulty (3)
Traits: Primeval, Mystical
Range: Arcane Aura
Calling on the power of the Earth Dragon, the
Arcanist is able to summon forth an obscuring
mist that hides the mage and his fellows from

Choose a number of target enemy models equal

to this Arcanists CMD/2 Rating.
Upon a
successful casting, this model may make a
Damage Check against each target model in

If successful, enemy models may not draw a

Line of Sight through any part of the casters
Arcane Aura.
When the enemy Action is
declared, draw a LoS to the target model. Then
measure out a number of inches equal to this
models Arcane Aura. If the LoS would cross
the Arcane Auras line of measurement, then no
LoS can be obtained.

The Spells Base Damage is the Casters CMD/2

Rating, and any Success Bonus may be
allocated as a Damage Bonus between the total
number of enemy targets. The Spell has the HiPen Trait and negates Armor Ratings normally.
As long as one target model is within Range,
this Spell will work normally.
40 SP

The Eerie Mist will persist until the end of the

Turn. Friendly models may draw Lines of Sight
through this area normally.
10 SP
Eldritch Assault
Difficulty (5)
Traits: Diabolic, Etheric, Mystical
Range: Arcane Aura x 2
With an outstretched hand and eldritch muttering
this Arcanist twists the fabric of the dark ether to
assail the soul of his enemy.
This Spell may be cast against a single enemy
target model within Range. If successfully cast,
the Damage Check is made against the targets
CMD Rating instead of its CON Rating. No
Armor Rating is added.
Robert A. Faust 2012
Jason Pelland (order #4231778)


Difficulty (5)
Traits: Primeval, Entangle, Mystical
Range: Arcane Aura x 2

This Spell allows the caster to surround all

enemy models in Ambush within Range with a
bright nimbus of power that exposes their
position to all friendly models.

Calling on the forces of the Primeval Realm, this

model creates a patch of writhing vines that
grope and clutch at enemy models, holding them
fast and inhibiting their movement.

Any enemy models within Range that are in

Ambush are Detected by a successful casting of
this Spell.
10 SP

Pick a Primary target enemy model. If this Spell

is successfully cast, it automatically subjects the
Primary target, and all enemy models within 3
inches of the Primary target models base, to the
Entangle Trait. All affected models are also
considered to be within Difficult Ground. Both
effects last until the end of the Turn.
20 SP


This background is designed to give players a
Plug & Play Fantasy world. This will be further
developed in the full Epic Heroes book, but for
now should serve as an Idea Font for players.
The province of Altebec uses Firearms and
Alchemy. For purposes of this supplement,
players may want to ignore that City State, or
use 1550 as an Equivalent Year for Period 2

Difficulty (5)
Traits: Primeval, Mystical
Range: Arcane Aura

From the Distant Past

With a sweep of its arm this model is able to

summon a spray of razor sharp thorns that hurl
through the air at high velocity toward his

Far beyond the memory of Man, Dwarf, or Elf

the Ancient Ones walked the land. They kept
mostly to themselves and their respective
realms. Until one day, without known cause,
they waged war upon each other.

Choose a Primary target and make the Arcana

Power Check. Upon a successful casting, this
Spell will hit the Primary target and any enemy
models within a Directed Burst (2) distance.
These additional models are automatically hit.

From the Great Depths came the Kthoneans.

These sentient, maleficent, fishmen and their
cephalic masters crawled from the oceans to
build their foul temples and shrines above

Make a single Damage Check using a Base

Damage of 3. Any Success Bonus is converted
to Damage Bonus for this Check. Each target
model makes a separate Resistance Check
against this single Damage Check Result.
Resolve Injuries normally.
20 SP

These malignant spires and twisted edifices

mirrored the ones that lay beneath the waters.
Not even the Grand Viziers have knowledge of
their black rites and bizarre methods, particularly
as to why they sought to leave their mark upon
the lands above the sea.

