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Strong Vs WeakExecutive SummaryCompany DescriptionMission VisionGoals

& ObjectivesCore Business AreaSWOT AnalysisIndustry AnalysisMarketing MixTarget
MarketMarket StrategyMarketing EnvironmentPoints of
DifferenceConclusionPepsi Organizational Chart/Department

Strong Vs Weak
Pepsi and Coca Cola are strong competitors. In Pakistan Pepsi is the market leader
andCoca Cola is its competitor. But globally Coca Cola is pioneer and Pepsi is follower.
ThePepsi makes defense strategies so that it can maintain its position in the market.
WhileMarketing Plan of PEPSI
Coca Cola is a challenger and it makes attack strategies so that it can become

The purpose of this marketing plan is to develop an understanding about howPEPSI is
marketed and distributed in the market (Product, Price, Promotion andDistribution). In
this project different analysis are performed such as, Companyimage, mission
statement, goals & objectives, core business areas, SWOTAnalysis, Industry Analysis,
Marketing Program, target markets, MarketingStrategy, Marketing Environment, Point of
Differences& Positioning

At the end itwas discussed that what are the core marketing strategies that make PEPSI
themore powerful brand.
Pepsi Cola International is world-well-known soft drinks brand. It is a very wellorganized
multinational company, which operates in almost all over the world.They produce, one
of best-carbonated drinks in the world. Pepsi is a symbol of hygiene, quality and
service, all over the world. Pepsi is producing Cola for morethan 100 years, and it has
dominated the world market for a long time. Its headoffice is in New York.
Marketing Plan of PEPSI
Initially Pepsi was used as cough syrup in America, and sold in pharmacy. Butthe taste
of that syrup was liked by the people and then added water andcarbonation and with the
passage of time it is used as a regular drink and now itis world largest soft drink brand.
In beverage sector pioneer is Coca cola andPepsi is follower. In 1909 more than 24
American States gave license to Pepsifor sale. Pepsi Cola was first introduced in 6.5
ounce bottle. Pepsi was firstregistered in 1932.In 1932 Pepsi Cola was introduced a big
bottle of 12 ounce. In 1950, the PepsiCola formula was slightly changed and the
sweetness and calories in Pepsi Colawere decreased. In 1957, the bottle was changed
to new attractive bottle and theproduct line was also increased by introduction of two
more products that wereTeem and Marinda.Today Pepsi Cola is available to more than
100 million of consumers whichincludes Asia as well as Europe & Africa.
PEPSI in Pakistan
In Pakistan Pepsi distribution is indirect. Nationwide Pepsi has 67% of marketshare in
Lahore Pepsi is always at par as compare to coke. In December, 54%share is captured
by Pepsi, 49% by coke and remaining 1% by other brands.The market in Pakistan is
surely conquered by Pepsi. It has proved itself to bethe No.1 soft drink in Pakistan. In
1971, first plant of Pepsi was constructed inMultan, and from there after Pepsi is going
higher and higher.Pepsi's greatest competitor is Coca Cola. Coca Cola is an

internationalrecognized brand. Cokes basic strength is its brand name and Cokes
strategy isnot to change the brand name and logos which are in the consumers mind.
ButPepsi thinks that change is must and if a product is continuously consumed thenits
utility starts decreasing. Pepsi with its aggressive marketing planning andquick
diversification in creating and promoting new ideas and product packaging,

