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Course Description

LearnSocial has developed Advanced Excel course which is carefully designed to

help YOUachieve an edge in your career. Whether you are an experienced business
analyst, investment banker, management consultant or project manager, this course
offers live instructor-led online training in complex Microsoft Excel modules to not
only enrich your analytical skills, but also get your work done faster!

Starting with a recap of intermediate Excel to get your foundation ready, this course is
acomplete package of all the various tools and techniques that you require to
become anAdvanced Excel Expert, including:

Using Advanced Charts for enhanced representation of data

Using Advanced Conditional Formatting to help you customize your worksheets

Using PivotTables + PivotTable Reporting for analyzing data banks, generating

summary views, viewing comparisons and identifying patterns

Using Power Pivot for smart management of data

Using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) + Macros to strengthen your worksheets
along with handy VBA syntax

And much more..

Adding to the online live sessions are practical exercises with downloadable
datasets, which aim to provide you a complete, hands-on experience throughout the
course. Throughout the course, our instructors will be available for feedback and
assistance to you through email and chat to deliver you the best possible online
learning experience.

Course Highlights

20 hours of instructor-led live online sessions

Comprehensive Excel training with 15+ hours of practical exercises & tasks

90% practical & 10% theoretical approach to make your learning interactive

60+ live examples to strengthen your practical skills during the course

Session-wise evaluation in the form of pop quizzes & offline exercises

Downloadable datasets for additional practice

Certificate of Completion from LearnSocial

Lifetime access to course material and session videos

Access to recorded version if you miss any live session

7 day money-back guarantee with no questions asked

24x7 support team available to help through email, phone or live chat

Course Objectives
After completion of the Advanced Excel course @LearnSocial, you will gain specialized
expertise in handling difficult data-intensive tasks requiring complex Excel usage. You
expertise will be focused on the following domains of Microsoft Excel:

Advanced Functions and Formulae

Advanced Charts and Graphics

Advanced Conditional Formatting


PivotTable Reporting

Power Pivot

Goal Seek + Solver



Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)


Course Delivery

All courses @LearnSocial are live interactive sessions handled by highly reputed
and experienced professionals from leading MNCs and research firms

All classes are conducted through LIVE Video Streaming, where learners can
interact with the instructor by speaking, chatting and sharing screens and the
instructor trains learners by sharing their screen and through other technology tools

All YOU need is a PC/laptop with a webcam, microphone and a 1 MBPS internet
connection to attend the live classes. However, previous learners have attended the
classes from a much slower internet speed as well

Who can take this course?

Any professional looking to sharpen their skills through Excel in order to advance
their career

Any organization looking to train its employees in complex Excel usage

Prerequisites Required for Learners

Basic computer and internet skills

Intermediate level Microsoft Excel knowledge

Opportunities for Learners

According to latest PayScale salary estimates, professionals aiming to diversify

their career into serious data analysis can earn an average of INR 1,000,000 lacs p.

Experienced management consultants can earn upwards of INR 1,300,000 p. a.,

while investment bankers can earn upwards of INR 1,100,000 p. a. and business
analysts can earn upwards of 1,400,000 p. a.

Organizations can train their employees in advanced Excel modules in an

effective manner without incurring huge costs

Why should YOU learn Advanced Excel?

Almost every organization today uses Microsoft Excel in different methods for
consolidation, storage, analysis and reporting of important information. In several
situations, you are responsible for the vital processing of this information from huge
volumes of scattered data, something which takes considerable amount of time and
energy. However, no task is big for you when youre supported by the vast range of
innovative tools and techniques that Excel has to offer!

Module 01: Intermediate Excel Recap

Basic Workbook Skills (e.g. creating a workbook, saving a workbook etc.)

Using Ranges

Using Simple Formulae

Copying & Moving Data in Excel

Basic Formatting in Excel

Working with Multiple Worksheets

Using Basic Functions (e.g. AVERAGE, SUM, COUNT, MIN, MAX etc.)

Using Basic Charts

Creating & Editing Charts

Managing Large Worksheets

Using Objects and Effects

Using AutoShapes & Diagrams

Practical Exercises

Module 02: Advanced Conditional Formatting

Intermediate CF in excel recap

What is Advanced CF?

Using Formulas in CF

Advanced CF Options (e.g. Icons, Data Bars, Heat-Maps, Dates etc.)

Handling Duplicate Data and CF

Using Complex CF

Practical Exercises

Module 03: Advanced Formulas + Functions

Types of Advanced Formulae

Text Functions

Date Functions

Logical functions

Lookup Functions

Handling Formula Errors

What are Arrays?

Using Array Formulae

Using Circular References

Auditing a Formula

Practical Exercises

Module 04: PivotTables

What is PivotTable?

Using PivotTables

PivotTable Formatting

What is Pivot Reporting?

Using Report Filter in PivotTable

Using Slicers

Practical Exercises

Module 05: Advanced Charts

What are Advanced Charts?

Types of Advanced Charts

Selecting the Right Chart

Combination Charts (e.g. PivotChart)

Using In-Cell charts

Using Dynamic Charts

Using Sparklines

Practical Exercises

Module 06: Filters

What are Data Filters?

Using Auto Filters and Advanced filters

Practical Exercises

Module 07: Validations & Subtotal

What are Cell level validations?

Specifying a valid range of values for a cell

Specifying a list of valid values for a cell

Specifying custom validations based on formula for a cell

Practical Exercises

Module 08: Managing Data

Consolidating multiple workbooks

Using Excel as a database

Optimizing Excel data (e.g. LEN, TRIM, COCATENATE etc.)

Data Validation in Multiple Sheets

Practical Exercises

Module 09: Goal-Seek + Solver and Simulations

What is Goal Seek?

What-If analysis with Goal Seek

What is Solver?

Using Solver with data

What are Scenarios?

Scenario Analysis

How to do Forecasting

How to do Trend Analysis

Using data tables for analysis

Practical Exercises

Module 10: Dashboards

What are Dashboards?

How to construct Dashboards

Types of Dashboards (e.g. Sales Dashboard, KPI Dashboard etc.)

Using Business Dashboards

Practical Exercises

Module 11: Protection

Applying Protections

Worksheet protection and locking of cells

Workbook Protection

Module 12: PowerPivot

What is PowerPivot?

Creating PowerPivot Reports

End-user Reporting and

Need Analysis

PowerPivot formulas and Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

Using Time-Intelligence

Using Disconnected Tables and Slicers

Using Form Controls and Interactivity

PowerPivot Dashboards

Using Power View

Hosting & Sharing PowerPivot workbooks

Practical Exercises

Module 13: Advanced VBA + Macros

What is VBA?

Understanding VBA programming

Using VBA Variables

Using Conditions & Loops

What are Macros?

Running and Formatting Macros

Using Macro Recorder

Editing Macros

Using Macros and User-Defined Functions (UDFs)

Practical Exercises