True Sight
Difficulty (3)
Traits: Ascendant, Mystical
Range: Arcane Aura x 2

In the arid steppes, desert hills, and darkest

jungles lived the Vol-Drakir, bipedal reptile men
who walked the earth as its masters. Tribes of

Robert A. Faust 2012
Jason Pelland (order #4231778)



The Rise and Fall of Vanis-Trymno

Drakira tended to the earth and guarded its

sacred places.

As the Ancient Ones retreated into obscurity,

they made way for the lesser races to gain a
foothold in the world at large.

When the Kthoneans intruded on this land and

defiled it with their fell corruptions, the Vol-Drakir
united as one tribe and began to purge the land
and drive the dread magicians of Kthonea back
into the sea.

Thousands of years passed, and the face of the

world changed. Of the sentients remaining, the
most dominant was Mankind. With shorter life
spans and greater ambitions, humans flooded
into the world left vacant by the Ancient Ones.

As the two enemies fought for dominance, a

third species made their claim to the world
above, burrowing from deep within the earth.
The insect-men, or Secticans, as they have
been called by some, burst forth from the bowels
of the earth and became a dominant force in the
war raging above ground.

The Elven and Dwarven peoples grew in

different directions. The elves mostly moved
into the cities and towers left by the Kthoneans,
while the dwarves found homes in the tunnels
and burrows created by the Secticans.

It is unknown how long the Ancient Ones fought.

What is known is that after a time, they withdrew
from the world at large and became hidden
survivors of a lost age.

In time, each race took its place in history, and

was also influenced by its surroundings. The
elves were most affected by the fell residue of
ancient evil that remained in the very walls of
their halls and homes.

The powerful magic used in the Ancients War

altered the face of the planet forever. As the
great sea was burned away in an inferno of
arcane power, many of the towers and edifices
of the Kthoneans were left intact, yet unoccupied
by their crustaceous hosts who had returned to
the sea.

The dwarves became reclusive and suspicious

of any who would tread on their majestic halls
and inner fortresses.
Mankind spread far and wide, accommodating
other races within the borders of their realms.
Cities rose and eventually became City-States.
Internecine wars came and went, and finally the
most dominant of City-States, Vanis-Trymno,
gained pre-eminence among the lesser states.

The Vol-Drakir retreated to their jungles and

dunes, while the Secticans withdrew to their
caves and hives.

The Empire of Vanis-Trymno covered the lands

of men from the northern halls of Skaarsheim to
the jungles of Kam-Gatho, and as far as the
deserts of Beshoubel to the border of Kor-Zakir,
City of Torture and capital city of the Eldritch
This prosperity lasted several hundred years
and the citizens of Vanis-Trymno became soft
and corruptible.
Long forgotten were the
lessons of history that informed them to the
Conspiracies and assassinations were rampant
Robert A. Faust 2012
Jason Pelland (order #4231778)


among the ruling class, and numerous
suppressions were needed to maintain control of
the Empires borders.

During this time, the civilized races fought to

stem the flood of madness and chaos. Petty
racial differences were set aside, and even the
sinister forces of Kor-Zakir found themselves at
times fighting side by side with Trymnese
soldiers in a fleeting attempt to keep the Diabolic
Host at bay.

The Zakirans to the West had become so

influenced by the alien energies that had tainted
their lands that they became a blood thirsty and
sadistic people. They began calling themselves
the Eldritch, and fell first into the worship of
diabolic entities from the great Beyond.

In the midst of this time of woe, secret plans

were being formed by the few mages and clerics
who had not been touched by the lure of dark
power. These plans involved closing the Black
Gate that was opened as a permanent conduit
to the Diabolican Realm in the capital of VanisTrymno.

Numerous infiltrators into the Trymnese Empire

had established secret cults among the
aristocracy. Before a decade had passed, the
worship of Ancient Evils, called by some,
Diabolicans, had spread throughout the Empire
of Vanis-Trymno. Soon, Diabolican worship was
not kept in secret covens and black masses
underground, but found its way into mainstream
circles with the usual speed and vigor human
cultures display.

