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1. Two-Face was given a regular coin to toss without his knowing. If he keeps tossing the coin,
what is the probability that he wouldhave never tossed a head yet?
2. A palindrome is a word or sentence that is the same when read forwards and backwards,
such as Hannah or Madam Im Adam. In mathematics, numbers replace the letters, such
as 69,696, 6,699, 9,966, or 96,969. How many integralpalindromes between 1,000 and
10,000 are multiples of both 3 and 2?
3. Which of the following is the largest: 120, 214, 48, 85, 163?
4. Four positive integers which are less than 100, have an average of 94. Determine the
minimum possible value for one of these integers taking note of the fact that the numbers
are not necessarily different.
5. The initial depths of floodin Manila Science and in my house are 12.1 cm and 18.6 cm
respectively. Over the next thirteen hours, it floods at a rate of 2.6 cm per hour in MaSci
and at a constant rate of x cm per hour in my house. After then, the depth of flood in
MaSci is the same as that in my house. Find x.

6. The Arc de Triomphe in Paris is one of the tallest structures ever built. Though, it simply is
a rectangular prism with two perpendicular parabolic vaults passing through it. Now,
assuming the arc is not completely built yet and it is just a rectangular prism with no
vaults, the width is four more than twice the depth while the height is determined by the
equation: h=10w2-40dw+40d2+w-2d and the depth is half of the difference between the
height and twenty. If one will put the larger vault through the side encompassing the
height and the width, the focus of the parabola would be 27.6 feet above ground. How
high is the vault?
7. A petri dish is put a certain species of bacteria that double in numbers ever day. If it takes
the bacteria 100 days to fill up the entire petri dish, how many days do they take to
encompass half the petri dish?
8. An infinite number of mathematicians walk into a bar. The first mathematician orders one
pint, the second mathematician orders pint, the third mathematician orders pint, the
fourth mathematician orders 1/8 pint, the fifth orders 1/16 pint, the sixth orders 1/32
pint... so basically, the infinite number of politicians order pints for a long time, until the
bartender decides to finally just put down a number of pints. How many pints does he put
on the table?

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9. There are two dolphins, three sharks, six seagulls, one whale, five flounders, twenty
herrings, one sleeping cthulhu, and one Aquaman. Assuming Aquaman attracts a variety
of creatures, how many different combinations the animals he can attract are possible, if
he cannot wake Cthulhu and he can always attract one seagull?
10.A cube has just been finished being painted from white to black. It is then divided into 27
identically shaped cubes, disassembled and shuffled in a bag. A blindfolded man rebuilds
the larger cube. What is the probability that the outside of the arranged cube is completely

11.Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking have a bunch of higgs bosoms.
Newton had three times as many bosoms as Einstein, and Einstein had twice as many
bosoms as Hawking. Newton decides to give some of his bosoms to Einstein and Hawking
so that all three will have the same number of bosoms. What fraction of his bosoms should
Newton give to Einstein?
12.Four dice are rolled simultaneously. How many possible outcomes in which at least one of
the dice shows 2?
13.Given that the formula for the volume of a cylinder is determined by the equation:

V =h r 2 . A can has a volume of 64 and the square of its diameter is equal to the
height. If the can is placed on a graphing paper, the center will be on point (6,9). Give the
equation for the circle.
14.A florist is making 5 identical bridesmaid bouquets for a wedding. She has 610 pesos and
wants 24 flowers for each. Roses cost 6 pesos, tulips are for 4 pesos, and lilies 3 pesos.
She wants to have two times as many roses as the other 2 flowers combined in each
bouquet. How many roses, tulips, and lilies are in each bouquet?
15.Find a seven digit number which describes itself. The first digit is the number of zeros in
the number. The second digit is the number of ones in the number, etc. For example, in
the number 21200, there are 2 zeros, 1 one, 2 twos, 0 threes and 0 fours.

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16.The Millennium Falcon, a space ship that can travel in light-speed, is piloted by Han Solo
and Chewbacca in Star Wars. When the Falcon flies, sound waves from the tail form a cone
behind. If the Falcon is flying parallel to the desert in the outskirts of planet Tattoine, the
sound waves hyperbolically intersect the sands with the ship directly above its center
sounding a sonic boom. The storm troopers chasing the falcon hear the sonic boom from
along the hyperbola with the equation:

=1 . If the storm troopers are in the
144 81

nearest focus from the vertex of the hyperbola, how far from the Falcon are the troopers
compared to the distance from the vertex? All values are in meters.

