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Call Centre Investment Proposal for Silent Partnership

Industry & organizational characteristics

Center Specification:
We are starting a blended centre that will drive in the maximum profit according to the market
analysis of the In-house(inbound) and outsourced(outbound) centers; the In-house call centers
constitute 86% of the market while outsourced centers comprise 14%. That covers the 100%
Market of our launching business .
Scope of call center markets:
The typical call center in this study serves the national market so we will cover the international
one as well. The product we offer is not limited to a particular region or country and it is B2B
The exception that we have on our hands is the telecommunications industry,where centers
remain primarily local or regional in scope.

Business strategy:
The most popular business strategy reported by managers is service differentiation, followed by
a one-stop shopping, and customer loyalty. Our prime focus will always be the strong
communication and lead over lead methodology .
Organizational size:
Call centers have been consolidating in recent years into larger and larger operations. The
average size of call centers in this study is 289 employees. However, the size of the typical
center that we will practice will be about 20 employees on starting base and will try to reach up
to the maximum that we can run well.
Turnover rates:
Total annual turnover (including quits, layoffs, dismissals, and retirements) averages 33% among
call centers in this study.Outsourced call centers have the highest turnover rates (averaging
51%), followed by retail call centers (47%). Call centers serving large business or the
telecommunications industry has the lowest total turnover, with 28% and 26% respectively.
Risk Management Strategy:
Instead of going along with the companies that bring in clawbacks, we minimize the risk factor
by starting a business that runs on its own foundations, we will be the service providers and the
services will be catered within center by hiring a team of sufficient expertise. Initially we will go
on daily reports to check the flaws of our working style and gradually it will be weekly reports of
finance and customer feedback. We will start our work with a mindset of running it with keeping
a target of generating profit within the first 3 months and for this our entire focus will be
developing a team of pro-CSOs and Marketing our brand to labelize the procedure.

We found that in-house center targeting higher value added business customers and those
providing business and IT services is more likely to take this high involvement approach.
Outsourced centers and those in the retail industry are the least likely to take a high
involvement approach.

Financial Considerations:
The company expects to reach profitability in year two and does not anticipate any serious cash
flow problems. We conservatively believe that during the first three years that about three
ongoing contracts per month will guarantee a break-even point.

Expense Sheet
Startup Expense
Legal Documentation
Utilities Expense
Rent (6 Month Target)
Accounting and book keeping
Equipment Expense
Total Startup Expense


Employment Establishing Pay

Long Term Running Assests




Grand Total 2 Million

Expected Business & Profit Chart