Marketing Plan of PEPSI

is successfully maintaining is No.1 position in Pakistan. Last year Pepsiintroduced Fruit
and Energy Drink
.When Pepsi was introduced in Pakistan, it faced competition with 7up, lemon andlime
drinks, which was established during 1968, in Multan. Pepsi introduced itslemon and
lime, "Teem" to compete with 7up. It successfully after some years,Pepsi took over 7
UP, and this enhanced Pepsi's profits and market share. InPakistan, Pepsi with 7 UP
enjoys 70% of the market share where as the coke just has 20% market shares. In 1992
PEPSI introduced a new product namedMountain Dew. In Pakistan Mountain Dews
overall sale is more than CocaColas overall sale. It has a monopoly in citrus flavor and
still in growth. In theyear 2005 PEPSI introduced a new and different product named
AQUAFINA.Pepsi is operating in Pakistan, through its 12 bottlers all over Pakistan.
Thesebottlers are Pepsi's strength. Pepsi has given franchise to these bottlers.
Bottlers,produce, distribute and help in promoting the brand. If according to franchise,
inSindh and Balochistan Pepsi market share is almost 76 77 %, coke is about 12-13 %.
PEPSI in Lahore
Pepsi production was started in Lahore in 1976 by Ex- Governor Saddiq HusainQureshi.
In 1988, Pepsi plant was buyout by RIAZ BOTTLERS. After 1988, RiazBottlers are
producing Pepsi Cola International's products under "Franchising".The Pepsi Cola
International provides all specifications and Riaz Bottlers followthem. In Pakistan Pepsi
distribution is indirect, but in Lahore Riaz Bottlers is thedirect distributor of Pepsi. As far
as Riaz bottler concern it is in direct, becausehaving own vehicles and reaches
wholesale and retailers directly. In Lahore andKasoor, Riaz bottlers are 100% direct.
Riaz bottlers have 8 ware houses, 4 inLahore and 4 in Kasoor, and 240 vehicles serves
product in market. Riaz bottlershave 18000 outlets on Lahore and Kasoor.

Business mission of Pepsi, in Pakistan, is to be the best and biggest seller of
carbonated soft drinks.We are working for providing a high quality refresher product to
passionatecrowd. We have a refined plant by which we manufacture the product
accordingto the health standards. We have a number of brands loyal and have
fullattraction for the quality conscious people to consume our product. We havetriggered
ourselves towards growth and high profitability. We are coping with thetechnological
advancement by installing the new machinery by which we makesa frequent flow of our
supply to the customer.

The company main objective is to achieve the highest level of quality andtheir all
strategies are related with this objective. The company is quitesuccessful in achieving
this objective, as they are known for their quality inthe market.

Company's second main objective is product development. Along with theproduct

Quality Company largely emphasizes on the development of theproduct.

Company's third objective is to increase their revenues from internationaloperations.

At the corporate level, Pepsi has centralized and formal structure. All thepolicy matters
related to different businesses and regions are made at theupper level and guidelines
are received from the parent office in USA, theroutine and local level decisions are
made by subsidiary itself, like thedistribution network, marketing etc.

Pepsi has a policy of setting sales targets for each region. They have alsothe targets for
earning certain level of revenues from each region.

Plans related to their objectives and policies are as follows:

To accomplish their goal of achieving highest quality product. They usetheir technical
expert terms to visit the different plants and collect samplesto send them Tokyo for lab
testing, every month. Now, they are planningfor further tightening the quality standards
by forcing the franchisers to usedifferent new techniques for total quality management.
So, those highestquality standards could be achieved. They invite different experts of
franchisers from different countries to participate in short courses relatedto quality at
different area head quarters.

To accomplish their goal of new product development, they are spendinghuge amounts
of money on R&D.

For achieving their third goal of increasing international revenues, they areplanning to
expand their international operations. Especially, they aretargeting to those
underdeveloped countries, which have high GDP andper capita income.
Pepsi is dealing with too many products all over the world. But in Pakistan it isdealing
only with beverages. The packages dealing with are as follows:1.PEPSI2.MIRINDA
3.7 UP4.PEPSI Diet5.7 UP Zero6.Mountain Dew7.Aqua Fina water 8.Slice Mango
Juice9.Sting Energy DrinkEach and every brand has its own percentage in the business
of PEPSIInternational. The brand picture of different brands of PEPSI is as follows:
Brand Picture 2009

3.7 UP4.PEPSI Diet5.7 UP Zero6.Mountain Dew7.Aqua Fina water 8.Slice Mango

Juice9.Sting Energy DrinkEach and every brand has its own percentage in the business
of PEPSIInternational. The brand picture of different brands of PEPSI is as follows:

Brand Picture 2009Picture 2010