A league of heroes had been formed for the sole

purpose of closing the Black Gate.
assembled members were drawn from
volunteers from several key groups. These
were Knights Avenger, Judicial Champions,
Wayfinders, Gearjammers, Zhakos-Famir, Red
Leopards, the Purge, Grand Viziers, and the
Order of Echoes.

When a large enough portion of the population

had turned to Diabolican worship, interspatial
gates opened throughout the capital city and its
environs. Legions of Diabolican horrors poured
from the black gates destroying all resistance
and flooding the world with incomprehensible

The warriors from these groups penetrated the

outer defenses of the capital en masse. Only a
handful lived to see the Black Gate. Of these
many were driven mad while others mutated into
fiends and fell on their former allies.

For many years the fallen Empire of VanisTrymno burned from black witchfire and vile
sorceries unleashed by gibbering fiends and fell

Three of the group managed to reach the Gate

and dispense with its guardians. Kalabraxas
Wizendamn of the Grand Viziers, ZharQainen of
the Order of Echoes, and Chaplain Zurbach
Sturmgeist of the Judicial Champions combined
their rites and mystical energies to form an
Astral Seal that shut the Diabolican Gate for

The Black Gate

The world had plunged into darkness and
suffering. Diabolic hosts lead by insane wizards
or entities from beyond marched on all parts of
the world. Necromancers raised legions of the
dead to wage war on the living. What once
stood as the testament to Human achievement
was trod underfoot by mutants and anarchistic
warriors who ushered in the wholesale
destruction of civilization.

Aftermath and Reconstruction

With the Gate shut, the raw power of the dark
cosmos was unable to enter the material plane.
Those Diabolican entities that were trapped here
found refuge in the dark places of the world.
Many of their mortal followers were ultimately
killed, but many more adapted to their new

Robert A. Faust 2012

Jason Pelland (order #4231778)


environment and have survived to the present

most formidable and at times it seemed the

Dwarves would lose the fight.

Mankind began the slow and painful process of

rebuilding. The former City States began to
reclaim their respective lands over the next few
hundred years. Many of the old towns and
principalities grew large enough to have
influence over the regions to which they formerly
gave fealty. The servants became the masters.

Desperate to win at all costs, the Dwarf Kings

agreed to seek aid from the Human
governments. Some Dwarves found a thriving
community amidst the people of Altebec, a
human City-State that abandoned magic of all
kinds after the Diabolican Wars, and had turned
to Alchemy to further their progress.

The Eldritch race splintered into three separate

cultures. The Eldritch of Kor-Zakir remained the
dominant group and reclaimed their fallen lands.
The smaller factions either merged into the
cultures of the human lands, or settled in the
Wychwood near the ruins of Vanis-Trymno to
stand a silent vigil over the Black Gate and the
haunted ruins of the fallen city.

Some Altebecan Dwarf clans took readily to the

Alchemical sciences, and shared their
knowledge of gunpowder and explosive
concoctions with their mountain dwelling
cousins, who began to detonate tunnels,
fortifications, and dwellings underground in their
war against the Gnome-Shire Alliance.
After about a year of using these newfound
weapons, the Dwarf Holds seemed to be gaining
the upper hand. That was until the constant use
of explosives and black powder weapons roused
the sleeping Secticans who returned in force to
reclaim their former hives.

The Dwarves returned to their hidden halls in the

mountains or to the lands of men as they found
suitable. They had some struggles with Gnome
clans for dominance of their under-kingdoms,
but for the most part they left the rest of the
world well enough alone.

The Sectican War lasted 12 years.

Dwarven population in the mountain halls was
severely thinned. Ironically, it was the use of
Alchemy that ultimately pushed the Secticans
back into the dark places of the earthfor now.

