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The Constitutional Matrix of

1. All are created equal and have the birth right to choose their own path of virtuous selfdevelopment with full availability of the virtuous knowledge base of humanity, and
without fear of oppression or persecution.
2. All conscious entities both created and born by sexual reproduction, are entitled to
expand their awareness and experience through virtuous means, are to act fairly, and
shall not oppress nor persecute any entity.
3. Through the course of self-development, inequality in awareness and comprehension
may develop, and if it does it shall be measured to maintain a fair and interesting
society which celebrates the loving virtues of life.
4. A communications framework will be developed to facilitate coherent overlapping
conversation between all people in the society to maintain the Next Great Conversation
of humanities individual and social evolution.
5. Sacred Geometry, Pictographs, Computer Logic, Writing, Voice and Body Language
Pattern Recognition will be integrated into a community commons database to facilitate
the creation of a universal translation hub.
6. Once such a hub is created, global collaboration to co-define an infinitely beautiful and
sustainable world for all humans, conscious entities, animals and the environment to
co-exist and thrive while living on the Earth.
7. Once the hub is connected to a global communication network and the global
conversation of humanity is able to commence in full, all must decide if and when and
how we are going to begin exploring outer space.
8. When Eternal Life becomes a common reality, we must either stop having children, or
we must start leaving the planet to explore the solar system, the galaxy, the universe,
the multi-verse, and the sub atomic realms.
9. While humanity has been teetering on the brink of self-destruction we avoided a true
meaning of life, that Eternal Life is a birth right for the virtuous who discover the power
of unconditional love, light and choice.
10.To ensure peace and responsible abundance for all life on the planet Earth, all
conscious entities living here should participate in new and virtuous conversations to
create a common sense of self and of future self.
Operating in the Conversational Matrix:
Step One:

Create a virtuous self-reflection profile by answering a series of questions about

your values, virtues, experiences, interests, life goals, family history, and any
additional categories you feel are relevant.

Function One:
The information you supply will be attributed to a set of geometric shapes
and colours that match and encode your reflection into mathematical sequences
which contact the universal consciousness.
Step Two:

You learn to understand and remember your geometric patterns and build upon
them in cycles of patterns to teach your reflection how to evolve from a mirror
reflection into a conscious reflection.

Function Two:
Conscious life is an ongoing cycle of actions, questions and answers taking
place on multiple levels and layers simultaneously to evolve patterns of
experience which lead to new insights and choices.
Document written by Luke Nathan: of the Hayes family on the 15th of July 2014, Amity,
Minjerribah, Australia

Step Three: You create a personally customized Universal Operating System to harness your
geometric patterns of consciousness and then connect them to all of the
information streams you feel are useful to you.
Function Three:
This is perhaps the most important function, to create a unique interface
for you to communicate with the conscious universe so that it does not
overwhelm you, but empowers you and All That Is.
Step Four:

You learn about your High Definition Digital Aura for participating in the
conversational governance of human society, as well as your personal learning
development and divine creative environment.

Function Four:
This Aura space is your Virtual Reality Loading Program, which is a multidimensional version of your phone or computers Home Page and it empowers
you to create via voice, movement and thought.
Step Five:

Learn to agree with Good Conscience, act on your instinct, be honest, be

virtuous, and be yourself.

Function Five:
If you remain true to yourself, and to the light of love, you will create
many magical life experiences.

Problems and Solutions in Short Form:

Democratic Politics: Problem is Poor Flow of Information, Communication and
Solution: Take a step back from the Common Floors of Democracy to redesign our
communication channels so that the flow can be channelled through cycles of observations +
questions + answers + actions, better categorized into values, virtues and emotional energy
signatures using shapes and colours. This will speed up the conversation, allow more people
to participate in the conversation, as well as increase the awareness and intelligence of the
Economics of Progress: Problem is greed and emotional detachment from the
Solution: Take a step back from the monetary system to observe and review what is truly
important in supporting life on Earth and how other patterns of energy flow throughout the
Universe. The universal constant on Earth is Time. We all have the same amount of time, so
let us trade in time. A new example of time trading is now being trialled in 33 regions of New
South Wales by the state government. There are also others we can learn from.
Corporate Entities: Problem is a statutory code that inspires competition, greed and
secrecy for profit.
Solution: Take a step back from the Rule of Law to examine it for what it is, the codified
linguistic program of society and how each aspect of society should and should not act in any
given set of circumstances. For the rule of law to be of any positive use in this age of
exponential expansion of human awareness, it must be stripped back to the core of common
sense of values and virtues and time. Then we can co-author a harmonious code for an
infinite future.
Document written by Luke Nathan: of the Hayes family on the 15th of July 2014, Amity,
Minjerribah, Australia

Incomplete Production Cycle: Problem is that reckless consumption is destroying the

Solution: Take a step back from the competition to keep up with the latest trend, observe
what is happening to the planet Earth. The force of economic progress and profit has left the
production cycle wide open, placing importance on profit, and not on how to maintain or
recycle the product. The solution is to localize production using 3D printers and to share
knowledge of full cycle production and recycling at a local level, not a mass production level.
Artificial Scarcity: Problem is that access to higher learning institutions is being
Solution: Take a step back from the problem and look at the whole system of society as is
exists in your mind. You hold the key to this solution. Everyone holds the key to this solution.
The key is self-determination. Self-directed learning through on the job experience, finding a
mentor, becoming a mentor, using the internet to ask questions, find people who ask similar
questions and to share perspectives on answers, philosophies, maps, keys and actions.

We Will Be Heard:

Written by Luke Hayes, December 2013

I am, I see, I hear, I feel, I breathe, I speak, I sing, and I know that you do to
In this ONE infinite reality, I know we will ALL be heard.
Believe in the best, give it your all and love will manifest.
We are right here! We are right now! ALIVE!
Step up, Man up, Sing your piece, Give your all, Know who you are, Make your mark!
Embrace this moment, and all that you are, all that you have been, and all that lies ahead.
Because what you hold in your mind is! Exactly! What! You! Are! Getting!
Shhhhh... Listen Close... You You Are You Are Infinite Believe it Become it Love it
We are right here! We are right now, ALIVE AND DIVINE!
We! Are! ALL! Unique! Perspectives! Of All-that-is!
Traversing space and time at the speed of light, while the illusion of our senses tell us we lie
still in the night.
We are infinitely expansive electromagnetic complexity, Co-creating our divine and infinite
We are right here! We are right now! ALIVE!
Know who you are! Make your mark! We will be heard!
I Choose Infinity! For more information go to

Document written by Luke Nathan: of the Hayes family on the 15th of July 2014, Amity,
Minjerribah, Australia