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01 January 2006

Hi folks,
Sector rotation for 2006 should come as a result of pricing pressure
on crude oil, making other sectors more attractive to traders.
For the past few years, we were predominantly trading energy stocks,
but in 2005 we started to diversify into other sectors.
With a trine between Jupiter in Scorpio and Uranus in Pisces,
we can expect a continuation of strength in liquids stocks, like
beer, wine, water, hydroelectric and other power generation, etc.
While there will still be many opportunities to trade individual
oil counters, theres several periods during 2006, where oil
price will likely see significant downward pressure, which will
also be reflected in oil stocks exposed to the international
crude oil price.
For example, 16-27 January 2006, will bring a T-square between Mars,
Jupiter and Neptune, while around 11-27 August 2006, we should see
further pressure on oil prices, with Sun opposite Neptune, then Saturn
opposite Neptune and triggered by a Venus/Saturn conjunction, too.
----Any slide in oil prices should benefit the DOW, particularly around
13-20 January 2006 for example, with airlines, transport and miners
receiving the most benefit from a slide in crude oil prices.
That Mars/Jupiter opposition may well bring further, considerable
unrest in the Middle East, from mid-January 2006 ..... ???
As we dont have enough space here for an exhaustive list, some
other key dates for the DOW may be:
24 August 2006 ..... 23 September 2006 ..... 07 November 2006
Would also like to suggest that the planetary stellium, around
07-17 November 2006 will be a critical time for markets worldwide.

Looking for other trading opportunities in 2006 ...?

Of course we will be watch the dates pertaining to the planetary
stations of all retrograde cycles for 2006, as guide to market timing
in some sectors and individual stocks.
One recent example, on Aussie oiler HDR, gave us 3 hits to verify
a critical pivot, at 1.90 ..... such astrotools are easy to use and can
be very helpful in improving our trade entries and exits.
..... and there's many more instances throughout past trading years,
that highlight the value of monitoring the retrograde cycles.
----With Uranus now entrenched in Pisces and Jupiter making the trine
we may expect some significant advances in stocks, engaged in hitech,
biotech, electric power and electronics. Of particular current interest,
will be those engaged in bird-flu virus research.
Also Uranus points us towards low-tech institutions, like health and
aged care, prisons, schools, hospitals, telecoms and all those companies
who supply them, like security guards, school supplies, etc
----In 2005, we saw the start of some cyclical changes in some market
sectors, particularly as Saturn moved into the fixed fire sign, Leo and
we posted some detailed analysis on that Saturn move, as it progressed.
Saturnic trading opportunities may arise in the biotech sector, specifically
related to treatment of blood-disorders, high fevers, heart disease or
rheumatism, particularly related to the back.
----Early May and late-August 2006 will also bring us a trine aspect
(120 degrees) between Jupiter and Uranus, which may well put
the spotlight back onto concerns, about world security.
A positive spin-off about security concerns will be the many new
developments, attainable only, by the "bridging combination" of
hi-tech Uranus and the flexibility of the mutable Pisces sign.

With regard to mundane issues of world security, we may be alert

for more terrorist activity, around the following dates ..... ???
07 January 2006
25 March 2006

May 2006

08 and 14 June 2006

24 August 2006
23 September 2006
06-07 November 2006
07 December 2006
----2006 trading opportunities .....
..... be alert for trading opportunities in drugs, hi-tech, biotech,
beer, telecoms and wine sectors, as they should continue to do
well in 2006.
"Liquid opportunities" in wine, water, fishing, pharmaceuticals,
shipbuilders, aquaculture, breweries and distillers, particularly
those with hi-tech processes may provide some clues for
trading targets.
----IPOs represent another opportunity to exploit financial astrology.
Every year, on every major bourse, we see millions of dollars
invested in floats, in the hope of making money from a new idea
or the spin-off of a previously successful business.
IPOs present some real challenges to many analysts, not least, is how
to anticipate market turns in the early history of any listed entity.

Of course, if we were paid the big bucks, like Blodgett and his cronies,
we could just invent some rubbish and feed it to unsuspecting traders.
Real traders however, often need to evaluate markets, with only limited
technical data available ..... a typical example being an IPO.
Fortunately, with Ganns astrotrading tools, we can look ahead from
listing of the entity and make some fairly accurate assumptions
about market news/moves, on particular key dates.
This DPM analysis was posted on 03 December 2005 ..... just follow the
DPM chart and compare the swings to the dates posted below:
DPM ..... DCP Midstream Partners LP ... a pipeline spin-off from
Duke Energy, on NYE:
05 Dec 2005 ..... news about finances???
16 Dec 2005 ..... spotlight on DPM changes - explosive?
31 Dec 2005 ..... more news about DPM changes(???)
13-16 Jan 2006 ..... negative spotlight on finances(???)

