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PH206: Electromagnetic Theory

Assignment 1
January 30, 2015
1. A conical surface (an empty ice cream cone) carries a uniform surface
charge density s. The height of the cone is a as is the radius of the
top. Find the potential difference between point P (the vertex) and Q(the
centre of the top).

Figure 1
2. Assume parallel plate capacitor geometry only.
Top Gate (Conducting Plate)
top, dtop


d (Bilayer Graphene)

back, dback
Back Gate (Conducting Plate)

Figure 2
(a) Find out the induced charge density charge density in bilayer graphen
in terms of VT G , VBG , top , back , dtop , dback only

(b) What will be electric field at top back and inside the bilayer graphen
if both the layers have equal charge density? Express in terms of
VT G , VBG , top , back , dtop , dback
(c) Find out the electric field if the two layers of bilayer does not have
equal charge density but with a screening such that
n = n0 e/d
Where is the screening length.
3. Two infinite parallel grounded conducting planes are held at a distance a
apart. A point charge q is placed in the region between them, a distance
x from one plate. Find the force on q. Check that your answer is correct
for special case a and x = a/2.
4. A point charge q is placed at a distance d from a grounded spherical shell
of radius a(as shown in the figure 3). Solve for the potential for r >> a
using multipole expansion(do not use the method of image charge).

Figure 3

5. Consider a wedge shaped region bounded by grounded conducting surface

intersecting at the origin with an interior angle a together with a line
charge q per unit length located at the point (r0 , ) within the wedge.
Find out the potential for r > r0 and r < r0 . Use the separation of
variables technique.

Figure 4
6. What charge distribution produces the potential =

q e(r/a)

2a )

7. (a) For each of the charge distribution drawn below, explicitly evaluate
the first three (monopole, dipole, quadrapole)

Figure 5
(b) Write the exact potential and expand to the same order to check your

8. A dielectric sphere of dielectric constant 2 is place in a uniform electric

in a medium having dielectric constant 2 as shown in figure. Solve
field E
the potential inside and outside the sphere using Laplace equation then
determine the Polarization P and draw the field lines inside and outside
the sphere for 1 > 2 , 2 > 1 and 1 = 2 .

Figure 6
9. Two concentric conducting spheres of inner and outer radii a & b respectively carry charges Q. The empty space between the spheres is half
filled by a hemispherical shell of dielectric constant /0 as shown in the

Figure 7
(a) Find the electric field everywhere between the spheres
(b) Calculate the surface charge distribution on the inner sphere
(c) Calculate the polarization charge density induced on the surface of
the dielectric at r = a

10. Two long coaxial cylindrical metal tubes (inner radius a outer radius b)
stand vertically in a tank of dielectric oil(susceptibility e , mass density
). The inner one is maintained at potential V w.r.t. the outer one. To
what height (h) does the oil rise in the space betwen the tubes.

Figure 8