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Argyle Street

Tel : 07939 007117

FAO : Debbie Morris

Further to our telephone conversation, please find below the details that I wish to report.

I feel compelled to write to you outlining some of the grave concerns I have about the
current management team at Television Licensing in Darwen. I regret that I find myself in a
position where, after exhausting all other avenues, I have to speak out about the
management team themselves and the current practices which are prevalent across the

Managements judgement and decisions have recently been so unfair that a number of
colleagues have been suspended in error. I myself have been treated in a manner which I
believe to be constructive dismissal. I appreciate that this needs to be dealt with outside of
the speak out policy, and after reaching the final stage of this procedure and after ACAS
have failed to engage Capita in mediation, I will be taking this matter to tribunal. Regardless
of my personal situation, I have a duty to speak out about the malpractice that is rife and the
complete lack of confidence that I have in the current management team.

I will outline some of my main concerns below and trust that you will take the time to act
accordingly to address these before I feel the need to speak out more publicly.

My first area of concern is the management teams failure to follow the correct processes
and procedures for disciplinary matters. Not only have I had first hand experience of this,
but they have also admitted this is writing to me. This includes :
Disclosing other colleagues personal data in written communications
Mixing up and disclosing my confidential notes from my hearings and sending them
to another colleague
Stating that no further action would be taken and then listing a number of actions
that they were taking
Being taken to disciplinary meeting under the grounds of gross misconduct to then
be told later that this was not the case
Being told that I would not be losing my position to then find out I would indeed
have my position taken off me
Being invited to a meeting without being told it was an investigation, and not being
invited to bring representation, and no mention of gross misconduct in this meeting
The current Senior Call Centre manager (Nicola McKenna) did not identify or address
these errors in procedure throughout my appeal meeting. This was only picked up
in the second appeal meeting
All my appeals meetings (except the last one) were held in a public place in a hotel

Also, having made a formal request under the freedom of information act for my file, I know
that this has been cherry picked as it is missing key documentation relating to my previous

appraisals, interviews and promotions. I have first hand experience that Team Leaders have
been asked to cherry pick information from files and to delete email trails in the past when
these requests have been made.

My next area of concern is the knee-jerk, reactive style of the current management team.
There have been several instances where managers inability to correctly interpret data has
resulted in individuals and whole teams being suspended. One of these colleagues was then
brought back, apologized to but also told that the suspension would not be removed from
his file even though he was totally innocent.

Other examples of unfair and disproportionate management include :
An asthmatic colleague had an asthma attack brought on after a desk fan blew
debris down from the ceiling. He was refused permission to leave and collect his
medication. He took it upon himself to go and seek medical attention from his
doctor but was placed on a stage 1 for absence
If an agent logs out for a comfort break to use the toilet, the team leader has to go
and chase them up in the toilets after three minutes
Management introduced home visits for colleagues absent with stress every two
weeks. After I challenged this as being unfair and bordering on harassment, it
reverted back to every four weeks

Prior to Alison Roberts appointment, TV Licensing were members of Call Northwest. Staff
were nominated, and indeed won awards. Our apprentice scheme won a prestigious award
and Team Leaders attended training courses to ensure professional development and high
standards. The previous Call Centre Manager had an open door policy and was very proud
of our achievements as a call centre. Since Alison Roberts arrived, she has ruled by fear.
She has caused colleagues to cry and routinely humiliates other managers in front of
colleagues. She cancelled our involvement in Call Northwest without explanation and has
removed all such opportunities from staff. Team Leader awards nights and away days have
been abolished and this has had a detrimental effect on the effectiveness and motivation of
the team. I also have grounds for concern that Alison Roberts has been giving preferential
treatment to one of the Team Leaders (Collette OBrien) who has been allowed a different
working pattern, has been given a personal car parking space which other colleagues are not
entitles to have, refused to take complaint calls which was part of her role and was allowed
to drink coffee with the CSMs every afternoon on the call floor. Collette is a personal friend
of Alisons and was employed by Alison. Because of Collettes vexatious grievance, I have
been forced to resign.

I have grave concerns about Debbie Becketts ability to fulfill her role as Call Centre Manager
fairly and professionally. In brief, these concerns include :
Totally unapproachable
Making poor management decisions which has resulted in the unfair suspension of
colleagues and teams (as outlined above)
Weak management style leads to over-compliance with union rep

It is clear that management are acting unfairly as one of the CSMs who was involved in my
own disciplinary meeting has subsequently acted in the same way that I did by inviting some
colleagues to a social event. He has not been subject to any disciplinary procedures as a
result and this gives me grounds not only to have a complete lack of confidence in
management but also to believe that I have been treated in an unfair manner.

My lack of trust and confidence in management is also due to the fact that in my role as
Over 75 Team Leader, I know that information has been withheld from the BBC and from
Head Office in order to make it look like we were achieving targets. I am also very
uncomfortable that there are thousands of Over 75 TV licenses that are no longer required
(due to death) that are never refunded back to DWP. I will be raising this issue with the BBC
and elsewhere outside of this process.

I also know that another colleague was asked to falsify information to the BBC by Debbie
Beckett. She will be writing to you separately about this.

I trust that you will treat my concerns seriously. Until recent mismanagement and repeated
breaches of process and protocol have led to me feeling my position is now untenable in the
organization, I was always proud to work for Capita. I had hoped to have received the
documentation and evidence that proved my commitment to the company, the
contributions that I have made, awards I have won and initiatives I have led. These however
have been removed from my file. It is with deep sadness that I know feel I have no other
course of action than to pursue my grievance through tribunal and to notify you formally in
writing of some of the malpractice that gives grounds for complete lack of confidence in

I look forward to hearing from you in the very near future.

Yours sincerely

Christine Baggaley