06 Feb 2006 ..... positive news here(???)

13 Feb 2006 ..... minor
24-27 Feb 2006 ..... positive news, but flat price (???)

08-09 Mar 2006 ..... positive news here(???)

15 Mar 2006 ..... positive spotlight on DPM
31 Mar-04 Apr 06 ..... 2 minor time cycles here.

12 Apr 2006 ..... minor and positive news

13-17 Apr 2006 ..... significant and negative
28 Apr 2006 ..... positive ... finance-related(???)

..... and we can use the same techniques on MOST other listed stocks
on Amex and NYSE, like this one, posted on 06 December 2005:


SXL ..... will be watching for a rally from 30 December 2005
onwards, into early Jan 2006.
Key dates for SXL in January 2006 may be:
02-04 January 2006 ..... spotlight on SXL, with a
strong rally ..... ???
09-13 January 2006 ..... positive news/moves ...???
31 January 2006 ..... minor news???
----Heres another hi-profile spin-off for 2006:
Big Mac will spin-off Chipotle in a new float on NYSE,
with the ticker CMG .....
..... and this, previously posted on 25 December 2005:
CMG ..... so let's get a march ahead of the masses and have a look
at some astroanalysis for the Chipotle ipo .....
Some key dates ahead for CMG, may be:
09 Jan 2006 ..... minor and positive
16 Jan 2006 ..... minor and positive news ???
20 Jan 2006 ..... minor and positive
26-27 Jan 2006 ..... minor and positive financial news???


From 30 Jan - 09 Feb 2006 there should be underlying

positive sentiment for CMG, with possible news/moves
on the following dates:
01 Feb 2006 ..... minor news???
06 Feb 2006 ..... minor cycle
13 Feb 2006 ..... minor and positive news - price same as 27 Jan 2006???
20 Feb 2006 ..... significant news ???
----08 Mar 2006 ..... significant spotlight on CMG
16 Mar 2006 ..... significant news here and same price as 20 Feb 2006 ???
23-27 Mar 2006 ..... 2 time cycles bringing significant and negative action?
----So, initially the CMG ipo will probably be positive, especially, if it lists
on NYSE in January 2006 .....
..... after that, it will probably be buoyant trading, until March 2006,
when the novelty may wear off for some traders .....
Let's see how these dates work out, in the months ahead.
More later, as we continue our introduction to better stockmarket
timing ..... better timing of entries and exits, improves profits and
win/loss ratios, as well.
So, instead of flying blind into a stag selloff, on the next hot ipo ... maybe
some astroanalysis will help you survive ..... yes ???

Whilst some oilers' charts, show they are almost primed for new
upmoves, going into 2006, they are mostly "situation stocks" that have
current wells going down ..... trading domestic oilers, with less exposure
to the international oil price, may well be a safer trading option, in 2006.
As tipped for the past two years, digital photography was a huge winner.
For 2006, wireless and broadcast networks should be on the watchlist,
along with the revival of some telecoms, especially those with advanced
broadband networks, that offer very fast download and retrieval times.
So, until Uranus enters Aries in May 2010, we can expect some very
innovative solutions to old challenges and the development of some
radical new ideas, in many sciences, including astrology.
After May 2010, the pace in NEW technology and development
should increase dramatically.
---Improved power generation, using sophisticated steam turbines and
other NEW power generation methods will also be devised, to satisfy
our insatiable thirst for electrical power.
Aussie stock GDY is a good example, using "hot rock" technology to
generate steam for power generation ..... though it ran into some
technical difficulties in 2005, it is still dealing in proven technology,
with a lot of potential, going forward.
In fact, another tip from last years Looking into 2005 ... was Aussie
wind-farm generator PHY ..... subsequently, the subject of a successful
takeover bid, in 2005.
To reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, further advances in breaking
down water for a fuel source, will likely be seen over the next 7 years,
too .....
..... and, we will likely see a bunch of new floats, on the back of some
exciting NEW theories, that will seem to be quite extraordinary, at first.
It is our job as astrotraders, to recognize the new opportunities, as the
longer-term sector rotations become obvious and present us, with
some new trading vehicles .....