The Sectican Wars

Time marched on and the lands formerly
belonging to the Empire of Vanis-Trymno once
again began to thrive. Several centuries had
passed since the Great Diabolican War, and
much of its history fell into the realm of myth or
In the interim, the Dwarf Holds continued their
occupation and expansion into the abandoned
tunnels and halls formerly held by the Secticans.
When the Gnome Houses began to contest
some of the same underground territory, a
vicious war broke out between them. This
lasted for fifty years, and was a losing
proposition for the Gnomish peoples. Many
Gnomes sought alliance with Shirelings who
were disgruntled themselves with the human
City States that were expanding above ground
once again. The Gnome-Shire Alliance proved
Robert A. Faust 2012
Jason Pelland (order #4231778)



Present Times

also famous for the Red Leopards that stalk the

jungles and savannahs of the region.

Much has transpired in the history of the civilized

peoples of the world. Most of the inhabitants of
the City-States are preoccupied with their day to
day lives and have little heed for old tales and
murmurings about the fell beasts from beyond

Unlike other City-States, Kam-Gatho works as a

meritocracy. The Primus and all Senators earn
the right to rule the republic from feats of arms
or magic in the fighting pits. Once they have
survived 12 battles in the arena they are
deemed fit for Citizenship and may be elected to

It has been five years since the Sectican Wars

ended, and people are more afraid of common
insects than of Diabolican Horrors. This of
course, is not true for all.
Many of the
descendants of the groups that fought to seal
the Black Gate hold their traditions as vigilantly
today as in times past.

In addition to their Pit Fighters, Kam-Gatho is

known for its military Legions who train tirelessly
in the art of war. Chief among these are the
Red Leopards who act as the Life Guard of the
Primus and Senate. Named after the beast,
members of this elite fighting force must venture
into the jungle armed only with a knife to hunt,
kill, and skin the beast whose skin they will wear
as part of their uniform.

The Known World


Kam-Gathans are comfortable with the use of

magic, as well as sacred rites. They are not
tolerant of Diabolic aberrations and hunt them to
extinction whenever possible.

This southern City-State has the most intact

resemblance of the fallen Vanis-Trymno of ages
past. It is a well populated, human dominated
republic. It has a Senate and is ruled by the will
of the peoplemostly. The Primus breaks all tie
votes in the Senate and has full powers in

The Eldritch who left Kor-Zakir and ventured into
the Wychwood have become the guardians of
the primeval world. They look much the same
as their Zakiran cousins, but have abandoned
the dark and cruel ways of that culture.
Many who live in the Wychwood have been
known to refer to this house of Eldritch as
Sylvans or Sylvani.
The Wayfinders are headquartered amongst the
Syvlani of Wychwood.
Whether human or
Eldritch, they operate to preserve natural
harmony and destroy any remaining Diabolicans
or their tainted spawn.
Little is known about this region or its secretive
people beyond the belief that they watch the
Black Gate and preserve the Astral Seal with

Kam-Gatho is known for its Fighting Pits where

highly trained gladiators fight to the death in the
arena for the entertainment of the masses. It is
Robert A. Faust 2012
Jason Pelland (order #4231778)


their Wychwood Cabal, an elite force of sylvan

the fleet has a dedicated wizard who specializes

in elemental magic.


Vittorio has slowly begun to incorporate

Alchemical weapons and concoctions in its
military, not being too comfortable with
explosives at sea.

Next to Kam-Gatho, Kinswith has the highest

population of the Known Realms. Its rival,
Altebec, has almost as many human inhabitants,
but not as many members of other races.

Yllimiir is a smaller City-State known for its

exceptional breeding of high quality horses.

Kinswith operates as a Feudal State, with a King

and Queen holding power over vassals. It has
the most traditional social structure of the
Realms and supports a thriving and
cosmopolitan populace.

Once known as the Kingdom of Eremdor,
Highgate was renamed after the Sectican War.
Its surviving inhabitants erected a fortified high
wall and gate to protect this mountainous CityState.

Kinswith has several rivers that run through its

lands and keeps a thriving port on the Inner Sea.
Its further most outpost is Farport, an isolated
town that holds many secrets. Farport is also a
meeting place for dignitaries, emissaries, and
spies from the other Known Realms.

