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The 3 Idiots Movie Reflection

Posted on July 29, 2013 by Novi Klair D. Castillones

College life is never that easy because its our phase in life where we should strive and focus on our studies because
it would be the starting line for our future. It would lead us to a direction where we will be able to fulfill our dreams in
life from the very start.
In the movie, The 3 Idiots, it just simply portrays our lives in college. It may be hard to survive every obstacle that
may come our way but whats important is that we remained strong in order to achieve our goals in life. As the saying
goes, no pain no gain. We will never gain or have the things that we always wanted to achieve if we did not invest on
it and do everything that we can in order to have it.

The movie is lead by the three characters, Rancho, Raju and Farhan. Each one of them has their own characteristics
and dreams in life and they have distinct talents and skills in which it helps them to achieve what they have become in
the future.
I shall start with Farhan Qureshi, from the day he was born, his father proclaimed that he would be an engineer
someday but as he entered college, it was never his dream. It was his fathers dream for him and out of love and
respect, he followed what his father wanted for him even though it is not what he wanted just to please and make his
father happy.
His dream is to become a wildlife photographer because he had this passion in photography and he also loves
animals and it was projected on the movie his photographs on animals. Even though he pursued engineering and
become an engineering student in a top 1 Engineering University, his love for photography is still in him. Every
examination results, he is consistent on being on the last rank and always on the last row during class pictorials
together with Raju. He still studies his lessons well but still cant make it to the top and I understand what he is going
through because for me, you cannot give what you dont have. Even if I have all the perseverance that I need to be on
top but if my heart is not in it, it is still useless. I would not be happy because following our hearts would make us
happier. I understand that he needed to do all of these things just to make his parents proud especially his father
considering that he had given him all the privileges just to make him feel comfortable in his studies like buying an air
conditioner and put it on Farhans room just to make it comfortable for him to study his lessons well. Everything that
they can offer they will give it to his son just to make it comfortable and easier for him to study. A part of the movie
wherein it is their job interview and his father bought him a brand new laptop because he thought that it would be a
great help for his son especially if he would pass the job interview and be hired for work. I idolized Farhans courage
to speak for himself and let his father know what he wanted in his life. I understand his fathers side because our
parents only wanted whats best for us. They would not decide on something if they know it would be no good at all.
But sometimes we need to speak out especially on what would really make us happy because a man would be truly
human if he will be able to live his life to the fullest, meaning he had live his life the way he wanted it to be. I liked the
scene in which he talked to his father that he dont want to pursue engineering because he wanted to follow his heart,
his dreams and it would be wildlife photographer. I was touched on how his father reacted on the situation that he said
that he will return the laptop that he just bought for his son and asked for the cost of the camera that his son would
need on his endeavor. It was a happy ending for Farhan because his father finally understands the meaning of
happiness for his son and embraces him as a sign of his acceptance and love. In real life, our parents cannot bear the
feeling of not seeing us happy, what they surely wants for us is the best of everything and sometimes they tend to
forget that we already have our own life, own thoughts and own feelings. They made decisions that sometimes it is
against our will but out of our love and respect for them we just kept to ourselves what we really wanted just to please
them and not disappointing them. It is not wrong to stand up and talk to them what we really wanted but it should be in
a nice way in which they would really understand what we really wanted to tell them. Whatever decisions we may
have, our parents are our number one supporters and the one that will push us harder just for us to achieve our goals