..... especially with IPOs, where astrotraders have a distinct advantage

over analysts, using both regular FA and TA tools, worldwide !~!
Heres our analysis on some recent Aussie IPOs, posted on 02 Dec 05
..... you be the judge and track them for yourself ..... !~!
Goodman Fielder - GFF - lists 19122005
27-28122005 ..... minor and negative
Throughout the whole of January 2006 there's an underlying tone of
negativity for GFF, so any positive cycles may record a muted response
in the price.
06-09012006 ..... significant and positive
13-16012006 ..... significant and positive news
17-18012006 ..... significant and positive???
20-27012006 ..... BIG time negative .... most likely the worst for 2006 !~!
..... negative cycles continue, in early February 2006.
In stark contrast:
Tutt Bryant - TBG - lists 15122005
20122005 ..... minor and negative
22122005 ..... minor and positive
27122005 ..... minor news
06-09012006 ..... minor and positive
13-16012006 ..... minor and positive news
20-23012006 ..... significant and negative
25-27012006 ..... positive ..... finance-related???

Early February 2006 may be choppy, with an underlying

negative tone throughout the month.
02022006 ..... significant and negative news???
06022006 ..... BIG news ..... some conflict here???
10-13022006 ..... minor and positive ..... finances???
20-022006 ..... positive news???

SP Ausnet - SPN - lists 14122005
15122005 ..... minor and negative
16-19122005 ..... significant and negative
28122005 ..... minor and positive
January 2006 has an underlying negative tone for SPN.
02012006 ..... negative news ???
11012006 ..... positive ..... finance-related
16012006 ..... significant and positive
20012006 ..... significant and positive news???
06022006 ..... minor
08-09022006 ..... significant and positive
14022006 ..... minor changes
27022006 ..... 2 cycles here ... significant financial news???


Spark Infrastructure - SKI - lists 16122005

Some long periods of flat trading ahead for this stock,
in December 2005 and January 2006 and June 2006.
Watch key dates and price action, similar to Aussie oiler HDR .....
----So, instead of flying blind into a stag selloff, on the next hot ipo ... maybe
some of Gann's astroanalysis will help some traders survive the
shakeout, by exiting before the onslaught ..... yes ... ???
With only limited data from the listing details, any IPO or stock with
limited data (for whatever reason) may be readily analyzed for future
key dates .....
..... and while we have got your attention, it is time for a mini-brag ..... :)
First, it was the ISBA Lilly Award 2005, which came our way earlier this
month for the SECOND time ..... but, it gets better folks ... !~!
Feedback shows astroanalysis is can be a very potent tool for many
traders ..... in fact, from our entries in a trading competition over the
past 3 years, our average return was 66%, with every year a positive
result and our average return DOUBLE that of the competition.
Recently, this confirmation came through from a Kiwi forum, where
we pick 5 stocks at the start of each year, with no changes allowed
throughout the year of competition.
Here's the results of the average returns for players in the past 4 years,
as posted by the organisers of that share tipping competition.
You may remember last year, we also won that annual, online stockpicking contest ..... well now it's official, financial astrology is streets
ahead of the competition. Here's our average, over the past 3 years
of the competition, as posted by the competition organiser .....

Posted by The P.O.D - 22/12/2005 :

For all those trainspotters out there...
Here's some results of punters who have been in the
competition at least three years...
The P.O.D_______69%____-3%___18%___28%
Interesting that Yogi with his astro methodology
is at the top (and all positive) while Dime with
his fundementals is at the bottom.
This all means nothing at all, except that
unforseen random events play more of a part than
anyone here cares to admit.
ps - no offence dime.
The P.O.D. 22/12/2005 10:02:06 PM

You will note that our average is DOUBLE that of the average entry
in the competition, over the past 3 years ..... so, it looks like we
are doing something right ...

Fortunately, we are able to share our good fortune and analysis

in many forums, including this one.
Posting such analysis is not always about our own entries and exits, as
some traders use our astroanalysis to complement their own work.
This is a typical email from a thankful trader, received just today:
Clinical Cell Culture, Sunday 01/01/06 02:01pm
Hi Yogi,
Have enjoyed reading your thoughts on clinical cell culture CCE.
Your timing for negative news on 231105, allowed me to exit with
small loss compared to the current trading price.
Well done.

----Finally, we saw the huge hurricanes closely related to Jupiter in Libra,

during 2005. Likewise, now that Jupiter is in the water sign of Scorpio
and making a watery trine Uranus, we might well be alert for more
earthquakes and tsunami-style disasters in 2006, before another change
of focus, as Jupiter makes its ingress into the fire sign of Sagittarius,
in late-November 2006.
Profitable trading to all, throughout 2006 .....
Happy New Year all