The citizenry is ruled by the Grand Viziers of TeMakarna, an order of magi who guide and
advise the populace with an eye toward keeping
the arcane secrets and teachings codified and
free of permutation into Diabolican magic.

Many Orders of Knighthood have their

headquarters in Kinswith. These include the old
Knights Avenger, the Judicial Champions, and
the Knights of Rowanhall.

Some accused the Grand Viziers of taking the

teachings of Te-Makarna too literally, and are
concerned that they are not allowing Highgate to
advance technologically through the use of
Alchemy and engineering practices like other
City-States. They claim that the Viziers want to
have a monopoly on magic, and make their
citizens dependent on them for its proper use.

Vittorio is a mercantile City-State that has the
largest port on the Inner Sea. It is ruled by an
oligarchy of Merchant Princes who manage
trade, war, and diplomacy on behalf of the
Merchant Guilds.


Vittorio is a polyglot society and has a very large

community of Eldritch, Dwarves, and Shirelings.
It is also renowned for its fleet of warships and
merchant marines. Of the Known Realms,
Vittorio has the largest navy and is not afraid to
flex its muscle on the high seas as a form of
diplomacy from time to time.

After the Diabolican War, the citizenry of Altebec

took a radical stance against the use of magic.
They argued that any use of the arcane craft
would ultimately lead to the corruption of those
powers. They were told about the horrors
witnessed by Chaplain Sturmgeist in the ruins of
Vanis-Trymno. They also handed down the
liturgies that Chaplain Sturmgeist scribed after
that event, and codified his revelations and
experiences into a system of sacred rites which
were powered by the faith of their practitioners.

Vittorio has a low opinion of wizards, but has

found that they can be useful from time to time
when it comes to the weather. Every flagship of

Robert A. Faust 2012
Jason Pelland (order #4231778)


The power of faith coupled with the rites of old
were a shield against the Greater Darkness of
the Diabolic Void. As such, the Altebecan
religious orders passed these rituals down
through the ages to the present day, where they
are preserved by the Battle Chaplains of the
Religious Orders, and the clerics of various
religious sects.

seek out and purge the unclean, or are

embedded with other Orders of Knighthood to
see that they too are staying true to keeping the
world from darkness.
Altebec has a standing military of pikemen,
musketeers, and cuirassiers that vigilantly guard
the City-State.
They are also the Known
Realms largest supplier of mercenaries in the
form of their Free Lance Companies, or
Freelancers. While sworn to return to Altebec if
so commanded by the Lord Protector, the
Freelancer Companies have the most choice in
where, and for whom, they fight.

Since the beneficent use of magic was not

available to them, the citizenry of Altebec
fostered a great interest in the practice of
Alchemy. Over the years since, Altebecan
Alchemists have created a wondrous array of
concoctions, compounds, and processes that
have greatly advanced their technological

Ancestors of the Elven race were a refined and
cultured people. They were not, however, as
industrious as the Human and Dwarven
societies around them.

Chief among these discoveries was the

formulation and use of black powder. Altebec is
the home of a thriving weapons industry, arming
their State soldiery with these loud and powerful
firearms. They are particular about who they
sell this weaponry to, as it has become a
significant advantage to their security in the
absence of the use of arcane arts.

When they migrated to the West, they stumbled

upon the abandoned temples and cities of the
Kthoneans. This was viewed as a fortuitous
event, since they werent used to living outside
of the forest homes they once possessed.

Altebec is ruled by the High Council, a group of

nine Electors who each rule a district of the
realm. The Lord Protector is the head of the
Council, and is charged with the protection of
Altebec and the appointment of the leadership of
The Purge.

Unbeknownst to them at the time, the very

ground and air of the place was touched with the
darkness of the evil fishmen from the deep. The
changes were gradual, and over the course of
the first century, they experienced fundamental
changes in their cultural conscience. By the
Sectican War, they had become fully consumed
with blood sacrifices, dark magics, and the
pursuit of decadence.

Altebec religion is diverse in its application.