and dreams in life. I really admired Farhans courage to stand up to his father in order for him to have his life following
the tracks of his dream and I also admired his parents especially his father for listening and understanding his sons
plea and supports him instead.
The second character in the movie is Raju Rastogi, compared to Rancho and Farhan, he belongs to a poor family. He
had a sick father who was once a postman, a mother who is retired and an unwed sister that could not marry
because they could not afford the dowry that the family of the groom wanted. He wanted to be an engineer because
he wanted to make his parents happy and could provide a good life for his family. He is a type of person in which he
values his family so much because for them, he is their last hope for their family. He really wanted to finish and
graduate engineering because for him it would give him a stable job and could offer him a salary to suffice the needs
of his family. In the movie, he is the serious one and dont want to be distracted by the doings of his friends Rancho
and Farhan and so he decided to move to another room so that he could stay focus on studying his lessons but it did
not went well because his friends made a plan to make him realize that they are good company and not Chatur. He
thought that he is in bad company his friends would distract him in his studies and would be the reason for his failures
in class. But he was completely wrong, because even though he moved to another room, lie lowed from his friends
but in the end they are the one who helped his father to be brought right away to the hospital especially Rancho. He is
the one who did a lot of effort for it just to bring Rajus father to the hospital in time. And by that time, he realized that
friends will always be friends especially in times of troubles, trials and difficulties. Our friends will be the one we can
share our thoughts freely and they will be always there for us no matter. True friends are really hard to find and if you
have them keep them and treasure them. Theres this incident in the story wherein they the three friends were in
trouble because they get drunk and crashed on Mr. Viruss house in the middle of the night because of their be on
Rancho that he should confess his feelings for Pia, Mr. Viruss daughter. They were in trouble because Mr. Virus woke
up and been able to recognize one of them and unfortunately, it was Raju. In the morning during their class, they were
caught by Mr. Virus because they fell asleep on their room and found a bottle of rum with them and so Raju was
invited by Mr. Virus in his office. They talked on his office and gave Raju a warning. He will not be able to graduate in
time because of what happened last night and made a bargain with him. He would erase his name on the list of
students that will not graduate if he will put the name of Rancho on it and will be his witness for such act. It would be a
very hard decision for Raju to make because it is a dilemma between his future and his loyalty for his friend. If I were
in Rajus shoes, it would be very hard and risky decision for me because, whatever I will choose there would be a
consequence for it. If I will choose to put my friend in danger in replace for me, it would be him who will not be able to
graduate and it would be a lifetime guilt for me but if I will choose not to erase my name and not to witness against my
friend, I would be the one who will not graduate and would bring disappointment to my family. I understand that he
choose to jump off the building and commit suicide because of mental pressure that he needed to decide sometimes
suicide is an persons escape for all the problems that he is going through. Committing suicide would not bring any
good to us because it would not resolve any issues in our lives but instead it would worsen the case. But in Rajus
case he chose suicide than to sacrifice things that he valued the most. He was hospitalized and everyone was very
worried about him especially his family and friends that love him so much. They did everything just to show Raju that
they are strong despite what happened to him because it would be great help for him to wake up and recover easily.
And fortunately after all their efforts, Raju recovered from the incident and they all rejoiced for such good news. I
admired his determination because even though he just recovered from his accident and his legs were still broken, he
still went on their job interview and answered all the interviewers questions confidently. I admired also his attitude that
he would not change himself just to please the interviewers. He said in his interview, You keep your job and Ill keep
my attitude. Our attitude composes our being and it is made even stronger by the experiences that we encountered
in our lives. Just like Raju he is stronger now because of what happened to him. He can be someone if he will just be
determined and strong to face the trials in life that he may face.
The most important and lead character in the movie is Rancho. He is a perfect example of genuine wisdom. For me,
he touched many lives in the story not just touched but inspired lives including the viewers. I can say to that he is a
perfect example of genuine wisdom because since he was a child he could not afford to study at school but instead
slip on classes and wear uniform even though he is not enrolled. He just wanted to be educated and learn new things
in life. I was amazed by his principle that, you dont need money just be in school, all you need is a uniform, by that
doing he just proves that a person could do everything if he wanted to prove something. He is a genius by birth and

