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About Procurement Consulting

As a purchasing consultant, the candidate is required to handle a variety of functions like

calculating materials requirement, selecting vendor, placing orders, collecting materials,
checking its specifications, etc. Hence, he/ she needs to be a good negotiator and manager,
to ensure proper development of the purchasing cycle. The organization needs the
consultants to utilize their well-built networking and customer relationship management
expertise, to get good quality material with comparatively low cost involvement.
Thus, to get such benefits and avail expert services, the organization hires purchasing
consultants. So, while writing a purchasing consultant resume, don't forget to deal with such
skills. Here is a list of some of the key functions discharged by the purchasing consultant as
part of his daily routine.
Thus, managing client centered procurement services, and building a healthy and long term
relationship with vendors, is a prime responsibility of a purchasing consultant. Hence,
highlight your good coordination and management skills to handle purchasing functions, and
thus, discharging the duties as a mediator.

The procurement sector thrives on multiple strands of expertise and it is important to get
each and every one of these across in your CV.
Other important areas to discuss are your capabilities to manage supply chains, continually
oversee contractual obligations and where applicable source and finalise new contractors.
This will give evidence to a growing chain of contacts that new employers will find highly

Communicating the crucial and strategic role procurement plays in business is vital and your
CV needs to identify your ability with figures and statistical data as well as commercial
awareness. These are the hard-core skills that will stand out from your resume. Getting
across the softer skills of buying is equally important such as persuading, influencing,
tenacity and persistence, understanding people, building relationships and taking the lead.
Procurement, in effect, is one of the few departments that can look across all areas of a
company and you should try, where applicable to relay your experience on advising bidding
strategies, driving negotiations, strategic partnerships/deals all of which support the creation
of revenue.
Supply Chain and Sourcing Analyst
What will I do?
The main focus of the role is analyzing category spends and procurement markets and
developing suitable sourcing strategies, supporting and preparing supplier negotiations;
producing presentations and supporting other staff members on client projects.
The qualified candidate will act as part of our consulting team and will provide consultative
services including research, Request For Proposal (RFP) development, contract review, data
analysis, and report drafting for our customers. You will be responsible for developing

strategies to reduce cost of procured goods and services acting as a consultant for our
clients, while improving upon all qualitative aspects of the relationship with their suppliers.
Key responsibilities include:
Conducting client and supplier interviews (electronically, over the phone, or face to face),
documenting quantitative and qualitative customer requirements
Analyzing client's needs and preferences, existing infrastructure, systems, buying
processes, and validating that the needs match the technical specs in supplier responses
Developing RFPs and executing a strategic sourcing strategy (go to bid, analyze
responses, negotiate, etc.)
Creating financial analysis in Excel to review prior costs and to help select the optimal
solution of new vendor pricing in terms of total cost of ownership.
Identifying areas for cost reduction or value improvement within the supply chain
Evaluating information gathered from multiple sources, reconciling conflicts, and
distinguishing user requests from underlying true needs
Assisting in the reading, negotiation and modification of large enterprise contracts
Conducting research activities to produce detailed reports related to competitive markets,
sourcing strategies, cost savings opportunities and benchmarking.
Monitor industry trends

Procurement consultant job

Many organisations need the services of outside vendors, suppliers and service providers. A
procurement consultant coordinates these efforts to find quality and cost-effective products
and services for an organisation and, as a consultant, may be contracted for short or longterm procurement with an organisation. Similar job titles include purchasing manager and

A procurement consultant can work in a variety of business settings and industries, and may
procure indirect or raw materials and services, as well as other supplies. In most cases,
employers prefer candidates who have experience in one of these specific areas, as each
needs different knowledge and purchasing methods. Those who purchase raw materials
often spend time travelling to manufacturers who produce the materials to test the quality of
the materials and understand the manufacturing process before purchasing. Those who buy
indirect or manufactured materials spend most of their day on the phone, as well as meeting
with vendors and suppliers to establish relationships and find the best deals. Procurement
professionals who buy services often have expertise in developing contracts and negotiating
Education for this occupation varies depending on the type of employer, as well as the
products and services these professionals purchase. Some employers may not require a
degree for non-technical purchasing, while others may require a technical degree if the
products or services being purchased are technical. Employment opportunities increase for
those who have a graduate degree in business, economics, purchasing or a related

Because this occupation provides consulting services, it typically signifies a professional who
has at least five years' experience in a procurement role, as well as experience in the
industry of the employer. Many employers prefer candidates with certified or chartered
A procurement consultant establishes policies and procedures for procurement, and
establishes the procurement process to meet the organisation standards and expectations.
These professionals also analyse vendor costs, create proposals and contracts for the
procurement of materials or services and select vendors or suppliers. Throughout the
procurement process, the procurement consultant establishes and maintains reports to track
completion of procurement deliverables and ensures they adhere to the overall requirements
of the materials or services