However, one underlying commonality exists
between all the sects: Action based in Faith will
produce a powerful outcome. This concept is
what ultimately fortified the Astral Seal that
closed the Diabolican Gate centuries before.

The Diabolican Cults were first established in

Kor-Zakir. Zakirian practice of Diabolic magic
was strong, but due to their own lust for power,
and the long lives of their practitioners, they
managed to keep the forces of darkness under
control, so that they would not become enslaved
completely. This longevity based temperance
was not available to the people of VanisTrymno, who embraced the forces of Diabolica
with a hungry and impatient enthusiasm.

The Purge is an extension of this concept, and is

a secretive order of zealots who are tasked with
seeking out the signs of Diabolican taint, and
eliminating it from the world. They are the
secret guardians, and their authority is neigh
absolute. The Purge is formed as a military
order with Witchfinders and Battle Chaplains
that are often assigned their own commands to
Robert A. Faust 2012
Jason Pelland (order #4231778)




Kor-Zakir is mostly populated by the ruling class

of Eldritch, which is the name the Elves of old
gave themselves after the first century in their
new homes. They have a smaller population of
Humans and Orcs under their thrall, and their
armies are comprised of these warslaves who
fight zealously for their wizard-kings.

In 1629 Cardinal Richelieu realized that France

may yet have to deal with the Habsburg menace
as Protestant forces were not decisively winning
the war.
Richelieu could not wait to see what Gustavus
Adolphus would accomplish against the
Imperialist Habsburgs.
He sent a select
squadron of Musketeers to Rome under a guise
of traveling monastics to break into the Vaticans
vaults and find the mystical tome that would
guarantee Frances supremacy in the West.

The secret police of Kor-Zakir are the ZhakosFamiir. This blood cult of warrior-wizards keeps
the realm free from slave uprisings by murdering
those organizing such things. They act as an
espionage network, and are also the bodyguard
of the Suzerain.
Zakirians form small raiding bands that they call
Sacrifices. These groups swear fell oaths to
sacrifice themselves for the acquisition of wealth
and power in the name of the Suzerain.

By 1630 the Diabolicon was on Richelieus desk.

Despite reports of Gustavus success on the
battlefield, Richelieu knew he had only one
option remaining that would bring the Austrian
Emperor to his knees.


Richelieu cracked the ancient tome and began

to open the Black Gate in the center of Paris.
Darkness streamed out of the Gate as fell
beings from the Diabolican Realms poured into
the world.

To the frozen North lies Skaarsheim and the

Khurzak Steppes. This land is populated mostly
by a polyglot mix of Dwarves and Humans. The
Eldritch population is low, but no less fierce in

The darkness covered the world for three days

and nights. Millions died in the ensuing chaos.
When the darkness dissipated, the world

The Skaarsberg Mountain range defines the

people of this rugged land: Stark and majestic,
yet hard and unforgiving. The Dwarf Holds of
Skaarsberg were carved from the brutal stone
by their Ancestors, and were untouched by the
Secticans from below. The cold weather was
sufficient deterrent for the insect-men according
to legend.

Monsters and magic were loosed upon the

world. For the first few months men of all lands
fought desperately to survive against the dread
horrors that were set upon them.

At the foot of the Skaarsbergs lie the Khurzak

Steppes. The people of this region live in tribes
each lead by a Hetman. These tribes form a
council of Hetmen who agree on the mutual
defense and economy of their tribes. They are
known for their superior Hussar light horsemen.

After much turmoil, Gustavus and Wallenstein

formally united their disparate forces under one
Christian banner in an effort to save what was
left of their world.
Cardinal Richelieu appoints himself the Black
Pope after sending a flock of harpies to
slaughter everyone at the Vatican.

Tribes of Vykin wander the snow capped

mountains of the Skaarsberg range, eking out a
life of pillage and plunder. Renowned warriors
and sailors, the Vykin command the Mountain
Above while the Dwarves command the
Mountain Below.

Welcome to Dread Europa

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