he never wanted to stop learning. All he had learned from school, he applied it. For example, during their first night at
the university he did used what he had learned from physics that salt water is good conductor of electricity. I was
amazed by that kind of simple invention he had made so that he will not be bullied by the seniors. He is a good friend
to his friends; he would help them when they are in need. He inspired their lives and taught them to follow what would
make them happy. I admired him because despite the pressure in college he still can make it to the top of the class
and proved to everyone that grades are not important it will just make division among others, whats important is that
even though we may not have high grades but we learned something from it. It would a foundation for our success in
the future, all the things that we learned in this so-called life. In the movie, he always pushes his friends to bring out
what they have for them to have something to be proud of. This man is indeed a very inspiring man for me because it
made me realized that education is what we really need for the success of our future and taught me the value of
friendship that friends are our second family. Through ups and downs, true friends will always be there for you. The
saying AAL IZZ WELL is a reminder for us all that everything will be alright if we will believe in ourselves and has
that faith in each one of us. He is an outstanding student in ICE because he is an eye opener to everyone and I liked
what Mr. Virus told him that he is not right all the time. It simply means that even though we, people, are that smart,
genius, bright in terms of intellectual capabilities but we do not know everything, we should stay humble at all times.
We tend to make mistakes and we should accept it even though it would hurt our pride. He is the only student in
which Mr. Virus had seen to be one of a kind thats why he gave his pen to him because that pen is a symbol of
excellence and for me he really deserve it. It is not that easy to make a machine out of materials that are available at
a certain time. For me Rancho is a hero in that movie, he is able to save a childs life by his innovated invention the
vacuum cup out of a vacuum cleaner and helped to deliver Monas baby safely. I was really amazed by what he had
done at that time and Im sure that Mr. Virus is also amazed and proud of him thats why he gave his pen to him. A
really one of a kind and extra ordinary person for me that would best describe Rancho.
If would choose among the three characters in the movie, I will obviously choose Rancho or Rancchoddas Shamaldas
Chanchad because he stands out above them all.
He is able to inspire me in many ways like in the quote that he always say Pursue excellence, and success will follow,
pants down. For me, if we aim for dreams aim it high because it would be our motivation in life to reach that goal. If
we will be able to excel in our chosen careers or paths that we wanted to take, our success on it will not be impossible
to achieve because if we love what we are doing, everything will be just in place plus it would be a fulfillment of our
long life dreams. He made realize that grades are just basis on how well I am able to comprehend the lessons taught
in school but it is should not be our basis for our excellence but on how we are able to apply it in real life and learn
from it because learning should not stop by the time we graduated school but it is a long way process until the end of
our life. But the most striking quote that I heard from the movie is that Make your passion, your profession, it is the
most striking for me because it really applies what we are going through right now. We cannot accomplish tasks or be
successful in a work if our hearts are not on it because we will never be contented on it and we tend to look and ask
for more. It would be very good if we will be able to follow what we really want for our lives. I took BSIT Course
because I have this passion in computers, I wanted to know everything about it even though programming is the least
that I love in this course but I have to embrace it wholeheartedly because it is part of what I called my passion. I want
to be a somebody someday that my family could be proud of. I want to be someone someday that is contented in life
because I am able to fulfill and reached my goals in life.
This movie taught me a lot when it comes to life and in choosing happiness. For me, they are not idiots, but for me
they are smart men. They had inspired so many lives just by watching and understanding the moral behind this
movie. And this movie, is one of my favorite movies of all times and I have watched it several times but every time I
am watching it the impact of this movie is still the same just like what it is to me on the very first time I am able to
watch it. I do hope that they will still continue to make movies like this one because it is a very good movie to
recommend in all ages for it teaches us many things about life and could inspire us in many ways. This movie made
me like the lead actor Ahmir Khan and I am a big fan of him. I watched his movies because all were very inspiring and
have lots of lessons to teach us. Thumbs up for this movie!!