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1. Translated to Mathematics: If he keeps tossing the coin (in an undefined number of times
(x)), what is the probability f(x) that hewould have never tossed a head yet? Now what is
the limit as x of f(x)? (Because he approaches the further he goes on.)
The mathematical answer is: f(x)=(1/2)xor lim f(x)=0

Because f=1/2,1/4,1/8,1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128, 1/256, 1/512, 1/1024, 1/2048 gets closer
and closer to zero as x gets "closer to ".

Since 1000 and 10000 are not palindromes, then every palindrome between 1000 and
10000 has four digits and so has the form ABBA for some digits A and B with A not equal
to 0. We are looking for palindromes ABBA that are divisible by 3 and 2. Since the integers
we are looking for are divisible by 2 we want ABBA to be even, then A must be even.
Therefore, A = 2, A = 4, A = 6, or A = 8. For an integer to be divisible by 3, the sum of its
digits must be divisible by 3. We look at each possible value for A separately and
determine values of B that give palindromes that are divisible by 6:
Case 1: A = 2
Here, ABBA = 2BB2 and the sum of its digits is 2 + B + B + 2 = 2B + 4. We need to
determine all digits B for which 2B + 4 is divisible by 3. Since B is at most 9, then 2B + 4 is
at most 2(9) + 4 = 22. Also, 2B + 4 is even because 2B + 4 = 2(B + 2). Thus, 2B + 4 must
be an even multiple of 3 that is at most 22. Therefore, 2B + 4 could equal 6, 12 or 18. If 2B
+ 4 = 6, then 2B = 2 or B = 1. If 2B + 4 = 12, then 2B = 8 or B = 4. If 2B + 4 = 18, then
2B = 14 or B = 7. (Alternatively, we could have checked each of the values of B from 0 to
9 individually by dividing 2BB2 by 6.)
Case 2: A = 4. Here, ABBA = 4BB4. Using a similar method to that in Case 1, we
determine that the values of B for which 4BB4 is divisible by 6 are B = 2,5,8.
Case 3: A = 6
Here, ABBA = 6BB6.
Using a similar method to that in Case 1, we determine that the values of B for which 6BB6
is divisible by 6 are B = 0,3,6,9.
Case 4: A = 8
Here, ABBA = 8BB8. Using a similar method to that in Case 1, we determine that the
values of B for which 8BB8 is divisible by 6 are B = 1,4,7.
Therefore, there are 3 + 3 + 4 + 3 = 13 palindromes between 1000 and 10 000 that are
multiples of 3 and 2.

3. Since 120= 1 and each of the other numbers is larger than 1, then 1 20 is not the largest of
the numbers. To do this problem the brute force way, we can simply solve each number,
but given the fact that this problem is to be solved in a contest, we dont have enough
time. So, convert the last three numbers to powers of 2 and we get:
48= (22)8 = 216

85 = (23)5 = 215


163 = (24)3 = 212

Therefore, the largest number is 216 or 48

4. Since the average of four integers is 94, then their sum is 4(94) = 376. Since the sum of
the integers is constant, for one of the integers to be as small as possible, the other three
integers must be as large as possible. To see this algebraically, we can call the four
integers a, b, c, d, a being the smallest. Since a + b + c + d = 376, then a = 376 b c
d. To make a as small as possible, we want to subtract as much as possible from 376.
Since each of the four integers is smaller than 100, the largest that each can be is 99.
Therefore, to make one of the four integers as small as possible, we set the other three
integers equal to 99.
5. This means that the fourth integer equals 376 3(99) = 376 297 = 79.
6. The initial depth of flood in MaSci is 12.1 cm and it floods at a rate of 2.6 cm per hour, so
after 13 hours, the depth of flood in MaSci is (12.1 + 2.6(13)) = 45.9 cm.
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The initial depth of flood in my house is 18.6 after 13 hours, Since the final depths are
equal, and it floods at a rate of x cm per hour then 18.6 + 13x = 45.9 cm
To find that x = 2.1.

The equations would be:




Simplify the square binomial in the height equation

From the equation for the width, we know that the squared binomial in the equation for the
height is simply four squared and the other linear binomial is also four. Replace the two
binomials and get the height.
Substitute 164 for the value of h in the equation for depth


to know that the depth is equal to 72
Plug 72 into the equation to get the width and get:

4 +2 (72 ) =148
Get the midpoint between the focus and the height, to discover that it is the directrix, and
get the parabolic vaults height.