3 Idiots: The Movie of Fantastic Insight

By Mubarak Ali Lashari
Bollywod has given panorama of movies on different topics to the world audience. The movies
with regard to topics range from love to action, social to political and historical to contemporary
affairs. But the movie 3 idiots is mainly related with youths affairs. Many issues related with
young generation are manipulated very skillfully and naturally.
On the one hand it presents the problems of career selection, which youths of all over the world
face, because mainly the occupation or selection of area of working are imposed by parents and
on the other hand there is first-rate insight of educational set up in the developing countries. With
regard to education insight, not only the issues of teaching methodologies reference material but
also the behavior towards the problems of students is addressed superbly.
In the issues of problems concerned with selection of future vocation, for example, the character
Farhan Querishi faces an odd overwhelmingly. There is internal conflict between his parents and
him. He wants to be a photographer whereas his parents want him to be engineer which he is
unable to maneuver admirably. Consequently, he remains fed up during the whole period of
study. In contrast to that the character, Raju, wants to be engineer in line with his parents desire
but his way to handle his educational career to attain his position is very superstitious. In result
of that he always remains under the dogmas and can not manipulate the confidence.
Furthermore, there is good insight into the educational institutes and their method of teaching
and rendering youths to achieve loftiness in their lives. In this context the traditional way to deal
with course and syllabus and the examination systems come under question. In this direction, the
serious issue of committing suicides by the students is addressed. Correspondingly, the character
of Mr. Joy has been depicted as an example facing the problems of datelines and the
victimization of the rigid and anti-humanistic way of dealing students.
So, from above some examples towards the movie 3 Idiots we can see the genuine and creative
filmography to bring the youths issue on surface.

Umikot ang pelikula sa tatlong magkakaibigan na si Farhan Qureshi (R. Madhavan), Raju
Rastogi (Sharman Joshi) at Ranchhoddas ''Racho'' Shamaldas Chhanchad (Aamir Khan). Si
Farhan ang nagkukuwento sa pelikula tungkol sa nangyari sa kanilang magkakaibigan noong
unang taon nila sa Imperial College of Engineering (ICE) kung saan sila ang magkakasama sa
isang silid hanggang sa huling taon nila sa ICE.

Gusto ni Farhan ang wildlife photography ngunit sinunod niya ang kagustuhan ng kanyang
magulang kung kaya't napilitan siyang pumasok sa ICE. Maiangat ang pamilya sa kahirapan, ito
naman ang dahilan ni Raju habang pagmamahal sa mga machines ang simpleng dahilan ni

Ngunit hindi naging simple ang kanilang pamamalagi sa kolehiyo dahil sa College Dean na si
Professor Viru 'Virus' Sahastrabuddhe (Boman Irani) samahan pa ng kanyang paboritong
students na si Chatur 'Silencer' Ramalingan (Omi Vaidya) na mahilig magsaulo ng kanilang mga

Madalas na mapalabas ng classroom si Racho dahil sa hindi matanggap ng ilang mga

professor ang mga dahilan at pananaw niya sa pag-aaral ngunit kahit ganoon siya pa rin ang
nangunguna sa mga pagsusulit at sa ranking.

Sa araw ng kanilang graduation, hindi na nila nakita si Rancho. Lumipas ang 10 taon na
walang balita si Farhan at Raju hanggang sa sila ay tawagan ni Chatur. Gusto nitong ipakita sa
kanilang magkakaibigan kung gaano na siya kaunlad but end up loser dahil ang hinahanap niya
na sikat na scientist na si Phunsukh Wangdu ay walang iba kundi si Rancho.

Nakadagdag ganda rin ang karakter ni Pia (Kareena Kapoor) na anak ni Prof. Viru na love
interest ni Racho at ang kapatid nitong si Mona (Mona Singh).

3 idiots-suring pelikula
a. Aamir Khan bilang si Ranchoddas "Rancho" Shamaldas Chanchad / Phunsukh Wangdu
gumanap na bida at siya ang pinakamatalino sa lahat
b. Kareena Kapoor bliang si Pia Sahastrabuddhe- anak ni Virus na kasintahan ni Rancho
c. R. Madhavan bilang si Farhan Qureshi- kaibigan ni Rancho na mahilig sa larawan
d. Sharman Joshi bilang si Raju Rastogi- kaibigan ni Rancho na relihiyoso at mahirap
e. Boman Irani bilang si Viru Sahastrabuddhe (Virus)- terror na professor at director sa
f. Omi Vaidya bilang si Chatur Ramalingam (Silencer)- sipsip na estudyante at si Rancho ang
mahigpit na kalaban niya
g. Rahul Kumar bilang si Manmohan "MM" aka Millimeter- isang boy sa eskwelahan nagging
kaibigan niya rin sila Rancho

Ang pelikulang 3 Idiots ay gawa sa bansang India. Ito ay kwento ng buhay kolehiyo ng
tatlong magkakaibigan na ang kurso ay mechanical engineering na nag-aaral sa Imperial
College of Engineering.
Ang pinakapinuno ng kanilang barkada na si Rancho ay napakatalino at positibo ang
pananaw. Si Raju ang relihiyoso sa kanilang tatlo. Ang pamilya ni Raju ay mahirap lamang at
ang tatay niya ay may sakit ngunit sa kabila nito, nandun pa rin yung determinasyong
makapagtapos ng pag-aaral at makatulong sa kanilang pamilya. Si Farhan ay pinilit lamang ng
kanyang ama na kumuha ng kursong mechanical engineering ngunit photography ang hilig
Para kila Raju at Farhan, napakahirap ng buhay nila bilang isang kolehiyo sapagkat nariyan
ang kanilang director na binansagan nilang Virus na pumipiga sa kanila at ginagawang
masalimuot ang buhay kolehiyo lalo na sa kanilang kurso. Ngunit salamat kay Rancho sapagat
lagi siyang nariyan upang tulungan ang kanyang kaibigan. Gayon na lamang ang pasasalamat
nila kay Rancho sapagkat sa bandang huli ay nakamit nila ang kanilang nais.


Banghay ng Pangyayari:
Si Rancho ay isang alipin lamang ngunit dahil sa kanyang katalinuhan, pinag-aral siya ng
kanyang amo kapalit ng kanyang degreeng natapos o katibayan na nakapagtapos sa
magandang paaralan. Pagkapasok pa lamag ni Rancho sa ICE , halos lahat na ng bagay sa
kanya ay madali sapagkat kapag may dumarating na problema,nasasambit niya ang katagang
All Is Well. Nakilala niya ang kanyang mga kaibigang sina Raju at Farhan dahil pareho sila ng
kwartong tinutulugan. Nagkaroon ng hidwaan sa pagitan ng grupo nila Rancho at ng kanilang
professor na si Virus sapagkat tutol sila sa pamamalakad nito. Nguit sa isang kasiyahan ay

nakilala ni Rancho ang anak ni Virus na si Pia na kanya naman itong inibig. Nang malapit na
sila makapagtapos, nagkaroon sila ng kasunduan ang tatlong magkakaibigan na sundin nila
kung ano ang tinitibok ng kanilang puso o gawin ang kung anong ibig nila. Kayat sinikap ni Raju
na mag-aral at makapagtapos , at siyay nakahanap ng trabaho. Si Farhan naman ay nakiusap
sa kanyang ama na suportahan na lamang siya sa nais nitong trabaho at nagtagumpay siyang
kumbinsihin ang kanyang ama na maging isa na lamang siyang wildlife photographer. At kay
Rancho wala ng balita. Ngunit nang hinanap nila ito, nalaman nila ang tunay na pagkatao ni
Rancho na ang tunay na pangalan ay Punsukh Wangdu na isa ng sikat na scientist.

Paksa/ Tema:
Ang pag-iisip ng positibo ay isang magandang ugali ng tao.
Ito ang ugali na makikita sa ating bida na si Rancho. Kahit na maraming problema ang
dumarating, naroon pa rin yung pananaw niya na masosolusyunan ang lahat.
Kagaya ng isang estudyante na maraming pressure sa pag-aaral, kailangan nandun pa rin
yung pagiging positibo sa lahat ng bagay. Ika nga All Is Well.




Napakahusay ng pagkakagawa sa 3 Idiots. Sinuman ang makakapanuod nito ay hinding

hindi ito malilimutan sapagkat hindi lang ito maganda kundi kapana panabik din. Hindi man
ganoon kaayos ang pagkakasunod-sunod sapagkat ito ay flashback lamang ngunit madali
naming intindihin. Angkop sa lahat sapagkat wala naming masamang eksena , ito ay
magandang panuorin lalo na sa mga estudyante. Maganda na nilapatan nila ng musika
sapagkat napapasabay ang mga manonood.
Huwag ispin lamang ang problema, isipn mo agad kung paano itomareresolba. Kung hindi
man maresolba, huwag mawalan ng pag-asa sapagkat ang lahat ay magiging maayos rin.

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