164 +27.6
=95.8 ft
7. Translated into math terms, the equation x + 2x + 2 2x + 23x + + 2100x = 1 x being the
original number of bacteria would symbolize the filling up of the entire petri dish of the
bacteria. The amount of bacteria filling up the dish with each day symbolized by one term
would be: 1/2100y + 1/299y + 1/298y + + 1/2y + 1y y being the amount of bacteria
needed to fill up the dish. Here, we see that it would take 99 days to fill up half the entire
petri dish.
8. As with any infinite series, but disregarding 1, the infinite sum + + 1/8 + 1/16 + 1/32
+ + 1/2 means the limit of the sum of the first n terms Xn = + + 1/8 + 1/16 +
1/32 + + 1/2n as n approaches infinity. Multiplying xn by 2 reveals a useful relationship:
2xn = 2/2 + 2/4 +2/8 +2/16 + 2/32 + +2/2n = 1 + + + 1/8 + 1/16 + 1/32 + +
1/2n-1 = 1 + xn 1/2n
Subtracting xn from both sides, xn = 1 1/2n. As n approaches infinity, xn tends to 1. So,
simply add one to find out that the bartender puts 2 pints on the table
9. In the given problem, there are six seagulls. Aquaman can attract them in 2 6 ways.
However, as the problem states that he always attracts one seagull, it can be done in 2 6 1 = 64 - 1 = 63 ways.
The two dolphins, three sharks, six seagulls, one whale, five flounders, twenty herrings can
be attracted in 22, 23, 21, 25, 220 ways respectively.
Therefore, the total number of combinations = 63 + 22 + 23 + 21 + 25 + 220 = 1,048,685
10.Consider the four types of cubes upon disassembly:
1 completely white cube;
6 cubes with one black face;
8 cubes with three faces painted black;
12 cubes with two black faces
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The completely white cube may be oriented in 24 ways. (Four ways for each face.)
Also, each cube with one black face has four possible orientations, and may be placed in
one of six positions, yielding 46 6! possibilities.
Each cube with three black faces must be oriented in one of three ways, giving 38 possible
orientations. Each corner cube must be placed in one of eight, giving 8! possible
arrangements. Thus we have 38 8! possibilities in all.
Similarly, each cube with two black faces must be oriented in one of two ways, giving 212
possible orientations. Then, each edge cube must go to one of 12 edges, giving 12!
possible arrangements. Thus we have 212 12! possibilities in all.
The total number of correct patterns after reassembling is a = 38 8! 212 12! 46 6!
To find the total number of possible patterns, consider that each cube may be oriented in 24
ways, and there are 27! possible arrangements of the cubes, giving b = 2427 27!
possibilities in all.
Therefore, the probability that the outside of the reassembled cube is completely black is
a/b = 1/(256 322 52 7 11 132 17 19 23) =
1/5465062811999459151238583897240371200 or approximately 1.83 1037.
11.Assign a variable to the number of eggs Hawking has, say x. Then, because we are given
that Einstein has twice the number of bosoms Hawking has, Einstein has 2x bosoms, and
Newton, having three times the number of bosoms as Einstein, has 6x bosoms. For them
to all have the same number of bosoms, they must each have
(x + 2x + 6x)/3 = 3x eggs. This means Newton must give 2x bosoms to Hawking and
a x eggs to Einstein, so the answer is 1/6.
12.When 4 dice are involved, there will be a total of 6 4 = 1296 outcomes.
The number of events where none of the 4 dice show 2 will be 5 4= 625.
Therefore, the number of outcomes in which at least one die will show 2 = 1296 625 =
13.If the volume of the can is 64, then heres how to find the radius:

=r 2
4 r

Simplify to get:

16 2

Therefore the equation is:


(x6)2 +

14.Lets look at the question that is being asked and define our variables: Let x = roses, y =
tulips, and z = lilies. So lets put the money terms together, and also the counting terms
6x + 4y + 3z = 610
X = 2(y + z)

(price of each flower times quantity = 610 pesos)

(twice the sum of other lilies and tulips = roses)

X + y + z = 5 * 24 (total flowers = five bouquets with 120 flowers)

Now lets put the system in matrices (lets just use one matrix!) and on the calculator:

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1 0 0 80
0 1 0 10
0 0 1 30
So for all the bouquets, well have 80 roses, 10 tulips, and 30 lilies.
So for one bouquet, well have

of the flowers, so well have 16 roses, 2 tulips, and 6 lilies.

15.I consider this a Mathematics problem just because it has something to do with numbers.
The answer is 3211000
16. Find

a :

Find b:

Find c:

144+81=c 2=225
15 - 12 = 3 meters

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